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Caught By Our Younger Brother

By Billy'sStories

Chapter #13

Paul paused for a moment to take full advantage of the gift that had just been bestowed upon him.

"Lick Balls!" was Paul's first command.

He was sitting in a chair with a great view of the two pairs of twins, intermixed in `69' positions on the carpet, licking each other's balls fervently.

Paul enthusiastically began to maneuver us through several steps as he became intoxicated with power. He took us from taking each other's balls into our mouths to licking up each other's shafts and finally taking the first plunge all the way down our partner's cocks.

I bobbed my head up and down on Ed's cock a few times, enjoying the feel of having such a large cock in my mouth. I was exploring the many subtleties and textures of his cock as my tongue roamed about his member as if I were creating a mental road map. Just as I was getting familiar with my partner, Paul called out his next change.

"Rim," Paul said and then added, "And rim deep!"

I stared to pull Ed up over me and I told him to pull my legs way back so my ass was exposed to him. Then I pushed his legs back so that his ass would be totally exposed to me.

"Try it like this," I said to the others. "This worked real well last week at our house."

Dan saw what I was doing and started to remember how we did it. He got into the same position with his Ed and now, our asses were open for each other and ready to rim. After a couple of minutes of watching us all rim and tickle each other, Paul called out his next command.

"Now stick those tongues up each other's man pussies," He instructed.

Well, the two Ed's got to enjoy an added advantage. Dan and I had just come from a long swim in the lake a couple of hours ago and were fairly fresh. The two of them probably showered this morning prior to driving up here but they had the disadvantage of having sat in the car for several hours. It wasn't too bad though, but their butt's did start to get a little on the funky side.

Anyhow, I did as I was told and I'm sure Dan did too. I enjoyed the sensation of having Ed's tongue go up my hole as it shot tingles up and down my spine. I knew at least my Ed was enjoying it as well since he reciprocated by driving his tongue deeper into my ass as I had expected. Just as I began to feel the far off sensation of a gigantic orgasm approach, Paul changed things up once again.

"All right," Paul ordered, "Let's get some cock sucking going. I want to see some real deep throat action now. Go as deep as possible. When your mouth gets filled with your partner's cum, save it in your mouth. Once both of you have cum, start making out together and share your prize with your partner."

I really surprised myself as I worked on Ed's huge monster. I had to work at it a bit, but I did manage to touch my nose against Ed's curly red pubes as I finally got all of his massive cock meat in my mouth at once. I didn't think my throat was capable of opening up that far.

Ed's cock began to swell and I knew he was about to devastate me with his hot load. Just thinking about Ed blasting me with his gigantic boner got me so aroused that it pushed me right over the edge and we ended up blasting each other's tonsils in unison.

As we fulfilled Paul's wishes, Ed and I maneuvered our tongues in each other's mouths as we mixed our two freshly ejaculated batches of cum together.

As Paul continued to manipulate the four of us into doing his bidding, the resulting show began to drive him wild with excitement.

"Okay everyone, don't swallow yet. Switch partners and do the same thing with your other half," Paul instructed as his voice squeaked from the sexual tension growing in the room.

In response to his command, we traded places and I started sharing with Dan, as did the two Ed's with each other.

The next thing I knew, the two Ed's came over to us and we all merged together into an unbelievable four-way kiss. Our tongues instinctively commingled as one, as four separate loads of hot boy cream mixed together into one erotically sexy `cum cocktail'. As we finally swallowed our combined blend of teenage essence, we withdrew from each other and watched Paul collapse backward into the chair in utter amazement.

"Oh my God," Paul exclaimed. "That was the hottest thing I've ever seen.

As Paul lay back in the chair, we all noticed the obvious. Paul's cock was sticking straight up in the air, rock hard and abundantly dripping with pre-cum.

"Danny and Stanny," Paul said as his voice quivered with anticipation. "You guys can relax for a while. I'm going to need my two cousins beside me."

Paul stood in the middle of the room and had the two Ed's get into position with him.

