B. Clark

Chapter Six

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Previously in chapter five:

I soon started to cum, dad took every drop I gave him, and I nearly passed out from lack of air.  Dad realized that his cock was embedded in my throat, and he called out to Terry to pull out.  Terry lifted off dad, who then pulled his cock from my mouth, and I was out like a light beneath him.
"Oh fuck Corby," he cried, as he gave me mouth to mouth to get me breathing.
I hadn't lost consciousness, I was merely pretending, and when he pressed his mouth to mine, I slipped him my tongue.
"You little fucker," he said, as he sat up and looked at me.  "I have a good mind to choke you myself, for making me think I had suffocated you."
"Well you nearly did, when Terry shoved his cock so deep into you, and you shoved your cock deep down my throat."
We all started laughing, exhausted; we fell asleep with our naked bodies cuddled together as we each felt complete.

Now chapter six:


The alarm began to sound its harsh sound, and Terry sat up, still half asleep. He hit the snooze and cuddled up to me, with his morning wood tucked in my ass. He lay there several moments before he realized he wasn't alone, and he bolted upright, and shouted.

"Guys get up its morning," he yelled out, and dad and I jumped from the bed.

Three naked men stood there in Terry's bedroom, with our morning hard on's, well two men and a boy.

"Shit, I have to be at the airport in thirty minutes," dad said, as he raced around the room looking for his clothes. "Terry would you be a dear, and take Corby to school for me," he asked as he danced on one foot, trying to get his pants on.

"Yeah no problem Ryan and I have some clean clothes he can wear," he said in reply to dad's question. "I kinda outgrew them so they should just fit him," he said, as he put his arm around me, and he pulled me in for a kiss.

Dad gave us a look, and he knew we would be fucking around, before we got off to school.

"Now don't do anything I would do," dad said, and I looked at him strange and said.

"Don't you mean wouldn't do, dad?"

"I know what I said, and I said would do, because I know the minute I'm out the door, Terry's cock is going to be buried up your ass," he said as he looked at the two of us, then smiled as he said,

"What the fuck Terry, his ass is hard to resist," and he slapped my ass hard, as he kissed the top of my head goodbye.

"Hey that hurt," I yelled, as I rubbed my ass cheek softly.

Dad was right, as I listened to his car pulling away, Terry had his cock deep in my ass fucking me. It was no loving or prolonged fuck, but a fuck to start the day off right. We both came together, inside of ten minutes.

"Do we have to go to school today Terry," I whined, as I laid in his arms snuggly.

"Yeah sweet cheeks we both do, besides I look forward to seeing your hot ass in the halls," he said as I lay upon his chest nibbling his ears. "Besides, after what your dad could have done to me last night, for having had sex with you, I can't let him down by letting you skip school."

"I won't tell if you don't," I told him, as I gave him my sweetest little poor me look.

"Come on sport, lets get in the shower, and maybe if you're good, I'll suck your cock," he said, as he slapped my ass.

"Hey that hurts, and what is it with you two slapping my ass lately," I asked as I got up and followed Terry's cute ass into the bathroom.



We got to school, and wouldn't you know it, just as we pulled up, so did Jed. He was quick to notice me getting out of Terry's car, and he was whispering to his friends, as we walked by. I was so thankful I had Terry beside me so I didn't have to confront Jed, and I was almost to the school when I heard.

"Hey half pint wait up," and I turned to see Nate running towards me, but Jed cut him off.

Jed talked to him with his back to me, and the look on Nate's face wasn't good. They finished their conversation, and Nate walked over to me. He was quiet, and just walked beside me, and once inside he asked.

"So why did you try to kiss Jed," and he turned to look at me in the eyes.

"I didn't try to kiss that fuckhead," I told him as I pushed him out of my way, and headed off to my locker, with Nate following me.

"Well try or not, he wants your ass big time bud," Nate said. "And I don't mean it in a good way," he concluded.

"And just what did you say to him," I asked. "Did you stick up for me, or even tell him that you were my cousin?"

"I...ah...well," and I cut him off.

