** Caught **

Chapter 2
by Erik Johnson
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Disclaimer: The following story is fiction. Fiction means it never happened. While some of the characters are based loosely around some people I've known in life, you can't guess who they are because all the names, even mine, and places are made up. The first two chapters of this story got long, I promise to try and write shorter chapters from now on. This story starts out as incest, but it's hardly all incest. Also this story, surprise surprise has gay sex in it, if that's not your thing then click here.

DING DONG DING DONG DINGDONG DINGDONG DINGDONG DINGDONG DINNNNG DONG. I opened my eyes to bright sunlight trying to figure out what woke me up. DING DONG DING DONG Oh the doorbell, I wonder who's here? DINGDONG DINGDONG DINGDONG DINGDONG DINNNNG DONG. With that hyper burst I knew exactly who was standing on the other side of the door. I also realized since no one was answering the door it must mean I was home alone. DINGDONG DINGDONG DINGDONG DINGDONG. Damm I thought as I got out of bed naked, I wish Jake would lay off the bell until I can DINGDONG DINGDONG DINGDONG DINGDONG get there. I glanced at the clock and realized it was almost 10 already as I pulled on some boxers. DINGDONG DINGDONG DINGDONG DINGDONG DINNNNG DONG DINNNNNG DONG.

I decided to just go to the door. I was tired of hearing the doorbell. I didn't even put on more clothes; I just went down the hall in boxers, morning wood and all. I had to piss bad, but I also had to stop that noise. DINGDONG DINGDONG DINGDONG. I peered thru the peephole real quick to be sure. Yup it was Jake. I stood behind the door and opened it and stuck my head around and told him to get in. Closing the door, he looked at me and said "gee, I guess you weren't expecting company." Looking at the tent in my boxers he remarked "nice wood." I said "you didn't need to lay on the bell, I can hear it you know" and he was like "DUDE... I've been ringing it for like 15 minutes; I didn't think you would ever wake up." I turned and started back towards my room, but when I got to the bathroom I turned in and shut the door in his face. Clicking the lock I called out "Wait in my room, I'll be there in a few."

I was NOT a morning person at all. Even though it was already almost 10 it was really still too early for me, especially on a school vacation day. My wood had actually diminished enough that I could use the toilet and not pee in the shower this morning. After I peed tho I lowered the seat to sit for the second round. I could hear that Jake had figured out how to turn on my stereo and was cycling through the CD's that were in my changer. He stopped on a Metallica CD that was in like the fourth slot and let it play. After I was done I stood up and washed my face in cold water, brushed my hair, and looked in the mirror. Feeling better finally I opened the door and went around the corner into my room. Jake was sitting on my bed with a pair of my boxerbriefs up to his face smelling them. I was like "DUDE!" He tossed them to the floor and laughed and he was like "ya caught me." All I could say was "dude, your scaring me." To which he replied "chill dude, I'm not that weird..." Not really knowing how to react, I decided I better just let the subject drop for now anyway.

I started to get some jeans out of my closet to get dressed. Jake commented, "you don't need to get dressed on my account you know, actually I was just wondering if I should take off some clothes myself." I said "wait here for a minute let me go see if there's a note from my parents that might give me a clue if anyone's going to be home soon." I left for the kitchen to look for a note on the counter wearing only my boxers. I wondered if Jake was going to go back to sniffing my dirty boxerbriefs while I was out of the room. I suppose your wondering about that actually, I wear boxerbriefs under jeans most of the time and mostly boxers the rest of the time. Boxers just seem to get bunched up under jeans. I got to the kitchen and found my note:

Just to remind you, neither of us are at work today, we went to Sedona to help your Grandmother. She's having that painting done we talked about at dinner a few nights ago, and you know how she can get when she has strange people in the house. By the time we get home it will be late, probably midnight or after. Just call one of our cell phones if you need anything. I left you some money in case you need anything. Remember the rules. I guess it's ok if you want your friend Jake to come over, just don't make any messes.
Love, Mom

I could actually feel the huge smile on my face as I headed back to my room. When I got there I was startled to see Jake lying naked on my bed lightly playing with his very erect dick. I had stopped in my tracks and when our eyes met he said "now you're the one that's overdressed." I could feel my soft dick rapidly rising in my boxers. I stood there not knowing what to do I guess. I mean it was pretty obvious what was about to happen, but this was all so new and all happening to fast. Yesterday morning if you had asked me about Jake Rippey I would have gagged and told you a hundred things that I didn't like about him; and now today here he was lying on my bed naked except for a silver chain around his neck playing with his dick, as I stood in my now tented boxers.

In slow motion I finally sat down on the edge of the bed and Jake's hand almost immediately reached around me and landed on my tent. "Are you going to take those off?" "um sure," I replied. I stood and dropped my boxers and kicked them off my feet. "You have a really nice body," Jake commented. "um thanks I guess" I replied almost hypnotically. I really couldn't believe what was happening. This was going to be a school Christmas vacation that I was going to remember for a really long time.

This was the first time Jake and I had been completely naked in front of each other. Yesterday we had only checked out the goods and pretty much had been interrupted by my mom coming home before anything really happened. I stood there looking down at him. He now had his hands tucked behind his head and acted like he was just laying there letting me inspect him. I noticed he had a little bit of brown hair in his armpits, nothing like the patches of black bush in mine. With my arms at my side you really couldn't tell that I had much hair in my pits yet, but if I raised my arms you would know I definitely had more hair there than he did. My eyes traveled down his body, and I noticed he still had a baby fat tummy but it wasn't like so fat it was gross or anything. And then his cock, like I had discovered yesterday was 5" cut and shaved clean, his shaft had darker skin than the area around it and his dick head was like a round bubble on the top slightly purplish in color in his very boned state. As my eye's traveled on downward I noticed a little more hair down around his calves. Down on my legs I didn't have much more than he did except for mine was black and stood out more than the brown dusting he appeared to have.

Finally Jake spoke "hey dude" he said softly "are you just going to stand there or are we going to do some stuff?" I answered "I'm sorry dude it's just that... well ummm your actually the first person I've ever seen naked besides myself" I realized as I was saying it though that was not quite true as I thought back to being naked just yesterday with my stepdad. I paused and started with "this is jus..." and he cut me off and said "I'm surprised kinda... I have a brother tho, so maybe that's why it's not different to me." He reached his hands upwards and took a hold of me by my very erect cock and pulled me toward him and down on to the bed. I moaned as his arms went around me and pulled me tight against him into a hug.

I stretched out on my bed next to him and our legs automatically intertwined with each other as our hands began to roam around each others bodies. Jake finally broke the silence and said really quietly "how long do we have before someone's home?" I got a really huge smile on my face and explained the note and that we had all day and all night or until he had to leave, "schweet" was his reply. We talked quietly a little bit more as our hands continued to check out each others bodies. Jake asked if he could spend the night and I told him I would have to call later and ask.

I asked him more about his shaved pubes and learned that he had been doing it ever day in the shower for the last few months. He explained that if he didn't do it everyday and put baby oil on it after his shower that it itched really bad, but as long as he kept it up he kinda liked it. He said he thought it made his dick look bigger than it did when he had hair. I felt the smoothness of the skin around his bone and I told him I was starting to like it a lot too. I told him that I never heard of anyone shaving there before, and he told me that he hadn't either until just before he did it but that he had learned Matt Ryman recently had also. "Matt Ryman?" I repeated in disbelief. I was like how do you know? Matt was a few grades above us and played football, major jock type, but lived down the street. Jake explained while alternating between stroking my leaking dick and playing with my pubes that Matt was sort of friends with his brother Brian. Which I had to search my head to figure out but I realized pretty quick who Jake's brother Brian was, and realized I hadn't realized they were related because they had different last names. I had to interrupt Jake's story at that point to ask why Brian's last name was Anderson and his was Rippey, and he explained they were really half brothers, same mom different dads. I had to remind Jake then to go back to the Matt Ryman story. Jake sat up and turned crossing his legs Indian style. He continued rubbing my body and his fingers found one of my nipples and began to play with it as he explained that Matt ended up shaving his pubes off because he wanted his girlfriend to shave herself, and she would only do it if he would also. My eyes closed as I enjoyed Jakes rubdown. I had to ask tho how he knew all this about Matt Ryamn, and he said "just enjoy this for now, I'll explain the rest of the details later."

