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Caught By Our Younger Brother

By Billy'sStories

Chapter #12

I could tell that a good time was going to be had by all. Our cocks were as stiff as boards as we stood on display for Paul as his eyes fixated on our midsection. After looking us over with deep desire in his eyes, Paul came over to us and squatted down between us with just his head out of the water.

He took Dan's cock in his mouth first and began a serious deep throat session on him.

"Wow! The warm water is making Dan's cock feel really slippery inside my mouth," Paul enthusiastically exclaimed as he stopped only long enough to speak. "Man, it feels so cool!"

As Paul resumed his single minded goal, Dan and I discovered that it was becoming increasingly difficult to remain standing. Paul was expertly preparing to drain our balls of our precious sperm reserves. After he sucked on Dan's cock for a while, he then switched and sucked on mine. He kept on doing that, switching back and forth between us until we both started feeling our sperm begin to boil and our legs begin to buckle.

I came first, blasting Paul's throat with my hot cock nectar. My legs began to quiver as they almost gave way from underneath me. Paul was hungrily gulping and swallowing my teen spunk as fast as I could pump it into him. When Paul was finished with me, he moved on to Dan so he could gobble his sweet boy juice next.

A minute or so later, Dan fired his generous load past Paul's tonsils. Suddenly, Dan grabbed a hold of me as he very nearly collapsed from the enormous surge of ecstasy that Paul was magically commanding. After what Paul had just put me through, I completely understood as I barley was able to hold up my own weight, let alone the weight of my twin brother.

"Wow! You guys are so awesome," Paul complemented. "Your sweet cum is so tasty. I'm glad that there are two of you. I got to have a built in second helping. Cool!"

Paul was still rock hard from having summoned two explosive orgasms out of our cocks, and now, it was our turn to give Paul an orgasm he'd never forget.

So, I was the first to squat in the water and swallow Paul's monster down my throat as far as I could get it. Paul was just as huge as he ever was, but this time, I somehow was able to get more of his cock down my throat than the last time.

"Hey, move over," Dan said as he squatted next to me and let me know that I was hogging all the goodies. "Share and share alike! Remember?"

As I made room for Dan and withdrew from Paul, we began taking turns. Paul's eyes rolled back in his head as he began to moan and alternate his cock back and forth evenly between our mouths. It wasn't long before I noticed Paul's cock begin to enlarge and his bulbous pink cock head swelled and become shiny. He was so fired up from his double blow job that, no matter how hard he tried, he just couldn't hold back any longer. Paul's cock just happened to be in my mouth when he erupted like a volcano.

As Dan had said earlier, `share and share alike', so I turned sideways and pulled Dan's head over toward mine with Paul's gushing cock still spewing his molten manhood between us. I started kissing Dan deeply, hoping to share Paul's cum evenly between us. He continued to blast his hot creamy cum relentlessly until he completely empty his massive balls into us.

"Wow," Paul exclaimed again. "Thanks guys. Not only was that the greatest blow job ever, but letting me suck the both of you off was totally awesome too!"

"Well it was great for us too," I told Paul.

"Yeah," Dan added, "When you made me cum, it felt so awesome that I had to hold on to Stan just to keep from falling over."

We swam for a little while longer before we headed back down the path to the cabin.

"Next time, we'll have to remember to bring some beach towels with us so we could all stretch out on the sand and get a total body tan," Paul commented. "That would be so cool. After all, it cost my Aunt and Uncle a fortune to have this little beach made and it would be a shame if we didn't take advantage of it. You know what I mean?"

After all the swimming and sex play we had just done, we were all getting pretty hungry. Once we got back to the cabin, we all decided to have an early dinner. Without getting dressed, we decided to do some grilling outside. As the three of us stood around the grill, enjoying our nakedness, we suddenly heard some voices.

"I hope you put some burgers on that grill for us!" said the unidentified voice.

Dan and I jumped right out of our skin.

"Surprise," Paul said, laughing his ass off.

I didn't know if I should try to cover myself up or what. I looked over at Dan to see that he was just as rattled as me. The two strangers started laughing along with Paul as they came closer.

As the two strangers joined us on the back patio, they started stripping off their clothes as they walked closer. They tossed their discarded clothes over the bench along with ours until they were both as naked as the three of us. Now that everybody was mutually free of all clothing, it helped to ease the awkwardness of the situation, allowing Dan and me to overcome our embarrassment so we could drop our guard and begin to relax.

