B. Clark

Chapter Four

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Previously in chapter three:

A knock on the door ended our afterglow very quickly. We both pulled up our pants, and Nate opened the door. Dad was standing there, and from the way we both looked, he knew what we had done.


"Now that you two are finished son, it's time to leave," he said, as he shot Nate a wink.


"Oh fuck Cor, your pop knows what we done," he said all in a panic.


"No big deal Nate, he knows that I am gay," I told him. "Now he knows that you are also," I added and walked away.


"Dude wait," he said, as he caught up with me. "I hear that you are going to be living here in San Diego," he said. "I live just two houses down from gram's house remember," and I nodded yes. "Let's get together some time, and I can bring some of my jock buddies along."


"Fuck yeah Nate," I told him, and gave him a friendly hug goodbye. "Besides, I'll be seeing you in school," I said. "Or will it be un-cool to talk to a nerd like me?"


"I'll make you the team's official towel boy," he said as he raised his eyebrows up and down. "That's all the cock you can handle cus," and we knocked knuckles then left.


Now chapter four:

"So I see that you and your cousin Nate hit it off," dad said, as we drove back to the house.

"Yeah we did Ryan, but are you angry at me?" I asked, as I hoped that I hadn't hurt him.

"Not at all Cor, I want you to enjoy boys your own age also. I am not going to be around forever, and I want you to find love outside of what he have together," he said, as he placed his hand on my leg.


"I don't want nobody else to love dad, I have you, and that's enough for me. I just like to fool around with the jocks like Nate, now and then."


"That's fine Corby, but be careful and don't let you get hurt," dad told me.


Well that Monday I started school and the first dude I saw was Nate.


"Hey cus I see that you are finally here," he said.


"Yeah and man this place is big," I told him. "So where are all the jocks cus," I asked looking around at the other kids.


"I'll take you around at lunch," he told me as he hurried off to class.


I found my first class and took a seat in the back, but some jock came in and stared at me.


"Out of my seat nerd," he said and pushed my notebook on the floor, and the other jocks laughed.


I got up to pick up my book and he slid into the seat. I looked around the room for a seat and took one near the front. When Mr. Mathews the math teacher came in, and he noticed me immediately. He motioned for me to come up to his desk, so he could get my name.


"Ryan Corby Jones sir," I said, and the wise guys in the back went `woo sir'. "I prefer to go by Corby," I told him.


"Nerd alert," said the dude that took my seat.


"Mr. Carter, do we have a problem," Mr. Mathews asked and he gave me a smile. "Take your seat Corby," he said, and I flipped the finger at the jock, on my way back to my seat.


The class was ok, and I love starring at Mr. Mathews' ass, whenever he wrote on the board. He had a nice bubble but and his package showed, what might be a good size cock. When the bell rang, I was getting my stuff together, and Jed wacked my head on his way down the aisle.


"Don't think I'm gonna forget that finger you gave me nerd," he whispered near my ear.


I turned quickly and our lips brushed against each other, and his friend was quick to make something of it.


"He fucking kissed you Jed," Tyrone said making Jed furious.


"Your ass is mine nerd," he said as he grabbed me by the shirt.


However, Mr. Mathews quickly intervened.


"Move it Mr. Carter," he said sharply and he released my shirt, and gave me a dirty look as he left.


I was tucking in my shirt when Mr. Mathews said,


"You don't want to get on the wrong side of that one," he told me, as he placed his hand on my shoulder. "None to bright and a quick temper," he said, and his hand slowly slid down my back to just above my ass.


I made a mental note of his hand, as I looked at his crotch, and it was swelling. He noticed my glance and turned, and then he walked back to his desk.


"See ya around sir," I said with a wink, and out the door, I went.


I needed to piss, so I stopped in the boy's room, and right behind me came Jed and his friends.


"So nerd, you tried to kiss me back in the classroom," Jed said as he shoved me against the wall.


He held me there, and his face was just inches from me, as he was about to say, but Mr. Mathews had seen him come in right behind me, and knew that there would be trouble.


"Mr. Carter," he yelled at the top of his lungs, and Jed let go of me. "Down to the principal's office, now," he sternly said.


Jed just glared in my eyes and then left with his friends, and Mr. Mathews came over to me. He placed his hand on my shoulder, and looked into my eyes, then asked.


