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Chapter Two


Matt carried Tim's two suitcases as they walked across the short-term parking lot at the airport. The boy shivered and looked up at the clouds.

"It's a lot cooler here than back home," he remarked.

"You ain't seen nothin' yet," Matt said with a grin. "Winters here will make a man out of you!"

"Yeah, yeah," Tim replied, rolling his eyes until he saw his father stop next to a silver Nissan.

"Is this yours?" he asked in wonder. Matt nodded.

"You drive a Z?"

Matt grinned as he opened the hatch and threw the suitcases in.

"You like it?"

Tim's eyes had doubled in size and his grin extended from ear to ear.

"I LOVE it! Man, Jack just had a boring old Buick. This is cool!"

As he slammed the hatch shut and unlocked the car with his key ring, Matt smiled and said, "Yeah, I bet there's gonna be a lot that's different between Jack and me."

Tim smiled knowingly as he opened the passenger side door, but he didn't say anything. He slid into the seat and grinned with anticipation as he looked around the inside of the car. As Matt climbed in and closed his door, he watched as the boy slid his hands across the upholstery. Matt decided to really impress him. When he started the car, he revved the engine a few times and Tim giggled with excitement.

In an impression of Bette Davis, for which he was famous among his friends, Matt grinned at Tim and said, "Fasten your seat belts. It's going to be a bumpy ride!"

Tim giggled again and Matt whipped the car out of the space and raced through the lot toward the toll booth. Several minutes later, as they accelerated onto the expressway leading into town, he glanced over and was shocked to see the grinning boy was actually hard. There was a very sizable tent in his khakis as he grinned and gazed about him. Matt quickly looked back at the highway and smiled. Zipping through the traffic, he felt like a teenager impressing his buddy. It was a wonderful feeling.

"So, have you eaten?" he asked as the towers of downtown approached in front of them. Tim nodded.

"I had a sandwich on the plane. So, where do you live?"

"You mean, where do WE live?"

Tim smiled at Matt and the man felt his heart quicken.

"Yeah. Where do WE live?"

"Well, I have a condo in a building just south of downtown. It's on the twenty-first floor."

Tim's eyes grew wide.

"Awesome! Are you rich?"

Matt chuckled.

"Hardly. The place cost me my left nut."

He caught himself and looked nervously at his son. Tim grinned conspiratorially. Matt smiled sheepishly.

"Look, Tim, this father thing is kinda of new to me. Most kids when they're ten, their dad's have had ten years to get used to being a dad. So, I'm gonna try really hard to do the best I can. But, if I fuck up," he cringed, "I mean, if I make a mistake, I hope you'll understand."

Tim nodded encouragingly.

"That's OK. I've got a lot of experience being a kid."

They both laughed and Matt relaxed.

"So, what do you like to do?"

Tim hesitated. His dad seemed like an exciting kind of guy, living in a high-rise and driving a Z car. He wasn't sure what to say. He wanted to impress him. He waned him think he was exciting, but the truth was going to be difficult to dress up.

"Well, I like to read and write and I like to memorize plays. I want to be an actor."

Matt looked over with a smile.

"Hey, that's so cool. I write for living and I love to read. I wanted to be an actor when I was your age, but I was too shy. I didn't have anyone to encourage me, so I just wrote instead. So what kind of stuff do you write?"

Tim was thrilled that an adult was actually interested in what he did.

"Well, I'm writing a story right now called "The Spook," about a kid who gets bullied and made fun of and how he turns it around and becomes the hero of the school."

Matt swallowed. He knew, he just knew that the story had to be autobiographical. Well, THIS kid was not going to go through the hell HE went through as a kid.

"Well, that sounds pretty interesting. I think you've got a great idea there. Sounds pretty challenging, though."

Tim felt comfortable enough that he said something he would never have admitted to anyone else.

"I don't mean to sound stuck up or anything, but I'm pretty smart, so I think I can do it."

Matt smiled and nodded as he pulled onto a second freeway and headed into the downtown area.