"Where do you want us?" Edward asked.

"You should know where `Number One' should be and where `Number Two' should be." Paul grinned.

"That was cold dude," Edwin chided as everyone started laughing at `Number Two's' unfortunate position.

Putting aside Paul's poorly chosen words, Edward got in front, while Edwin got behind. Paul talked them through several steps, giving them orders left and right, forward and backward.

"Okay, `Number One', go deeper please," Paul directed. "And `Number Two', push that tongue in as far as you can!"

Paul was already close to the edge of a massive orgasm from his involvement in controlling his double twin performances. What the two Ed's were doing to him right now, further catapulting him over the top. As he blew his load into `Number One's' mouth, he then told the twins to share his glorious prize with him. `One' and `Two' stood up and the three of them swapped and shared the sweet nectar that Paul had just awarded them.

"I thought Paul was supposed to be the slave?" Dan laughed as he and I watch their spectacle.

"Don't worry," Edwin admonished. "The weekend is still young!"

We all went into the kitchen for some beers and desert.

"Hey Paul," Dan asked. "What are the sleeping arrangements going to be tonight?"

"Well, there are two bedrooms with king sized beds in each one," Paul explained. "Actually, there were three bedrooms, but my aunt and uncle's room is strictly off limits."

"That's great," Dan said. "But what I meant was... who is going to be sleeping with whom?"

In the interest of saving time, I decided that the best way to maximum the variety of our experiences was to speak up and make a suggestion.

"How about if Dan, Paul, and Edwin share one bed tonight and Edward and I share the other," I proposed. "Then, tomorrow night, Paul and Edwin could sleep with me, while Dan and Edward sleep together."

Everyone thought that my suggestion was about as fair as it could be, so everyone agreed upon it completely. This weekend was working out far better than Dan and I could have ever imagined. The only downside to this incredible weekend was that the cabin had only one bathroom. It posed a logistical problem that would prove to be difficult to overcome, especially in the morning.

The next day, our timing worked out perfectly as Dan and I snuck away to shower together while everyone else slept in. As soon as we both stepped in to the water stream, I hit Dan with my first question.

"So, tell me what happened last night," I said in an interrogating fashion. "And I want all the details. Don't leave anything out!"

Dan began to soap up my back as he prepared to tell all.

"The three of us went to bed together with Paul in the middle," Dan began. "Ed started things off by telling Paul that it was time for him to try out his ass! Then Ed told me that he wanted Paul to have both of his holes filled, so he made Paul get on his hands and knees and had me slide under him so that my cock was in the right position for Paul to fill his mouth. Then Ed got behind Paul and prepared to fill his virgin hole. As Ed began to prepare Paul by probing him with one finger, Paul kind of had a panic attack."

"Really? No way," I said in disbelief.

Dan worked his soapy hands down my back, past my hips and headed down to my ass.

"Yeah," Dan said. "Paul stopped Ed and told him `I think you know that you're the lucky one who is taking my cherry, so you have to lube me up Real Good... I don't want to feel any pain'. Ed knew that there was no way he was going to get his huge monster all the way in Paul's ass without at least a fair amount of pain. Even so, Ed started to grease up Paul's ass and started over, sending in one finger. Paul winced a little but took it. After a few minutes Ed had two and then three fingers in, and was maneuvering them around to get Paul as loosened up as possible. Paul was gritting his teeth the entire time, breathing heavy and whimpering. Ed kept asking Paul all along the way if he was ok, and each time, Paul told him to keep going. Paul wasn't sucking me yet, but as I watched Ed work on Paul from the floor, looking up between their legs, I got turned on and hard as a rock. I could hardly wait for Ed to get his cock into Paul's ass so he could start sucking me."

"Holy crap," I said. "What did you do?"

Dan continued to wash my backside as he thoroughly soaped up my butt cheeks and wedged his palm down inside my ass crack. He even slipped in a finger right as he was describing how Ed was doing the exact same thing to Paul.

