** Caught **

Chapter 6
by Erik Johnson
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Disclaimer: The following story is fiction. Fiction means it never happened. While some of the characters are based loosely around some people I've known in life, you can't guess who they are because all the names, even mine, and places are made up. Also this story, surprise surprise has gay sex in it, if that's not your thing then click here.

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As I slowly came to the next morning, but I sensed something wasn't right.  Laying there I suddenly realized there was a noise that wasn't right. A taptap followed by taptaptaptap. Without moving my head my eyes drifted to the clock, as the numbers came into focus at 10:12 the noise came back taptap.. taptaptap.. I sat up and heard it more clearly.. TAPTAPTAP. It was coming from the window. Throwing my legs over the side of the bed, I reached for boxers. TAPTAPTAP. Then I realized it had to be Jake and he had to be outside my window, trying to make me wake up.

I stood in front of the window and pulled out on the edge of the shade and peaked around.  Yup I was right.  Pulling the shade back further got his attention and I pointed towards the front door. Getting a clue he took off in that direction.  Knowing I wasn't alone in the house I pulled on boxers and headed that direction also. I had to stop in the bathroom tho and do my pee-in-the-shower trick.  Which made my morning wood begin to shrink. Getting to the front door I pulled it open holding my finger to my lips telling him to be quiet.

Back safely in my room with the door shut, I started to ask, "whassup?" But before I could even get my word out he asked, "Dude are you mad at me or something?" I told him, "not even close.. but why are you asking?" He told me, "you never got online and you're not answering your texts."  Before answering I got my phone off the dresser where it was plugged in and flipped it open to read `17 new messages', "Crap.. I'm sorry dude.. I honestly don't even remember going to bed.. you should have just called me.. ringing phones are more annoying than the chirp a text makes."  I sat down on my bed and he did to.

Picking up my jeans I saw the boxer briefs underneath I had worn yesterday, I started to put one leg in my jeans. Jake voice broke the silence of the last few moments, "sssoo.. um.. your not freaked about last night then?" Glancing back at the boxer briefs on the floor I said, "Dude the only thing that's freaked me about you so far was catching you sniffing my undies the other morning.. but that wouldn't even bother me now I don't think.." He answered, "Sorry dude but I needed to know what you smelled like down there." Thinking a second and kicking them with my foot, I said, "there's yesterdays if you want to perv them." Laughing as I pointed. Picking them up, he held them out and then folded them over one hand. Looking at the pre-cum marks on the inside he said, "looks like yesterday was a good time."

I went back to getting dressed but realized I was putting on jeans and still had boxers on. That combination just didn't work for me. Getting up and kicking my foot out of the leg of jeans I had started, I got fresh dark-blue boxer briefs from my drawer and turning to face Jake, dropped my boxers and gave him a 5 second view of my mostly soft meat before bending to pull on my fresh boxer briefs.  Jake was still holding yesterday's boxer briefs in his hands and broke my thought about whether to get fresh jeans or go back to the ones now on the floor again when he asked, "Can I borrow these?" Laughing I said, "You will look pretty gay walking down the street carrying them." He stood up and had his belt undone and his jeans open before I could even finish talking, "No dude.. I'm gonna wear em." Dropping his jeans I saw he had on what looked like to the same pair of tight briefs that I had first seen him in the first time I ever saw his cock, the day before our naked day. Man that seemed so long ago. He pulled those down to and his bone popped out, causing me to feel a stirring as we both redressed. `Strange and hot' was all I could think as I saw my boxer briefs disappear as he closed up his jeans.  

Finally I said, "I wonder if my parents are still asleep?" thinking it would be weird for them to be.  Jake had some knowledge, "Your mom is not.. I saw her driving toward the gate about when I got to my corner.. she waved.. I have no idea about Rick tho." Picking up my phone I scrolled down thru all the unread texts noting they were all from Jake. I didn't delete them but marked them all as `read' for now.  Getting back to my main screen I noted that it was Sunday, December 31st, which answered one question, but left me with a new one. "yea I bet my mom was headed for church.. Rick's probably still in bed.. we were up late last night.. and hey dude.. this is new years eve.. What do you do for New Years?"

My stomach growled loud as Jake answered, "that's one of the things I wanted to talk to my boyfriend about.. but he's been ignoring me." I knew he was giving me trouble to give me trouble but at the same time I guess I was feeling guilty, all the same I decided to dish it back out, "Oh so who is the boyfriend of the week?? Matt?? It looked like you were enjoying him a lot last night." "Dude shut up.. I was surprised as hell at what all happened up there.. I guess.. I know I said I was done sucking other guys.. but it's not like you weren't there.. So dude.. you never said.. What did Rick want to talk to you about last night?" Ignoring his question I asked, "you eaten yet?? I'm starved." "Just some toast, it's hard to find food in our house.. everyone hides it." So I said, "I'm making pancakes then.. come on." I got up and opened the door. Looking down the hall I noticed my parent's door was shut, I was guessing that meant Rick was still in bed.

As we got to the kitchen I told Jake, "Go out to the garage fridge and get us some OJ's.. I'll take two.. they're only 10oz bottles.. or if you want something else go for it.. Ummm.. not the beer tho.." I started gathering some stuff together to make our pancakes. I put some bacon in the microwave. I was thinking about the kitchen at Jake's house and his new recent comment about hiding food. Rick entered the kitchen in white briefs and a white t-shirt just as Jake came back in from the garage. "Morning son.. didn't realize we had company.." He walked up to me and hugged me, adding, "I'll be back in a minute.. make me food too.. and coffee.." Jake had three bottles of OJ in his hand and said, "You got nice scenery around here.. that look was hot.. but I'm guessing he's going to get dressed." I added that that was my guess also before Jake asked, "Hey can I have coffee to?" I responded with "Ick.. don't know how you like that stuff.. doesn't look like my mom made any.. or at least left any.. the pots right there and the stuff you need is in the drawer right under it.. if you know how to make it then go for it.. I have no clue actually.. if not Rick can do it when he gets back."

Jake made the coffee, I made the pancakes. Rick took time to take a quick shower while he was getting dressed, which gave Jake time to ask again about what Rick wanted last night.  All I would tell him is that it was interesting and rather than get interrupted I would tell him the whole story later.  I looked at Jake as he was waiting and I was dropping batter onto the griddle. I was thinking about him wearing my boxer briefs, which I had to admit even made me feel horny knowing. I was betting it really made him feel horny knowing his cock was resting in the same pouch mine had. He must have read my mind cause he reached down and adjusted himself, and I could now see how his half woody was pointing up and slightly to the right.

Thinking I finally said, "back to tonight.. you got plans?? or do you want me to ask if you can stay over?"  Jake filled me in two parties he knew of.  One was kids our age and the other were kids his brother's age. Explaining they were both close to each other he said we should go to both and stay at whichever one that we liked better. I ended the discussion just as Rick was coming back in with, "I'll have to ask.." Rick chimed in with, "Ask what?" So I explained to Rick that Jake wanted us to go to a party someone in our class was having, I left out the other party.  As we sat down to eat Rick said, "It's alright with me, but we'll have to get you mom's opinion.. let ME talk to her first."

My mom came in from church just as we were finishing up eating and after the hello's went all around I asked, "can I go to a party tonight at Jacob Rollins house?" Rick gave me an icy stare and my mom flat out said "NO, you are too young for New Year's Eve parties." I started to plead my case, but realized I didn't even know if parents were going to be there, so I shut up.  After my mom went to change her cloths Jake piped up with, "smooth move Lamo.. even I heard Rick say `Let ME talk to her FIRST'."  Rick chuckled, "wow.. I haven't heard anyone being called Lamo since I was in like 6th grade.. never realized it would still be used in present day.. you guys clean up in here.. and make it really good.. and let me go talk to her."

Jake and I cleaned the kitchen, and I even dried the counters remembering Rick's warning of making it an extra good job.  We went back to my room and I looked down the hall noticing there door was shut.  Jake suggested swimming but I said not til after they come out because their windows open that way and are probably open.  I suggested X-box for now and picked the briefs he had taken off up and asked, "are you leaving these here then or what?" Jake said he was for now, so I took them and hid them behind some stuff in my closet.  I had no briefs and didn't want questions about where they came from if they made it to the laundry.  

I fired up the X-box and we sat on the floor at the foot of my bed side by side playing.  I asked Jake about Matt and Tim. He started, "I'm glad you brought that up.. I assume your not going to go telling stories to people.. but you should know that Matt doesn't want that the leak out.. they stopped by right as I was leaving to drop off the air mattress.. and Matt made sure to tell me to keep your mouth closed.." Giggling at Jake's choice of words I asked, "so what's up with them anyway?" Jake continued, "remember when I told you my cock sucking days started with my brother when I was 8 and Brian was 12.. well where Brian got the idea from was Matt.. Him and Tim started doing it to each other when they were like 6 and 4.. the difference was they did each other.. and in our house it was more about me doing it to Brian."  "wow," I said as I reached to adjust myself during a game pause. Jake went on, "anyways.. Matt's more like straight.. Tim's more like gay.. but doesn't want to admit it.. he's kinda a closet case.. anyways.. Matt made sure to comment that you best not tell ANYONE what happened up there."

