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Caught By Our Younger Brother

By Billy’sStories

Chapter #14

“Don’t leave anything out, you say?” I repeated. “Okay! First, we told each other, it had been a long day. So I suggested to Ed that we could do the same thing that our brother Will had us do at the house.”

As I began to relay my story to Dan, he started to wash my back as he returned the favor and lathered me up as he listened.

“Will suggested a lot of things for us to do at the house,” Dan said. “And as I recall, they weren’t exactly suggestions.”

“All right,” I said. I smacked Dan on the ass and he smacked me right back.

“Come on now,” Dan snickered. “Don’t try to stall. Get on with the story already!”

“Okay, okay. First, we got into this ‘69’ position. I pulled my legs back, and when I started on Ed’s ass, he followed my lead. Then we just started to work our way up the sensitive space between our puckered boy holes and our balls. Then we licked and sucked each other’s balls, slowly licking up each other’s shafts. Then we let our tongues dance around and tease all those wonderful spots around each other’s cock heads. Then, with a little practice, I was able to deep throat Ed, and he deep throated me in return. My God, that was hot. As we started to get close, I kept Ed’s cock right at the tip of my tongue, surrounding his cock head with my lips until he exploded. Just before he emptied his load into my mouth, his cock head swelled and I got really excited to know that I was about to make him cum. That excitement pushed me over the edge, and Ed did the same thing to me that I was doing to him. My cock head must have swelled up in his mouth, just like his did to me because, right as I was ready to blast my load in him, he wrapped his lips tightly around my cock head and sucked it in with all his might. My God, it made my cock jump and my heart skip a beat. I was furiously pumping my hot cock milk into Ed, and he was blasting me with his. I have to tell you, feeling his cum hitting my tongue and bouncing off the roof of my mouth, while at the same time, emptying my balls into Ed’s mouth was so hot, I nearly passed out.”

“Holy Crap!” Dan exclaimed. “It sounds like you two had just as much fun as Ed, Paul and I did.”

“Yeah, I think you’re right,” I answered, then continued. “With our mouths still full of cum, we then exchanged it back and forth for a minute or so and then swallowed the mixture. We then faced each other as we lay back down together on the bed, still panting from our excitement.

Dan finished washing my back, ass and legs and he turned me around to start working on the front side of my body.

“Cool,” Dan said. “Then the two of you got along great together.”

“Well, I guess so,” I sighed. “As we looked into each other’s eyes, he then started asking questions. He started asking me personal questions… about you!”

“About me?” Dan asked. “What did you tell him?”

“I told him how you’ve always been my best friend and that we always loved each other,” I confessed. “I told him that it only turned sexual for us about a week ago. He then told me that he felt the same for Ed, and was glad that it had turned in a different direction for them a long time ago. I told him how glad I was that Paul had invited him and his brother over for this weekend. I let him know how terrified we got when they caught us naked on the patio. I kissed him, and then assured him about how glad we both were to share this special time together. He kissed me back in agreement. Then we kinda fell asleep before he could ask me any more questions about you.”

I kind of stopped in the midst of my story telling as I lost my concentration. Dan was just starting to soap up my cock and balls and I just had to close my eyes as I lost myself in the glorious experience. After he finished, I thought I would have some fun with him and asked him to please check and to see that I was really clean down there.

He smiled and licked his way from my balls, up to my shaft and then put my semi stiff cock into his mouth. He focused his attention there for a few minutes until I was hard as a rock again. I was now all worked up and ready to get our bone on.

“Okay, let’s go!” Dan said.

“Let’s go where?” I asked in a daze.

“We can take care of each other later,” Dan said.

He turned off the shower and opened the stall door. He reached for the two towels that were hanging on the rack just outside the stall door and tossed me one. I was still in a semi stupor from having gotten all turned on by Dan’s story as well the physical stroking and sucking he was doing to me. I slowly came out of it as we dried each other off.

As we went to check on the other guys, we discovered that Edward had gone into the other bedroom and was lying in bed with Edwin and Paul.

“Good morning,” everyone said in unison.

“Did you two have fun in the shower?” Paul asked.

“You didn’t miss anything,” Dan said.

“But we’re going to spend some time together later on,” I added.

“Oh, is that so?” Paul said egging us on.

“Don't worry Paul,” Dan promised. “My cock will still be available to all!”

“How about your ass?” Edwin asked as we all laughed.

“Okay everyone,” Edwin said. “We better get our day started.”

With that, the twins got up out of bed and disappeared into the bathroom while Paul, Dan and I went down to the kitchen to start making some breakfast. No one had suggested it, but I guess we all just assumed that we were going to stay naked, just like we had done yesterday.

