B. Clark

Chapter Eight

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Previously in chapter seven:

"Fuck me Ty, I'm gonna cum," I moan, as I shoot my cum. "Deeper man, give me that cock," I howl, as I used my hips to help him fuck me.

Repeatedly, I shoot my cum, and never have I had a climax like this. He keeps pounding my ass, as he moves his hands to my shoulders; and soon he was ready to cum.

"Aaaaah fuck boy I'm cumming," he crows, and his cock's head swells so large, I thought that my insides would explode.

Then like a volcano, his cock erupts into my ass. It shoots its molten liquid deep into my ass, and soothing my burning ass. Immediately I start to shoot more cum, and thinking I was gonna die from the shear pleasure of his fuck. I was right at my max, when I feel it coming on, and then blackness.

Now chapter eight:

"Corby, can you hear me," my doctor asks. "Corby this is Doctor Guzzo," he repeats, and I hear him but I can't respond.

I lay there still, and my mind is whirling, as I try to focus on what was happening. I slowly start to recognize where I am, and look up at my doctor.

"What happened doc," I ask, as I glance around the room.

I could see Tyrell with some nurses standing behind my doctor, and then I remember. Tyrell was fucking me, but now I was covered. Tyrell stood there watching me, and fear was showing on his face.

"Did I have another seizure doc," I ask but already I knew the answer.

Yes Corby you did, and it was a bad one this time. Tyrell here said that he had just gotten you into bed, when you went out."

I glance over at Tyrell, who is worried about getting caught fucking a minor, and it shows all over his face.

"I do remember Tyrell helping me into bed, but then you're here with me," I tell him, and I hear Tyrell let out a long breath.

"You scared the daylights out of me young man," Tyrell says, as he comes forward. He gives my hand squeeze, to say thank you for not squealing on him. Well we should no the results of the MRI but morning, once the doctor reads them," my doctor tells me.

They all leave the room; accept Tyrell, who has busied himself with the wheelchair. Once they had left, he says to me,

"Thanks kid for not squealing on me," he says, as his eyes gloss over.

"What and miss another fuck from the scream-a-natter," I say, and his face lit up, relieved everything was fine. "That Ty was the best fucking that this boy has ever had," I tell him. "I'm sorry that I went out and missed the afterglow. I bet it was fabulous Ty, and next time I'll try not to have a seizure."

"There ain't going to be a next time, because my heart can't take a scare like that again," he says, bending down and giving me a kiss. "Now you get your rest Corby, and thanks again for being cool," and he starts to leave. "Oh yeah, you're the first kid, to take the scream-a-natter completely," and he leaves.

I lay there remembering his fuck that he had just given me, and my ass still missed the fullness of his cock. I was experiencing the afterglow in my mind, when I drifted off to sleep.

"Good morning Cor," Terry said, as he stuck his head into my room. "I hear that you had another seizure last night," he said.

"Terry, God am I glad to see you," I say, as he kisses me one of his hot passionate kisses. "Is my dad coming up this morning," I ask, and he shrugs his shoulders.

"Don't know Cor, I haven't seen him since he dropped me off at my house," he tells me.

"I thought that you two would have spent the night together," and wondered why dad hadn't.

"Well we do have other things to do kid, besides fucking," he says laughing, but I can see how he truly feels about my dad. "But I do make exceptions for your sweet ass, but I hear from your dad, that you have given it to Jed. Are you sure Corby, make sure that he isn't using you."

"I do love him Terry, and he was so apologetic last night, so I doubt he's using me. If you promise not to tell, I fucked his sweet ass before he went home."

"What, you're kidding me, you fucked Jedadiah Carter's sweet ass?" he asks, shocked by the news.

"Yep, right here in the bathroom, just after I gave him his best blowjob ever," I tell him.

"I would have loved to be a fly on the wall for that," he says, as he smiles, just imagining me fucking the star quarterback of our football team. "I bet that was the best fuck he ever got," he adds.

"I was his first fuck Terry, and his ass was so fucking tight. He did let out quite a howl, as I shoved my cock in his ass. However, he got really into it, once he relaxed. He even wants to be my bottom from now on, how wild is that?"

"Well I'm just glad that you two are friends now, and this guy has got to get going to work," and he leans down, and gives me the most passionate kiss ever.

"What the fuck Cor, and Mr. Mathews," a shocked Jed says, as he opens my door, and sees Terry kissing me. "You're a fag also," and he turns and leaves.

"Oh fuck Corby I'm sorry," and he bolts out of the room after Jed.

I lay there crying hard, as I imagined my losing Jed as my boyfriend, and it broke my heart just to see that look on his face. I was crying hard, when Jed reappears in my room, he stands at my bed, and his eyes had been crying too.

"I so sorry Jed," I say, as I hold out my arms to him, and he rushes into them. "I wasn't the one that started that kiss," I add.

