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This story is a work of complete fiction and along the lines of upper balcony, for those who liked it, K?

CHADDY: Part 1

Damn, my cousin is coming over and I have to babysit him. Like I just turned 15 and I'm not into babysitting a 13 year old cousin who I have never even met. I was going to a party and Jenny is going to be there. Like, I kinda like her but also Benny may be going, he's in my class and really cute, a nice bod and has a nice bulge in his satin gym shorts too. Weird, I was hoping to maybe see them tonight and maybe get to know them better, especially Benny. I've never been close to anyone yet and I always feel left out.

Oh well. I hear my mom go to the front door and they're calling out for me. My aunt is dropping Chad off then my mom is going out with her. My mom knows how I feel about this too.

So I lumbered to the front with attitude and rounded the corner and, Whoa! OMG! Chad! My heart skipped. I had never felt like this about anyone before so quickly, girls or guys. He had bright blue eyes, short blonde and almost white hair, with a slight build, little shorter than me, and I'm about 5 ft. 9", and a warm smile with full lips. Of course I had to check his basket, like I have been doing lately with all the guys I meet, being increasingly curious as to what they have.

And Whoa! Again! He was wearing short cut-offs, luckily a little small for him, so were really tight and really FULL! Ya, man, a nice big bulge for a small guy like him. He looked younger than 13 but that basket, I don't know... Now I was real interested.

He was kinda shy when we were introduced, staring down at the floor a few times, speaking in a low voice, looking away but a real warm smile when he did look at me. It made my mouth kinda dry. Weird again.

My mom told me there was food in the fridge and have a good time, etc., etc., but I wasn't paying any attention to her as I was kinda caught up in Chad, so I think she maybe thought I was upset.

Anyhow, our rents left and I took Chad up to my room. He started to loosen up and he had a real sense of humour, he liked the computer and the games I had, and I must admit although younger, was better than me. I kept checking his bulge though, still really curious. And I caught him occasionally adjusting it. Hmmm.

When I sat at the computer, his shoulder and leg pressed against mine and a couple of times when he laughed he put his hand on my arm and left it there for a bit and it made me tingle. He was losing his shyness now and becoming quite open with me as we talked.

He squeezed my arm and said, "I like your muscles, do you work out?

Of course everyone our age likes to be muscly, and I wanted to see his bod, so I took off my shirt and did some flexing and he felt my biceps.

"Not bad! I'm not like you though, I'm skinny"

"Well you are a couple years younger, but lemme see"

Wanting to have someone interested in him was important since he was an only child, and home schooled, he quickly pulled off his shirt and although he was thin, he wasn't skinny, he just hadn't filled out yet, had just become a teen and it looked like he had some potential, so I wanted to encourage him. I was beginning to really like him, I think he truly wanted a friend and he was very amiable.

I also loved his bod and he seemed to like mine, so I had him pose, felt his biceps and he really strained to make his muscles bulge, getting a little red faced doing it. I ran my hands over his abs and deltoids and I think he was enjoying it as much as I was. Nice and smooth and I kept glancing at that secret package as I had caught him doing to mine off and on.

I also had us do some of the exercises that I had been doing and it was a bit of a workout, but he was determined to keep up to me and we did it till I got a little tired. I knew he was but I wouldn't expect him to say anything, so I told him I was, and we headed over to the bed and flopped down, shirtless, which was the idea.

We were lying on the bed chatting away and he would run his wrist down his bulge a few times which would drive me nuts. And the next time he did it, he saw me looking down, then I looked up at him.

Like I said, he was getting quite comfortable with me, and although he kinda blushed, he hesitated, then felt he could confide in me enough now that he could shyly explain, ``Uh, these shorts are so... like so tight on me anymore, I need new ones, like.. I got, you know, bigger now. Uh... and when I get a stiffy too, it kinda hurts, and I... get them a lot too. You know what I mean? ``, and looked questionly at me for agreement.

OMG, did I ever, he was becoming fairly open and I'd just popped one now too, thanks to him, ``Yep, I do, all the time it seems. In fact I got one now", and I grabbed at my crotch.

``You do? Cool! So we both do now!" and he grabbed his bulge and giggled.

