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Chapter Six

Tim Cameron sat curled on the couch in the candlelight gazing out the sliding glass doors of the balcony at the lights of the city. The rain had stopped and the lights of the towers beyond seemed so much more clear and brilliant than normal. He became fascinated with the sight.

From behind, he heard a sound from the bedroom and he thought of his father, his wonderful, loving father, preparing the bath for them. Tim felt a rush of emotion for his father in that moment so intense that he thought he might scream with love. For years, he had been treated so meanly and unfairly by his stepfather and ignored by his mother. He had dreamed that his father would come some day and rescue him. Finally, he had, though it was only because his mother had died and his step-father didn't want him. But, he understood now why his father hadn't come. He had had no choice. But, now, they were united, re-united, and nothing, Tim resolved in that moment, absolutely nothing would ever separate them again! He loved his father!

The ecstasy his father had given him earlier must have been working, because Tim rolled over and gazed upward with a sense of euphoria he had never known. This was the most wonderful night of his life and he couldn't stand not to share it with the most wonderful father in the world.

But, just has he was about to jump up and run to the bedroom to join him, his father appeared around the corner with a look on his face that told Tim he was feeling the same things he was. He stood up and ran into the man's arms.

"Oh, Tim," he moaned as he enveloped the boy in his arms and his love. "Oh, I love you so, Tim."

"Daddy," Tim moaned into the man's sweater. "Daddy."

They stood silent and motionless until Matt finally grasped the boy and lifted him up. As he carried in down the hallway, Tim cooed with delight and wrapped his arms around his father's neck. He could smell the man smell of his father and it was the most wonderful fragrance. It made his rigid little boner throb in his jeans.

The room was lit only by several candles and he heard the water running in the bathtub. It sounded as if it were full of bubbles. Peaking in the door, he could see the bathroom was alit with candles as well.

Matt laid the boy down gently on the bed and walked away, returning to the bathroom and turning the water off. When he returned, he stood in the door way and slipped of his sneakers and socks. He approached the boy, who was gazing rapturously as his father, and knelt at his feet, taking first one in his hand and removing the shoe and sock, and then the other. With two bare boy feet before him, he leaned over and began to lick the first one.

Tim screamed and jerked his foot back.

"Nohohoho!" he giggled.

"I promise not to tickle you. Give me your feet and I'll massage them."

Slowly, warily, Tim slid his feet back down and Matt grasped one, lovingly holding it before he began to work the muscles of the foot. Tim groaned, especially as he focused on the toes, pulling them and squeezing them.

"Oh, ohh,ooooooh," he moaned repeatedly. When Mat began to squeeze and work the heels of his feet, Tim's eyes grew wide with surprise and when the squeezed the tendons, Tim positively wriggled in his place.

Matt reached up Tim's legs and, avoiding the perfectly obvious rise in his jeans, and began to pop open the fly of his little 501's. Tim was gasping with anticipation as Matt pulled them down, leaving his briefs to cover his very insistent erection.

When his legs were bare, Matt gazed at them lovingly. He had seen never legs on a boy as beautiful, firm, slim, long, not skinny, yet not overly-muscled. Like everything about the boy, they were perfect in his eyes, even the tan-lines from summer around his thighs and above his ankles.

He started to massage the boy's calves when he suddenly seemed to remember what he was doing. He, instead, reached up and tugged the hooded sweatshirt up and over Tim's head and shoulders, knocking his baseball cap off onto the bed. Tim now lay on the bed naked, except for his briefs. Matt gazed down at the boy for several minutes as Tim lay gazing up at his father, thrilled at the love and lust he saw in his father's face. The idea that he could make a man feel this way filled him with joy.

Suddenly, Matt took a deep breath and pulled is sweatshirt off, tossing it onto the chair. As he unbuttoned his shirt, Tim sat up, resting in his right arm, his left leg thrown up over his right. His erection obscenely pushed the front of his briefs out as he watched his father undress. Matt dropped his shirt on the floor and almost ripped his pants off. Tim stood before him and in a replay of the previous night, father and son stood naked before the other, their rigid cocks protected only by the flimsy material of their underwear.

"You're the most handsome man in the world," Tim whispered, his eyes freely roaming up and down Matt's body, lingering on the hideously distended briefs.