Getting killed in the game I said, "who would I tell anyways.. not like I know his friends." Jake killed himself off and grabbed a different game and was changing to it when he said, "things can get around.. trust me.. ask around you will be amazed how many people know I suck dick." Jake had picked a driving game and as we each customized our cars and drivers, I rambled, "yea like I'm going to walk up to someone and say `does Jake blow you or anyone you know?'" Jake chuckled and said, "yea but just listen.. you will find out just how much people talk around here.. I'm surprised actually that you never heard it before."

Rick knocked and I called `open and enter' and Jake pressed pause on the came just as it was about to start.  Rick filled us in that he was losing and that my mom was adamant about me not going out tonight. He said he would try again later but at this point he doubted he would win. He suggested that I have Jake and a few other people come over instead. But he said keep it to 4 total including me. He then told us that him and my mom were going to do some shopping and would be back in an hour or so. He closed the door and left.

Jake unpaused the game and it started.  We sat in silence playing for awhile.  After we heard my parents finally leave, I broke the silence, "dude.. just go on and go to the parties without me.. I know you want to.. ummm.. I don't even care if you suck dick.. don't worry about me.. I'll be fine.. I've spent every other New Year's eve with them.. it will be way more boring here."  We continued playing in silence after that speech.  I actually felt like crying, I wanted to be with Jake but I wasn't going to stand in his way.  Finally he crashed his car and tossed the controller and just almost yelled, "NO." I jumped which caused me to crash too. He finally said, "No, I'm not going without you, I'm coming here." I was like, "dude you don't know what your saying.. this place will be boring.. go have fun." He replied, "two things.. one.. I don't want to play x-box anymore now.. and two.. I'm starting the New Year with YOU.. whether you like it or not." I had never heard the tone of voice he used, but I knew the subject was closed.

Sitting there I turned off the x-box and TV and said, "ok.. so what do you want to do then?" He asked, "you mean now or later?" "Both, I guess."  He sat for awhile, pretty soon I realized we were looking each other in the face and no one was saying or doing anything. Then he leaned in and kissed me on the lips. We broke the kiss and he stood up, and pulled me up. He said, "Lie down on the bed.. I owe you one." I looked at him and asked, "Owe me one?? Owe me one what??"  He smiled, "remember when you got me off in the back of Rick's Expedition? You're one up on me, I owe you to make it even."  I don't know who started it but we both pulled together into a hug, holding each other tight he pressed his lips to my ear and whispered, "Erik I love you.." I felt a tear in my eye, as our lips found each other and our tongues began to dance. This tear thing was new to me, I hardly ever had them before, and usually it was when I was upset crying, this was different.  I melted into Jake and we fell together onto my bed.

After about 10 minutes of a heavy make out session he whispered into my ear, "I don't want to stop this but I am getting up to massage you.. we may run out of time before your parents get back." With that he sat up. He rolled me over and pulled me up to sitting. He reached around me and pulled my shirt over my head.  Then he pulled his over his head. He reached for the snap of my pants and I went for his belt buckle. His hand stopped me tho, and said "leave my pants on.. if we hear your parents you can head into the bathroom to dress.. and I'll just have to put my shirt on.." With that he pushed me back on the bed and pulled my zipper down. Grabbing both side of my jeans and boxer briefs together he said, "lift up," as he pulled them down. I was pretty much already hard as a rock from the make-out session we had been having. Stripping me completely he said, "turn over.. I'm gonna put your cloths in the bathroom.. be right back.."

He was gone 5 seconds and got right down to business when he got back, massaging my back as he asked, "so dude.. you keep avoiding the topic.. tell me what the talk with Rick was all about last night." I sighed but started talking telling him all the details that happened beginning about 10 minutes after I had left him. He asked a few questions along the way, especially when he found out Rick had been my dads lover once. When I was done he told me that his dad would never do any of that with him, and that he wished Rick was his dad too.  I said, "dude that's kinky.. that would make us brothers." He replied, "it's not kinky.. it's fucken hot.. I would much rather have you for my brother than Brian.." Thinking about it I realized he was used to the idea of brother sex and it was still a new concept to me.

He turned me over and started on the front, we were mostly silent now.  When he got to my dick he took it in his mouth and gave me another one of his very fine slow BJ's. Somehow he always knew the right speed to go for the moment. Licking up and down, playing with my skin, touching my balls, scratching the skin under my nuts lightly. Jake was indeed a master cock sucker, I thought as I watched his lips work my shaft.  He finally brought me off to about 5 or 6 heavy spurts. I hadn't even come back down yet, still breathing very heavily when he poked me and said, "dude.. garage door noise.. go.." I got up and ran into the bathroom, glad that Jake had thought ahead and put my cloths there.

Coming out of the bathroom Rick was waiting, and told me that it was final.  For this year I would have to stay in tonight. He added that by next year it probably wouldn't be a new thing my mom had to adjust to in 12 hours.  I told him that Jake had told me he would be here but that it was probably just going to be the two of us because I really didn't know anyone else to ask.  Rick suggested my friend Chan and I looked at him and shook my head and said, "Chan and Jake don't mix.. bad idea." He walked away as I went in my room.

Jake was texting away on his phone. I said, "Who? What?" and pointed at his phone.  He said I don't know yet give me a minute. I decided if Jake was spending the night I should go ahead and pick up my room some, not that Jake would care but it would put my mom in a better mood. So I started doing that and Jake just sat on my bed texting away. Finally he said, "done deal." I was like, "you need to fill me in I have no idea what your up to." He said, "Erik dude.. I just used my last 16 text messages up until the next bill starts which might be Thursday.. but I got us some company for tonight.. and another surprise.. but I'll keep that part a surprise for later." Having no idea who or what he had in mind, "Who would want to come here?? besides you I mean." "I know you know one of them.. and you might know the other.. Tim is one you know and the other dude that you might know is Jamie Woods." I replied, "dude.. They're both sophomore's my parents will shit." Jake flew back with, "got it covered.. neither looks that old.. I told them to say they were 14 and freshmen.. I'm guessing only your mom would crap anyway.. Rick wouldn't give a fuck.. besides I've been trying to hook those two up forever."

Thinking and bewildered at the way Jake worked, "So do they know their both coming or how did you set this up?" Jake laughed, "I just told them you were having a small party.. and that they were invited.. nope didn't tell them who was coming.. they have no idea how small the party is." My mouth dropped open, "I bet there going to both hate me when they find out its only four of us." Jake said, "Dude chill, this is going to work out great.. For one I know neither of them does the big parties anyways.. That's why I can't ever get the two of them together."

The afternoon went on. We told my parents about the guests. They both seemed pleased, but I found out that my mom knew both other mothers, so I told Jake he better tell them to come clean with ages, if asked, and he agreed.  He commented that his parents knew no ones parents, so he could always get away with changing ages around. At some point my mom asked about if the other boys would be staying over or going home. I was out of the loop on this because I hadn't even thought about it.  Jake informed her that they would be staying at that he would bring an air mattress and sleeping bags for them. She argued with him and told him the guest room would be more appropriate, and that the bed in there was actually two pushed together and she would go pull them apart and re-make them. Somehow Jake won, telling her we would all be more comfortable in one room, and that the other guys would not think they were cramped.  He basically told her flat out she didn't understand how guys our age minds worked and to just worry about what she was going to feed us all. If I had attempted the same logic, I would have been grounded and the party canceled.

Jake had to text Tim and Jamie again, but didn't have text messages left (at least the kind that don't cost 15 cents each), so he got my phone and sent them messages telling them not to worry about the age thing. He also told them to store the number the message came from and to use it instead of his. Tim wrote back that he had stored the number as `Big Erik' to which both Jake and I laughed. Jake then said "hey I wonder if Rick could get you that number instead of this one.. `big-erik' is way more descriptive than `eri-erik'. Rick heard that from outside the door and laughed as he opened the door saying, "oops.. I'm sorry I guess that made me laugh and I forgot to knock.. Come on you guys.. Mom made us a list and we are charged with going to the store for more stuff to munch on tonight." We followed Rick to the garage, this was my party but it sure didn't seem like it.

At the grocery store, we got several kinds of chips, sour cream, a veggie tray, Velveeta cheese, ro-tel, and a huge cookie assortment from the bakery.  Jake went and found spray on cheese and a box of crackers he wanted. Jake being his usual confidently sly self told Rick he would pay him back for the crackers and cheese because he didn't bring any money. Rick, of course, told him to just dump it in the basket and not worry about it, and then Rick suggested he go get a couple more cans of cheese. Rick didn't seem to think one can actually went very far, I had never had the stuff. Shortly Jake added 3 more cans of the spray-on cheese to the cart. After paying and getting 3 bags of ice we headed back to the car.

In the car Rick told us my mom was making all kinds of stuff, like the hot Mexican dip I liked (Velveeta, ro-tel, and cooked hamburger meat), and another cold dip I liked that didn't have a name (ranch dressing, grated cheese, bacon bits and sour cream). She also was making meat and cheese sandwiches out of egg rolls (stuff she had frozen, left over from Christmas) plus we had the veggie tray and cookies, adding that since we went to Costco we had lots of drinks. Then he told me when we got home to order 3 large pizzas and 5 dozen wings online and to put 9PM delivery on it.  He said he didn't think unless you ordered ahead tonight that you could guess how fast the order would come, because he thought a lot of pizzas would get ordered. Then he asked, "Jake since you were worried about the food, do you think we got it covered?" Jake actually blushed and started with, "fuck yea.. I mean yes sir, it's more of a feast than I imagined." Rick laughed and said, "I should say watch your language but I know all guys talk like that."