I figured I'd take chance, "In fact I'm really hard" and pinched down it a couple times. "Wanna check it"

He got quite excited, "Sure! I mean... if you don't mind?"

Don`t mind? Fuck no! "...no not at all, take your time" I answered and put my hands behind my head and he leaned up on his elbow and squeezed from top to bottom, tilting his head to one side looking serious as he did it again, obviously enjoying it, just as I was, it felt so good, nobody having done that before.

"Wow it's really hard and feels big too. I've never felt anyone else's before. You wanna check mine?" he asked innocently. The usual, show me yours, I'll show you mine, right?

I tried to be nonchalant and nodded and he lay back now with his hands behind his head now and I raised up on my elbow and started squeezing, and man, it was real hard and big. Now I was extremely curious.

So I calmly said, "Hey, I think you'd be more comfortable to lay here in your underwear, not so tight, you think? I know I would be"

He nodded quickly, and grinned deviously when I giggled, "I might as well take yours off, then you can take mine off, K?"

He kept grinning, his hands still behind his head and quickly raised his hips and I undid his fly and the bulge popped out it and I wiggled his tight shorts off. My god, he had a big tent arched up in his Batman briefs, Batmen's face on top the arch, so I tapped down on it several times as he looked down giggling, then I squeezed his knob, "Hope Batman doesn't mind me squeezing his head!" and I pinched down the shaft with my fingers and he flinched a bit then laughed, "Nope, he doesn't mind it, he actually likes it!"

Great! He has loosened up, so added, "It looks like a handle!", and wrapped my fingers around it and pretended to lift it and he rose up laughing. Man he was hard. All of this was as new to me as it was to him.

He was as excited now as I was and said, "That felt good, let me do you now!"

Sure, please! He was getting hot too, just like I was, and I lay back with my hands behind my head again and raised my hips to watch the show evolve. He was very anxious as he undid my fly and pulled my shorts down and raised his eyebrows when he saw my red silk tent, keeping his eyes on it as he pulled my shorts all the way off.

"Wow!" he exclaimed," your undies are awesome! They're really small and so shiny!" and ran his hand over my arch, then grabbed it and pretended to lift like I did to him, trying a couple times, "You're too heavy too!" He was so funny and cute at times.

"It's real thick" he said, squeezing it a few more times and saw a few of my hairs and said, "Oh great, you got some hairs, can I see them?"

"Sure, go ahead", and play with them all you want I said to myself.

He pulled my waistband down a couple of inches and pulled and played with them then squeezed the base of my shaft a couple of times.

"I've only got a couple so far, you want to check them?"

He wasn't saying `show you' now, but `check them', which is good, he wanted me to do it.

I nodded so he leaned back on his hands and watched as I pulled down on the waistband about 2 in. and his pubes were fairly smooth except for about a dozen very blond curly hairs, so I played with them and he was starting to squirm and he boldly reached over and started to play with mine and we were quiet for a few moments enjoying this teeny `foreplay' I guess you could say, then he pinched the base of my shaft that was exposed.

A little apprehensively, but curious, he said," Yours is like pretty thick, is it big too?", then kinda blushed.

That's what I was waiting for, "I don't know, kinda I guess. Take it out if you like and see what you think".

"Really? Cool!" he said quite excited, and put his fingers under the waistband on each side of my shaft and slid it down and my cock flipped up against my pubes and he stared in surprise, "Wow! It sure is big! And thick too! And you got some skin on the end? I don't have any on mine, take it out if you want to see"

Fucking right I did! I nodded and he leaned back on his hands and watched as I slid his briefs down and it popped up, and what a beauty! It wasn't as thick as mine, cut, but actually longer, like maybe around 7 7", because I'm more or less average, almost 6 and his knob was long, tapered with a large flare, bigger around than his shaft. Beauty! And it looked even bigger and unusual on a small cute young looking little boy like him. An early bloomer and he didn't know it.

He watched me wrap my fist around his, and I said "Wow yours is really long! Not as thick as mine but longer"

"You think so? ", he asked proudly.

"Oh ya, and it's really nice too" and he kinda blushed and said, "Thank you, I'm glad you like it. And I think yours is nice too, and I like it". We were best friends now.