Jake turned sideways and stretched his legs out laying himself out beside me again, this time I was still on my back. I was surprised again when his lips went to my nipple, and even more surprised at the electric shock that seems to flow through my body. I moaned as he moved to my other nipple and his fingers found the wet nipple left behind. My cock was so hard it was throbbing and I could feel it bounce to the beat of my heart. I really didn't noticed Jake shifting again but I knew the next sensation when it came without opening my eyes. I knew my boner was the next thing he had decided to taste. It felt so good. My hands clenched the sheets on my bed tightly. I thought yesterdays blow job from my stepdad was awesome, this one was even better. He licked, he nibbled, he pushed as much of me into his mouth has he could. I moaned as I felt his tongue swirl, this was not going to last much longer. I was panting, he pulled off and licked my balls, sucking each one into his mouth, I didn't realize it then but he knew he was close and was backing off to make it last, soon he was back to my cock and my hands held his shoulders now. I got close again, I wondered if I should warn him but it was too late. I was spewing buckets. It was by far the most intense orgasm I had ever had in my life. When I finally opened my eyes he had layed his head on my stomach and was just carefully licking the last remaining dribbles still coming out of my tip.

I said "oh wow, it's NEVER been like that before." Jake shifted until he was lying on his side next to me with his still hard dick pressing into my leg. His arm went across my chest and he pressed his face into my neck and kissed me there. Even that kiss felt awesome. We lay there just like that completely silent for like 10 minutes as I came back down to reality. I finally said, "dude that was so awesome" and he replied "dude, that's the biggest dick I've ever sucked and yea it was awesome." It took a minute for his words to settle in but I finally realized and asked "dude how many dicks have you sucked?" He only said "I'm not real sure."

Finally I sat up and said "be right back dude I got to pee." He said "me too" and got up and followed me into the bathroom. Jake was still boned tho and as we stood in front of the toilet and he was pushing it down I said "here this is easier" and reached behind me and pulled open the shower. He gave me a strange look but I just told him to go stand in front of the door and let it fly into the shower and it would go down the drain. I could tell he thought I was strange but hearing my stream hit the water made his stream start too and he just stood there and peed into the shower smiling at me. "I wonder why I never thought of this" came out of this mouth.

When we finished I followed him back to my room and he layed on my bed again and started to take his dick into his hand as he said "I have to cum". I layed down beside him and as I moved his hand away I said "I know and it's my turn." I went straight for the kill tho, my lips moving down to his bald pubic area and I started kissing him all over down there. I tried to remember the things he had done to me and do them back to him. I could tell by his noises that I had to be doing something right. It was right then that I realized his smell was intoxicating. I was completely hard again myself. I was really getting into it. Felt so awesome when his dick throbbed in my mouth, he was groaning. I felt him stiffen even more and I knew he was really getting close, I recognized what all the signs meant even though it was only my second time sucking dick. Next I felt my mouth fill with warm liquid. His load wasn't huge like mine had been but was pretty intense all the same.

When he finished, I pulled myself up alongside him, just as he had done to me. I remembered he kissed my neck and did the same to him. He opened his eyes and looked at me and the next thing that happened surprised me again. Our heads just came together and our lips met. He parted my lips with his tongue and my instinct took over. After our kiss broke I quietly told him "I've never kissed like that before," to which he replied "me either actually". When his words settled in I said "really? I thought you had sucked a lot of dicks?" and he said "I have, but that was my first kiss." We both held each other quietly for what seemed like a really long time. Both caught up in our own thoughts about what just happened.

My stomach finally rumbled really loud and Jake looked at me laughing and said "you can't be hungry... you just ate" I laughed at his joke but reminded him he had woke me up with his doorbell trick. I glanced at the clock to find it was almost noon and commented "we went at it for like 2 hours dude." He said "that was the best, but your right we need to eat some real food."

After a little conversation about what to eat we found ourselves naked in the kitchen forging for what might interest us. After a bit of discussion on options, I started making us grilled cheese sandwiches to go with the chips and cookies we had found. I had Jake go out to the garage fridge and get drinks. He came back with 2 Mountain Dews and 2 Code Reds, remembering what I had picked yesterday I suppose. Jake leaned back against the counter and watched me put together the grilled cheese sandwiches and commented "damm dude your dicks big even soft... how did you get so lucky?" I shrugged and said "I didn't even know I was big I guess, I've never really had anything to compare it to." He replied, "Trust me dude... that things at least half an inch longer and definitely it's even thicker than any guys cock I've seen in person, and most aren't even close. Average is like 6 inches I guess with some bigger and some littler, the only one I've seen that even close to yours is Peter Young, he's like 7 maybe just a little more... My brother's like 6.5... but trust me you got something that different than most guys." With that in mind I asked "dude, how may guys dicks have you seen anyway?" He again said "I'm not real sure."

I looked at him kind of weird and he pushed himself away from the counter and came up behind me and put his arms around me and pulled himself up against my back and he put his lips close to my ear and whispered "I know you have a lot of questions and we'll get through them all... but just give me a little time to get it all out... I know this is different for you and actually it's different for me too... just trust me... you were my first kiss ever and let's just remember how special it was for now." I turned around in his arms to face him and our eyes met and then our bodies melted into each other as the cheese in the sandwiches was melting also. Somehow the instincts took over again and we locked lips for minute and then I broke free to flip the sandwiches and once that was done we were back lip locked for the next few minutes. When we broke apart he was mostly hard and I was definitely hanging really long, long enough the head was peaking out of the skin. I thought to myself, wow this is so different than I ever imagined I wonder why this never happened before.

We took our food to the table. It was the first time I had ever eaten naked and commented about that. Jake looked and me and said this is the first time I've ever eaten actual food naked and we both laughed realizing the other definition of eating. We stopped talking about sex for a little bit as we ate. We covered a couple different topics but ended up talking about cheats in Xbox games as I got up and put stuff away and cleaned up.

He surprised me again with his next question "dude do you smoke?" I told him I never had and didn't think I ever would because I thought it was pretty bad health wise. He confessed he smoked cigarettes and sometimes `other things' and I noticed he was watching me closely to see how I would react. I might have reacted differently in other situations but I guess I was in brain overload anyway and I don't think I reacted one way or the other at this point. Then he asked if I minded if he went out back for a cigarette. I said "I assume you don't mean naked!" he smiled and got up from the table. I assumed he was going to get dressed, but I didn't follow because I was still picking stuff up and cleaning up. He came back with a pack of Marlboro reds and a lighter in his hand, but still naked. "You're going outside naked to smoke?" "Yea why not? You got a high wall for your pool anyway." I realized his logic was correct and followed him out the door.

He was getting one out of the pack and looked at me and said "want one?" and I again told him I didn't intend to smoke. We sat down on the chase lounges by the pool as he lit his cigarette and he asked "do you skinny dip a lot?" I was starting to get speechless and numb to his questions, "no actually I never have, let me guess you do it all the time?" "not really all the time, we don't have our own pool, but I have." We sat in silence as he smoked his cigarette. I watched and was kind of fascinated when he blew a couple smoke rings. They didn't last long because there was just a slight breeze but all the same I was impressed and asked "how do you do that?" he laughed and said "tongue action and my tongue gets lots of action." I laughed back for a second. I sat enjoying the sunshine on my naked body but my thoughts started to wander. I really wondered how much action his tongue got. I wondered if I was just another guy he got in bed with. I was just starting to understand sex, but it seemed like he was close to a male slut.

My eyes closed and the sun warmed my body. For December in Arizona this was a really nice day. Probably over 70 degrees, normally we could get to 55 or 60 during the day, but today was exceptional. I could smell the smoke from his cigarette and I wondered what I was getting into. What was his deal with dicks and why was he here? I was running questions through my head trying to figure out which one to ask and how to word it when suddenly I sensed movement. Before I could even open my eyes I felt a splash. I opened my eyes to find out he had jumped into the pool and my eyes focused in the bright sun just as he was engineering a huge splash in my direction with his hands.

I stood up and dove in, my first time skinny dipping ever. We splashed around and swam and generally messed around like any two kids would in a pool, getting out diving back in, racing across the pool, in general burning off energy and testing each other's abilities. Felt great, I remember thinking I wish my parents were always gone so I could swim naked all the time. But then I remembered that it's only fun to swim if someone else is around to make it fun, swimming alone was pretty boring and I thought most of my regular friends would get weirded out at the idea of skinny dipping. But what did I know, up til now I had thought Jake was pretty much a boring dweeb, and we had actually gotten along really well for the last like 20 hours. But then I remembered we had been chatting online for a year with me thinking he was someone else and in Florida, and I never got bored with chatting with him. But then again he was a lot different now in person than even the guy I thought I knew online from Florida. Finally we were tired out and moved to the shallow end of the pool and sat next to each other on the steps.

