** Caught **

Chapter 1
by Erik Johnson
eMonster24769 on yahoo

Disclaimer: The following story is fiction. Fiction means it never happened. While some of the characters are based loosely around some people I've known in life, you can't guess who they are because all the names, even mine, and places are made up. The first two chapters of this story got long, I promise to try and write shorter chapters from now on. This story starts out as incest, but it's hardly all incest. Also this story, surprise surprise has gay sex in it, if that's not your thing then click here.

One morning during Christmas vacation when I was 13, I woke up at around 8 in the morning with the urgency to piss. I climbed out of bed and headed for the bathroom in my boxers, my morning wood pointing the way. I had learned by trial and error that the simple solution to the problem about to be at hand was to just open the door of the shower and let it fly, as this was far easier than pointing the rigid pole downward at the toilet. I often wondered how they expected you to do this in such a state...stand on your head? After the last of the stream dwindled and stopped I sat down on the thrown to begin stage 2. Realizing it was way too early to be awake and that none of my friends would be awake for hours I decided to go back to bed when I finished up. I knew just how to get back to sleep at this point.

Returning to my room, I left the door open as our house was old and my room tended to be cold in the winter, even though we lived in Arizona it was still cold on winter mornings. By this time of the morning I was always alone in the house. I grabbed the stereo remote and selected Depeche Mode Violator which I had discovered to be the most excellent music for the task I was about to complete. I dropped my boxers to the floor and climbed back into bed. I gave myself a few playful strokes to re-energize the morning wood. Once I was warm again and hard again I pushed back the covers and closed my eyes and let my mind go as my hand also went, taking me to a place I loved to go. A few minutes into the task I stopped and reached between my bed and the wall to locate some slippery hand lotion I kept there for just such purpose. I had learned all about jerking off from the internet, even what was best to use for lube, to make it all the better.

A few minutes later eyes once again closed and back to the task I suddenly was startled by a shriek followed by my mother exclaiming "Erik!". She didn't stay to talk, she simply dropped the clean cloths she was delivering on the hall floor and exited... stage right. I sighed and wondered why she was home. Finally I closed my door and finished the task although it wasn't as much fun at this point. As predicted I was able to sleep again and did so until around 11.

After I woke back up I found the pile of clothing in the hall and decided it was best to pick it up and put it away. I hid in my room for awhile but my stomach finally would no longer allow me to ignore it and I ventured off to the kitchen hoping my mom would have calmed down and not say anything. I found I was now alone in the house and was rejoicing that maybe the matter would just be dropped.

I got out of the house and went over to a friends, figuring the longer I could postpone seeing my mom the better off I would be. The rest of the day passed uneventfully. Dinner with my mom and stepdad passed by with only normal small talk and I figured I might be home free.

Later that night around 10 there was a knock at my bedroom door and after quickly hiding the chat room I was in on the net I called out 'open and enter'. My stepdad came in and sat down on the edge of my bed. He was silent for awhile and I finally managed to say 'let me guess, mom sent you?' he nodded and finally formed words, 'Erik what you were doing isn't wrong, it's just something you don't let you mom catch you doing, or anyone for that matter..... it's ummm just something to be really private about' long silence came next. Finally I said 'I know, I'm sorry... I had no idea she didn't go to work today' he told me they were both aware of how it happened but to just make sure I closed the door in the future. I figured the conversation was over and had already realized it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be.

My stepdad didn't leave tho... finally he said 'ummm from what your mom told me, I've just got to ask. she, ummm, described something that's, ummmm, shall we say huge for a boy your age'. I actually felt my face turn hot and red, this was something I didn't know how to respond to and I guess the embarrassment gene kicked in. As I said before I was 13; average looking, jet black hair, really dark skin around 5'9 and 145#; but I had figured out or at least I thought I had, that I was far ahead of my friends in the cock dept. I had never compared with any of my friends, but from chatting online and peeking at school urinals, I did have the idea that I was indeed big for my age. At this point in time I really hadn't even seen another guy fully hard in person tho, but I did have some clue my friends didn't have what I did. Nor at this point did I think of myself as gay or bi. I guess my mind did wander while I was jerking off to a lot of my friends and I often wondered what they looked like hard, but so far I really had no experience, just what I had learned in teen chat rooms, and yea I had considered all forms of sex to some degree, but hadn't labeled myself I guess due to no experience.

