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CHADDY:  Part 2

"That's not a pony, that's a fuc... aw, FUCKING horse!!"

We both broke up over that one, and I said, "Hey, wanna stay naked while we eat?"

He raised his eyebrows," Oh! Ya! I wanna keep my eyes on your horse so I can see when it's ready for another ride!"

Man, I was starting to really like him, he is so happy and easy going, innocent and funny. We scampered downstairs and pigged out, just like teenagers do, using the good ol' microwave. Like 3 hotdogs each, French fries, 2 cokes and were working on a whole bucket of ice cream when a half spoon of ice cream fell off Chaddy's spoon, right on to his dick, "oh, it's cold!"

"Good shot!" I said and we laughed and when he went to wipe it off, I quickly said, "Wait! Don't want to waste it", and knelt down in front of him.

"Whoa, you're gonna lick it off?"

`Ya, why not? I washed it off, it's clean isn't it? As clean as your fingers! And I'll warm up your pony, I mean fucking horse"

He spread his legs and looked down as I lifted his dick and carefully dragged my tongue over his knob and he jerked as I swallowed it.

"Did it hurt?" I asked s little concerned.

"Oh no, it felt good as a matter of fact. I don't think you got it all, better do it some more and make sure", he said, grinning and spread his legs a little further.

Okay I got the drift. So I lifted his horse upright this time and dragged my tongue over it a couple times, each time he closed his eyes and grimaced and his knees jerked. Wow! He looked at me with dreamy eyes and then down at his knob so I slipped my lips over it and started to suck on it.

Wow, he squeezed his knees on me, dropped his head forward, grasped my head and let out a bit of a screech, I stopped sucking and he let go of my head and I sat back on my heels.

He had a semi sticking out and he said, "Oh boy looks like horsey got a little frisky over that too!"

Then he relaxed back on the chair, eyes closed, then opened them, "Fuck! Wow was that totally awesome! That was almost like cumming. Let me `clean`you, you gotta feel this, k?'

Jeez I think we were on to something here. I sat down on the chair, spread my legs and scooped up some ice cream on a spoon while Chaddy knelt down in front of me, and he said "Wait a minute, better get the skin out of the way, I think it would be better on your bare knob." Getting scientific now.

We repeated the same thing again, with me this time and OMG was he right! The cold ice cream gave it a bit of a jolt and then his warm and rough tongue dragging across my tender knob drove me nuts, jerking and groaning while he sucked on it. He finally quit and I relaxed back, I was almost dizzy.

"Yep, that was fucking awesome! You were right. We both have found out a second new thing tonight!"

We loaded up the dishwasher, and dashed up the stairs two at a time, and I loved looking at his tight bare ass grinding away ahead of me, remembering the tight little pink rose tucked in it. Wow! What a night! So far even! Who knows!

We flopped on the bed our legs and arms touching and turned on the TV to let our dinner digest and of course a little wacked out, pumped out and sucked out! Chaddy dropped his hand over on to my cock and played with it absently and I did the same with his.

We were quite content just being with a new friend and really close friend. He rolled over on me, put his nose about an inch in front of mine, smiled then rubbed it back and forth on mine a couple times and rolled back.

A bit later he sat up flipping his dick and looked at me, "Is it time to whack off yet"

I knew he was anxious, just as I was but I know I really drained my ol' bag, so I said ," I don't think so, a little longer, you want another big one, right?"

He shrugged and laid back a little disappointed.

A little later he rolled over on his side and put his head on my shoulder, his leg over mine, his dick against my hip and played with my skin for a few minutes, then rose up, "I know, why don't you do my butt! I really like it and then I can do yours, you like it, don't you?"

"Ya great idea, it'll get us going too"

He rolled over on his back and put his knees back by his ears, reached under his butt and put his finger at his hole, "This is the way I do it to myself in bed, it's easy for you too"

He held his cheeks apart with his hands and I knelt down and licked my finger.

"Have you got some baby oil or lotion? That makes it slippery and it goes in better."

