B. Clark

Chapter Five

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Previously in chapter four:

"I love you dad, and I'm sorry for hurting you," I said.  "I don't want anyone else but you, and I won't fuck around with other men your age.  But is it alright if I do with dudes my own age?"
"Of course it is son; I want you to find someone that makes you happy.  However, I don't want you to be so promiscuous that you put your health or reputation in danger.  Once you gain a reputation as a slut, you'll never lose it.  We had girls, and boys also, that were known as sluts, when I was in school.  They could never shake that tag, and were seen as nothing but cum dumps or in the case of the boys, players.  I don't want to happen to you son, no respectable boy is going to want you for a relationship.  Not if he knows that you are a cum slut, and fuck for every pretty cock you see.  I love you Corby, and I am willing to commit my heart to you as your lover and mate, but not if you aren't willing to do the same for me."
"Dad, I am willing to make that commitment, but what happens if I do fall in love with some dude?  I don't want to hurt you, but where does that leave me, dad?"
"I know that you may find, a `dude' as you call it, to fall in love with someday.  I want you to be honest with me, and tell me that you are in love with this man.  I would be honored to meet the man, which captured my son's heart.  I may even meet someone, which steals my heart also.  May I have the same right, to come to you and tell you I have met someone new?"
"I guess so dad," I said, as I realized that this was a two way street I was committing too.  "I guess it would only be fair that you have the same rights as I have," and my heart was breaking now, because I knew that we were laying the grounds for a breakup some day.  "Oh dad, I don't want to talk about losing you or not having you as my lover," I said, as I cried hard into his chest, as he held me to him.
"Let's not worry about that now son, we have each other as lovers and I want nothing more than to make you happy," and he lifted up my head by the chin, and kissed me.
Now chapter five:
As I stood there naked in his arms, with his mouth sealed to mine, I could feel my cock start to rise.  I knew that he did also, but it was pressed against him.
"Dad, make love to your lover," I said, as I looked up into his eyes.
He lifted me off my feet with his strong arms, and he carried me to our bed.  He laid me softly on the bed, as he undressed before me.  God I loved to watch him, as he stripped for me.  Just to see his masculine body sent chills down my spine.  He climbed in beside me and pulled me on top of him.
"Fuck me Cor, I want your sweet boy cock inside me," dad said, as he reached for his lube, and laid it beside us.  
My tongue ran over his chest, and dad began to moan when I reached his nipples. I licked them clean of the little sweat we produced as we melted together in our kiss. He felt and tasted great, as I gently bit his tender nubs.  He loved his right one molested the most, and I gave it all the attention he desired.  When he could take no more, I licked my way down his stomach towards his cock.  I paused, to trace the gentle curves of his abs with my tongue, before moving on towards that beautiful cock of his.   I sat up, and just drank in the beauty of his man cock.  Then I leaned into him and slowly sucked his entire cock into my mouth, taking in all nine inches of his cock.  Slowly, oh so slowly, I worked my mouth and tongue down his shaft, till I felt my nose buried in his luscious bush.  I stopped and just stayed there, drinking in his scent, as I continued my sucking.  I wanted it all; I had to have his cock and its sweet elixir on my tongue.  After about of minute of deep throating his massive cock, I slowly began my assent back up the shaft, sucking as hard as I could on it, until I reached its head. Staring into his eyes as I glanced up, I could see the pleasure I was giving him.  He was in shaking, and twitching, and moaning like there was no tomorrow. His eyes were glazed over, and with each movement up and down his cock I made, he shook as if electricity was coursing through him.  I reached the head again, and I tortured it, as I clamped my mouth around tightly, and sucked it like a straw.  I began another slow trip down to the bottom, this time increasing my sucking a little bit faster.  Soon I was sucking his cock at a good pace, and I could feel him getting closer to his edge, he so desperately wanted. His ball sack was pulling up towards the base of his cock, and was pulsating with the rapid beat of his heart.  I kept up my sucking, knowing I was going to be rewarded with the one thing I wanted, his sweet man cum.  His cock started throbbing, as he started fucking my mouth with force.  Holding onto my head, and shoving that sweet cock as deep into my mouth as he could, his moans grew louder now.  Suddenly, I could feel it building at the base oh his cock, and I knew he was close.  I speeded up my sucking, grabbing his ass cheeks, and shoving his cock into me as far as I could.  He then started screaming.
"I'm cumming, oh God suck my cock son," and he exploded into my waiting mouth, with shot after luscious shot, of the sweetest cum I have ever tasted.