After about fifteen minutes, the twins came down from their shower. I assumed that nothing but cleanliness went on up there since they were so quick to come down and join us. As they walked into the kitchen, I was glad to see that they were naked, making us all feel at ease with each other. I was beginning to love staring at those gorgeous seven inch cocks of theirs. Their balls were just the right size too, complementing their hefty manhood in the best possible way.

The twins set the table as Dan, Paul and I finished making breakfast. We were amused while we ate as we were treated to a titillating impromptu show.

Paul was already sitting at the table and the twins came over and sat beside him, with Paul in the middle. We began to see Paul jump and squirm at odd moments for seemingly no apparent reason.

“Hey Paul,” I asked. “Why are you so jumpy?”

“Look under the table,” He shuddered.

Dan and I bent down to see that Edwin had his hand on Paul’s solid erection and was jerking him off, quite inconspicuously.

“They keep taking turns,” Paul said with a definite quiver in his voice as he tried to appear calm.

“We’re doing an experiment to see how long it will take to make him cum,” Edward said and then laughed.

“When you’re about to cum, I want to see you stand up and cum on your toast,” Edwin instructed.

Once Edwin made his suggestion, the two Ed’s continued to share Paul’s cock, stroking him wildly back and forth while we all proceeded to eat our breakfast. As we ate away, we filled our stomachs with food and fueled our libidos with their erotic display of under the table maneuvers.  Even though Paul was almost finished with his meal, he purposely held back one single slice of toast to use for his finale.

“Now, for the benefit of our audience,” Edwin stated. “You need to announce which one of us is jacking you. As you’re eating, you can just say ‘One’ or ‘Two’ to let Dan and Stan know what’s going on under here.”

“Cool,” Dan said.

“Could you please remind us again, who is who?” I asked.

“Remember,” Paul pointed out. “Edward is number ‘One’, on your left, and Edwin is number ‘Two’, on your right.

After about five minutes of listening to Paul call out, One… Two… One… Two… as the two Ed’s alternated their assault on Paul’s cock, he suddenly stood up. He took his own cock in one hand and held that last piece of toast up to his rock hard cock with the other hand and jacked himself for about ten seconds until he exploded onto his target, coating it thoroughly with his own, homemade sperm topping.

“That should taste better then jam,” Edwin exclaimed.

Paul didn’t need to be told what to do next. He immediately sat back down and chomped away at his prize, licking his lips after every delectable bite.

“Man, that looked like it tasted good,” Dan said.

“It was the best,” Paul chimed, “And boy, was it fresh!”

Dan and I laughed as our mouths watered.

“Would you please stand up for a minute,” Edward said to Paul.

As Paul stood up, we could all see that his cock was still hard and dripping with cum.

Edward bent down and licked the rest of Paul’s cum off his cock and then took his entire cock into his mouth to suction out every last drop.

“Thanks,” Paul said with extreme gratitude. “Thank you both so much.

Well, that was very exciting to watch, but for me, I was starting to go crazy. I didn’t get to finish what Dan and I had started in the shower this morning, plus the twin’s exhibition of their under the table milking of Paul’s cock was making my boner ache, and my patience wear thin.

“So, what do we have planned for today?” I asked, hoping to get things rolling for the day.

“How about we go for a swim and lay out on the beach for a while,” Paul suggested. We all thought that was a great idea. “There are some big towels in the linen closet upstairs.”

Edwin volunteered to go up and get them while the rest of us cleaned up our breakfast mess.

As Edwin came down from the linen closet, carrying the towels in his arms, we all then headed for the back door.

“Hold on a second everyone,” Edwin said.

We all stood still on the patio for a moment as Edwin spread one of the five towels open on the floor to reveal that it had a bottle of lube concealed inside. He then opened another one on top of that and uncovered a fairly large dildo. It was about eight inches long and had a pair of nice plump balls attached to it.

“Hocus Pocus,” Edwin said as we all laughed. “This, of course, is for Paul.”

Paul had a shocked look on his face as he just started realizing that it was his turn to be Edward and Edwin’s slave for the day. The breakfast hand job was just to get things started, and now, the real servitude was about to begin.

“Okay Paul,” Edward ordered. “Bend over!”

Edwin put some lube on his finger and started to grease up Paul’s ass. He quickly progressed to two, and then three fingers. Once he had three fingers in Paul’s ass, he pulled them out and started to grease up the dildo.

“All right Paul,” Edwin indicated. “Now you have the honor of carrying this fine dildo all the way to the beach… in your ass!”

“Like I didn't already know that,” Paul cringed.