"Well, you sure sound like a pretty intelligent young man. I'm pretty impressed."

Tim beamed.

"So what do YOU write?" he asked.

Ah, Matt thought. The moment of truth. How would the boy react when he learned the truth about his father, if he didn't already know it? He did have a slight suspicion that it probably wouldn't be a problem, but he couldn't be certain.

"Well, I'm the political editor for a magazine. I interview people and write about them and I'm in charge of several other writers who also interview or write analyses and things like that. Sounds boring."

"No! It sounds exciting, getting to interview people. Who have you interviewed?"

"Mostly politicians and celebrities and people involved in human rights."

"Cool," Tim replied. "What's it called?"

"The magazine? Umm, GayView."

Matt waited, afraid to look to his right. However, Tim simply nodded and replied, "Cool," as calmly as if Matt had said Time or Newsweek or The New Yorker.

"So, you see that building there on the right?" Matt asked, pointing to a tall, wide building rising across from a large park. Tim nodded.

"Is that where we live?"

Matt grinned and nodded.

"Farragut Park Tower. That's Farragut Park across the street."

"Awesome," Tim breathed as they took an exit that deposited then a block from the building. Tim looked excitedly at the orange and red trees in the park and then at the marble and glass of the building as they passed. Matt whipped into the entrance to the parking garage and waived at the handsome young man in the guard booth. Tim saw the guy smile flirtatiously then open his eyes in surprise as he saw the boy in the front seat.

When they had pulled into Matt's space on the third level of the garage, Tim could hardly wait to check out his new home.

"Hey, wait for me!" Matt called out as he opened the hatch to retrieve the suitcases. Tim was already halfway to the elevator when he turned and grinned sheepishly.

"Hurry up, Old Man!"

Matt opened his eyes wide in mock outrage.

"Dude, I'm only twenty-nine. Let's eighty-six the "Old Man" talk. OK?"

"Twenty-nine?" Tim replied in pretend shock. "That's ancient!"

Matt scrunched his face up in fury and took off after the boy, who squealed and ran toward the elevator. Slowed down by the suitcases, Matt huffed and puffed as he caught up with his son.

"Old Man!" Tim taunted.

"You just wait until we get in the elevator, punk!"

Tim grinned, but underneath, he was a little nervous.

The door opened and Matt carried the suitcases inside. Tim followed and stood before the control panel.


Matt nodded and Tim pushed the button. The door closed and Tim looked warily out the corner of his eye. As the elevator began rising, Matt simply stood motionless, gazing innocently at the lights above the door showing the floor they were passing. However, suddenly he leaned over and grabbed Tim's torso inside the tweed jacket and began to tickle the boy mercilessly. Tim screamed and laughed and struggled to free himself from the relentless poking and squeezing.

"Say you're sorry!" Matt taunted.

"Old Man!" Tim screamed between laughs.

Matt's tickling hands grew even more insistent and Tim fell to the floor.

"Say you're sorry!"

"Nyaaaaaaa!! Hahahah! Old Man! Hahahahaa!"

Matt dropped to the floor and the two wrestled like kids as he ferociously tickled the writhing, struggling ten year-old.

"Say you're sorry!"

"Hahahaha! You're a sorry old man! Yeeee! Hahahaha!"

As the elevator came to a stop and the door opened, Matt quickly stood and acted as if nothing had happened. An elderly woman, very expensively dressed, looked in shock at the boy laying on the floor gasping for breath. Matt picked up the suitcases and commented, "He's OK. He just has fits sometimes."

As Tim crawled to his feet and left the elevator, he grinned and giggled as the lady entered and watched them primly with a disapproving look until the door closed before her.

"I WILL get you and you WILL apologize," Matt said with a wicked smile as he walked down the hall to his door.

"Never!" Tim replied with an unrepentant grin.

Matt stopped at the last door on the left and paused as he slipped the key into the lock.

"I hope you like it," he said with an uncertain smile. "If not, we can always make changes."

"I'm sure it's great," Tim replied. "Hurry up! I wanna see where I'm gonna live now!"