"Yeah right, I didn't think so. Thanks for nothing cus," and I went off to my first class, as he just stood there starring at me.

I went to class, and as you may have guessed, it was with Terry. As I got closer to my class, I saw Jed and his cohorts waiting for me outside the door.

"So fag nerd, who's going to protect you now, huh?" Jed asked as he grabbed me, and pulled me into the boy's room. "So you fucking Mr. Mathews faggot," he asked, as he held me to the wall with his arm across my neck. "Maybe he's fucking you, yeah that's it. That fag teacher fucking his favorite fag student."

"Jed, what did I ever do to you," I asked as best I could.

"You kissed me faggot, and I don't like fags kissing me," he said as he looked directly into my eyes. "Strip him guys," he orders them, as he holds me, and his buds remove my pants and underwear.

He releases his hold on me, and tears my shirt off, leaving me naked. They stand there and laugh at me, as I slide down to the floor crying.

"What's the matter faggot, is we cwying for your boyfriend," Jed says as the bell rings. "Pick em up boys, and hold him over the trash can," he tells them, they grab me by the arms, and bend me over the barrel, and then Jed says.

"Hold him good, I'm going to show him how a real man fucks," he told them as he dropped his pants. "Look at this cock faggot, now this is a man's cock. I bet your boyfriend doesn't have one this big," he says as he shoves it in my face.

"You call that a cock, shit, that's nothing more than a Vienna sausage," I said, and laughed at him.

He hits my face hard; cutting my lip, then gets behind me. He's standing behind me now, as his henchmen hold me down. I can feel his stiff cock as he places it to my ass, and with a fast and brutal push, he buries it in my ass.

"Stooooop pleeeeease Jed," I scream out, as his dry entry tears my ass open, and the pain is unbearable.

He slams my ass continually as his boys hold me over the barrel. I struggle against my attacker, but I am helpless to stop him.

"Jed please don't do this," I beg, but now he's rubbing my nut and he has me excited. "That's it Jed, pretend to be fucking me to teach me a lesson. You and I both know how bad you want my ass. Yeah babe fuck me, damn you're so fucking hot babe," and he pulled his cock out, and grabbed me by the hair.

His boys are looking at him strangely now as he holds me up.

"You and I haven't ever been together fag," he shouts into my face.

"Why are you denying our love Jed," I ask, and they are both looking at him now. "You told me last night how much you loved me. You know how I like to look into your eyes as you make love to my ass," and I seized the chance, and laid a kiss on him, holding his mouth to mine.

"We ain't getting in trouble for you Jed," Danny says. "You both are faggots," and they both walk out the door," as Jed pushes me away, and I strike my head against the sink as I fall to the floor.

The last thing I remember is Jed's face looking down at me, before I lost consciousness.

"Corby wake up," I hear, and I slowly open my eyes. "Babe talk to me," I hear and try to focus on who is saying it.

Soon the voice has a face and I'm shocked to see Jed. He is holding me in his arms, as he cradles my body, and he pulls me up to his lips. He lays the sweetest kiss on me, as he holds me to him, and I wrap my arms around him.

"I thought I had lost you babe," he says as we sit on the floor, with me in his arms.

"Jed, what the fuck are you doing," I ask. "You hate me, so why are you acting this way?"

"What...I love you Corby and we are lovers," he says, as he helps me to stand.

I'm still very woozy, and I start to fall again, but Jed catches me in his arms.

"Whoa babe, you need to sit for a bit," he tells me, as he helps to the floor.

"I guess I am a little woozy Jed," I say looking at him closely.

He has beautiful brown eyes that remind me of Bambi, and his blondish brown hair sits so nicely on his shoulders. He has that classic Roman nose, that looks as if it where chiseled out of pure granite, and dimples, that showed when he smiled.

"I think you need to go home babe," he says as Terry enters the boy's room, and he rushes over to me when he sees me on the floor.

"What happened here Jed," he asks, as he kneels down beside me, and he notices the blood on my head.

"He slipped on the wet floor and hit his head on the sink when he fell," he tells Terry.