After we got home Jake went to my computer and got the pizza order all ready to go, only asking me what kind of pizza my parents liked. He didn't even tell me what he was ordering. The browser already had my password saved, so I didn't even realize exactly what he was up to until he asked me what my parents liked on pizza.  Then he asked, "hey.. what should I put for the tip in here?" I told him to leave it zero since Rick would be home, because he likes to give the guy cash for that. I looked at the screen while the order was processing and noticed Jake typed in the special instructions, `have Justin deliver if he's working.' So I teased him, "oh, you need to see your boyfriend again huh?" Jake laughed and said, "I'm looking at my boyfriend now dude.. but putting that there I bet we get it on time.. oh shit.. I never put the time in anywhere.." And right about then the screen said, `to make changes to your order please call us on the phone' and gave the number.  So Jake said, "gimme your phone." I handed it to him and he called.

While he was on the phone talking to them about the delivery time not being on the order, I laid back on my bed and stared at the ceiling. My thought was so I'm having a party, but everyone else is deciding everything. It was pissing me off that no one was asking me anything. My parents did a good job picking the food, and it was all stuff I would have said. Jake picked the people and invited them, but I didn't have any say there either. After he was off the phone I told him, "print the order so Rick will know the total." I really more wanted to know what he ordered though. Jake said, "I can't print it Lamo.. you don't have a printer." So I had to explain, "Just click print.. it comes out in the laundry room." Jake came back with, "wicked.. just like the ones at school."

I waited a few minutes because the printer takes forever to warm up and print but finally left Jake in my room and went and got the paper.  After I read it I took it and gave it to Rick. Again Jake had done a better job on the order than I would have, pizza wise I would have gotten about the same; but he ordered 1 dozen each of 5 different kinds of wings, I'm not sure I would have thought of doing that.  When I got back to my room Jake was texting on my phone. When he was done he gave me my phone and said, "let's go out for awhile.. for one thing I haven't smoked in like 6 hours and need a cig.. for two we can go by my house and get some stuff." So we told my parents that we were going over to his house to get his cloths and stuff. Rick pointed out the pizza order wasn't for delayed delivery but Jake explained that HE forgot to put that in but that HE had already called and taken care of it. I don't know why it was pissing me off so much, but I was really starting to get pissed that that I wasn't doing any of the deciding.

We walked up the road and Jake said, "I'm actually looking forward to this tonight.. I was kinda wanting to go to Jacob's or Steve's but.. yea.. hey cut this way over to the bike path.. anyways like I was saying.. I'm starting to like this idea better." When we got on the bike path Jake turned the direction away from his house; he led, I followed; just like it had been all day. Jake got out his cigs and offered me one, I took it.  After we lit them he walked off the bike path about 10 yards and sat down on a flat rock. Hanging our feet over the edge, because the other side of it was just above a wash [for those who don't know: a wash is a dry creek bed, in the desert they only have water in them right after it rains].  I asked, "So why did we come here?" Jake shot back, "for one.. I wanted alone time with you.. for two.. it's a good place to smoke.. better than my room." I was only two-thirds thru my cig but he was lighting another one.

The late afternoon sun was warm and I pulled my shirt off. Jake did the same. I thought for once I did something and he followed. I was thinking about that and some other stuff and deciding I needed to quit letting everyone decide stuff. This wasn't how I wanted to be, I was about to tell Jake what was on my mind but he spoke first, "dude.. having your undies on is hot.. I've been at least half boned all day." I had totally forgotten that and when he put it in my mind I felt my own dick start to wake up, I soon forgot my thoughts as he leaned into me.  Our hands found each others and we set there holding hands and talking. I asked him how the air mattress was supposed to fit in my room. He told me if we put my chair in the closet and turn my bed around the other way then it would fit. I thought about that for awhile and said "yea.. I guess your right.. my bed was that way once.. but after I got a computer I changed it caz the network plug was where the computer is.. and there wasn't room for the chair." We started to make out some, but Jake wanted to save it for later. I pointed out my parents were going to be home and he said, "but only half of your parents will object.. trust me this is going to work out." Again fate was in his hands, but I didn't seem to care as much now as I did 10 minutes ago.

We got up and walked to his house. Opening the front door, he yelled "it's me." Then he led me to the basement. No one acknowledged his yell. His room was the same as it had been the last time I was here, but this time I noticed the scent more and it had an effect on me. I sat on the bed and he grabbed his backpack shoving a few random pieces of cloths in it. I told him not to forget something to swim in because my parents would be home. He moved the chair and stood on it, reaching way back in a hole in the ceiling and brought out two fresh packs of cigs, Tossing them in his backpack as he climbed down. I reminded him again my parents would be home, and he said, "no biggie.. I've never gotten caught smoking by parents before and I don't intend to start tonight.. last thing I want is your parents pissed off at me." Then he told me, "be right back.. I need to go talk to Brian a second." He left with his backpack, which I thought was weird, and I heard him knock and then Brian's door open and close.

I laid back on his bed and the smell of his comforter made me rock hard in two seconds. My mind wandered to him smelling my boxer briefs the other day and I thought about sitting up and finding some of his dirty underwear to try that out with, but instead just pulled the comforter over my face and inhaled deeply. My thought was `oh my god if this is what smelling undies is like I think I'm hooked.' I was like that for maybe 5 minutes, shifting the comforter around on my face to find fresh smells every now and then.

Just then the door opened and I uncovered my face as Jake walked in. Brian followed him and Jake said, "Brian.. Erik.. Erik.. Brian" as he pointed back and forth to each of us during his introduction. I already knew who Brian was tho. Brian had Jake's brown hair but without the fake hi-lites Jake had. He was taller that Jake, I'm guessing like 6'3" and he had a skinny body type. You could see he hadn't shaved in awhile, but I don't remember the facial hair at all from before, so I think it was just because he hadn't shaved yet today, Brian being almost 18 probably had to shave everyday. I was still lying down on Jake's bed and Brian looked right at my crotch and when I felt his eyes there I knew there was nothing hidden. I was still boned from the smell testing that I was doing when they walked in.  I sat up to make the obvious tent go away but Brian's first words were, "Holy Fuck Batman.. Matt wasn't lying.. well I'll let you girls get on with your bake sale.. I need to get in the shower." Brian was out the door with Jake shutting it behind him.

"Dude.. that was embarrassing as fuck," I said as Jake zipped his backpack shut. Jake answered, "don't worry about it.. he's baked anyway.. but when he heard you were in here he told me he had to see who the kid with the big dick was." I was like, "Holy Fuck.. I wonder who else Matt told??" Jake came back with, "don't even worry about it dude.. you have nothing to be ashamed of.. come on let's go.." I followed Jake upstairs and out the door, he told no one he was leaving.  We went around back of his house to the shed and got the pack with the sleeping bags out of the shed, the air mattress had just been tossed into the shed so Jake put it the pack and said, "fuck.. no CO2.. wait here.. I got more in my room.. but it will be faster if you just wait." With that Jake was gone back around the side of the house. With nothing else to do I just sat down on the ground, but Jake was back before I even had time to think of something to think about.

He said, "Let me see your phone a sec." I watched and his two thumbs worked the phone way faster than I ever could, it was pretty amazing how fast he could text. When he flipped it shut like 2 minutes later, he handed me his backpack and put the camping pack over his shoulder, and we started walking. As we started walking, he gave my phone back and I asked, "What was that all about?"  

He told me, "We need to go back to the flat rock again.. Three people are meeting us.. but just for a minute." So I asked, "Who?? What for?" He shot back, "The bake sale Brian mentioned.. days ago I promised to hook a couple people up.. for new years.. Jacob Rollins is one.. since I'm not going to his party anymore I told him he had to meet me.. he's taking Bryce White's shit.. because Bryce is still on his way back from the valley with his parents.. Sarah Evans is meeting us also.. and so is Dave Melton.." I digested what he said and asked, "so bake sale means selling them weed?" "yea.. that's what I've been texting people about.. glad you have unlimited everything on your phone.." I shot off in panic, "DUDE.. Your selling weed using my phone?? What if Rick finds out??" Jake in his ever calm voice said, "Chill dude.. for one I know he can't find out.. and for two it's all done in code.. code that only people reading and typing would have any idea about." So I asked, "How many people have you given my number out to then?? and do they know it's mine??" He answered, "Actually only Tim and Jamie got your number.. I found AIM on your phone.. don't look like you ever use it caz it didn't have a login stored.. but I used mine.. as far as they know it was just me on my phone.. AIM is faster than regular texts anyways.. at least for more than one conversation at a time." That kind of explained a lot of things about why he was pressing buttons for 2 minutes straight, but I hadn't ever used AIM on my phone before, so I wasn't quite sure how it worked yet.