Matt chuckled and unlocked the door. He pushed it open and stepped aside. Tim stepped up to the door and stopped as his eyes opened wide in astonishment.

The entryway was small but beyond it was the living room, furnished with modern, stylish furniture and contemporary art on the walls. However, it was the sliding glass door and balcony with it's view of the high-rise buildings of downtown that took his breath away.

"Wow," Tim said softly as he slowly stepped forward. "Awesome."

There was a small kitchen to the side of the entryway and a dining area beyond that. A hallway led off to the left. Tim ignored them and walked into the middle of the living room. He didn't know where to look first, out the balcony at the incredible view from twenty-one floors up, at the media center taking up most of the left wall of the living room, or the strange paintings above the chairs behind him that vaguely looked like forms... having sex? Probably not, but Tim couldn’t be sure.

Matt brought the suitcases in and closed the door.

"Well, what do you think?"

Tim continued to look about him in wonder. All he could say was, "Wow." Matt grinned.

"Well, I guess that means you like it."

Tim walked over to the media center and gazed with lust at the stereo, the TV, the VCR, and...

"You have video games!"

Matt chuckled.

"Of course! I've got Jet Fighter, Jedi Warrior, and Monaco Racer. You any good?"

"Oh, man. I never get to play. We just had some old Atari and Jack said video games were a waste of money."

"What an old stick-in-the-mud!" said Matt, delighted to find one more way to best Tim's step-father. "Well, you'll have plenty of chances to practice here. I intend to kick your butt all over the place!"

"Oh, yeah?" Tim replied tauntingly. "We'll see who's butt gets kicked, Old Man!"

Matt pointed a warning finger.

"Remember. Every move you make, every breath you take, every cake you bake, I'll be watching you."

Tim giggled and asked, "So, where's my room?"

Matt turned toward the hallway and replied, "It's down here. It used to be my office, but I moved everything out. There's nothing in there now, but we can go get whatever you want for it. You can furnish it any way you like."

Tim stepped into the first of the two bedrooms off the hallway. As he stood in the middle of the empty room, gazing around and glancing out the window at the amazing view, he bit his lower lip again.

"Any way I want?" he asked tentatively. Matt nodded and smiled. Tim stood for a moment and then walked over to his father. He leaned against him and wrapped his arms around the man's torso. Matt returned the hug and neither spoke for a long moment.

"I suppose," Matt said softly, "that since this is Thursday, they won't deliver the furniture until Monday. You can have your choice, I guess, of sleeping on the couch until then or, if you don't mind, I suppose you could sleep with me."

"I'll sleep with you," Tim answered quickly. "That is, if you don't mind," he added, looking up cautiously.

“No,” Matt replied with a smile. “I won't mind.”


“I can't believe you like anchovies, too!” Matt declared with his mouth full of pizza. “You're the first kid I've ever met who does.”

Tim had changed out of his khakis and jacket and was now wearing a red sweatshirt and jeans. They were sitting in the middle of Pizza Bomb and a dozen video games and gamers were howling and screeching to Tim's left. With his mouth full of pizza as well, Tim replied, “I love anchovies. I never get to eat them, though.”

“It's amazing how much we're alike,” Matt comment as he wiped his mouth.

Tim grinned and replied, “Mom always said I reminded her of you.”

Matt raised a sarcastic eyebrow.

Yeah, and I bet she didn't mean it as a compliment, either.”

Tim blushed and looked down at his plate as he smiled uncomfortably.

I always thought it was a compliment.”

Matt smiled gratefully at the boy and playfully kicked him under the table as Tim added, “ She always said I was going to grow up to be just like you.”

Matt paused a moment and then innocently asked, “So, you have a girlfriend?”

Tim fought a grin.

No. You?”

Uh, no.”

After a moment, Tim said softly, “I guess we are alike.”

Matt said nothing for a moment. He purposefully looked away, allowing his eyes to scan the video games.

Hey, they have Galaga here.”

They do?” Tim replied excitedly as he turned to look. “That's my favorite game!”

