B. Clark

Chapter Seven

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Previously in chapter six:

"Yes Corby, I am so fucking in love with you, and it scares the fuck out of me," and he bent down, and gave me a kiss that so astounded me.

"Get your fucking hands off my son," dad yells at Jed, as he and Terry enter my room, and pulls him off the bed.

Dad holds him at arms length, and he hits him so hard, that Jed flies across the room, and lands against the wall. He goes after him, and is just about to strike him again, when I pass out.

"Ryan quick, Corby's out," Terry says, and dad drops Jed and runs to me.

Now chapter seven:


Terry presses the nurse's button, as dad comes to my bedside. He looks at me lying still on the bed, as the nurse came running in. She picks up the phone and calls the central switchboard, asking them to call Dr. Guzzo to room 4033. Within five minutes, the doctor arrives, and he examines me. My doctor determines that I was having a seizure, and he elevates my bed. Within minutes, I regain consciousness, and look at my father and the others. I begin to cry, as I look for Jed, and I give dad a mean look.

"Don't cry Corby, this can happen with a head injury, especially the kind you had," the doctor tells me. "I'm going to order an MRI," he says. "I'd rather be safe than sorry. Now if you excuse me, I'll go arrange for the test," and he leaves the room.

"Where is Jed," I ask, even before the door closes.

"He was in here a few minutes ago," Terry says, and they looked about the room.

"He was the one that did this to you son, and I caught him trying to hurt you, when we came back into your room."

"And where would you get that idea dad, that Jed was hurting me," I asked, and noticed the bathroom door. "Jed are you in the bathroom," I called out to him, and he cautiously came out of the bathroom.

"You lay one hand on my boy, and I'll personally kill you," dad says as he gets in Jed's face.

"I wasn't hurting him sir, I love your son," he says with tears in his eyes.

"Jed, you have been riding that boy's ass ever since he arrived at the school," Terry reminds him.

"It was you that put my boy in here wasn't it," dad asks, and I never saw that side of him.

"Yes sir I did," Jed says, as he stands there before my dad. "But I didn't mean for him to fall, and hit his head on the sink sir."

"Well he did, and you couldn't bother to help him?" dad asked, as his anger rose.

"Dad please, and you too Mr. Mathews," I shout. "I want you both to leave," I tell them, and I hold eye contact with my dad.

"But Cor please, how can you believe this boy," he asks.

"How you ask, because I love him, that's how," I tell him, and look over at Jed. Now will you please go, and I don't want a word mentioned about this, do you here me dad, Terry," and they both look at Jed and then me.

I wait for them to leave, and dad points his finger at Jed, and that was dad's way of saying, he had his eye on you. Once they left, Jed stood there, and looked at me. His tears were rolling down his cheeks, and I saw the damage that dad had done, to his gorgeous face. He just stared at me, and I was the one to break the silence.

"Come here Jed," I say softly, and I held my hand out to him.

He approached my bed, and he couldn't stop crying. His eye was swelling badly now, from the blow that dad had given him. I emptied my ice picture into a plastic bag, and put it to his eye. He winced when it first touched his skin, but he placed his hand over mind.

"Did you mean it Cor, or did you just say it to call your dad off of me?" and I look at him trying to think what he meant. "That you loved me, did you really mean it," he asks, still holding my hand.

"Yeah Jed, I meant it with all my heart," I tell him, and I feel his hand press against mine, as I hold the ice to his eye. "Jed did you mean it... when you told me you were falling in love with me?"

"Yes Cor, but I'm scared," he says. "You're the first guy that I ever fell for, and I don't know how to handle it Cor."

"Listen to me Jed, you're the schools hero, and you were the one that brought the state championship to our school, so I can't ask you to come out for me. I would be honored, and happy just to be your secret boyfriend Jed, because look at what you have to lose."

"Fuck Cor, why did you have to be so fucking handsome? I can't just tell my heart to stop loving you; it would be easier to cut off my right arm. We have to find a way to be together," he says, as he sits next to me on the bed.

"What would be the worst thing that would happen if you came out?"

"I'd be kicked off the team or worst, I'd be treated like I had treated you. I don't care what happens Cor, I'm falling in love with you," and he leans into me and kisses me.

"What the fuck are you two doing," Nate asks, as he walks in on us. "Cus, he's the asshole that put you in here," he says, and comes after him.

"Nate stop we love each other," I shout out, and Nate freezes where he stands.

"Fuck Cor, I'm out now," Jed says, as he holds me close. "Nate I can explain if you just listen," he says and Nate starts to laugh.