We got back to the flat rock and Jake sat down and got a glass pipe out of his backpack's front pocket. Then he opened the other part of his backpack and opened a sack, but he kept it inside, I watched him pack the pipe. I was about to ask him a question about why he was loading but Jacob Rollins appeared out of no where walking up the wash. Jacob was all smiles and almost rhyming his words, "Jake my man.. sorry to hear you choose somewhere else to be.. but I'm indeed glad you didn't forget me.." Jake held the pipe out and said, "Dude.. your just in time for first hit." Jake gave him the pipe and a lighter and Jacob took a big hit. He passed it back to Jake and Jake passed it to me, without hitting. I thought about waving it off for a second but was afraid I would look like a freak to Jacob so I took it. As I did Jake looked at me and said, "Dude this is a different pipe than last time.. put you finger right here when you hit.." I noticed Jacob didn't need that instruction, and Matt's pipe had been more like a regular pipe than this one, I guessed that this was something about glass pipes.

I took my hit and was ready to pass it back to Jake, but Jake was busy giving Jacob two huge sacks which Jacob pocketed, then he gave Jake some money. At that point Dave Melton walked up behind us and said, "Erik my man.. I've never seen you at one of these parties." He took the pipe out of my hand as I blew my smoke. Jacob chimed in with, "Jake dude.. got to run.. catch up with Bryce later for his dollars.. nice to see you joined the club Erik.. later." As he was walking away, the pipe went from Dave to Jake and Jake took his first hit. As Dave was blowing his smoke he said, "I heard a rumor about you today Erik."  Before that conversation went any farther tho, Sarah Evans popped up from the direction Jacob went walking, "oh god.. Jakey give me that pipe.. I've been sooo jonesen for this moment all day." There was something about her voice I couldn't stand. Jake was packing it again but soon handed it to me. I hit it again and felt the rush building this time right away, since I got first hit from this one. I was about to hand it to Dave but he pointed at Sarah, who was standing down in the wash like Jacob had been, she was about boob level to the flat rock. Dave and I were standing next to Jake who was kneeling. Jake reached up and took the pipe and handed it to her. She hit it and passed it back to Jake who gave it to Dave. Dave took his hit and passed it back to Jake and said without breathing his smoke out, "It's cooken dude." Jake took a really long hit without lighting it, so I decided `it's cooken' must mean you don't need the lighter.

Sarah started talking non-stop.  Not even waiting for anyone to answer her. Jake got in somewhere that he would load one more bowl, but that we were in a hurry. Sarah's voice and the fact she said `Jakey' about every other sentence was driving me insane. I actually had a pretty good buzz going and had not noticed until I heard the splash that Dave had stepped off to the side and had his back to us, draining his lizard on a cactus. Jake handed me the bowl and while I was taking my hit did his business with Sarah. Then she got her hit next which was nice because she actually had to shut up to do it and hold it. I actually was buzzed good enough though that I didn't know what she was talking about, other than I kept hearing her say the word `Jakey.' Dave was back in time for his hit and then Jake took the last one. Thankfully Sarah left as soon as she blew her smoke saying, "Bye Jakey.. I guess I won't see you til school Tuesday." `School Tuesday' I thought, `geeze he hangs with her half the time, I can't deal with that."

Jake put the pipe away and did his exchange, weed for cash, with Dave. After that Jake asked, "just curious.. now that she's gone.. Dave what rumor did you hear today?" Buzzed Dave said, "oh nothing.. just.. oh nevermind.. Fuck.. Erik.. I heard you got a big dick." Jake laughed, "Erik.. I told you news travels fast.. and that it does travel.. I'm kinda surprised tho that Matt started this shit going around.. after all he's the one with something he wants to hide." Dave got curious and asked, "Oh.. what's Matt's secret?" Jake answered, "Oh I don't know for sure exactly.. I never get an exact answer out of Brian." I said nothing but was shocked that Dave knew this, but his brother's girlfriend was a friend Brian's girlfriend, I think anyway. Dave took off saying, "later guys." I noticed now the sun was setting really fast, guess I missed the fact it was getting dark due to all the activity.

Back alone with Jake again, I asked, "So Jakey, how much did you just make?" He laughed with me at the way I called him `Jakey' and we started walking as Jake explained, "I got.. or will get $40 total for myself.. I still have to collect from Bryce.. the rest of it goes to Brian who probably made $80-100 after expenses off all these deals.. it's really his shit.. but I handle the guys.. and one girl.. that're our age.. he's got the older guys and some parents that he handles." I was shocked, "parents?" "yea.. and you would be surprised too.."

Thinking about it I asked, "So how much was in those bags?? And how much did you get for them??" He answered, "those were ounces or `O's' dude.. they usually go for $60.00 but right now there $75.00.. caz this is good shit.. better than Bri usually has.. you can't tell anyone this but Brian weighs O's out at like just like 23 or 24 grams, they should be just over 28 to be full.. The rest of it that he skimps is his.. and my free stuff.. and the free samples.. like when we smoke people up during the deal.. like just happened back there." Getting to the road he changed subjects, "I don't have any Bounce sheets.. your cloths won't smell because it's warm out, but lick your fingers and your lips really good." We walked up the road doing that in silence for half a minute, then I asked, "so you get your weed free then?" "yea.. that's why I do this.. and likewise you will never pay either.."

I opened my front door as Jake was saying, "dude.. how about swimming?? I'm hot as he..ck." Jake realized just in time my parents might hear him talking.  I answered, "yea me too.. MOM.. RI.. DAD.. we're home.. " I started to yell Rick but decided to change it to Dad. To Jake, "Let's go change.. Hey what time are Tim and Jamie getting here?" "I told them seven.. I hope that's good enough for you.. what time is it?" I pulled out my phone and looked, "6:10.. did you tell them to bring swimsuits?" "let me see your phone.." He opened and did his speed thumb typing thing and 30 seconds later said, "they both know now.. by the way.. I changed your text entry mode from ABC to T9.. if you don't know how to use it you'll catch on quick or I can show you." We went in my room and changed. I was pretty buzzed and don't really even remember it happening.

Next we headed into the kitchen on the way to the pool and my mom was working on all kinds of stuff.  We grabbed some chips and tried out the all dips.  We were shirtless and my mom actually embarrassed the fuck out of me by saying, "Erik, this is the first time that I have noticed you have armpit hair, my little boy is growing up." I practically yelled, "MOM.. I've had it for.. well.. a long time now." Jake shot me a look and smiled. All I could think was, `gee mom do you have to say things like that,' but normal conversation followed. Outside Jake's first words were, "If only your mom had a clue how much her widdle boy has grown," As he said that the palm of his hand pressed into the front of my swimsuit momentarily. After a brief flashback I told him, "Actually dude.. she does.. think back to how this all started.. just like 4 days ago.. she walked in on me polishing the morning wood and sent Rick to talk to me about it.. I have no idea where that comment came from." Jake came back with, "it's a mom thing."

We both dove in the pool and messed around awhile. I looked up and Jamie was standing by the kitchen door, I was guessing he was 15 minutes early but had no clue what time it really was.  Right before this, I was just about to tell Jake we should get out so we would be dry to answer the door. It looked like one of my parents let him and pointed him out here instead. Jamie kind of held the flat side of his hand up down low, near his waist, and kind of slowly waved, side to side, I think he was semi-embarrassed or something, Jake and I both got out of the pool. I went to get towels out of the cabinet while Jake headed straight over to Jamie. Jake already had a conversation going by the time I got there and Jamie seemed to be smiling a little bit more than we I had first looked up and seen him.

I knew who Jaime was, but since he was older than us I hadn't really ever paid attention to him. Turned out he was actually a few days away from 17 but he looked more like he had just turned 15. He had dark brown hair that fell forward with really short bangs, just a hint of fine dark hair on his upper lip, and full lips. The lips and lip hair was something that really kind of turned me on, they looked so kissable. His left ear had a silver loop in it. He looked to be about an inch shorter than me making him about 5'8" and probably close to the same weight (140), that was hard to guess tho with him fully dressed. His nose was actually even kind of hot; short, proportioned and flat like, with just little holes underneath it, I never really noticed or described a guys nose before. I also noticed his eyes, they were a brownish emerald green that stood out. Being up close to him for the first time, out of all the guys I could think of Jamie was by far the hottest I thought, but that thought also made me think about Tim who hadn't gotten here yet, and thinking about it I decided they were actually both very hot guys. Probably a close tie for which was actually hotter, because they had way different features. The way I looked at it, me and Jake were very average looking guys that were about to be in the company of some real hotties for the whole night.

Jake and I wrapped towels around ourselves and took Jaime back to my room. Jaime grabbed his backpack which I guess he dropped by the front door on the way in.  I told him, "you can put your stuff in here. If you want to go ahead and change for swimming the bathroom is right outside the door.  Jake moved my chair and shoved it into the closet, so I said, "I take it were moving my bed?" Jaime took his backpack and went out to the bathroom, but as soon as we heard the bathroom door close I went up to Jake and whispered in his ear, "Are you sure he's even like us?" Jake whispered back, "you mean gay?" I nodded my head and Jake whispered back, "yea I'm positive." My next question, "have you?" He whispered back, "yea, only once and not for a really long time tho.. we chat online or text a lot tho.. hey why did you send him into the bathroom to change?" "Ummm.. I dunno.. it just seemed like the thing to say I guess." Just then the doorbell rang, both me and Jake went together to get it.