Matt began to say something and stopped. He was too emotional. He simply gazed at Tim's sweet face, which told the boy all he needed.

Slowly, Tim slipped his shorts off, letting them fall to his feet as his rigid little penis snapped upward from under the elastic band. It stood at such a high angle and seemed to vibrate with such an urgent intensity, that Matt almost feared it would break off. The foreskin had been pulled back a little further tonight than previously, just revealing the outward flare of the head, and the little pink sac squeezed his little balls tightly underneath.

Matt dropped his shorts, an amazing sense of freedom and euphoria flowing over him, exposing his erection to his beloved son. He was so very, very hard and his hands were almost trembling.

My God, he thought, I feel like a kid my first time.

With jagged breath, Matt reached out and took Tim's hand and began to walk into the bathroom.

"Wow," Tim breathed as he gazed about the room in the soft golden glow of the candles Matt had lit. The fragrance was so relaxing and he suddenly felt warm and enveloped as if my warm fur blanket. The sensations on his skin were amazing, incredible, indescribable. He almost felt like shaking and yelling at the same time.

The gigantic bathtub was the size of two normal tubs and was almost overflowing with bubbles. Tim's eyes were glued to Matt's butt as he leaned over and turned off the water. He placed a hand in and smiled.

"It's just right, sweetheart. I made a special mix of the best bubble bath available, plus special oils to make your skins soft and smooth and to relax you and make you feel wonderful."

As Tim stepped toward the bath, he replied, "I don't know how much better I can feel. I'd be screaming like an idiot if I did."

Matt giggled with Tim and stepped a foot in. It was hot and it took a moment before he set his other foot in.

Tim came over and Matt took his hand. As his right foot slipped through the mountain of bubble bath, Tim raised his own foot and carefully pushed it through the bubbles until he yelped. However, he didn’t pull the foot out. Slowly, he lowered it until he reached the tub.

Wow. The heat feels so cool,” he muttered gazing in awe at the bubbles. Matt grinned.

Just wait until you’re completely submerged. It was feel so intense on your body that you just won’t know what say or feel or anything. It will be just too much.”

Matt placed is second foot in the tub and seemed almost to orgasm to the boy. He closed his eyes and seemed to shiver for a moment. Slowly, he lowered himself into the mountains of bubbles and the hot water. He closed his eyes and Tim watched with amazement at the way his father seemed to just melt into the tub.

With a look of perfect serenity and peace, Matt leaned back against the side of the tub, gazing out the candlelight reflected in a thousand bubbles and at his son, beautiful, naked, and erect standing above him. He held his arms out and said softly, "Come here, sweetheart."

Tim slowly raised a foot and brought it over the edge of the tub. His toe played with the top of the bubbles, even flicking some into Matt's face as he father chuckled. Then he lowered it and as he came in contact with the warm water, a look of shock cane over his face.

"Oh, wow," he mumbled as the sensation of the warmth flowed up from his foot and through his leg. His penis throbbed and his head rolled slightly to the side as he moaned.

"Come on," Matt whispered, raising a hand. Tim extended his hand and took it, as he brought his other foot into the water.

"Uhhh, ohhh."

Matt waited a second and then pulled Tim down into the sudsy water. Tim entered the water with his back to his father, sitting down between his legs. He cried out uncontrollably as the hot water and the bubbles enveloped him and as he felt his father embrace him. Matt's arms enclosed his torso and Tim moaned and cried as he writhed about in the water, the sensations to much to process all at once.

"Ah, Daddy! Daddy! Daddy!"

His rigid little erection poked up through the bubbles and bobbed around as he ground his hips and kicked out with his legs.

"Oh, my God!" he muttered, wrapping his arms around his father's. The candlelight flickered and left fluttering shadows on the tile walls around the tub, delighting Tim as he gazed about in joy.

Matt held the boy tightly, whispering his name in his ear.

"Oh, sweet, beautiful Tim. I love you so much. Tim. Tim."

"Oh, Daddy, I love you."

For long moments, they writhed about in the warm, soapy water. Tim was laying back against his father, the man's erection in his back, the boy's head resting against his chest. Matt's hands, which had been wrapped around the boy, began to explore his slender body, gently caressing his rib cage and sending more shivers of delight through the boy. He raised his hands and ran the tips of his fingers down his hypersensitive tummy, causing whimpers and wriggles. They trailed down over his hips and down the top of his thighs and stopped. Tim lay there watching them with blissful anticipation their return journey.