Mine, too!” Matt said. He didn't add that he normally played it at Boys' Night Out as a way of cruising. “After we finish the pizza, I'll challenge you to a game.”

Tim beamed and stuffed the remainder of a slice into his mouth.

Later, as they were walking out the front door after they had both won two games each, Tim glanced at Matt out of the corner of his eye and said, “Not bad for an old man!”

I am going to get you so bad,” Matt warned as he pushed the button on his key ring.

Tim giggled, but as they climbed into the car, the boy turned to Matt with a serious look and said, “You know, you aren't really like an old man. You almost seem like a big brother or something. It's cool.”

As Matt started the car and pulled out of the space, he replied, “Well, all my friends tease me about never growing up. Steve and Jason call me 'Peter Pan.'”

Tim giggled again and Matt chuckled.

I love the way you laugh,” he said, glancing at his son out of the corner of his eye as he sped down the street toward the expressway. “It's so cute! In fact, you're so cute!”

Tim beamed as they whipped onto the on ramp and accelerated. Matt deliberately gunned it and watched as Tim's face flushed in the dim light of the interior of the car.

You really love this car,” he commented with a grin. “It turns you on, doesn't it?”

Oh, yeah,” Tim replied, not knowing if Matt meant what he thought he might mean or not. “This is so cool. How fast are we going?"

Matt looked at the speedometer and immediately let off the gas.

"Ninety," he replied sheepishly. "I have to slow down. If I don't kill you before we get home, I'm going to get a ticket."

Tim giggled and Matt grinned. He absolutely loved the boy's laughter.

"My friends Steve and Jason are coming over to meet you at eight, so I guess we ought to head back now."

He could see Tim was hiding his disappointment as they took the next exit, so he added, "They're really fun. I think you'll like them."

"Cool," Tim replied with a smile. "What are they like?"

"Well, I work with Steve at the magazine. He's a photographer. And, Jason's an..."

He caught himself just before he said, 'an ex-boyfriend." Instead, he covered and said, "... an old friend. They've been with me through thick and thin. I think you’ll like them.”

Tim nodded as they approached their building. “I hope they like me.”

Oh, they’ll love you. Don’t worry. Steve’s been like a rock for me and Jason does so much to make me laugh. He helps me see the glass is half full.”

Huh?” Tim replied. Matt smiled as he pulled into the parking garage.

He helps me see the silver lining instead of the dark cloud.”

Oh. Cool. They sound like nice guys.”

They’re the best,” Matt replied. However, ten minutes later, when he and Tim had returned to the apartment and the doorbell rang, Matt could have killed them both.

Tim was sitting a stool at the bar between the kitchen and the dining area as Matt opened the door. Steve burst into the entryway exclaiming, “Peter Pan! We’re here! And, I brought Tinkerbelle with me! Now, where’s the spawn?”

Tim’s eyes grew wide as two men in colorful sweaters seemed to explode into the apartment. One of them, with dark, long and thick curls practically ran toward him, exclaiming, “There he is! Timmy! Give your Auntie Stevie a big kiss on the cheek!”

Not knowing what else to do, Tim grinned and kissed his cheek as the man leaned down. The other man, with light olive skin and shiny, raven-black hair, kissed Matt on the mouth and handed him a bottle of Chandon before sacheting over to Tim and planting a kiss on the boy’s cheek.

Don’t mind her,” he declared. “She’s not well. She forgot her medication.”

Tim didn’t know what to say, but he giggled and grinned at the men as Matt closed the front door and scowled.

What is this?” he asked dourly. “A bad production of Boys in the Band?”

Yes,” Steve replied, grabbing the champagne from Matt’s hand and waltzing into the kitchen. “And, as usual, you’re playing Michael with his ‘icks.’”

Well, we can’t have two Emory’s, so one of you is going to have to find some ‘butchness.’”

Put that in the fridge and cool it off,” Jason ordered, pointing to the bottle Matt was holding. “We have to celebrate your new son! I’d have brought cigars, but all you smoke are those funny cigarettes and we can’t have you corrupting this dear boy just yet.”

