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Caught By Our Younger Brother

By Billy'sStories

Chapter #11

"Hey, what are we doing," I asked. "I'm far too tired to be doing this right now.

"Me too," Dan said. "Besides, I don't think I have a single sperm cell left in my balls to shoot anything more right now."

"Let's get out of here and go to bed," I added.

"Sounds good," Dan said. "Let's do it!"

Dan and I got out of the shower, we dried off and went straight to our room. Even though Will didn't torture us any further with any last minute orders, we both remained naked and slept together voluntarily. I had a ton of stuff that I wanted to talk to Dan about but we were both too sleepy and worn out to do any talking tonight. I can't speak for Dan, but I felt a kind of security sleeping with Dan and enjoyed a peaceful night's sleep with my twin by my side.

The next morning, I awoke with Dan's morning cock poking me in the side. As I opened my eyes, I saw that I was sporting a morning boner of my own. It was kind of cool, waking up beside Dan, naked and horny. Then I remembered that we still had another half a day to be Will's willing slaves. If Will knows what's good for him, he'll go easy on us today because, after what he put us through yesterday, my tolerance level was seriously compromised.

I have to say, when all was said and done, Will really put us through the paces and took full advantage of our servitude. Now that our parents would be arriving home in a matter of hours, Will milked the remaining time left of our arrangement and put us to work. Even now that Will's time was almost over, he continued to have the three of us remain naked. He started by having me give him a blow job for part of the way and then had Dan take over for a while. After he got tired of that, he fucked Dan and I, back and forth at his leisure until he just plain ran out of time.

Dan and I laughed when he kept his promise to the `club' and made Dan suck him off when he knew our parents were going to be driving up the driveway. They had called ahead from the pizza parlor down the street to see if we had eaten dinner yet. Now that we knew where mom and dad were and when they'd be arriving, we all got dressed as we finally began to return to normal. Will just pulled his shorts down under his balls so he can have Dan continue to suck him to the very last second. His timing was impeccable as he filled Dan's mouth just as they shouted out from the garage.

"Dan, Stan, Will, we're home!" Mom called out.

Dan ran for the bathroom and hit the mouthwash and then joined us as we enthusiastically went to greet them. We tried not to smile or laugh when they asked what we had been up to while they were gone. We just kept it vague and stuffed our mouths with pizza.

Well, all was quiet after dinner. Will told mom and dad that we had a pool party, which he had already gotten pre-approval for before they left. He also told them that the `Science Club' had come over and they had a very studious and productive meeting. Will didn't say anything that wasn't true. When he told them that the club had a `productive' time, I thought to myself, they had more like a `reproductive' time.

Then mom and dad told us about their trip, which we pretended to be interested in. After almost falling asleep several times, Dan and I finally went to our room. This was the first time in almost three days that Dan and I got to be alone together without Will giving us orders. Things appeared to be back to normal as Dan and I both went to bed wearing our boxers once again. Dan climbed into his bed and I slipped into mine. As we settled in for the night, we finally had the conversation that I wanted to have last night. As it turned out, Dan was the one who got the ball rolling.

"So, this has been an interesting three days, hasn't it?" Dan said, rolling his eyes.

"I'll say!" I answered. "I always suspected that all those guys in Will's little `nerd club' were all gay, and now, there's no doubt about it."

"Who knew our little bro was gay though?" Dan wondered out loud. "He sure kept that a secret."

"I think we should ask him when he first knew he was gay," I said. "I'd like to know who his first time was with. And another thing, I'd like to know if Will founded that `Science Club' just for the purpose of getting all his gay buddies together so they could have an excuse to screw around with each other."

"Yeah, I want to know that too, but there's something more important than that," Dan said changing the subject. "What about us? I mean, I was revolted the first time I forced myself to wrap my lips around your cock. But after being made to suck all of Will's friends, I actually started to change my mind about that. You know, I always loved you because you're my twin brother. You and I are so much alike. We share nearly everything and have tons of stuff in common. Will didn't realize what he was doing, but everything he made us do to each other was actually very special and completely different than what we had to do to the others. I think it may have inadvertently brought us even closer together."

"I agree," Dan said. "I guess I'm going to have to sleep on all this. There's no doubt that I'm still straight, but I'm no longer opposed to doing things with guys anymore."

"I feel the same way," I told Dan. "I wouldn't want anyone else but you to know this, but I wouldn't be totally opposed to doing things with the nerds or even Paul now and then.

"And what about me?" Dan asked.

"With you, anytime," I told him honestly. "It'll be my pleasure. Little Stan would love it too."

"Oh, it's little all right," Dan joked.

"Well, if little Stan is little, than little Dan is little too!" I joked back as we both laughed.

"Seriously though," Dan remarked. "Did you see the size of Paul's monster? I don't think either one of us had ever seen Paul's package before since he's not on the team yet and hasn't ever dressed or shower with the team. Anyhow, it came as a complete surprise to me."

"He sure was a mouthful," I agreed.

"Scott's wasn't much smaller," I told Dan.

"The most depressing part of it all was having our younger brother's cock be bigger then ours!"

"Well, I don't really mind," I said. "We can afford to give the kid a break. We've done some really rotten things to him over the years."

"Yeah, I can see why he had so much fun getting even with us," Dan confessed.