I remember my mom using some on her hands so I scampered into the bathroom, grabbed the bottle and scurried back. I spread some on his muscle that he was puckering, then on my finger and started running around it. He closed his eyes with a smile on his face and then started my fingertip in and he flinched a bit, relaxed and then I slowly pushed it to the knuckle and he moaned softly. I kept it up till he moaned, "ahhh... two now"

So I slid the two in without any problem and kept that up and played with his dick and balls and he got hard.

He opened his eyes and looked down, "My horsey is up and ready to run!"

"No, not yet, I think we should wait about another half hour to get a good charge and besides you got to poke me too"

He looked a little disappointed as his dick drooped but when I got down and lifted my legs, he perked up, oiled up and massaged my rose and then started pumping me. Oh it felt so good and he went on for a while, then I told him to do two. That was much better and the bulge of his knuckles felt good going through the muscle. He started playing with my dangling balls and slid the skin back and forth as he pumped me and soon I was hard and I knew I had built up a charge.

That really worked me up, "Okay! I think we are ready to rock, my bag feels like it has a couple of shots in it, are you ready?"

He jumped up, turned around, then fell back on the bed, beside where I had lain and spread his feet, his semi sticking up, "Yepper and I go first this time"

Well, this horny 13 yr. with the big cut cock is hooked now, and I'm glad! My first time and I landed someone like him. I knelt down beside him and grabbed his semi and looked at it curiously, "maybe I better make sure there is no ice cream stuck on it!"

He grinned and nodded rapidly as I bent down and ran my rough tongue over his dry knob and he rose halfway and gasped as his cock went rock hard. Then he dropped back and I slipped my lips over it and sucked and he groaned louder. Then I started to really pump him as he writhed, groaned, tossed his head. lifted it and finally raised his hips and gasped,"AAAGHGGHhhjjj...", firing a load onto his stomach again, and squirting out 5 shorter ones this time. Yep he was getting good.

I held his dripping cock and looked at it curiously," I think that maybe some of the ice cream left, better make sure", and I know how tender it is after squirting, so I slowly dragged my tongue over it and he hunched up and grabbed my head, so I stopped licking and sucked it and he sighed, then dropped back and exhausted again.

"Well, how was that?"

"Fucking more awesome, just keeps getting better!"

"I told it would be and you would get hooked. I love it too"

"Oh ya, I really want to thank you, and just to repay you I will whack you off till your big beautiful cock squirts until your big beautiful balls are empty, K? Now get down on your back and spread your feet now. Your cock is mine"

I grinned and saluted him then lay down with my feet spread and arms straight down at my sides, my hard cock sticking straight up, wiggling as he knelt down beside me and grabbed my swollen cock.

Little did I think when my mother told me Chad was coming over that I would be doing anything like this? Butt punching and dick licking wow! And whacking someone else's big cock and that someone whacking me off! My head is spinning and my balls are tingling!

Chaddy laid down beside me this time, put his head on my stomach pulled my skin back and slowly dragged his rough tongue over my damp knob making me shiver and he did it several times then devoured it and that was awesome too. He started flogging me and was better at it now that he had some experience as he fondled and tugged my balls, nice too. Every couple jerks he would give it a lick which drove me nuts.

I put my hand on his head as I felt my load rising, the started jerking my hips as my load rose up then raised them and closed my eyes and let it go, about 6 biggies and a few dribbles at the end. Wow! Was that crazy!

I opened my eyes just as Chaddy turned around and I was stunned! His face and mouth were covered and dripping with my fresh cum! He moved up to me and mumbled, "Taste.. gg.. this" and held his tongue out and moved to my mouth so I opened it and sucked his tongue, my cum still warm.

I swallowed and he licked his lips, turned and sucked my cock dry of the last dribbles. Wow! His face was covered and he grinned, "I really love your cum! How do I look?" and laughed as he turned his head then right.

"Real cute, dahling, quite dahshing" I said affectionately.