"Just chill Jed," Nate says, as he walks over and kisses him.

Jed stands there in shock, as Nate pulls him into a kiss, and when he released him, he gave me one too.

"Nate you're gay," Jed asks, as he looks at him.

"Fuck yeah dude, and his ass is the best you'll ever fuck."

"You mean that you've fucked him before," and he looks at me. "You're cousins' dude," he states.

"Nah, but look at that ass bud, it's got to be hot and tight in there," Nate says, lying about the two of us fucking.

"Do you have a boyfriend Nate," Jed asks, as he sits beside me, and his arms hold me close.

"Nah, I'd rather be free to fuck `em all dude," he says, and that was no lie.

My cousin Nate was hot, and he knew it. He and I had been fuck buds for the last three years. His family had flown out to Hawaii for vacation, and stayed with us, or rather he stayed and his `rents enjoyed a second honeymoon. Our dad's were brothers, and both of them are hot, but mine is the younger of the two. It was when they had first arrived, at our house that Nate and I got together, for the first time. Nate is just a few inches taller than I am, but built like a brick shithouse as the saying goes, with every brick in the proper place. He has the brown hair and eyes, and he has been working out for a year. Therefore, his body is fucking hot, and tan. His mother is Greek, so he has that dark olive complexion that tans up nice. So now, you know why I love to have him fuck me.

"Are there dudes at school Nate, you know, gay dudes you fuck?" Jed asked inquisitively.

"Of course there are dudes I fuck at school; you think I'm a monk? As a matter of fact Jed, you'd be surprised who I'm on a regular fuck basis with," and both of our eyes got wide with suspense. "And if you blow me stud muffin, I'll give you all their names."

"Hey cus, back off," I said, as I pulled my guy to me.

"Don't worry cus; I have no intention of stealing your man. Besides, you both look hot together," he says smiling. "So Jed, you coming out, or like me, staying in the closet?"

"Well bro, that's the problem. I have mistreated my babe here since day one, so how do we go from being enemies to lovers without raising suspicions among the guys?"

"Well how about I get in your face in the locker room, and read you the riot act, about leaving my cus alone," he suggests. "Or if that doesn't appeal to you, I can just tell you the dudes, I'm fucking."

"You're telling me that you are fucking some of the guys that are on our team," Jed asks.

"Yeah dude, and your main boy Brad, he's my number one fan of my cock. I've been fucking that ass of his since we were in sixth grade together," he tells us. "And that boy can't get enough of this cock," and he grabs his crotch.

"No fucking way, Brad, my best bud Brad," he asks.

"Yeah Brad, and Andy, Taylor, Clark," and he pauses to think, "oh yeah bro, my favorite one to fuck is Michael. That boy lives up to his position of tight end," and we can see that he's getting hard, just thinking about Michael. "But I would love to get in Dan's hot ass, but he is so fucking straight, you could set a ruler by him and he'd be straighter.

"Nate, they're the coolest at school, among the girls," Jed says. "So I don't have to come out, just keep it cool and low key," he says.

"That's right, and I'd better not see you taunting my cus here, just to hide it either," he says, and Jed holds his hands up.

"No way dude could I ever hurt my man again," and he looks at me. "I just feel bad that it got this bad, before I told him how much I love him," he says, as he kisses the end of my nose.

"I bet you say that to all the pretty boys," I say blushing.

"Nah babe, you're my first dude that I have ever felt this way about or loved. Fuck, what am I going to do about Jen, she loves getting fucked by me, but now I want to be just Cor's man," he says.

"If it helps to keep your cover Jed, I won't mind if you fuck her," I say, but not convincingly.

"No bud, I can't fuck her and you. I want just you in my bed," he says and kisses me.

"So break up with her, or better yet, give her a reason to break up with you bro," Nate says. "Well anywho, I'm out of here cus. Michael is waiting in my car for me, and I soooo want to fuck him," and he gives up both a kiss.

"I still can't believe that Nate is gay, and Michael, damn he is one of the hottest guys in school," Jed says.

"Not as hot as my man is," I say, and I muckled onto his mouth with mine. So are we a couple Jed, or am I just an ass you want to fuck, and move on from?"

"Yeah dude, you are an ass I want to fuck, but everyday babe. I even want to take you to our school prom Cor. The problem do I dance with you?"

"I'll go in drag Jed, this way they'll think you are with a girl," I tell him. "I did drag for Halloween and no one recognized me, and I even got one dude to come on to me. You should have seen his face when he tried to feel me up, and found a cock down there."

