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Caught By Our Younger Brother

By Billy'sStories

Chapter #9

I knew this was going to take a while, since Dan and I just creamed our hot dogs only fifteen minutes ago. While Dan and I were in the kitchen, finishing our clean-up detail, Will and his nerd club buddies were planning all kinds of stuff for Dan and me to do.

As instructed, Dan and I got on the table and got into our `69' position, sucking each other like we've been doing it all our lives. I could see the nerds from the corner of my eye start to stand up one by one as they started to find partners to join together with. Then I saw Ed and Scott pair off and take each other's hard cocks into their hands and really start going at it. I'm sure that all the other nerds that I couldn't see were probably doing the same thing.

As Dan and I sucked away, Will would say one single word to us like `balls', and we would start licking until he barked another order. It was as if he were holding a remote control in his hands, changing our channels at will. After we had each other's balls in our mouths a while, Will would have us go back to sucking again. Then after a minute or so of that, he had us `rim'. Dan and I somehow pushed our legs back over each other's head so we could rim each other in a `69' style.

As Dan and I got heavily into our rimming session, I felt a warm, wet sensation hit my side. A few seconds later, three more additional blasts hit me as it slowly started to drizzle down my back. Our rimming display had done the trick for almost everyone as they all started popping their loads, one after another in a domino effect, dumping their loads on Dan and me as if we were a pair of cum sluts.

"Cum the way you guys did this morning," Will said excitedly. "Shoot it into each other's mouths so everyone could watch your grand finale."

Of coarse, Will made us do the cum clean-up. He ordered us to clean off the nerds first. We did two nerds each, then Dan was nice and did Will, the odd man out. We got pats on the back and even some thanks from the guys as a show of appreciation. When we finished that, Dan and I had to clean each other. Wow did we have a lot of cum on us. It was a lot to have to lick off, but we somehow managed. If I were doing this for the first time, I would have never made it.

"I don't know about you guys, but I'm going to jump back in the pool," Ed exclaimed.

As soon as his body hit the water, everyone, including Dan and I, followed him in. I was enjoying being naked in the pool now that we were shrouded in darkness, having only a tiny bit of moonlight to illuminate our activities. Dan and I needed the time off and be `normal' guys for at least a few minutes, that is, if you can call swimming naked with Will's nerd squad `normal'.

Will had everyone pile out of the pool once he suggested we break for dessert. We dried off and everyone stayed naked as we all headed into the kitchen. Will made Dan and I dish out the ice cream and Paul helped us make everyone a hot fudge sundae.

"Hey guys," Will said, getting everybody's attention. "Would you like to see what Dan and Stan were doing before bed last night?"

A resounding `yes', came from all the guys sitting around the kitchen table. They were all curious about what we did and how it could possibly be any hotter that all the stuff that Will had been making us do in front of everyone so far today.

I actually had to think for a second about what Will was even talking about. Then, right there in the middle of the kitchen, Dan grabbed me and intimately hugged me. As he did so, it slowly started to come back to me. This time, instead of doing it in bed, we were standing up. We started grinding our cocks against each other and locked lips in a seriously sensual make out session. The room fell silent and we started getting into it so deep, that when Will spoke to us, it shattered our reverie.

"Tongues," Will commanded, and Dan and I re-enacted our French kiss together.

I was glad he only made us do it for about three minutes, I wanted my ice cream. Once Dan and I and everyone else finished their ice cream, Will, once again, upped the anti.

"Fuck Fest in the living room!" Will said as he motioned us to change rooms.

Well, Will was really coming close to crossing the line with Dan and me. Our poor butts were proudly still virginal until today. Some guys let their girlfriends shove their fingers in their asses and experiment around with stuff like that, but Dan and I never did that. In fact, it never even crossed our minds to do so. Will did make one small concession for Dan and me however. It was something that I hoped would make things go a little easier for us for the next couple of hours.

"Dan and Stan are your fuck toys to do with as you will," Will explained. "However, if you should decide you'd rather be the catcher than the pitcher, you can order Dan or Stan to fuck you instead!"

"Hey guys," Scott suggested. "You should let one of them fuck you and let the other one blow you. That way, you'll be getting the best of both worlds!"

My theory had now been proven right. It was now abundantly clear that Will's entire science club membership was as gay as a two dollar bill.

"Before you all begin, it's my turn right now," Will revealed. "I get to have the top prize for screwing with my brothers for the last twenty-four hours. I'm going to fuck Dan, and suck on Stan's cock at the same time."

Then he came over and smacked Dan and I on our asses and laughed.