I had to have it all, every last precious drop, and I sucked his cock as a straw, trying to get every drop.  Dad came for the longest time, and when he was finished, I kept on sucking and grabbing his balls.  I was gently squeezing them, as I continued sucking for all I was worth, on his beautiful cock.  It took me ten minutes, but I was rewarded with another shot of hot cum, as he howled out in his ecstasy.  This one I did not swallow, but held it in my mouth, as he pulled me up to his mouth.  I pushed him gently back onto the bed, as he climbed up to meet my mouth.  I was pressing my lips, to his hot and waiting mouth, as I began kissing him.  I opened his mouth with my tongue, and shared with him, the sweetest cum in the world.  We swapped his cum back and forth in our mouths before he swallowed it.  When I pulled away from his mouth, he was gasping and licking his lips.  He gave me that wonderful smile of his and said.
"That was fucking beautiful son," he said, as his body started to shake.  "That was so fucking awesome, and my cum tasted wonderful.  
I pressed my face into his again, and we kissed, and my cock was aching for his ass.  I wanted to crawl inside of him, and surround my cock with his entire hot ass.  I applied a huge glob KY to his ass, and worked it in softly, before applying more to my cock.  He held his legs up, I put my cock to his sweet pucker, and I gave it a firm but gentle push.  The head popped in, and he screamed out his passion, as he gazed into my eyes.
"Fuck me sweetheart," he said as he wrapped his strong legs around me, and pulled my cock all the way in his ass.  "Yeah, that cock, that hot fucking boy cock.  Fuck my ass lover, and give daddy your sweet boy cum," he said, and he slapped my ass hard.
That sent an electrical charge, which surged through my body, and went directly to my cock. I found a rhythm to fuck him with, that soon had us moving as one.  He was pinching and twisting my nubs, as they stood out at attention.  He lifts up, and bit them hard, causing my cock to throb deep in his ass.
"Oh you're going to get fuck my bitch," I yelled out in delight, as he screamed back his pleasure.
"Fuck your slut babe, make me beg for more," he howled, as I pounded his ass deep with my cock.
I pushed his legs up as far as they would go, and I slammed my cock deep into him.  He was slapping my ass as hard as he could, and the roughness of his love, sent me quickly to my edge.  I paused and waited, for my edge to calm down.  He glared into my eyes, as he pulled me down to him.  He sucked and bit hard on my neck, and I knew he would leave a mark.  He was making his claim on the boy that he loved, and I surrendered my neck to his mouth.
"Yeah dad, mark your boy, let others know I am yours," I screamed, as I felt him biting and sucking on my neck.
I pulled away, and continued my assault on his ass, and I quickly came to my edge.  I couldn't and didn't want to hold back no more, as I cried out my ecstasy.
"I'm cumming my whore," and I shot my cum deep into his ass.
"Yeah babe, fuck your whore, I'm cumming," he screamed, as he grabbed each cheek of my ass, and dug his nails in deep.  "Fuck me harder babe," he cried out, as I drove my cock deeper in.  I was shooting my cum deep into his ass, as he shot out his own.
We fucked hard and deep, and thrashed all over the bed, until we finally reached our end.  I was pulled down to a kiss, and we kissed like animals, as we bit each other's lips.  We rode out our sweet afterglow, in torrent heat, and lust.  We laid there in each other's arms, panting and gasping for air, just starring into each other's arms.
"Damn son, that was the best sex I have ever had," dad told me as he gazed into my eyes.  "You have the most sensuous eyes that I have ever seen on a man," he told me, as he brushed the hair from my face.
"Well dad, or can I call you Ryan," I asked.  "Your ass is pretty hot and sensuous also," I said, as I gave it a slap.
That of course got us wrestling, as he tried to get me back.  We wrestled around on the bed, and ended up falling to the floor.  I landed right beside him, and I quickly got up, climbed on top of top of him, with a look of excitement in my eyes, I leaned down and kissed him.  The wrestling had made us horny again, and his cock was pressing against my ass.  I slowly lifted up, and positioned his cock to my boy pucker.  I felt it touch my pucker, so I slowly lowered myself onto it, until the head was inside.  I paused and waited, I needed a moment to get use to it.  After a few seconds, I continued slowly lowering himself down on it.  Inch, by fat inch, I slid down, until he was totally inside me. My sweet cheeks were resting now against his balls, and my balls were rubbing his crotch hairs.  He had a look of ecstasy on his face, and I just sat there for a minute, gazing at his handsome face.  
 "I love the feeling of being full, because it feels so fucking good."