Tim couldn’t stop giggling.

He has a much better sense of humor than you do, too!” Steve commented, giving Tim a wink.

He’s just being polite,” Matt replied as he closed the refrigerator.

No, I’m not,” Tim replied between giggles. “I think they’re funny!”

So,” Jason asked as he danced over to the media center and began digging though Matt’s CD’s, “Mattie hasn’t completely bored you to tears yet, I hope? You haven’t spent your first day being dragged to art museums and things like that?”

Tim giggled again and replied, “No. We went to the mall and picked out some furniture for my room and then we went to Pizza Bomb and ate anchovy pizza and played Galaga and then we went racing on the freeway. Dad’s lot’s of fun!”

Steve grinned and winked at Matt.

Yeah. We tease Mattie about being a boring intellectual, but he really has the heart of a fifteen year-old.”

Yes,” Jason agreed as he pulled a CD out. “And, the…”

Now, watch it!” Matt interrupted. Jason grinned viciously and pushed buttons on the stereo. When “Mama Mia” began to play, he danced over to the curtain and yanked the cord, revealing the view of downtown.

Who’s this?” Tim asked.

Both Steve and Jason looked at the ten year-old in horror and Matt shook his head.

Boy, that was the wrong question to ask.”

It’s only ABBA,” Jason responded as if Tim had revealed he didn’t know who the President was. The boy shrugged as if the answer were totally meaningless to him.

Oh, Mattie,” said Steve reprovingly. “You’ve had this boy for seven hours and you still haven’t taught him about ABBA?”

Who’s ABBA?” Tim asked with mock impatience.

Who’s ABBA? Who’s ABBA?” Jason declared, performing before the sliding glass door. “Only the greatest European band of the nineteen-seventies!”

Steve put an arm around Tim’s shoulder and said, confidentially, “Sweetheart, back in pre-historic times, when your daddy was, oh, twenty-one, whenever the DJ played “On and On and On” or “The Visitors,” he was the first person on the dance floor with a bottle of poppers up his nose. He was the Dancing Queen!”

Steve! I don’t think we need to…”

Oh, of course we do!” Steve interrupted. Turning back to Tim, he declared, “Listen. Whenever Mattie catches you smoking in the bathroom or something and decides he needs to act like a father, you just come to us and we’ll give you all the embarrassing dirt you need to blackmail him.”

The Hell you will!” Matt stated firmly as he marched around toward the other side of the bar. He dramatically covered Tim’s ears and announced, “You will not sully this poor child’s innocence.”

Oh, honey,” Jason said as he swayed to the music, “we haven’t even begun.”

Matt led Tim over to the couch and the two sat down, with Matt’s arm around the boy and Tim snuggling up to his father. Steve smiled as he watched. Matt pointed to the two chairs to the left. Steve grabbed Jason and led him to a chair, saying, “Come, Dances With Men. Sit.”

Tim giggled yet again and Steve smiled.

You have the most delightful laugh. You know, Matt, he is just adorable. And, he’s so cute! I would love to shoot him.”

I’m sure you would,” Matt replied dourly. Looking down at Tim’s surprised face, he added, “He means photograph you.”

Tim nodded and Steve said, “I’m serious. He definitely has the look. He could make a mint as a model. Tomorrow, I’m calling the Cartman Agency. A couple of stores are shooting their spring lines in a few weeks. I know we could get some work for him.”

He doesn’t have any training,” Matt objected.

Doesn’t matter. With those looks, no one will care.”

Tim looked up at his father with excitement.

I’m gonna be a model?”

Matt shrugged and replied, “Maybe. Steve’s got connections in the business.”


It was nearly eleven when Steve and Jason stood to leave. The bottle of champagne was empty and even Tim had been permitted two glasses. He was still cuddled next to Matt on the couch, his head resting on his father’s chest, though by now he was sound asleep. Jason turned the lamp off, leaving them in the dim light of the city at night as Steve carried the glasses into the kitchen. When he returned, he whispered, “He’s adorable, Mattie. He really is. You are so fortunate.”

