** Caught **

Chapter 5
by Erik Johnson
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Disclaimer: The following story is fiction. Fiction means it never happened. While some of the characters are based loosely around some people I've known in life, you can't guess who they are because all the names, even mine, and places are made up. Also this story, surprise surprise has gay sex in it, if that's not your thing then click here.

I had arrived home about 12:15, Rick was in the great room alone with the fire and the TV on. I asked if my mom went to bed and he told me she wasn't feeling good and taken a sleeping pill awhile ago.  He asked me about my night and all I said was, "It was ok.. kinda boring." I told him goodnight and went to my room.

I stripped and switched to boxers, noting the dried pre-cum on the boxer briefs I took off. Thinking back to Jake sniffing my boxer briefs yesterday I held them up to my nose, but didn't even have time to think about the smell before there was a knock on my door. I dropped them, kicked my jeans on top of them and called, "open and enter." Rick opened the door but didn't come in, he stood in the doorway and said, "hey I'm wide awake.. drank some coffee late because your mom made me promise I wouldn't fall asleep before you got home.. I was wondering if maybe you wanted to go out in the tub with me for awhile?"

Truth was I was about to go online to chat with Jake.  I had come up with a lot of questions that I really wanted to ask him. I started to say no thanks, but then thinking about the warm water it sounded like a pretty good idea. So I ended up saying, "yea.. give me a couple minutes tho.. and I'll be out.. I need to use the bathroom and do one other thing." He told me, "alright.. no problem.. Just come out when your ready.. do you want a drink?" I started to tell him Code Red but actually thought about the caffeine and ended up telling him to get me Orange Juice with crushed ice.

I did need to take a dump so after he was gone I grabbed my phone and went into the bathroom. While I was sitting, I texted Jake with, "cant get online right now rick wants to talk to me. luv you."  A few seconds later his answer came, "ok im there already i'll wait. r u in trouble? luvU2." So I sent back, "no. dont know how long, C U soon." His answers was, "ok in bed with laptop if I don't answer online text me." I punched back, "deal luv u." He sent back, "i love you more <3."  Finished up in the bathroom, I went back to my room.

I started to look for a pair of mesh basketball shorts because Rick liked to turn the bubbles on. I personally didn't care for the bubbles and never even turned them on when Jake and I had been out there.  Anything else I had ever worn when the bubbles were on seemed to inflate with air underwater. Finding a black pair I dropped my boxers and switched to them, and headed out of my room and down the hall.

Rick was outside lighting a fire in the outdoor fireplace that was right by the hot tub. The Christmas lights were on too. He had a tray with our drinks already sitting there. He had me help with the cover next and then he took off his robe.  I noticed he was naked and he said, "You don't need the shorts unless you want them." I said, "What about mom?" and pointed at their bedroom windows. He replied, "I closed the shades in there.. besides she took a sleeping pill.. an explosion probably wouldn't wake her."

Pausing only briefly, I hooked my thumbs in the shorts and gave them a shove, letting them drop onto the Mexican tile a few feet from the hot tub, and the started to step in. I asked, "did you check the temperature yet? Yesterday it was really too hot." He said he came out before I got home and adjusted it down some. We both got in and it was just right.

Neither one of us said anything for a few minutes. Finally he asked me what we did at Jake's house. Backing up in my head I realized he thought I had been there all evening. I started by telling him about how trashy the place was. I gave him a pretty good description of the whole place. I told him about Jake's room and the piss only warning I had gotten about using the bathroom down by Jake's room. He went on to tell me that seen peoples houses like that before. He talked about the different ways people live and how sometimes people even changed. Either because they wanted out of the hell hole they were in, or because they fell into their own hell hole.

It was quiet for a little while again. Then I decided to ask him some stuff, mainly because I wanted to change the subject away from what we did at Jake's house. So I asked, "What were you like when you were my age or when you were in High School? Like were you a jock, geek, popular or what?"  He answered, "I was one of the bad boys.. ran in kind of a rough crowd.. not that great a student.. got in trouble sometimes.. partied a lot." I thought about that some and asked, "you did stuff with guys you said.. did you do stuff with girls too?" He told me, "I had a few girlfriends here and there but not nothing real serious.. I never had sex with a girl until I was in college.. things are a lot different now than they were then.. the two biggest are the internet and acceptance of gay sex.. we were lucky to have a stack of playboy magazines.. you guys can go to the internet as see porn we hadn't even thought of.. we only got to talk to people in our school or neighborhood.. you guys can interact with people anywhere in the world.. times have sure changed.. information travels faster.. back then you could get the shit beat out of you for liking guys.. worst thing that could happen to a person was getting labeled a fag." So I asked, "Did anyone ever find out about you then?" He replied, "nope.. I.. we.. were careful.. no one found out."