"Well, I am glad it's all over now," I told Dan. "Let's talk about this some more tomorrow."

Without really thinking, I started to strip. It was funny. It was the first time I shed my boxers because I wanted to, not because I was commanded to. Dan noticed my willingness to go naked and shed his as well. Then Dan totally surprised me and climbed into my bed with me. He put his arms around me and I felt his cock brush up against mine, even though we were both soft at the time. He gave me an erotic kiss on the lips and before we finished that kiss, our cocks were rock hard.

"So, is this ok with you?" Dan asked, and without saying a word, I just put my arms around him and pulled him closer to me.

"So my brother," I whispered. "How about we do a quick `69' to put us to sleep?"

Dan simply pushed the covers back and got into position with me.

Even though we serviced Will earlier today right up to the minute mom and dad got home, we hadn't actually cum yet for today, so we sucked away.

We filled each other's mouths with our hot orgasmic offering. Dan repositioned himself so that we could kiss each other. This time, it was like fireworks. We savored the flavor of each other's cum as we both began to recognize the identical qualities between his cum and mine. After all, you have to remember that the components of our semen are bound to be the same, being twins and all. Once our shared cum had gotten swallowed and consumed within our kiss, we snuggled next to each other and fell fast asleep with our arms wrapped around each other.

This new sleeping arrangement quickly became a habit between us. We would alternate beds so that we wouldn't arouse suspicion from our parents or Will. We didn't dare tell Will about our newly established sleeping arrangements because it would surely have led to undesirable consequences.

We were somewhat relieved when Ami began to lose interest in us after our unfortunate incident. Dan and I felt really sorry about the way things went, but it was now completely out of our hands. Anyhow, now that Ami was slipping out of our lives more and more each day, we started to rely on our secret sleeping arrangement to take care of our ever increasing need to satisfy our endlessly horny desires.

After the first few nights of sleeping together, we found that jerking or sucking each other off wasn't enough anymore and our butts became fair play. Dan made the suggestion first and I quickly agreed. We had come a long way and the repugnant idea of incest was no longer an issue to us.

Dan and I were both glad that the school year was rapidly coming to an end and we learned that we both had graduated in the top percentile of our graduating class. The time had come for Dan and I to team together and do what we could to help get Paul added to the Jr. Varsity Team. The Coach indicated to us that he thought Paul looked like he would make a good player and was going to offer it to him anyway.

Paul waited a week before he cornered Dan and me in the locker room on the last week of school. It was our last game and we had already won the pennant for the year. We were playing our rival high school one last time, just for the bragging rites and won that game too.

"The three of us should celibate," Paul said as he sat between us in front of our lockers. "My Aunt and Uncle are going on vacation and I'm going to stay at their house while they're gone."

Dan and I just thought that he was going there to house sit and wanted to celebrate our graduation before he had to leave.

"Their house is on a lake with plenty of trails and even a mountain to climb," Paul continued to tell us.

"Wow, that sounds great," Dan said

"Yeah, it sounds great to me too," Paul said as he gave us a devilish look.

Dan and I just looked at each other and laughed as we finally realized he was asking us to go with him.

My parents trusted Paul completely, so they gave us permission to go and stay with Paul at his Aunt and Uncle's cabin while he house sat.

The three of us drove up together in Paul's car. He thanked us repeatedly for putting in a good word with the coach on his behalf. He asked us about our college plans and other stuff like that, but for the most part, we listened to tunes and enjoyed the scenery as we traveled the three hour journey to the cabin. Interestingly enough, we didn't talk about sex the entire way. Before we knew it, we had arrived.

"What a great cabin," I said once we got inside and looked around.

"Look Stan," Dan said. "They even have a pool table."

"My Aunt stocked the kitchen to the hilt!" Paul said. "So we have nothing to do but have fun. Speaking of fun, do you guys want to go for a swim?"

"Sure!" I shouted out.

I went over to our duffle bag and got out two swim suits, one for Dan and myself.

"You won't need those," Paul said. "The only other cabin is across the lake. An elderly couple lives there now and their eyesight is pretty poor. They seldom go outside and there's no way that they could see us from there anyway."

"Oh, I get it!" Dan said.

As we headed out the back door and onto the patio, Paul just threw his cloths over an old chair and was naked in seconds. We followed Paul's lead and did the same. It was so nice to be naked and free in the great outdoors as we walked down the path to the lake with the sun shining on our bodies. I even found myself checking out Paul's bubble butt as he showed us the way to the lake.

"What's happening to me," I thought to myself. "I'm getting all turned on looking at another guy's behind."

I tried to put that thought out of my head as we cut across a small man-made beach with sand and everything that Paul's relatives had specially made for them.

As soon as we reached the water, I dove in. The water was at the most perfect temperature it could be. We swam and splashed and had a great time laughing and telling jokes. We even had a swearing contest. The funny thing was that most of our cussing became quite sexual in nature. As we all tried to outdo each other with a plethora of `cock suckers' and `bum fucker' references, all three of our cocks got rock hard.

Paul was staring at our cocks and I have to admit, I was starring right back. Even without looking directly at him, I knew that Dan was staring at Paul's cock as well. Paul asked if Dan and I would stand next to each other. Well, we did, and that's when all the fun began.

End of Chapter #11

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