As the discussion went on it became apparent my stepdad wanted to see. He said from what he had heard I may well have a bigger dick than him, and that he has some curiosity. I said no, but eventually agreed that if he showed then so would I, as I was indeed curious also. I supposed due to lack of experience I wasn't hard at all at this point. We had a pretty silly discussion about who was to go first and finally ended it by deciding to stand in front of each other and match each other in actions. I was actually nervous at this point to the point of shaking but somehow we managed to expose our selves to each other. I suppose it was the nervousness but I stayed soft and he was about half hard as we got to the final point of exposure. All he could say as my dick came into view was `WOW'. Soft I was about 5" and I was thick and just under 7.5" when hard. He finally said "My god Erik, you are huge for your age." He was fully hard and like 6" by now, I already knew I was indeed bigger than he was. He urged me to touch myself and let him see it hard. At this point I figured why not and complied with his request. While I was energizing the bunny he commented that he had never before realized I was uncut. After some profuse praise on his part he was getting dressed and was soon gone.

After the door was closed I went back to the chat room and saw one of my online friends there that I had chatted on an off with for a year or so. I told him about what had just happened in a private chat outside the chat room. He said 'holy shit dude you got me fucking rock hard.' I admitted I hadn't gone down either. He told me that he had been secretly spying on his dad when he was in the shower or changing but never got to see much. He told me I was lucky and laughed that a 13 year old was bigger than his stepdad. He asked if I was ever going to try and see my stepdad's dick again and I said 'I don't know' even tho at that point I knew I wanted to, but really doubted it would happen. We talked more about dicks and size and stuff and although we didn't really do what I later learned to call 'jack-n-chat' I did indeed jack and cum before the chat was over. He probably did too, but we never announced it to each other. I did find out for the first time in that chat that he was like 5" hard and also found out he really didn't believe how big my dick was. I think he believed I was bigger than my stepdad but figured I was exaggerating.

I finally went to bed and again had another very long jerk off session, and this time I was happy to be in bed so I could use my hand cream. The entire time I was stroking the only thing I could think about was my stepdad's hard cock. It took awhile as I had cum not long before but finally I was done and soon fast asleep.

I woke up the next morning to a really strange sensation; my stepdad was sitting on the edge of my bed giving me a back massage that honestly felt heavenly. He had rubbed my back before it never felt like this. As the fog cleared from my head I remember thinking how am I going to do this... I have to pee but I don't want him to stop. It also occurred to me I was naked and thought he was going to have a problem with that caz at the point I really didn't know that sleeping nude was an ok thing to do. Soon enough tho I realized that although I was still covered up below the waist his fingers were dipping low enough that he had to realize that I had nothing on. Finally I managed to say 'thank you that felt really really good but I have to pee really really bad... so thanks'. I figured that would make him get up and leave but he didn't. he finally said 'go pee, I'll wait... your moms at work and I want to talk to you about some stuff' I figured oh well he already saw it so I got out of bed and his first comment was something about being naked in bed, I said 'I'm sorry I didn't mean to I just umm fells asleep like that' he said don't worry you can choose to sleep that way if you like, just be sure and close the door so your mother doesn't accidentally see you uncovered.' I said something like 'umm ok' and went off to the bathroom totally confused about what was happening but hard as a rock from it.

After getting the piss out, my dick had gone down a little but was still pretty hard. It had gone down enough tho that my skin covered the head again, and I headed back to my room. I found my stepdad sitting almost as he had been but his cloths were in a pile on the floor except his titey whities which he always wore, they were tented unlike I had ever seen them before. He said come and sit, I need to teach you some things and I figured we could do this best undressed, at which point he stood and dropped his briefs. He sat back down and said 'do you have any questions you want to ask about anything'. At that point I finally got a full explanation of cut and uncut for the first time in my life. I knew most of it, but had never really quite put it all together. He asked if I knew how to properly wash under the skin and I said yea my uncle told me to do that when I was like 6 or 7. I never knew my dad; he died in a motorcycle accident just before I was born. My uncle had little bits of 'the talk' with me from time to time, and my stepdad was pretty much always my stepdad but he had never really before talked to me about this stuff. I guess he figured I was too young. My stepdad also apparently didn't know I was uncut before and I guessed my uncle did.