"No babe, I'm the one that's sorry," as he placed his finger over my lips. "Mr. Mathews explained it all, and I wasn't surprised to see that he's gay also. Do you still love me Cor," and he gave me the cutest bout ever, and to answer him, I simply pulled him into a kiss.

His kiss is so passionate, and so full of affection, that it astounds us.

"Wow, I love how you apologize, Cor," he says. "You just try and get rid of me as a boyfriend sweet cheeks," and squeezes my ass cheek.

He is sitting on the bed with me, when dad came into the room. He quickly moves as far from my dad as he can. I hadn't noticed until then, but his eye was horribly black and blue from dad's fist, and dad was very quick to notice it. Dad rushes over to Jed, and Jed cowers as he approached him. Dad puts his hand to Jed's eye, and he softly touched the bruise, causing Jed to wince some. Jed stands there waiting for him to strike him; dad just leans in, and kisses my boyfriend right on the mouth. He holds him tight, as he passionately kisses my boyfriend. Once they brake their kiss, Jed stands there and just stares, completely in shock.

"You can breathe son," dad tells him, and Jed lets out his breath.

Jed looks at me as if I wasn't aware of that dad was gay. Dad looks at him lovingly, and reaches down to feel his crotch. Jed jumps a mile when he felt dad's hand on his cock.

"He's packing a nice piece of meat son," dad says. "If you ever decide to toss him, toss him my way," and dad releases his cock.

"Fat chance dad, but maybe if you are good, he'll let you blow him," and Jed's mouth drops open.

"Cor, that's your dad you're talking to," Jed says in shock over our conversation.

"Yeah, and your point is stud muffin?" I say to him. "He's cool and gay also babe," and Jed comes over to me.

"So let me get this straight, you, Mr. Mathews and now your dad, you're all gay," he asks looking at me.

"Yes Jed, is this going to be a problem for us," I ask.

"No I guess not, but damn, you're all so fucking hot," he says, "especially your dad," he whispers. "Well I do have to get to school, but I will be back after classes babe," and he gives me a very passionate kiss.

"Jed," dad says to him, "I'm sorry for hitting you last night," and he gives him another hot kiss.

My doctor comes in a few hours later, and he has the MRI results.

"Well I have good news, and more good news," he says. "It appears that when you hit your head, you bruised you brain," he tells us, and I interrupted him.

"See dad, I do have a brain," and I grin.

"Well now the good news, because of that bruising, you are experiencing these seizures, and the best news is they should disappear once your brain heals."

"So am I restricted from doing anything doc?" I ask, hoping he doesn't restrict me.

"Well I would not being doing any sports for a while, but other than being careful about hitting your head again, you can resume your regular activities," he says. "So if you will excuse me, I'll go get your discharge papers processed."

"Did you bring my clothes with you dad," I ask, seeing how I was naked when I was brought in.

"I figured you could go home the way you came in here," dad says smiling.

"Fine with me, less stuff to take off when I'm ready for you to fuck me pops," I tell him, and jump from the bed shaking off my johnny. "Come on pops, we have time for a quickie," I tell him, while shaking my ass at him.

The doctor returns with my paperwork, and he catches me prancing around naked.

"Oh my Corby," he says entering the room. "I should hope that you have clothes to go home with," he says.

"That's my fault sir, I totally forgot them at home," dad tells him.

"I'll arrange for some scrubs," he says grabbing a quick glance at my cock.

"Why doc, is something wrong with my attire," I ask, and he blushes.

He leaves the room fast, but not fast enough, because I noticed his erection.

"What is it dad with you older men, and us young boys," I ask, after the doctor leaves.

"It's your vitality and body son, we are attracted to both. Now you son, your ass is so fucking hot, and with your cock dangling there, no wonder you had the poor doctor wetting his pants."

A nurse brought me some scrubs, and this time I was wearing my johnny again. I put them on in the bathroom, and when I came out dad asks,

"Wow, you wanna play doctors kid," and he grabs my crotch hard.

"Yeah pops and I'm going to be the proctologist," I told him, as I wet my finger and waved it at him.

Dad took me home, and I changed into my street clothes, and asked dad to take me over to school. He was hesitant at first, but gave in reluctantly. I arrived in time for lunch, and as I look around the cafeteria for Jed, I saw him with Jenifer, and they didn't look happy. I saw Nate sitting alone, as he ate and studied, so I walked over to sit with him.

"Hey cus, when did you get out," he asks, surprised to see me.

"I got out an hour ago, and wanted to see my guy," I tell him. "But I see that he and Jen are arguing over there."

"They have been at it since they got here," Nate says. "And it's not Jed this time, it's Jen. He caught her with some dude from the senior class," he tells me. "He may love you cus, but he hates to be dumped or cheated on, and that last one is going to be hard for you," Nate says, as he looks at me over his shades.