 I began slowly bringing my ass up, until his cock was almost out, and then I slid back down again. 
 "I love the way that you ride my cock," he said, as his hands held my hips.  "You know how to make me feel so desired son," he said with his eyes getting glossy. 
 I then began to speed up my ride, taking deep strokes faster and deeper now.  He reached out and grabbed my rock hard cock, and began stroking it to the rhythm of my movements.  He began pushing up his hips, to get him in as far as possible.  I finally found my nut inside, and I began to massage it with his cock.
 "Ooooh fuck that feels sweet," I said, as I stopped moving up and down, and just rested on his cock, and ground my ass around.  I sped up ride as he kept shoving it into me, as we both approached another climax.  
We both screamed loud enough to let the neighbors now, exactly what we were doing.  I began shooting, shot after shot, out into the air, and it landed on his face.  When he felt my first shot fly out of my cock, he slipped over his edge.  He shoved his cock further up in me, and shot his hot cum deep into my love canal. 
"Fuck my cock son," he screamed out, as he filled my ass with his man cream.  "I've got so much cum to give you," he said, as he thrust upward fast and deep into my ass.
When we were both spent, I lower myself to his face.  I began to lick off all the cum, that I had shot on his face.  Once done, I kissed him, and fed him some of my cum.
"Mmmm you're so sweet, I love tasting your boy cum," and we kissed, letting our tongues taste each other's mouths.
I slowly rose off his cock, and dropped down beside him.  He cuddled me to him, as we drifted off to sleep.  We woke a few hours later, and we were famished.
"Feel like a pizza," he said, as he rolled towards me, and kissed me.
"That sounds good dad, how about going to the Pizza Palace.  They have the best pizzas around," I told him.
"Sounds like a plan son, but first we need a shower."
We quickly showered, and neither of us fooled around.  We were hungry and need nourishment, to replace what we fucked out of us.  Dad and I got to the Pizza Palace, and it was packed for a Monday night.  I found a table, while dad ordered our pizza.  I looked around the place, and I saw Terry sitting alone.  I got up and walked over to him, and he smiled when he saw me.
"Hey sport, how's it going," he asked, and looked around to see if I was alone.  "Wanna come back to my place," he asked, as dad stood behind him.
"So you like doing little boys," dad said, as he leaned down, and whispered in his ear.
Terry turned around quickly, and came face to face with my dad.
"Ah...not really sir," he stammered, as my dad sat down at the table.
"Well from what I saw today, I would say that you and my son had quite a good time," dad said, and Terry got red.  "Yeah Terry, I know all about your little sexcapades," dad told him, and Terry's eyes started to tear up.
"I'm so sorry sir, it won't ever happen again," Terry said, as a tear escaped his eyes.  "So what are you going to do now sir," he asked, and dudes, did my dad have him scared shitless.
"Well Terry it's like this," dad said, as he glanced over at me.  "I don't want your cock anywhere near my boy, got it," and Terry nodded uncontrollably yes.  "I also know that you won't hold this against him either," dad said as Terry continued to nod.
"I'll give him an A sir," he said glancing at me.
"Now that we understand each other Terry, I think our business here is through," and dad got up, leaving a trembling math teacher shaking in his chair.
Dad got up, and he pulled me with him, as Terry quickly got up and left.  
"I don't think that I will have to worry about the two of you again, now will I son?" and I just nodded yes.
"But dad, why did you have to scare the shit out him," I asked.  "I have to face him everyday in class," and I was pissed.  "That was so fucking wrong dad," and I got up and walked out.
I stood in the parking lot, and my anger over what he had done, made me more furious by the minute.  I was standing there waiting, for my dad to come out, when the jocks from school arrived.
"Well lookie here guys, it the pervert that tried to kiss me today," Jed said, as he came up to me, and grabbed me by the shirt.  "Now what you gonna do nerd, seeing how you ain't got Mr. Mathews to save your ass," he said, as he pushed me against his truck.
"No but he's got his dad, and I'll ask you to remove your hands from my boy," my dad said, as he walked out the restaurant door with our pizza.
Jeb removed his hands from me, and he turned white when he turned around.
"You got a problem with my kid," dad asked Jed, who simple shook his head no.  "I didn't think so, now move along," he told him.
Jeb shot me a look, which said, your ass is mine, as he and his boys went inside.
"So what was that all about," dad asked, as we walked to our car.
I told him about what had happened earlier at school, between Jed and me.
"So where was Nate," he asked, as he unlocked the door with his remote.
