B. Clark

Chapter Nine

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Previously in chapter eight:

Jed's truck is the only vehicle in the driveway, and I knock at the door. I wait for a bit and then knock louder again, and I still get no answer. I walk over to the big window, and peak inside, and I can't see anyone around. I see his book bag on the floor near the door, and his truck keys are clipped to it. I walk around to what I think is a bedroom window and I cup my hands around me eyes, to look in. I can tell that it's not Jed's room, so I move to another window.

"Can I help you young man," a man asks from the neighboring yard, and I turn to talk to him.

"I was looking for my friend Jed," I say to him.

"Well I don't know about him, but his dad left a little while ago, all pissed off," he told me. "There was a lot of shouting and swearing coming from the house, before he left," and now I am very concerned.

I thank him for the information, I run back to the car, and tell dad and Terry about what the man said.

"We need to get in there Terry," dad said, and I knew he was concerned, because he would have never intervened if he weren't.

We walk to the front door, and as I turn the doorknob, and it opens. We cautiously enter, and I look around the living room, and see the shirt that Jed was wearing today. I pick up the shirt, and we can see that it was literally torn off Jed.

"Jed where are you," I call out, and we don't get a response, so I go looking for him.

The house is a horrible mess, and showed every sign of having never been cleaned. I walked down a hall, peaking into each room off it, and finally see what I think is Jed's room. The door is closed, but a poster on the door, is of football players. I knock on the door, pausing to listen, and when I get no answer, I open it. I scream out in horror, as I look into the room, and dad and Terry come running, when they heard me scream.

Now chapter nine:

"Oh my God, Jed," I scream, as I see his bloody, naked lying on the floor.

"Terry, call 911," dad says, as he kneels beside Jed to check for a pulse. "He's still alive son," and I kneel beside Jed.

"Jed babe, can you hear me," but he is unresponsive. "Help him dad, please," I beg him, but dad doesn't dare move him.

His injuries are quite visible, and dad takes out his cell phone, and calls the police. Within minutes, both the police and ambulance arrives, and Terry meets them at the door. The police enter first, and when they see Jed's bloody body on the floor, they pull us aside, to let the paramedic's access to the room. An officer begins to question us.

"I'm Officer Steve Beddow, and just what is your connection to the young man," he asks.

Dad explains how we came to be here, and about our concerns for Jed. He tells the officer about Jed, also about his bruises from the past, and how we were worried for his safety.

"Do you know of the where abouts of his father," Steve asks, and we tell him no. "Well you may have just saved the young man's life," he added, as one of the paramedic's say,

"He's alive, but barely," Nathan, says. I know his name from his nametag, and he is working feverishly on him now. "We need to get him to the hospital fast, because he's lost a great amount of blood."

They place him on a stretcher, and strap him on, just as his father arrives home.

"What the fuck are you doing in my house," he shouts at us, as he comes down the hall.

Steve pulls him aside, and his dad reeks of alcohol. He starts to get mouthy with Steve, and Steve tries to calm his down. However, he refuses to listen, and swings at Steve. Steve restrains him with cuffs, and is pushing him down on the sofa, when the paramedic's bring Jed through the living room.

"Is the fucking faggot alive," he yells out, and Steve looks at him with concern.

"Did you do this to your son," Steve asks.

"That ain't my son anymore," he slurs out. "I don't want a gay son, so yeah, I did that to the fucker," and Steve begins to read him his rights.

The ambulance whirls away, and Steve takes Jed's father to the police station. Dad, Terry and I head over to the hospital, and I'm crying hard, as we rush there.

"Dad, tell me that he isn't going to die," I say between my tears.

"I can't tell you that son, only God knows if he'll make it, but we'll be there if he comes to," dad tells me.

"I wish I had listened to Justin more, and called child services about Jed," Terry says feeling bad now, because he didn't intervene for Jed.

When we arrive, they refuse to let us in with Jed, and the nurse tells us that the doctor will brief us when he is finished. Time seems to stop, as we wait to hear about Jed, and I can't stop crying for him. Steve comes in a few hours later, and he asks if we heard anything yet.

"Not yet Steve, but hopefully soon," dad tells him, and Steve walks over to the nurse.

She pushes a buzzer that opens the door to the emergency area, and Steve holds his finger up, to tell us one minute. Ten minutes later, Steve rejoins us, and his face shows his concern.

"Is he alive Steve," I ask, and he just looks at me.

"Yes, but he is in very serious condition," he tells me. "I spoke to the doctor and he says that Jed is in a coma, and he has had severe trauma to his head and body. His arm is broken, as well as several ribs, and he has been stabbed several times. He's in the operating room now, but someone will be out to speak to us," he tells us.

"Thanks Steve for finding that much for us," dad says, as he shakes the officer's hand. "Are you planning on staying," dad asks, and Steve says yes.

"So what is going to happen to his dad," dad asks him.

"Well at the moment we booked him on assault charges with intent to do bodily harm. Now I'll let the headquarters know that it's with intent to kill," he said, and walked over to the triage nurse, and he uses their phone to call. Now we sat and we waited, for what felt like eternity, and several hours later, a doctor came out. It was Doctor Guzzo, the one that treated me, and he doesn't look to happy when he sees me.

"Please don't tell me Jed died," I pleaded in tears, but he places his hand on my shoulder, and says,

"Well he is out of surgery son, but he is not out of the woods yet. He is still in a coma, but that it is from his head injuries, and the stab wounds just missed his vital organs. His broken bones have been set, and now all we can do is wait," he tells us.

"Can I at least see him doc, I need to know that he's alive," I tell him with tears falling like a waterfall now.

"He's in recovery son, but come with me, I'll let you see him, but just for a minute," and he takes me to where Jed is.

