** Caught **

Chapter 4
by Erik Johnson
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Disclaimer: The following story is fiction. Fiction means it never happened. While some of the characters are based loosely around some people I've known in life, you can't guess who they are because all the names, even mine, and places are made up. This story contains incest, but it's hardly all incest. Also this story, surprise surprise has gay sex in it, if that's not your thing then click here.

I ate dinner with my parents. As the clock approached 7, my stepdad asked if I needed a ride over to Jake's and I said no, but that made me realize I actually had no idea where he lived. I knew it was close because it had taken him no more than 2 minutes to get to my house the other day.

I went back to my room and got my phone.  He seemed to be into text messages, but I decided to call him as I thought it would be faster.  He answered fast, didn't say hello or anything. He knew who it was from his caller-id and just started with the question, "You have no idea where I live do you?" I replied, "umm.. actually.. your right.. I've not got a clue." I was embarrassed to some degree, but he laughed and said, "I was pretty sure I was going to get this call.. you live on the loop tho and I live on one of the dead ends.. go up the road toward the gate but when you get to the second road on the right turn down it.. It's the dark green colored one on the right.."  I knew exactly where he meant. I hadn't really been down that way but maybe a few times, because his street didn't go anywhere.

I realized then he must have known where I lived because we did live on the loop or giant donut, in the sub-division known as Piedmonte Estates.  Driving wise there was only one regular way in and out of the sub-division and it was called `the gate.'  From there you could go straight, turn left (our way), or turn right.  There were a lot of little dead ends or cul-de-sac's off the main road or loop.  A gate itself didn't really exist, but I had heard there was once a plan to have a real gate of some kind, but it had never been put in. The entrance was still called `the gate' even if it wasn't a real gate.

As I was leaving my parents asked where Jake lived. I was glad they hadn't asked sooner, because no 13 year old wants to feel stupid.  I told them as I put on a heavy jacket, actually thinking ahead to what it would be like outside when I came home. I left the house and walked up the road.  

Getting to Jake's I realized even before I got all the way there that he was right, our house was nicer.  Even from the street you could tell his house was one of the older ones.  There were a few houses that were built like 15 years before the rest of them here.  From what I knew, the older ones got built and some of them sold and then the developer went bankrupt. Like 15 years later another developer came and bought up the place and started over.  Our house had come from that and was really only about 9 years old.  I barely remembered when we moved into it, but it was brand new then.

I was about to ring the bell but Jake opened the door before I could.  He took me inside.  The first thing I noticed was his house was a lot different than any I had ever been in.  There was stuff everywhere.  The look called `lived-in' doesn't even describe it; junky, trashy, littered, cluttered and un-kept were all better words.  He led me out to the kitchen where his mom and 2 older girls that I had seen before were. There was stuff all over in the kitchen too, to make any food or anything you would have to move shit out of your way.  He introduced me to his mom telling her I was the friend that he had stayed with yesterday.  She was a large plump woman, not at all like I had pictured in my head for some reason.  She had a nurse's uniform on, that part at least matched the image in my head.  She was really nice and smiled a lot. Telling Jake she was glad he had a friend his age now, and said Brian's friends were getting too old for him to be with all the time.

In the next room, which was dark I could see an older looking fat man sitting in a recliner chair holding a beer. I couldn't see the TV from where I was, but it sounded like he might be watching NASCAR. I looked at the girls sitting at the table and realized I knew their names to be Megan and Melinda. They were both working on some kind of project. I realized that Jake had never mentioned his twin sisters yesterday. I knew they were Brian's twin sisters but I had forgotten that, and hadn't put two and two together until now. There was also a big fat cat stretched out amide the clutter on the kitchen table that his sister's were working at.

Jake didn't introduce me to anyone else. He said, "come on" and grabbed me by the arm and led me over to a door.  The door led to steps down to the basement. Basements are unusual here.  Most houses around here don't have them, but some houses are two story.  

At the bottom of the steps, the right side opened to a little TV room or rec room, that was full of crap just like the upstairs. The left side was a wall that had a double sized door in it.  Following that wall it became a narrow hallway that had a door on each side of it and one at the end.  Jake pointed down the hall and said, "the door on the right is my room, the door on the left is Brian's, the one at the end of the hall that's kind of open is the bathroom and laundry room both, and the double door behind you is a storage room that's so full of stuff you can't even open the door."  Looking around and listening to his last comment I really believed if you opened that door stuff might come crashing out on you.

He grabbed my arm and started pulling me I guessed towards his room, a few feet down the hall. As we moved he said, "Oh yea.. I hate to be rude.. but I need to tell you before I forget.. If you ever have to take a dump while your over here.. don't do it in the bathroom down here.. piss only.. you will hate the upstairs bathroom even more than the one down here.. but this one has a pit over by the washer that's in there with a steal plate on the top of it.. it's called a sump.. it has a pump in it that only pumps liquids.. the old pump we used to have could handle shit too.. so anyways.. nothing but piss in this bathroom."