We went into the shower again and had a quick rinse and back to the bedroom and flopped on the bed. Whew, that's two times in three hours,

We relaxed for a while and then he asked," how many times have you done it in a day?"

"I think it was about 12 times."

He turned and rose up on his elbow, "Shit, 12 times? You mean we can do it another 10?"

"Well that was over a day, I mean you have to go home in a couple of hours"

"Oh no, I'll stay over... well that's if you want me to"

"Well sure I do but what about your mom?"

`"No probs, she'll let me, she said it would be good to meet you, someone older, someone that can whack you off, pump your butt, lick your dick, you know, mature"

He caught me off guard and I looked at him surprised and then he laughed and so I gave him a friendly slap and said, "Bitch!" and jumped him and wrestled, and it was fun doing it naked. Then I had him pinned down, on top of him, face to face, and I moved in close. And smacked his nose with mine again and he grinned and stuck his tongue out at me, so stuck mine out and flicked the tip of his with the tip of mine.

It felt good, so close, staring into those bright blue eyes, that warm smile, our warm naked bodies together, our bare cocks entwined...

It was dreamy, not sure where this was going when my cell phone suddenly jingled, jarring us out of our moment. I saw it was my mom and put her on speakerphone.

"Hi son, is everything fine? You getting along with Chad okay?"

I looked over at him, "Oh ya he's bigger than I thought he would be"

Chad covered his mouth to stifle his laugh. "What did you do?"

"Oh, not much, kinda just poked around ". Chad almost choked on that one." And taught him some new things like how to squirt with a toy I have, he's got a longer one but didn't know how to use it" He was rolling on the floor now, holding his stomach. "Oh and he dropped some ice cream on him and I showed him how to get it off without leaving a stain" He's really rolling now.

" Oh, that's great dear, but listen, I have a problem with the car, it won't start and there is nothing open tonight, so I'm going to have to stay here", and we both punched the air, "So are you two gonna be okay? Is Chad having fun?"

"Oh ya he's got off a lot tonight on everything I've shown him", and Chad hit the floor again, then came over on his hands and knees, reached up, grabbed my cock and rolled back the skin and started kicking my knob. Oh ya, he got back at me big time as I flinched and let out a gasp.

"Dear? Mitch? You okay? `"

"Er... ya okay... just a problem with the tongue, no big deal, when will you be back?" Whew got out of that okay as Chad continued chuckling.

"Sometime tomorrow, phone me if you have any problems, okay dear? And have fun! Love you"

"Ya we'll just keep doing what we've been doing, Love you too, Bye!"

I punched off then dove at Chad and fell on the bed and wrestled him, "I'll get back at you!" "Why, I thought you liked it" "Ya but not on the phone with moms", and I laughed and tickled him. "Don't, I gotta piss, I almost did when you were in the phone telling her everything we did and she didn't realize what you were saying. I gotta go now"

"I do too, I'll help you and you help me, k?"

He followed and I stood beside the toilet and he stood in front and I held his dick and he pissed, and I kinda waved it around and when he was done with a couple final squirts, I shook it.

We changed and he held mine and I told him to roll the skin back, and he wanted to see it come out the skin, and he watched it and then rolled it back to see it come out differently.

"Does it feel different?"

Ya, you can feel it more, the skin is quite tender. I know, once I was helping my mom cutting jalapeño peppers and didn't wash my hands and when I pulled my skin back I got some on it and it was like when you get it on your lips or in your eye, it's the same sensitive skin, so it feels good when you're jerking too. Keeps my knob moist and tender too"

"Wish I had mine", he said as he held up his dick and rubbed the knob few times.

He grinned at me, "I think it is time for some ice cream, I really liked the way you served it last time"

"Good idea, it is a lot tastier", and we scampered down to the kitchen.

We loaded up a couple of bowls and decided to take them upstairs and went up and sat on the edge of the bed. We had had only a couple when Chad dropped some on his dick. "Oops, damn, I did it again, can you give me a hand, er... I mean a tongue to clean it up?"