Matt nodded.

I was so scared, but I really think it’s going to work out.”

I’m sorry if we came on too strong, but we thought, with the way you get all nervous and scared sometimes, we ought to just throw him into the deep end and see what happens. I don’t think you have anything to worry about. He’s going to be well for your life.”

Matt ran a finger through the sleeping boy’s hair and nodded.

What’s up tomorrow?” Jason asked.

Well, I’ll enrolling him in school. I’ve made arrangements for him to attend the University School. I know the Headmaster and he owes me a favor, so they let him in at mid-term. Then, there’s the party at the Winstons’ upstairs tomorrow night. Other than that, I thought we’d just hang.”

Steve smiled.

Good. You want to meet for dinner before the party?”

Matt nodded.

I’ll call.”

Matt remained on the couch as his friends showed themselves out. Gazing out at the towers and lights of the city, he laid his head atop Tim’s and sighed. The boy wriggled and made an ‘ummph” sound.

Are they gone?” he asked half-conscious. Matt nodded.

I hope they weren’t too much for you.”

Tim smiled, his eyes half-open.

They’re cool. I like them.”

Matt could tell from the expression on the boy’s face that he was considering something. He waited until Tim finally looked up and said, “So, I guess you really are gay.”

Matt gave a quiet snort and roll his eyes.

Yeah. I guess there isn’t much denying it after Steve and Jason’s visit.”

Tim grinned.

I kinda thought so from what Mom and Jack used to say when they thought I couldn’t hear.”

Matt frowned and looked down.

I hope that’s not going to be a problem.”

Tim smiled and shook his head sleepily.

Naw. I’m gay, too.”

Matt blinked.

What? You’re ten. How do you know that?”

Tim looked up as if Matt were being silly.

I know. I mean, the same way you know you are.”

Matt stared for a moment, at a loss for words until he finally replied, “Tim, you’re only ten. I mean… have you… ever…”

The boy nodded.


Matt’s eyes grew wide.

With who?”

Whom,” Tim corrected with a grin. “I though you were a writer.”

Matt narrowed his eyes.

OK, smart-ass. Whom.”

Tim grinned.

My friend, Randy. And, his brother, Eric.”

Matt frowned.

Well, lot’s of boys fool around, but that doesn’t mean…”

He let the sentence trail off. Tim shrugged.

Well, how old were you when you decided you were gay?”

Matt sighed.

I don’t know. Twelve. Thirteen.”

Tim thought for a moment and then said, “Well, maybe when I’m older I’ll decide I’m not. But, right now, I am. So, I think it’s cool that you are, too.”

Matt said nothing. He simply held the boy and looked off into space. After a long moment, he leaned down, seeing that Tim had drifted off again, and kissed him on the forehead.

In a trance-like voice, as he floated toward consciousness again, Tim mumbled, “Even if you weren’t gay, I’d love you.”

Me, too,” Matt whispered. Tim giggled softly and Matt untangled himself from the boy. As he stood, he leaned down and slipped his arms under him. He lifted him up and carried him down the hall to the bedroom. Laying him down on the bed and, leaving the light off, he opened the drapes to let in the lights of the city.

Come on, sleepy-head. Time to get ready for bed.”

Mummph,” was Tim’s only reply.

Come on, Timmy. Time to get dressed for bed.”

Matt opened one of the suitcases and asked, “You wear pajamas when you go to bed or underwear?”

Naked,” Tim mumbled.

Matt wasn't certain he had heard correctly and sat down on the bed next to Tim.

"You sleep naked? What did your mom say?"

Tim yawned and replied, "I wear a robe and she thinks I have my underwear on."

He then opened his eyes and frowned.

"I mean, she thought I had my underwear on."

His eyes met Matt's and suddenly he felt tears form. Matt laid down next to him and kissed him on the forehead again.

"You miss your mom."

Tim nodded.