My head was spinning from the shock of Jake's house as he opened the door to his room.  It was small, only about half the size of my room.  I walked in and there wasn't a lot in there.  A single bed with it looked like just one sheet and comforter and a table and chair. The wall the door was in was bare sheetrock with no paint on it.  The ceiling was rafters that were painted black, complete with wires and pipes for stuff upstairs also painted black. The two walls to the left and right were bare studs with sheetrock on the outside but not the inside. The wall opposite the door was painted dark blue but looked like it was concrete blocks.  There was a tiny window about 2 feet wide by 1 foot high, near the ceiling in the blue wall.  It had something that looked like and X-box controller hanging by its wire in front of it.  Jakes closet was all wall studs, with no sheetrock on them or door.

"Brian's room is about the same." Jake told me.  He went on, "He at least has all his sheetrock tho and even more paint.. I got the room with a window tho..," giggling as he said that.  I was speechless. I sat down on his bed. I noticed he has the same filing system for dirty cloths that I did, on the floor.  The difference was mine got picked up every few days at least. Looking at the cloths on Jake's floor I think the ones he had outgrown or didn't like anymore were all there too.  I realized what little carpet you could see looked old and matted down. It didn't look like it had seen a vacuum in awhile.

Jake moved some stuff on the table and opened his laptop. Finally finding something to be impressed with, I said, "cool laptop.. I wish I had one of those." Jake replied with, "I'm betting your computers better than mine tho.. I got this laptop off one of Brian's friends for $20.00 because the wireless internet wouldn't work anymore. I took it down to that store off Market St and ended up getting this thing (he tugged on the wire going up to the thing hanging in front of the window) that plugs in to get internet.. We don't actually have internet but I get a neighbors wireless just fine.."  I was just speechless.

Jake got out his cigarettes and said, "You want one?" I told him no, and was about to tell him I didn't want to start smoking at all.  But I changed my mind and said "well umm.. maybe I'll take a puff.. I mean drag.. off yours again." He lit it and handed it to me. I just took one little drag and handed it back to him.  I said, "so your parents know you smoke?  And let you smoke in here?"  Jake replied, "They know I smoke.. Brian too.. they gave up awhile ago telling us not to.. my dad smokes constantly so usually they don't notice if we smoke in here.. unless we do it too much.. my dad never comes downstairs.. last time I even saw him down here was like 3 years ago when we built the walls.. before that the only walls were the bathroom slash laundry room." Jake took a another drag and offered it to me, I decided what the heck and took another one too.

Jake rambled on, "It used to be just all one big room.. Brian's stuff was on one side and mine was on the other.. My mom comes down usually twice in the early morning before I'm even awake to mess with laundry.. She never come down at all after work.. she's too tired.. she stay's out of our rooms completely.. My dad doesn't work anymore.. he hurt his back.. he does nothing but sit and watch TV and he's usually pretty grouchy.. he even sleeps in his recliner half the nights.." Jake takes another drag and offers it but I pass. He continues, "yea.. your house is a better place to be.. I don't know your mom much yet.. but Rick seems to be fairly cool.. umm.. there's not much to do around here.." I laid back on Jakes bed, suddenly I could smell his scent from the sheet and comforter, and it suddenly reminded me how much I liked to have him close to me.

He continued, "soooo anyway.. we could watch TV in the other room.. or surf the net in here.. or I could join you on the bed if you want.. as long as we are quiet no one would bother us.. or.. hey.. what time do you have to be home?"  I honestly thought about lying and telling him I had to be home at 9:30 just to get out of here sooner.  But I didn't, and told him I had talked my parents into midnight. Jake then asked, "hey.. have you ever been up on Piedmonte Peak?" I told him no and asked, "how do you get up there?  I've heard people talk about it but it looks too steep to climb."

He checked his computer for the time and said, "I'll show you.. it might be a little cold out.. but the walk up there will keep you warm.. It's an awesome view.. even at night." Jake was getting really excited I could tell.  He then said, "Ok.. here is the plan.. We'll go upstairs and I'll ask my mom if I can go to your house until midnight.. she will say no.. but I'll beg and she might give in.. if she doesn't cave then you go ahead and leave like your going home.. and walk up to the stop sign but circle back around on the bike path until your behind my house and just wait.. I should get there about the same time."

"But how..", I started to say. He cut me off with, "I can get out that window.. (pointing) As long as she thinks I'm downstairs she will never check on me."  I nodded, and was going to argue, but I realized this wasn't his first time out the window.  I decided not to worry about it, and just go with the flow.  Anything had to be better than staying in this house. The last few days had been a real adventure in my life and I guessed that I was up for another one.