I set down my bowl and knelt down in front of him as he sat down his bowl and spread his knees. I held up his dick and licked the ice cream off it and I could feel him starting to get hard.

"Oh, that feel good, keep cleaning it, I want it really clean!" he said as he put his hand lightly on my head.

I slipped my lips over the knob and sucked and he went real hard, so I kept sucking, then slid down his long thin shaft and felt the ridge of his tapered knob slide over my tongue and the roof of my mouth. I went back an forth and he groaned, " This.. ah... feels better... ugh.. than your hand.. Agggh" he groaned and suddenly he pressed on my head and leaned forward and bucked his hips and I felt a wad of hot cum shoot across my tongue and down my throat, followed by a couple more as he kept bucking his hips, then he went limp, taking his hand off my head.

I pulled off his cock and swallowed and saw the knob leaking so I put my lips over it and sucked and he jerked as I did it. I liked it the last time when we exchanged cum so I kept some cum on my tongue, put my hands on his knees, and knelt up and stuck out my tongue and grunted,"uuhhh...uhhh..." and Chad saw the cum and grinned and leaned down, stuck out his tongue and put it in my mouth. I closed my lips on it and he sucked and we played our tongues with each other but this time we didn't stop but our put our hands behind each other's head .

We were kissing! Wow, it had passed my mind before but I was a little shy but obviously Chad must have been thinking the same thing, because he kissed back awkwardly and slowly at first then laid back and pulled me with him and continued passionately with me laying on him, my cock hard as a rock and his drooping.

We continued for 5- 6 minutes, sucking tongues, kissing each other's lips and faces, running our hands through each other's hair.

I rose up and looked into his blue eyes, and he returned a warm smile," I've been wanting to do that ever since you rubbed my nose"

"Me too, I'm glad we finally did"

"I feel a hard cock on my stomach that needs to be drained. Let me get up and you sit on the bed, and forget the ice cream, we'll go right for the hot topping"

He was so good at his descriptions and I moved over to my position and he went to work.

He peeled back my skin, and licked it, making me shudder, "I like it that your knob is already wet, and it tastes good, like maybe salty."

So he went at it and it was awesome. I squirmed, groaned, shivered and finally saw fireworks and I filled his mouth with hot jism. He swallowed most of it but leaned up and I sucked it off his tongue and we kissed for another 10 minutes. Man, I think I'm in love with him if this is what it is like or can we be since we are both boys, or maybe we are gay. But I don't care right now because I love everything we are doing together or just being together right now. So there.

I laid on the bed and Chad laid on his side against me and put head on my shoulder and ran his fingers over my chest, stomach, played with my pubes and dick and fondled my balls. Every so often he would turn up and we'd kiss a bit. It was wonderful.

Eventually, he looked und said, "I feel like a little butt punching, how about you?"

"Funny, I was thinking the same thing"

"Great! Get your knees up, I'll get the oil"

I did that, rolled back spread my cheeks so my butt hole was facing upwards and he knelt down," I just thought of another way to lube you up", and he bent down and I started to lick it! Wow, did that feel good. He ran it around a bit, then pushed his tongue against it! I relaxed and he pushed it in slightly, then sucked. OMG it was driving me crazy.

He rose up, wiped his lips, "How was that?"

"That was fucking awesome! It was driving me crazy. Let me do you"

I did it and he writhed and squirmed too, moaning and when I stopped and he said it was awesome too. He took the oil, did my finger, then two and he was loving it.

Have you got any candles? I wanna try one, K?"

I got a selection and we started with a smaller one and I lubed it and it slipped in.

"I didn't tell you that I've done that quite a bit, but didn't know if you would understand"

"Ya, I guess I wouldn't have, but I do now, let's go for it"

He had me pick a bigger one, which was the size of about three fingers.

He grimaced at first till it stretched him, then slid it in and he groaned, relaxed and had me do it a dozen times as he moaned softly. He got really hard and I was straight up too by this time.

"K, now I wanna try your dick"

"My dick?"