"I think you need to go to the nurse's office Corby," Terry said, as he and Jed helped me to stand.

"Terry are we lovers, Jed and I," I whisper to him, as Jed stands at a urinal to piss.

"Yes Corby why, can't you remember," Terry asks.

"I don't know for sure, but he keeps saying we are lovers," and Jed flushes the urinal and rejoins us.

"I still want the nurse to look at you," Terry says, as he gives Jed a look. "You may have given yourself a concussion," he tells me.

Jed is standing there watching me, and his face shows true concern, as he tells Terry that he'll take me. Terry watches us as we leave, and Jed has his arm around my back, with his hand under my right arm. We get to the nurse's office, and she immediately looks at me, and cleans the blood from my hair.

"Well you don't need stitches, but you do have quite a bump up there," she tells me.

"My head is killing me," I tell her, and she looks more closely once again.

"Why don't you call your parent's for a ride home, I think that with some rest you'll be just fine."

"My dad's at work ma'am, and I don't have a mom around," I tell her, but Jed is quick to speak up.

"I'll take him home ma'am, if that is alright with you," he says, but the nurse says that she must have parental consent first.

I give my dad's cell a call, he picks it up on the second ring and by his voice, I can tell that he's busy.

"Make it quick Cor, I have several clients here with me," he says, and I tell him about my fall. "Sure Cor, let me speak to her," and I pass my cell to the nurse.

He gives her permission to let Jed take me home, after she explained that I would be fine with rest. She hands me back the phone, and dad says to me,

"Cor, I want you to rest, and no fucking around with your boyfriend," he tells me, and he hangs up before I could speak.

The nurse gives me a paper explaining what to do, if any of the symptoms' appear, that are listed on the paper. Jed helps me out to his truck, and assists me getting in, and he gives me a kiss on the cheek. We drive to my house, and it amazed me that he knew the way, and pulls into our driveway. He gets out and runs around the truck, and helps me out of the truck, and I fall into his arms.

"Hey tiger, lets wait until we get inside before we get horny," he says, and helps me to the house.

Once inside he takes me up to my room, and lays me on my bed. He lies on the bed beside, as he rests up on one hand.

"Damn Cor you scared the fuck out of me," he says, as he bends down to kiss my lips.

"Jed, when did we start going out together," I ask, "and when did you come out of the closet?"

"Come on babe, you're kidding me right?" he asks looking into my eyes. "I asked you to be my man just last night, am I that easy to forget," he asks, and I can see the hurt in his eyes.

"No Jed you aren't, but damn if I can remember anything about us," I tell him.

"Well let me refresh your memory sweetheart," and he lowers his mouth to mine.

He gives me a kiss that is tender and long, as he pulls me into his arms. I wrap my arms around him, as our tongue dance together, and he gently rubs my back.


"Now babe how was that for remembering," he asks, and I just pull him back for more.

"Fuck that is one awesome kiss," I tell him as he holds me in his strong arms. "But I think I need a little more help remembering, so would you make love to me?"

"Are you up to it babe, because you know how you like me fucking you," he says.

"I think it just might be what the doctor ordered," I tell him, and he gets up from the bed.

He strips off his clothes, and tosses them on a chair, before he starts to undress me. He climbs on the bed, getting between my legs, and he leans down to give me a kiss. The smell of his hair, as he nuzzles my neck, just lures my senses to him. He is softly kissing my nipples, as he licks his way, from one nub to the other, and he gently finishes it with a bite.

"Mmmm," I say, as he makes love to my nubs, and I hold him to me tight.

"Like that babe," he asks, as he lifts off my nub, and I just pull him back to my breast.

When they become too sensitive, I push him further down, and he bites at the gentle curves of my abs. He knows how to turn me on, because his hands are still pinching my nubs, as he sticks his tongue into my naval. He has me so worked up; I can't think or breathe, as he finally goes for his prize. He doesn't wait or linger there, but swallows my cock down his throat, until I feel his chin resting on my balls. I hear him sniffing in the scent of my bush, and that alone gets me fucking hornier. He sucks my cock slow at first, giving special attention to the head, and drinking the pre-cum that's leaking out. After several minutes of his hot mouth on my cock, I'm ready to give him my cum.