During the explanation of foreskin my stepdad had me lie back down and he again resumed the massage. I was totally uncovered this time tho and he did my legs and feet also and gave me feelings I never felt before. I had never felt touch like this before and had no idea why or how this could feel so good. At some point he nudged me to rollover and even though I though it was weird I did. I had never gotten a front massage before. As he rubbed my front side he talked about my bush and dick and how he couldn't believe what I had. Even said things like I don't know how you kept that secret from me. Shit I didn't know it was something you told your stepdad. As the conversation died off I closed my eyes. I really had no idea it was coming but suddenly my hard penis felt like it never had before. I opened my eyes and was in disbelief. He was sucking me. I had heard about blowjobs before but I never really believed in it. I always thought no one would put a penis in their mouth, that's gross. But omg my mind changed fast. After awhile I said you better stop, but he just kept going and the next thing I knew I was having the biggest cum I had ever had in my life and he was eating it all.

When I finally came back down he said would you like to touch mine? I didn't even think twice I just took it and began rubbing it the way I liked to rub mine. He laid back and before long I figured why not, he did it to me it can't be that bad and I began to suck his cock like he had done mine. He cummed really fast and before long had recovered and he said go take a shower. When your done get dressed and let's go to Wendy's because I'm really hungry, and so was I. In the shower, the taste of cum was still in my mouth and I remember thinking about it having an odd but not gross taste.

The ride to food was quiet pretty much. At the table we talked of things unrelated, I actually don't even know what. For the first time I think I really looked at my stepdad. I knew he was 45, but he didn't seem as old looking as other friends parents did. Maybe it was because I saw him everyday, maybe it was because he was in better shape than most. He was a technician for a cell phone company and did a lot of tower climbing which I knew was not real easy. He had dark brown hair that he kept cut pretty short. I don't know how tall he was but he was I know he was 4 or 5 inches taller than me, probably making him something like 6'2". I silently wondered if the lessons were over or if he had more to tell. I could tell that I was half hard and as I thought about it my mind went right to an image of my stepdad's naked boner. I wondered if he was soft now and wondered what he looked like in that state. My mind wandered as I tried to dream up ways to see him naked when he wouldn't know I was watching. His cell phone rang and I knew he was talking but my mind was so deep in thought I didn't actually hear a word. Next thing I knew I saw him waving his hand at me and saying "Earth to Erik, are you there?" I half smiled as we stood up, taking our trash and putting it where it goes. I remember noticing the grease stains on the swinging door that said 'Thank You' and for some reason my mind changed those grease stains into cum spatter.

In the car my stepdad said, "I need to drop you off at home, there is a tower down and no one can figure it out, the systems won't restart". I said OK as I felt the warm sun penetrating through my shorts and bringing life between my legs. I think I was kind of wishing we were going back home together to do some more of what we had been doing. My stepdad finally said "did you enjoy this morning?" I shook my head yes, and he replied "good because I was hoping you might be willing to talk some more". I stayed silent and he finally continued "I haven't done sexual things with other boys since High School, but I want you to know I hope we have just found a common interest that we can explore together." He went on to say a lot more that I don't remember all of exactly but the meaning was sex between two people is meant to be private and as long as they both agreed to what was happening it wasn't a bad thing, but that sex was private and that I shouldn't tell. He also went on about how religion and society cast sex that wasn't plain vanilla sex between a man and woman as being wrong, but that things in real life and behind closed doors were different and that we would talk more about this later. I really didn't say much, but my boner told him a lot, and I know he was aware I had one.

When I got back to my room, I went to chat on the net because I had nothing better to do. Jon, my friend I had been chatting with last night was in the chat room, and no sooner than I had gotten the room opened up a private chat from Jon popped up saying "wassup BIG boy?"

eMonster (me): lol
jman: I not stop thinkn about last nights conv
eMonster: lol.. glad ur small mind has sumthin in it.
jman: lol
jman: hey now im not that small
eMonster: lol... wasn't trying to say THAT i was messn with ya
jman: honestly tell me plz how BIG r u really???????????????????????