Will went and got some cream for the asses and lube for the cocks. Then Dan got down on all fours, with his ass in the air, and Will got behind him and started probing Dan's ass with one finger. He did that for a couple of minutes, adding another finger every couple of minutes until he had all three fingers deep in Dan's ass. Dan was moaning the whole time, keeping everyone aroused as they watched Dan and their host, Will, run the show.

"Don't worry Dan," Will softly said. "I promise to go easy."

Will did keep his word and pushed into Dan very slowly. He rested for a minute when his balls reached Dan's ass so he could become accustomed to the intrusion. Then, he slowly started to fuck him. Will was displaying a kind of tenderness that he hadn't shown either of us since this whole ordeal began. He told me to come over next, so I straddled Dan and faced Will. As hard as it is to believe, I was already hard as a rock. Will respectively fucked away on Dan's ass as he started to suck me off with a genuine expertise and know-how that no one else here at the party seemed to possess. Will licked my balls like he'd been schooled by a professional and he even had me turn around once to demonstrate and proper way to rim someone. I was mad as hell at Will but I was gaining new respect for his knowledge of the fine art of boy on boy sex, something I had no interest in not too very long ago.

All of us had just shot our loads of cum outside by the pool a half hour ago, so it took a while for us to gather up enough momentum to cum again.

Well, I'm ashamed to admit it, but when Will finally unloaded into Dan's ass, it brought me over the edge with such force that I fired my load into Will's mouth without warning. He surprised me by swallowing it down as fast as I could pump it into him. Will was actually quiet for a few minutes as he lay motionless on the carpet to recover. As sweet as it was, it was all over too quickly.

"Ed, you choose one and Scott gets the other one," Will said as he coldly returned to the tyrannical way he'd been treating us all day.

Ed chose me and I asked him how he wanted it.

"I want a blow job with the works," Ed requested so, off I went, licking, sucking balls and rimming.

Scott chose to send his dick up Dan's ass.

"Do you want me to do some fingering first before I go in?" Scott asked Dan.

"Just grease me up real good," Dan said.

Before he did that, Scott had Dan suck him first until he was good and hard. Then Scott greased up Dan's ass and slid it in nicely, just like Will had done.

I was lucky that Alex was the one to take my cherry. He was considerate and fingered me first, taking his time to ensure that I felt the least amount of pain possible. Once he had prepared me, Alex had a semi erection and made me suck it to a full erection before he slid it to me. He did go slowly, but it hurt like hell. I was kind of moaning with pleasure and groaning with pain, all at the same time. I was actually happy it was Alex and not Scott doing me. Dan was lucky that Will stretched him out before Scott sent that big dick up his ass.

I was on my back with my legs over Alex's shoulders. After he got a steady pace going, I recognized the signs of him getting close. He leaned down while still fucking me and started to make out. He kept at it, kissing me and fucking me until I felt my ass fill with cum for the first time.

Nate was next. I did the complete package on Nate and he returned the favor by playing with my cock and balls as I serviced him. Halfway through his blow job, he told me to stop. He grabbed the cream and spread some on my finger. As he did that, I looked over and saw that Paul had decided to get a blow job from Dan. For the brief moment I watched the two of them, I could see that Dan was having a real hard time getting Paul's eight inches into his mouth. Then, I saw Nate reach around and spread some cream on Paul's asshole. Then he had me resume my blow job. As I did so, he had me slowly push a single finger up into Paul's ass. What went through my mind was, `better my finger then my tongue'. I tried to share my attention between giving Nate a good blow job and giving Paul that extra stimulation with my finger.

I was trying to think about how many loads of cum I had put down my throat today just as Nate fired his hot load into me.

"Don't swallow it," Nate said just before he creamed me. "Show it to me. I want to see it. I want to see all of it. I want to taste it. I want you to feed it to me!"

Then he started to make out with me. He began sucking the very cum he had just creamed me with, right out of my mouth as I continued to finger Paul's ass. Nate was by far the kinkiest guy here at the party. He actually wanted to see and taste his own cum and he got very aroused knowing I was adding to Paul's pleasure while servicing him.

I felt Paul's ass muscle squeeze my finger as he sprayed his load into Dan's mouth.

I removed my finger and turned to see that Paul must have told Dan to do the same thing as us and started making out with Dan.

I was glad that Nate was nice to me. I had fun giving Nate his blow job since he made it interesting for me.

Well, round one was over. I had no idea what else Will was going to subject us to and I was getting tired and thirsty. I was growing weary of this sex marathon that Will was putting us through. This was all a bit much to take, especially when you consider Dan and I were boy-sex virgins just a little over twenty-four hours ago.

End of Chapter #9

Comments about my stories are always welcome. Please send your e-mail responses to: gayniftystories@aol.com