** Caught **

Chapter 3
by Erik Johnson
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Disclaimer: The following story is fiction. Fiction means it never happened. While some of the characters are based loosely around some people I've known in life, you can't guess who they are because all the names, even mine, and places are made up. This chapter is a little lame in some respects but had to be told so that the next few chapters make sense. Also this story, surprise surprise has gay sex in it, if that's not your thing then click here.

I awoke the next morning to find Jake giving me yet another BJ. I was on my side and as I woke up rolled to my back to give him better access. It felt good but I really needed to piss.  I let him go for a few minutes though as I was waking up, finally I pulled him up to me and kissed him on the lips. I told him it was a really nice way to wake up, but that I needed to head into the bathroom real quick before he finished. I learned then that he had already been out to the bathroom and had seen my mom, who told him to wake me up. I asked, "dude, you weren't naked were you?"  He continued with, "No, I realized we were not home alone anymore so I put on my boxers and shirt before I went out.. She told me she was making us French Toast and that we had like 15 minutes, I'm guessing maybe half of that time is used up now."

I kissed him again and started to tell him I was glad that yesterday and the day before had happened but I interrupted myself when I saw my phone lying on my bedside table next to my lamp, which wasn't where I would have put it. "Dude.. did you bring my phone in last night after we were outside?"  "no.. why?"  "caz I didn't either, but it's laying right over there.. that means either my mom or stepdad brought it in.. and came in here.. I wonder what they saw?  Did you hear them come in?"  Jake replied, "I have no clue dude.. I think we went to sleep at about the same time, but that's the last thing I remember until like 10 minutes before I woke you up." That didn't really help me, but I hoped it wasn't my mom that came in.  For some reason I felt like it was less dangerous if it had been my stepdad.

I threw on some boxers and headed to the bathroom. The bathroom door was really only like one step out my door. The way it was arranged was both doors were in a corner and my door was on one wall and the bathroom door was on the other.  So you were only really in the hall for half a second.  My room shared a wall with the bathroom and I really wish they had made it so there was another door in that wall too that went into the bathroom. The bathroom was really shared with the guest room tho, so I guess that's why there is just one door from the hall.  When I came back in my room, Jake had his jeans on but was looking under my bed, when he heard me he said "dude, I can't find my shirt.." "I thought you said you had it when you went to piss earlier?" "Naw, I just grabbed one of yours off the floor.. I was kinda in a hurry.." We both looked and neither of us found it. I pulled a quicksilver t-shirt out of my closet and gave it to him.

When we were both dressed I looked at him and said "wow.. I forgot what you looked like with cloths on." "yea.. it seems like we were naked a really long time.." I started counting with my fingers and added, "I think I was actually mostly naked for like 35 hours.. from the time I went to bed on Thursday until just a few minutes ago.. well except when I answered the door twice.. and you were naked for almost 24 hours.. I dunno about you, but that's a record for me." Jake confirmed that that was also the longest he could ever remember staying naked at one time. He teased that he wished we had answered the door for the pizza naked, so we would have a perfect record, adding Justin would have laughed. I teased him tho and said, "but we didn't know it was going to be a member of Jake's BJ club before we opened the door." He shot back, "50/50 chance." We both laughed at his comment, but I had to wonder what the real odds were.

We headed out to the kitchen to eat.  My mom had a huge pile of french toast and bacon.  Along with orange juice and we were both hungry. At some point during the feast I asked my mom, "where's Rick?" She replied with, "your father's gone to the hardware store.. He should be back anytime now, when you boys finish eating your both going down to Costco with him.. He already called your mother Jake and that's fine with her, but she said you need to go home as soon as your back here." I digested what my mom had just said. This was Saturday and we did usually go down to the valley (Phoenix) about every 3rd or 4th Saturday to hit Costco and do some other shopping that you couldn't do in a small town.  What was weird was it didn't sound like my mom was going with us. Normally all 3 of us always went.

My stepdad came back and we found out he had gone to buy up Christmas lights bulbs for next year that were one sale because it was the week after Christmas. He put that stuff away and we went out and got in his Expedition and headed out for Phoenix, but I still wondered why my mom wasn't going. Not too long after we got on the highway my stepdad opened the center console and took out a sack and handed it to me and said, "could you guys explain what's in the sack?" I opened the sack he handed me and I was shocked, but it all came back to me in a flash. In the sack was both mine and Jake's t-shirts and boxers that, I now realized, we had left in the great room last night after answering the door for Justin, the pizza guy. I didn't say anything.