When I entered the recovery room, I saw Jed lying on a bed, and tubes and wires were hooked up to him. I started to cry harder, and doc put his arm around me, as I put Jed's hand in mine.

"Corby, I know that this is none of my business, but I am assuming that Jed and you are more than just friends," he says.

I look up at the doctor, through my tear filled eyes and say,

"He's my boyfriend sir, and his father did this to him, just because he's gay," I tell the doctor, and cry into his chest, as he rubs my back to comfort me.

"Corby, hate takes many forms and has many faces, but the worst face of all is when a parent turns on their child. I don't understand gay feelings, but I don't condemn it either. I feel that all people should be free to make their own choices in life. Especially when it comes to who they wish to love," he says. "This is quite tragic what his father has done to him, and I'm sure that he'll pay for his hate crime."

"But that doesn't give me Jed back does it sir," I ask.

"Well you haven't lost him yet son, so just pray for his recovery," he tells me. "Why don't you go home and get some rest also. You just got out of the hospital yourself, so I would recommend some rest Corby."

"I guess doc, but I want to be here when Jed wakes up," I tell him.

"I have your phone number, and I promise to call you, if anything changes with Jed. Now you go home and rest," he says, and takes me back out to the waiting area, and reluctantly, we leave to go home.

Dad asks Steve if he's done for the day, and Steve tells him that he still needs to do some paper work back at the station.

"What a shame Steve, we haven't eaten yet so I thought I'd ask you over for dinner," dad said.

"Well I appreciate it Ryan, but I have about an hour of paper work to do."

"Well how about tomorrow, I was planning on grilling some steaks and have a nice salad with it. We can have some beers while we talk," he said.

"That be nice Ryan, tomorrow is my day off, so yeah just let me know what time," he says.

"Here's my address and why don't you come by whenever after two," dad tells him. "Corby has the day off because of some teacher's conference, so we can have a men's day."

We say our goodbyes, and walk out to the car, and Terry is somewhat quiet.

"What's wrong handsome," dad asks.

"Were you going to invite me also for dinner," he asks, and it's obvious that he is a bit jealous.

"I was Terry, but you mentioned earlier, that you had a workshop tomorrow. So I figured that you and I could have our cookout on Saturday, if you're available."

"Yes I am, and I'm sorry to sound jealous, but I have come to have strong feelings for you Ry," and dad notices how Terry, has taken to calling him by his nickname, the one my mom used all the time.

"You are a good friend Terry, and I would never leave you out," dad says, and it's not what Terry wanted to hear, that he was just a good friend.

"Well let me check my calendar and see if I'm free," he says, and I noticed the sarcasm in his voice.

We drop Terry off at his house, he leans in towards dad for a kiss, and dad gives him a peck on the lips. I knew that Terry wanted more, and that his feelings were crushed, so I give him a passionate kiss.


"I love you Ter," I whisper into his ear, and I give him a hug and a feel.

"Well at least you do Cor, but I was hoping that your dad did also," and he walks off towards his front door feeling rejected.

Once we arrive at home, I shower before heading to bed, and I crawl into bed beside dad.

"Dad can I ask you something," I ask, as my finger is softly tracing the ring around his nipple, and he is slowly getting aroused.

"What is it son, and you know you don't have to ask me permission first," he says, reaching down to my cock, and fondles it gently.

"How do you feel about Terry," I ask, and then I gently nibble on his hard nub.

"Mmmm that feels good son," he softly moans, and he picks up his playing with my cock. "And why do you ask, about Terry I mean?"

"I just want to know how you feel about him, is all," and I bite it a little harder.

He is not really listening to me, because I am arousing him, so I stop and turn onto my stomach.

"Hey, I was enjoying that toy," he said a bit irritated that I had turned over, and hid my cock from him.

"So answer my question dad, how do you feel about Terry?"

"Alright I guess," he says, now he is playing with my ass, so I move his hand away. "What is your problem son, first you get me horny playing with my tits, now you act like you're not interested?"

"Because you're more interested in my body, than in what I am saying," and he slaps my ass. "Owe that hurt," I say.

"Well let me see, Terry," he says, as he goes back to playing with my ass. "I'd say he's a good friend, why?" and his finger finds it way into my hole.

"I think that Terry is in love with you," I tell him, and he pulls his finger out, as he looks at me.

"What makes you think that Cor," and now I have his undivided attention.

"Because he told me that earlier, when we dropped him off at home," I tell him. "You hurt his feelings when you gave him a peck on the lips and not a real kiss. He told me when I was getting in front, that he loved you."

"Damn, I knew that this would happen," dad said angrily. "I like him very much son, but I am not in love with him, besides he's not the kind of man I could go for."

"So what is `YOUR KIND OF MAN' dad, or do you even know yourself?"

"I like the man's man type, you know a guy that's rugged and not afraid to be a real man," he says, and I know whom he means, but he beats me to saying it. "You know the Steve type, rough and rugged on the outside and tender on the inside."

"And you know all this about Steve, how..." I ask.

"Just by watching him today, and he cared enough to come back to check on Jed and us, is how smarty pants," and he inserts his finger again. "So are you interested or not," as he fucks my ass with is finger.

"I'm tired dad, and I am still worried about Jed. So if you don't mind, can you make it a quickie," I tell him.

He reaches over for the lube, he squirts a big glob on his fingers, and he inserts them into my ass. He works his fingers around, to get me ready for his cock, and slicks up his cock with more lube. He crawls between my legs, puts his cock to my rosebud, and asks,

"You ready for this," and I look over my shoulder, and say yeah.

He pushes his cock firmly against my hole, and it slides in just past the head.

"Mmmm that feels good," he says pushing in until he bottoms in me.