Finally I asked "Jake, what's the story? I get the idea that you've done a lot of sex stuff... and Well I need to know... I mean are you just here because I have the biggest dick of anyone you know... I mean what's really up? When you told me about shaving your pubes you talked about your internet daddy... You told me another time you don't even know how many guys you've sucked off... or even how many dicks you've seen... I need to understand who you are and why you're here naked in my pool" He didn't say anything right off. I turned sideways tho and looked and waited for him to answer. I wasn't sure why but I felt like I was about to cry. I didn't want to but I actually felt like it was coming on. Too much had happened too fast and I needed to know what was really in his head. Finally he sucked in his breath and started.

"Ok I'm going to do something that's even different for me. I'm going to start at the beginning and tell you the whole truth from the start. I've never let anyone hear this, sure some people know some things but nobody but me so far knows it all. I'm going to tell you now because I want to be honest with you and I want you to know. Erik, it's a really long story but I want you to know it. I want you to know because I feel differently about you. You don't understand me now and some of the things I'm going to say are going to amaze you and you may not even believe it all, but I'll try and answer your questions until you do understand. Sex for me all started when I was 8 years old" I interrupted "did you say 8?" "yea" "wow, oh my god... dude that's like ummm second grade?" "yup. I was 8 and my brother Brian was 12. First thing that happened was he let me watch him jack off right after he learned he could cum. He was so proud of it and he had to show someone. We shared a room back then so one night he told me he was gonna show me something cool. He got hard and jacked it and cummed. And of course then he had to explain it all. Next thing that happened was he heard about blowjobs and he kind of tricked me into believing it was normal everyday thing for brothers to secretly do for each other."

Interrupting again I asked, "so is your brother gay too then?" "No, hold up, I'm getting there... But he was the older smarter one and somehow convinced me back then that if I got a BJ before I could cum that I would never be able to make cum. He told me you learn about it in health class and I would know he was right when I got to 6th grade. Yea I know now that was a line of BS to get me to do it to him and so he wouldn't have to do it back..." "wow" "yea so anyways I did it... only thing was I figured out pretty fast that I liked doing it... It started pretty quickly to become a regular thing.. where I would suck Brian off once or even twice a day.." "wow" "yea so anyways next thing that happened is my brothers friend Luke found out what was going on and he wanted in on the action too, so they concocted some story to get me to willing do it for Luke too.. I was a gullible 8 year old I never knew all this wasn't normal back then.. so anyways as time went on I was sucking several of my brothers friends off.. girls didn't put out for them and they had a willing mouth for their needs."

I just stared in amazement at Jake as he continued, "Next came the parties.. when my brother was 13 it was no longer cool to do 6th grade stuff instead guys started having like mixed sex pool parties and stuff. You know what I mean, I saw you at that one Jacob Rollins from our class had a few weeks back.. The guy invites like 20 or 30 people whatever his parents will go for and makes sure it's half boys and half girls.. the girls all end up getting picked up by their parents at like 11, but most of the guys usually stay over all night. Well back then my mom worked 4 to midnight at the hospital 6 days a week and my dad always wanted to go to the bar on Friday's and Saturday's, anyways.. so the only way Brian could go is if he took me with him.. either that or he had to stay home and baby-sit me. I'm sure you can see where this is going.."

Jake continued, "the parties are all about sneaking around.. someone always sneaks in alcohol, people sneak in cigarettes and sometimes even weed.. then during the first half of the night they sneak off with a girl to make-out for awhile. During that part of the night I would always help the parents that were home chaperoning the party with the food and drinks and stuff.. since I didn't really fit in age wise. Well after the last girl was gone the parents would always go to bed and the guys would wind up staying up really late or all night playing video games and screwing around.. you know how it goes.. well I would always get sent to bed too at that point.. 99% of the time I was told to go sleep in whoever was having the party's room. Then the guys would get drunk, smoke weed and such.. AND take turns going to `check on Jake'."

As I continued to listen he went on, "Those checks always went something like this.. the door would open and someone would come in.. they would whisper `hey Jake are you awake?' and then they would come sit down on the edge of the bed and talk to me.. the person checking on me would always say something like `hey this is a cool party isn't it? Dude.. listen to this {insert girls name here} got me all worked up tonight.. sure wish she would quit being such a prude.. dude it sucks to have to go home with blue balls.. feel this boner she gave me' they always tried to make me feel like I was one of their best buds that they could come talk to.. and yea they knew they were gonna leave that room like 20 minutes later with their need satisfied. And then I would just wait 10 minutes and the next guy would be around to `check on Jake...'" All I could say was "holy shit Jake, now I understand what you meant when you said you had no idea how many guys dicks you sucked."

"Yea so anyways as the guys got older things started to change caz the girls started to put out.. plus my parents started figuring I was old enough to stay home alone.. yea I was still sucking a lot of my brothers friends but it started happening more as an after school thing and not so much the Friday and Saturday night rituals.. I missed those at first actually.. but then I found the internet.. I found out pretty fast that I couldn't really tell guys our age all this stuff and have then believe me so I watered it down a lot" Jake got up at that point and told me to just wait there in the pool for a second, we had still been sitting next to each other at the shallow end on the steps this whole time. When he stood up I noticed he had a full on bone which caused me to realize that I did too, I had been so intent on listening to his story that I hadn't even noticed. He came right back with his cigarettes and lighter in his hand and lit one before he continued. "Anyways I started to meet older men in chat rooms on the net.. they made me feel different than my brothers friends did and even other guys our age that I met in the chat rooms did.. they made me feel wanted and even more than that.. they wanted to satisfy me too not just have me get them off.."

I wasn't sure how long it took to smoke a cigarette because I wasn't a smoker, but I think Jake finished that one he just lit really fast and was lighting another one. But that pause was when I put a couple things together and asked him, "Hey, I don't want to change the subject, but quick question because you never said before, what screen name were you using before I knew you as jman?" He smiled and said "before I say do you have a guess?" "yea I'm guessen it was slutboy.." I could tell by the look on his face that I was right on the money and he confirmed it when he said "yea.. did you recognize parts of the story?" "yea I did.." "you have a really good memory." "I always wondered what happened to slutboy.. he just vanished one day" "yea I had someone kinda stalking me on that name and I changed. I told most people I was chatting with back then when I changed that jman was my new name, but I didn't tell you because I knew you lived in Arizona and I wanted to start over with you because I had a feeling you lived close, even though I didn't find out for a few more days just how close. Then you sent your pic and when I realized I was chatting with you, the same guy I sat right in front of in class.. I didn't want to tell you that I used to be slutboy and I definitely didn't want to tell you who I really was because I knew you hated me."

I let that sink in for a minute and then I was like "oh my god, you did sit in front of me last year, and we were chatting almost every night as friends, and I was being a dick to you everyday at school.. that's so weird." Jake smirked and said, "yea I spilled the beans one night in chat too.. I figured you would catch on.. do you remember the night I told you about a girl throwing up at school and some of it landing on my shoe?" I was laughing hard, "yea.. yea.. I thought that was so weird that we both had a girl throw up at school the same day and nearby to where we both were at the moment it happened.. oh my god, yes.. I so remember that chat." Jake was pretty much laughing as hard as I was and replied "yea I tried to cover by saying it happened in the lunchroom when it really happened right after lunch AND in front of both of us." Jake laid all three of his dead cigarette butts on top of his pack and jumped up and started swimming the length of the pool, I followed. We swam and screwed around for awhile, I didn't realize how hot I had gotten in the sun as we sat and talked.

When we got out of the pool, he said "Hey lets drop the story for awhile and do something else.." I thought out loud "yea I don't even have a clue what time it is, I really should call my parents and ask if you can spend the night." He looked shocked, "your actually going to ask?" "yea, why wouldn't I?" Jake smiling said, "oh I don't know I figured you would back out and be back to hating me again after I told all that" "honestly it did kinda weird me out, and I guess we got sidetracked and you never finished, so it could get weirder.. but this little voice inside me says to find out the rest of the story and find out what happens after that.." We were walking inside as I said that and Jake put his arms around me and pulled me close into a hug and again we started kissing automatically. I pulled us apart after about a minute tho. I told Jake, "before we get too wound up; first I need to know what time it is and second let me call my parents." Jake replied smiling, "ok.. but only because you said the first 6 words first." I smiled back.

I walked around the corner and checked the clock on the oven and was surprised that it showed 3:33. Well maybe I wasn't surprised because something was telling me it was getting later, but somehow I wondered where all there time had gone. I said, "come on, my phones in my room." Jake Asked, "I tried to look your number up in the phonebook this morning and even called information.." "Oh, I'll have to give it to you, we only have cell phones.. My stepdad gets them and free service from work, we haven't had a house phone for a really long time."