"Fuck Cor, you are something else," he said. "I'd never have taken you for a girl, not with that body of yours. Would you do that for me, go in drag that is?"

"To be able to dance with you in your arms Jed, in a fucking New York minute I would."

The voice of some woman comes over the loud speakers, announcing that visiting time was over. Jed looks at me, and I can tell he doesn't want to leave.

"You won't be in school tomorrow will ya," he asks, as we pressed our foreheads together, and stare into each other's eyes. "I'm going to miss you bud, but I'll be by to see you after classes."

"Well call me on my cell first, I'll let you know if I am home or here," I tell him, and I write my cell number on his hand. "I don't want you to leave Jed," I say, as I get out of bed and stand there in his arms. "Come with me," I tell him, and lead him to the bathroom.

I close the door and lock it, and then I turned to Jed. He is looking at me suspiciously, as I unzip his jeans, and pushed them to the floor. I knee down in front of him, and pull his boxers down and that boy had the most beautiful cock that I ever saw.

"We'll get caught," he says nervously, as he tries to pull me back up. "I'd like to do this in a bed babe," he tells me, but I refuse to stand.

"Let's just say, that this is just a teaser babe, of what's to come," and I take his cock into my mouth.

He lets out a moan so loud, that I thought the whole floor would hear him, when I swallow his cock down to his balls. He grabs my head, and starts to fuck my mouth, with everything he has in him. I pull his hands away, as I do the sucking; causing him to lean back against the wall, and his breathing became increasingly rapid. I knew that this boy would not last; or rather, his cock wouldn't, so I dropped his cock from my mouth, and say.

"There babe, I'll see you tomorrow," I say, and he looks at me with a panicked look on his face.

"Oh babe don't do that to me," he gasps as he struggles to talk. "You can't leave me like this," and his cock is bobbing up and down, in front of him, leaking big time. "Please babe, finish what you started," he begs.

I look up at him, and he has the cutest pout on his face, so I took his cock back into my mouth never intending on leaving him or ME like that. I wanted his cum, and I wanted it bad. Therefore, I suck that cock, with all the energy I have in me. I fondle his balls, as I run my mouth up and down his spit slick cock, and his groans and moans really turn me on. His breathing increases again, and I know he was ready again. Again, I stop and let his cock fall from my mouth, and I wet my fingers, before taking it back in. I started to suck slower now, as I pushed a finger into his ass, and when, I had it all the way in, I found his sweet nut, and massaged it. I gave it a rub and he cried out in ecstasy.

"Oh fuck yeah babe," he said, as I rubbed his nut.

I pushed a second one in, and he was squealing like a girl. It was when I added the third, he crowed out his delight.

"I'm going to fucking shoot Cor," and he coated my tonsils with cum.

That boy shot rope after rope of sweet cum, as he held my mouth to him. My nose is buried in his thick bush, as my lips are pressed to his balls, with his cock throbbing in my throat. He gave me his love juice, and once he was spent, his legs gave out, and he slid to the floor.

"Oh...fuck babe...that...was so...fucking awesome," he said, in between gasps of air.

I stand up and reach out to help him up, but he moved to his knees, as he moved my johnny aside, and took my cock into his mouth. He only took the head, and I knew by the way he was sucking, that this boy had never sucked a cock before. He kept dragging his teeth across my cock, and man it hurt, so I pulled my cock away. I had him stand up, and I looked at him saying to him,

"Barrel time babe," and his face went white, as he knew what I meant.

He knew just what I meant, as I lean him over, and have him hold onto the toilet. I grab the lube that is on the shelf, which they use for enemas, and spread in his sweet rosebud. His breathing gets rapid, as I lube up his ass, and I lean onto his back and whisper,

"This is going to be the only time that I will fuck you babe, because once I get you into a bed, I'm going to teach you to suck cock and be your bottom boy," I tell him, and I press my cock to his virgin rosebud. "Here put this in your mouth," I tell him, as I hand him a rolled up face cloth.

"Why babe, what is that for," he asks, as he looks over his shoulder at me.

"Oh you'll see," I say, and he clamped his mouth down on the cloth.

I gave my cock a push, the head popped through his ring, and he straightened up and yelled into the cloth.

"Fuuuuuuuuck that kills," or something close to it, I really couldn't understand him through the cloth.

I reached around my man, and gently started to play with his nubs, and as I pinched them, he began to push back on my cock. I was nibbling his ears, as he wiggles his ass around my cock, and with one more push, I bottom. I could feel my balls against his, as I grabbed the cloth from his mouth, and he let out a gasp as he says,

"Fuck that hurt, but damn if you aren't hitting something in my ass," he says grinding his ass against my cock, and I knew that I was rubbing his nut again.