He rises up, and begins to fuck me, and I lay there thinking about Jed. He starts out slow, but he doesn't take long, until he is slamming his cock deep in me. I love to hear him groan and moan, whenever he fucks me, because I know I am making him happy. He rides my ass feverishly, stopping now and then so he won't cum to soon. Damn that man sure knows how to fuck, and I'm pushing up my ass hard, to meet his thrusts.

"I'm cumming babe," he groans out, and I can feel his cock head swelling, and `BAM' here comes the cum. He is holding my hips as he slams his cock deep into my ass hard, trying to get it in as far as he can.

"Aaaaah fuck your ass it hot," he crows as he slams his cock in deep, getting the last of his cum deep inside me, and collapses on me once he is spent.

"That was a good fuck dad," I say over my shoulder, and he leans his face in to kiss me.

He pulls his cock out, I turn over on my side, and he pulls me tight into him.

"Cor, you didn't cum," he says realizing that there isn't my usual wet spot, which I leave whenever he fucks me this way.

"Next time dad," I tell him, but he won't let me go to sleep, without getting off also.

He gets up and kneels between my legs and bends down to take my cock into his mouth. He sucks it hard and fast, and instead of holding off, I just let myself come close to the edge and drop over it.

"I'm cumming dad," I say, and I shoot my cum into his mouth, and he swallows to get every drop.

I am holding his head, as I shoot the last of my sweet juice, and he drops my cock once I am done.

"Mmmm that was great dad, thanks," and I resume my position to his body.

We always fall asleep, with my ass pressed against his cock, and his arm wrap around my stomach holding me close.

The next morning around nine, the phone awakes us, and dad rolls over to pick it up. The hospital is calling, to tell us that Jed is now awake, and he is in the intensive care unit. Once dad tells me about Jed, I hop out of bed, and rush into the bathroom to shower. Once we are showered and dressed, we head off to the hospital, and find the unit that Jed is in. Most of the tubes have been removed, but he still looks like hell, and he smiles some when he sees us.

"Hey sweetheart," I say, as I give him a soft kiss, and looks sharply at me and says.

"I know you, but who are you," he asks, and my heart nearly stops at his words. "And why the fuck did you just kiss me like that," and he wipes his mouth.

"Jeb it's me, Corby," I tell him, but he just looks at me, and I am ready to cry.

"Your face is familiar, but I really don't know you, and again, why did you kiss me like that," he asks, and I look at my dad.

"Jed please, I'm your boyfriend," I tell him.

"I don't have a boyfriend," he says quickly and with disdain to in his voice. "And I am certainly not gay," he adds as the doctor comes in.

He pulls us to the side, he explains about Jed's amnesia, and how, he doesn't remember anything.

"No doc, he has to remember, I can't take him not knowing me," I say ready to cry once again.

"It's quite common for head trauma victims to experience amnesia, especially with the other injuries he suffered. I would think that in time, he'll start to remember, but right now he didn't know even who he was," doc said. "Only time will tell what he remembers, and for that matter, if he remembers at all. Other than his loss of memory, he seems to be doing fine. If he continues to gain back his strength, we'll be moving him to a private room by tonight."

"Jed, I know that I may be a stranger to you, but we were boyfriends before you were beaten nearly half to death by your dad. I want you to remember babe, just try," I tell him, as I take his hand into mine.

"I'm sorry, but I don't remember you, and stop calling me by those gay names," and he starts to cry.

"Don't cry Jed, you'll remember in time," I tell him, as I sit beside him on the bed. "If you don't then we'll make new memories my friend, and just think how much fun that will be."

"Whatever, but what happened to my dad, is this him," he asks, as he points to my dad, and I laugh at how he thought it was.

"No Jed, that's my dad, but yours is in jail for what he did to you, and you'll live with us as soon as you get out of here," I tell him, and look to my dad for support, and he nods his head yes.

"We'll see about that," Jed says. "I want to live with someone that knows me, but isn't going to rape my ass either. Do you mind if I go to sleep, I feel awfully tired," and he dropped off in a matter of seconds.

"He'll be doing that for the next few days, he is very weak and needs his rest," the doctor says. "I think that you should leave, and I'll keep you posted on his developments," the doctor tells us.

We were just leaving, when we ran into Steve, who was coming by to check on Jed.

"Hey Ryan, Corby, so how is our patient today," he asks.

Dad told him about his amnesia, and how it could be temporary, and Steve told us about Jed's dad's suicide.

"I guess he didn't want to face the possibility of prison for what he did. They found him during the night hanging from the bars of his cell. He evidently used his pants as a rope."

"Well he got what he deserves," I tell Steve, and now he can burn in hell," I added.

"No one deserves to die son, no matter what they did, and you should never want to see anyone go to hell," dad said holding me.

"That's right Corby, his dad was strung out on crack and alcohol, so he wasn't exactly himself when he did this to his son," and Steve rubs my back, and his hand moves a little too far down, touching my ass.

"Don't ever let anger or hate fill your heart, because it will eat at you like a cancer." Steve adds.

"Thanks Steve, and are you still coming over today," dad asked, and I could see the feelings he had for Steve in his eyes.

"Oh yes, but you said not until after two right?"

"Come anytime you are ready," dad told him. "We are heading home now."

"Let me give this report to the doctor and I'll follow you," he said. "It's a temporary court order for Jed to be placed under child services."

"Can you hold off on that Steve, I'd like to see about taking Jed in as my foster son," dad tells him.

"Well not really, because child protective services has already been contacted. But there's a hearing tomorrow for anyone wishing to take him as a foster child," Steve says. "I have the necessary papers in my car for you to fill out if you're serious. I'll help you fill them out and I'll get them to the court myself, this way they won't be lost."