"I fucking close Jed," I tell him, as my breathing becomes fast, and he just sucks on my cock harder and faster.

"Ooooh fuuuuuck babe, take it I'm cumming," I howl out, and I blast my first shot into his mouth.

He is sucking my cock rapidly now, as I shoot my cum into his mouth, and my hands are resting on his head. He takes every drop I have to give, as he sucks after I have finished, and I push him away when it becomes sensitive.

"Damn it Jed, where did you learn to suck cock like that," I ask, and he just smiles at me and says you babe. "Now fuck me my luscious football jock," I say, and I can't wait to see how he fucks.

"Can I fuck you like this babe," he asks, and I look at him strangely.

"Of course like this, I want to see your face when you cum, what other way would you think I would want it," I ask him.

"Well last night you insisted on fucking dog style, but I want to look into those eyes Cor."

Now he is really wigging me out, as I try to remember our fucking. Was that barrel in the Boy's Room just something I mistook, or was there a last night? I decided I really didn't care, because now Jed loved me, and was going to fuck his lover.

"Yeah my sexy jock, you fuck me anyway you like," and I pulled him to my mouth, as he put his cock to my sweet pucker.

"I love you Corby so fucking much," he says, and gently slides his cock into my ass.

"Ooooh yeah babe," I say as he bottoms in me, and the feeling is so fucking good. "Fuck me my lover," and he lifts up, as he pulls his cock from me and slams it back in. "That's how I like babe, hard and deep," and he repeats his strokes, until we finally find a mutual rhythm.

He is holding up my legs by my calves, as he pounds my anus hard, deep and fast. I can't get enough of his cock in me, and I scream out my ecstasy,

"Harder and deeper babe, you have me so close," and he pounds me now like a dog in heat.

The way he keeps hitting and jabbing my love nut with his cock, it sends me into a place, that I had never visited before. My ass is slamming up against his cock each time he thrusts it in, and I can feel my cum boiling in my balls.

"Ooooh fuuuuuck I'm cumming, fuck me deeper," I scream out, as I fire off my first shot, and hit my face.

I can feel his cock swelling as I shoot my cum, and I know that boy can't hold out much longer. I was just about reaching my end, when he shoves his cock deep into me, and stops, as he yells out.

"I'm fucking shooting Cor," and I could feel his cock throbbing, each time his shot went into my ass. "Fucking ride my cock babe," he screams, as we are thrusting and pushing like there's no tomorrow, and he falls on me once he is spent.

"Wow my horny jock, now that was one terrific fuck you gave me," I tell him, as he looks at me and smiles.

"Your ass is soooo much better than Jenifer's pussy," he says, and I wondered why he had mentioned his girlfriend's name.

Something is not right here, as he pulls his cock from me, and I see Terry's face looking at me.

"Corby, speak to me," he's saying, and I am now aware of my surroundings, and I see I am in the Boy's Room. "Don't move Corby, the school nurse is coming," Terry tells me, as I realize that I am naked.

"Cover me please," I ask, he places my shirt over my cock, and the nurse enters just as he covered me.

"Oh my word Terry, what is going on here," she asks, as she notices my nakedness.

This is the way he was found by a student, and he was unconscious when I came in," he tells her. "I covered him when he asked me to, so I'll move Clair, so you can examine him," and he moved to give her room. "I am going to call the police," Terry said, and he left before I could stop him.

"Why is he calling the police," I ask the nurse.

"Well it's very evident that someone attacked you," she said, and I started to lose consciousness again.

When I woke up I was in the hospital emergency room, with a doctor and nurses all around me.

"Hello young man," a grey haired doctor said to me, as I focused my eyes on him. "Do you know your name son," he asked, and I thought what is wrong with him, and said.

"Of course I know my name, I'm Bill Clinton," I told him, and I loved fucking with him. "I'm the fucking president doctor, don't you know who I am," and he looked at the nurses.