I don't think Jake, sitting in the back seat, was really paying attention to what was going on.  Rick didn't say anything else; he just waited for an answer. I didn't know what to say but I decided to drag Jake into the mess. I pulled his shirt out of the sack and tossed it back to him and said, "Hey Jake, I found your shirt.." He started to ask, "hey where was.." but trailed off without finishing. I'm guessing because he realized then where it had been left. Since there was no way out of talking about this, I decided to have fun with Jake. I realized after what had happened with Rick he probably wasn't really mad, but I still hadn't told Jake about what happened the next morning with Rick.  All Jake knew was the part I told him about in the chat, where I had compared dicks with Rick. Man that all seemed like it was so long ago.

I turned around and looked at Jake and said, "You forgot to tell me your boxers were missing too.." as I held them up.  He turned bright red but managed to say, "Umm dude I must have some of yours on, but I thought the ones I put on were mine." I felt the blood rush in my dick when I realized he was wearing my boxers, I also realized if he got them off my floor they were dirty. I finally turned around and looked at him again and said, "which ones of mine do you have on?" He nodded his head in Rick's direction as if reminding me my stepdad was listening. I realized by the conversation that we had just told Rick we had slept naked together, but I had also already figured out he must have guessed about some nudity by now just by where he had found our shirts and boxers.

In my head I quickly went though what was probably dirty on my floor and realized, "must be the dark blue ones with the yellow lines?"  Jake nodded his head but added, "I have a pair just like them actually."  

There was silence in the Expedition again as we rolled down Highway 60. We past the place where we usually turn onto Highway 74, and I turned to my stepdad and asked, "so were going to the Sun City Costco then?" He replied, "since I asked your mother to sit this run into the valley out, I figured we could do that one just as easily.. It's about the same distance as the other one, but this drive is a little more relaxed and we really don't need to be by the other places we stop usually."  I let that sink in and realized the reason Jake was with us and mom wasn't was because he had a plan, or at least something on his mind. I just wasn't sure what it was yet.

The radio was on, but other than that it was pretty silent for a few more miles.  I wondered what Jake was thinking.  I wondered too what Rick had in mind.  A few minutes later Rick finally turned the radio down a little bit lower and said, "Fortunately, it was me that found your clothing, or part of your clothing, in by the TV.. I might add that you left the TV and fireplace both on, as well as the Christmas lights by the pool and hot tub.. Erik you left your phone outside as well.. I didn't find any wet swimming trunks either.. the only part your mom really knew about was the Christmas lights.. which is no real big deal.. I did cover for you guys.. more for your mom's sake I suppose.. by getting a couple pairs of shorts and wetting them and tossing them on top of the washer.. BUT, what I want is for you guys to explain this to me.. I can figure some parts out, but some parts don't make sense."

I finally turned around and looked at Jake, I guess hoping he would talk.  After all he explained away `the how we met' question when I first introduced him to Rick in a much more simple way than I could come up with.  I hoped he might jump in at this point and say a few words and have all the questions magically cleared up like last time. Jake though was turned almost sideways staring out the window in like a trance.  I guess he hoped he could stay out of this conversation. Rick finally added, "Erik I'm not mad.. I just can't put the pieces of the puzzle together."

I took a deep breath and decided I should just tell the truth. I finally started, "well we were alone.."  I stopped and tried to figure out how to keep this a simple answer without going into detail, but I still couldn't come up with a simple answer as to why just our boxers and t-shirts were on the floor of the living room. I paused too long, because Rick asked, "How long have you guys been doing sexual things?" I turned and looked at Jake again; I could tell he was even more nervous than I was at this point. His face was red, and I could see where he had a hold of his shoulder belt and his grip was so tight that his knuckles where white.  I realized again that Jake didn't know my stepdad was probably going to be decent about this.  I found out later that at this point Jake was scared to death that Rick was going to call his parents and tell them, but that thought wasn't coming to my mind at this point.

Deciding I better answer my stepdad's question I decided to throw a few `Dads' into it because things always seemed to go better if I called him dad instead of Rick. "Dad, yesterday was the first time we ever did anything.. honest.. we really didn't do anymore than I did with you.. but yea.. I guess we did it a lot.." This was news to Jake, his head turned to me and he just stared at me.  What I didn't realize was Rick wasn't aware I had told Jake anything about what had happened between me and him, so I didn't understand why he seemed to tense up from my last comments.  Now all the sudden there seemed to be tension between all 3 of us, and it looked like it was going to be up to me to cut through it all.

I just started to babble at that point. I told how Jake had woke me up ringing the doorbell and still being hard when I answered the door. I told how we ended up naked and what we had done. Including how long each of us had stayed naked. I did manage to leave out a few parts like Jake smoking. Explaining we played x-box naked too even tho we hadn't but I needed to fill up the time that Jake had told me stories about what happened in his past, which I didn't think was important. I told about the pizza guy and how when we ordered pizza we had been naked all day so far, and took the boxers and t-shirts with us to answer the door in. I threw `dad' in a few times for good measure, but realized everything was going to be ok when I saw my stepdad adjust his boner in his pants.  After talking a really long time I ended with "so that's about it.. does that fill in the stuff you couldn't figure out?"  Rick then came back with, "I pretty much got the picture now, not at all what I was guessing, but yea it makes sense."