Getting back to my room, I picked my cell phone up off the dresser unplugged it from its charger and opened it up to see 3 missed calls from my mom. "Crap!" "what?" "My mom called 3 times, so I'm probably going to get a lecture." I hi-lited one of the missed calls from my mom and hit the dial button. It rang a couple times and my stepdad answered, that's weird that my mom didn't answer her phone flashed through my mind as our conversation began. "Yea, I know I'm sorry.. Jake came over and we were out in the pool.. yea.. ok.. yea... uh-huh.. uh-huh.. no.. um, do you think it would be okay if Jake stayed over tonight? Uh-uh.. I don't know.. I'll call back and tell you.. OK..bye.. I love your too" I flipped my phone closed.

"Well?", Jake questioned as he reached and took my cell phone out of my hand, "wow cool phone" he continued. Jake was dialing my phone I assumed to call home and ask, but then his cell phone that that was balancing on his knee rang and he flipped my phone shut. He must have gotten his cell phone out of his clothes on my floor while I was talking to my stepdad. He handed me my phone back and said "store the last number dialed" as he picked up his phone and started storing my number from his caller-id. He commented "wow, you got sort of a cool looking phone number that looks easy to remember" I chuckled as I was storing his number on my phone and said, "It's probably even easier than you think it is.. since your only seeing the digit's.. look at the dial.. and spell ERI-ERIK in digits." Jake looked at his dialpad a second, "wow that's cool.. how did you get a number like that?" "DUH.. don't forget my stepdad works there.. hey what company do you have for your phone?" "uh.. your stepdad's company, so same as you." "cool then, so you don't have to worry about minutes to me then.." "You mean WE don't have to worry about minutes then.." "I don't have to worry about them anyway, my phone has unlimited everything on it" "oh.. WOW.. what about text and internet?" "like I said.. I have unlimited everything, do you have text?" "yea.. only 1000 tho.. and if I go over again then I lose text altogether.. So can I stay or not? I should call and ask my mom if it was ok with your mom." I realized I hadn't told him, "oh.. yea you can.. it was my stepdad that answered actually, when you started dialing my phone I thought you were calling to ask because you figured it out from my half of the conversation." "naw, I wasn't even really paying attention when you were talking.. I just wanted to trade numbers before we forgot to."

We had been sitting on the edge of my bed since we got to my room, I layed back as Jake started calling home. It flashed through my mind that we had been naked since Jake first got here, I couldn't remember when I had ever spent this much time naked before. I looked up at Jake's bare tan back as he talked. I sat back up and moved around behind him, switching my legs to an Indian style sitting position since they couldn't hang off the side of the bed anymore. My hands went to his shoulders and I started giving him a neck massage as he talked to his mom. I started to listen to his side of the conversation, "actually their not home right now.. yea he called and asked, they said it was ok.. please? I could probably have them call you.. alright, later." He clicked off.

"What did she say?" "..no.. until after she talks to your parents.. and she won't say yes if when she finds out they won't be home til after midnight", he sighed and since I was still rubbing his neck and shoulders I could feel that he was more tense than he was a few minutes ago. I asked, "so what time do you have to be home then?" "like 6, before dinner.. and she probably won't let me go back out tonight after dinner since I've been gone all day.." I could hear a pout tone to Jake's voice.

"I thought you said he worked from 4 to midnight like everyday?" "no, well, she used to.. she got promoted to head nurse and works from 6AM to 3PM Monday thru Friday and is on call every other weekend now. I love my mom, but her old schedule was way better for me." I put my arms around Jake and pulled him backward slightly and hugged him tight, I could feel his warmth, sense the soft beat of his heart and smelled the chlorine in his hair. He sighed again and said "I really want to stay here tonight." I gave him a little kiss on the back of his neck and said "me too."

As I hugged Jake from behind I started getting horny.. or should I say hornier, I think I had pretty much been horny all day. My hands traveled downward slightly into his lap and I found out he was feeling the same way. My fingers was exploring the soft hairless at the base of his shaft. As I began to fun my finger lightly up the underside of his erection an idea started to form in my head. I felt a drop of pre-cum on his very tip and transferred it to my finger and brought it back around and licked it off my fingertip. Savoring the tiny bit of sweet flavor Jake interrupted my thoughts by saying "there's more where that came from.."

Took me a second to realize what he was talking about but I replied "Yea and I'm going to get to that in just a minute, but first I got to make a phone call, I have an idea.." I didn't explain what I had in mind, I decided to let him pay attention to what I said and figure it out for himself. I broke my embrace with Jake, and scooted back to the edge of the bed and sat beside him again. Both our cocks were erect and pointing straight up, my legs falling over the side to the floor. I picked my phone up and punched up my stepdad from the contacts and hit the connect button, when he answered, "Hi DAD.. it's me.. DAD I told you I would call you back and tell you if Jake was staying or not.. Yea his mom won't let him..{Jake shifted to the floor in front of me and took my cock into his mouth as I continued} uh yea DAD... uh. She said `no' if you guys weren't going to be home and she couldn't talk to you. {my voice broke twice from the diversion Jake was creating for me} {my stepdad paused then asked for Jake's mom's number} Hold on let me get it from him.. Hey Jake {I said in a much louder voice than I needed to he was right in front of me but I wanted my stepdad to think he was farther away} what number can my DAD call your mom at?" Jake pulled off my cock and said "555-2734, but it won't do any good" I put my phone back up to my face and said back to my stepdad, "it's 555-2734 DAD.. {pause} hey Jake what's your mom's name?" he dropped my cock out of his mouth long enough to say "Joyce" and went right back to licking my head. "It's Joyce.. Thanks, DAD you're the best.. yea I love you too."

I flipped my phone shut and said "do you know how hard it is to talk to someone while your doing that?" He laughed and stopped so he could say "paybacks are hell aren't they? I was having trouble not moaning when I was talking to my mom because of what your hands were doing." I reached out and put one hand on each of his sides pulling him up and toward me, I fell backwards on the bed and he ended up laying on top of me. He asked "why did you do that? She's not going to change her mind, especially if your parents aren't going to be here." I laughed and said "Did you notice I made sure to call him DAD like 3 or 4 times?" "oh yea.. you always refer to him as your stepdad and last night you called him Rick when you introduced me to him.." "yea, he wants me to call him Dad and when I do call him DAD he knows I want something, I told him your mom said no and told him why.. my guess is he's going to call her and I bet he'll smooth it over somehow.." "wow, you think so?" "we'll see, now switch around and lay on your stomach.. I have another plan." Jake rolled off me and onto the bed protesting along the way that he wanted to finish my blowjob to which I said, "later.. on your stomach cumbreath.. your getting a massage."

I sat with my knees on either side of his waist and my butt on the back of his legs, my now half hard cock was laying in the V-groove formed by his butt cheeks and my hands went back to work on his shoulders and neck. I put my mind back to yesterday and tried to remember what my stepdad had done to me that felt good. I stopped for a second and grabbed my stereo remote and clicked disk 2 and tossed it back down. Going back I was using my fingertips on his neck at the base of his hairline. Depeche Mode Violator started to play, I knew this would be good music for a massage.

My technique varied greatly as I worked his back over and over from tan-line to hair-line as World in My Eyes played in the background. Jake was started to moan and almost purr so I knew I was doing something right. I wanted to give him a massage like the one I got yesterday, but I had never done more than just regular backrubs before. As the song switched to Sweetest Perection I leaned forward, really almost laying on him and kissed the back of his neck and rubbed lips over his ear lobes licking them and kind of nibbling. Jake groaned loudly and shuddered almost forcefully at that, must have felt good but as I sat back up I wondered where I got the idea to do that? I guess it's like an instinct or something. My hands kept working downward on his back as I raised up and moved to one side where I was really more kneeling beside him now.

When I got to the bottom of his back I rubbed the deposit of pre-cum my cock had left at the top of his butt crack into his skin. I thought to myself that I don't ever remember leaking a little puddle like that before, but at the same time I realized I was doing different things now than I used to do. I used to just get hard and jerk off, now the whole sexual arousal bit was starting to take on new meaning.

Just as I as about to move to one his legs with my hands, my cell phone rang, I grabbed the remote and hit pause with one hand while my other hand found my phone, "hello... hi dad, he can? Awesome.." {Jake who hadn't moved now rolled up on his side an looked back at my smiling face as I talked to my stepdad..while I listened to about 5 things I was being told} "great.. Ok yea I'll have him call right now bye." I flipped my phone shut and gave Jake a thumbs up gesture at the same time. "What's the scoop?", Jake asked. "Your mom said you could stay over, we aren't supposed to leave the house, we are supposed to keep the phone handy and not miss calls like we did before, we can order Pizza for dinner, and your supposed to call your mom.." and while I was saying all that I noticed since Jake had rolled onto his side that he was hard as a rock. I reached over him and slapped his butt tho and said back on your stomach, I'm not done.