I was slowly catching on that this chat was about dick size and now I knew it for sure.

eMonster: i told u last night
jman: i know what u said i just want to know the truth
jman: caz ur either lyin about ur age or ur size
jman: and i seen ur pic so im thinkn its not the age thats wrong
eMonster: im not lying dude
jman: BS
jman: no kid our age has got that
eMonster: believe what u want not like I can prove it
jman: grrr i know

I didn't type anything for awhile because I had to pee and went to do it. I was boned stiff again too. I let it fly into the shower again and when I was done I went and stood in front of the tall mirror on the back of the door. I pushed my shorts and boxer briefs down and they dropped to my ankles. I stood there really looking at myself in a way that I really hadn't done before. Did I really have a huge dick for a guy my age? I had to admit it did look nice. The bushy thick black patch of hair around my cock, interesting word...never thought about it before...it is my COCK, had my attention just now. I had never really paid this kind attention to the bush before. I got my comb and started to comb through it. My fingers touching myself. After a while I laid the comb down, stepped out of my shorts and boxer briefs still at my ankles and pulled off my shirt. I grabbed my cloths and carried them back to my room. It really felt horny to be naked.

Getting back to my room I realized I forgot about my chat.

jman: dude u got me hard
jman: i must be homo haha
jman: r u there
jman: talk to ME!!
jman: BUZZ! (note: my computers sound was off or I might have heard these BUZZ things in the bathroom)
jman: BUZZ!
jman: are u mad at me? TALK dammit
eMonster: sorry dude i went to piss an no im not mad at u
jman: dude uv been gone for HOURS what else u do in ther...lol
eMonster: not what you think...lol...but I did comb my hair..lol
jman: lol..pretty boi
eMonster: DUDE
jman: i got a q?
eMonster: no I didn't lie...but there is noway for me to prove it
jman: ummm no not that
jman: well kinda but
eMonster: what then
jman: first this one r u gay?
eMonster: actually i never thought about it til today
eMonster: i dont know what i am
jman: i never told u i dont think but i am
eMonster: what?
jman: gay...i like dicks..yup im a HOMO
eMonster: WOW... um how do u know?
jman: i dunno
jman: i messed around with my cuzn b4
eMonster: messed around?
jman: yea u know...makn each other cum
eMonster: oh
eMonster: wow
jman: wanna know a secret?
eMonster: then it wouldnt be a secret anymore..
jman: i dont care
jman: i sucked his dick
jman: and he sucked mine
eMonster: OMG
jman: yea
jman: and i have a confession
jman: i wanna see ur dick
jman: and suck it

I just stared at the screen. I couldn't type. I was hard as hell, so hard it hurt. here I was naked in my room. sure I'd had a few chats before that got into sex, but nothing like this. I played with my foreskin pulling it back and pushing it up. it felt really good. my mind went back to Jon tho and I realized I wasn't typing.

eMonster: wow omg
jman: would you let me?
eMonster: if you were here maybe
eMonster: hey brb gotta do something
jman: lol like i can imagine
jman: u gonna go jack off right?
eMonster: no just hold up brb

What was on my mind right now is that I knew I had a pic of Jon somewhere on my computer and I wanted to see again what he looked like. We had traded pics like a really long time ago. I kind of remembered him with semi-dark skin and light brown hair, but I need to see again. I minimized the chat and actually X'd out the chat room because I wasn't watching it anyway. Then I opened windows exploder (hehe... my name for it) and went looking for Jon. Didn't take me long to find it. Actually I had three pics of him, for some reason I only remembered one. He was good looking, I guess hot even, and he didn't really look gay at all. Then I wondered to myself what does gay look like? Do I look gay? I had to admit all these thoughts in the last 24 hours had me wondering some things... and Jon did have me hard as hell. or did I have myself hard as hell?? going back to my chat...

jman: don't do it without me (he said this while it was minimized)
eMonster: back
eMonster: don't do what
jman: CUM dude, don't cum without me
eMonster: LOL not like it makes a differnce (so I was new at jack-n-chat...I had no idea)
jman: now I know why u picked that s/n
eMonster: huh..why?
jman: caz if ur dicks as big as you say then you are ERIK MONSTER duh!
eMonster: lol...that actually has nothing to do with it
jman: then why?
eMonster: ive told you before I think
eMonster: it was from an online star wars game I used to play
jman: oh yea
jman: i forgot about that
jman: well now it has new meaning
eMonster: lol yea i see ur point
jman: wish I could see UR POINT..lol

Damm, I was starting to get annoyed with him, but at the same time I was kind of enjoying it. and so was my dick... I mean MY COCK, my god I thought I was hard a lot before, you know most teens are I guess, but this was new, I had been hard as a rock more in the last 24 hours than I think I usually was. I realized then I hadn't told Jon anything about this morning at all.