"Did he hurt you Corby," he asked in the most comforting voice.


"No sir, but he was going to," I said. "He slammed my head against the wall, when he shoved me up against it."


Instead of turning me around to check my head, he pulled me up against his chest. He was running his hand on the back of my head, as I took in the scent of this man.


"Mmmm Polo," I said just a little too loud, and I could feel his hand move down my back.


He stopped it just above my ass, so I got ballsy and rubbed his crotch. He pushed back from me, and his face was red, as he turned and walked out the door. I could see his erection as he turned from me, and man, that cock looked big. I took my piss, and hurried off to my next class, I was thankful Jed wasn't there. I had a form for the school from my dad, so at the end of day I went over to the office. I was handing it to the secretary, when Mr. Mathews came in.


"So did you survive your first day," he asked, and he flashed me a smile, that sent my heart racing.


"Yes sir, but only thanks to you sir," I told him and I turned to leave.


Because he was standing right next to me, I made sure I brushed his crotch when I turned to leave. Again, his face went pleasingly red, and the secretary looked at him.


"What's wrong with you Terry," she asked. "You looked kind of flushed. Are you feeling alright," and she leaned over the counter, as she felt his forehead for a fever.


"I'm fine Ruth, thanks," he said as his color returned to normal. "Any mail in my box," he asked, and she went over and grabbed what he had.


He was reading his mail when he walked from the office, and I was waiting across in a room. He didn't see me as he walked by, and another teacher stopped and asked.


"You leaving Terry or are you staying," Mr. Thomson the physical education teacher asked.


"Yeah, I'm beat today and just want to get home and relax," he said to Mr. Thomson. "Mondays wipe my out," and he moved on. I followed him out of the building, and made sure that he noticed me.


"Have a good one sir," I said, as I walked past him, and he grabbed my arm to stop me.


"I'm done for the day Corby," he said as he released my arm. "Can I offer you a ride, my car is right here," he said.


"That would be great sir," I said as I followed him to his car, and he opened the door for me.


We drove off and he began the conversation almost immediately, and it soon turned to what I had done.


"Don't think I didn't pick up on your little signals that you sent me today Corby," he said and now it was my turn to blush. "Especially the one in the Boy's Room, there was no mistaking your hand on my crotch," and then he slid his hand from the steering wheel, and let it rest on top of my leg.


Well let me tell you dudes, I'm no fool, and I know when someone wants to play. I grabbed his hand and moved it over to my crotch, and he began to rub me softly.


"Do we have to go right to my house," I asked him, and he turned and smiled at me.


We drove right to his house, and parked in the garage, but we didn't get out until the door closed. He unlocked the door that led into his house, then turned and took me in his arms. He pulled me to him, as he stared into my eyes, and then he softly kissed me. He gave me his tongue, and we fought for dominance, as our tongues searched each other's mouths. His hand now moved directly to my ass, as mine went right for his cock.


"Let's take this to my bedroom Corby," he said, as he took me by the hand. "Will anybody be missing you if you stay a while here," he asked me.


"My dad won't be home until six," I told him. "So I need to be there before he gets home."


Once in the bedroom, we lost our clothes quickly, and I raced him to the bed. He laid on me, as we met in a kiss, and I wrapped my legs around him. He looked even better out of his clothes, as he got up to close the blinds. He was about my dad's height and had auburn hair with the most luscious green eyes. He wasn't too much in the muscle department, but his cock and ass made up for that. He was thin, but his cock was fat and just about nine inches, and it was dripping big time as he came back to bed. He climbed between my legs, and went right to town, as he kissed and sucked on my neck. He slithered down to my nubs, which were standing and hard, and began to nibble on one.


"Fuck yeah Terry," I said, and I hoped he didn't mind, that I used his first name. "I love my nubs worked over," I told him, as he kissed his way over to the other one.


He chewed and sucked on them, until they got to sensitive for me to stand any longer. Therefore, he ran his tongue down to my abs, and traced their gentle curves with his tongue, as he made his way down towards my cock. He stopped briefly at my naval, to tease it a bit, and then went right for the kill, my cock.