As predicted Jake's mother told him he needed to stay home, that my parents had put up with him enough last night.  I started to say they wouldn't mind but kept my mouth shut. Last thing I wanted her to do was call my parents, so I went with Jake's plan. Finally he said goodbye, even asking me again if I was sure I didn't want to stay awhile longer. I said for his mom's benefit that my parent's were expecting me home and that I needed to go.  At last he ushered me to the front door, and as I said goodbye again he winked at me. I followed his instructions and circled back around until I was in the darkness on the bike path well behind his house.

As I waited I thought about how different my life was from Jake's, but at the same time how much he turned me on. I even got a little hard as I stood there thinking about it all.  He has given head to god knows how many guys, and I just discovered actual sex beyond jerking off three days ago. I live in a nice house, he lives in a dump.  It was really cool out, by later I knew it would be much colder. I was wondering how long we would be gone when I heard something to my left. I looked and at first couldn't see anything. But then out of nowhere Jake appeared with a camping pack on his back and his school backpack wrapped around his wrist. He pushed the school backpack into my arms and hissed, "here take this.. and be quiet until we get further away." He took my arm and half pulled and half pushed me hurriedly down the bike path.

Getting further away, he let go of me and got a flashlight out. He didn't turn it on, but said, "ok we can talk now.. don't want to use the flashlight much because someone might see it.. but if we run into a javalina (pronounced hava'lina) the light will scare him right away.. Only other thing to worry about is snakes.. but as cold as it is they won't be out.."  I was now breathing hard, mainly from the excitement I guess. I asked Jake what was in the packs and he told me, "mine is Brian's shit.. camping stuff.. two sleeping bags, an extra blanket, and an air mattress.. yours has got some cokes, beers, chips and umm.. one other thing in it.. I wasn't sure if you liked beer so I brought the cokes just in case."

"wow.. dude how long are we going to stay up there?" I asked.  He answered, "we got about 4 hours.. if you got to be home at midnight.  We are close to halfway right now.. give us 45 minutes to get down.. we should have close to 3 hours alone up there.. you're gonna love it dude.. I love going up there.. day or night.."

I didn't know where we were exactly. We turned off the bike path and started up hill.  It started to get steep and I was glad Jake was the one with I assumed the heavier pack.  It was certainly bulkier, I found out later that it really didn't weigh anymore than the one I had, it was just four times as big. We got up just a little bit higher and Jake stopped and turned to me, "ok the path gets really narrow and steep from here on out.. this part actually will just take 10 minutes.. stay right behind me.. and anytime you need to just say `stop' a second.. oh and put the backpack on with both straps." I told him ok and he kissed me on the lips said, "dude.. thank you for making me think of this.. this is the best idea.." I wasn't so sure, but he seemed to know what he was doing, so I followed.

The path was really more of a climb, and it definitely was hard for me to do. If I complained however it would seem like I was being a wimp.  It would have been nice to do this once in the daylight first, being dark didn't help matters.  I scratched my wrist and arm at one point and told Jake told hold up. Holding it right in front of my face I couldn't see much damage, but it stung, didn't seem to be bleeding tho, so I told Jake to go on.  After another minute he turned back to me over his shoulder and said, "Ok.. this last part is the hardest.. it's only about 12 feet but it's close to straight up.. watch where my feet go and put your feet in the exact same places.. got it?"  I was glad I had worn jeans and not shorts, even tho it was really too cold for shorts. I could see well enough in the moonlight to follow his lead.

Just when I was about to give up, I realized he was turned around facing me and sitting on a flat rock. He said, "four more feet and you got it."  The last few steps were bad, but I fell on my butt right next to him and said, "wow, are we actually at the top?" He said we were on the backside, 2 more minutes and we would be at the top. But it was more like uphill than climbing from here on out.  We rested a couple minutes. He put his arm around me as we sat side by side, he turned whispering in to my ear, "I'm glad you came with me, I was afraid you would wimp out." I turned to look at him and say something but instead our lips locked and we finished our little break kissing in the moonlight. My arms circled him and pulled him close, and his other arm came around me as well.

Soon he broke us up and stood up and then pulled me up. We walked the rest of the way holding hands.  As we got to the top for a minute I thought our plans were going out the window.  I had just gotten to the place were you can see our town below and it was indeed and awesome view, but at the same time we saw a campfire right up there on top.  It was back far enough from the edge that you wouldn't be able to see it from below.  "Who all's up here?" Jake called out.  There was a little bit of a shuffle right by the fire. We were still far enough away we couldn't really see but I did see one person, no two people sitting up. A voice called back, "who is that?"  I didn't recognize the voice but apparently Jake did because he called back, "Don't worry it me, Jake Rippey and a friend. As we got closer I could see it was Matt Ryman, but I couldn't tell who the other person was.