He rolled the other way actually and grabbed his phone but ended up on his stomach with his head turned sideways so he could talk to his mom. I went to work on one of his legs. It was funny trying to rub him in ways that would feel so good it would be hard to talk. I listened to his voice to gauge how good of a job I was doing. When he hung up I asked what was up and he just said "oh, nothing she said about what your stepdad said." I un-paused the music, backed it up to the start of Sweetest Perfection again and went back to work on Jake's legs.

Before he totally relaxed he looked back at me and said "Dude, where did you learn to do this, I'm so loven it. No one has ever made me feel like this." I told him I really had no idea what I was doing, I was just guessing. He said "good guesses.." and laid his head down. I wondered since we got interrupted if I should actually start the whole thing over again. I kind of felt like I should for the full effect, but as I was thinking about the things I had planned as I went I didn't want to back up and take more time. So I just kept kneading my way down one of his legs headed for the foot.

As the song switched to Personal Jesus I was reaching his ankle. I picked up his foot, bending his leg at the knee and began to work his foot. I put my nose close to his foot because I was curious how he smelled there, not realizing that all I was going to get was a faint whiff of chlorine from the pool. As I did tho the bottom flat part of his foot rubbed my check and the touch was electric to me, so I kept that up and started kissing his foot as well. His moans and breathing told me I was doing something good. Then I remembered something I read one day on the net and started sucking his toes one by one, while my hands kept working his foot and leg. After awhile I started to work down his leg, and when I got to his knee I let the foot fall back onto the bed as I worked my way back up towards his butt, stopping short of his round plump butt cheeks tho.

I switched finally to the other leg and began working my way downward. About the time I got to his knee the song switched to Halo. I kept going repeating every single action from the other leg and foot on this one. Finishing up his foot I started moving back up his leg again. By the time I reached the bottom of his butt the song was changing to Waiting for the Night and I skipped over his butt and worked my way up his back again. Feeling his warm back again and pausing to feel his breathing I realized he was so relaxed he was close to asleep, but I kept going working up to the top of his back and then back down. I was actually hot and starting to sweat from the effort I was putting into this. Strangely it felt really good to me to, and I wasn't the person getting the massage.

This time when I got to his butt my hands kept going, moving right on to the mounds and kneading them and rubbing them. My fingers would slip into his crack. I wondered how far I should go here, but then I realized after the pool it should be clean so I spread his cheeks apart and ran my finger up the center. Jake sucked in air at that motion, so I did it again, then used my finger tip to rub in a circular motion around the ring of the puckered hole. Jake's pushed his butt up just a little to increase the pressure. I took my finger away and stuck it on my mouth and got it wet. I could taste just a little hint of Jake when I did, but it didn't bother me. I just went back to rubbing his hole with my wet fingertip. The first words I had heard in a half hour came out of Jake's mouth "oh god, don't stop." I played there for a little while, never really sticking my finger into him, but I thought about it. Finally after his moans were not so intense to the touch any more I spoke "turn over, I'm not done."

Jake complied without question and I started on his upper chest, rubbing around his nipples, but not actually touching them yet. Then I moved upward to hit his neck and finally his face. As I got there the song switched to Enjoy the Silence and I thought it was a really good time to lean in kiss him on the lips. His mouth opened and as we kissed deeply his arms came up and wrapped around my head pulling me tighter against him. After a good minute plus I broke the lip lock and started kissing him all over his face and neck.

I had planned to massage him from head to toe on the front side also, but after our most passionate kiss so far my mind changed and I just kept making little kisses all around his face and neck. Our lips found each others again and we dueled tongues for another minute before my lips again moved to his neck and continued little kisses all over. I moved my head all around kissing his neck and shoulders; at some point my nose caught a whiff of his intoxicating scent coming from his pits. They didn't smell bad or even real strong, but they smelled like Jake with a diminished chlorine smell. I briefly pressed my nose into the crease and inhaled to fully understand the smell, before I made a trail of little kisses across his chest. I stopped at each nipple and lapped at it with my tongue, circling each little hard point several times as I felt Jake convulse below me.

As I approach the pit on the other side he brought his arm up over his head, opening the area completely for me this time. I brought my nose in close again to smell him. Realizing that I never before thought of pits as being sexy, I went with the flow and I guess more of my instinct and found my tongue licking and tasting the contents. Salty, but again not gross. I felt the fine hairs on the end of my tongue as Jake shuddered and giggled quietly. I heard him inhale and then in a hoarse whisper practically moan, "dude that's awesome."

With the flavor mostly gone, I started my kissed back across his upper body, again stopping at a nipple. I noticed his hand had encircled his rock hard cock, and I used my hand to pull it away as I whispered, "leave that alone." I spent more time with my tongue and fingers alternating between nipples and then I started to kiss down the center of his chest. My eyes were closed at this point but my tongue found his belly button and I stopped there briefly to explore. I could feel Jakes belly heaving slightly as my tongue tickled him.

Moving further downward, I began to lick around the mound of flesh that should be hair covered. Jake had leaked a fair amount by this point and the taste was sweet. Finally I kissed his balls and began to lick up the underside of his cock that had now been hard so long it had a reddish cast to it. As my lips formed an O and descended over the head, Jake reached the point of no return. His orgasm was almost violent as his hips bucked and he filled my mouth with the salty sweetness of his essence. I had not planned on him cumming that fast, but I suppose it was not hard to believe since I had been assaulting his body intensely for so long.

I knew from my own experiences he would be too sensitive now for me to do much more down there. So I pulled myself up alongside him and his arms encircled me, he hugged me tight as his breathing continued in heavy pants. My cock was pressed into his side and for the first time in awhile I realized I was hard as steel, and it felt really nice to be pressed into him. As Jake gradually began to come back down to Earth he whispered, "that was awesome, I never felt like that before."

We lay there talking a little and mostly being quiet as I heard the CD changer click off. Wow I thought to myself, let's see that was one, two, three songs that had played since I last noticed the song changing. Jake asked me where I learned to give massages like that, and I told him that so far I had only given one, to another kid my age with a 5" hairless cock. When he realized I was talking about him and the one that had just happened he laughed and said "well your awesome at that."

He moved around just a little and when he had finished my hardness was in his hand. He said, "what time is it?" I replied as began to roll over to see the clock, "like 5 something I think.. whoa, no dude it's 6:11.." He sighed and said "I'm hungry in more ways than one, first I'm going to have dessert and then we need to order that pizza that you mentioned." I didn't even feel it coming but somehow our lips met and we kissed deeply again. Then he began to kiss his was down to my cock that was actually by now coated in my own slime. He carefully licked at it like a lollipop cleaning what was probably a tasty concoction of precum and sweat from my black pubes and shaft. I watched in amazement as the tip of his tougue combed thru my bush before his mouth descended taking my hardness into his very warm mouth.

It did not take but a few minutes before he had me panting and close. He backed off once tho, sucking each ball into his mouth one at a time, and licking the soft area below my balls, I heard him moan as he tasted there. Before long he was back licking the shaft and finally I watched as he took me back into his mouth and pressed me firmly into the back of his throat, my hands landed on his shoulders just as the first blast of cum pumped down his throat. And it just kept cumming. I never felt quite like this any other time. My spent cock slipped from between his lips and lay there and my chest heaved. After a few minutes all I could say was "oh god so awesome."

A few minutes later as we still lay in my bed, we talked about pizza and what to get, turned out we both had the exact same preference. Supreme with black olives and extra cheese on a thin and crispy crust. I hopped out of bed and went to the computer and started clicking. Jake wanted to know what I was doing and I replied, "ordering the pizza." He thought it was weird that I didn't just call but I reminded him that we didn't have a land line and they didn't take orders from cell phones anymore unless you paid by credit card at the time of the order. I added that it was easier for me to just order online because my stepdad's credit card was on file on the site. I said, "wings?" and he replied "I was hoping you were going to ask that." I checked over the order and added a $5.00 tip for the driver and clicked the `order and pay now' button.

After the confirmation number popped up I said, "hey we got 35-45 minutes it says, and I need to piss like a racehorse and then I was thinking about jumping in the shower, care to join me?" He answered "yea, but can we insert a smoke break in between the piss and the shower?" I said, "If we must, but you should quit smoking." With that we were off to the bathroom where we both stood at the toilet together dueling streams. I then lead him down the back hall past my parent's bedroom and out a different door to the pool.

