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Caught By Our Younger Brother

By Billy'sStories

Chapter #2

Dan looked at me and then we both faced our brother.

"Are you hard of hearing?" Will said.

We didn't know exactly were this was going, so we sorta hesitated. I guess we just weren't used to him giving us orders.

"Okay, fine," he said and picked up his cell phone. We knew it would be a call to dad, so we started to pull our shirts off. He slowly put the phone down as he watched us. At the time, we didn't know that he was really enjoying the show. We got all the way down to our boxers when we both stopped.

"Is this far enough?" Dan asked.

"Tell me the meaning of strip,". Will chided.

Dan and I knew what he meant, shrugged our shoulders and dropped our boxers. Will just stared at us for a moment, studying our bodies from top to bottom. He wasn't used to seeing us naked like this, on display for his enjoyment.

"Come over here," Will said, pointing at me.

I walked over to him and he pulled me over his knee, which was kind of awkward since I was bigger than him. He told me that I wasn't being very co-operative and he was going to have to punish me. I couldn't believe it. He gave me five hard whacks on each butt cheek. It really hurt too. He then ordered Dan over and did the same thing to him. It was the first time that another male ever touched my butt. Well, I'll confess, my dad gave me and Dan spankings when we were young but this wasn't really spankings, this was something else entirely.

"Are you two going to be more co-operative since you are both are my slaves now?" Will questioned.

"Yes!" I answered with a degree of distain.

Then he said something that I couldn't believe.

"Stan, come over here and suck my dick!"

I was shocked beyond words. I thought he was going to make us clean up after him, feed him and do his chores, but nothing like this. I was a little hesitant at first, but I didn't want him giving me another one of those spankings, or threaten to pick up the phone again. Without hesitation, he pulled his pants and briefs down as I slowly went over and knelt between his legs.

I lifted his small cock, which was still in its flaccid state, and swallowed his dick along with my pride. I slowly started to suck it as it grew surprisingly large in my mouth. After a few minutes of that, he told me to lick his balls. I should have guessed it, but it still surprised me nonetheless. So, lick away I did. I was surprised when his little worm enlarged to a considerable seven inches. Dan and I only had about six and a half inches ourselves, and we were older than him.

"Lick up my shaft and go deeper," Will snapped. "Your cock sucking is pathetic."

I licked up his shaft and put it in my mouth again. I did manage to go deeper, with minor gagging until I felt my mouth get blasted with his cum. My first instinct was to spit it out.

"Swallow it!" he demanded.

I guess I was expecting him to say that, even though it was grossing me out just thinking about it.

"And don't let a single drop get loose, got it!" He growled.

He then made me lick his cock clean. I was humiliated, and hoped that this would be the last of his demands. I was dead wrong.

Then Will looked at Dan and said, "You're off the hook, for now."

Dan looked relieved for a moment until Will got this evil grin on his face.

"I just need a little time to recover."

After a very brief respite, his demands continued.

"I want the two of you to get into a `69' position," Will resumed, spewing out even more orders.

"Are you kidding?" Dan complained.

Will picked up his cell phone again. Dan immediately got the message and we both quickly got into a `69' position.

"Okay, get sucking!" Will instructed.

Well, I put my mouth around my twin brother's cock for the first time and started to suck him. It's something that we never, even thought about doing with each other. We shared a bedroom in our younger days and we even slept in the same bed on nights when it would thunder and lightning or when one of us had a bad dream. We saw each other naked almost every day of our lives but we never touched each other. Not sexually anyways.

So, here we were, sucking away, licking balls and shafts, and whatever Will told us to do. He told us to suck each other's balls, first one, then the other and finally both. He just watched our show intently and he would even laugh at us now and then as we fumbled like the amateurs we were. After he got tired of watching us lick balls, he issued his next demand.

"I want you guys to go back to sucking each other and make a hand motion when you guys are about ready to cum," he said. "Then take your cocks out of your mouths and jack each other off until you both cum. Hold each other's dicks out about three inches away from your mouths so I can see each of you shoot into the other's mouth."

I know I was grossed out by this and I'm sure Dan was too. Nonetheless, we followed his directions to the letter. Dan shot-off his load first and he blasted me good with his hot brotherly cum. It was the second time in an hour that I had someone's cum in my mouth. As Dan was cuming in my mouth, Will barked another order.

"Don't swallow it!" he warned.

So, I held it as instructed. Luckily, a few seconds later, I was ready and gave the signal. Dan took his mouth off and jerked me off till I came. I felt a little bad that I had just pelted my poor brother's mouth with my own cum.

Well, not in my wildest dreams could I ever have imagined what Will wanted us to do next.

"Okay now, start making-out," he directed. "I want to see you two French kiss."

I thought I might throw up, but I somehow managed to do it. So now me and my twin brother each swallowed the others cum and got a taste of some of our own cum at the same time. Our evil little brother made us make-out for five minutes and then had us lick off the rest of our cum that had leaked out from our dripping cocks.

Will then told Dan that he was ready for his second blow job.