eMonster: well your miles and miles away...so maybe you should just jerk off and forget it.
jman: dude u have no idea how hard i am...
jman: are u?
eMonster: kind of (lying a little, i was boned stiff)
jman: im jerking off right now wishing I could see urs
......long pause....
jman: ok i made up my mind
eMonster: made up you mind about what?
jman: 1st promise me were still gonna be friends just like always
eMonster: lol... like it will make a differnce... of course were still gonna be friends... did I stop talking when you said you were a fag?
jman: ouch
jman: never mind then
eMonster: spill it dude
jman: im not sure if i should
jman: you know too much
jman: first tho, are you gay?
eMonster: dude i don't know...all i've ever done with a guy happaned last night and today and ive never even kissed a girl...so I don't know
jman: TODAY? TODAY? what happaned today? you didnt tell me that
eMonster: um nothing
jman: no tell me
eMonster: later ok? I wanna know what you made up ur mind about
jman: oh yea.. but i dunno if I should say
eMonster: Dammit tell me...or I'm getting off chat
jman: NOOOOOOO don't leave
eMonster: spill it already then
jman: um ok, but remember you promised
eMonster: yes I promised, I won't stop talken to you..now spill it
jman: chill this is hard to do
eMonster: why, it's not like I can punch you for saying something wrong to me
jman: uggggggg ur making this harder
eMonster: I won't stop talking to you....get it OUT
jman: i sorta lied to you
eMonster: what about being gay?
jman: NOOOOOO a long long time ago

Now I was lost. I had no idea what he was talking about. Nor did I really care; I really kind of wanted to just turn the computer off and go lie on my bed. It felt so much better with hand cream and I was busting to the point I was leaking and the keyboard was getting kind of messy because ever time I stopped typing my hands would go to rub..

eMonster: what are you talking about?
jman: remember when we first chatted and the traded pics of ourselves?
eMonster: yea... and I still have the ones of you... in fact I looked at them a few minutes ago
jman: well i mean um the pics i sent aren't me
eMonster: oh
jman: there my cuzn
eMonster: oh
eMonster: why?
....long pause...
jman: just remember we are still gonna be friends right?
eMonster: Yes Jon...now why did you send ur cuzn... u embaressed what u look like or somethen (my bone was now going down)
jman: um no...it's just..um oh god this is hard
eMonster: dammit get this over with
jman: ok ok
jman: i had to do that
jman: bcuz u sent urs first...
eMonster: what?
jman: i lied because i didn't want you to know who i really am
eMonster: ok im confuzd
jman: i live in piedmonte estates too
eMonster: wait.. u live in FL.. and I never told you..
jman: yea i know but you HATE me
eMonster: wait...huh?
eMonster: i don't hate you, i promised you i wouldn't remember
eMonster: and how did you know the name of my sub-division?
jman: dude? don't u get it
jman: i know who you are

This was starting to get creepy. I had no clue what he was trying to tell me. Also his reference to my sub-division had me baffled, I never told anyone that, most I ever said was I lived outside Phoenix, I never even mentioned my town because most people have never heard of it anyway. I was creeped out and my boner was gone, leaving a sticky mess of precum in my black pubes.

eMonster: I don't get it
.....long pause...
eMonster: what did i miss?
jman: your name is Erik Johnson and you live not even a half mile from me
eMonster: WHAT?
jman: lol you can read
eMonster: yea i know...but who are you?
jman: remember you promised not to get mad

Actually I was starting to get really mad, but I realized if I said I was that I wasn't going to find out who this was. I now was figuring things out tho, and wondered who this was and why he had lied to me for what, a year or more I think.

eMonster: yea i promised, but who are u?
jman: names jake...does that help
eMonster: not Jon?
jman: no jake

I could think of 3 Jake's... I knew it wasn't 2 of them and that left...

eMonster: jake rippey?
jman: BINGO you win
eMonster: wtf?
eMonster: how did you...what the...
jman: after you sent your pic to me I knew if I sent you mine then we would never ever talk again, just like we don't at school... i'm sorry
eMonster: your right and now i really HATE YOU
jman: not so fast...remember you promised
eMonster: yea but that was b4 I found i know you
jman: yea the point IS... you don't know me, well you do know who I am
jman: and you do know me...i'm ur friend JON that you talk to everynight
jman: that parts not a lie. well my name was, but still
....long pause...
jman: don't you get it? we are better friends than you realize
....long pause...
jman: Erik please talk to me
eMonster: I don't know what to say

