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Caught By Our Younger Brother

By Billy'sStories

Chapter #10

"Is it all right if Dan and I take a break?" I asked Will.

"Sure," he said.

I was kind of shocked that he consented. Dan and I went out to the kitchen. We both got a can of soda out of the fridge and sat down for a rest. We sipped slowly, enjoying our favorite beverage and trying to make the most of our time that was probably going to be all too short.

The other guys started coming in after a few minutes. They saw what we were doing and followed our example. They got themselves a soda from the fridge and sat down to join us.

As each guy came in, I noticed that none of them had made any effort to clean off the clumps of cum that they had just ejaculated all over themselves. I knew that in round two, some of the guys who had just engaged in some ass fucking might end up putting their cocks in my mouth. So I got up from the table and went over to the sink to get a towel. I soaked it with warm water and pretended to be extra nice by doing the job for them, in a sense, wiping the slates clean for Dan and myself.

First, I did all their cocks, including Will's. Then, the thought occurred to me that my tongue might end up in one of those asses, so I thoroughly cleaned all of their asses as well.

I really was getting accustomed to all of this cock and ass play that we'd been doing and was questioning if it was kinda turning me on. I didn't want to believe that it was, but I couldn't lie to myself. I couldn't wait for this party to be over so I could have a private talk with Dan about it.

As I feared, round two started all too quickly. This time, things went a little differently. Nate ended up fucking Dan, Ed and Alex and I ended up with Scott and Paul. As I started to suck on Scott's dick, I began to freak out. Scott's huge cock wasn't quite as big as Paul's monster but it was a challenge for me to suck on all the same. The real object of my anxiety was the fact that Paul was coming up to my rear with his lumberjack colossus. I tensed up so hard, I started shaking. He lifted up my legs up and placed them atop his shoulders as I tried to continue sucking Scott. Just before Paul entered me, he leaned down to my ear to give me his reassurance.

"Thanks for doing this for me Stan," Paul whispered. "I'll be as gentle as I can."

It really did hurt at first, but he was very gentle and would stop occasionally to inquire how I was doing.

"You okay there Stan?" Paul would ask.

"Hey Paul," I finally spoke up, "Just keep going. It isn't as bad as when you first started."

He actually leaned down and started to kiss me deeply as his speed increased. Paul accelerated to a furious pace. He threw his head back, closed his eyes and released a powerful moan. Then he suddenly pulled out and drenched me with his hot cream. He pumped eight solid shots across my stomach, giving me one hell of a wicked cum bath. Paul then leaned down, scooped up some of his own cum into his mouth, and ever so gently fed it to me. Then he surprised me by scooping up a second helping and shared that one with Scott. Then he licked up the rest for himself, leaving me as clean as a whistle. Witnessing that simple act of love got me so horny that I started seeing `Paul the Athlete' become `Paul the Sex God'.

As round two came to a close, Will waited until the end to give me his dick. Thanks to Paul, I was now substantially stretched enough that taking Will's cock didn't hurt at all, however, I still wasn't enjoying it like the others might have.

"Dan and Stan," Will said to us. "During the last break, we all decided that, after round two, we'd get a round of fucking going."

What our little brother meant by his last statement was that, Dan and I were to fuck anyone who wanted us to. Well, I should have known that all of them would end up wanting to.

"Look guys," I said. "It will either be Dan or me. I can do half of you and Dan can do the other half. There's no way that both of us can do all of you."

"Scott, Alex and Paul, you guys will get Dan. Ed, Nate and I will get Stan," Will jumped in, coming to our rescue with his temporary authority.

My knees got weak thinking about having to do all that work. This still wasn't what I'd call enjoyment. Therefore, it really did fall under the heading of `work'. The `club' guys were the ones who benefited the most, as it all seemed to work out really well for them.

As Dan and I began to work on our quota, the other guys who were waiting for their turns, decided to make out or do some serious sucking and rimming to prepare themselves. For some of them, the anticipation was overwhelming.

At this point, Dan was finished with his quota and Nate was the last to get serviced by me. As I spread my seed all over Nate, my legs turned to jelly and I fell backwards onto the floor, flat on my ass.