I was kind of surprised by some of the things he had said and it really got my brain going. My next question, "so how old where you when you first did something with a guy? How did it happen?" He shifted around and took forever to start talking, "I think I was 14 as I remember.. me and a friend had been looking at Playboy's for awhile.. those eventually turned into jack off sessions.. he knew more than I did.. because he had an older brother that he got some information from.. finally we dared each other to suck.. I'll do you if you do me first stuff.."

I couldn't think of anything else to ask about at that point, and my mind wandered. Finally I decided to ask something that didn't get talked about a whole lot, "you knew my dad in high school didn't you." He sighed, "yea.. I did." After a pause I said, "so what was he like? What crowd did he run in? like same stuff I was just asking about you." He got his glass and took a long drink, set it back down, messed with the controls turning the jets and bubbles way down, took another drink and told me he would be right back. He went in and got a bottle of tequila and a shot glass. When he was back in the hot tub he did two shots. I didn't really think I asked a hard question but I was starting wonder if I had asked the wrong thing.

Finally he drew in his breath in and said, "It works better if people don't tell lies.. Once you start a lie it snowballs on you.. first it's something little.. then something comes along and you add to it.. making it all the harder to back up and set the record straight." Listening I thought about Jake and his year of playing Jon, "I get what you mean.. Jake got there with me.. the whole online thing you heard some about.." Rick paused, "yea.. let that be a lesson for you.. getting back to your question.. I didn't figure I would be having this conversation with you until you were a lot older.. maybe never at all.. things have changed in the last few days tho.. and I've been thinking a lot about this.. Erik.. your dad and I were really good friends.. your dad was the boy I was talking about a few minutes ago."

I had to back up and think about what he was talking about, and then it hit me and all I could say was, "wow.. really? The guy you were.. ummm.. messing around with?" He didn't respond. He turned off the jets and bubbles completely; we both sat staring into the fire awhile, listening to it pop and crackle. I slowly asked, "so did you and him run in the same crowd then?" He answered, "not exactly.. he was a lot more into cars and bikes.. motorcycles.. than I was.. our common interest was marijuana first and later sex." Holy fuck, things were getting strange. He poured another shot and downed it, asking, "I shouldn't be offering.. but do you want a shot?" Not knowing how to answer, I stuck with the safe reply, "no.. not really."

After a lot of thinking I kind of out of the blue asked, "so was my dad big?" My mind of course was speaking of penis, he apparently wasn't in the same state of mind, "We were about the same height.. I was heavier.. he had a build a lot like yours." Realizing he didn't understand my question I placed my hand on his cock and said, "not what I was asking." I felt his softness quickly decrease, "hmmm.. uhhh.. THAT question.. he was.. yea.. bigger than I am.. not as big as you are even.. I don't think.. have you ever measured? Like with a ruler.." Fondling him slightly I giggled, "what kid hasn't."  He chuckled, "and what did you find out?" As I answered he moved and his hand found my half hard monster, "it's like about 7.5".. depends how you hold it and the ruler actually.. I can come up with different answers.. but I read on a web page that the right way to measure was laying down.. and it push it back so it was pointing straight up.. and then hold the ruler in front of it.." He had gotten harder as I was talking, "yea.. agreed.. that would be the fair way to do it.. as I recall your dad just hit the 7" mark."

We both shifted to where we were more stretched out than sitting and continued to slowly rub each other below the water one handed. We were both watching the flames in the fire, amazing how hypnotic that can be. Thinking back to the tequila and wondering what it did, "so what's tequila like? You drank shots tonight.. but usually it's margaritas.. what's the difference?" He smiled, "how potent it is.. I needed to take the edge off.. I didn't want to him-haw around answering you.. but you asked a really hard question.. they say alcohol loosens lips.." I thought about how the weed had really changed the whole way I felt, "so what's it do? Does it make you feel different?" He laughed, "yea.. it makes you feel drunk.. ummm.. let's see.. let's see you lose some of your control.. maybe a little bit light headed.. if your really drunk you slur your words.. depends on the degree of drunkness.. I guess your brain operates a little bit in slow motion.. but your more deliberate in what you do.. and yea.. it makes you talk more.. but you have to beware.. some under the influence tend to exaggerate and brag too much.."