He was now looking up at my face for a just a brief moment, and my mind was full of anticipation of what was to come.  He began stroking his own cock, as he was unable to wait any longer; as he moved his face closer to my cock, he opened his mouth sticking out his tongue.  He began to softly to lick the pre-cum from its head, several times he licked it, and then put the head into his mouth.  He moved his head from side to side, so that he could savor every part of my cock's head, as I placed my hand on his head and beckoned him to take more of it.  I closed my eyes and enjoyed his hot mouth, as his tongue danced with my cock in his mouth.  I felt it there in his mouth, as he swirled his tongue over and around my throbbing cock, savoring every inch of it, as he moved down towards its base.  I was in total ecstasy as he slipped his finger into my ass, and I groaned out my sounds of utter delight.  I wanted this hot cock, wanted it now up my ass, as he sensed that I was close.  He played with my ass until I calmed down, and he knew I was again ready.  He slowly began the long slide, taking it in slowly, as he swallowed it inch by inch.  I was so long, and there was still more of it to take, as I felt his fingers massage my nut again.  We were caught up in the passion of our sex, as he finally got my cock all the way down his throat, and he had to stop jerking his cock or he was going to cum.  He had my cock so far down his throat, that his nose was buried in my bush.  I was there now, at my edge, and I knew that I couldn't hold it back. Hearing me softly groaning in pleasure, and knowing that he was the one that making me moan, he began to suck my cock faster. I was pumping my hips up fast towards his mouth, as I fucked his willing mouth.  My cock's head began to swell as he was bobbing his head on it.  I couldn't take it any longer and I screamed out in my ecstasy,
"Suck my cock Terry, I'm cumming," I screamed, as I held his head tight in my hands.
I shot my first volley of hot cum right down his throat, and he tilted his head from side to side, as he used the flat of his tongue to savor its taste.  He made wild love to my cock, as I shot more and more of my cum until I was spent.
"Fucking great," I said, as I struggled to regain my breathing, and he kept sucking my cock.
When he was convinced that he had all there was, he crawled up me to give me a kiss.  He looked down into my eyes, and smiled, and I said between gasping breaths,
"Fuck my Terry," was all I said, and I kissed him.
I watched as he applied a large glob of KY to my ass, and rubbed his entire cock with it. I lay on my back with my legs on his shoulders, because I wanted to look into his eyes, when he fucked me.  I felt the head of his massive cock press against me, and I let him inside, all ten inches of him.  The pressure I felt when he first entered me, caused me some pain, but he worked my ass with such tenderness that the pain soon left.  He pushed into me and eased out some, and then pushed into me some more, until he had all of his cock was deep in me, and I finally felt his balls resting against my ass. I could not believe I had taken his entire cock, because it was the largest I had ever taken, and the fullness was far beyond words.  Once I realized that it all in, I wanted it, and I wanted it hard and deep.  I bucked under him, and told him to give it to me rough.
"Fuck me teach, and make me cum again," I told him, and he rose up, began to fuck me.
Terry's well lubed cock, slid in and out of my ass, as he slammed his balls against my ass with each thrust.  I grabbed his ass with both hands and pulled him into me harder, and had him go faster with each stroke.  His cock was hitting my nut with each thrust, gliding past it, and giving me, more pleasure then I had ever felt before.  I hadn't touched my cock since I came, and already I felt myself moving towards another climax.  I didn't want to come before he did, but the intense pleasure was so much more then I could take.
"Terry I am so close again to cumming," I told him.  "I want you to come with me Terry," I told him and he quickened his rhythm.
"Oh god ride my cock," Terry howled out, as he slammed into me, as hard as he could, and I felt my cum shoot onto my stomach.  
Wave after wave of cum left my cock, as he continued to fuck my ass.  He pounded into me in deep, hard thrusts, as he fucked the cum from my balls.  His cock was sliding in and out of my ass like a pile driver, as he kept my cum flowing.  I grabbed my cock, stroked it fast, and watched the ecstasy on his face as he fucked my ass.  Terry continued to fuck me harder and deeper, as I felt myself moving quickly to a yet another climax.  I pulled my cock faster as he pounded my ass harder, and I howled my pleasure once again.
"You're making me cum again," I howled, as I grabbed the sheets with my fists, and I thrashed back side to side beneath him.
"I am so fucking close Corby," he said.
"I'm going to cum," I screamed for the third time.