I was now getting really cold and got up to get dressed, I was no longer in any kind of horny mood at all. I left the screen on tho.

jman: erik please talk to me?
jman: erik im real sorry
jman: i didn't want to lie to you anymore
jman: thats why i told you
jman: please remember u promised

Thinking things through this had taken a turn. I had no idea what to do. I couldn't just ignore him but I hated Jake Rippey. Well at least I thought I did. He was right; I did ignore him at school. He wasn't very popular, nor was he in my crowd. What crowd did he run in? I couldn't think, most of the time I guessed I saw him hanging with Sarah Evans, a kinda chunky and very un-popular girl. Now that I think about it I really didn't know much about Jake, but wait... maybe I did, after all I had been talking to "Jon" for at least a year. After I was dressed I went back over to my computer and pulled up the minimized windows of "Jon's" pics. yea I guess that could be Jake's cousin, I could see a resemblance. Why did it have to be Jake Rippey tho? and why did I have to tell him as much as I had in the last day?

eMonster: yea i guess i did promise
jman: yea
eMonster: dude you can't tell anyone what i talked about last night
jman: DUH.. and you can't tell anyone I told you i'm gay either
eMonster: oh yea ( I guess the score was kinda even we did have something on each other)
jman: so is it true?
eMonster: is what true?
jman: your dick? r u really 7.5?
eMonster: um yea...
jman: you know why I told you the truth don't you?
eMonster: i jus figured it out (light bulb goes off in head, and i feel my limp dick waking up)
jman: is ur parents home
eMonster: actually no
jman: can i come over then?
eMonster: now?
jman: no in 2 weeks....of course now. DUH
eMonster: yea i guess
jman: be there in 5

As soon as that last line popped up his screen name was signed out. What had I just gotten myself into? I was actually kind of dreading this. I didn't want to be friends with him. But wait, I was friends with him, well online friends anyway. How could this happen? But it did; and he was going to be at my house in a few minutes.

DING. DONG. Damm it only took him 2 minutes. I left my bedroom, and headed for the door. I stopped in the bathroom and looked in the mirror. I brushed my hair, the hair on my head; my other hair was covered up now. heh, I looked in the long mirror and thought to pull my t-shirt out and down, because you could tell I was starting to tent. Why was I getting hard? Why did I just brush my hair for him? DINGDONG. DINGDONG. DINGDONG. and damm could he lay off that damm doorbell. Now I was remembering his hyperness, maybe why I avoided him, He did everything in hyper-mode.

I got to the door and opened it. Yup, it was Jake Rippey. I stood there looking at him, from head to toe. I hadn't really paid attention to him a lot lately. He was about the same height as me, 5'9, heavier than I was but not really fat, he had dark brown hair with fake hi-lites that I had never noticed before. I didn't know what to say and just kind of stood there looking at him. I guess he was doing the same thing to me, because neither one of us moved or said anything we just kind of stared at each other. Finally he moved and started coming in. I moved out of the way and closed the door after he was in. But I still just stood there speechless. Not really sure what to do or say. Finally, I said it's sorta not fair that you've been Jon for a year and I've been me. I've maybe said stuff I wouldn't say to you. He admitted that he didn't intend for it to go on like that, but once he started the lie he found it really hard to get out of it. We stood in the hall and talked for maybe 5 more minutes and the mood had lightened up a lot. We were both laughing some actually. Then I said "hey you want a coke, I'm thirsty and then we can go out back." He asked if coke was all we had and followed me to the garage refrigerator where he ended up getting a Mountain Dew and I ended up with Code Red. I started for the backdoor, but he stopped me and said "can I see your room, I've wanted to for a year actually." That statement pissed me off kinda but I hid my anger. I didn't say anything but I just lead the way. When we got to my room, he stopped and looked around. Then he saw his cousin's picture on my computer screen and said "hey that's my cousin, how do you know him?" I admit that even made me laugh.