"Probably in his class dad," I said.  "And I doubt that he would have stood up for me against his friends," I told him.
"Well if you want me too, I can go speak to your principal," he said.
"Noooo dad that would just get me into deeper shit with Jed," I said.  "Mr. Mathews saved my ass twice today from Jed," I told him, hoping it would make him feel bad about how he treated him.
"So are you still angry with me over the way I spoke to your teacher," he asked as we pulled away.
"Yes dad I am," I said, as I starred out my window.  "That was wrong to treat him like that, and after he saved my ass from a beating," I said a little too loud.
Dad just drove, and when we got to our street, he drove past.  I looked over at him, and he had his look on his face.  That look that said `I guess I did wrong'.   I wondered where he was going, until he turned onto Terry's street, and he pulled up in front of his house.
`Oh fuck what now,' I thought to myself, as dad turned and said to me.
"Come on son, I want you to see, how I can admit when I'm wrong," and we got out of the car.
I was silent, as we walked up to Terry's house, and dad rang the doorbell.  Terry opened the door, and he tried to close it fast, but dad held his hand against it.
"I want to talk to you Terry," he said.  "I seem to owe you an apology," and Terry cautiously opened his door some.  "May we come in, because I don't think you want this subject discussed here on your front doorstep?"
Terry opened the door, and merely stepped aside, as we stepped into his house.  Dad apologized for the things his said and offered Terry his hand.  Terry looked at it, and then he looked from me to dad, before he took it into his own hand.
"As a piece offering Terry, how about sharing this pizza with us," he offered.  "I noticed that you left well before you finished your own dinner."
"Sure sir, I am quite hungry," he said.
He led us into his kitchen, and he took out some plates, as we all sat down to eat.  They talked, dad and Terry, about Jed and his gang, and Terry told him all about the jock.
"That kid has one short fuse when it comes to his temper.  I think he spends more time in detention, than he does in an actual classroom," Terry said.  "If you excuse me I have to use the bathroom," and we both watched walk away.
He had on a pair of gym shorts that were probably for his high school day, and they left nothing to the imagination.  Dad gave his ass on good look, and he turned to me and said.
"I gotta hand it to you son; you really know how to pick them.  That boy is packing one hell of a weapon in his shorts," dad said, as Terry came back in.
We both noticed the outline of his cock, as he entered the kitchen.  He had a wet spot where the head of his cock was, and we both looked at each other.  Dad looked at me, and he gave me a wink, before he turned and said.
"So do you find Corby's ass, as tight as I do?"
Terry nearly choked on dad's question, and he looked from him to me, and then back at dad.
"Sir," he simply said as a question and not a name.
"Well I know you fucked him, so how was he?"
"Ah... good sir," he said, just wondering where this was leading.
"Well you want to have another go at his ass," he asked, and I nearly choked now.
"Dad, what the fuck are you saying," I asked as Terry sat there in silence.
"I'm offering you and me to Terry, so that we can have a threesome," he said and looked back at Terry.  "Terry, I was wrong to judge you when I am fucking my own son," he said, and Terry just looked at him in shock.  "Yeah bud, we've been doing it for a while now, so do you feel like taking us both on?"
Terry sat there in silence, and I'm sure that he was confused.
"You're serious," he asked, and then turned to me asking.  "He's serious about this isn't he," and I looked at him and nodded yes.
"So you wanna fuck my boy or not," dad asked.  "But I must tell you, I want to fuck that sweet ass of yours," he added.
Fuck, my dad was a horny sex maniac, as he stood up, and he pulled Terry up with him.  He took him in his arms, and he kissed him, then Terry kissed him back.  Once they broke their kiss, he pushed Terry to me, and he wrapped his arms around me.  Terry offered his tongue, man was I quick to accept it, and we kissed as my hands began to roam his body.  Terry took the two of us by the hand, and he led us down the hall to his bedroom.  His bed was still a mess, from when we had made love earlier, and I winked as we made eye contact.
"So what do you want to do first sir," Terry asked, and dad walked up to him and said.
"First of all Terry, you are going to call me Ryan, and let's just see what happens."
"Ah... ok Ryan," he said, as dad stripped him of his shirt and shorts.