"That's it!" I proclaimed, not really intending to say it out loud. "I just can't cum anymore today!"

Everyone burst into a good hearty laugh. My face, as well as my ass, turned bright red from embarrassment.

"All right everyone," Will said, plopping himself on the couch in exhaustion. "Today's `Science Meeting' is adjourned!"

All the guys slowly found themselves a comfortable spot to sit and rest now that each one of them, even Paul, had been sexually satisfied beyond words. One by one, they all started to realize that the sexual energy they had each expelled at today's club meeting, suddenly started catching up to them.

Over the next twenty minutes, everyone slowly took their turns using the bathroom to clean up their well pounded asses and get dressed. Most of them thanked me and Dan with multiple complements about our many amazing performances. Then they each thanked Will for hosting `the best ever club meeting of all time' as they walked out the door.

Will went upstairs for a shower, but before he did, he surprised me and Dan by giving us each a tender kiss. I couldn't wait to hit the shower myself. I'm sure Dan felt the same way. Once Will slipped away upstairs, Paul stayed behind and remained naked with Dan and me. Paul had been waiting for the three of us to be alone for the first time today since he had something on his mind to say.

"This has been the best day of my life," Paul confessed to us. "I just don't know how to thank you."

He hesitated for a moment and then continued.

"I know you guys are going to hate this but," Paul said as he gathered up the courage to ask. "Can I give each one of you a hug while we're still naked?"

My heart kind of skipped a beat as I felt a momentary attraction to him. I could see on Dan's face that he felt the same way. I didn't say anything. I just went over and hugged my friend. He kind of squeezed me unexpectedly as he wrapped his muscular arms around me. Our cocks came into contact with each other and we both began to bone up from the electrical charge that ignited between us. I was more confused than ever as a stream of conflicting emotions invaded my mind. I didn't break away and could sense that Paul had something more on his mind. I was right. He slowly, and with a great deal of hesitation, kissed me deeply. I didn't fight or discourage it and I actually enjoyed it. If it had happened yesterday, it would have made me sick. When Paul was finished with me, he did the exact same thing to Dan and I could see Dan embrace it.

Then he walked into the kitchen and took his camera out from one of our cabinets. We didn't even know that he had brought it in with him.

He came over to us and had us watch him delete over two dozen photos. He would show us the picture first before he would permanently delete it. He had some real good ones too. Good, clear, high quality pictures that would have gone viral if they were to ever find their way onto the internet. I guess I was looking at things a little bit differently now.

"I can't speak for Dan," I said to Paul. "But I think we could work something out between the three of us in the future as a bonus for being so honest with us and deleted all those pictures right in front of our eyes like you just did."

I looked over at Dan and he nodded his head, agreeing to do the bonus I had just suggested. Paul had his own ideas about what he wanted that bonus to be.

"Well," Paul asked with great hesitation. "I wonder if it wouldn't be too much to ask if I could spend a couple of evenings together, one with each of you. Perhaps when we have two home games, back to back, I could plan to spend one night with each of you."

I kind of thought that he was pushing it a little, but Dan and I reluctantly agreed. After Paul was satisfied that he got what he wanted, he got cleaned up, got dressed and left.

Dan and I went up to shower and yes, we did shower together. We told each other that it was a good opportunity to talk privately, but we knew in our hearts that it kind of felt good to be able to physically interact with each other without Will telling us what to do. We took advantage of our situation and did both. We talked and touched each other and did plenty of both.

We started off by bringing up every event that transpired throughout the day as we generously soaped up each other's bodies. As we related our common experiences, we became totally aroused. Dan admitted that it wasn't that bad after all and actually got better and more intense as the day wore on. I felt relieved that Dan basically shared my same thoughts on the matter and it wasn't just me. We decided right then and there that, whenever Ami, or any another girl, wasn't around and didn't want to get fucked, we would have each other to play with when we got good and horny. Well, good and horny was what we were right now and as we touched each other, our eyes filled with lust. We took each other's boners in our hands and I felt a rush of adrenaline flush my body. Dan and I both took in a deep breath at the same time as we went momentarily insane for each other as it spurred what happened next.

End of Chapter #10

Comments about my stories are always welcome. Please send your e-mail responses to: gayniftystories@aol.com