"Son, you had a very bad bump to your head, and you aren't Bill Clinton," he said. "Your name is Ryan," and that alone caught me off guard.

"Now I remember sir, I was at school earlier," I said not wanting to be put into the psyche ward.

They examined me closer and then my dad came in, and with him were Terry and the police. I pulled the sheet higher up me, as the cop looked at me smiling, and he began to ask me questions.

"Can you remember who attacked you son," my dad asked me, and I knew, but kept it to myself.

"No dad I don't," I began to tell him. "I was standing at the urinal taking a piss, when I felt something hard hit me. When I came to, Mr. Mathews was looking down at me."

I knew what Jed and his friends had done, but to squeal on them now, would only add to my misery at school. Besides, I loved the dream I had, and if it was any inclination of what was to be, I did not want to jeopardize my chances by turning Jed in. The doctor told me that I should stay for observation, and that didn't set to well with me.

"Son, I'd rather be safe than sorry," dad told me, as he and Terry tried to convince me to stay. "Besides, I am your father and I say you're staying."

Therefore, he pulled rank on me and I ended up in a room, and around six, dad and Terry got ready to leave to get something to eat.

"I'll be here early tomorrow morning son, and if the doctor says that you can go home, then home you'll go."

"So what now, you two heading home to fuck each other," I said, as they looked at each other. "Hey that's not fair, I'm stuck here and you both will be having fun without me."

"That's the breaks kiddo," dad said, and grabbed Terry's ass. "Come on sexy, I have nine good reasons to be alone with you," he said, and Terry smiled.

They left me all alone there, and took off for our house; I knew that within ten minutes after getting home, dad would be balls deep in Terry's ass. I was lying there just feeling sorry for myself, when my door opened, and I turned to see Jed standing there.

"You come near me Jed, I swear I'll call for the nurse," I said, but he just approached my bed.

"Wait Corby please," he said, as I lifted the hand device, and had my finger on the call button for the nurse. "I'm not going to hurt you, but just give me a chance to explain," he asked, as he stood right next to my bed.

I kept my finger on the button, as he sat on the side of my bed, and I could tell that he had been crying. I laid the device down, I placed my hand on his, and he didn't bother to pull it away.

"I'm so sorry Corby for what I did to you today," he blurts out, and he starts to cry dropping down to my pillow. "Please forgive me Corby, and thanks for not telling the cops about me."

I knew that he was feeling bad, and my heart was breaking for him, but I still had a score to settle with him I felt.

"I told the police that I would think of who it could have been that attacked me, so you aren't off the hook yet mister," I said, but I knew I could never tell them it was Jed.

"Please don't tell on me Cor, my dad would kill me, and if he didn't, the cops would send me away," he pleaded.

"Then just tell me Jed, this one thing, why," I said, as I stared into his eyes. "Why me Jed, what did I ever do to earn your wrath?"

"Nothing Cor, you never did a thing to deserve the way I treated you. It was me that had the problem, and well... please forgive me Cor," he said, but I knew he was holding back something.

"Ok Jed, I do forgive you, but can I ask you something without you getting pissed at me?"

"Sure Cor and I promise I won't get angry," he said, as he inched a little closer to me.

I noticed the subtle way that he moved closer, and I still had my hand on his. I decided to just come out and ask him what I was feeling, so I drew in a deep breath and said,

"Jed, do you have secret feelings for me, but are afraid of what your friends might think," I asked and released my breath, and I couldn't believe I really asked him.

He was quiet for a long moment, and I knew that he was thinking. When he finally breathed in deep, he said,

"Yes Corby, I am so fucking in love with you, and it scares the fuck out of me," and he bent down, and gave me a kiss that so astounded me.

"Get your fucking hands off my son," dad yells at Jed, as he and Terry enter my room, and pulls him off the bed.

Dad holds him at arms length, and he hits him so hard, that Jed flies across the room, and lands against the wall. He goes after him, and is just about to strike him again, when I pass out.

"Ryan quick, Corby's out," Terry says, and dad drops Jed and runs to me.

To be continued:

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