"Thanks Steve, so go ahead and get what you need to done, and we'll wait here for you."

"I like him dad, and I hope that the two of you work out," I tell him, and he just smiles.

Ten minutes later Steve is ready to go, and I follow him and dad to the car. Steve is a tall and well-built man, with dirty blond hair, and ice blue eyes. His shirt is unbuttoned, I can see his soft blond chest hair, as it peaks through the shirt opening, and he really fills out his Levi jeans he has on. I could tell by his crotch, that Steve goes commando, because I saw the trace of a nice long cock going down his leg.

"Corby, what is wrong son," dad says, bringing me out of my daydream.

"Huh, what dad," I ask, as I notice that they are both looking at me now.

"Steve asked if you would like to go to lunch," dad said.

"I'm sorry Steve, I was thinking about something, and sure lunch sounds great," I said smiling at them.

"I worry about him and those seizures Steve," dad told him, and he explained the whole story about me.

Only this time he left out how Jed was the one responsible for my injury. We drove home first, and left our car at the house, and we went in Steve's new truck. I called the window first, and had dad slide in beside Steve, it was my way of match making.

"Well isn't this cozy," Steve says, tapping my dad's thigh, and dad smiles at him. "One thing though Ry, you'll have to spread your legs so I can shift," he said, and shot a warm smile at me dad.

"Humm, now it's Ry and he dropped the hint for sex by telling dad to spread his legs for him to shift," I thought to myself.

"No problem Steve," dad said, as he put his left leg beside Steve's right leg.

He starts the truck, and shifts gears into reverse, and his hand is resting on dad's crotch. It doesn't take dad much to get hard, Steve's hand is just what he needed, and I saw dad's jeans start to tent. Steve shifts into first, then second, then third, and he finally stops in fourth gear. Instead of moving his hand to the wheel, he lies in on dad's crotch, and I know that dad is surely working up into a horny mood. I am watching his hand, he is moving it along with the music's beat, and dad starts to shift in his seat.

"What's the matter dad, things a little tight there in the middle," I ask, and his face is getting red.

He looks down at me, mouths...fuck you, and I laugh at his predicament. We arrive at Freddie's, which is a very trendy dining place. We walk in, and Sam the matre'd recognizes Steve right away.

"Good afternoon Mr. Beddow," he says with a slight bow. "Your usual table sir," and Steve nods and we are shown to a table in the back corner. "Andre' is your waiter today sir," and he walks away.

A few moments later, Andre appears, and it's Michael from my school.

"Good afternoon gentlemen, my name is Andre, and I'll be your server today," he says, and shoots me a scared look.

We give our drink orders, and then I excuse myself.

"Andre, could you direct me to the men's room please," I ask as sort of a sign to meet me.

"Certainly sir, it's the second door on the right, from where you came in," and he finished taking the order for drinks.

I was standing at the urinal, not having to use it, but just stroking my cock and waiting. A few minutes later, Michael comes in, and he stands right beside me. He takes his cock out and looks around the bathroom, to see if we are alone.

"We're alone ANDRE'," I say, and he reaches over and grabs my cock.

"Thanks for not giving me away Corby," he says, and he drops to his knees.

He takes my cock into his mouth, and sucks it hard and fast. I hadn't had my morning blowjob today, so I was ready to give him a nice load. He is holding my ass in his hands, as he sucks my hard cock, and he brings me quickly to my edge.

"I'm going to cum Michael, do you want it," I ask, and he continues to suck my cock harder. "Ooooh fuck here it cums," and I shoot my sweet cum into his waiting mouth, just as my dad walks in.



Chapter Ten



I'm holding his head so he can't pull off, and I continue to shoot as dad watches. As soon as I finish, Michael notices my dad standing there, and I put my cock away. Michael turns red, and the fear is in his face again, as he looks up at my dad and says.

"I'm sorry sir, but I..." and my dad cuts him short.

"Don't worry about it Andre', I trust you have something that you want to give me," and dad unzips his pants, and he takes out his rising cock.

He holds his cock to Michael's face, of course, Michael takes it, and he glances over at me, as I just smile. Dad has his hands holding the boy's head tight, as he fucks his mouth, and like me it doesn't take long. Two minutes into Michael's hot throat, and dad is ready, he controls himself as he cums.

"Mmmm fuck, take that cum," dad says, as he slams his cock in and out of Michael's mouth.

Michael gags some from the abuse that his mouth is getting, and soon dad pulls his cock out.

"Thanks Andre'," dad says, and he puts his cock away.

He leaves us standing there, and returns to Steve, and I begin to tell Michael about Jed.

"Holy fuck Cor, I'm sorry to hear about Jed. Is he going to get his memory back," he asks.

"The doctor and I hope so, but it could take some time until he does."

"But to not know you or that you are both boyfriends, which has to be the hardest part Cor."

"Yeah, but I'm hopeful that he'll remember soon. Please don't ever tell him that we did this," and he assures me he won't.

"Ah Cor, who was that man that I just blew," he asks.

"Oh him, that's my dad, and you don't have to worry bro, he won't say a word about it."

"Your dad, you mean he's cool about gay sex," he asks, and the surprise is written all over his face.

"Sure, we often tag team together with my friends," I tell him, then thought better of it after. "Ah Michael, please don't share that information either," I ask.

"My lips are sealed," he says as he rubs his crotch, and I drop down to my knees and wait.

I give him the best blowjob that he has ever had, and his legs are weak from cumming.

"I'll see ya around school bud," and I kiss him and shoot out the door, leaving him with his pants and shorts, down around his ankles.

"Welcome back," Steve says, as he looks at me, and he reaches over and pulls something off my chin. "That's odd," he says, holding up a hair, and it's curly and black, like Michaels. "I could swear that this is..." and I stop him from finishing.