I place my hands on his hips, as I start to pull from his ass. I push my cock back in hard, as he pushes back to me, and I knew he wanted more. Therefore, I quickened my pace some, and soon we were fucking like rabbits. I could see his cock in the mirror, as it bounced up and down with each thrust I gave him, and just the sight of it, got me so fucking horny. I move my hands to his shoulders, as I start to pound his ass faster, and shoving it in deeper. He was moaning and groaning now, as I shoved my cock further into his ass. I knew he was close, because his ass was tightening around my cock, and he screams out in ecstasy.

"Fuck me Cor, harder and deeper, I'm cumming," and I feel his ass contract around my cock with each shot of his cum. "More babe, fuck me harder," he screams, and I pound his sweet ass, with every ounce of energy I have, bringing me to my own climax.

"Ooooooh fuuuuuck Jed, I'm going shoot," and I shoot my first load in his ass.

I slam his ho ass, as I fill it with my cum.

"Yeah babe that's it," I howl, as shove in with all I have. "Ride my cock Jed," and he pushes back, meeting my every thrust.

"Oh fuck that was hot," he said, as I lay on his back, and we are both gasping for air. "Can I be the bottom each time," he asks.

"Maybe, but first I want to feel your cock in my ass," I tell him, as I pull my cock out, and then turn him around to kiss him.

We kiss like two lovers, which would never see each other again. His hands held my face, as I held onto his waist. We were lost in our sexual rapture, when a knock came on the door.

"Are you alright in there," the nurse asks, and we smile.

"Yes ma'am, I'm just using the facilities," I tell her.

"Well if you need assistance, just pull the cord beside the commode," she tells me.

We cling to one another, as we slowly came off our sexual high, with Jed looking at me and saying,

"That was the best sex I ever had," and he wipes the sweat from my brow with his had. "Is gay sex always this good," he asks.

"Wait lover, until I get your ass in my bed," I tell him, and we kiss. "You ain't seen nothing yet babe, but now you do have to leave stud muffin, and damn I'm gonna miss you."

"Not as much as I am going to miss you babe," and he kisses me.

Once he was dressed, I go out first, to see if it was safe. He quickly comes out, and with a kiss, he leaves. My phone rang a few minutes later, and it was Jed on the phone.

"God I miss you sweetheart," he says, and it got me hard, just listening to his voice.

"I miss you too babe," I reply, and then the nurse enters my room.

"Sorry to interrupt you, but I have to get you downstairs for your MRI," she tells me. "An orderly will be in shortly to take you down," and out the door she went.

"Did you hear," I ask, Jed says yes, and we hung up.

Right on cue, the orderly comes through my door with a wheel chair. As I got up from the bed, I had a very noticeable hard on, and it was tenting my johnny big time. The orderly noticed it also, because he said to me...

"You had better get rid of that or else it will get caught in the machine," he told me chuckling.

"Yeah like that's gonna happen," I said smugly.

"What, getting it caught, or getting rid of it," he asks.

"Both, because once it goes up, nothing but sex gets it down," I tell him, just as smugly as he did.

We walked to the special elevators, which are just for the patients, and he hits the down button. I notice how he keeps starring at my cock. Well if someone stares at it, that just makes it harder for me to get it down and the doors open, and he pushes me in. He lets the door close, and hits the stop button, before he turns to say.

"Want some help with that," he asks stepping in front of me.

I didn't bother to reply, but lift my johnny aside, and he drops to his knees between my legs.

"Damn kid, you have one fucking big dick for a kid," he says holding it in his hand.

He examines it for a bit, and then takes the head into his mouth. I could feel his hot tongue, as it ran all around my cock's sensitive head. His hand was playing with my balls, as he lowers his mouth down onto my cock, and I moan out when his nose is in my pubes.

"Oh fuck yeah," I croon, as he sucks my cock with great pressure, as you would suck a thick milkshake through a straw.

Damn this person could suck cock I thought, as he slowly ascends my thick shaft, while lightly chewing on it. I knew with an expert cocksucker like this on my cock, that I wasn't going to last long. I held his head softly in my hands, as he worked his magic on my fuck stick with his thick lips. I could feel my cum start to move, deep inside my balls, and I knew it wouldn't be long. I glanced down at his nametag, and saw that his name is Tyrell, and I moan out loudly, as he brought me close to my edge.

"Yeah Tyrell, suck that cock hard and fast. I am so fucking close to cumming, that you have me right on the edge."