As we both guessed it was Tim. He was dressed up nice in black dress pants with a dark slate grey button down shirt that made his blonde hair and blonde eye brows with his light tan skin and few freckles on his face look really hot. My mom came hovering, so I introduced them. Weird, I thought, I haven't actually seen Rick since we got home. We took Tim back to my room and just about then Jamie came out of the bathroom in his swim suit and a black t-shirt. I wondered why Jamie took so long to change but didn't ask. I looked at the two of them and couldn't believe me and Jake were going to spend New Years Eve with them. Tim looked even hotter than he did last night.

Jake told Tim, "As you can tell your overdressed.. time to change.. so we can go back out to the pool." I was surprised for some reason when Tim started to unbutton his shirt right there, I was less surprised tho when he got to his pants and found out he was already wearing his swim suit underneath. Jake told me to help him switch the bed around. As we pulled it away from the wall two bottles of lotion and several wadded up yellowing socks fell from the way they were lodged between the bed and the wall to the floor.  My face turned beet red when I noticed Jamie staring at them. Tim didn't miss it either and just commented, "well stocked on lube I see."  I had wondered where the other lotion bottle was, guess I just didn't look hard enough. Jake didn't miss a thing either and noticing I was beet red said out loud, "cum rags and lube.. nothing wrong with the owner of this room." Only thing that made me feel any better was that I noticed that the scene had made Jamie hard. He was trying to stay turned so no one could see it, which made it more obvious because everyone else in the room was moving and he had to keep turning making it hard miss exactly what he was trying to keep out of sight.

In just another minute Jake had the air mattress inflated and positioned next to the bed, it actually barely fit leaving just a little path inside the door and between the computer and where the foot of my bed now was.  Jake announced, "I was thinking hot tub time." He was out the door with 3 of us turning to follow, first Tim, then Jamie and me last. Noticing Jamie was still boned, I wordlessly handed him my towel from earlier and he whispered, "thanks" as he carried it in front of the obvious tent. Jake led the way down the back hall, past my parents closed door. I figured Rick must be in there since I hadn't seen him since Jake and I got back. But I wondered why he would be in there alone for so long.

It turned out tho that Rick was just lighting a fire outside in the outdoor fireplace by the hot tub. Being last out the door I already heard Jake doing the introductions of Jamie and Tim to Rick.  I noticed that Rick studied each of the two new guys closely as Jake briefly explained who each one of them was. I finally spoke, "Wow do we even need a fire out here?? It's actually pretty warm tonight." Rick answered, "it is now.. but you know it will get colder.. just like desert nights always do.. besides that.. it just adds to the atmosphere." I nodded, seeing his point. Jake grabbed a one corner of the hot tub cover and said, "Erik help me.. you're the one that knows how this thing works anyway."  

Fifteen seconds later, all 4 of us were in the tub claiming seats. Rick commented, "you guys got free rein out here tonight.. except between 11 and 12 when it's adult time in the hot tub." I nodded at him, not knowing what was going to happen with us anyway.  As Rick left, Tim looked at Jake and asked, "So who all's coming tonight?" Jake responded, "your looken at the party.. Erik's parents cut it off at 4 people." Tim seemed disappointed at that but Jamie seemed to be really happy with it. Random small talk followed for awhile. Pretty soon my Mom and Rick appeared with trays of dips and food.  While my mom was arranging it all on the patio table up by the house Rick went back in and brought out what I knew was the hot dip with hamburger and cheese. When they were done they both disappeared.

Jake soon announced he was too hot and led all of us to the pool. The activity level increased greatly as everyone was splashing, getting out, diving in and generally messing around. I noticed that Jamie finally looked like he was really enjoying himself which made me feel good for some reason. At one point, I was sitting on the steps at shallow end catching my breath and had a flashback to mine and Jakes naked day and wished my parents were not home. Then I realized it wasn't Jake's naked body in my mind but Jamie's swim suit clad bone that I had seen in my room just a little while ago.

Next Jake led the way to the food table my parents had set up.  As we all stood around it munching away at various things Rick appeared with a cooler full of different kinds of soft drinks, everyone but Jamie quickly grabbed at the drinks. My mom appeared briefly too and told us all not to fill up because we had pizza, wings, and sandwiches in an hour. Her warning didn't seem to faze anyone.  Jamie asked if we had any non-sugared drinks and my mom gave him several options but he choose water. Rick left and was back in about a minute handing Jamie a bottle of water and adding several more of them to the cooler. It was then I noticed too that Jamie wasn't eating any of the chips and dips that the rest of us were pigging out on, but was sticking to the veggie tray.  I was glad we had it, but I never would have thought of it if it was me that picked the foods.  It also occurred to me that I was watching Jamie way more than I was watching the other two and wondered silently why I wasn't watching Jake's every move like I usually did.

Back in the hot tub finally Jake belched loud and said, "well girls.. I'm sure you all know with me here we have weed too.. and I for one want to have a good case of the munchies when the pizza arrives.. I was here earlier and snuck around looking for a plan." Jake noticed the blank look on my face and said looking right at me, "I didn't know we would be using it tonight.. but I circled around here to check the layout before I woke you up this morning."  Then he continued looking at each of us as he talked, "That gate right there leads out to the side of the house.. doesn't look like anyone goes out there except for wood." I noticed Rick had brought a huge pile of wood in already at this point. Jake continued, "we can't all go out there at once.. in fact we have to go one at a time.. because otherwise we might be noticed.. I'll go first and set things up.. when it's your turn go to the far end of the wood pile and move the second to the last log on the far end.. take a hit or two or three.. party rules are off.. take as many hits as you want.. and then come back in.. then the next guy goes.. I'll leave the sack there too.. reload as needed."  I didn't like the plan but didn't say anything.  Jake was, as usual, calling all the shots.

At that point Jake grabbed his towel from earlier which was now rolled up and moved it from the patio side of the hot tub to between the gate and fireplace.  Then he looked at me and said, "without calling ANY attention to yourself get out and figure out where your parents are.. and what they're doing.. bring back drinks for everyone from the cooler to make it look good.. and because we need drinks anyways." So I said, "yea.. alright.. I need to piss anyways which gives me another excuse to actually go inside. I looked at Jake and said, "dew?" He nodded. Turning to Jamie, "Water again?" He said, "yes please." I looked at Tim and before I could ask he said, "dew for me this time.. it has more caffeine and I need it." I silently got out and walked toward the food table. I stopped there and munched on some chips and the hot cheesey hamburger dip before heading into the kitchen door.  I could have saved a bunch of steps and used the other door to get to the bathroom but my mission was to find out where my parents were and I might have missed them using that route.

As I passed the living room I noticed my parents were watching "Die Hard: With a Vengeance" on TV in the living room. I headed towards the bathroom right by my room without saying anything to them. Thinking about the movie as I peed, I realized it had just started, nodding to myself and thinking, `this could actually work.' As I was shaking the last of the pee off my dick, my eyes caught Jamie's backpack on the counter.  Flushing I left the bathroom and headed down the back hall to go back out, but I didn't get far before I heard my mom call out, "Erik." So I turned around and went back to the living room. She asked if everything was OK and if we needed anything. Assuring her it was all cool I turned to go back outside.  Remembering everyone's drink order all the sudden I changed directions and went back out through the kitchen, because the cooler was closer to that door.  I grabbed 2 green Dew's, a water and a Code Red for myself. The image of Jamie's backpack in the bathroom flashed into my head as I picked up his water.

Passing the drinks out when I got back to the hot tub, I looked at Jake and said, "actually it's cool.. I guess.. they just started a movie.. they should stay put."  Jake responded with, "Egg-ze-lent," and stood up grabbing the rolled up towel he had moved a little while ago and heading out the gate. I wondered when he had put the weed in there, because I never saw him do it, but figured that's what had to be going on. The gate slammed shut behind him causing me to comment to the others, "watch the gate on your way out and in.. it slams shut on a spring.. something about pool laws." Jamie looked at me and said, "This is a really nice little group we got.. I'm glad you invited me.. I almost said `no' because parties kind of scare me sometimes." I told him, "don't thank me.. thank Jake.. this whole thing is his idea." As Jamie spoke, the image of Jamie's backpack in the bathroom popped back into my head, I wondered why this time. We then all talked about different stuff. It seemed like Jake was gone forever.

Finally coming back Jake reported, "the wood piles different than it was before, move the fourth log from the far end." He tossed the towel, now unrolled, to tile on the other side of the hot tub and as he sat back down in the water he said, "aww.. finally.. I needed that."  Tim looked at me expectantly and I realized what his thought was and said, "go on, I'll go last." With that Tim was up and gone.  Jake was in his own little world singing silly commercial jingles and laughing at himself and I tried rather unsuccessfully to talk with Jamie we both ended up giggling at Jake tho instead. The image of Jamie's backpack kept tho kept itself in the front of my mind, I actually shook my head once trying to shake it away.