Dad removed his own clothes, as I did mine also, and the three of us climbed into bed.  It was I in the middle, with to hotties on each side of me, and I nearly came just being with them.  We were all kissing and feeling each other's hot bodies, when Terry turned me on my back.  He pulled my ass up, I tucked my legs under me, and I looked over my shoulder to watch him.  Terry and dad were both greasing up their cocks, then Terry greased up my rosy pucker, and he placed his cock up to my sweet hole.  He gave a firm push, and in went the head, as I let out a sigh. He slowly slid his dick in, taking a break so I could adjust.  Dad had seen Terry's nine inch cock, and he watched in fascination, as Terry penetrated his son, and began fucking his ass.  I watched dad's face as Terry fucked my ass to see just what he would do.  He was jacking off, as he watched Terry slide in and out of my ass, and I could tell that he was getting hornier.  I laid my head down on the pillow, as Terry started pounding my ass now, like a dog gone wild in heat.  I loved the feeling of Terry's cock in my ass, as my ass muscles wrapped around his massive cock. Terry wasn't going to let loose of my ass, nor was I willing to let go of his hard cock that was invading it either.  It didn't take dad long, and he moved his body behind Terry. I moved up more, so dad and Terry were even, and I watched as dad inserted his finger into Terry's ass. 
"That son of a bitch was going to fuck Terry, while Terry was fucking me," I thought.
I turned my head, so I could watch my dad give Terry his cock.  My ass was as high as I could get it, and soon I saw dad's hard cock entering Terry's ass.
"Holy fuck Ryan, stop," Terry yelled out in pain, and dad waited for him to adjust to his invasion.
Fuck what a shock, when dad slid his cock into Terry's ass, because Terry slammed his own cock deep into me.  Dad wasted no time, as he began burying his cock into Terry, and beginning to fuck his hot ass.  Terry soon matched dad's rhythm, and pushed with each of dad's thrusts.  It was fucking awesome, having Terry's huge cock up my ass, while dad fucked Terry's hot ass.  Terry's thrusts became quicker, as he approached his edge, and his hands held firm to my hips.   Dad and Terry's thrusts drove me over the edge, and soon I was shooting the biggest fucking cum load of my life.  With my ass contracting around Terry's fat cock, he soon followed me, and started to fill my ass with his hot cum.  Well not to be left out, dad soon screamed out his delight, as his cock swelled and shot his first shot into Terry's anxious ass.
"Aaaaah fuck Terry, I'm cumming," he screamed out, and he drove his cock deep into his ass.
"Yeah Ryan, fuck me man, give me your sweet fucking cum," he howled, as he continued slamming my ass.
When we were done cumming, we all fell forward, and Terry's cock plunged deep into me.
"Fuck Terry, you cock is going to come out my throat," I cried out, and dad and he both pulled out their cocks.
"God damn it Ryan, that was one hell of a fuck you gave me," Terry said as he and dad kissed.
They knelt face to face, and kissed for almost two minutes, and I felt like the invisible man.
"Hellooooo guys, I am here you know," I said, as I emphasized the hello.
They both turned to me, and began kissing me, as dad soon found my tender nubs.  He began biting and sucking on them, soon we were hard again in minutes. 
Dad and I got in a 69 position with dad lying on me, sliding his cock in and out of my mouth, as he swallowed mine deep down his throat.  My hands were massaging his ass, and Terry not wanting to be left out, took up position behind dad's ass.  He gave a firm push and entered dad's ass, and dad pulled off my cock and screamed.
"Holy fuck Terry stop," and Terry slowed down his assault.
I reached up and grabbed Terry's hips, and I helped him move back and forth in dad's tender hole.  Dad moved back to my cock, as I sucked hard on his cock, and soon we were all feeling great.  Dad came before Terry and I did, because Terry's cock was massaging his love nut.  His cum flooded my mouth, and I swallowed as fast as I could, but it was hard with his cock down my throat.  Terry crooned out, as he slid over his edge, and started to fill dad's ass with his come.
"Fuck Ryan, I'm cumming and he shoved hard into dad's ass, and that drove dad's cock further down my throat.  
I soon started to cum, dad took every drop I gave him, and I nearly passed out from lack of air.  Dad realized that his cock was embedded in my throat, and he called out to Terry to pull out.  Terry lifted off dad, who then pulled his cock from my mouth, and I was out like a light beneath him.
"Oh fuck Corby," he cried, as he gave me mouth to mouth to get me breathing.
I hadn't lost consciousness, I was merely pretending, and when he pressed his mouth to mine, I slipped him my tongue.
"You little fucker," he said, as he sat up and looked at me.  "I have a good mind to choke you myself, for making me think I had suffocated you."
"Well you nearly did, when Terry shoved his cock so deep into you, and you shoved your cock deep down my throat."
We all started laughing and exhausted, we fell asleep with our naked bodies cuddled together as we each of felt complete.
To be continued:
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