"can.. umm.. can I still try some?" He turned and looked at me and very quietly responded, "yes.. your going to at some point whether I let you or not.. that's one thing that has not changed about teenagers.. they still experiment and party.. we'll maybe it has changed.. but only in the sense of when you all first try stuff." He shifted to sitting up and turned around, we both lost our hold on each other.  He continued, "I'll be right back again.. let me go inside and get you some more orange juice.. right now I want a water too.." He stood up and got out, hard as a rock he walked toward the kitchen door.

My hand went to my own hardness and I began to idly play with it as my eyes went back to the fire. I stood up and got out and went and got some more wood and threw it into the fire. It snapped, crackled and popped and threw some sparks out at me as I did it. Rick was returning as I got back in the water, "thanks.. I was about to add wood myself.. but I see you beat me to it." Both of us had lost hardness completing our tasks, his was hanging long now, and mine was at half staff. We both went back to the same seats side by side facing the fire that we had been in before. He continued, "I'm going to pour a shot into your Orange Juice.. It's one ingredient short of a drink called a tequila sunrise.. we don't have any of the cherry syrup called grenadine that makes it complete.. this will be easier on you than a shot." As he was saying that he filled the shot glass dumped it into the orange juice and stirred it with his finger. After taking a little taste of the drink he poured a little more tequila in straight from the bottle and after mixing it with his finger again he handed over to me, "mixed with orange juice you will hardly taste the tequila.."

At first I just sipped at it. I could tell the taste was different. I couldn't decide if I like it tho.  He opened a bottle of water and drank about half of it down. I hadn't talked yet but he went on, "I just want to tell you.. some other time you and I are going to have to discuss this.. I mean things like alcohol.. and other addictive things.. like cigarettes and marijuana." Even though it was hot in the tub I felt my face get hotter at the mention of cigarettes and weed. Could he know? I looked at the glass and figured what the hell, let's try this. I raised it to my lips and drank half. He looked at me and asked, "Can you taste the tequila?" I responded, "It has kind of a more.. umm.. dull taste to it.. like old orange juice." I raised the glass again and drank the rest down. I lowered the glass and poked with my finger at the crushed ice, loosening it up. Raising the glass once more and holding it I let the remnants of the cold liquid trickle into my mouth. At the end I raised my upper lip and teeth and shook it letting my mouth fill with the crushed ice. Turning and putting my glass down behind us I stretched back out letting the ice melt in my mouth which felt good in the heat of the water.

His hand moved to my leg and he began to rub my thigh. I felt movement again in my now soft cock. Speaking again I said, "I don't know if you gave me enough, I don't really feel anything." He told me, "give it some time.. your body has to absorb it into the bloodstream." My hand moved to his thigh as he continued to rub mine underwater. After another minute I told him, "I'm going to get in the pool for a few minutes.. I'm kinda hot." He told me he also could stand a cool down dip. As we stood he said, "no diving.. too noisy.. let's just walk down to the shallow end and use the steps." I didn't argue and just followed him. Walking I could tell the tequila was having an effect. I mean I wasn't swaggering like drunks in a movie, but all the same I could tell.  As I walked down the steps in the darkness into the pool at the shallow end, I pictured me and Jake sitting on those same steps just yesterday in the bright sunshine, as he told me about his past sex life. Oh man, that was only yesterday, well technically I guess this was now the early hours of Sunday, but that seemed like it was a really long time ago.

We didn't really swim around much. Certainly not messing around like me and Jake had done when we swam naked yesterday. At some point when we were close together he pulled me into a hug and I hugged back. It felt good but it wasn't the same kind of hug or the same feeling as when it was Jake. Finally deciding we were cooled off, I swam underwater almost the full length of the pool to the ladder at the other end of the pool. Rick got out using the steps on the shallow end and walked back. I was already settled into my spot when he got there.

"Can I try a shot?" I asked almost too loud. He replied, "shhhhh.. not yet.. if you still want one in 10 or 15 minutes.. ok.. but let's give it some more time. He had actually brought 4 bottles of water with him earlier and I reached for one. Like he had done before I drank half the bottle in one shot. Rick added more wood to the fire, before coming and sitting back in his spot.  He also grabbed his water bottle and finished off the other half.