He lit his cigarette after again offering me one and me again declining and reminding him he shouldn't be smoking anyway. After he pulled his now lit cigarette from his mouth he looked around and said "wow, is that a hot tub under that cover?" I confirmed his suspicion; we had mainly been down at the other end of the deck earlier so I guess he hadn't noticed it. He asked if I used it a lot and I said "yea some, but my parents do more because you see that's their bedroom windows right above it. It's really more something they do alone late at night." He giggled at that and commented that we might have to use it after we ate since my parents weren't home. He finished his cigarette and after putting it out in a sandy area he put the butt back in his pack. I asked to make sure he had all the butts in there because I figured my parents would freak if they found one. He confirmed that he had kept them all.

We headed back inside to the shower, and I was glad because it wasn't really warm outside like it had been before, the temperature had dropped a lot. We didn't really have a lot of time to play in the shower, but we did wash each other from head to toe. I asked if he did showers with a lot of guys and he told me no except for when he was really little and took showers with his brother so his parents didn't have to bath him.

After we were dry. I started to get jeans to put on and he asked me what I was doing. I laughed and said I'm not answering the door naked. He dared me to anyway but I think he saw real quick that I wasn't going to. So he said, "dude just grab some boxers and a t-shirt and you can throw them on to answer the door, that's what I'm going to do." I thought it was still a little weird but after realizing I had virtually been naked since going to bed last night and things seemed different now sort of, I decided follow his compromise. So we left my room carrying t-shirts and boxers.

Our house being like a lot of desert houses was all on one floor, and we went into the great room and I picked up the remote and turned on the plasma TV and that got a "wicked" to come out of Jake's mouth. I pressed an extra button on the remote and there was a tick-tick-tick sound as the gas fireplace lit itself up which caused Jake to say "doubley wicked.. never seen that before." I said "It's ok, but I like the fires we have in the one outside better because they really burn and smell good too." I clicked through the guide looking for something to watch finding little to watch I asked him if he liked "CSI" and he said sure.

Right on cue the doorbell rang, and he said "I dare you." "Fat chance," I answered back and said "Either put you stuff on or stay out of site." Then realizing I could not trust him added "on second thought, I'm not opening the door till you have yours on to, hurry up." The bell rang again just as we were getting to it. When Jake saw the pizza guy he immediately said "Hey Justin, wazzup?" After they did all the talking, I finally closed the door. I gave back the boxes and said take this back in there while I get some paper plates, paper towels and drinks, what do you want?" "Dew." When I came back Jake was already naked again and made his `your overdressed' comment again. I hiked my t-shirt off and dropped my boxers as I thought about this had to be a record for me staying naked, considering that I had had only very little on for about 10-15 minutes total since going to bed last night.

We settled in next to each other on the floor using the couch as a backrest. The coffee table as I already knew was just the right height for pizza and drinks while sitting on the floor. As we tore into the food I asked Jake how he knew Justin the Pizza Guy, and he told me Justin had been a regular at the parties he told me about earlier when he (Jake) first started going to them. He thought Justin was a year older than his brother tho. I stated or questioned the obvious at that point, "so you've sucked his dick then?" Jake confirmed he had but not for a really long time. I said. "what's HE got?" Jake was at first confused by the question but when I pointed at my dick he got the idea and said, "he was like 13 back then all I remember was he had what I thought was a really long skinny dick. I thought his bone was really long at the time but looking back it at I'm guessing it wasn't over 6 inches, maybe not even that, but it was really skinny even when he was boned up. His nickname back then was Pencil." So I asked, "how come you never see him anymore?" Jake went on, "I think he moved down to the valley [note for people not familiar: `the valley' is a term for Phoenix] to live with his dad.. that's actually the first time I've seen him in like 3 years or so." To which I commented "dude, in 2nd, 3rd and 4th grade I barely knew what boners were about and you were already swallowing them."

We finished eating more or less in silence as we watched TV. Well he might have been actually watching it, my mind was elsewhere. I was thinking about all that had happened in the last couple days and thinking back on things Jake had told me. I got up and got rid of all of our trash in kind of a trance because my mind was still on Jake's stories. When I got back and sat down again I asked him, "Hey dude, you told me before that you wanted to tell me everything about stuff that happened before and all and that no one else knew most it except you, and I was wondering how come? I mean why do you want to tell me everything?"

I could see Jake was thinking for about a minute and started in, "well umm.. to tell you the truth.. I like you a lot Erik.. and umm.. well this is going to sound weird but.. yea well.. I've never really like had a boyfriend before.. yea I've done a lot of sex stuff with different people but it was all about sex.. over the past like year as we've been chatting on the internet I've realized how much we have in common and I just want to be really.. well yea.. I already said it once so.. I'm hoping things work out so that we are more like boyfriends than just friends even." Whoa.. that just shocked the shit out of me. I sat in silence letting that sink in. Jake in a really quiet voice, "even sex is different with you dude, I mean yea.. like in the past it was all about me sucking dick.. which don't get me wrong I liked doing it and all.. but most guys never even thought about getting me off."

Jake put his arm over my shoulder and pulled me close, he continued talking almost like he was whispering in my ear "what you did for me back there in your room was totally awesome.. nobody ever did even close to that much for me before." Then he kissed my neck and started nibbling on my ear lobe, before I knew what was happening we were lip locked again. My cock was rising and while he still had his arm around the back of my head he reached over with his other hand and rubbed the rising monster stroking me slowly as our tongues dueled. Finally after we broke this kiss for air, he continued in his whisper like voice, "yea truth also is I think your cocks the most awesome cock I've ever gotten my hands.. or mouth on.. but I already felt this way about you before I really knew about what was in your pants.. think back we've been chatting online for a really long time.. and only a little bit of it was about sex.. I just didn't know how to get out of my lie and actually tell you." I sat there in silence thinking while Jakes one hand lightly played with my bone, he was watching his hand and playing with my foreskin checking out how it worked.

Watching what he was doing I finally asked, "So is mine really the first uncut dick you've had?" He answered, "not actually, but yours is the first uncut I've ever seen soft and yours is the first I've ever seen since I understood what it was." I thought for a couple seconds and asked, "Not to change the subject, but how do you know if your gay or bi or straight or whatever?" Jake thought for a minute and said, "I asked that same question to an older guy that I chat with and what he said was that the easiest way to really tell was to ask yourself what you think about when your lying in bed alone at night jacken off.. Doesn't matter what you would tell one of your friends if they asked that question.. the question you have to honestly answer for yourself is what do you fantasize about when your alone and no one can influence or guess your thoughts.. do you think about guys and their cocks, or girls and their tits, ass and pussies or do you think about some combination of each? If you think about that it makes a lot of sense actually." I thought about that and said, "yea it really does.."

There was a long silence and Jake took my hand and pulled me towards the floor in front of the fireplace. He gestured with his hands to lay out on the floor in front of the gas log fire, got me a pillow from the couch and kissed me lightly on the lips and whispered, "this ones for you eMonster."

He cuddled up beside me and licked and nibbled at my nipples, as his hand re-energized the bunny. Once he had me hard as a rock and leaking a little bit he shifted downward and took me into his mouth. This blowjob was definitely different that the ones before, but by far felt every bit as good. He moved slowly and deliberately. He alternated between my head, shaft and balls. I kept my eyes open for awhile and watched the back of his head. In the other BJ's he had done today I was too horny and didn't last very long, this one was different. Sometimes he would raise up and use his parted lips on each side of my shaft as his tongue glided up and down the underside of my shaft. My hands found his shoulders and neck and rubbed him as he gave me my best BJ yet. I kept thinking they couldn't get better but I was wrong.

After awhile my eyes closed and I was simply laying there enjoying it. I wondered if other guys or even girls knew how to do it this good, and then I remembered all the practice Jake had had, and reasoned he was probably better at it than about anyone I could find, IF I went looking. As he brought me closer my hands moved from his shoulders to his head and my fingers combed thru his hair. As I got closer yet, I noticed I was using my hands to direct the rhythm of the pleasure he was giving me. He didn't give me complete control tho, because as I became really close he pulled off and moved his head up back up to my nipples for a few seconds. Then he moved up and my head cocked slightly to the side and our lips met. I could taste my own precum on Jake's tongue. After the kiss he nose briefly pressed into the crack of my armpit, I was about to move my arm to give him access but instead he moved back to my cock. My fingers went back to being entangled in his hair as I set him back to the rhythm that I liked again.

