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Caught By Our Younger Brother

By Billy'sStories

Chapter #5

The guys put on their swim suits and headed for the picnic table by the pool. Will was being decent and just let Dan and I relax and eat our lunch, still naked of course.

The conversation started off with the guys asking Will how this all happened and what it was all about. Will was smart and chose is words very carefully. He told them that it was a family matter and he wasn't at liberty to offer up anything more than that. He did say that, at the moment, the `freedom' of the two of us was totally in his hands, and the price for that `freedom' was our servitude. To appear like a big shot in front of his friends, Will bragged that somebody's cum would be filling our mouths right up to the second our parents walked in the door.

"I never thought I'd see the day when your two brothers would have cocks in their mouths" Alex pointed out as Dan and I shot him a dirty look.

After we all finished our sandwiches, we kind of hung around a while, just sunbathing and enjoying the warm summer weather. Once everybody's lunch settled, the guys started to get restless.

"I don't know about you guys, but I'm going in for a swim," Nate declared.

With that, he jumped into the pool. The others quickly followed and suddenly Dan and I found ourselves completely exposed.

Up to now, staying put at the picnic table amidst the other guys served to conceal our nakedness from the neighbors. Will noticed us trying to stay inconspicuous and wouldn't hear of it. He told us to come into the pool with everybody else, so we did.

The cool water actually felt good as we tried not to call attention to ourselves. We all swam together for about ten more minutes before Will announced his surprise afternoon event.

"Okay everybody, gather around," Will announced. "I want you all to sit here, side by side around the edge of the pool so we can begin our main event. We're going to have an official `cum' contest."

"I don't understand," I questioned.

"Oh, don't worry," Will clarified. "You and Dan are going to be a very important part of the contest. We'll even make you honorary club members. You see, you and Dan are going to suck off each guy. When each guy is finished cumming in your mouth, you'll spit it into their specimen cup. Then the club is going to weigh each cup and measure how many milliliters it weighs. That's how we'll determine who the winner is."

"See everybody! It is a Science Club meeting after all. I love science!" Alex beamed as his enthusiasm made him pop a boner in front of everybody that caused a big tent to form under his swim suit.

Everyone started laughing and Alex turned bright red. Once he saw that even Dan and I were laughing, he joined in with a nervous chuckle.

So that's how Dan and I would be spending the afternoon, sucking on cocks. After Will explained the game and rules to everyone, I had a clearer idea of what would be expected of Dan and me. Not only were we part of the contest, but we were going to be participants as well. That meant that, not only did Dan and I have to suck off all five club members each, but we would have to suck each other off as well. Not once, but twice.

That was part of the game rules. Dan would suck off all five club members, and then I would suck off all five club members. That meant that each club member had to cum twice, once for Dan and once for me. They would each cum in our mouths and we would in turn, spit their cum into their personal collection cup with their name on it. Dan and I would have to suck each other twice so that the contest would be even.

Will didn't specify what the winner would get and none of us would find that out until the end. What ever it was, Dan and I both had a chance to be winners since we were awarded honorary club memberships for this particular event.

So off we went. Dan actually had to suck me off first. The person getting sucked could request anything they wanted. For me and Dan, it would just be a plain blow job. We didn't want each other to have to do anything beyond what was necessary. After I came in Dan's mouth, he spit out all he could into my specimen cup, put the cap on and enter it in the light proof collection box to keep any of it from evaporating in the hot afternoon sun. Then it was my turn. I sucked Dan off and between the two of us getting things started, we got everybody's motor running.

"The object of this contest is to measure the volume of cum from each person," Will reminded everyone. "So it's not the speed, but the amount of cum that would determine the winner."

Now that Dan and I were finished, we managed to create boners all around. Everyone now had a bulge in their swim suits. We had unintentionally aroused everyone. The sexual tension was so thick that you could cut it with a knife. Everyone sat closely together in a row, side by side. Dan started at one end of the row and I got on the other end and we both got into the pool. We positioned ourselves in front of our contestants, spread their legs and went to work.

I found myself in front of Alex. The thought of sucking Alex brought on a kind of emotional conflict within my mind. Knowing Alex as well as I did made me feel embarrassed but comfortable at the same time since he'd been a family friend for so many years.

On the other end of the line, Dan was in front of Ed and the contest was now well under way. We each pulled down our partner's swim suit, just enough to be able to suck them. Each contestant leaned back to enjoy their experience. I found it somewhat intimidating since we had an audience of all the other guys sitting close at hand, waiting for their turn as they watched our every move.

I dropped a gob of spittle on Alex's cock and went down on him. He told me to lick his balls first, so I did. He had me put each one in my mouth individually as he actually started jacking himself. Then he surprised me. He stood up, lowered his swim suit, turned around and spread his butt cheeks. He didn't have to say a thing. I just started licking his crack. As Alex started to get into it with me, he began to push his ass into my face.

"Deeper!" he moaned.