"Mine, must have fallen on my hand, and it got transferred to my chin, when I wiped my mouth with the back of my hand," I tell him, blushing badly.

"Riiiight," is all he says, and I look down at my menu.

Michael is back a few minutes later, carrying our drinks on a tray. I look at his crotch, there's a wet spot, where his cock is resting, and I glance at Steve, who is also looking. Steve glances at me, then back at Steve's crotch, and then again back to me.

"Coincidence," again is all I say, and I use eye movements to alert Michael.

Michael glances down quickly and he sees the wet spot, Steve is watching ever move the boy makes.

"A slight accident Andre'," Steve asks, and he turns red with embarrassment.

"Yes sir, the drinks splattered when I was filling them."

"Riiiight," he says again and smiles and dad looks up from his menu.

"Am I missing something here," he asks looking at me then Steve.

"I would say not anymore Ryan, not anymore," and I kick dad who looks at me, and I moves my eyes to Michael's crotch.

My dad glances at Michael's crotch, then back to Steve, and instantly his face gets red.

Steve lets it drop, but smiles, as we give Michael our order. Ten minutes later, he is back with our lunch, and he now has a cloth hanging in front of him. We all notice the add to his attire, and Steve says to him,

"Good choice Andre," and begins to eat his lunch.

We finish our lunch, and of course leave Michael a generous tip, and we head off for home. Again, in the front seat, dad is straddling the stick shift, but now Steve is more brazen. When he gets his truck into the gear he wants, he just places his hand firmly on dad's cock and massages it.

"Are we having fun down there," dad asks, as he glances down at Steve's hand.

"It took you long enough to respond bud, I guess it was Andre's blowjob that gave you the balls," he said.

"I noticed it before, but I was afraid to say something, because it felt good having your hand down there."

"I take it that you and Corby know each other, in the biblical sense I mean," and he leans forward and glances over at me.

We both stayed quiet and Steve was the one to respond, and he put us both at ease.

"Come on guys, you aren't the only one to have dabbled with the boys, and I have fucked my own son for a few years also. You may know him Corby, because he goes to your school. His name is Daniel, but his friends call him Danny, do you know who I mean?"

I instantly went back in my mind, remembering Jed's altercation with Danny, and how Danny, hated him for being gay.

"Yeah, I know him, but I didn't know that he was gay," I tell him.

"Oh he's gay, but very much in the closet, he's afraid of what it might cost him if he came out. However, let me tell you kid, that boy's ass is tighter than a drum, and he loves to be my bottom. The only thing though, he can't take my cock, and he whines and cries if I fuck him to hard. Not much of a man I guess."

Once back at our house, Steve gives his son a call, and he tells him to come over for dinner. Once he arrives, I get the door, and his face goes white, when he sees me.

" my dad here," he asks, and I let him in.

As I close the door, he turns to me, and he looks at me and asks.

"What has my dad been saying to you," and I can tell that he is quite scared.

"Not much of anything Danny, except that you're gay," and his face goes red with embarrassment. "Don't worry about it bud, I would never tell a sole, but you had better tell Jed when he is better."

"Why is there something more that is wrong with him?" he asks.

I explain about his problem with his memory, and how he doesn't even know me.

"Damn bud, that's too Corby, I know how you are both boyfriends. But did dad tell you everything Corby," and I know he wants to know if we know about them.

"Yeah Danny, we know about how he fucks you. But don't let it bother you man, me and my dad fuck also."

"No way, your dad fucks you and you're cool with it," he asks. "I thought I was the only one that did this. I love my dad Corby, and I get jealous when he fucks other dudes, because I want to be his only lover."

"You got to realize Danny that we are the one they truly love, but like us they need variety also. I love getting it on with dad and some other dude, and he doesn't mind that I have a boyfriend either."

"Yeah my dad tells me to find a boy my age, because he won't be around forever, he tells me. But I'm afraid Corby, afraid that I'll lose my friends if they find out that I'm a fag," he says.

"Danny, you have to be true to yourself, if not you will go through life so fucking miserable and never find true happiness. Fuck the friends you lose, they were never your friends anyways. Do you know how many of your team mates would give their left nut, just to have one night in the sac with you?"

"Really Corby, you think dudes on my team would like to fuck me, because I love getting fucked," he says with a smile, and I smile back.

We join dad and Steve on the patio, and Steve gives his son a passionate kiss hello.

"See Ryan, I told you my boy was a looker," and dad gives his boy a good look over.

"I see what you mean, so how about we take a swim before dinner, the pool is heated and totally out of view from all neighbors."

"That's cool," I say, and start to remove my clothes, and once naked I run to the pool. I do a fabulous cannon ball right into the deep section, and when I come up for air I call over to Danny. "Come on dude, shed those rags and get your cute ass in here."

"What the fuck," he says, and strips out of his clothes, as he sheds more than that, with each item he removes.

Once naked he slowly walks to the pool's edge, takes in a deep breath, and jumps into the pool. He comes up right beside me, and we watch our dads strip, and wow, what a cock his dad has.

"Damn Danny, your dad's cock has got to be a foot long," I say gazing at it.

"Yeah man, when it's totally hard I measured it to be exactly twelve inches, but I can't take it all inside me. Now your dad's cock is more to my liking," he says, as he watches my dad walk over.

They sit on the side of the pool, with their legs spread apart, and we swim over to the others dad. I was between Steve's legs, and Danny was between my dad's legs, as we both went down on the cocks together. We both sucked those cocks, as if they were the last ones on earth, and Danny marveled at how I took his dad entire cock, down my throat.

"How the fuck do you do that," he asked once the dads had jumped into the water, neither of them wanting to cum just yet.