We got to the fire and Jake shucked off his pack, so I took mine off too and laid it on top of where he put his. Matt spoke, "who's your friend and are you guys joining us for the night then?"  Jake sat down on the side of the fire and pulled me down next to him, he scooted closer to me and said, "This is Erik Johnson.. you might kinda know who he is.. maybe."  Just then I realized who the other person was, it was Matt's younger brother Tim. Tim was probably 15 and Matt was same age as Jake's brother Brian, so 17 or 18. Jake continued, "We aren't staying all night.. Erik's got to be in an midnight.. You guys I take it came up here for the night?"  Matt answered, "yea neither of us had shit to do tonight.. I had plans with your brother but got dumped when Brianna hinted to him he might get laid caz her parents were out of town.. Me and Tim ain't done anything together really since last summer.. so when we found out neither of us had plans we decided to come up here and get high.. I'm a guessen that's what you youngster's are up to as well?"

Jake paused awhile and answered, "Well I really hadn't covered that part of this with Erik yet." He took out a cig and offered me one, I actually took one. I'm not sure why because I didn't really want one, but it seemed like the thing to do.  Jake lit his and handed me his lighter.  I noticed both Matt and Tim were lighting cigs at that point too.  I had been paying attention to Jake as he lit each one of his cigs since he told me that that being a novice smoker could be good for laughs, but this was actually the first time I lit one myself, and I had an audience. I lit it, I think I did ok, at least no one made a comment that I didn't.

Jake turned to me and said, "Erik my guess is you've never smoked anything other than the cigs you've smoked with me in the last day." I nodded and he continued, "What the guys all come up here for really is to `get high up' and `get high'.. Remember I told you I had coke, beer and `one other thing' when you asked what we were bringing?" I nodded and he went on, "well the one other thing was a couple jay's or joints." Matt piped in, "schweet.. is it the stuff what your brothers got?  That stuffs like 20 times better than what I got." Jake shook his head no and added, "no it's not, but it's just as good or better."

I didn't say anything for awhile.  All the sudden Tim started talking and I realized this is the first words he had said since we got there, "Erik it's cool if you don't want to.. I rarely do.. most of the time I pass when it comes around.. but every now and then when I'm with Matt I do."  I tried to think what I knew about Tim, not much really, never even saw him around too much. I didn't know what to say, I just sat there and took about my 3rd or 4th drag off of my first full cigarette.  All eyes were on me and I was torn. I really sort of wanted to try this, but I sort of didn't too.  I also wished I didn't have to go home if I was going to try it. Jake started to stand up and said, I got to go piss, I'll be right back." He looked right at me and continued, "did you want to go over there with me or wait here with them?"  I nodded and started to get up and said, "yea actually til you mentioned it I didn't need to, but I could probably stand to drain it also." Jake threw his cig butt in the fire, and I did also.

As we walked away I heard Matt call out, "just like girls... they always go to pee together.. hey don't make us wait all night Jake.. just piss.. no other stuff." I said to Jake as we got away, "did you really need to piss or did you just want to talk to me?" He responded, "Both actually.. I'm glad you got the idea.. look you don't have to smoke it if you don't want to.. this isn't how I expected it to be up here.. caz I thought we would be alone.. I'm kinda glad they're up here tho.. caz it's colder up here than I thought it would be and the fire is nice.. I can also tell you something about those two that I'm probably the only one that knows.. they blow each other.. they've been doing it since they were little kids.. probably like 6 and 4." Nothing that came out of Jake's mouth really surprised me anymore, so I didn't react.

Jake stopped and started undoing his pants and so I started to undo mine, we had our back to the other guys and the fire and we were probably 50 feet away in the dark. When his stream started he said, "so what do you think? Do you want in on the weed or out?  Your choice.. and it will be OK either way.. you heard Tim.. and I can tell you it's not his thing most of the time." The cold air felt really good on my dick, and I said, "I wish we had more time to talk about it alone.. but will I be OK by the time I have to go home?" Jake pulled out his cell and checked the time, "yea you should be cool.. I won't let you overdo it.. Especially with that in mind.. We got over 2.5 hours before we even have to start going down.. and after the walk back you'll be back to perfectly normal when you get home." He shook his dick off and stuffed it back in saying, "are you gonna piss or just play with it?" I realized I had gotten semi-hard from the cold air, putting it back away in that state I said, "I guess I don't need to go right now.. I thought I probably could.. not anymore tho."  As we turned to go back to the fire, Jake put his arm around my shoulder and whispered, "I love you" in my ear.

