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Caught By Our Younger Brother

By Billy'sStories

Chapter #6

We all headed for the living room. Dan and Alex were up first. Will told Dan and Alex to use the living room rug, the perfect spot for their performance. Will gathered a couple of cushions for them to lie on and he tossed them on the floor for them.

Alex had no idea that his prize needed to be redeemed in front of everybody, but the thought of being on display started to appeal to him. He knew he had an hour, so he started to think about stuff he wanted to do so he could make the most of his prize and be as arousing to the crowd as possible. He sat on one of the cushions and told Dan to start licking his pits. Dan leaned over and started on his left one. Alex made him lick that side for about a minute before having him move to the other one. Everyone else gathered in a circle around Dan and Alex to watch the show. Some of them got comfortable and watched from the couch while the rest got on the floor, closer to the action. Before Dan could even finish with Alex's first pit, most of the guys began whacking off. They watched the show like they were in front the TV watching a porno flick. From everything I'd observed today, my theory about the nerd club had to be right. After what they've done so far, there's no way that this could be a group of straight guys.

I wanted so badly to tell Will that his club should be called "The Gay Science Club" but the repercussions of losing my cool could end up making things worse for both Dan and me. That got me to wonder if any of them ever did anything with each other. When Dan finished with Alex's pits, he had him do some long and exhausting rimming.

"Yeah, stick it up there" Alex cried.

As poor Dan had to rim Alex, I snuck into the dining room and called Paul.

It had been on my mind to do so, and right now, I knew I would have some time to explain to Paul what was happening and find out what the price for his silence and cooperation was going to be.

"Thanks for calling back so soon, my fellow football team mate," Paul intimated.

As I spoke to Paul, he was being pretty cocky. He hadn't even made the team yet and he was talking as if, what he had on Dan and I would guarantee his acceptance into the team.

"So I see you were using your new camera," I said.

"Yeah, I've taken some great pictures recently," he replied.

My stomach tuned into a knot as I knew exactly what he meant.

"Pictures of friends?" I asked

"I don't know," Paul said. "Are you a friend?"

"Sure," I said. "So, let's put the cards on the table shall we?"

"Sure," he agreed.

"Here's the thing," I explained. "Dan and I have to be Will's slave until our parents get back. It's a family matter, so please don't ask why. As you know, Dan and I had to suck-off all of the nerd club cocks. That's what you saw us doing by the pool. So, what is your silence going to cost?"

Paul called Will's science club `The Nerd Club' too, as did almost everyone else in school. He paused a moment and carefully let his conditions be known.

"Don't worry, I have every intention of deleting those pictures," Paul began. "The thing is... I've never done any of the things I saw you guys doing today. And... well... it looked like fun. I'm your friend and I don't want to miss out on all the fun you guys are having."

"Okay," I acknowledged. "I know what you're saying, and I think I'd probably want the same thing under the circumstances. Don't worry, I won't hold it against you, and I'm sure that Dan won't either."

"Oh, cool!" Paul said. "Thanks Stan."

"So, here's how it will work," I said, spelling out the rules for him. "You'll come over and join the party right now. Dan and I will take care of you personally. When we're done, you'll have to say that you have to leave, and that will be that. After that, Dan and I won't ever discuss it again and you will delete all those pictures. If you don't, and you keep a copy for any reason, and I find out about it, I promise you, you won't ever make the football team. Do you understand and accept these conditions?

"Yeah, good deal!" he responded. "Don't worry, I'll keep my promise, you have my word!"

When I got back to the living room, I was kind of shocked. Dan was lying on his back with his legs over Alex's shoulders and Alex was deep inside him, fucking away. I saw that a bottle of lotion was next to Dan. So the stakes had been raised once again.

I was becoming numb to all of this now. There was no doubt that I'd have a cock up my ass within the next hour. I actually sat next to Scott, trying to butter him up. I actually put my arm around him so he'd feel a sense of friendship for me. I hoped something like that might soften things up for me a little. I also noticed that he wasn't jerking off anymore. Some of the others still were, but I noticed that most of them who weren't, had cum on their chests.

Alex started to moan and really increase his speed. Then without notice, he pulled out and came all over the front of Dan's body. Alex sprayed Dan's face, chest, stomach, cock and balls, leaving him completely covered with cum.

Alex's hour was now up. All the other guys applauded and whistled their approval for his extraordinary display of sexual potency and virile masculinity.

Will immediately put Dan and I to work, finishing up round one.

First, he had me clean Dan by licking his body of all Alex's cum. So I crawled over to Dan and just started to lick. I started with his face and then worked my way down his chest, stomach and cock until I finally finished with Dan's cum drenched balls.

Then he had both Dan and I go over to Alex and take care of him. Just when I thought I had finished the clean up task, Will had us take care of all the other guys who had jacked off and cum on themselves. I was ready to kill my younger brother. I looked over at Will, and he gave me a look that told me I had better stay in line. So I went over to clean off Nate and Dan cleaned off Ed.

Will, hadn't cum yet and I think he was saving himself for something special that he hadn't told anyone about yet.

"Okay Scott," Will said, getting everyone's attention. "You're up!"

Just then, I heard the back door open and close. It was Paul coming in. I'll have to say, he had a lot more guts than I had given him credit for. We all watched as he came through the dining room, butt naked, with a hard on from here to morning.

I'm sure he undressed and left his cloths in our pool shack. I couldn't help but notice that he had the biggest cock of any of us. It must have been at least 8 inches long and as thick as a beer can. I guess that's why he entered hard. Everyone was really surprised to see him, even Dan.

"Hey everyone," I spoke up. "This is our neighbor and good friend, Paul. He's going to join the fun for a while."

"Hi guys," Paul said, greeting everyone at once.

"Hey!" everyone answered back in a cacophony of simultaneous voices.

Will looked pleased to see Paul come in, especially the way he came in. Paul was a year younger then Will. They used to be good friends when they were younger. They drifted apart as Paul became more of a jock and Will gravitated more toward the sciences. I guess it got to the point that Paul started feeling embarrassed hanging around Will. They kind of drifted apart after a while but they never stopped being friends.

I explained to Paul that I had to take care of Scott right now and I told him he could sit anywhere and start enjoying himself. I didn't know quite how to read Paul. This whole situation with him being here was really unexpected and I never thought about Paul in a sexual way before.

The only way I was going to get my mind wrapped around the fact that Paul was even here, right now, with that huge hardon, was to make myself believe that he was just young and horny and only wanted to fit in. But now that I see him in this light, I'm thinking that he could be gay too.

As I began my turn with Scott, he surprised me. He told me to get into a `69' position. At first, I thought he wanted me to do it with Dan, but he came over and got into the position with me.

I guess they all decided that they were going to let the cat, the rest of the way out of the bag. I will admit that this constant sex play, even for a str8 guy, was having an effect on me. So, yes, I was getting pretty horny and I did want to cum now. I just hope that Scott was going to let me.

End of Chapter #6

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