Tim was back and I looked at Jamie and said, "your turn." He looked at me and said, "I'll pass.. I might try it later.." Now I was conflicted, just a few minutes ago I was looking forward to my turn, but with Jamie passing I now wanted to also. I didn't move and Jake finally pinched my leg underwater and said, "come on party boy.. hurry up." Reluctantly I stood and moved toward the gate, wondering what it was about Jaime that had my mind so twisted. I found the log and moved it, laying between two other logs was Jake's cig pack with a half smoked cig and the pipe on top of it, the sack of weed was also there. The pipe was empty but I thought I had seen Jake do it enough I could fly solo on loading it, at least no one was watching.  The damm image of Jamie's backpack was in my head again too, why the fuck was I obsessed with that thought?

I hit the pipe finally and the weed really did taste good to me.  I took a few more hits and as I was crouched there I could hear Jake and Tim now both doing commercial jingles. I wondered what Jamie thought of all this. All the sudden one more time his backpack popped into my head and I suddenly realized it contained HIS things.  Things like underwear and more cloths and who knew what.  I suddenly realized I had to get back in there at some point and check it out.  I had to know more about its contents.  Yeah, it actually even occurred to me that I wanted underwear to smell. My dick got instantly hard thinking about it.  Having enough hits I lit the stub of Jake's cig while I tried to think of things to make my dick go back down before I went back.

Going back I was still pretty hard. Neither Jake nor Tim noticed, at this point both were too busy doing stupid stuff to entertain each other. Jaime looked right at me, or should I say, looked right at my swimsuit and smiled. It was dark enough he could tell I was hard, but probably not tell how big I was exactly. I wondered if he had already heard, or if it was going to be a surprise for him.  I definitely wondered what his reaction was going to be, or had been.  I sat down in a different seat that was next to Jamie, Jake immediately noticed that, "Hey.. what happened to your old seat that you always sit in?" I answered back, "it's right there.. next to you.. it didn't get up and leave.. I just decided to talk to Jamie since you guys are busy entertaining each other." I turned to Jamie and said "Hi dude.. are you having fun?? I know this is better than I was expecting." Jamie laughed at me but didn't say anything. I turned to Jake and Tim and said, "you guys CAN be cool in front of my parents right?? I dunno what time it is.. but the pizza gets here at nine and I think we will probably have to see them then." Jake came back with, "no problem dude.. I can turn on the charm." I rolled my eyes, yea he could.

Jake told me to find out what time it was, but didn't wait until I got back from the kitchen. When I got back Jaime was alone in the tub and when I asked where they went Jamie pointed at the gate which I had already guessed. Besides that you could hear them on the other side of the wall being silly. I was half pissed off that they both went after Jake made the huge deal about only one of us being gone at a time. Or maybe it was really because he went with Tim and not me, but I guess I did the same shit to him kinda, I've had Jamie on the brain ever since he got here, and been ignoring Jake.  But then again Jake's been pissing me off all day.  Shit I need to get this out of my mind.  I was about to start trying to talk to Jamie again when Tim came back in and said to me, "Jake wants to talk to you out there."

I thought about not going out, I didn't need to be higher than I already was with dinner coming up and having to deal with my parents then. But I got up and went.  When I got out to the extra wood pile he stood up and put his arms around me and said, "are you having a good time baby?" His smile somehow melted away all of my issues and my body melted into his. I was instantly hard again and so was he. His tounge was soon dueling with mine. After a few minutes he broke it up and put the pipe up to my lips and flicked the lighter. I could see it was a fresh bowl, I hit it hard. While I was holding the smoke he whispered, "this whole bowl is yours.. I've had enough for now" When I blew the smoke I said, "me too actually.. let's get back in before my parents wander out. We were both still hard but I didn't care this time. On the way to the gate Jake asked, "what time is it?" I answered, "It was 8:34 before, probably 8:45 or 8:50 now."

As we came around the corner back to the hot tub, Tim and Jamie were making out. Jake broke it up with a cough and said, "dudes.. it's almost pizza time.. we need to get dry.." I started to toss more wood on the fire, it was dying out, it was warm enough tho we didn't really need it was about having a fire to have a fire. Fires sitting in the hot tub were really amazing you could stare at them for hours.  Jake claimed it was time to get dry but all the same he was getting in and getting wetter and even dunking his head under water which I didn't get until he said, "Erik.. get your ass in here and rinse off.. hair too.. you don't want to leave any smells for your parents do you?" I got it, and as I was getting in to dunk myself Tim dropped his head below the water. Jamie was the only one that didn't need to.  We got out and I got everyone new towels from the cabinet. Then we headed up the back hall to my room.

Jake got dry shorts out of his backpack and dropped his wet swim suit. He was about hard and gave everyone a good view as he dried and changed. Tim said he wanted dry cloths to eat but didn't bring anything else to wear. He also said he didn't want to put his dress pants on saying it was too formal for what we had going and he wasn't sure what to wear when he came over.  I asked if wanted some of my shorts and he accepted. I pulled some out and he also dropped his wet swim suit to the floor. Jamie did a double take when Tim's fine cock with blonde pubes came out. Tim wasn't hard but was hanging long. I thought back to sucking him just last night, and couldn't believe that the stuff up on Piedmonte Peak was just last night. Jamie said he wasn't going to change and I didn't care either so we all threw on t-shirts and went out towards the great room.

My parents asked if we were all having a good time, and Jake was one to start talking.  He said this was a wonderful New Years Eve party and laid it on thick and heavy about all the stuff my mom had made, and how we had enough food for twice as many people. Tim and Jaime both chimed in and backed him up.

Just then the doorbell rang and Jake turned towards the door. It was exactly nine o'clock and it was Justin the pizza guy at the door.  Jake popped the door open to Justin and immediately stuck up a conversation with him. He stepped outside to clear the way for Justin to hand the delivery inside. After Rick had handed him a very nice tip, Justin asked Jake if he wanted to see his new car stereo. Jake said sure and followed him out to the car. I followed also for no reason. Justin got in the still open door on his side of the car, and Jake opened the passenger door and sat in the seat. Jake whipped a sack of weed out of his shorts pocket and laid it between them and took cash from Justin and pocketed it. My eyes were popping out of my head. I had no idea when or how Jake had put that sack in his shorts; he must have already had it in the pocket of those shorts before he even changed into them. No wonder he wanted Justin to make our delivery. A few seconds later and we were back in the house.

My mom had arranged all the boxes on the dining room table. We really did have too much food, no one even touched the egg roll sandwiches.  One thing I didn't think about tho was that in about 5 hours we would all be looking for food again. All in all by morning more of it got eaten than I expected. We all grabbed pizza, wings, and drinks. The four of us went out to the patio to eat at the table there. Occasionally one of us would come back in and pick out something else. My parents took there plates back in front of the TV and turned their movie back on.

When we finished eating we decided we didn't want to swim or soak again right off, so we decided to fire up the X-box in my room. I left Jake in charge saying I needed to take a dump.  I really did have to, but Jamie's backpack was also on my mind. I went in the bathroom and locked the door.  Checking exactly how it was sitting first, I picked it up and carried it to the toilet with me.  Dropping my wet swim suit to my ankles and sitting down I went to work opening the backpack. Not much in there actually, a couple pairs of shorts, and a pair of clean boxers briefs, the black jeans he had on when he got here, and two shirts. I was disappointed not to find any dirty undies to sniff, I was actually looking forward to that. I was about to unzip the smaller pocket on the front of the backpack and I had a thought. Maybe he took off his jeans and underwear at the same time and I needed to look inside the jeans. Pulling them out I found out I was right on the money. But I made a problem for myself, in my hurry too look his keys and billfold fell out and I really wasn't sure exactly where to put them back.  At any rate my dick had hardened just thinking about the dark green boxer briefs I found.

I folded them over my hand examining the inside. They looked practically clean, my guess was he had put them on not long before he took them off. My heart was beating a mile a minute as I raised them to my nose. This was my first time actually doing this. The pouch had a faint hint of cologne, nothing earth shattering, but all the same it was a part of him. I pulled them back over my fingers and pressed my nose into the bottom of the crotch, here I picked up a different but very faint scent and it was heavenly. It made my hard cock throb. Just then someone knocked on the door and my heart skipped about three beats. Turned out I wasn't the only one that wanted the bathroom. I hurriedly put things back, wishing I had time to look at his billfold too.  Guessing I rolled his billfold and keys back up in the center, that might be what I would have done with them had I been the one changing.

As I was closing the top back up I noticed the zipper on the little pouch and figured why not peek quick in there. Sliding it open the rest of the way I saw syringes like in the doctor's office. Totally freaked out by this, I quickly slid the zipper on that pocket back shut.  Was Jaime a junky?  Couldn't be.  I thought back to the hot tub and how he had passed on the weed.  Was he only into harder stuff? I thought to myself, `wow, oh man I never suspected that.'

I quickly finished up and figuring I should be extra clean decided to actually wash my crack out with a wet wash cloth after finishing with the toilet paper.  Taking too long I was again hurried by a knock. I tossed the wet wash cloth into the laundry hamper and pulled up my wet swim suit.  God I hated pulling up cold wet swim suits when you had dried off and it was cold and you were warm.