Returning to the fire Jake got out the air mattress and unfolded it. I was wondering how long it would take to blow up, but was looking back and forth between Matt and Tim wondering about what Jake had just told me about them.  I figured it was true, or he wouldn't have told me.  Both guys were blond, Matt was a muscular jock type with blond hair on his arms.  It was lighter than the thick yellowish brown hair on his head.  Tim had lighter hair all over, some dark freckles on his face and I noticed for the first time his eyebrows were white, the hair on his head was much thinner and lighter than his brothers.  Tim was a skinny kid, lacking the muscles his older brother had. Just then I heard a click and the air mattress inflated right before my eyes. My thoughts interrupted I found words coming out of my mouth, "Whoa.. What the? How did you do that?"  Jake smiled, "Co2 cartridges.. Brian will be pissed.. caz it takes 4 of them.. but he'll get over it.. if he even figures out it was me.. we keep this stuff in a shed.. and it gets borrowed." Matt smiled and said, "indeed it does.."

That's when I noticed that Matt and Tim had the same setup. They were both sitting on a shared air mattress with one sleeping bag unzipped and another unzipped over the top of them. They had shirts on, and now I wondered what they had on below. They were both sitting up cross legged or indian style, but had the top sleeping pulled halfway up there stomachs and kind of wrapped around them. Thinking back to our arrival, and seeing one of them and then two of them; I also wondered what they were doing when we got there. I noticed Jake was unrolling and unzipping one of the sleeping bags so I grabbed the other that he had already untied from the pack frame and started to follow his actions. Matt told Jake to throw some more wood onto the fire before he got settled. Jake complied using branches that I guess those guys had already cut up and stacked a few feet away.

Once we were situated again Jake got out a different cig pack from the backpack that I had been carrying and pulled out two funny looking cigs that I guessed were the jay's. Jake looked at Matt and said, "Your gonna match right?" I thought Jake was talking about Matt lighting them, but figured out from the discussion that followed it was about sharing. Jake continued, "Erik's not going to take a lot.. It's his first time.. and he has to go home.. plus I have to get him down from here." I remember thinking I was glad that Jake was taking charge and making sure everyone knew that I had limits.

Matt piped up, "Hey I almost know the circle order.. It would be me, then Tim, but who comes next Jake.. you or Erik?" Jake laughed hard, harder than I had heard him laugh to that point. I had no idea what was going on but Matt said, "so Jake's not last anymore." Which caused a renewal in the laughter from Jake, finally when he could talk, "No Matt.. Erik's first.. then you, Tim and me." I couldn't figure this part out especially when I saw the look on Matt's face with Matt finally declaring, "No way.." Jake continued with, "it's true.. Erik even beats out Peter Young.." Suddenly remembering yesterday's conversation with Jake the name Peter Young came whirring to the front of my mind. They were talking dick size, because Jake had told me then that the closest person to me that he knew of was Peter Young. I was still confused about the conversation tho, so I asked, "What's the circle order thing about?" I folded my hands in my lap at this point because I felt my cock waking up again at the mention. Even though we had our jeans on and had a sleeping bag lying over our laps, I felt like I needed to cover it.

Jake turned to me and said, "ok.. here's the deal.." With that he put his hand into my lap and it wormed his way between my hands, Tim noticed the movement and I thought I could see a slight smile as he acknowledged Jake's move.  Jake continued. "when these guys first tried weed.. back when THEY were in 7th grade.. well let me back up.. when you smoke weed everyone shares.. dunno if you know that.. but you light one up and pass it around.. anyways the first time these guys tried weed.. well Tim wasn't there.. but Matt, Brian and their friends.. a few of them had tried it.. but most of them hadn't done it yet.. anyways.. they got into a huge fight over what order it was going to be passed in.. they weren't letting me try it that night.. they said I was too young.. ha.. too young to smoke weed.. but I WAS old enough to be given them head.. go figure.. but anyways.. it was finally decided that since I wasn't smoking it.. I should be a fair and impartial person to decide who went first, second and so on.. so they told me to name the order.. well I named it.. after they were all high and laughing their asses off and having a good time.. Brian asked me how I decided the order.."

I was smiling now because I was pretty sure I knew where this was going. Jake continued, "When I told them it was by dick size.. they were all laughing hard.. but then they had to prove the order was right.. that was the only night to now that I can remember that they all showed each other and measured themselves in front of each other." Matt chuckled, "yea.. Even I still remember that night well." Jake went on, "so it became tradition.. from time to time I would have to announce a change to the order.. ha.. I liked the power I had back then.. anymore they don't hold to the rule always.. they add things like bets and poker winners into it.. but all in all.. it still comes back to some form of MY original order." Tim chuckled, "I knew how the order was determined.. but that's the first time I've ever heard the story."

Matt started talking, "ok.. I'm sure you KNOW Jake.. but I want proof.. How old is he anyway and what grade?" Jake quickly replied, "same as me 13 and 7th grade.. but not so fast.. take my word for now.. maybe later." Jake still had his hand in my lap with my hands, he started applying some downward pressure. I was hard as a rock after the story and what he was doing felt good. Matt shot back, "Nope.. he can go last til he proves it." Jake next said, "Ok.. he's hard.. how about this.. he doesn't have to take it out.. He'll just sit back so you can see the tent.." I couldn't believe these guys were arguing over my dick, but all the same I was wanting to get this over with because now after the story I had made up my mind I wanted to try the weed, because after all, they had all done it.