Terry drove his cock deep into me, with long deliberate strokes.  I looked into his eyes, and they were filled with the ecstasy he was feeling. When our climaxes finally came, they came together, as he pushed into me one last time.  His back arched, and he let out a moan, as I felt his cock throbbing inside me shoot. 
"Aaaaaaahhhh fuck I'm cumming," he screamed, as he filled my ass with his hot cum.
He kept fucking my ass with all the lust that was in him, and I felt each shot that he gave.  When Terry finally surrendered to my ass, all the seed he had, he collapsed on me, and we kissed.
"That was the best sex Corby I have ever had," he said as he pulled me to him.  "Kid, that is a definite A in my class," he told me and then he kissed.
He glanced at the clock on his bed stand, and noticed the time.  I had to be home by six and it was now five-thirty.
"Shit kid, we got to get your ass home," he said as we both got up and hurriedly got dressed.
We were in the car and off to my house, he dropped my off five minutes before my dad got home.  I was in the shower, when dad came into our bath.  He tapped on the shower door and said.
"Mind if I join you Cor," he said and he stepped into the shower.  "So tell me Cor, when did you get home," he asked as he held me in his arms.
"I don't know dad the exact time but a while ago," I told him, and for some reason I felt like he knew I was lying.
"Finish you shower son, and meet me in the bedroom," he said, and stepped out of the shower.  
I finished my shower, and dried off.  I walked into our bedroom to find his sitting in his chair.
"Have a seat son," he says, and motions to the bed.
"Is something wrong dad," I asked, and I prayed it wasn't to do with me.
"Can you tell me what it means to you, to love someone, and to be committed to them son?" dad asked as he looked at me, and I knew I was in deep shit here.
I decided that I should think hard about my answer, before I just opened my mouth and hung myself.
"Well Ryan..." and he stopped me right there, and it made me very nervous.
"Its dad, son, not Ryan at the moment, ok," and I nodded yes.
"Well dad, to me when two people are committed to each other, they are just that, committed in every meaning of the word.  There should be trust, and honesty between them, and no lying," I began and knew he was giving me the rope I needed to hang myself.  "They are or should be mono... mango...what's the word dad?" I asked.
"Monogamous, committed to just each other," he said seriously, and looking me straight in the eyes.
"Yeah that's it, thanks dad.  They are that to each other and shouldn't be fucking around with others.  They do for each other regardless of what it may cost them, is that good dad?" I asked, and I could feel my tears getting ready to come.
"That's good enough son, and I think you have a pretty good idea of what it means to be committed to each other.  Now I'll ask you again son, what time did you get home today," and my tears broke forth, like a damn coming down.
"I'm sorry dad for lying, I got home just before you did," I told him crying, and he came over to me, and sat down beside me with his arm around me.
"Corby, I got home earlier than I had expected, and found you gone," he said as he held me.  "I looked around for you, and when I didn't find you, I went to your school.  I saw you getting into a car with a man, that I figured, were one of your teachers.  Therefore, I followed you to his house, and saw you both, as he pulled into the garage.  When the door closed, I knew that you were both up to something.  So do you want to tell me just what that something was, and who that man was," he asked me, and my heart was aching big time.
It wasn't that I was afraid to tell him, but I didn't want to hurt him, or make myself look like the slut I was becoming.
"That man dad was Mr. Mathews, my math teacher.  He helped me today, with some bullies that were harassing me."
"So why did he bring you to his house and not home son?" he asked, and I knew I was in for it.
"We had sex together dad," I told him and sat to wait for boom to lower on me.
"Why son, did he make you feel that you had to pay him back for what he did for you?"
"Oh God no dad, he never once made a pass, or did anything to hint, that he wanted sex with me," I told him.  "I just got horny watching him in class, and wondered what it would be like to take him to bed," I added, and now I could feel the shame of what I was.
"Son, do you know what it means to be called a slut or whore," he asked, and the words cut me so deep, that a knife couldn't have cut that deep.
"Yeah dad I do, and I guess that's what I am," and I turned in his arms, and cried hard against his chest.
He held me tight, and let me cry until I was cried out.  Then he pushed me back, and looked at me straight in the eyes, as he said.
"Corby, I knew as I sat there, that you two were having sex together," he said to me.  "When I saw the blinds close, I knew that my boy was having sex with this man."
"Yeah dad I did," and my head hung down with the shame I was feeling.