He pushed my legs slightly apart and paused and pulled off my dick for two seconds, I didn't realize why but then I felt his wet finger pressing in under my balls and into my crack. He stopped 3 or 4 more times to wet his finger again as he transfer the wetness to my crack and probed for my hole. I wondered if he was gonna finger fuck me and debated if I wanted that, but then realized I had no control, if he did then he did. When his finger found what it was looking for he just massaged the ring tho, never really trying very hard to press inside. This sent me over the edge tho, my fingers tightened in his hair and I began to unload the third huge load of the day into his mouth. When he was finished milking me dry he laid his head on my chest and cuddled with me while I was coming back down.

"WOW", was all I could say when I finally broke the silence. Jake lifted his head and turned to look at me and said in baby talk, "awwwww did air-dick have a good cummmy?" notcing how he had changed and mispronounced my name I said right back, "you got that right, awesome dude." Jake gave me a quick peck on the lips, and said "hey dude, how about that hot tub?" I looked at the cable box to check the time, I knew my parents said they would call when they left to come home and we would have like 3 hours from then.

"SHIT MY PHONE!!! I was supposed to keep it handy.. I think it's on ring but I dunno.." I said, as I got up and headed for my room. Finding my phone I flipped it open and was relieved to see no missed calls. Couple clicks later and I learned it was on vibrate and switched it to ring. Jake walked in behind me and said "what's up?" I told him "Fortunately nothing.. no missed calls.. my stepdad told me after the missed calls this morning to keep my phone handy, and it was in here and on vibrate, we would have never heard it."

I noticed he was half hard and his dick was sticking straight out in front of him, not `up' like when he was boned stiff, I brushed it delicately with my thumb and said "when it points straight like that, does it mean your straight?" "haha, dude not even.. I swear to god dude, I'm 100% homo.." he said as he picked up his cigarettes and lighter, getting one out of the pack he continued, "come on dude it's hot tub time." He lead the way and I followed. I turned around in the hall tho and went back into my room and got my phone, by the time I was outside he already had his cigarette lit.

It was now dark outside and I put my phone down on little ledge then I walked to the other end of the deck. He wondered out load "hey where you going?" to which I said "wait up, I'll be right back." I opened the door into the kitchen and crossed over inside to the garage and got him a Dew and me a Code Red, stopping in the kitchen I got two large plastic tumblers and filled them with crushed ice from the refrigerator door and walked back out, flipping the switches for the pool light, the spa light and the Christmas lights we had put out around in the Ivy that grew on the walls around the pool deck. Thinking twice, I reached back in and flipped the pool light and the spa light back off, leaving the just the Christmas lights on and some how managed to do all that and close the door while I was carrying 2 glasses and the 2 cans.

Jake was lighting another cigarette by the time I got back. I put everything down and said "hey cumbreath.. I need help with the cover." He snorted, "yea but whose cum is it?" I cheekily replied, "I guess mine was on today's menu, don't know who's you have in mind for tomorrow.." "ouch.. only you bro.. never again anyone else.. unless you quit speaking to me again.. or I have your permission," Jake offered. I directed, "get over on that side Cocksucker and flip this side up like this then lift here and yea push back." And the cover was off. Jake looked at me as pulled on the second cig out and asked, "are you mad at me for some reason?" I laughed and said "naw.. just having some fun with your head.. But I get to give you permission if you want someone elses dick?"

We were both stepping down into the spa and he sat too quickly and cried, "ouchie, how hot is this thing?" I replied, "it should be 104 but sometimes on warm days it gets hotter than that.. it could be 106.. that's why I brought drinks and ice.. you can also go jump in the pool if you get too hot.." I finally had eased myself in more slowly than Jake did, and sat down right next to him, this time I put my arm around his head and pulled his lips to mine. I could taste the aftermath of his cigarette and actually kind of liked the flavor it left in his mouth which surprised me.

We didn't kiss long tho before he broke and said "dude, I'm too hot.." and stood up. I told him, "go jump in the pool.. since I left the light off I'll have to untie the thermoter and take it.. wait there's a Christmas light close enough.. I should be able to see it." I waded to the other side and grabbed it and looked in the light of the yellow Christmas light bulb and said "shit dude this is like 108.." SPLASH "ahhhhh.. this is freezing.. dude the pool wasn't this cold before."

I got my cell phone to use the stopwatch feature on it, and laughing replied, "actually it's the same.. you were just way hot this time.. so it feels way cold.. I walked to the other end of the deck and opened the little gate to the pump area, realizing I couldn't see what I was doing I turned and walked toward the kitchen door to find a flashlight. As I was getting back to the pump, Jake hollered "hey the pool feels awesome after your in it for like 30 seconds." I replied, "yeah I knew you would think that too.." "hey what are you doing?" "I'm gonna change some valves for exactly 4 minutes and it will dump some pool water in spa and some spa water in the pool and when it's done it will be 104 in there like it should be.."

I turned off the pumps and turned 4 handles and then started the stopwatch on my phone as I turned the pumps on. Jake called, "make it 8 minutes, 100 sounds better to me.." I called back, "naw you will like 104 or 103.. 100 actually almost is cold.." "whatever dude.. body temp is 98.6 so 100 sounds just right.." "trust me.. besides if I take it down to 100 and you don't like it doesn't warm up again for like 4 hours.. the process doesn't work in reverse.. you have to wait on the heater.. which is like 1 degree an hour.." "well ok then it sounds like you know what your doing" "you got it dicklicker.."

Jake swam down to my end, hopped out, and came up behind me, putting his arms around me from behind. "wow dude your hot.." "yea I was in the spa last and you were in the pool last.. thus the apparent differences in our body temp.." "RIGHT.. hey does this thing your doing really work?" "nope.. I'm just doing it caz next time when you get in it will burn your skin off.." "RIGHT.." The 4 minute mark past and I flipped the pumps off again and changed the valves back, and flipped the pumps back on. "all done, let's go back.." Jake dove in the pool and I was scared for a second because we were at the shallow end. But he realized it in time I guess and didn't dive deep. I took the flashlight back and dove in the pool at the halfway point on my way back. The pool felt good, my skin had cooled while I messed with the pumps, so I hadn't gotten the same shock Jake did. We climbed the ladder at the deep end of the pool and went back to the spa.

I could tell it was much better from the second I stepped in. Jake followed me and said "much better.. check the temp again.. I'm curious.." This time holding the thermometer up to the light I said "103.. actually my favorite temperature.." So I sat back down next to Jake and popped the my Code Red open and poured it, he followed my actions with his. After a drink, I turned to him and said "now where were we?" "right here I think" and our arms encircled each other and we began to make out once again. My hand found his cock underwater and worked him hard, I finally broke the embrace and kiss and told him to stand.

I positioned him in front of me and sucked his erection into my mouth. His hands went straight to my shoulders, to steady himself. My phone rang. I pulled off and said "sorry". Getting out of the water I got my phone, and answered it holding it with 2 fingers and an inch away from my face to keep it as dry as possible. It was my mom, as I knew it would be from the ringtone, she said they had left and would be home in about 2.5 hours, I got 20 questions and had to think fast on some of them.

Getting back into the spa, I said "um where were we?" Jake stood up half hard and pointing straight out and I said "oh you went straight on me.." He laughed and said "not hardly" as he wiggled his dick up and down at me. I took him back into my mouth and worked him slowly. After awhile I remembered the pressure thing he had done with his finger and my ass ring and reached around and began working his. At some point he pulled my hand off from back there and I thought we wanted me to stop, but he was like "no dude, don't do it from around my waist put you hand up from underneath.. like between my legs.." As soon as my finger got there from that angle he began pushing back and down on it. Soon my finger was wiggling inside him. God it was tight. As I sucked and slurped and tongued him, my finger became completely buried inside him, and I began to wiggle it, but he fliched and hissed, "no.. in and out motion, not sideways like that." I got the hang of it pretty quick and he started using his hands on my shoulders to get the rhythm he wanted. I was going to pull off, to make it last longer like he had done to me, but I didn't realize how close he was until it was too late. The flood in my mouth surprised me at first. But when he stopped spurting I took my mouth off, and slid my finger out.. He ducked down to his neck, and then came back up kissing me and his tongue searched for flavors in my mouth.