Returning to my room they all looked up and you could tell I was boned. It had gone down a little from the cold wet confines I had tucked it away in but it was still on display. Tim was first to talk, "See.. I told you he was jerken it in there." No one answered him, I sat down saying, "oh I wouldn't be having fun alone." As Tim got up to leave for the bathroom he said, "sure looks like it to us." Erik and Jaime were in the middle of the racing game me and Jake had been playing before, leaving me the odd man out. I thought about Jamie's drug use and wondered about it. Soon Tim was back and Jamie told him, "here.. take over."  Tim took the controller from him and Jamie headed out the door.

He didn't turn into the bathroom tho which surprised me, so I got up and followed him. I caught up with him in the kitchen and was about to ask if he needed anything when he just opened the refrigerator door and looked up and down. He grabbed something I couldn't see and as he was closing the door he noticed me. I gave him a weird `what's up?' look. He held the bottle up he had in his hand and said, "Insulin.. I'm diabetic.. I gave it to your mom to put in the fridge when I got here."  When it registered what he had said I became visibly relieved and blurted out, "Oh My God!.. I never thought of that.. I thought.." I caught myself and stopped talking, but realized I was caught and now I had the famous `deer-in-headlights' look.  I realized later Jake would have gotten himself out of that one at this point making a snide remark or something about stealing food, and then laughing it off.

I wasn't that quick on my feet tho and confessed to Jamie that I had been snooping in his backpack.  Jamie laughed and said, "find anything interesting?" I couldn't come up with a decent answer and ended up telling him, "I'm sorry.. I just wanted to know more about you." Still laughing at me Jaime told me, "next time try asking.. I'll tell you anything you want to know." I nodded and he added, "actually.. I would like to know more about you too."  That statement sent shivers up my spine and I said, "uh cool.. are you going to DO some insulin now?" Jamie laughed even harder, "wow.. you make it sound like I'm a druggie.. yea I need to give myself a shot.. usually do after any meal.. I have to be real careful to keep things in control.. no sugary drinks.. careful what I eat.. that's why I stuck to the veggies and water when the night started out." We started walking back to the bathroom and I was in total amazement, when we almost got there I asked, "so you shoot it up yourself? Where do you stick it in at?"

Deciding to have fun with me Jamie seriously answered, "All the shots go in my penis." First a look of astonishment crossed my face, then as I digested it, I felt a pain and cringed just at the thought of sticking a needle in my dick. Then I saw the corners of his mouth and realized he was messing with me and we both started laughing at the same time. Jamie then said, "come on in if you want.. I show you how I do it." We went in the bathroom together and he closed and locked the door behind us. I felt my dick begin to fill when I heard the lock click. I tried willing myself not to get hard but realized I was fighting a losing battle as soon as he said, "just a second tho.. I have to pee first."

Jamie walked to the toilet and fished his mostly but not completely limp dick out of pants and began to drain it. Yea, I stared. His dick looked really hot and I was trying to image it hard and even trying to will it hard by thinking about it. I got hard in about 5 seconds, and had to reach down and push it because they way it was coming up was way uncomfortable. He told me later he was doing everything in his power not to get hard at that point by thinking a his 3rd grade teacher, I knew exactly who he was talking about, she was heavy and old.

After he shook it off and put it away he opened his backpack and took out a syringe. He filled it and I again asked, "so where do you stick it in really?" He answered, "different places.. sometimes my butt.. sometimes under my arm.. but not like in the armpit itself.. right now I'm gonna stick it in the baby fat of my tummy.. I avoid doing it in my arm or leg because sometimes it leaves a needle mark.. and I don't want to look like a junkie." Giggling as he finished talking because of my earlier comments. With that he raised his shirt and pinched the skin, stuck it in and pulled it out before I even realized what happened. There was one tiny drop of blood and he reached into his backpack and brought out what I thought looked like a toothpick box. He started explaining, "these are test strips for my blood glucose meter.. I'm actually supposed to prick myself first and test.. but I've been doing this so long now that I guess on the insulin amount and then use the blood drop from that prick to check.. every once in awhile I have to give myself a second shot.. but mostly I get it right or close enough."

He finished testing the drop of blood and told me he was done for now. But then he went back to out earlier conversation and asked me, "so what were you looking for in my backpack?? I'm curious because I think it made you hard to be spying on me.. least you were boned coming out." I couldn't answer I stood just there like an idiot. He moved his lips close to my ear and whispered, "We need to get back.. but I would like to continue our conversation sometime privately.. I've got your number.. is it ok if I call you?" I nodded my head and said, "anytime."

Going back to my room I was about in heaven. All I could think about is `wow, he's older.. he's interested in me.. and he's the hottest guy at school.' We took ribbing about being in the bathroom together. Jamie was ready to dish it out tho and told everyone in detail about how great doing drugs and having sex with me was. He had everyone laughing before admitting he was really teaching me about insulin shots.

I noticed the clock by my bed (9:55) and said, "hey.. pause it and flip to a channel with New York on it.. I want to see the ball drop." The ball dropping comments brought laughter and comments from everyone, but Jake did pause it and switch.  As the ball did drop he came up to me and said, "Happy New Year boyfriend." Then pressed his lips to mine and started a kiss that lasted 2 minutes. It only ended because we started getting, "get a room" comments from the other two.

After that display of affection, Jamie asked, "Oh.. so you guys are boyfriends?? I didn't realize that." Tim smiled briefly but then went to flipping channels on the TV. I said nothing, finally Jake broke the silence, "I want him to be my boyfriend.. I call him that.. but so far he hasn't yet said that I am."  That caught me off guard. I had been playing along with Jake, but I had no idea what I really wanted. Shit, this had only been going on for 4 days and before that no one had touched me or even seen my dick, and truth was now I even had a huge crush on Jamie. Was I boyfriends with Jake already? Thinking back to the bathroom just a few minutes ago and Jamie's words I knew I had to think of something to say, and I needed to think of it fast.  My words then just started coming out, "you know I only just realized I was gay in the last couple days.. yea.. I think of you as a boyfriend.. I guess.. but I guess I just got to figure out what it all means.. gimme a break.. I'm new at this." Then I hugged Jake, but with my chin over my shoulder looking at Jamie he winked at me. Oh god, this was getting confusing.

A few minutes later Jamie realized, "Oh.. I forgot to put my insulin back in the fridge.. Erik would you come with me?" I realized he wanted to talk to me alone and nodded but Jake realized the same thing and came with us to prevent it.

We went back to X-box for awhile. I dug out the other 2 controllers so we could all play at once. After awhile tho Jake said we should go back out to the hot tub, but I check the clock and said, "we really only have 15 minutes.. remember my parents called the hot tub from 11 til 12." Tim said, "yea and in 15 minutes we got New Years in Chicago to watch anyway.. but it's not like New York anyway." Jake said, "damm.. I really wanted to smoke." Just then Rick knocked on the door and said, "your mother and I are going out to soak for awhile.. we would like it if you boys would come out and join us for a toast at 12." He closed the door before anyone answered.

A few minutes later I saw Jake get a fresh pack of cigs from his backpack (his old pack was still out in the wood pile I think) and he said, "Erik come with me.. Let's go out by the garage (it's on the other end of the house) and have a cig."  At first I really didn't want to, but figured I had to, so I got up and followed him. He actually went out the front door and we walked around to the side. He put 2 cigs in his mouth and lit them together handing me one. It was silent for awhile and then he spoke, "I really do want you for a boyfriend.. I've wanted you for a long time.. I.. I.. well I hope you pick me.. I know this is new to you.. umm.. but.. well.. umm.. but you didn't sound real convincing in there.. and.. well.. yea.. I've seen the way you look at Jamie." Wow, that was the first time I ever noticed Mr. Smooth have trouble picking his words. Then he added, "I wish I hadn't invited him now."

We stood there silently looking at each other for a really long time. Jake and I both finished our cigs at the same time, that was new. He didn't even break the silence to ask if I wanted another one, he just held up two and I nodded; also something else that was new, this was the first time I ever wanted two cigs in a row. After another couple minutes I started, "yea.. listen Jake.. I like you a lot.. I even love you.. you have changed my life.. but sex is new to me.. I need to figure this out.. we.. I.. need to figure some things out.. stick with me on this.. if it goes like it has been.. I.. I.. think that we will become inseparable.. like we sort of have already have.. just let me figure out what it all means.. ok?' He nodded and smiled, as I thought back over what I just said tho I wasn't sure where it came from.

As we put out our second cigs, I asked him if he had his cell phone and he said, "yea, why?" I said, "let me see it." The clock is all I wanted to see so I handed it right back. He had a strange questioning look on his face and I said, "Happy New year in Chicago." With that I put my arms around him and pulled him close and started kissing him, putting a lot more into it than I had last time.  We stood in my driveway making out for a good 15 minutes. We were both rubbing each other to the point I knew we were both leaking big time. Finally tho we broke it and decided to go back inside.

Getting back to my room I was the one to open the door and for once in my life I wish I had been behind Jake instead of leading.  Tim and Jaime were on my bed passionately making out. I didn't want to see that. Just a little while ago Jaime I thought told me he wanted me, and now he had already moved on. They broke apart instantly and Tim said, "We couldn't find Chicago on TV.. but I guess we found Kansas City and kinda got caught up in." Everyone laughed at that.  To add more confusion to my mind, in the moments that followed Jaime caught my eye and winked at me again.