Paul then bent down again as Edwin pushed the dildo slowly into Paul’s ass. Paul grunted as the last few inches went in. It was quite amusing to watch Paul stand up and see the dildo’s two balls protruding out his ass.

We let Paul lead the way to the beach as we enjoyed the view. We watched as Paul tried to walk with dignity as he struggled to keep this unnaturally positioned object from popping out of his ass.

When all was said and done, Paul was a good sport about it all and managed to successfully make it all the way to the beach without losing control of his unwanted cargo.

As I watched Paul cooperate and comply with the two Ed’s commands, I was reminded that technically, Paul was the twin’s slave for the day. Then, I thought to myself that Dan and I were Paul’s slaves for the weekend as well. After all, we did tell him that we would do anything he wanted us to do as part of our bargain from last week.

After the amusing walk to the sand, we laid our towels down as we claimed our spots on the beach. I thought we were going to jump in the water right away, but Edwin had other plans.

“I want you to keep that dildo in,” Edwin said to Paul. “You still have a job to do. We did you a favor while we were eating breakfast, and now, it’s time for you to return it.”

“Yeah, I knew that was coming,” Paul sighed.

I guess Paul just figured he’d have to jerk both of them off or something, but Edwin had something else in mind.

“All right Paul, get on his knees,” Edwin said as he and Edward both stood directly in front of him.

“Well, if I have to work, then Stan and Dan have to work too,” Paul proclaimed as he kneeled in front of the two Ed’s.

Paul had Dan and I lay so that the two Ed’s toes were under Dan’s side and Paul’s toes were under mine. He then had Dan and I get into a ‘69’ position.

As we began, Paul sucked on the twins, exchanging cocks every so often while Dan and I sucked away in our ‘69’ position. I could see that all three of them had their eyes locked onto Dan and me. I guess it was turning them on big time because the two Ed’s boiled over and shot their hefty loads after only a few minutes. From what I could tell, while deep throating my brother Dan, each one of them shot their first initial ropes of cum into Paul’s mouth, and then continued to dump the rest of their loads onto our bodies.

Well, witnessing all that was so sexy to us that Dan and I filled each others mouths with our own boy juice just moments later.

“Okay guys,” Edward directed. “Stand up!”

We all stood up.

“Paul,” Edwin directed next. “Dan and Stan need some cleaning up right there.”

Paul then proceeded to lick the combined deposits of warm milky cum off our bodies that the two Ed’s had just shot on us. After he did that, Paul turned around and gave Dan and me the next orders.

“Dan and Stan,” Paul commanded. “The two Ed’s need some cleaning.”

Dan and I each took one of their cocks in our mouths and sucked the last of their dripping cum until they were both clean.

Well, that had been real fun and Dan and I finally got to have our first climaxes of the day, but it was now time to do what we came out here to do, and that was, go swimming. Before we all jumped in the water, Edwin asked if we were up to playing a game first. With no idea what he had in mind, we all foolishly told him ‘yes’. We started by doing a few rounds of ‘Rock, Paper, Scissors’ to determine who would start first and Dan played the winning hand. He was quite excited that he won until he found out what the winner had to do.

“Dan,” Edwin explained. “Since you’re the first, your task will be simple. All you need to do is swim for the next five minutes with this dildo in your ass.”

Being the good sport that he was, Dan bent over to receive the dildo. Edwin then greased up Dan’s ass and shoved it all the way in. Once the dildo was deployed, the game was on and everyone jumped into the water. As we swam, Dan was made to raise his ass up, out of the water so we could all see that the device had not slipped out. Every thirty seconds or so, someone would yell, ‘Arch’, and Dan had to raise his rear above the water line to prove that his rubber companion had not been lost. We all laughed each time we saw that bubble butt breach the surface.

The next round of ‘Rock, Paper, Scissors’ claimed its next victim. Edwin found himself bending over this time and Dan was nice enough to assist him in shoving it in for him, paying Edwin back for his previous over-exuberance.

As Edwin swam, none of us needed to call ‘Arch’ on him because he kept surfacing every few seconds like a dolphin. Watching the balls on that dildo repeatedly crest the surface started to become more hysterical by the minute.

I was laughing uncontrollably until the next ‘Rock, Paper, Scissors’ had ensnared me in the next round.

Edward greased me up and got cute by putting the dildo in me upside down. I went into the water just far enough to be able to do a hand stand in the water with the dildo’s balls hanging out of me, right side up.

Edward was the next victim. Instead of putting the dildo up his ass, he stuck it in his mouth and swam around on his back with the balls section showing at one end, and an ‘Up-Periscope’ showing at the other end.

We were all laughing again until one of us hollered, “Holy Shit!”

End of Chapter #14

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