I started to shift, pushing the sleeping bag out of the way, I unfolded my legs from sitting indian style and rose up on my knees. Pressing my groin outward and toward the fire I reached down and readjusted myself in my jeans so that the shape was obvious. I quietly asked, "so how big are you guys anyways?" as I looked back and forth between Matt and Tim.  Matt's jaw dropped and Tim started smiling. Jake broke the silence and said, "Matt's a little over 6, and Tim's now just behind him, maybe a little under 6.. their dicks are nearly identical.. well they were.. I already told you Matt's shaved like me.. knowing Tim he didn't follow in his brothers footsteps on that." Tim said, "nope" as he copied my movements from a few minutes ago, raising up onto his knees only momentarily. This revealed that he had no pants on as he pushed his bare cock out showing off his semi-hard meat and his white pubes, which were the same color as his eyebrows. I also dropped back to sitting just after Tim's brief show.

I could feel my heart racing in my chest now. I don't know why, maybe it was an adrenaline rush, maybe because I was the youngest and biggest, maybe it was because this was all new to me, maybe it was all of the above. Matt scoffed at Jakes last comments and said, "Leave it to Jake.. the local wikipedia of penis."

Jake changed the subject, "ok since these are my jay's.. and I'm sure you guys smoked already anyway.." I hadn't considered that Matt and Tim had smoked before we got there. Jake continued, "were going to do last first, but then normal order and not backward." As if knowing he had just confused me Jake turned to me and said, "normally last first means we go backward starting at the last person first.. but what it means tonight, is I'm gonna spark it and take first hit, you get second, then Matt, then Tim, then back to me.. It's also a good order for the way we happen to be sitting right now too." I nodded because I think I understood.

With that Jake got one of the jay's and his lighter and he was about to put it in his mouth and light it, but stopped and said, "Ok you hold this the gay way that I told you not to hold a cig.. you smoke it kind of the same way.. pull in some smoke, followed by some air.. not too much air tho.. just enough to get the smoke down.. but then hold it a long time before you blow it out.. watch me.."  He put the jay in his mouth and lit is up, then took a long pull and did just as he just told me.  My hand was actually shaking as he passed the jay to me, I could also feel Matt's and Tim's eyes staring at me as I brought it to my lips in my shaky hand. I pulled on it, maybe too hard cause then I felt Jakes hand close around my wrist as he pulled it away from my mouth. I sucked the smoke down and noticed how different it tasted from the cig. It was a flavor slash smell combination that I liked at once. Jake let his out, and I passed the jay to Matt, holding my breath still.  The jay was half gone when it came back around to me, no one had spoken since the ritual started.

It went around again and came back to me really small. I took another hit and held it, but that's when the head rush hit, and I just started laughing.  Jake started laughing too and said, "you feel it don't you?" As I passed it on, Matt took it and added a clip to it to hold it and took another hit. After Tim got his hit, Jake waved his hand no and pointed at Matt, "saying you two finish it off."

The chatter suddenly got really fast:
Matt, "schweet Jesus that stuffs good.."
Tim, "oh my god.. I'm soooo glad you guys came up here.. we only had schwag.."
Matt, "Fffuck yyeaaaa.. leave it to the dealers brother.."
Jake, "Fuck YOU.. that's not from his shit.. it's from my private reserve.."
Me, "oh geez.. I feel like I'm really.. like I'm floating.."
Jake, "great shit isn't it dude?"

And the conversation went round and round like that for awhile and then,

Matt, "what the fuck you holding that shit back for.. it's fucking awesome.."
Jake, "I saved it for a special fucking occasion like now.."
Tim, "What's FUCKING SPECialll.. about this?
Jake, "I found a real boyfriend.. no more Mr. Jake Dicklicker.."
Matt, "hmmph.. Fags.. geez get a girl.."
Jake, "hey I never heard you complain when your cock was in my mouth.. besides you even blow your brother.."
Matt, "that's different.."
Jake, "Bullshit.. a cocks a cock.."
Tim, "hey now.."
Jake to Tim, "hey don't defend Mr. Macho, you know he likes it as much as you and me.
Matt, "whatEVVVER.."

Even in my newly messed up condition, I could tell there was more going on with all these guys than I knew about. I had to piss finally now tho and I announced it, "I got to piss, but I don't know who to stand up.." That brought roars of laughter from all three of them.  Finally Jake stood up tho, and pulled me up after him.  I immediately stumbled a little but he caught me.  Putting his arm around my back he lead me away from the fire.  We were were not nearly as far away as the last time when he stopped, and said, "ok this is good.. go for it." My hand got my top button undone, but I couldn't get a hold of the little thing on the zipper.  Jake laughed but reached over and pulled it down for me saying, "want me to hold it for you too?" as he laughed. I felt really good and figured I could fish it out and pee, but then I stopped as said, "go for it." The guys behind us must have been watching because they roared and we heard comments about `Jake the sexpert' and a few others I don't remember.