"She could be mean sometimes and I don't think she really liked me, but I know she loved me.”

Yeah, I know what you mean.”

Matt brushed the hair across Tim's forehead and smiled down at him.

Well, I don't think you're going to sleep naked tonight. You can stay in your underwear.”

Old Man,” Tim mumbled as he kicked his sneakers off. Matt gave him a look and then picked up the shoes, laying them next to Tim's suitcases. When he looked back, Tim had pulled his sweatshirt off and thrown it aside. He was holding the top of his jeans, but had frozen. He looked up at Matt with uncertainty.

What's the matter?” his father asked.

Tim hesitate and then looked away. Softly, in a barely audible whisper, he replied, “I have a boner.”

Matt chuckled.

Oh, is that all. Don't worry. It happens to the best of us. Listen, Little Dude. You never, ever, have any reason to be embarrassed about anything around me. OK?”

Tim grinned and nodded. He unfastened his jeans and unzipped them. Matt deliberately looked away as he walked around the bed and pulled the covers back. Even in the faint light from the windows, from above Tim's head, he could see the rather long rise to the left in his white briefs. Tim looked up and caught Matt staring. He grinned and Matt saw the rise in the briefs pulse. Embarrassed, the man turned.

Your turn now,” Tim said with a grin. “What do you wear when you go to bed?”

Matt smirked uncomfortably.

I usually sleep naked.”

Oh, well,” said Tim as his slipped his thumbs into the elastic band of his briefs.

Wait!” said Matt nervously. “I'm going to wear my underwear tonight. And, so are you!”

Tim frowned dramatically.

Old Man.”

You are just digging your grave deeper,” Matt said with a warning grin as he unbuttoned his shirt and kicked off his shoes. “Remember, Brat. Paybacks are Hell.”

As he slipped his socks off and threw them on a chair with his shirt, he watched Tim scamper across the bed and crawl under the covers in the middle. He was watching expectantly as Matt suddenly realized, with a feeling of dread, that he was growing erect as well.

What are you waiting for?” Tim asked in teasing tone.

Matt swallowed and unfastened his belt. He unzipped the slacks and allowed them to drop to the floor.

He wasn't completely hard, but it was enough that Tim could tell that he was quite long in his briefs and growing thicker.

You're getting a boner,” he said.

No shit, Sherlock,” Matt replied dryly as he turned to the bathroom.

Where you going?”

To brush my teeth,” he answered as he turned the bathroom light on. “And, I think you might do the same.”

In a moment, as he leaned over the sink and brushed, Tim appeared at his side with his toothbrush. Matt tried not to look as they both brushed, but Tim caught him a couple of times glancing down at the boy's distended briefs. By now, Matt's penis had reached it's full eight inches, though it was painfully bent to the left and stretching the band of his briefs. He saw Tim taking liberties with his eyes also.

When they both had washed out their mouths, Matt put a hand on Tim's back and led him out of the bathroom, flipping the switch off as they left.

Come on, Brat. Let's go to bed.”

Tim ran ahead and jumped on the bed. Crawling under the covers, he grinned as Matt approached.

You're dick is so big.”

Matt frowned and turned his back to the boy as he sat down. He quickly slipped under the cover. Tim bit his lip at his father's reaction to the comment. Matt lay flat and stiff, not certain what to do. Tim turned away and a moment later, Matt heard him sniff.

Hey, what's the matter?” he asked as he turned toward the boy. Tim said nothing, but continued to sniff.

Hey,” said Matt as he snuggled up to Tim, wrapping his arms around the warm, smooth body of the trembling boy. “I didn't mean to hurt your feelings. I'm not upset or anything. I'm just not used to hearing that kind of comment from ten year-olds. Usually it's guys I'm picking up.”

Immediately, he regretted saying that, but Tim looked back at him and tried to smile through his tears.

I just don't want you to think I'm some kind of pervert or something,” he replied. “I mean, you think I'm too young to be gay so I was afraid you thought I shouldn't say something like that.”