"Ya. I've been thinking about it since the first time you used you finger. Wondered how it would feel and then when it slid back and forth in my mouth and it felt so good, I decided to try it in my butt too. K?"

Man he was game for anything, but sounded good to me.

He rolled on his back, held up his legs and I moved in on my knees and oiled my throbbing cock. I put the knob at his asspucker and pressed it lightly, felt it tighten and then loosen so I pushed a little harder and felt it start to spread. He groaned lowly and tightened and then when it loosened a little more, I felt it slip in and he clamped it on my shaft as he tossed his head back, "uuuuUUUHHHHggggg!", and then dropped it forward and I stopped as he relazxed.

"FUCK! That's awesome!" and laid his head back and moaned softly, "Okay I want the whole thing in now, All the way and pump it.

So I rode him, it felt so good, and I leaned down and started kissing him and he grabbed my ass and dug his fingers in and kept moaning and I could feel my load building up, "...I ... I'm gonna... gonna cum..."

"No... problem... let it go, I want to... feel it"

I gave him a final punch then held it as I my pulsing cock pumped four big loads. I pulled back out, my cock dripping with fresh hot cum sliding out his hole. He dropped his feet on the bed. For some reason I couldn't resist but I wanted to taste my fresh cum, so I said, "Lift your knees, I wanna taste"

So he lifted them and I leaned down, spread his cheeks and ran my tongue up the cum coming out his boycunt and ran it around it and he squirmed and I stuck my tongue in and then sucked and he let out a screech as he flinched

I leaned back up on my knees and he dropped his feet back down and relaxed, a satisfied look on his face. "Man I thought I was going crazy, that was just FUCKING wild. Out of my mind! Never felt anything like it! I saw stars, I gotta do you now."

I hesitated, " I... don't know, it's kinda big."

"Naw, mine is tapered and skinny, it hurts a bit at first but it stretches and then you'll love it. Trust me, I trusted you and I owe you big time"

"I guess you're right, you looked like you were headed for the moon"

I lay down, rolled back on my shoulders and held up my knees and he bent down and started licking. Jeez that great. He then pushed his tongue in and out to loosen me up and then oiled the finger, worked it and around, then two. They hurt a little but then I relaxed and he worked it. He wobbled it to help stretch then worked three tips around and I relaxed, getting used to it.

He held tree fingers beside his throbbing dick, "See, they're almost as big and my knob is tapered"

"Ya, it didn't feel too bad once I got used to it "

"We, you ain't felt nothing yet!"

He oiled up and pressed the tip against my asspucker and started pushing and the taper stretched the muscle and I only felt some pain when the big flair popped in. He stopped when I flinched and relaxed then my muscle gripped his rigid shaft and he started to pump. He went at it real hard and he was right, it was driving me nuts, squirming, gasping and jerking as he put his head down beside my ear and pumped really hard.

He suddenly lifted his head, closed his eyes, and bucked about 5 times, tossing his head back and squealed. I did it too about the same time. Intense.

He then pulled out a little dazed and then grinned and bent down and licked and sucked my tender hole dry which gave me another rush and then he collapsed down beside me, all worn out, limp and dripping cocks dangling between our legs.

""Well, how was it?'"

"Like you said, `you were right, it was FUCKING wild, and I think I am crazy!"

He laughed, then He then rolled over on me and we kissed for about 20 minutes.

...to be continued.



Part 2

Our moms got home late morning, and they apologized for not making it back till now.

`That`s okay, we had a lot of fun, we were into ice cream a lot licked it right up, `` I told her and Chad stifled a laugh.

`The toppings were great though`` he added which made me choke a bit.

"Okay dear", Chad's mom said, "We better head home"

"I'd like him to stay over if it's okay Aunt Cathy"

My mom was very surprised, "Why I think that would be great Cathy, if they want to, I don't mind at all, I like to see cousins getting go know each other.