"Dan and Stan, meet Ed and Ed," Paul said with a repressed laugh.

"What?" Dan said with a look of confusion.

"Don't get confused," Paul said as he began to explain while he formally introduced us. "This is Edward and this is Edwin. I just call them `One' and `Two'. Edward is `One' and Edwin is `Two'."

We shook hands as Paul introduced us. It was hard not to stare at their cocks as they swayed ever so casually as they moved about. We slowly got more comfortable as Paul helped us all familiarize ourselves with each other.

"These guys are my cousins," Paul continued. "They are the same age as me. You've probably guessed by now that they're twins, just like you guys."

Now that we were introduced, the two of them and the two of us took a moment to check each other out.

They both had red hair and were just a little taller then Dan and I. Outside of their height and hair color, the very next thing I noticed was their packages. They had big monsters like Paul, and even in their soft state, I could tell they were going to be awesome to play with. I began to imagine how big they could get when they got hard, and the very thought of that was getting me aroused.

"By the way, just in case you were wondering," Paul revealed. "One and Two are gay. I invited them to join us. I thought they would add some spice to our weekend."

"Yeah," One said. "And since our cousin Paul here has come out of the closet, I'm sure it will be!"

"Not quite One," Paul cut in. "I'm only out to Danny and Stanny here and their little brother Will's `Science Club'. That's it! When I told you guys, I didn't know that you would blackmail me."

"Hey Cuz," One said. "You know we love you. We've got your back. We're just here to have some fun this weekend with you and your friends. No blackmail! When we leave, we'll give you a big hug and kiss and keep your secret for as long as you want us to. What we're here to do today is an introduction, an initiation if you will into the world of gaydom."

"Ed's right," Two said. "We're just here to add some spice to the weekend, for all of us."

"I know," Paul said. "That's why I'm going along with it. If Stan and Dan could survive what they were put through last weekend, and they're straight, I'm sure I'll be okay."

"Well Paul," Dan said. "Now that everybody is `coming out' and confessing their secrets, I have to say that Stan and I have come to the conclusion that we're pretty much `bi' now!"

"Well," Two called out. "Are we going to just stand here talking, or are we going start having some fun?"

"Yeah, that's right" One added as he looked over and grinned at Paul. "We've been here for a whole ten minutes now and no one has given us a blow job yet!"

"All right, how do you want to go about this?" Paul questioned.

"I'll tell you what," Dan interjected. "Stan and I will start things off for you. You two guys can save Paul's initiation into servitude for a little later on."

"What are you guys proposing?" Two asked.

"Yeah Dan," I asked as I grinned at my brother. "What are we proposing?"

"Well," Dan explained. "I think it would be fun to start off with a double `69'."

"A double `69'?"

"Yeah, you know," Dan answered as he began to sing. "Double Your Pleasure, Double Your Fun, With Double Good, Double Good, Double Mint Gum!"

Everyone all burst out laughing at once.

"Okay brother, get serious. What do you mean?" I asked. "Explain yourself. Do you mean `me and you' and `Ed and Ed' or do you mean `me and Ed' and `you and Ed'?"

"Well," Dan said as he pondered it over for a moment. "How about `me and One' and `you and Two'?"

Paul burst out laughing at our conundrum.

"Holy shit, a double `twin' suck off." Paul said with excitement. "How fantastic is that? Before we get started with all these ideas, let's finish cooking these burgers first. Then we could all go inside and have an early dinner. That way, we'll have the rest of the night to play!"

Everyone agreed, so we all went inside to eat. As we started to chow down, Dan and I took the opportunity to ask the two Ed's some hard hitting questions.

"When did you guys know you were gay?" I asked our dinner companions.

"Yeah, good question," Dan added. "And if you didn't discover it together, when did you tell each other?"

"Well, we both knew when we were about eleven years old," Edward answered first. "I knew I was gay but I didn't think that Edwin was. I lived in fear that he might somehow discover my secret. At eleven years old, we really didn't trust each other all that much yet."

"You see, one day, I was home alone and I was surfing the web," Edwin began, as he jumped in to explain his side of the story. "That's when I discovered a porn site that had gotten my attention. I was instantly hooked as I flipped through all the pictures of hot naked men and teenaged boys. I was so turned on that my cock started aching. I went into the bathroom to try and get some relief. I didn't want to lose my place on the sight so I left it where it was so I could resume where I left off when I came back. As I was sitting on the pot in the bathroom, taking care of my problem, Edward had come home. He went straight up to our room and immediately spotted the site I was looking at on the computer. I thought for sure that Edward had betrayed me as a brother because when I came back to the room, Edward pointed at the screen and then ordered me to get on my knees within thirty seconds or face the consequences. I was shaking in fear that my worst nightmare had come true. So, in the hopes that, if I did what he asked, he would spare me the humiliation of telling everyone we knew. The next thing I knew, Edward dropped his pants and I was down on my knees, sucking him off."