He was staring at mine, hungrily, I might add, so I said, "Pull down on my shaft and the skin will come off the end"

So he reached over and did it several times, "That's really cool, how come I don't have any?

"Sometimes they do it if the skin won't come back and sometimes it is some kind if religious thingy, like Muslims and Jews do"

He had been pulling it back and forth while we were talking and I felt like I was ready to cum.

"Are your balls big?" he asked suddenly. Good.

We're moving right along now, "Take my undies down and tell me what you think"

He got all excited again, having a good time as I raised my hips and he pulled my bikini off, then started playing with my balls, "Yes they are and they're bigger than mine, do you want to check them out too?"

Right again and he no longer had any more reservations and he lifter his hips and I pulled his off. Not as big as mine, but then he was just 13.

"They just got bigger this year and hang down now too.

Alright, so it sounds like he's got a bag full of cum now. Ready to be milked.

So we became quite quiet as we examined and played with each other's dicks and balls, obviously a first for both of us and I was slowly stroking him.

"I'm getting a little tingly down there when you when you move up and down like that, like it does sometimes when I do it too. Feels good though"

`Have you whacked off before?"

He looked confused, "Whacked off?"

"Ya whack off, jerk off, cum, masturbate you know, you not heard of it before?"

"Well I heard about masturbation, has something to do with sex which my mom never talks about, what is it?"

Gawd, finally, I was almost leaking I was so horny.

"Well it really feels great, better than tingly does, but it's hard to explain, so I'll have to show you then you can try it, k?"

He nodded his head rapidly and had wrapped his hand around his shaft was rubbing his thumb around his knob, quite excited to learn about something new, and little does he know he will get hooked, like me. It'll be a first for me too, the first time I will have done it to and by someone, I hope, if all goes well.

"Okay, I'm going to have you whack me off first so you can see what happens and then I will jerk you, K" He nodded rapidly again and I could see his hardon was jerking by itself. Shit it might even cum by itself!

I leaned back on my hands, and like I was a movie director, said, "K, kneel up beside me and wrap your hand around it just like you were doing to yourself and squeeze as you move it up and down"

He did it, "Good that's it, feels great, now squeeze a little harder and I'll tell you when to speed up. Oh, and you can play with my balls a bit".

He got a serious look on his face and started pumping. Man it felt good to have someone else do it for a change. His boner was obviously anxious too, as it was burping up and down.

It didn't take long, which I was expecting since I hadn't whacked off this morning `cause I was planning on having a big one tonight, which is good now, `cause I can show Chad a real fireworks.

I started to squirm as my load was building up, "K, Chaddy, don't need to do my balls anymore, but squeeze a little harder and pump faster and keep doing it no matter what noises I make or even when some stuff shoots out, K?"

He looked at me a little confused but continued and I suddenly dug in my heels, raised my hips, shivered, rolled my head from side to side, then let out a loud gasp, "aaaahhhhAAAAhhG!!!" and Chad looked surprised and paused, then remembered and started pumping faster as I felt sudden relief and he stared in disbelief as he saw a wad of hot cum spiraling out my throbbing cockhead that landed up on my chest, and it almost blew my mind along with the load. Four more rushes wracked my body and each time I bucked my hips, groaning, "uuuggghhh... uuugggHHH... UGHh... UUGGHh!!", firing smaller loads, on my stomach, my pubes and then a small one burped out my knob and down on Chad's hand, and ran down my shaft and balls. Wow man, I felt like I had exploded! Well part of me did. LOL

I relaxed back and Chad must have figured I was done, so stop pumping as I lay there for a minute.

He got a worried look on his face and asked seriously, "Are... are you okay?"

"Okay? Oh YA! `Real' okay! That was the best cum I've ever had! Thanks to you"

He was confused and looked down at the mess on my chest, stomach, pubic hair and leaking out the bright red knob of my wilting cock, and held up his hand with it running off his fingers, "And what is all THAT?"

I scooped up some, licked it off my fingers, "THAT, my dear Chaddy is my cum, the biggest load I have ever had", then squeezed up my soft shaft, forcing the dregs out my foreskin, picked it off with my fingetip and licked it off too. Still fresh, still warm.