"Well, by then, Ed was done opening Paul up and removed his fingers. Then he lubed up his cock and began to push his way into Paul's virgin hole. From what I could see, Ed pushed his way into Paul about as slowly and gently as he could without losing control. Once Ed had sunk his monster all the way into Paul's ass, he began a slow steady rhythm and Paul finally became aware that I was waiting under him with the hardest boner I've had in a long time. Paul graciously leaned down and started to suck on my cock. As soon as Paul's tongue touched my cock I felt my balls tense up. Then an unexpected surge of electricity shot from the top of my head to the tips of my toes.

"Wow, look," I said to Dan as I pointed at my cock, "That's so hot, you got me hard. I wish I could have been with you guys in there last night."

By now, Dan had made his way down to my toes and turned me around. He began again at my ankles and proceeded to soap me up on the front side.

"Yeah," Dan agreed. "That would've been great. You would've laughed. I know I almost did."

"Laughed," I asked. "Laughed at what?"

"Well, as Ed was fucking Paul, he made a kind of grunting sound as he fed his cock into Paul's ass," Dan said as he paused from washing my legs to thrust his hips with each grunt as he attempted to imitate Ed's passion with a vulgar yet humorous visual aid. "It kind of went like this... Rugh... Rugh... Rugh... Rugh..."

"Wow, you guys had a hot time," I told Dan as I chuckled. "You're getting me hot just listening to your story. Please, continue."

Dan resumed bathing me as he worked up to my cock and balls, giving extra care to my most sensitive boy parts.

"Ed beat me to the finish and replaced his `Rugh, Rugh, Rugh Rugh' with an `Oh Yes, Oh Yes, Oh Yes, Oh God'!"

"Cool," I said as my mouth started getting dry.

"As Ed pumped Paul's ass with his seed, Paul started sucking me harder and pulled me right over the edge. Then, Ed put his hands on Paul's shoulders and pulled his head off of my cock, holding it there just as I began shooting my load all over his face."

"Then you gave him a bona-fide facial?" I asked.

"Yes I did!" Dan proudly answered. "Then Ed said `Let me see it'. Paul then turned to face Ed. My cock twitched as he revealed his face to Ed. It was literally covered in my cock cream as it slowly dripped down his face."

"You're really quite a stud my brother," I complemented.

"So are you," Dan said as he soaped up my rock hard cock, stroking it in a teasing manner.

"So, what happened next?" I said as Dan's stroking made it hard to focus on anything else.

"Well, Ed told Paul to clean his cock, so Paul sucked it for a few seconds and then licked it dry. He told us that he never thought he would suck on a cock that had just been up his ass. We laughed at that and then Paul thanked Ed. He said `That sure felt awesome once you loosened me up'. Then Ed said `That's just a taste of the new experiences that are waiting in store for you this weekend'."

"Wow, what more could there be?" I wondered out loud as Dan continued to work his way up my body, washing my stomach, chest and arms.

"I can't wait to find out," Dan exclaimed. "Anyhow, Ed and I took turns licking Paul's face, and once we were all licked clean, we kind of settled down. By now, Paul had gotten his first fucking, but he hadn't actually cum yet. I didn't want Paul to go to bed with `blue balls' so I told him to lie on his back and said to him `No blue balls for you mister'. Then I pushed Paul's legs up and back. Then I bent down and rimmed him a little bit and then licked my way up to the top of Paul's cock. Then I gave him a good old fashioned blow job. When Paul shot his load, I shared it by deep kissing Paul and Ed both. We all talked for a while about what a great day it had been and then the three of us cuddled together with Paul in the middle and fell asleep."

"That sure sounded hot bro," I said.

Dan finished soaping me up and washing my hair. I had enjoyed Dan's story completely, especially the part where Dan was working on my cock and balls.

"Oh believe me, it was," Dan stated. "So, now it's your turn Stan. And I want all the details. Don't leave anything out!"

End of Chapter #13

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