Edwin paused as he looked over at Edward to see if he was showing any signs of being mad that he was revealing too much of what happened to Dan and me, who were virtually strangers to them. Edward nodded at Edwin to assure him that it was all right for him to continue the story.

"After I had finished sucking him off, I got up off my knees and stood to face Edward," he revealed as he struggled to recount his story. "As Edward looked into my eyes, he could see that I had been fighting off some tears. It wasn't because he forced me to give him a blow job. It was from the pain of feeling betrayed by my twin brother. Well, what I didn't know was that Edward had been enjoying his first blow job with his eyes closed. He had no clue what I was going through. When he saw the tears in my eyes, he got down on his knees and took my cock into his mouth and sucked me for a few seconds to show me that, what he was doing wasn't what I thought it was. He then stood up and put his arms around me. He hugged me and stroked my hair and then kissed me on my mouth. He apologized repeatedly and told me how sorry he was. He explained that it all started out as a joke and that he had every intention of blowing me back. That's when he told me that he was gay too."

"That's when I begged him for forgiveness," Edward interrupted. "I told him that I didn't realize it would hurt him like that. That's when I made a solemn promise to him. I told him that he was my brother and I had his back. I told him that he could count on me to protect him with my life if necessary, for as long as we both shall live. By that time, we were both in tears as it was quite a lot of stress to take in all at once. After we calmed down, I went back to sucking Edwin off as a way of making up for my insensitivity. It was the first time for both of us, the first time for getting and giving a blowjob and the first time for kissing another guy. We both ended up coming out in high school that year, which was rough, but we somehow made it through. We help each other out whenever one of us is in the mood, which is a lot. We do date guys that are pretty similar. We are twins after all and have pretty much the same taste in guys."

"We do have a couple of rules we follow now," Edwin spoke up again. "One rule is, if we date someone and it doesn't work out, the other will not attempt to date that person to avoid all the problems that causes. So far, it seems to work out pretty well. When did you guys discover you were... well... bi?"

I looked over at Dan to see who was going to answer that loaded question.

"It was completely different with us," Dan explained. "We really were blackmailed into it."

Between Dan and me, we jointly told them the story about how it all came about with Ami and then with Will finding out.

"So," I said. "Dan and I, our younger brother Will, Paul and now you guys are the only one's who know the whole story."

"Yeah," Dan added. "So please, keep this to yourself."

"Well, I don't know," Edward said. "We might need to blackmail you guys if you don't give some pretty good head."

My face must have gone as white as a ghost when he made that comment. Then, with a huge smile on his face, he lightly punched me on the shoulder.

"Don't worry about what Edward said," Edwin grinned. "I'm sure you guys are going to give some fabulous head."

Everyone laughed at me as I must have looked like the most gullible guy in the world.

"So," Dan said, trying to change the subject so I wouldn't look like a total dope. "How did this weekend all came about?"

"We have Paul to thank for that," Edwin answered.

"Guilty as charged!" Paul exclaimed.

"Paul invited us and told us that some friends of his that were also twins would be here," Edward said. "So, here we are."

"You know," Dan revealed. "Paul didn't even know about what happened with us and Ami until just now, but he managed to get some real good pictures of us blowing each other in our backyard with that new camera of his."

"All right Paul! Way to go!" Edwin commended Paul as he slapped him on the ass.

"Don't worry guys, this will be our little secret," Paul said. "And as you can see, I kept my promise up to now and I'll continue to keep it."

"I know," I said. "We trust you completely."

When we finished up dinner, we all stood up from the dinner table. I grabbed Edward by the hand, and Dan followed my lead by taking Edwin's hand and the five of us walked into the living room together. Dan promised Paul that we wouldn't let him become a fifth wheel.

The four of us got into pairs on the living room rug, and got into our double `69'position. I looked up just before I was going to start licking Ed's balls.

"Hey Paul," I said. "I'm going to make you the master. You tell us what to do and we'll do it for you. So enjoy yourself!"

End of Chapter #12

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