The next about 40 minutes were really boring for all of us. None of us wanted to play X-box anymore and we all really wanted to go back out to the pool and hot tub, but it was my parents turn and we were giving them some privacy. We did all go back out to the dining room and dig at some of the food on the table. The stuff from the outside table had been brought in and added to that table as well. So I ate some wings, Jake ate 2 of the sandwiches and some wings, Tim had another piece of pizza and some wings and Jamie was eating off the veggie tray but also grabbed a turkey and cheese sandwich. I went to the garage for another round of drinks because the cooler was still outside, I guessed anyway.

At 10 til midnight we headed out the kitchen door to join my parents, as they had requested. We got there sooner than they were expecting tho. No we didn't catch them naked having sex, but we did catch them. Rick tossed something into the fire, but you could see the smoke hanging in the still night air, and smell it. Shit! My parents were getting high. That caught me off guard, but none of us acted like we knew anything. Tim did whisper into my ear from behind, "shit dude.. you got cool parents." His comment actually made me smile. I had to wonder where my parents got their weed tho, thinking about what Jake had said earlier about Brian's parent business.

You could tell my parents were happier than normal. Even being a little silly too. Rick had me get the bottle of champagne out of the cooler and bring it over to him. He had a package of plastic champagne glasses too laying on top the cooler so I brought those also. Rick popped the cork as Jamie put the little stands on 6 of the glasses and lined them up on the tile next to the spa. After Rick poured Jake handed out 4 of the glasses to us, and my parents picked up the other 2. Then we found out we had 2 minutes to wait. Finally about 30 seconds early Rick said, "Hear hear.. to new friends and a New Year." Then we all started clicking our glasses together. I noticed my mom and dad looped there arms together to take there drink and almost started to do that with Jake, but realized I wasn't ready for my mom to see something like that yet.

A little while later my parents said goodnight to us.  Rick asked if we wanted the cover off the tub still and Jake told him we did. My mom disappeared inside and Rick took me off the side and quietly told me, "look.. keep the noise down okay? Our windows and shades will be shut but just remember you guys are right on the other side of window to us.. I know what you saw when you guys came out.. so I'll just say this.. once we get to sleep it will take a lot to wake us.. but I really don't want you mom waking up.. understood?" I said, "yes dad" and gave him a really quick peck on the cheek. Then he added, "you guys can finish off the champagne if you want.. there's even another bottle hidden for you in another cooler by the pumps." I said, "cool.. thanks.." I smiled and he left to go in.

By the time I got to the hot tub everyone else was already in, just as I got settled in Jake said, "OH FUCK!" Everyone looked and him and I said, "what?"  He stood up and started digging in his pockets and pulled out a soggy pack of cigs and his cell phone. Jake angrily continued, "What a fucken way to start the fucken New Year.. my fucken parents are going to fucken kill me over fucken killen another fucken phone." I just looked at him and started laughing which put an even more pissed off look on his face. But then I said, "oh jakey dear.. Just fucken take the fucken battery off it.. and just fucken wait til fucken morning.. Rick will fucken take a look at it.. don't forget what his fucken job is.. I'm sure he can fucken fix it up for you." Jamie, Tim and I all then started laughing, it took Jake a second but he started in to. I did know enough to have him get the battery off of it and I had him lay it up on the shelf taken apart, which is also where the soggy cig pack ended up.

After that issue was dead and Jake was calmed down again, he asked, "what did Rick want with you?" I told him, "well he didn't give me a time we had to go in.. all he said was to keep the noise down.. oh yea and that we could finish the champagne off.. oh yea.. and that there was another bottle of champagne." After I said that, the first bottle was toast in about 6 minutes. Jake then asked, "ok, who wants to smoke?" Tim asked, "cigs or other?" Jake said, "both." Tim said, "other". I nodded and Jamie finally said, "It's my first time but.. other." Jake decided, "this time we'll go in pairs.. First me and Tim.. then Erik and Jaime.. Erik you can teach him." All I could think was, `wow those aren't the pairs I would have guessed.' Jake continued, "next round.. we'll do something else."

With that Jake and Tim were out the gate headed back to the wood pile. I stood up and put more wood on the fire. When I sat back down I picked the seat next to Jamie. As soon as I sat down Jamie's hand found my hand and he sqeezed it under water, then pulled both hands to rest on his thigh. He looked at me and I looked at him. He smiled and so did I. Then he whispered, "I'm glad Jake is sending us together.. I want the first time I try this to be with you." I whispered back, "yea me too.. surprised me tho.. I figured it would be me and him and then you and Tim." Jamie nodded and whispered back, "I'm still going to call you real soon.. still okay with you?" I just said, "yea it is.. please do." Jamie moved his hand and started to feel me up, took all of 2 seconds for me to fully inflate. He whispered, "your huge dude." I whispered back, "I know.. err.. thanks. Then I realized it was time to move my hand and when I found his he was already hard as a rock. We sat there playing with each other in out swimsuits for about 10 minutes without another word between us. We pulled our hands away from each other just as we heard the latch click on the gate.

My first thought was, `oh fuck.. now were both hard and we have to stand up and walk outside the wall.. this is going to piss Jake off.' I didn't worry about it tho when I noticed both Jake and Tim had wood in their shorts. I actually then wondered what all had been going on out there. I realized we hadn't heard anything. So Jaime and I got up and left. Getting to the woodpile the stuff was already laying out, no need to find it under the log, the log was already moved.  I packed the bowl and told Tim, "I would let you have first hit.. but watch me do it and then you can.. hold your finger on this hole when you pull it.. then suck in just a little air after.. then hold it all.. ok now watch me." I took a hit and felt the rush right away this time, I guess I was ready for it. Jamie took his turn but coughed like a mother fucker and soon as he started to pull. I heard Jake and Tim giggling and I assumed it was because they could here Jamie coughing up a lung. When he was done coughing he asked what he did wrong. I said, "nothing you just weren't ready for it.. Jake told me the trick is to not let it stay in your mouth.. just pull it right in and thru.. and straight down your throat." I took another hit and passed it back. He tried it again and this time got it down.

We passed the pipe back and forth and I started rubbing the front of his shorts when my hands were free. The next time his hands were free he said, "can I pull yours down and look.. I really want to see it." I said, "only if I can too as I took a hit." He left me holding the pipe and went down on his knees and pulled my shorts down. My bone really felt good in the night air. He touched it and messed around with it some while I was putting more weed in the pipe, felt really nice. I handed him the freshly loaded pipe and he said, "ok.. but only one more hit for me.." I pulled him up and fell to my knees at the same time, my swim suit was still around my ankles.  I looked but temptation also got the best of me and I opened my mouth and pulled the most perfectly fine 6" cut cock into my mouth. I heard from above me, "arrrgh.. oh god.. don't stop." I didn't go for long tho because I didn't want to piss Jake off.

I took one more hit and decided to leave the rest in the bowl, I didn't really want more either right that second. We pulled up our shorts and when we came through the gate, Tim was standing in front of Jake in the tub and Jake was blowing him. I was glad because now I didn't have to feel guilty about what just happened with Jamie. They stopped tho and Tim sat down. After we were sitting, Jake tossed his shorts at my face and commented, "you guys are really overdressed for the occasion." I took the hint and pulled my shorts off, Jamie tho waited another minute. The talk was fast and silly for a few minutes. Jake welcomed Jamie to the circle, which I then had to explain to Jamie having just figured it out what a little more than 24 hours ago myself.

Jake had me go find the other champagne bottle.  After we finished that off he went and got the weed and had me get a towel for our hands. I didn't know if we should actually sit there in the open and pull on the bowl but I was fucked up enough I didn't give a shit. After we smoked 2 more bowls with Jamie just passing on most of the hits we somehow ended up back sucking. Jake did Tim, while I did Jamie. After both of them shot we switched and Tim did me and Jamie did Jake. I was glad Jake was giving it a break and not making it about only me and him. After that we had another bowl of weed, and then Jake sucked me and Tim did Jamie. It took awhile to make it happen but it did.  

We all decided to go to my room for the last round, so me and Jake covered the tub and we all quietly walked down the hall to my room in just towels. For the last round, all on my bed we did a four way. It really got kinky, Jake produced the cans of spray-on cheese from under the bed. I have no idea when he put them there, and I even had forgotten they existed, but I was giving up trying to figure out how he made things work out, he just did. Since Rick had made him get 4 cans we each got one.  It got sprayed everywhere on everyone and licked off by everyone about everywhere. It like a mini and quiet free-for-all wrestling match. The hottest moment for me was when I filled Jamie's crack and then ate it back out. By the way Jaime reacted I'm guessing it was the first time he had been eaten back there. Not to mention we were all still pretty fucked up from the weed. I didn't cum the last time but everyone else did, and I got to blow Jamie again in that round. By now it was close to 5am and we were all really tired.

We all ended up snuggling into my bed, the air mattress never even got used. I was spooning into the back of Jake, Jaime was pressed into the back of me, and Tim was behind Jamie.  I realized this was near perfect, I had both my favorite guys, one in front and one behind. Even tho I had gotten frustrated with the way things were going a bunch of times today, it really turned out pretty cool. We all went to sleep fast I'm pretty sure.

To be continued...

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