"Easy dude, when their cock hit the back of your throat, just start swallowing," I tell him, and he hangs on my every word. "I swallow and it slides right down my throat, now its second nature to me. I love the sounds that dad makes, when I deep throat him. Didn't you hear your dad moaning, as I swear he was rearranging my tonsils?"

"Yeah, and I never heard him moan like that with me," he says sadly.

"Try swallowing next time you're sucking a cock, you'll be surprised how easy and fun it is. I got a feeling that they are up to something," I say, as we notice them whispering.

"So boys," dad says to me, "Steve came up with a good idea," and dad looks at the two of us. "Corby you are going in with Steve for some fun, and Danny, your sweet ass in coming with me," and Danny's face showed his fear. "Don't worry Danny; I'm not hung like your dad is.

Now lets go boys, our balls are ready to explode," dad says, as we all get out of the water. We walk inside the house, and I take Steve to my room, as dad takes Danny by the hand, and leads him to his bedroom.

Corby's adventure with Steve:

"I promise not to put my entire cock in your ass Corby," he says to me, and I remember Tyrell's twelve-inch cock.

"I'll bet you that if I can take all your cock, I get to fuck you also," I tell him, and he looks at me.

"You're smaller than my Danny, and he can't take me, so boy you have a bet," he says smiling as if he had already won.

Steve and I kissed, man could he kiss. As his tongue invaded my mouth, he began to show his dominance immediately, taking control of my mouth. He knew how to turn a young boy's desires on, and I was craving cock, more than the air I breathed, when we broke our kiss. I slowly kiss my way down his steel hard body, stopping to assault his rock hard nubs. They stood out like a lighthouse, which stands of a lonely stretch of rock, and I bit them hard. As I encountered his first one, and licked around it several times, I bit it once again. His growls were exciting me, encouraging me on, so I moved over to torture his other nub. I clamped my teeth down on it, and he howled out in delight.

"Yeah you fucking cock boy stud, torture my nipples," he growled as he clamped my hair in his fists.

He pushes me down is body, and I lick the chlorine and salt taste from his abs, as I finally land on my knees, eye to eyes with his cock. My face moved in closer to his cock, smelling the sweet aroma of his man sweat, which radiated from his groin, and permeated my senses. My mouth stretched open to receive Steve's massive cock, whose eye still met my eyes. It was electrifying, the instant its bulbous head met my tongue. The warmth, the chlorine from the pool, and the stickiness of his pre-cum, instantly filled me with a lust for his cock. I'd never before experienced such pure lust for cock, as I did with Steve's cock. The length of his cock was sliding along my tongue, as it went deeper towards my throat. I sucked feverishly, as I swallowed the steady flow of pre-cum, which coated my tongue with its saltiness.

The firm head of his cock was now pressing against the back of my throat, as it slithered its way deeper. Steve's powerful hands pushed my head closer to his groin, forcing his cock down my throat now. Soon, my nose was pressed into his silky pubic hair, and his hairless balls were resting against my chin. I moaned, and drank in the soft musk of his maleness, sending me deeper into my ecstasy. I kept swallowing hard, as I stimulated his cock, which now rested in my mouth and throat. Steve's hips fucked my mouth rapidly now, as his pace quickened and my sucking increased its intensity on his cock. My hands groped his rock hard ass, my fingers inching their way slowly searching out his hole. The tip of my finger slid into his moist rosebud, sending Steve howling out in delight, and sending him closer to his edge. Steve's strong fingers were grabbing my hair, as he drove his cock in and out my throat. I was massaging his love nut and I knew I had him close, when he suddenly pulled out of my mouth, leaving my mouth hungering for his cock. He walked me over to the bed and laid me face down, spreading my legs so wide that my sweet boy rosebud was exposed. He sent his fingers exploring my ass and rosebud, taking time to probe my rosebud with his tongue. He plunged his tongue deep into my ass, and I screamed out with pleasure, as he fucked my hole with his tongue. Oh fuck, I never had a tongue so long, and so deep in my ass, as I did now. He turned me over and ran his tongue, along my soft boy flesh. He gave my rosebud a sharp bite, as he ran his tongue up the length of my perineum, on his way to my balls. He sucked my balls into his mouth, and sharply rolled them around. He dropped then after a few minutes, as he sat up and stared at my cock. He leaned in and drew in my scent, as he softly cooed; growing intoxicated by my boy scent. He licked his was up my shaft, and he licked the pre-cum that was flowing from my cock. He sat up again, and held my cock in his hand. Steve sat there and admired the beauty of my young boy cock, as he caressed its velvety softness, and leaning down to suck up the pre-cum once again. His tongue slowly moves around the bubble bulb of my cock, teasing it, as he would lick it up and down its shaft, but never letting it into his mouth. Then all at once, he engulfed me, taking my entire cock down to my pubes. My hips shot up with pleasure, as I fought between the intensity of sucking sensations, and the urge to cum. His hands crept their way up to my nubs, and began their torturous process of pinching them hard, teasing them in between as he rubbed them, tracing with his finger around them, and then pinched them hard again. He stopped his torture on my nipples and reached for the KY gel on my bed stand, after he dropped my cock from his mouth. He squeezed a good size amount onto his fingers, and applied the lubricant to my anxious pink rosebud, gradually working in one finger, and then two. As he began to insert his third finger, the stretching of my rosebud, getting it ready for his cock. He sucked my cock, driving me close to my edge, as he massaged my love nut in my ass. I was thrashing beneath him, as I felt my balls begin to boil, then I couldn't hold on any longer, and I shot my sweet boy cum into his mouth.

"Suck my cock," I screamed, and I knew that my dad could hear me, but I was so lost in my rapture, as I filled his hot mouth with cum.