So I worked my way down to his man pussy. I worked it pretty good too. He was so satisfied with the little bit I'd learned so far that after only a couple of minutes, he sat back down and prepared himself to cum. I really didn't want to know that I was getting better at this. I was just praying for the strength to get through this day and be done with this slave business. The more the day wore on, the less of a deal that our pact with Will was turning out to be.

"I'd like some good deep throating now" Alex requested.

I did as he asked. Alex had five inches to his boyhood, so it wasn't that hard to devour his entire cock all the way to the base. After only six or seven swallows of Alex's five inches, he sprayed my tonsils with an abundance of his liquid lava. If I were judging the contest, I would have declared Alex the winner right then. I spit his offering into his cup, covered it and placed it with the others. He managed to pump 31.6 milliliters (about two tablespoons) into my mouth, which doesn't sound like very much after you've had it filling your mouth to the limit.

I moved on to Will next. He was sitting right next to Alex and watching us intently. I heard a moan come from the other side so I turned just in time to see Dan spit Ed's cum into his cup. He moved on to Scott next who was sitting directly next to Ed. Just before I was ready to go down on Will, I heard Scott tell Dan to start on his balls. Not to be outdone, Will had turned to me and made me start with his ass.

Will dropped his suit and I just started to lick real deep. As I got to his pussy, he made me put my tongue up inside. Unlike the last time Will got my tongue up his pussy, he started to moan and gasp with pleasure. As he started to get close, he had me lick his balls for a while and then do his cock. Will tried to hold his orgasm back so he could last longer, but as I went down on him, I made him forfeit his semen, putting me in control over him for once. It felt good to summon my evil little brother's cum against his will, even though it brought him great pleasure. Then, as I took a close look at his cup after I spit out his cum, I could see it was just 22.2 milliliters (about one and a half tablespoons). I was kind of happy to know that he was trailing in last place as far as the contest was concerned.

Nate was the next in line for me as he was the only one left that hadn't been serviced yet.

The gay vibe around the rim of the pool was rising off the charts as each contestant started lowering their guard and letting the inner fag emerge.

Case in point, Nate was proving my theory right now. I still maintain that no straight guys would ever ask to make out and yet that's the first thing that Nate requested of me. He had us kiss and do lots of tonguing and tonsil dueling as we jacked each other. After Nate started getting all hot and titillated, he had me go down on him as he fondled my balls underwater the entire time. It only took a few minutes and I had Nate spewing like a hydrant. After he filled my mouth with his creamy load, I filled his cup with 29.7 milliliters (a little under two tablespoons). Everyone was now done with round one.

As a visual treat for the guys to observe while they all were recovering from round one, Will had Dan and I do a `69' performance in the middle of the pool. It was quite difficult and required a good degree of athletic ability.

It's funny how being twins makes any competition seem pointless and after we both shot our loads into each other's mouths and spit out the contents into our cups, I noticed that we each ended up with the exact same amount of cum. We both totaled 45.2 milliliters of cum. At first, I got excited that we might have won the contest. Then I realized that Dan and I had done two rounds and everyone else was still on round one.

This time, Dan and I started at opposite ends. I did the cocks that Dan had already sucked, and he did mine. We worked through the afternoon until every cup got filled with the two load quota, thereby ending the contest.

Well it was finally over. After Dan and I sucked off twelve cocks each, including our own. All the cups were meticulously measured and Alex was declared the winner. His total was 52.8 milliliters and Scott came in second with a total of 48.7 milliliters.

"Okay guys, here's what you won," Will revealed. "First prize winner gets one hour with his slave of choice and second prize gets a half hour with his. Alex, since you won first place, you get to choose your slave. Will it be Dan or will it be Stan?"

Alex chose Dan.

"Okay," Will concluded. "Alex gets one hour with Dan and Scott gets a half hour with Stan. Let's all go inside now and get comfortable while Alex and Scott enjoy their prize."

Everyone applauded as we all went inside to continue the club's festivities. Alex and Scott got patted on their backs and butt checks as everyone showed how envious they were of their valued prize.

Just as we were all getting settled inside, my cell phone rang. As I answered it, my face must have gone white as a ghost. It was Paul, our next door neighbor. His room was on the side of his house that overlooked our pool.

"Nice blow jobs," he calmly said. "You can let Dan know I said so as well."

I got Dan's attention and pulled him into the next room. Dan saw that I had my cell phone in my hand and knew something was wrong. As he stood next to me, I pointed out the window towards the neighbor's house. As we both looked out the window, Paul opened his bedroom window and waved at us as he held his brand new camera in his hand. I put the phone back up to my ear to find out how bad the situation was.

"Paul, I promise to call you back within a couple of hours," I promised. "I'll explain all of it as soon as I can!"

Paul was a football fanatic. He wasn't on the team yet since he was still a freshman, but we let him be the water boy during the games. We kind of felt bad for him that he couldn't be in the games with us so we would let him suit up so he could feel like one of the team.

"Okay," Paul said. "I've got some great pictures of you guys. I'd love to show them to you!"

I almost lost it, but I couldn't do anything about it right now.

End of Chapter #5

Comments about my stories are always welcome. Please send your e-mail responses to: gayniftystories@aol.com