He hesitated then asked, "Can I taste it too?"

"Sure go right ahead, I'll taste yours too when you shoot, I assume you can."

He looked at me curiously, his finger in front of his mouth and paused, "You mean I can do THAT?"

"Sure, I think you can, I mean your balls are hanging down and your balls are big so I assume you can squirt".

He looked at the cum on his finger, "You mean I have this stuff in my balls?", then licked his finger.

"Should be, you wanna try it?"

He was a little worried, "I'm not sure; it looked like you were in pain or something"

I laughed, "Oh no, just the opposite, like it was like fireworks! Man your whole body blows up, it's like fucking, oops I mean like totally awesome! You want to try it now?"

He hesitated and thought for a minute, then looked at me seriously, "Okay, only because I trust you that you said it is great. K?"

I laughed again, "No probs, you can kill me if you don't like it, but I guarantee you will want to immediately do it again!"

He laughed nervously, nodded and leaned back on his hands to watch as I gripped him. I had not felt anyone else's before, and it felt different, not as thick but harder and I think he had about an inch on me. So I started pumping him, fondling his balls that were smaller than mine, but firm.

It didn't take long before he started to squirm and groan softly, and murmured, "I... I feel like... like I gotta pee..."

"Oh ya. No you don't have to, I forgot to tell you, it feels like that at first but don't worry you won't, trust me, just let it go when it feels like it. You'll find it a lot better than peeing".

"Well, K, if you say so..." he grunted in reply.

He dropped his head back as I started pumping faster and he soon let out a soft kinda gasp that got louder,"uuhhh... uuuHHHH... aaggggHHH" and he started squirming then tossed his head forward then back , his eyes closed, gritting his teeth, dug his heels in and started bucking his hips, sighing then gasping each time as he fired out his first virgin cum, "ooohhh...ugg... ugg... uGG... UUGGHHHHH!!!!..." , and what loads! Especially for his first shots!

One big one had landed on his bellybutton, a couple smaller above his pubes and a small one on his sparse hairs. Wow! He opened his eyes and l stared down at the puddle on his belly as he scooped some up on his fingertips and licked them off, "Is that all from my dick?"

I swiped the last dribbles stretching down from his swollen red knob with my finger and licked it, "Yep, up from your balls and out your long hard dickey! All yours, a big one too for your first cum. Now, did you like it?"

He smiled as he squeezed his dick up and caught the dregs coming out and ate them, "Oh Ya! Oooh Ya! You were right! It was fucki... I mean it was incredible! Like totally awesome!! And you were right; I wanna do it again, can we? Huh?"

I laughed, "I told you you would, but no, we can't, look at our wilting dicks, they're tired and want to rest and our juice bags are empty, they gotta fill up again, so we have to wait".

"You mean you want to again too?

"You're fuc... darn right I do, I love doing it, especially with you whacking me rather than jerking myself. I've never had anyone do me before and you're the first one I've ever jerked and I love doing that because I know how much you like it now too"

He was so cute as he grinned, then got a little serious and looked at me pleadingly, like a little puppy, "How long then before we can do each other?"

"Well I can recharge fairly quick, I think I have done it in as soon as an hour or so", then I looked down at our stomachs, "I guess we better have a shower and wash this cum off before it gets all dry and crinkly"

He clapped his hands, "Oh, goody, can we shower together and I wash you and you wash me?"

Gawd now he's taking the lead," For sure, I want to clean every little inch of you especially that big thing that's sleeping now!"

He giggled and slapped his floppy dick and we headed into the shower. Jeez he had an awesome body, nicely tanned except where his suit would be, and we spent a lot of time on each other's `privates" which weren't very private anymore!

He was quite fascinated with my skin, sliding back and forth over my knob, then I showed him how I would pinch the edge and stretch it out, "Does it hurt?" he asked and I shook my head and he then did it for a while.

I noticed he would put his hand behind and do something with his butt, so I asked him what he was doing.

He kinda got shy, "oh... I... I just like the feel of it when I play with it"

I asked him to show me and he turned and spread his feet and bent over and I leaned down and watched as he ran his fingertip around the muscle then poked it in, the moved it in to the first knuckle and back out. Wow!