I let him have the chair and I set on my bed. We talked about different stuff for awhile; I really have no idea how long. I was getting less mad as time went on, Jake wasn't so bad. He was a lot different than he was in 4th grade which is the last time I really remember even hearing him talk. Suddenly he asked what time my parents got home, and I looked at the clock, "my mom in like an hour and my stepdad I don't know." Then he said, "Whats your stepdad look like, I don't even think I've ever seen him." I stood up and leaned over him to the computer and clicked a few times and had a face pic of my stepdad up on the screen in no time. Jake commented he looked good for a parent, and added that his dad was pretty fat from beer drinking and asked about my stepdad's weight. I told I'm him not really sure and told him he climbed cell phone towers a lot, so I guessed he was in pretty good shape. Then I remembered last nights chat and asked him flat out if he really tried to spy on his dad naked. He explained he really didn't have the chance but that he like to look at naked men with big dicks on the net and fantasize sometimes that they were his dad. I laughed at that, and said what is it about you and big dicks? He raised his eyebrows at that and said "maybe I'm a size queen" and then flipped his eyebrows up and down. I tried to let that drop, but my hormones didn't, I noticed a stirring in my pants.

I guess that broke the ice, because the next thing Jake said was "wanna do it like you and your stepdad did last night?" I was like what ware you talking about? and he said "let's strip at the same time, I want to see this dick of yours, I don't believe it's a 7.5er. I laughed and said "gee we hardly know each other" and he replied "dude, we have talked every night for like a year and a half." I argued with him about how long it had been that we had been chatting, I thought it was more like a year. Turns out he really hadn't told the truth there either, he had been using a different screen name at first, and changed to jman without telling me he was the same person, but he didn't actually know it was me, until after he changed to that one. I told him the whole thing really wasn't fair and he was like "ok, I'm sorry...your right it wasn't, but do you think we can get over it and be friends?" I stared at him and then smiled and said "I guess I don't have a choice" and we both laughed.

Not really sure how it happened but we ended up at that point wrestling on my floor, I was stronger than he was but he had a weight advantage. Finally we broke up and just laid there next to each other panting. Then he started laughing and I was like "what?" and he says "were panting like we just cummed and so far I haven't even seen the thing, I did feel it press into me once or three times tho and I don't think your lying anymore. I laid back and closed my eyes trying to decide if I wanted to go through with this. My mind was saying no, but my body was saying other things. I took too long to decide tho, because before I could open my eyes I could feel his hand on my pants feeling me up. I didn't stop him, I just laid there. When I sighed in content, I guess he took it as permission to go further because the next thing I knew he was undoing my pants. I let him go and when he got them open and pulled back my boxer briefs all he said was "WOW". The second person in 24 hours to have that reaction, except this time I was already hard and last night I had revealed it soft.

I let him touch and feel for a couple minutes and I admit that it felt good. My mind went to his dick tho, and I wondered what his was like. I sat up and he protested, I didn't say anything I just pushed him backward rather forcefully and when he was flat my hand landed on his bulge. Feeling it up I could tell that indeed I was a lot bigger, but I wanted to see. So like he had done to me I started to undo his belt. I had to move to where I was straddling his legs with one knee on either side near his knees because I was having trouble getting his belt undone. I never wore belts but he always did. Finally I had his pants open and pulled back but his underwear was tight and I was really having trouble seeing much except for his head. I moved to the side and took a hold of either side of his pants, his butt popped off the floor allowing me to pull down his pants. There it was a rock hard 5 inch cut penis, with no pubic hair. I said "whoa no hair" he smiled big and said "surprise". I took his hard dick in one hand and cupped my other in his balls and began to rub him like I did to my own. he moaned but I stopped soon and just kind of ran my fingers around where the hair should be as I asked about the fact he had no hair yet. He explained that he shaved. This was a new concept to me, and I asked why. The answer sent me shockwaves through my brain. He told me he had a pretend "daddy" on the internet and he had sent him pictures. His "daddy" asked him to shave it and do more pics, at first he said no, but had finally given in and done it.

About that time we heard the automatic garage door opening and I said someone's home, we both hurried to close up our own pants. And then we wandered out to find my mom. I introduced her to Jake and she said she was glad I found someone to play with. We both laughed. My mom thinking she had just insulted us by calling us little kids and calling it playing, apologized and tried to explain that she just meant that she was glad I was doing something with another person and not my computer or Xbox. Her explanation of course made us laugh even harder. And I have to admit thinking about the phrase "go out and play with your friends" now had a whole new meaning to me.