"Who the fuck are you talking to cus, I don't cheat on my guy," I say belligerently.

"So you are giving up your dad, Terry and whoever else you are fucking? Cus admit it, you're a cum slut, and even you know it."

I looked at him with hurt in my eyes, and I wanted to cry as I thought to myself.

`Was what he said true about me, am I a slut? I thought about the people that I let have sex with me, and besides my dad, I could give them all up, even Terry. I wanted Jed, and I wanted to be able to keep him, but I wouldn't give my dad up. He's my hero, and lover, and I was not willing to give him up.'

I get up and start to leave, and Jed sees me, he runs over to me, and grabs my hand. He pulls me over to Jenifer, and with the whole cafeteria watching, he bends me over backwards, and kisses me, hard and long. You could have heard a pin drop, as our mouths united in our love's perfect kiss. Once we finished our kiss, he looks at Jenifer and says,

"This dude is more of a lover to me, than you'll ever be," and he kisses me again.

He releases me, and the cafeteria went wild with applause. Jenifer was one of those girls that weren't only beautiful, but she knew it. She was shallow, and demanded that Jed revolve around her. She needed to be constantly told about her beauty, and hated it if Jed even looked away from her. Now he had just outed not only himself, but me as well.

"I'm done with you Jen, and was long before you cheated on me. I've asked Corby to be my boyfriend, and he accepted my proposal and said yes," he tells her and wraps his arms around me.

"You're a homo Jed," she asks, feeling so humiliated.

"Yes Jen, I'm gay and I love Corby here. But like it or not I'm dumping your ugly ass," and she slaps him across the face, before she leaves the room.

Jed takes me by the hand, and he leads me outside. Once we get to his truck, he turns, and kisses me tenderly, as his jock friends' watch. They stand there in shock as we kiss. I have nothing to lose so I kiss him back. His friends come up to us, and they are generally friendly. However, Danny is not so cool about us, and he speaks his mind.

"So you went homo on us huh Jed," he asks as he looks at me.

"And what business is that of yours Dan," Jed asks, as he leans against his truck holding me in front of him, with his arms around my waist."

"You hated him, and you had us tormenting him, and now you're in love with him? I don't fucking understand you Jed, or how you can go from hate to love just like that," and he snaps his fingers in the air. "And what are you going to tell your old man, when he hears his son is a faggot," and he waits for his response.

"I can handle my old man, and as for Corby, I loved him from the get go, but I didn't know how to handle it," Jed says nuzzling my neck.

"I can't deal with this dude, you're no longer my friend," Danny says, and he walks away throwing his hands into the air.

"Jed, what was that about your dad," I ask him, as I turn in his arms to face him.

"My dad is this bad ass, ex-marine who thinks I am nothing but a piece of shit to him," he tells me as his eyes well up.

"Oh babe, you are so much more than you even know. I didn't fall in love with shit," I tell him as I kiss his lips. "You're my hero, because no one has ever done anything like this for me."

Jed gets very quiet, as he looks away from me. I turn his face back towards mine, and his tears are falling now.

"Jed what is it," I ask, and I know there is more than he is telling me. "Tell me babe, what's wrong?"

"Once I tell you babe, you're never going to want me," he says.

"Nothing that you can tell me Jed will ever make me leave you, or take my love from you."

"Cor, I can't say..." and now he breaks down crying in my arms.

"Oh my sweet darling boy, what is it that has you so upset," I ask him as I hold him tight.

"Nothing Cor and I shouldn't have said anything," he says as he pushes me from him.

"Jed please, don't be like this babe, just talk to me," I tell him, but he gets into his truck and leaves.

"What's wrong with Jed," Terry asks as he comes out of the school.

He had noticed the altercation between Jed and Danny, and now with us.

"He has some deep seeded problems Terry, and won't let me in. He wanted to tell me something, but then changed his mind. I don't know what it is, but I have a feeling it has to do with his dad,"

"Cor, you know that what you tell me is just between us, and that I would never say a thing, not even to your dad. However, I won't press you but remember I'm here if you need someone to listen. Now, how about a ride home, or is your dad coming to get you?"

"Nah, he thinks that Jed was going to bring me, so yeah, I'll take the ride, thanks," and I walk with him to his car.

The ride is silent, and we are almost to my house, when I can't stand the pressure anymore.

"Terry, what do you know about Jed's family?" I ask.

"Well according to his records at school, his mom hasn't been in the picture, and rumor has it that she ran off when he was around five. His dad is a disabled veteran, from the first Gulf War, why?"

"Oh, no reason I guess, I was just wondering," I tell him but he isn't buying my answer.

"You know that if Jed is having problems at home Cor, you should tell someone. He might need help that he can't find there."

I looked at Terry, and I started to cry, I had to say something because I was scared for Jed.