"Mmmm," he muffles out, as he increases his speed and suction on my cock and pushes me over my edge.

"Yeah like that Ty," I howl, as I feel my cum rising from my balls through my cock, and with one more hard suck, he has my payload.

"I shoot out my boy juice, right down Tyrell's hot throat, and he sucks faster as I start to shoot.

He was literally sucking the cum right out of my balls, and I came so much that he gagged, once or twice. When I was spent, he drops my cock, stands up, and says,

"That should do it kid," and he restarts the elevator.

I had my MRI, and Tyrell brings me back to my room.

"If you ever need a hand again, just have the nurse call Tyrell for you," he says, as I get back into my bed and I let him see my ass as I climb in.

"You know Tyrell," I say, "is it true that all black men are hung?" I ask him, as I stare at his pants.

I could see the traces of his cock through his scrubs, along with a wet spot forming. He walks over to the door, closes and locks it, and then came over to my bed. He untied his scrubs, and they fall to the floor, answering my question. He was commando, and I saw a beautiful, dark chocolate eleven-inch cock. My eyes must have grown to the size of saucers, because Tyrell starts to laugh.

"They all do that kid, when they see the scream-a-natter," he says.

"Scream-a-natter," I ask, as I reached out and touch it.

"That what my meat makes you do, as I slips it in your ass," he says grinning proudly now.

It was soft like velvet, and it began to get hard when I handle it. It had gained almost another half-inch, or so in length, and damn, did it get fat. He steps closer, so that I can get a better view, and I lean over to it, and licked the end of it.

"That is the biggest cock I have ever seen," I tell him.

"Now it looks like I have the problem," he muses.

"Ain't no way I'm getting that cock in my mouth," I say, as I watched it bobbing in front of him.

I got up on my bed, and pulled him with me.

"Fuck me Tyrell," I say still hypnotized by his cock.

"You sure kid, not many dudes can handle the scream-a-natter in their ass. So once I start shoving it in your ass, I don't stop," he warns me.

I gave it some thought, and then smile at him and say,

"I've taken ten inchers up my ass so far, so what's two more," I tell him.

"The difference between being just getting fucked and pure paradise," he says proudly.

"Go for it Tyrell, there's lube in the bathroom."

He goes and retrieves the lube, and once back, he removes his shirt. His chest is covered in tight black curls, which drift down his torso, and end in a thick bush of black tight curls. He turns me on my stomach, and he squirts the lube in my ass. Slowly he massages the lube deep into my ass, until he has it slick for entry. He completely covers his cock with lube, and works it over his cock. Once he has us ready, he pulls up my ass, and has me tuck my knees underneath my stomach. He gets on the bed, as he positions the scream-a-natter to my ass, he asks,

"You ready kid," and I draw in a deep breath, and nod yes.

I knew that it would hurt some, but I so wasn't prepared for what I felt. His head popped easily into my slicked up ass, and he just kept going until he bottomed.

"No stop I can't do this," I scream into my pillow.

It hurt so badly, his thick, long cock in my ass that I was seeing lights, and Tyrell leans in and whispers.

"The hardest part is over kid," he says, then kisses the back of my neck.

I finally begin to relax from the assault, and the fullness is so fucking fantastic. He starts to pull out, and it feels like a vacuum was being formed, wanting to suck it back in. I could feel my entire body moving outward, when he pulls his cock out half way, giving me an empty feeling. He pushes it back in, and I feel that marvelous fullness again. He keeps up the torture of my ass and senses, until he finds our perfect rhythm. He has us moving in perfect harmony, as he shoves his cock in deeper. I love the feeling I was getting, as he shoves in harder and faster into my tortured ass. I know it won't take me long until I climax, because I can feel my cum churning in my balls, as he drills his cock into me. I soon could feel my cum begin to move, slowly at first, as it churns in my balls. Then it begins to ascend like a thermometer, up my hard pulsating cock.

"Fuck me Ty, I'm gonna cum," I moan, as I shoot my cum. "Deeper man, give me that cock," I howl, as I used my hips to help him fuck me.

Repeatedly, I shoot my cum, and never have I had a climax like this. He keeps pounding my ass, as he moves his hands to my shoulders; and soon he was ready to cum.

"Aaaaah fuck boy I'm cumming," he crows, and his cock's head swells so large, I thought that my insides would explode.

Then like a volcano, his cock erupts into my ass. It shoots its molten liquid deep into my ass, and soothing my burning ass. Immediately I start to shoot more cum, and thinking I was gonna die from the shear pleasure of his fuck. I was right at my max, when I feel it coming on, and then blackness.

To be continued:


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