It was quiet for a little bit as we each thought about what was happening. I saw Rick adjust himself again, but being in the backseat Jake didn't know that was happening. I also thought again, that Jake really didn't know the whole story and was probably more worried than he needed to be. Found out I was right when Jake finally broke the silence by asking, "Sir, are you going to tell my parents about this?" Rick answered by asking back, "What would they say if I did tell them?" Jake said quietly, "I don't know but it wouldn't be good." He paused awhile and added even more quietly, "My dad hates homos like me." Rick kind of laughed and said, "I don't think I need to talk to them then."  I guessed Rick could tell that Jake was kind of upset so he went on, "Jake I just told Erik this the other day, but I don't have a problem with guys having sexual contact with each other. I think you will find in life that a lot of things are different than what you may have told when you were little. I don't know what you know now, or why you even think your a `homo' as you put it, but it's ok with me.. to put your mind at ease I'll share a secret with you, but remember it is a secret and I don't want you to tell anyone. When I was in High School, not a lot older than you boys are now, I was sexually active with another boy. Later on, a few others as well."

Rick paused, but before he continued Jake interrupted, "Thank you Sir. and I promise never to tell anyone."  Rick went on, "I think I like this Sir thing, and Erik I really do like it when you call me dad, I wish you would do it more often and not just when you want something. Getting back to what we were talking about.. I want both of you boy's feel comfortable enough to talk to me whenever you fell the need.." He stopped talking but then added, "I also hope you will share with me, and not treat me like an evil parent."

I looked back at Jake and he seemed to look much happier than he did a little bit ago. He asked, "Sir, do you like boys?"  Rick laughed but said, "I hadn't really thought about it until the last few days, but I think I do want to remember a different time in my life a little better." I turned to Jake and said, "I never really told you the whole story, but more happened with Rick.. err dad.. than you heard about." Jake asked what I meant and I looked at Rick and said "do you mind if I tell him the whole story?" Rick hesitantly nodded and said, "this stays between us guys, I hadn't intended for anyone but Erik to know my feelings on some things, but it goes no further." Jake stuck a "yes sir" in.

I started telling the story to Jake about how things had transpired from the time that my mom had walked in on me jerking off, which he already knew parts of, but I was more complete. I described the backrub and BJ scene I had had with Rick, and noticed that Rick had to adjust himself about then.  Then I had to fill Rick in on the chat, and how Jake ended up coming over that day.  He got a pretty good laugh out of it, and told me that's why I wasn't supposed to be in chat rooms.  But he didn't really get mad at me for it. All in all, I just got the whole thing explained when we got where we get off the highway.

Rick was hungry for lunch at that point. Neither Jake nor I really were because we had eaten later than he had, and stuffed ourselves with french toast. Rick found a Carl's Jr. and we all ended up eating. Lunch conversation was pretty relaxed and was more about school and sports. Rick asked Jake some things to get to know him a little more.

Rick got a phone call as we were leaving. When he got off, he told us we had to make a detour. He drove for like 10 or 15 minutes and then pulled into a garage for some office of his company.  He told us we had to wait in the truck because this was a high security building and they only could check in visitors on weekdays.  Being a nice day out we rolled down the windows.  After Rick was gone I decided to climb into the back with Jake. Both of us had the same idea, because within seconds we were making out.  

Neither one of us felt like this was a good place to be taking off any of our cloths but I started working Jake's cock with my hand. His jeans were a lot looser than mine. He was way turned on. I kept rubbing and playing, as we kissed. I was being more aggressive than he was and I think that was adding to things for him. At some point I undid his pants and I slid my hand inside, but I didn't go inside the boxers. My hand was pulling him and rubbing his pole thru the boxers. After we had been at it for probably 10 or 12 minutes I was nibbling his neck as my hand worked, I felt him tense up and wondered if I should back off, but I knew right then I thought about it too long because I felt the boxers get hot, wet, and sticky.

We were cuddling kind of as Jake came down. I wondered what we were going to do about the mess, but we didn't have time to come up with a plan because I saw Rick coming back out of the building. I slid back up front, over the center console, and Jake closed up his pants and pulled his (my) shirt down over the front.

Next we hit Costco.  Jake and I told Rick we needed to use the restroom and split off from Rick and went and found it.  Luckily no one was in there.  Jake used paper towels to clean up as best he could. There wasn't too much of a wet spot on the front of his jeans and the shirt I had given him this morning was plenty long enough to cover it up. We both peed side by side at the urinals, but they had dividers between them so we didn't even get to peek. When we were finished he gave me a quick peck on the lips and said, "Thanks, I owe you one."

