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Caught By Our Younger Brother

By Billy'sStories

Chapter #8

I didn't go for Paul's cock straight off as he may have thought I might. I started on his balls instead. As I licked away, Paul instantly got as hard as tempered steel as I watched his cock inflate to its maximum capacity. I understood his reaction completely. As I thought back to when I put my tongue on Ami's tits for the first time, it was the hottest moment of my life and I think Paul was having a similar experience right now.

So I licked his ball sack and even put each individual ball in my mouth as I got warmed up. I worked each one of his sensitive orbs around in my mouth for a few seconds, just to show him that there was more to giving a blowjob than just sucking on a cock.

Paul watched every move I made with disbelief as I worked my tongue up and down his shaft. His solid 8 inches of manhood towered in front of me like a Greek column of pure marble. I licked around his cock head for a while and then wrapped my lips around his shaft before I attempted to swallow as much of his cock down my throat as possible.

I was kind of shocked, yet happy that Dan decided to share the responsibility of servicing Paul. He joined in to help me out without being asked. He jumped right in and repositioned Paul's body by having him spread his legs farther apart right where he was standing as I continued my blowjob uninterrupted. Then, Dan got behind him and started licking his ass. As he did, I started to go as deep as I could on Paul's cock. I guess Dan was tonguing Paul pretty deeply because he started moaning in genuine ecstasy. I already knew that Paul was going to cum quickly since it was his virgin-busting first time with Dan and I coming at him from both directions.

Without being asked to, I began swallowing Paul's cum as he pumped his virgin load down my throat. I didn't swallow it all however. At the end, I put a little of it on one of my fingers. Then I stood up and put it near Paul's lips.

To my surprise, he opened his mouth and gently sucked his own cum off my finger. The sensation of having my finger sucked was oddly scintillating.

What Paul did next was even stranger. He pulled me close to him, opened his mouth and proceeded to do a well choreographed tongue dance with me. Even though this was completely unexpected and kind of stepping over the line for me, I found myself embracing it and returned a little tongue action of my own. In the spirit of fairness, Paul then did the same to Dan, and Dan opened up and took Paul's offering with equal humility.

I asked Dan if he would like to do the final cleaning, and he kneeled back down and sucked Paul's remaining cum right out of his cock. All during this time, Paul was uncharacteristically quiet and when Dan and I were finished with him, he finally let it all out.

"Guys, this was the best moment of my life!" he said with a slight quiver in his voice. "Thank you. You guys have no idea what this meant to me. Thank you, I mean, really, I can't thank you enough. What you just did was so fantastic, it's hard to believe. To have you two guys give me my very first blow job was more than I could ever have wished for. And you guys didn't just give me my first blowjob, you gave me my first ball licking, ass rimming, cock sucking, cum sharing, French kissing blow job. And to make it even better, it wasn't just from two hot hunks, and sexy neighbors, it was from my two team mates and friends. We are still friends aren't we?"

"Yeah Paul, we're still your friends," Dan assured him and then quickly changed the subject to avoid the awkward position Paul placed us in. "Lets just go for a swim, shall we? I'm sure that there's a spare swim suit in the shed that will fit you."

"I'll tell you what," Paul said, surprising both of us, "If you two have to go bare ass, I'll support you. I'll go naked with you!"

Then, without another word, the three of us headed out the back door and jumped into the pool. Just like before, it felt really good. I loved skinny dipping, although I felt more comfortable doing it when it was dark outside when no one could see. The water always felt good surrounding my cock and balls and slipping along my ass crack. I imagine that everyone who has ever skinny dipped would probably say the same thing.

"Hey Paul, we do have some extra swim suits," Will informed him.

"Yeah, that's okay," Paul smiled. "I like to skinny!"

Well, I guess that's all that had to be said because all of sudden, there were swim suits flying onto the deck from every direction. In less then a minute, everyone shed their suits and the pool got transformed into an all boys skinny dipping party. There was more floating testosterone in our pool than I thought could ever be possible, especially in the middle of the day like this. It really was quite a sight.

Sadly, Dan and I didn't get to enjoy the freedom of skinny dipping amongst the mass of all the other naked bathers. Will almost immediately ended up putting us back to work.

"Okay my slaves," Will rudely commanded us as he went over and lit the barbeque grill. "I want you two to go and get the burgers and stuff from the kitchen."

We went in and loaded up two large trays of food and brought them out to Will, who was hard at work attending the grill. Within the short couple of minutes that Dan and I were gone, everyone got out of the pool. This time, Dan and I weren't the only bare ass people roaming around our backyard. Everywhere we looked, there were naked guys standing around, waiting to enjoy the barbeque.

Dan and I sat next to each other as Will began passing out the burgers and hot dogs. Alex came over and sat on one side of me and Nate sat on the other side of Dan. As we were eating, I felt a hand start to play with my cock. It was definitely Alex. Dan started squirming around from having his cock played with as well. I can't speak for Dan, but I was starting to get used to having another guy touch my private boy bits. I was beginning to enjoy being played with when the thought of Ami came into my mind and I started to wonder what she might say about all the stuff that has been happening to Dan and me so far today.

Well, Alex could see after a few minutes that my breathing was increasing. He had something in mind for me and he leaned over to whisper it in my ear.

"When you're about ready to cum," Alex muttered. "I order you to stand up and spread your cum onto either a hamburger, or hot dog."

So, a few minutes later, to everyone's surprise, I stood up, grabbed a hot dog from the tray, and shot my hot creamy cum all over it. It was in a bun and all cooked so it was almost like putting mustard on it. Before I sat down, Dan jumped up and grabbed a hot dog too. I guess Nate told him to do the same thing.

"Cool!" Will laughed. "Those two dogs should taste extra sweet. Now switch them and eat each other's dog!"

I took Dan's hot dog and handed him mine.

"Okay, we switched them," I grumbled as Will started laughing at me.

"You're such a dummy," Will pointed out. "You two are twins. It's virtually the same cum!"

Everyone laughed, including Dan.

So, I had my first cum dog and it really was no big deal. Eating my own cum, eating Dan's cum or even eating someone else's cum wasn't bothering me any more at this point.

By the time we had all finished eating, it was dark outside. I started feeling a bit relieved knowing that the neighbors wouldn't be able to see us for the rest of the night. Our parents would have had a major stroke if they suspected that even one of us had skinny dipped while they were away. To call them `Super Prudes' would be making an understatement.

"Okay everybody," Will announced. "If everyone would please pitch in and clear the table and put the used plates and stuff on the trays and into the trash, we'll move on to our next surprise. We'll be serving desert in a few minutes. But before we do, we have a little entertainment planned for you first!"

Once the clean up was done and the table was cleared, Will dropped his next bombshell.

"Stan, Dan," Will instructed. "Get on the picnic table and do a good old `69' for the guys."

Everyone whooped, hollered and applauded their approval for the choice of entertainment.

End of Chapter #8

Comments about my stories are always welcome. Please send your e-mail responses to: gayniftystories@aol.com