"Ya, "Chad said, "We got to know each other really well, and liked and did everything we did together"

I choked a bit and added, "Oh yes, we taught each other a few new things, and took turns with each other"

We could hardly contain ourselves as Chad's mom said," Oh that is wonderful, what about clothes?"

"Mitch has some clothes that he has outgrown that should fit him", my mom said.

So with that settled his mom took off.

We got excited and told my mom we were going upstairs to change and head downtown. As we went up, Chad gave me a funny look, "You want me to change?"

I giggled, "Oh no, I'm going to change, not you"

Now he was really confused as he watched my drop my shorts and fumble around his drawers and pulled out an old pair of cutoffs that were worn and had holes in the ass. I pulled off my underwear and struggled into the old shorts and adjust my cock down the leg.

He continued to look at me curiously, "They are awful small and tight?"

"You got that right", I replied as a squeezed my bulge, "it looks like your baseball!"

He giggled as he squeezed his, "and you can see some of your bare butt through the holes"

I looked in the mirror and rubbed my fingers over my exposed skin, "Ya, and do l you like it?"

"Well, ya it's kinda neat, you'll get some stares. Maybe I should make some holes in mine?" and giggled as he squeezed his baseball.

Great idea! "Sure, take `em off, we'll do it, and sneak out so mom doesn't notice them.

He took them off and we cut a couple holes and made them ragged and then he dropped his briefs, pulled them on and adjusted his baseball and we looked in the mirror and had a big laugh.

We snuck out and headed downtown. I particularly wanted to go to the area that Benny says he hangs out at, him and his friends. He calls it the Village. It was quite busy and we got some looks and I noticed a few times a couple boys were holding hands! Wow! Chad and I like to, but never thought of doing it in public. But they didn't seem to mind here. I think this is what is called a `gay' area where boyfriends hang out.

This is great! Nobody seems to mind and Chad and I may be cousins but we are boyfriends now and we do like to hold hands, amongst other things.

He looked at me innocently, "geez, some guys are holding hands and look over there, there are a couple boys our age holding hands. Do you want to too?"

I figure, why not? I don't know anybody here and Chad is home schooled and has nothing to lose. So I grabbed his hand and he was quite proud to finally have a friend just like the others on the street had. We strode along swinging our hands and got curious looks from some older guys but the boys holding hands smiled at us.

After about a half hour, we rounded a corner and almost bumped into Benny! It startled me, not expecting to see him and wasn't sure about holding hands with Chad, but then I noticed he was holding hands with a black kid about same age, maybe a year older than Chad.

He was surprised too at first then noticed I was holding hands also. Whew...

"Ahh... hi Mitch! Didn't expect to see you here. Ahhh... this is Jamar, a... friend of mine"

"Uhhh... Ya, hi Benny! This is my cousin Chad and he wanted to come downtown and... you had mentioned this place, so I thought we'd check it out, you know...", I replied, stammering a little as I noticed he was wearing tighter shorts than the ones he wore in class, and had a snake. I friend had cutoffs and the legs were cut up high enough that his half of his black cheeks were exposed. Nice.

"Well, how do you like it?"

"It's really cool, like everyone is very friendly!"

"I bet they are, and what about you Chad, how do you like it so far"

He was a little hesitant at first, then kinda beamed since he was being included, "It's great! I've never been downtown"

I was his turn to look us over now, and he did an up and down, "Well you're dressed right for here, that's for sure. I've never seen those shorts on you at school, they show you off good. You both do."

Chad was a little embarrassed and I felt good, so I said, "Ya, thanks and those are better than those blue ones you wear at school" Oops, he knows I have been checking him out.

He grinned slyly realizing it and said, Glad you noticed"

I felt better now, more relaxed after the introductions. Damar was a little girlish the way he moved his hands and was about the same height as Chaddy, a nice package too.

We chatted about some school stuff for a couple minutes and he said, "Hey. Wanna come to a pool party? It's at Jamie's friend's place. Maybe you know him, he's a grade ahead of us and his friend's rents are away so we some in to party! We're just on our way and you are welcome to come along, they won't mind, you'll fit in the way you are dressed and you'll be able to see how they really live around here".