He had almost become fixated on a candle at the outer edge of the tub when Matt's fingers slowly began to trace their way back up ward. This time, however, they moved down the sides of Tim's knees and began to slide over the smooth inside of his thighs. Tim let out an almost animal groan as he felt the fingers moving upward. He shivered and spread is legs outward as much as he could lifting them up and over Matt’s . Tim’s boyish erection lay back stiffly through the bubbles against his tummy and bounced and throbbed as Matt’s fingers came closer and closer to Tim’s balls. Tim’s anticipation of what he knew would be the amazing feeling of the fingers caressing his balls was driving the boy senseless, as he writhed atop his father. However, Matt smiled, knowing the feelings that must be racing though the sensitive boy. Just has his fingers were about to touch the small, tight sac around the nuggets, Matt brought them up to Tim’s hips and around his tummy, feeling the quivering of his abdominal muscles. As he reached his son’s ribcage, he lifted his fingers and brought them down to just below the belly button, and began their trek upward again. Tim shivered and whimpered again.

This time, however, the fingers didn’t stop. They continued on upward toward Tim’s chest, circling about the flat, almost nonexistent pectorals, circling in ever shrinking circles one finger lifting at a time until only his two index fingers were circling around the outside of his fully stiff little nipples.

Tim was already moaning in anticipation of his dad rubbing his nipples and when the fingers reached the aureoles, Tim thrust his chest upward. Seconds later, he screamed as Matt’s index fingers touched the rigid, erect little nubbins of his nipples. Tim cried and whimpered as he splashed about and writhed atop his daddy. The feelings were more intense than anything he had ever known, even more than the tickling to which he had become addicted the night before, and he didn’t know how to cope with them.

I love you, Tim,” his father kept repeating in his ear.

I love you, Daddy! I love you, Daddy!” he kept repeating through his cries and moans.

Matt began to pull at the tiny nubbins and Tim’s young body seemed to explode. His hips thrust upward out of the water and his kicked his legs outward. His little butt seemed churn mercilessly against the erection between him and his father. The feelings were more than he could bear.

Matt pulled the little nipples and Tim suddenly screamed, “Daddy!”

His body stiffened and rose up from the bubble. He then collapsed in a splash, writhing wildly atop Matt, his head rolling his arms and legs kicking as his little penis jerked and throbbed in orgasm.

I love you, I love you” Matt moaned over and over in his ears. Tim was beyond speech until he finally collapsed atop his daddy, panting and gazing at the flickering ceiling with half-closed eyes.

I love you, Daddy,” he whispered finally.

Mmm,” Matt moaned in the boy’s ear. Tim snuggled into his father and relaxed.

Did you and your friends, Randy and Eric, ever do anything like this?” Matt asked with a grin.

No way! This is the best thing I’ve ever done.”

Suddenly, Tim sat up and turned around between Matt’s legs so that he was facing his father. Matt sat up and poured more hot water into the tub. When he was done, he placed his hands on Tim’s shoulders and pulled the boy closer to him. He brought his mouth down to the boy’s and the two kissed, gently at first, but with growing ardor until Matt’s tongue slowly, but firmly, pushed between Tim’s lips and entered the boy’s mouth. Tim groaned, welcoming the invasion.

His father's tongue was in his mouth. His daddy's tongue was in him. His daddy was in him. He felt dizzy with elation as he allowed Matt to explore his tiny mouth. The tongue slid sensuously across his, writhing and pulsing as Tim groaned, losing control, happy to lose control.

When, finally, Matt pulled away, he saw his son gaze at him with dilated, half-open eyes. A smile formed on the boy's lips and he whispered, "I love you, Daddy. I want to feel your dick. Please."

Matt smiled and nodded.

"Of course, you can feel my dick, sweetheart."

Tim's hands slipped under the bubbles and Matt groaned as he felt the small hands wrap around his erection. Tim moaned and closed his eyes as he joyously ran his hands all over his daddy's penis. Cupping his balls in one hand, stroking the long hard shaft with the other, it was almost as if he were masturbating himself, he was so aroused. And, Matt's soft sighs enflamed the boy's ardor even more.