"Does it hurt?" I asked.

"No, not really, like your skin. I put the whole finger in, maybe two and sometimes some other things. It makes my dicky tingle a bit too. It feels real good. You want to try it? It feels great, tingly?"

"Well I will because you say it is, I trust you because you believed me before. But I'd like to see you do the whole finger first K?"

He bent over again and pushed the finger in slowly all the way, then worked in back and forth and I could see his head bobbing slightly. Wow!

He straightened up and turned his head, his feet still spread and said," would like to do it to me? I've never had anyone do it before, in fact nobody knows I do, except you now, that is. Then I can do you if you want"

I was getting a little tingle already in anticipation of this. I guess because it looks naughty and I was a bit of a rebel. I nodded and he bent over again and spread his cheeks with his fingers giving a good view of his pink muscle. I thought I might be turned off but it was pink and not brown like I thought it might be.

I held my finger up to the spray and got the finger good and wet and worked it around the muscle and I saw it puckering, then I pushed the tip against it and it tightened at first, then I felt it relax, and it slipped in and the muscle tightened on it. I very carefully pushed my finger and it slid in to the first knuckle, then the second and then all the way.

Chad shuddered, and gasped, "Oh yaaa... back... and forth now."

I did it and his head bolted slightly, then he asked me to try two. So I put two together and started them in and he resisted at first and then relaxed and they slid in all the way and he tossed his head back and gasped again, "Oh Yaasss, in an out now..."

So I worked them in and out and could feel it tighten and loosen on my fingers as he bobbed his head up and down, then I feel him relax, so I pulled out and he straightened up and turned around with a big grin on his faced and his pecker sticking straight out!

He looked down at it and laughed, "See what you did to it!"

I laughed and gave a pull on it, then turned, spread my feet, bent over and spread my cheeks for him. My turn and I was kinda looking forward to it now that I saw the effect it had on Chaddy.

I could feel the fingertip against my back door and tightened up at first, I think a natural reaction, so I relaxed and it felt kinda good as he circled it. Of course he knew what felt best, having the experience, and when he pushed, at first I tightened again then quickly relaxed and it slid in. Yes, it felt kinda good, especially when I relaxed and he started in and out with it. Yes, it did feel kinda good and I could feel little Johnny waking up, guess he was liking it too.

I turned my head and said, "Go for two Chaddy. K?"

He looked surprised and pulled out, put his two fingers together and started them in. I resisted a bit more at first, then relaxed as the fingertips stretched their way in and I clamped on them, gritting my teeth, tossing my head back so he paused. Man they were tight but slowly I adjusted, then I relaxed my anal grip and he started again, slowly till he was all the way in and I dropped my head. Adjusting, yes, then nodded and he started up again and I relaxed, enjoying the feel of them gliding through my loosened hole. Yass, it was good. I bobbed my head as he punched away then told him okay.

He pulled out and I straightened up and rubbed my hole as I turned around and he laughed when he saw my Johnny sticking straight out now too. He reached over and grabbed it underhanded and gave it a couple yanks.

"Well it was fuc... fucking awesome! You were so right Once I got used to it. So we taught each other something new, new games, eh?"

He was so excited, he grabbed me and hugged, saying "Yes, oh yes, fuc... jerking is fucking great!", then suddenly got embarrassed and quickly pulled back and looked away.

Here's my chance and I grabbed him and hugged him back and looked down at his face, our wet bodies and dicks together and rubbed his nose back and forth with mine twice and said to him warmly, smiling, "and pumping my butt is fucking great too!" and I broke away and I could see he was very happy.

"Well let's dry off and get something to eat, all this jerking and pumping has got me hungry. How about you? "

He smiled and rubbed his stomach, "Oh man I could eat a horse," then laughed as he cupped his balls , I gotta fill these up," then grabbed his dick ,"So I can feed this pony!"

"That's not a pony, that's a fuc... aw, FUCKING horse!!"

We both broke up over that one, and I said, "Hey, wanna stay naked while we eat?"

"Ya! I wanna stay naked so I can keep my eyes on your horse and see when it's ready for another ride!"


... to be cont'd.