I looked at Chaddy and he didn't hesitate but nodded quickly, this was all so new to him, so mind blowing and was obviously ready for anything so I turned back to Benny, "Sure, sounds like fun but we don't have any suits."

"No probs, we don't either, you don't need any and you don't have to swim anyways. Great! Let's head out, follow us!"

So we set off following them and I loved the way Jamal's half bare black cheeks ground away as he walked.

We arrived and the place was large! We went around to the side and rang a bell and the door was opened by a blonde boy about our age, a little taller than me wearing an apron with a spatula in his hand.

"Oh Benny, you made it! I'm so glad!" and he leaned forward and he hugged Benny, the turned, "Jamar! So glad to see you too!" and hugged him, then turned to us and I was a little anxious, but he said, "And just who are these gorgeous looking guys?" as he gave us a slow once over pausing at our crotches.

Both Chaddy and I both were a little embarrassed and Benny replied, "OH, just a couple hitchhikers!", which made us a little more uncomfortable until he said, "Just kidding, this is Mitch who is in my class and his cousin Chad. Oh and you guys this is Brucey, Jamie's friend and host."

Brucey nodded a welcome and he looked us over approvingly, "Well, why haven't you brought them here before you selfish thing" then waved a friendly slap at him

He turned and we followed him and we saw his bare ass, he was naked under the apron! Benny saw our surprise and piped up," man that ass is looking good, giving it a good workout these days?"

He exaggerated his walk, wiggling his cheeks more and waved his hand back at us.

Wow! Naked! Chad looked at me, a look of amazement, his jaw down and I grinned and mouthed a silent WOW and gave him a knuckle butt and he grabbed his bulge and mouthed back OOPS! And we both tittered and we were excited to see what next.

There were about twenty boys, most of them were between mine and Chad's age and most of them were around the pool and were naked! Chaddy noticed that too and immediately his wrist dropped and he rubbed his bulge as his eyes bulged too.

Benny noticed us gaping, "Well wadda ya think? You like, you gonna stay?"

Chad looked at me and nodded quite excited, which made Benny smile and I said, "We think it's great and we'll stay, thanks"

"Great!" and looked down at our baseballs, "I think you guys will fit in fine, so grab something to eat, get naked, have a swim, or whatever but have fun!" and wandered off,

We looked at each other for a moment and I shook my head slowly, "This is incredible! It's hard to believe, what do you think?"

"It's awesome! Look at the dicks on those boys by the pool. I wanna go in, but I've got a stiffy already"

"Look over to the right, those 3 boys talking, the one has one and is pulling on his skin as he talks and the others don't even say a thing "

"Ya, you're right, but let's get a bite to eat first I'm a little hungry and maybe my stiffy will go away"

"No probs, good idea because I got one too" and he chuckled at me.

We went over to the table and put some sandwiches on a plate and grabbed a couple of cokes just as those 3 boys came jostling in, nudging each other then grabbed cokes and looked at us. The tall skinny one looked about 14, small bush, a four inch cut dangler and the other 2 were 12-13 like Chad, midsize was a little shorter than average with a 3 ½ thick cut dangler, no bush and the third one still had a 5" boner, and still pulled his skin and suddenly noticed us.

"Hey you guys are new! What's your names? This is Ozzie with the bush, Jake without the bush and I'm Sid"

Ozzie Piped up, "actually we call him Stiffy and you can see why"

They laughed and nudged each other and we introduced ourselves and Stiffy reached over and surprized Chad by squeezing his baseball and laughing said, "You didn't have to bring your lunch we got lots here!"

Chad completely surprised me when he grabbed it and said, "But I like to share!"

WOW! That not only caught them offguard, but me too! He can surprise me at times, a real sleeper.

They broke up with that, but Stiffy fired back, "Great! Finish your snacks and bring that thing out to the pool for us to share!"

He grinned widely at me, he had proudly made friends even before I did! Getting proud and real bold now. I was getting anxious to see what happens now myself!