"I know that you're young, and that your hormones are raging inside of you. I just don't want you to get a reputation as a slut or whore, son.  I know that I told you, that you should develop relationships with guys your age, but son that man is closer to my age than yours," he said.  "What hurt me the most was that you lied to me about it.  I, or rather, our relationship as lovers, didn't mean enough for you to tell me the truth.  I'm not trying to control you Cor, but when I ask you a question, I expect that you love me enough to tell me the truth.  If you want to have sex with this man, then I'm not going to tell you not to have sex with him.  At least tell me why he attracts you more than I do, Corby.  Am I jealous of this man, yes son I am, because you told me not to long ago, that I was the only man that you ever wanted to love and be with son?  So again Corby, what's he got that attracts you, that I don't have?"
"Nothing dad, he just caught my eye today.  I started fantasizing over his ass and cock, because it showed in his pants.  The more I thought about him, the more I wanted to go to bed with him."
"Fantasies are find son, but we shouldn't make it our goal to fulfill them.  I'm not going to do or say anything to this man, because I know how desirable you are to a man.  Corby, I am jealous of you son, not because I can't get a man, because I believe I can if I wanted to.  However, I am jealous, because I crossed a line for you, that no father should ever cross, but I did son.  I gave my self and body to you, and I committed my heart to you.  I gave to you my heart, not that you didn't have already because you were my son.  However, I became to you a lover Corby, and set aside my role as your father to be a lover for you.  I committed my heart and body to you, as I did once to your mom.  But I won't be played the fool for you or anyone else.  If you want to fuck around with other men my age, than go ahead.  However, you won't have me as a lover any longer Corby.  I don't mind you having a fling or one-nighters' with a boy your age, or close to it.  I won't sit around, and let you destroy my heart son.  I love you Corby, and yes, what we have is wrong.  Nevertheless, I wanted it also, and I willingly crossed that line for you.  Therefore, son, I leave it up to you to decide, me or a guy that offers you only a fulfillment of your lust," and he kissed the top of my head, and walked out of the room.
Damn did I get it, and my heart was breaking big time now.  I knew that what I did was nothing more than a fulfillment of my lust for Terry.  I didn't love him; I didn't even want to see him as a lover, to be honest.  I sat there and cried, as I stared at the closed door.  Ryan was my dad, but I loved him, and I loved him so much more that a dad.  He was the man that I wanted, and now I lost that with him.  I didn't want that, I loved him, and I needed his love as a lover.  I got up, ran to the door, and opened it.  There he was waiting for me, with his arms wide open and smiling.  He also had tears running down his face, and I fell into his arms.
"I love you dad, and I'm sorry for hurting you," I said.  "I don't want anyone else but you, and I won't fuck around with other men your age.  But is it alright if I do with dudes my own age?"
"Of course it is son; I want you to find someone that makes you happy.  However, I don't want you to be so promiscuous that you put your health or reputation in danger.  Once you gain a reputation as a slut, you'll never lose it.  We had girls, and boys also, that were known as sluts, when I was in school.  They could never shake that tag, and were seen as nothing but cum dumps or in the case of the boys, players.  I don't want to happen to you son, no respectable boy is going to want you for a relationship.  Not if he knows that you are a cum slut, and fuck for every pretty cock you see.  I love you Corby, and I am willing to commit my heart to you as your lover and mate, but not if you aren't willing to do the same for me."
"Dad, I am willing to make that commitment, but what happens if I do fall in love with some dude?  I don't want to hurt you, but where does that leave me, dad?"
"I know that you may find, a `dude' as you call it, to fall in love with someday.  I want you to be honest with me, and tell me that you are in love with this man.  I would be honored to meet the man, which captured my son's heart.  I may even meet someone, which steals my heart also.  May I have the same right, to come to you and tell you I have met someone new?"
"I guess so dad," I said, as I realized that this was a two way street I was committing too.  "I guess it would only be fair that you have the same rights as I have," and my heart was breaking now, because I knew that we were laying the grounds for a breakup some day.  "Oh dad, I don't want to talk about losing you or not having you as my lover," I said, as I cried hard into his chest, as he held me to him.
"Let's not worry about that now son, we have each other as lovers and I want nothing more than to make you happy," and he lifted up my head by the chin, and kissed me.
To be continued...

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