"Dan, it's your turn. I want you to do the exact same thing I had Stan do earlier," Will said with an attitude of cocky arrogance.

Well, Dan and I were even now. We performed two blow jobs each and we had only been slaves for an hour.

Then Will told us to go to the kitchen and get him some snacks. There was a game coming on the TV that he wanted to watch. Dan walked over to get his cloths, thinking we were done, for at least a while.

"You won't need those until mom and dad get home," Will smirked.

"You mean we have to stay naked the whole time?" Dan objected. Will just nodded his head with a big smile on his face.

So we all watched the game, including the overtime, and then headed for bed. As we made our way upstairs, Will informed us that he was going to keep an eye on us and he would be sleeping with us in our room. He took over Dan's bed and Dan and I, for the first time since we were kids, slept in my bed together. Will made us kiss and cuddle as just one more controlling thing he was getting-off on before he turned the lights out and let us go to sleep.

Day number one was finally over. I had no idea how sexually sadistic and cruel our little brother was capable of being and I wondered what additional atrocities he would be dishing out to poor Dan and me come tomorrow.

The next morning, I woke and was a little startled at first until I remembered that Dan was in bed with me. I would have thought that I'd be grossed out, but instead, I found it humorous that our cocks were rubbing against each other as both of us were sporting some respectable morning wood. We did sleep facing each other as we were directed to do by Will. A few minutes later, Dan woke up and quietly motioned me to follow him. We went to the bathroom and closed the door. We tried to think of a way out of this predicament and just couldn't come up with anything that we thought would even partially work.

Dan jumped in the shower and then I took my turn. As I was drying off and still talking to Dan, Will came in. He seemed to have no inhibitions with nudity. He took a piss right in front of us and then jumped in the shower right as Dan was coming out. Dan and I were about to exit the bathroom when Will stopped us. We waited there until he finished his shower and stepped out. He told us that he wanted us to check and see if he was really clean.

Dan and I looked at him with a puzzled look on our faces. He told us to come over to him. He raised his arms over his head and told both of us to each lick one of his pits. Dan and I each took a pit and started to lick. After a minute of that, he started making his demands again.

"Tits," was all he said as he lowered his arms and threw back his shoulders.

We knew what he meant and each of us licked a tit. His dick got hard as a rock at this point and I figured he was going to say cock next, but he didn't.

"Ass," was his next instruction as he turned and leaned over.

Apparently, Will was going to take this slave thing to the limit and it seemed that there were no boundaries he wouldn't cross and no taboo he wouldn't exploit. So, being bound by our promise, we reluctantly got on our knees and in total disbelief, started licking one butt cheek each.

Then he said, "Dan, crack!"

I felt bad for my twin brother. Dan started to rim Will and I cringed as I watched his tongue go deeper and deeper into his crack. I knew what rimming was, but I never thought I would be doing it and I feared I was next.

"Good, now hit the pussy," Will stated.

I dreaded having to take my turn as I helplessly watched Dan struggle. Then, just as I feared, it happened.

"All right Stan, it's your turn," Will said.

My body filled with tension and I felt my mouth get dry. I was just happy that Will had just come out of the shower, and I hate to admit it, but I was also glad that Dan had gone first. After I hit the bull's eye and "confirmed" to Will that his ass was clean, Dan and I were then directed to our next job, cleaning Will's feet.

Again, this was a surprise to me, but Dan and I complied and tongue-bathed five toes each. Then we finally got to what I thought would have been next after tits. Dan and I each swallowed one of Will's balls each, swirling his nut sack around in our mouths. Then we worked our tongues up and down the sides of his shaft, letting our tongues gently touch from time to time. Will let Dan and I each keep licking his shaft together for a couple of minutes until he decided to change up again.

"I want to make extra sure that my cock is as clean as possible," Will exclaimed. "I want you guys to suck me clean. Stan, you go first for one minute, then Dan, you take over for a minute and the two of you trade places back and forth until I'm completely clean."

We started trading places and kept it up until poor Dan got the mouth full. Even so, I had to suck the remaining cum out of his cock and lick his shaft clean.

"Are you two guys squeaky clean," Will asked and then just said, "Never mind, just,"69" for a while."

So, for the second time, Dan and I were sucking each others dicks. Once again, Will instructed us to cum the same way so that he could witness us blow our loads into each other's mouths. Once we did, we were made to stand up and hug so that our softening cocks were touching each other. He also made us make-out again so that our two loads of cum got mixed together in our mouths, just like last time. Although it was easier this time, it still felt forced and unnatural.

Now that Will was somewhat sexually satisfied, we all went down to the kitchen for some breakfast. Of course, Dan and I had to make it as will's slaves. As we were eating, Will was making some phone calls. Just so you all know, Will belongs to what we call, the Nerd Club. It's actually called the "Science Club". It's him and four other losers. Dan and I could hear him inviting all four of them over. I'm sure Will was enjoying himself as he watched the fear grow in our eyes as we began to imagine what his evil little mind was planning for us next.

End of Chapter #2

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