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Caught By Our Younger Brother

By Billy'sStories

Chapter #1

My mouth had just gotten blasted with cum by my twin Brother Dan, and he just got a mouthful of mine.

My name is Stan, and even though we just nailed each other with our hot boy cream, we are both straight. How could this happen? It all started out as a not so hidden store receipt. Here, let me start from the beginning.

You see, my twin brother and I have been taking out the same girl Ami for quite a while now because she just couldn't seem to choose between the two of us. We were both on the high school football team, and she was one of the cheerleaders. We all liked the arrangement, so we just kept doing it.

Well, on this day, it was the weekend and the three of us went on an afternoon picnic by the lake. This is pretty much where it all started. The temperature had been unseasonably warm and reached 87 degrees today. My brother and I decided to go for a swim even though we knew the water would still be kind of cold for this time of year. At first, Ami wouldn't agree to go swimming with us but we kept trying to convince her anyway. Finally, she agreed she would go if we all went skinny dipping. We put up just enough resistance to make it look like she had convinced us, even though it was the other way around.

Dan and I stripped naked and went into the water first. A few minutes later, Ami strolled in, still wearing her panties and bra. After splashing around awhile, we all got comfortable together and Ami finally climbed out of the rest of her clothes and we found ourselves standing waist deep in the shallows. We were getting kind of titillated and started talking dirty to each other when Ami reached under water and grabbed our dicks. She held on to both of us firmly as we progressed from innocently titillated, to extremely aroused. Even in the cool water, I felt my cock grow hard as a rock and I'm sure my brother's cock did the same. It made all three of us as horny as hell as it instantly became apparent, at least to Ami. One thing led to another in our very horny and aroused state and my brother and I both ended up fucking her right there in the shallows where we were standing, without the benefit of any condoms. We tried to be careful, but the unthinkable happened anyway.

Five weeks later, after taking a home pregnancy test, she was definitely pregnant. We had just enough money between the three of us to get her to the nearest clinic, which was a two hour drive away. We felt really bad, but our parents were super religious and would have gone absolutely crazy. They actually thought we were both still virgins and we wanted to keep it that way. Ami's parents definitely thought the same of her, which was the reason that all three of us attended a very religious school.

Even if our parents did find out, I doubt that anyone could determine which one of us was the father. My brother and I are twins and have virtually identical DNA.

After Ami underwent the procedure, we brought her home with us to our house so she could recover from her ordeal and rest up after the two hour drive back. Here's where we got a little careless. While we left Ami sleeping in our bedroom, Dan and I fixed lunch for the three of us downstairs in the kitchen. In the meantime, our younger brother Will, (younger by two years) came into our room looking for us. What he found made him too curious to pass up so he started looking around. That's when he spied the pharmacy receipt and the prescription bottle of pills for Ami on the night stand and he picked it up to read the label. He discovered that the bottle of pills was an antibiotic prescribed for post surgical infections.

Dan and I being twins and older than Will, I guess we always gave him a hard time. He wasn't a sports person like us and so we found little in common with each other. What I mean is, I guess we were kind of mean to him more often than we should have. We never dreamed that Will would find out about Ami's pregnancy or the hospital visit. We knew that if he did find out, he would blow the whistle on us in a heartbeat.

Dan and I really fucked up by not hiding the pharmacy receipt or the medicine bottle. Once Will figured out what was going on, he came down to the kitchen to confront us.

Will's first question was blunt and to the point.

"Which one of you is the father?" He asked accusingly.

We knew we'd been caught and there was no sense in lying about it.

"Well, now that you know, it was one of us alright," Dan confessed.

"But we honestly don't know exactly which one of us for sure." I added.

I couldn't believe what was coming out of our mouths as it voluntarily drifted past our lips.

"Wait till mom and dad find out," Will huffed. "I finally caught both of you at something juicy. Revenge is going to be so sweet."

"We'll do anything you ask if you keep this to yourself," I said.

"And don't tell anyone!" Dan finished.

We told him not to ask for money because we were dead broke. So as you could probably have guessed that we made a deal, straight from the depths of hell itself.

His demand was simple. We were to be his personal slaves, unconditionally, for three days and do anything and everything he asked of us. Why three days? Well, our parents were away on vacation and wouldn't be back until then. We knew that we had no alternative. Will, simply had us by the balls and to keep things from exploding out of control from every direction, we reluctantly agreed.

Will was nice and pleasant to us all through dinner while Ami was still here. He was genuinely concerned about her and helped us see to her every need. As she was leaving and we watched her back out of the driveway, we were happy she was feeling ok and was looking almost normal.

No sooner had we shut the door, that Will barked the first of what we would find out later would be, an almost endless string of orders.

"All right you guys, STRIP!"

End of Chapter #1

Comments about my stories are always welcome. Please send your e-mail responses to: gayniftystories@aol.com