"Promise me Terry that you won't say a word to anyone, promise," I ask through my tears.

"I promise you Cor, but if he is in trouble or danger I won't promise that I won't help him."

"Ok, that's cool then," and began to talk to him about Jed. "What is his home life like?"

"Not much really, but let me ask you this. Have you seen him yet with his shirt off Corby?" he asks and I take a moment to think about it.

"No, not really, because the one time, well two, that we had sex, he was naked from the waist down. He kept his shirt on at both times, why.

"Well coach Thomson was talking in the teacher's lounge one morning, about some of his players, and Jed's name came up. He had mentioned how he noticed that Jed always is the last one to take a shower, and only after the others have left."

"Yeah so, a lot of guys do that for personal reasons," I say.

"Well yes I agree, but he was different. Justin, that's coach's first name, well Justin started to make it a habit of watching Jed," I raise my eyebrows in suspicion. "No not like that pervert, he wanted to see if his suspicions were right about Jed. Therefore, after practice a few weeks ago, Jed hung back, as he always does, and busied himself until the others were gone. Once Justin noticed that he was in the shower, he decided to investigate further. He found him sitting in the shower alone on the floor, and he was crying, as the water fell over him. When he saw the coach, he jumped up and turned from him, but he wasn't fast enough for Justin to notice his chest. It was covered with bruises, and his upper arms looked like they had hand print bruises."

"What's a hand print bruise," I ask, not sure, what that meant.

"It's a bruise that forms when someone grabs your arm hard, leaving a black and blue mark where they grabbed you. Something like this," and Terry grabs my upper arm and squeezes it hard.

"Ooow that hurts," I say rubbing my arm.

"Sorry Cor, but that is the kind of grab I am talking about. I hope I didn't leave a bruise on your arm," he says. "Anyways, that was what Justin saw on Jed. His arms and chest were covered with bruises, and his back looked like he had been struck with something, maybe a belt, or worse, a whip. Therefore, Justin questioned him about his bruises, and Jed brushed them off as football bruises. Justin still feels that he is being abused at home, and is worried about his start quarterback."

"Oh my God Terry, is his dad beating him, or is someone else?" I ask, now I am worried for him.

"Well Justin thinks so, but he can't prove it unless Jed comes forward, and tells him about his abuse.

We arrive at my house, I ask Terry to come in, and we join my dad in the living room. Dad is surprised to see me there with Terry, and questions me about Jed.

"Terry why are you here," dad asks, and he notices that I had been crying. "Corby what's wrong son, and where's Jed," he asks me, and I start to cry again.

I tell him about what happened at school, and about my fears.

"Dad something is terribly wrong with Jed, and I'm afraid that something is going to happen to him. I want to go over to his house and see if he's ok," I tell him.

"That's fine son, but if he wanted you to know about any problems he was having at home, he would have told you."

"He was going to dad, but something stopped him," I say. "He's afraid that I'll break up with him once I know. Dad please, take me over to his house," I beg.

"Do you even know where he lives son?"

"No, but his dad must be listed in the phone book," I tell him.

"That's not necessary Cor, I know his address," Terry says.

I finally convince dad to take me over to Jed's house, and Terry insists on coming with us. Jed lives on the seedier side of town, and when we arrive; we find his truck parked in the driveway.

"Dad, let me go first," I tell him, and get out of the car.

Jed's truck is the only vehicle in the driveway, and I knock at the door. I wait for a bit and then knock louder again, and I still get no answer. I walk over to the big window, and peak inside, and I can't see anyone around. I see his book bag on the floor near the door that would lead to the garage, and his truck keys are clipped to it. I walk around to what I think is a bedroom window and I cup my hands around me eyes, to look in. I can tell that it's not Jed's room, so I move to another window.

"Can I help you young man," a man asks from the neighboring yard, and I turn to talk to him.

"I was looking for my friend Jed," I say to him.

"Well I don't know about him, but his dad left a little while ago, all pissed off," he told me. "There was a lot of shouting and swearing coming from the house, before he left," and now I am very concerned.

I thank him for the information, I run back to the car, and tell dad and Terry about what the man said.

"We need to get in there Terry," dad said, and I knew he was concerned, because he would have never intervened if he weren't.

We walk to the front door, and as I turn the doorknob, it opens. We cautiously enter, and I look around the living room, and see the shirt that Jed was wearing today. I pick up the shirt, and we can see that it was literally torn off Jed.

"Jed where are you," I call out, and we don't get a response, so I go looking for him.

The house is a horrible mess, and showed every sign of having never been cleaned. I walked down a hall, peaking into each room off it, and finally see what I think is Jed's room. The door is closed, but a poster on the door, is of football players. I knock on the door, pausing to listen, and when I get no answer, I open it. I scream out in horror, as I look into the room, and dad and Terry come running, when they heard me scream.

To be continued:


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