We went and found Rick, helping him gather the stuff on the list.  Soon we had our usual 3 full carts and went through the checkout then back out to the parking lot. Jake was amazed at the amount of crap we bought there. He said his parents don't do anything like that. After we had it all loaded into the back the expedition, we started driving back.

Jake was a lot more relaxed than he had been on the ride down. He even questioned me straight up in front of Rick about that first massage and BJ Rick had given me.  He had been thinking he was the first one to blow me.  Then Jake pointed out that now he understood how I got the idea for the massage I had given him.  By this time I was hard and looked over and noticed Rick was in the same state.  I made a comment that it was too bad mom was going to be home when we got there.  Rick rather sternly said he didn't think he should be involved in doing anything with us. I could tell Jake was surprised and disappointed by his reaction. Rick went on to say in a more relaxed manner that we was available anytime either of us needed to talk about anything. I was kind of confused because it sounded like Rick was changing the plan from what I thought I understood after our private encounter the other morning.

It was quiet for a few minutes then out of nowhere Jake said, "Hey Rick, how do you like having a son that had bigger cock than you?"  Rick laughed and admitted he was shocked when he found out.  He went on to say he was glad he had found out, and that he was happy that things were out in the open. He admitted that he had previous to finding out tried to guess what kind of dick I might have, and was guessing it to be more like a 5.5 to 6 inch model. It got a little silly for a few minutes as we discussed `available models' including size, shape, color, and the hooded and un-hooded option. That was the first time I had heard of cut and uncut referred that way. But Jake knew the terms and I figured them out quickly from the way he used the words.

Not much else happened on the way home.  When we got there Jake helped us bring the pile of stuff inside. My mom reminded him at that point he was supposed to go home. We made it back to my room briefly and hugged and kissed before he left.  I asked him, "Do you think you can come back over later?"  He said, "I doubt it, but you can probably come over to my house for awhile if you want." I confirmed, "Yea.. I really want to actually." He informed, "We probably can't do much.. and I need to warn you.. you have a much nicer house than we do." I told him, "I don't care.. it will be cool to see your room."  He told me not to expect much as I walked him to the door.

As soon as the door closed I heard my mom holler, "Erik you need to do the hamburger." I called back an OK and went to the kitchen.  The hamburger at Costco comes in 8 pound packages and we had bought 3.  My next job was to divide it up into pound packages and put it in a ziplock bag and smash it flat. Then it got piled in one section of the freezer.

Right after I started my phone beeped from a text message, so wiped my hands and got my cell phone out of my pocket and opened it.  It was from Jake and just said "I love you."  I texted back the same thing and added "what time do you want me to cum over?" Misspelling `come' on purpose. He texted back that he was just getting to his house and he'd let me know.

Back to the hamburger it took me like 30 minutes or a little longer to finish and get it in the freezer.  My mom came thru and said she had to run and get some onions and lettuce just as I was wiping the counter off. I went in my room and turned on my computer.  I guess I was hoping Jake would be in the chat room but he wasn't.  I didn't see anyone I really wanted to chat with so I shut it back off and was thinking about playing X-box when Rick came in and sat down on my bed.

Like the other night, he couldn't seem to get started talking so I said, "what's up dad?" He smiled and said, "I like that word, I hope you keep it up." I responded, "No problem, I don't mind.. it used to seem weird to me to say it.. but it doesn't so much anymore." He inhaled and finally said, "about Jake.. or really about you and me.. look I don't mind if me and you have some private moments together.. but whatever happens needs to stay between us.. no one can know.. not even Jake."  I thought about it and said, "yea I didn't really think about it.. I guess it really isn't something you tell people.. all this stuff happened so fast tho.. 3 days ago I hadn't even seen another boner.. and that seems sooooo long ago now." He smiled a second and said, "yea.. you have had some fast changes in your life.. keep me up to date with what's happening.. I'm glad you found Jake.. you two look like you have been best friends forever.."  He reached up and took my wrist and pulled me towards him.  I was still in my desk chair and he was still sitting on the edge of my bed.  I fell forward and wound up on my knees in front of him and he pulled me into a hug, our arms around each other. He felt warm. We both heard my mom coming home at that point and broke it up.

I got a text message from Jake right then that said, "can you cum over at 7? luv u". Rick had left the room, and I followed to go ask about going to Jake's that night.

To be continued...

Well that's it for Chapter 3. Thanks for all the emails, keep them coming. I have used them while writing the story to answer questions, and even used one idea a reader sent. To those of you who think that i'm getting too far off the topic for the section the story appears in... all I can say is stay tuned... keep reading... you will get what your looking for. Write me or IM me and tell me what you think. eMonster24769 on yahoo.com.