When I was drained he shook it off and put it back inside my boxer briefs, but didn't close me up saying, "just leave it open.. if it's ok with you as soon as we get back there lets loose the pants.. I want to play.." Who was I to complain in my state of confusion. Plus I already had figured out it was going to happen anyway when I saw Tim's dick awhile back.  Getting back to the fire, I just stood there a minute. Then I did something bold. I pushed my pants and boxer briefs to the ground in one movement. As I stood back up with my hard dick springing up in the cool night air, both Matt and Tim said "Wow" in unison. It seemed that one word came out of everyone mouth the first time they saw it.

I don't actually remember all that transpired next.  Matt was passing a pipe around and we all got a little higher. I remember laughing a lot, then I remember laying on my back with the sleeping bag covering me, Jake was underneath it giving me a mind blowing BJ. My cock had never felt that big and that hard to me before.  Jake was doing his normal best job ever on it too.  I think he even finger fucked me that time but all I remember is when I finally exploded it felt like gallons pouring out of me and the stars in the sky above me seemed to be shooting thru the sky.  We both sat up after I came back down and I remember actually asking Jake where we were.  He reminded me and it came back when I noticed Matt was under the sleeping bag obviously giving his brother the same treatment that I had just gotten from Jake.

Jake put two cigs in his mouth and lit them, handing me one. We sat smoking and passing a can of Coke back and forth as we watched Tim reach his orgasm.  He muttered, "oh holy fuck" barely loud enough to hear through his clenched teeth as the movement under the other sleeping bags stopped. I had never watched as it happened to someone else before.

After that Matt tried to get Jake to light the other jay that he had. Jake refused saying it was the last one of `that stuff' and he wanted to save it.  He added that me and him were done for the night anyway.  Matt bitched but got his pipe out and filled it.  Matt and Tim passed that back and forth as we all talked.

I finally said, "Matt can I see your cock? I've seen everyone elses but so far you haven't shown."  Matt answered, "you can see it if you suck it." I didn't say anything. Jake whispered in my ear, "I can suck him if you want, then you'll get to see it to.. but it's up to you.. like I said before I'm done sucking the other guys just to suck them unless you agree." I was thinking about it all, pretty slowly as my mind was still buzzing, not like it had been, but I wasn't myself yet. Then Tim said "it's only fair.. Ok.. 5 minute rule.. for 5 minutes anything goes.." Matt trying to keep up his macho image moans, "ok.. fuck it.. we can play fag games for 5 minutes.. but hands only.. no sucking.." Jake retorted with, "Fuck that.. you would let any of us blow you.. you just don't want anyone but your baby brothers dick in your mouth.." He then looked at Tim and said, "Sorry Tim.. just got to remind him he does it too sometimes."

We all started moving around to touch and feel each other.  Jake and I wound up on the other air mattress. To prove his point a minute ago, Jake went down on Matt, because he knew Matt wouldn't stop him even tho Matt had declared `touch only' for this game. I got a good look at Matt's cock, it was a slightly larger copy of Tim's only, like Jake, he was hairless. We all still had shirts on, so I pushed back Matt's t-shirt sleeve to see he had bushy patches of darker hair in his pits, I was guessing his shaved off hair had probably been darker than Tim's bush was.  Next thing I knew Tim was sucking Jake's dick and since I was feeling Tim up at that point, I decided to go down on Tim. He had a very nice suckable dick, what I didn't like tho was that his bush was still wet with Matt's spit.  When Jake realized what was actually happening he pulled off Matt's dick and told me to slide around so Matt could get my dick, then he told Matt, "Go down on him and be nice.. or this will be the last BJ you ever get unless your lucky enough to get one from a girl.. I'll stop and Tim will stop."

I was surprised but Matt complied; and he wasn't half bad at sucking dick, not nearly as good as Jake tho.  So there we lay in a 4-way, the 5 minutes had long ago expired. All you would here was an occasional moan or slurp from 4 guys pleasuring each other. It went on for about 15 minutes. Jake got Matt to shoot first, I got Tim, to shoot next a minute or so later.  Jake fired into Tim's mouth before Tim was even done shooting and I wasn't even close.  As the other couplings were all broken up, Matt pulled off of me and said, "one of you guys finish him, I can't he's so big it makes my jaw hurt.  In Matt's defense he did have my cock coming at him at a weird angle which was probably hard to deal with, but Matt was also putting up his macho image at the same time and I could see that.