We just sat soaking, watching the fire and not really talking for awhile. Finally I asked, "Is 10 minutes up yet?" Rick chuckled, "That question sounded like you at age 4.. I guess if you really want to do a shot I can live with it.. you're at home and not going anywhere.. I just want you to ease into this.. learn your limits.. not overdo it.. too much can make you puke.. too much is bad for other reasons too but we will get into that another time." He took the bottle and filled the shot glass. Picking it up he said, "the goal is to pour this straight down the back of your throat.. Be ready to swallow at the same time.. it will feel warm going down.. and probably won't be like anything you have ever tasted before." Man I had been getting a lot of instructions on how to do new things lately. Smoking cigs, smoking weed and now this, oh well I thought, at least I'm not making a fool out of myself.

I took the shot glass from him as he said, "I might as well let you know this is what they call top shelf tequila.. it will go down a lot smoother than cheaper brands you might find showing up in your friends possession." I looked at the shot glass and in one motion followed the instructions I had been given. I felt it go down. It warmed my insides. He poured another shot and down it himself. I noticed the aftertaste in my mouth and for some reason thought a cig would taste really good right now, the first time I ever craved one. I rested my hand back on his thigh and after a few moments his was back on mine. As it was our first touch since since we had taken our cool down dip I was soft, I came back to full hardness tho almost as soon as I felt his hand on my thigh.  A minute later I reached over with my other hand and pulled his hand to my cock, I moved my hand off his thigh at the same time and found his cock.  He was not as hard as I was, but he too came back to life quickly.

After we had played with each other for a few minutes I told him to stand up. What happened next was almost surreal. I took his cock into my mouth with me sitting and him standing in the same place that this had happened with Jake just the other night. I suppose the tequila helped me play tricks on my mind but I closed my eyes and thought about Jake. His hands rested on my head and shoulders, just as Jake had done. In my mind I was giving Jake head, but it was Rick that was actually in my mouth. Rick was bigger than Jake and a few times I felt myself aware of his hair, especially when I had to stop and fish one out of my mouth. I worked his cock good tho and occasionally would here him moan or the fire crackle.

I suddenly thought about this cock being that same one my dad had once had in his mouth. This for some reason supercharged me, I needed to be as good as or better than my dad had been. The words came back to me `he knew more than I did.. because he had an older brother'. I let that slide around in my head, as his head slid around inside my head. I needed to remember to ask more later about my dad and uncle Ted.

Then I remembered the finger trick, my right hand was cupping his balls and gripped around the base of his cock. I switched so I had my left hand there, and brought my right hand up underneath and slid into his crack. I noticed there was hair there which different than Jake's which was smooth, when my finger circled the hole I heard a really loud grown and felt his cock pulse in my mouth. I pressed my finger in and was surprised how easily it slid right in. I was shocked how loose it seemed compared to how Jake's ass had griped my finger.  His cock pulsed in my mouth and he started using his hands on my head to set the speed.  I pulled my finger almost out and went back in with two, this seemed better but I still knew it wasn't as tight as Jake's. His speed increased, and he felt really harder in my mouth. I was thinking about pulling off but my fingers hit something and all of the sudden he was gushing cum. He had so much this time and it came so fast I could feel it leaking out the sides of my mouth and running down my chin.

When the eruption subsided we both froze for a moment and then I let his cock slip from my mouth, and my fingers slipped out of him. I looked up at him and saw the most awesome smile I had ever seen on his face. He sat back down beside me breathing hard and said, "that's the best one I've had in years." I started to reach for a water, but instead picked up the tequila bottle and poured myself a shot and slammed it back. He didn't notice what I was doing until I already had it down and said, "I guess you earned that, pour me one."

After he took his shot, he asked me to stand up. I wasn't really in the mood surprisingly and yawned saying, "I wonder what time it is? I got another idea.. let's go inside and you can give me a massage. We got out and covered the tub and picked our stuff up. I took one of the water bottles and headed to my room. I sat down on my bed and looked at the clock, it was 4:04. Wow time went fast. I drank the entire water bottle at once. I started to climb in bed, but decided to go piss first. My whole body seemed heavy as I walked. I pee'd and went back to my room and laid on my bed.

Rick came in and sat on the edge of my bed. Not a word was said. I remember how wonderful his fingers felt as he started to work on my back. That was the end for me, I remember nothing else falling asleep.

To be continued...

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