He was grinning as he ate his sandwich, kinda rocking back and forth on his feet when Benny and Jamar walked over and they were naked! Finally I see it! And I wasn't disappointed! His dick was big, thicker but same length as mine, big balls hanging low, his shaved bush in the shape of V and a ring in his foreskin! Chad's eyes bulged.

I couldn't believe it, he reached down and lifted it gently for a closer look that surprised even Benny and asked "Wow that's neat! I can't do that, does it hurt?" and let go of it.

Jamar was looking kinda serious and Benny replied, chuckling, "Better be careful now, Jamar doesn't like anyone handling his lunch, and no it doesn't hurt" and put his arm around Jamar who snuggled up to him. His pubes were smooth and his cut dick was thin, about 4 ½", tight bag and the scar was pink on the dark brown shaft with a blunt light brown knob.

"So, how you guys liking it so far? Gonna go swimming? "

Chad piped up, all excited, "It's really great! Ya, we're going to go swimming" and grabbed his bulge and squeezed it a couple times as he continued, "we brought our own lunch and a couple boys said they want me to share it with them!"

Wow, and this is a kid who hadn't even jerked off two days ago!

Benny said, "You got one hot little cousin there! See you around, enjoy" and they walked away, Jamar's tight ass grinding away. Whew, what a day so far! So far that is!

We were just finishing our sandwiches and looked around and saw that most of the boys had been moving out onto the pool deck, and noticed one boy my age sitting on the couch in shorts and a naked short boy about Chad's age was sitting on him. He was straddling his lap and kissing as the older boy squeezed his bare ass, then the young boy slid back and down off his lap and undid the fly in the shorts as he lifted his hips, He then worked them off and the huge cock popped up and he spread his feet and the young boy moved in, grabbed the big cock, licked the knob and stated sucking it. Wow!

Chad looked at me in amazement, then grinned, looked down at my crotch and took my hand and we headed for the pool. Everyone was naked now, either paired up kissing, or lying around on their backs, sunning, cocks flopped over on their hips, some semis, some boners. A great variety of shapes sizes etc. a real cock buffet! Chad was as mesmerized as I was.

I saw Benny and Jamar sitting up kissing and when he looked our way, he waved us over. They were hard now, Jamar's needle sticking up about 5 ½ "and Benny's was the size of mine but nicely thicker and his skin was back about halfway, Chad still amazed at the ring in it.

"C'mon and join us, take your clothes off and make yourself comfortable, give the bone some air!" and he turned back and continued kissing Jamar as they fondled each other off and on.

We sat down and pulled off our shirts and Benny went back to kissing Jamar. Chad was a little excited, but we were still a little shy so we lifted our hips and pulled off our shorts then sat with our arms around our legs. Chad was giggling and looking down between his knees at his boner.

I thought, what the hey, we have to do it sometime and since everyone else is boned up so we would look like queers if we were soft, so I straightened out my legs and leaned back on my hands like a lot of boys were, displaying my hard wares for them.

Chad was sill giggling when he did it and I must say, he was really impressive now. That monster cock on such a cute little angel, he was gonna turn a few heads for sure. He made it blip up and down a few times, grinning at me, then leaned over and kissed me passionately. He certainly wasn't shy anymore.

He broke away and leaned back on his hands and gave a little wave with his stiff dick, he sure has that trained!

Benny turned around and looked down wide eyed, "Whoa! What is that, a fucking secret weapon? Do you a license to carry it concealed?"

Chad chuckled nervously, a little shy at first and leaned forward to cover it, then leaned back, liking the attention and made it blip, which brought laughter and he said, "Yep, and I got it trained so watch out!" and made it blip rapidly.

Well that made us break up in laughter and I was not only surprised, but impressed and proud that he had fit in with my friends so quickly. Amazing what a cock can do for conversation.

A couple guys walking by did double takes and Chad said, "Hey let's go in, water looks great!" and I had noticed more had gone in so we jumped in and joined them.