He pulled off my cock, when he knew I had no cum left to give, and sat up, pulling his fingers from my ass. He put my cum on his cock, and he put the head to my boy hole. He looked to me for permission, and I nodded yes, for him to do it. He gave a push, and the head popped into my ass, then I cried out from the pain.

"No stop, I can't do this," I screamed, as the pain coursed its way through my young body, and I knew what Danny meant.

For my poor tight rosebud, it became too much, and I cried out once again, as he tried to push more of his cock further into my ass. Steve lowered himself down to me, and he kissed me, as he gave me reassurance that it would be all right. He softly nibbled my earlobe, and nuzzled my neck, as he gently worked his cock into the depths of my ass. I had taken all twelve inches now in me, and I loved the fullness that it gave. My mind drifted back to Tyrell, as he fed me his cock that night. Now it was Steve's sweet cock, which my ass muscles clenched around, and it gave his cock pleasure, as it began to throb in me. The pleasure increased, as his cock massaged my nut, and slowly Steve was fucking my pain away.

He drove his hard cock in and out of me now, as the rhythm of his fucking brought new pleasure to me. He was getting me into his rhythm, and I was meeting his powerful thrusts, with ones of my own. My ass had accepted his cock, which he was shoving in faster, and it was sending my body ever closer to that marvelous edge. However, this time it was different, as he brought me closer to my edge, he kept me from tumbling over it. His increasing pace, his animal grunting, they kept me dancing on the edge. I felt his tensing muscles, as his rhythm now became frantic. They all told me of his own ensuing climax, and I wanted him to have the best that he ever had. I cried out for him to fuck me harder, and he increased his pace, slamming my young boy body, as he ground his cock deeper into me, we moved as one as we approached that point, that neither of us could turn from. He gripped my shoulders and began pounding my ass, and I felt his cock's head start to swell.

"Oh yeah baby boy... yeah...Ooooh fuck... fuck yeah... fuuuuuck yeah," and he exploded in my ass, his rhythm took over, and he slammed his cock deep into my ass and with each shot, he was filling me up.

I was slamming my hips up to meet his thrusts, as he continued to fill my ass, and then he was finished and fell on me, as he gasped for air.

"Boy, you gave me the fuck of a lifetime. Never has a boy, no for that matter, anyone, ever been able to take my cock. Even Danny, as hard as he tried, he could only take three quarters of it. However, your ass, it was like being sucked into a vacuum. Once I started in, it just kept going, deeper and deeper, it pulled me in, until I bottomed. I'm in love Corby, I'm in love with your sensuous boy ass," and his mouth covered mine, and his tongue surrendered to mine, defeated.

"You know Steve..." but he interrupts me.

"Corby, call me daddy, if you can," he asked, knowing he loved having power of this fourteen year old.

"Daddy, you lost you know, now I get to fuck you," I cooed softly in his ear, reminding him of our bet.

He lifted up some, and stared into my glazed over eyes, still filled with the majesty of our fuck session. He gave my nose a nibble, as he moved his lips to mine, and just before he kissed me, he said...

"Any boy that can handle my cock, as you did, well, he deserves whatever he wants," then his lips met mine, and we kissed.

I simply looked up into his eyes, and brushing back his hair, I said...

"Another time and place daddy," and I wrapped my arms around his neck, and surrendered to him.


Danny's voyage into paradise:


"So Danny, tell me what you like in the way of sex," I say to the boy, and I see that he is afraid.

"I've only been with my dad, and he is way too big for me," he says. "His cock grows to a big twelve inches and I can't take it all in me. But I like to suck his cock, but even that is too overwhelming."

"Well Danny, I am no where near twelve inches, and I promise not to hurt you," I say. "Why don't we just relax here on the bed and see what happens," and I laid him down.

Danny was nervous, and I tried my best to get him to relax, but he remained tense. I decided that a nice massage was just what he needed. So I got out my oil, and went into the bathroom, I came back with a glass of hot water to place the oil in. We cuddled together and kissed, as the oil warmed in the hot water. He started to relax as I held him to me, and kissed.

"What's wrong Dan, I sense that it is more than just having sex with a stranger," I said.

"Well Ryan, I'm really afraid of getting fucked by you. You see dad knows what I can take, and he never forces more in me, but you don't know me, and you really have a large cock. Does Corby take all of that, or do you have to hold some back," he asks, and then we hear the muffled screams of my boy in the next room. "I bet dad just put his cock into Corby, `cause that's the way I scream, when he fucks me too," Danny says, and cuddles in closer.

For a sixteen year old, he is really quite timid, and especially after having been broken in to gay sex by his dad. The oil is now warm, so I get up to start his massage.

"Lay on your back," I tell him, and he cautiously turns to his back.

"What are you going to do," he asks, as he watches me take the oil out of the hot water.

"I'm going to give you a massage Danny; I want to get you to relax."

I pour a good amount of oil on his perfect boy flesh. His chest is so creamy white, and his nipples stand like an oasis in that sea of creaminess, with his boy nipples standing tall and hard. I slowly move my hands around his beautiful body, as I smear the oil evenly around. He has his arms folded behind his head, as I work my magic on his pecs. I rub the oil into his skin, making circular motions around his tender nubs tweaking them every so often, and it elicits moans of delight from him.

"Mmmm, that feels good Ryan," he tells me, as I run my hands up and down his soft flesh.

He has the start of a beautiful six-pack showing, and I trace in subtle curves with my fingers, as I rub the oil into his luscious skin. I grab his arm from behind his head, and run my oiled hands along his muscles. He closes his eyes, as I work his other arm, and soon he begins to relax. He is softly cooing, as I now work his legs with my hands, and he flinches some, as I run my nails on his inner thighs. I know my boy loves this, so I continue to work those thighs, and I watch as his beautiful boy cock starts to rise. I take his cock into my hand, and run it up and down his hardening shaft. He moans aloud, as his cock grows to full stature.

