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Caught By Our Younger Brother

By Billy'sStories

Chapter #3

Will hung up the phone and informed us that the "Science Club" guys were coming over for a club luncheon. They were also going to do some swimming and a few other activities.

I had a pretty good guess about what those other activities were going to be. Will told us that they would be over in an hour and a half, and to get the house cleaned up. He also told us to prepare some snacks and put the sodas in the fridge to cool. Lastly, he had us set out some towels by the poolside and set up the lounge chairs for everyone.

Now Dan and I have skinny dipped many times at night when the coast was clear, but we never did it during the day. Our neighbors on both sides of us could easily see our entire backyard. Not a close view, but I'm sure they could tell if someone was naked or not.

I remembered what Will had said yesterday about our clothes not being necessary till our parents came home. I grabbed an opportunity to talk to Dan on the side and told him my scary thoughts.

"I think Will is going to make us be butlers for his friends and do his bidding by the poolside," I confessed. "What are we going to do?"

"I don't know," Dan whispered. "I'm really worried. Maybe Will wouldn't make us go outside for too long. Whatever he wants us to do, we're just going to have to go along with it. I'll talk to him about it and see if I can't talk some sense into him, maybe have him go easy on us, at least the pool part."

Dan marched right over to Will to see if he could strike a bargain.

"We know you're planning on showing off your power over us in front of all those guys that you've invited here," Dan began. "We know you're going to get off watching your friends do naked stuff with us too. Actually, Stan and I are okay with that. But if they open their mouths and tell anyone about this and we get in trouble over it, they will truly be sorry. If dad or mom or even Ami ever find out about this, they won't be the only one's that wished they kept their mouths shut."

Dan glared right into Will's eyes. Will looked a little uncomfortable for a moment but I will give him credit, the little shit stood his ground.

"Don't worry. I promise that they'll keep their word and never tell anyone," Will assured him. "But I won't guarantee that they won't be opening their mouths!"

Will then gave us a wickedly evil smile. It didn't take a genius to figure out what he meant. I'm glad that Dan had enough sense to keep from calling his friends `nerds' or we'd both be in a world of hurt. It wasn't as if Dan and I didn't know we'd be sucking on their cocks, which would be revolting enough, but there was something else that was troubling me.

Well, just about an hour and a half later, the door bell rang. Dan and I had just finished making sandwiches for the party as Will instructed us to do. We knew that Will would want us to answer the door and sure enough, he shouted his demands,

"Both of you, answer the door, and make sure you've both got boners."

"Fucking asshole," Dan mumbled under his breath but proceeded to play with himself anyway, as did I.

A few seconds later, the bell rang three additional times as the person standing outside started getting impatient. Now that our cocks were good and hard, we marched our naked bodies over to the door and answered it. It was Nate. We thought there might be more than one person at the door but it was just Nate, standing there all by himself.

"Hey Stan," Nate said, not yet noticing our lack of attire.

As he looked over at Dan, his mouth dropped open as he finally noticed our erections.

"And it's good to see you too, Dan," he grinned, and then burst into laughter.

I was relieved to know that at least one of the nerds had a good sense of humor. Will started to laugh too as Nate entered and walked across the room to greet him.

"So, what's all this?" Nate asked.

"This is that secret I was telling you about," Will explained. "Do you promise to keep this, strictly to yourself?"

"You know I will, but really, what's this all about," Nate asked.

"I can't reveal any details," Will continued, "But the good news is, you're looking at my two slaves, until our parents come home that is."

"Wow, lucky you," Nate exclaimed.

"Have you whacked-off today?" Will blatantly asked.

"Well. No!" Nate cautiously confessed. "I had to get up early this morning to cut the grass in exchange for permission to come over."

"Well, since you haven't whacked-off yet today, I'll have one of my boys take care of that for you," Will boasted. "So, if you take off your clothes right now, you could get started!"

"Are you kidding?" Nate exclaimed, looking completely startled.

"Just strip and see," Will plainly stated.

As Nate stripped naked, I wondered which one of us would have to do the dirty work. Will then took a quarter from out of his pocket and flipped it in the air as he called upon me to speak.

"Heads or tails Stan," he goaded. "You get to call it!"

The coin dropped to the floor and Will covered it with his shoe.

"Heads!" I yelped.

As Will removed his shoe from atop the coin, it turned out to be heads. Nate looked a little uncomfortable as he slowly slipped off the last of his clothes.

"Wow Stan, you called it all right," Will laughed, "Heads it is. Now, Nate is going to be expecting a good blowjob so don't disappoint him."

"Very funny," I said as I dropped to my knees.

End of Chapter #3

Comments about my stories are always welcome. Please send your e-mail responses to: gayniftystories@aol.com