My mom invited Jake to stay for dinner and he said he didn't think his mom would let him, but he called anyway and asked. When he clicked his cell phone off he had a huge smile on his face and he said "I can't believe it but she said yes." Jake and I went out back and he was impressed with our pool. I was surprised to learn he didn't actually have one. Most people that live in Arizona do, and I thought just about everyone in our sub-division did for sure. We screwed around outside for awhile. Once when we were far enough from the back of the house for my mom not to be able to hear he said "wish we had more time, we ARE going to pick that back up from where we left off". I got semi embarrassed but smiled and said "yea I want to do more too". We were kind of hidden off to the side of the house and he reached out and gave my stuff a friendly grope and said "I need to learn more about the eMonster." I blushed and pushed his hand away and said not now, we should go in and find out how long til dinner.

I hadn't realized my stepdad was home was but when we got to the kitchen he was there talking to my mom. I did the Jake introduction again, and my stepdad asked how we had met. My tongue was tied as I tried to figure out how to explain Jake was a friend from the net that turned out live really close. Jake figured out my problem tho and rushed in for the save and just said "we have known each other at school forever, we just never talked much until we ran into each other today." That was a relief, why didn't I think of making it that simple? My mom said "go wash up boy's dinners ready" and it did smell wonderful.

Dinner went pretty well, I was kind of worried, because I didn't know Jake that well and hardly had any idea what he would say. He asked my stepdad a lot of questions about his job, and I actually learned things about it that I didn't know. He won my mom over raving about her baked salmon which is what we had. I had definitely decided Jake wasn't as bad to have as a friend as I thought and honestly I was getting interested in getting to know him better, both with cloths and without...hehe.

After dinner Jake and I played Xbox in my room. At one point we both had to pee and actually stood side by side at the toilet. After that was over and we were back in my room talking he asked a lot of questions about my foreskin. He knew about cut and uncut but never really had the chance to talk to anyone that was uncut. He said he had to go and wondered if he could come back over tomorrow, and he winked at me when he said it. I told him I thought my parents would be gone but not to get his hopes up in case one of them was home. I walked out front with him when he left and we said good bye and knocked knuckles and then he said "goodbye eMonster" and groped me again. I couldn't believe all the attention my cock was getting these days. I went back in and went to bed. I was about to jack off, but there was a knock at my door. I called out my standard greeting "Open and Enter" to find my stepdad. He said goodnight, wished he could give me another massage, but figured my mom would wonder what was up, so he just wanted to say goodnight. I smiled and said I liked the massage idea, that was nice this morning. He closed the door and I threw my covers back and reached for the hand cream and turned by light off.

I had jerked off once or twice a day, maybe more, for a long time. But this time it was different. I don't know, I guess it had new meaning. I turned my bedside lamp back on. I watched my hand wrapped around my stick. So I do have a big cock. I guessed I did before, but the way my mother had raised me I hadn't been seen naked by anyone even her since I was like 4 and could do the whole bathroom thing by myself. She taught me that you kept that part covered and hidden... you know the story. I had an idea from the internet now that things were not exactly as you are taught when you are little, but I really wasn't sure about when you did and when you didn't. For the first time in a long time I kept the light on and actually watched my hand work its magic on my hard cock. Then my mind went to Jake and I wondered if he was jerking off right now too. Actually I also thought about other kids and wondered if they are jerking off or thinking about it. Jakes hairless penis came into my mind, and I remembered that I would have to ask him more about that part he said where he took pictures for some pretend daddy on the internet. These thoughts got my cock harder than hell. This was really feeling good tonight. I got really close, panting close, but stopped. For some reason I wanted to make this one last just a little longer. I cupped my balls and felt them; they had more hair than I remembered. God this felt nice. I finally squirted some more hand cream onto my bone and once again went back to rubbing. Then I remembered that I read on the internet you can get a different feeling using the other hand, so I switched. I'd tried before, but my left hand just didn't seem to work as smooth, I was determined tonight tho that it was going to work, so after a couple minutes I had a pretty good rhythm going. My cock felt bigger in my left hand I noticed. Oh god a few more strokes. Here it comes...ahhhhhhhhhh. The cum shot out harder and faster than usual and made a bigger mess than usual. After lying there a few minutes I found a dirty sock and began to wipe up. Damm it's hard to get cum out of the hairs. Guess Jake has an advantage there. I switched the light back off and rolled over and was asleep before I was even finished moving.

To be continued.

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