"You're going to make me cum, Ryan," he says, as I quicken my strokes, and I watch as his balls pull up towards his cock.

"Don't stop please," he says, as his breathing gets hurried and he grabs the sheets in his fists.

"Ooooooh fuuuuuck... I'm cumming," and he shoots his creamy white boy juice out his cock slit and onto his stomach.

I stroke his cock rapidly now, and watch him shoot his cum, and he head is thrashing left and right, as he shoots. I have him very relaxed now, as he begins to stop shooting, he's gasping for air, and the last of his cum drools from his cock.

"That was fucking awesome Ryan," he says, and his body suddenly shakes, as his afterglow overtakes him, and I bend down to his mouth and kiss him.

I give him my tongue, which he gladly accepts, and we duel within his mouth. He moans, as he shakes once again, and I know I did well.

"Roll on your stomach son," I say, and he looks at me. "I need to massage your back," so he turns cautiously once again.

I again pour the oil, onto his tight and muscular back, and I notice how perfect it is, as it goes down in a V. His waist is tiny for an athlete, but his ass is two perfect melons, and I can't wait to run my tongue in his valley and work my magic on his sweet rosebud. I work the oil into his skin, starting at his neck, and I'm sitting on his hot boy ass, with my knees on each side of his hips. Up and down his back I move, as I elicit those comforting moans, his arms are stretch straight out towards the headboard. I slide down some, I am now sitting on the back of his knees, and I lower my mouth down to his ass. I pull apart his ass cheeks, running my tongue in the crack, and when I reach his pick little pucker, I give it a lick.

"Mmmm," he moans out softly, so I lick it once again, but when I push my tongue into his pucker, he howls out his delight.

"Oh yeah that feels fucking good," he howls as he pushes his white ass up, and I push my tongue in as far as I can.

My hand is oiling my cock up, in anticipation of my fucking him; I remove my tongue, and replace it with my finger. I work it around until I find his love nut, and I add a second finger. He lifts his ass, so I can get more in, and I add a third finger in.

"You're going to fuck me aren't you," he asks, and I can feel his ass tighten up.

"Yes Danny, but I promise I won't give you any more cock than you can handle ok?"

"Ok, I guess," he says, and buries his face into the pillow.

I pull out my fingers, and place my cock to his sweet pucker. I give it a push, I meet resistance, and I tell him to push out. He pushes out, as I give my cock a push, and the head pops through his sphincter ring.

"Noooo pleeeeease Stooooop," he screams out, and I feel his ass tighten around my cock's head.

I bend down and kiss his neck, and move around to nibble on his ear, and as he starts to relax, so I push more of my cock in. I run my tongue around his ear, tantalizing it as he moans softly, and I finally bottom. He is so relaxed now, that he is cooing.

"Ok Ryan," he says, "you can push more of your cock into me."

"My sweet boy, I have it all the way in," I tell him, and he reaches back to feel.

My balls are resting on his ass, and his boy cunt is so fucking hot, as I rise up and begin to pull my throbbing cock from his ass. I give it a soft shove back in, and he rises to meet my thrust, so I know I can begin to find my rhythm. I sit up and my cock is buried balls deep into his luscious boy ass, and I soon find a rhythm that has us both rocking together in harmony. We are fucking like dogs in heat, when a howl from the next room tells me, that Steve is fucking my son, and is ready to cum. I hold onto Danny's slim hips, as I drive my cock mercilessly into his boy pussy, and he howls in ecstasy. I know that I won't last long, as he squeezes my cock with his ass, and I grab him by the shoulders, so I can shove my cock in harder.

"Fuck me Ryan, fuck me harder and faster," he screams out, and I pound that boy's ass, with all the power I have in me.

I can feel his ass muscles tightening, and I know he's on the edge, so I reach under his chest, and begin to pinch his nubs.

"I'm going to fucking cum," he shouts, and I feel each contraction that his ass makes, as he shoots his sweet boy cum on the sheets.

His contractions is all it takes, and he pushes me over the edge, I can feel my cum boiling, as it moves up from my balls.

"I'm cumming Danny," I yell, and I shoot my first blast into his hot boy pussy. "Oh fuck your ass is fucking driving me crazy," I howl, as I plunge my cock in deeper, and my cum fills his ass, until I am finally spent.

I drop down on his back, and I nibble his neck. Our sexual afterglow carries us away, and I can't ever remember a fuck, that has given me such glorious delight, except for the first time I fucked my son. God I love fucking young boys.

"Thank you Danny that was the best fuck I've had in a while," as I pull out my cock, and roll him over.

We lock our mouths together, as our tongues dance in our mouths, and he wraps his arms around me so tight and says.

"That was the best fuck that I have ever gotten Ryan, and it really didn't hurt like I thought it would."

"The secret my boy is to relax and push out," I tell him, and kiss him again.

Steve knocks on the door, and I tell him to come in. We are now sitting together, the four of us on the bed.

"How was my dad's cock in your ass," Danny asks me, but Steve answers for me.

"He took every inch of my cock boy, and he didn't piss and cry like you do," Steve says, and I can see the hurt in Dan's eyes. "But I lost the bet and now I owe him a fuck," he adds.

"Well your boy did marvelous, and he never complained once. In fact I also owe him a fuck Steve," and dad looks at Danny, who gives him a sad smile. "His boy pussy just loved my cock," he added.

Steve looks at my dad's still hard cock, and he can't believe that his son took every inch.

To be continued:

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