Jake and Tim motioned for me to lie down between them and they both went down on me.  That felt awesome. They were both all over me, and I was loving every minute of it. I would sometimes feel coordinated movements as the both licked up opposite sides of my hard cock, then I would feel a hand tug my balls and then another cup under them. Tim was as good of a cocksucker as Jake and they were both giving me a treatment.  I could also still tell that I was slightly high which was adding to the whole thing, I wondered why it made my cock feel bigger to me than it normally did. I felt Jake go down on me as Tim sucked each nut into his mouth and rolled it around.  I knew they traded and I could tell it was Tim's mouth on my head, because his mouth and tongue were both slightly bigger than Jakes.  I wondered who I should give my load to but when they were both licking my entire shaft from bottom to top I lost it and sprayed as both tongues were encircling my head.  They both lapped at it, trying to get more than the other, but I don't think it was a very big load anyway.

When we all recovered and sat up, Matt broke the silence, "that was both really hot.. and really gross to watch.. now if that was two chicks.." Jake cut him off, "don't ruin the moment.. just shut the fuck up.."

Jake got up and looked at his cell phone clock and told me we needed to get dressed.  As we were dressing I realized how cold it had gotten.  Jake rolled up the sleeping bags and told me to light one cig and we could share.  Matt and Tim both lit one too.  I realized it was only their second cig since we got there.  I didn't know what time it was but if Jake said it was time to be going I figured he had it covered. Jake said to Matt, "I'm going to pull the plug on the mattress but we don't have time to wait until it can be folded, can you bring it down in the morning." Matt stopped him just as he was unscrewing the plug and said, "leave it full them, we'll stack them and use both.." Jake tightened the cap thing back up and told him it was a deal.

After Jake was ready, I stood up for the first time. It felt weird. My legs felt like jelly for a few seconds, but after a few steps that feeling went away.  We told them goodbye. Matt even said, "welcome to the circle Erik." Which coming from Mr. Macho made me feel kind of good. Tim added, "hope we see more of you BIG GUY." Which also made me feel good, cause both of them were older, and they actually seemed to be treating us somewhat like equals. I saw Matt was packing his pipe again as we walked away.

As we walked on the easy part, Jake took my hand in his and said, "how do you feel o-boyfriend-of-mine?" I replied, "that was awesome.. I was really nervous at first.. but it was really cool.. I wasn't expecting my first orgy tonight."  Jake said, "neither was I actually.. I just wanted to be alone with you.. but it turned out better than I expected when I saw we weren't going to be alone up here.. How did you like the weed?  Do you feel like your cool to be at home in like 45 minutes?" I replied, "yea no problem, I can still tell I did it, but it's worn off a lot." Jake said back, "cool.. I thought you would be fine by now.. Ok, were back to the steep part.. Go down facing out and feet first.. that way if you lose your footing you can just sit your butt down.. I'm going first to show you the way.. you got to find your own foot holds this time tho.. caz you won't be able to watch mine.."

I don't think it was more than 10 minutes later we had climbed and slid our way down and were back on the bike path. Jake was on his knees brushing dirt and stuff off of me. He had gotten the flashlight out and was using it for brief seconds to look at my cloths. His hand felt good on my butt as he brushed dirt off my jeans. He commented he didn't want me to look to dirty in case my parents were still up when I got home.  Next he got a roll of Bounce dryer sheets out of the backpack and pulled off two sheets. He handed me one and said "wipe your face and hands with it with it really good.. lips too, but watch it around your eyes." He took the other one and started rubbing my coat with it. I asked him what we were doing and he explained it would get rid of any smells from the cigs or more importantly weed, in case my parents might be able to tell.  When I was finished with my face and hands he took the second sheet and used one in each hand to wipe the rest of me, coat and jean wise.  He rubbed a lot around my cock. He was actually trying to get me hard I'm pretty sure. It felt good but I was getting tired and was spent, and he didn't succeed in getting much of a rise there.  

I looked at my cell phone and saw it was 15 til 12.  No way could I make it, so I flipped it open and dialed Rick's cell phone.  When he answered, I told him I was sorry but I was going to be a couple minutes late. He told me I should be able to make it in time from where Jake lived. Thinking quick I said we had just made a mess by spilling a drink and it was my fault and I wanted to help Jake clean it up before I left. He told me OK, but to hurry up. Clicking my phone shut Jake commented, "Nice excuse.."  Jake and I jogged down the bike path towards his house.

When we reached the point that we would split, we leaned into each other and our arms pulled each other into and awesome hug.  Our lips found each others and locked.  I was really getting used to this fast. After brief contact with the other guys, I did know Jake was special. He has a power about him, even over older guys. He got what he wanted, and I was glad he wanted me as his boyfriend.

After we split, I walked up the road with my house now in sight; the outside lights were all on, waiting for my return. My phone beeped with a text message. Opening it read, "hope I see you tomorrow, go to our chatroom online when you get home, I love you."

Moments later I opened the front door and said, "hi dad.."

To be continued...

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