After that we went for a cool down swim, which felt really nice naked. We got back out and he said "I wish I had something to dry my hands with, I need a smoke". I rolled my eyes which he couldn't see, but went to an outdoor cabinet and got him a towel and 2 more for before we went inside. He was waist deep in the spa when I got back to him, but I handed him the towel and he dried his hands and asked me to dry mine and hand him a cig and his lighter. I got two out of the pack and surprising myself I said "I'm gonna try one." He smiled and said "ok" then giggling added, "do you want to know what to do or do I get to watch and laugh" "what do you mean?" "well the choices are I keep my mouth shut and then laugh after you have trouble lighting it and laugh again after you gag on the smoke, or I can tell you what to do, and you might find out what smoking is all about without coughing up a lung first." I answered, "actually light yours and let me try a puff and see if I want one."

I handed over one of the cigs and his lighter and watched him closely. Hmm, lighting it didn't see difficult I wondered what there was to laugh at. He handed me the lighter back and I put it and the other cig I was holding down by his pack. He started "ok, lesson number one is you are about to take a `drag' off my cig, if you say puff then you sound like a poof." He was laughing at his words as he reached out to hand me his cig. I took it and as I got ready to take my `drag' he said "lesson number two.. don't hold the smoke in your mouth.. even for a second.. or it will be a lot more harsh.. suck on it for a second but as you pull it off your lips keep sucking air in, so that the smoke goes down.. you keep the smoke in your mouth and your not gonna do anything but gag.." "ok, here goes." I put it up to my lips and sucked in and remembering what he said kept sucking as I pulled it away. I didn't stop sucking air in tho, so he said "ok that's good now blow it out your mouth, not your nose." I coughed a few times and looked at him. He said, "not bad.. what did you think?" "I dunno I guess I don't see the point.." Then I got the head rush. "whoa, does it always make you feel like that?" "no not really, only til you get used to it." I tried it once more and handed it back to him, saying "here you finish.." then I got in the hot tub and sat down. He said "not bad for a beginner.. from now on tho.. if you do it again hold it like this.. instead of like you had it.. that way's too gay." We both laughed at that.

After he finished that one, he got out and got the other one and lit it to. After he lit it he held it to my lips and said "one more.. the first part of the cig is easier for beginners." I took another drag and didn't cough at all from it. I wasn't sure if I really wanted to smoke, but I wanted to try it, I suppose because it was something Jake did. Shortly after that we got out and dried and went inside.

"I'm not sure when my parents will be here exactly, but let's get in bed," I stated. "Yea, actually I'm kinda tired anyways," Jake replied. I shut the door and started to pull back the covers and climb under naked. Jake followed commenting, "I was wondering if we could sleep naked with your parents coming home." "Yea, it's cool.. its not like they are going to come in and pull back the covers to inspect." He laughed. We turned towards each other and started to make out again. Before long I was laying on top of him as we made out quite passionately, our cocks grinding together. He broke the kiss and said "put your dick between my legs, I got an idea." I raised up and tried to comply and it took us a little moving around but we finally found a comfortable position with my legs on the out side and his on the inside, and again our lips locked. I started to grind my hips but it wasn't that great. Jake broke our lips apart again and said "you got any lotion or anything? This might work better if we had some."

The light bulb went of in my head and I knew what he had in mind and I fished down between my bed and the wall for my lotion. Getting off of him for a second I squirted some on my dick and was just thinking about where I was going to rub the excess off my hand when I got the idea to rub it on the inside of his thighs and the area under his balls. I actually ended up squirting more on my hand as I did it, and let my finger slide under him and into his crack. I didn't play long tho, because now that the plan was in my mind I really wanted to try this. I climbed back on top of him as he spread his knees wide and then bought them together. I tentatively rose up and pushed down... wow this really worked I thought to myself. We went back to making out, and at some point I felt the pressure from his thighs increase and stopped and asked him what he did different. He told me he had locked his ankles together, one over the other. I tested again and realized he was on to something awesome, but then it made me wonder so I asked "you done this before?" He just shook his head no and "nope just thought of it."

We went back to kissing and making out. I found out he squirmed real nice when I switched to kissing and licking his neck or ears, so I made mental note to keep that up. I began to hump him hard and it felt really good, to my surprise he was moaning underneath me. I could feel his dick poking into me. Then he whispered "I got one more idea, raise up like your doing a push up for just a sec." As soon as I did I heard the top on the lotion bottle and then felt as his hands went between us. He coated his own dick and the wiped some more all over the bottom of my stomach. As his hands pulled out he said "ok.. down." I settled back into him and his hands damp with lotion encircled my back and he hugged me tight as I went back to pumping my dick between his legs. The extra lube he had just provided made his dick slip freely against my skin. Pretty soon we were both pretty much moaning and groaning.

This was awesome and it pretty much gave me a big head because I felt like I was in charge, something that I had rarely felt in my life up until that point. He was really getting into this as much as I was. We were both quite worked up and I know for a fact I was sweating. I could feel it beading on my forehead, and I somehow knew my pits were wet. I could also feel the sweat between us, but this felt amazing and I just kept going. We had both cum so many times that day already that I felt like I could do this forever. Finally I felt it building tho, and my moans got louder. My cock was rock hard and actually felt it was on fire and I fucked him between his legs.

I wondered just where my dickhead was rubbing but couldn't tell. I found out later that the reason this position was working so well for him, as it was for me, was that my cock head was actually rubbing and pushing right against his hole, giving him an awesome sensation as his cock was also rubbing into the gooey mess of lotion and sweat between us. I knew I was going to cum soon and briefly thought about the mess it was going to make, but I was too far gone and didn't care. Speeding up to a pace that was faster than I imagined possible, I was panting and moaning, almost screaming and he was also right below me doing the same thing. Then I felt it. All the suddenly it was like my cock had a lot more lube and I knew my, what surprised me tho was right after my flow started I could feel him dick pulsing and spurting against my stomach. When the first wave was over I lay there out breathing out of control on top of him, and was was doing the same below me, our bodies heaving together. I finally got words out "that was intense.. did you cum too?" "yea.. it was amazing.. I've never felt anything like that." Our lips began to nibble at each others, but then we heard the car pull into the driveway and heard the automatic garage door start to grind.

I got off the top of him and found a t-shirt and wiped my stomach off. I dropped it on him and he used his hand to do the same thing with the t-shirt. He said "I need to pee." "I said no time.. hold it.." I tried to wipe my cum off the sheet where I thought all of it had gone, but when I heard footsteps in the hall I pushed him to lying down and I did to. Throwing the cum covered t-shirt on top of the cummy spot on the bed I pulled the covers over both of us and was settled just as the door opened. My stepdad whispered "are you guys awake?" In my best groggy whisper, "kinda.. I don't think Jake is.." Sparing him from having to talk. My stepdad went on, "well we're home, we are beat from both drives and grandma in between.. your mom's putting some stuff away.. after that we will probably go outside and have a soak to relax.. see you in the morning.." He shut the door most of the way, but opened it and popped his head back in, and took exaggerated whiff's of the air with his nose. "Smell's like sex in here.." he said casually as he closed the door. There was a 10 second pause and we both burst out laughing. I'm sure it was loud enough for him to hear, I just hoped my mom was still in the kitchen or garage.

We quieted to giggles pretty quickly, but even the giggles were fairly intense. When finally we could whisper again, Jake wondered, "I wonder what `sex' smells like?? do you think he really smelled something or do you think he was just maken a guess?" "I dunno" "Dude I really gotta piss, is it safe to go out yet?" I told him no, but then thought of something. I climbed over him and got out of bed and off my desk picked up a 44oz drink cup from Wendy's yesterday, shook it and it was almost empty. I popped the top off of it and said "here use this." Jake protested and said "no way" but at the same time he got up and took it out of my hands and moved it downward. I watched in the darkness as he filled to cup to almost full before the stream dwindled and died. I took the now very warm cup back and put it in my desk, wondering when and how I was going to get rid of it. We both got back in bed. We laid quietly talking for a few minutes and I realized that now I too had to piss. Another minute tho and we heard the door to the hot tub down the hall open and then close a minute later. I said "be right back, I'm going to piss and get rid of that cup."

Coming back into my room after having been gone from it for just a few minutes, I knew exactly what my stepdad had smelled. My room smelt like a locker room. Sweaty, with a hint of cum and lotion mixed in. I flipped on the ceiling fan and cracked the window before crawling back over Jake and getting in bed as I explained, "I know what sex smells like now.. and yea.. when you leave and come back in you can definitely smell.. something like locker room smell, sweat, cum, and lotion all mixed together" Jake asked if we were going to be in trouble, and I told him I didn't think so since it was only my stepdad and not my mom that smelled it. He rolled my direction and kissed me on the lips, and rolled back facing out and as I spooned into him from behind. My arm came over him and my hand went out flat on his stomach, we both said "I love you" to each other at the exact same time, and I know I fell asleep about 2 seconds later, and I'm pretty sure he did too.

To be continued...

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