Matt pulled Tim around so that the boy was gratefully lay on Matt's side, resting his head on the man's hairless chest, slinging his arm across him, and straddling his left thigh. Matt could feel the boy's rigid little hard-on pressing against his hip. He didn't care. It just felt so wonderful to have the boy, his son, holding him. Matt squeezed him tightly and kissed the top of his head. Tim looked up and kissed Matt on the chin. Then, their lips came together and the two kissed softly, gently, on the mouth.

It was a long kiss and when Matt finally pulled away, he caressed the boy's cheek with his right hand.

I love you, Tim, and I never want you to feel afraid or embarrassed or nervous with me about anything. OK?”

Tim sniffed again and nodded.

Everyone was so mean to me before and you're so cool and nice and... I mean I'm not glad that Mom died, but I am so glad that I get to live with you now.”

Matt nodded and kissed the boy's forehead.

"I know what you mean. I have to admit that I was pretty scared about you coming to live with me. I wasn't sure you'd like me or that I would be a good father. I'm still not sure I'll be a good father."

"You'll be the best," Tim said with a grin. He crawled up on Matt, straddling his body, their erections touching through the cloth of their briefs. Matt inhaled at the sensation and was about to suggest that Tim lay back at his side when the boy seemed to squeak as he laid his head on Matt's chest. Matt could feel Tim's little cock pulsing against his. He closed his eyes as his own cock surged. It was now pointing upward, having straightened itself earlier. The head was extended above the elastic band and he could feel the smooth skin of Tim's tummy. It was everything he could do not to rip the boy's underwear off.

For his part, Tim was in heaven. When he had told his friends Randy and Eric that he was going to live with his gay father, they had both urged him to "get it on" with him. For days, every time he had masturbated, Tim had dreamed of doing just that. His dad seemed scared, as Tim lay there, but he himself was so excited that he couldn't have stopped what he was doing if his life had depended on it. The feeling in his cock was so good pressing against his father; and, the feeling of his father's cock, hard and stiff and huge, pressing against him was indescribable. Automatically, he began to thrust his hips forward.

Matt moaned as he felt the boy pressing against him. His hands traveled down Tim's smooth, slim back until they came to his briefs. He cupped his hands over the boy's fat little butt cheeks and squeezed them. Tim whimpered and began to grind his hips faster.

"Mm, mm, mm, mm."

The boy was sending thrills through Matt. He had never done it with anyone that young before and the shock of what was happening as well as the thrill of doing something he had never done before, and the love he felt for the sweet, beautiful boy atop him, drove him insane. He struggled to maintain control, his hands helping Tim's grinding hips.

The boy was almost crying now and Matt couldn't help moaning either.

"Oh, oh, nng, nng, uh, uh..."

"Hmmm, Hmmm, oh Tim. Oh, sweet Tim. I love you, Tim. I love you."

Tim's cries grew more intense and his grinding became wild. His hips were gyrating so greatly that they had pushed Matt's briefs lower over his cock and exposed the top three inches. Matt began to thrust, meeting Tim's, and in the final seconds, they established a rhythm that sent the boy over the edge.

He almost screamed as his little cock began to pulse and click inside his tight briefs. He squeezed his dad as hard as he could, struggling to make himself feel as good as possible. The boy's orgasm was nearly enough to send Matt over the edge and, when Tim's writhing finally ceased as he lay atop Matt panting, the man slipped his son over to the side, reached down, and wrapped his hand around his erection. As Tim lay against him, he wildly stroked himself for a few seconds before his own hips thrust upward, he threw his head back, and his arm squeezed the boy.

"Oh, God, Tim!" he groaned as spasms exploded through his body. Desperately, he pumped himself until, finally spent, he lay back panting.

Softly, almost inaudibly, Tim whispered, "I love you, Dad."

Matt smiled. He reached to the side for a tissue and wiped himself clean. Then he wrapped his arms tightly about the boy.

"I love you, Tim," he replied.

A tinge of guilt inside told him that this should never happen again. Yet, he knew it would.

He loved Tim. He loved his son.