"Ah, Timmy, sweet Timmy, that feels so good," moaned as he leaned back in the tub. His cock rose vertically from the bubbles and Tim's hands were visible rubbing up and down on it. Tim was groaning now as if he were being stroked.

Suddenly Matt opened his eyes and sat up. He stood, water and suds pouring from his body, his erection standing out above Tim's head. He took one of the thick, plush towels hanging nearby and began to dry himself.

"No!" Tim protested. I want to stay!"

Matt smiled.

"Don't worry, sweetheart. We're not done, yet. We have all night to love each other. I don't think you're going to be disappointed."

He stepped put of the tub, drying his feet and legs and then took a second towel. He held his arms out to his son, who stood unsteadily and allowed his father to dry him. Several times, Matt leaned down and kissed him, either on the cheek or on the lips. He was tempted to drop to his knees in front of the boy and suck his boyish erection into his mouth, but he satisfied himself, temporarily, by drying it with the towel and watching with love as the foreskin pulled back from the head and then pulled upward again.

He leaned down and picked his son up again. Tim eagerly wrapped his arms around his daddy's neck and grinned as Matt carried him into the bedroom and carefully laid him where he had pulled back the covers. He stood above the boy for a moment as Tim's eyes swept over the man's slender body and long penis. He felt such a rush knowing he was so exposed to the boy.

With a sigh and a smile, he climbed onto the bed and over Tim, planting his knees on either side of the boy's hips. His penis stood out over Tim's own rigid boy cock, pointing to his face, where Matt saw a look of utter adoration. He sat down on Tim's legs, immobilizing them, and leaned over. Supported by his left arm, he kissed Tim's lips and face as he reached up with his right hand to remove a tie from the headboard.

"What are you doing?" Tim asked breathlessly as he watched with fear and hope as Matt began to tie a lose know in one end of the tie.

"I'm going to tie your hands down."

Tim's breath began ragged as he whispered, "Why?"

"Because I want to. And, because you do, too."

Tim said nothing, not knowing what he could say. Part of his rebelled at the idea and couldn't understand why his father, the man who had been loving him so sweetly, would do such a thing. Yet, part of him was thrilled, desiring it more than anything. He couldn't understand. He was afraid. He was eager.

"I love you, Daddy," was all he could say.

As Matt wrapped the loop around Tim's wrist and pulled it taught, Matt leaned down and whispered into the boy's mouth, "I love you, too, Timmy."

Matt took a second tie from the headboard and began to tie Tim's other hand. The boy trembled as his father pulled his wrist through the loop and then tightened it. Mat then lay down on top of the boy, his full weight pressing down on Tim.

He took Tim's face in his hands and kissed him, his lips loving the boy all over his cheeks, his forehead, his nose. Tim moaned as he kissed the closed eyelids and Matt felt him shiver. He slid down slightly and Tim cried out when he felt his father's warm breath on his neck. He instinctively pulled his shoulder up and sought to protect the sensitive skin. Matt forced the shoulder down and attacked the exposed throat, hungrily kissing and licking as Tim wriggled underneath.

Then, Matt lifted himself up and looked down at the boy. Tim's underarms were fully exposed, his arms tied down. He was helpless to fend off any attack. While a thrill, he saw Matt smile transform from one of love to one of mischief.

Tim was already screaming, "No!" and struggling to escape when Matt's tongue neared his left underarm. Matt blew on it, eliciting a high-pitched laugh, before the tip of his tongue came into contact with the very center of Tim's smooth underarm. The boy jerked and writhed and screamed and Matt suddenly lost control. Hungrily, he licked and kissed all over the smooth skin, moaning and whimpering as much as Tim.

Quickly, he switched sides and began to lick and kiss under Tim's other arm, causing even louder cries. But, they were nothing compared to what happened next. He brought his hands up over the boy's chest as he made love to his underarm and began to rub his thumbs across the rigid nubbins. Tim threw his head back and cried again. Matt began to play mercilessly with the boy's little nipples as he kissed and licked hungrily under one arm and then the other. Tim jerked and struggled, thrusting his chest upward and alternating between crying for him to stop and begging for more.

As Matt was about to move once again from one arm to the other, he stopped and swept down on Tim's left nipple. Sucking it into his mouth, he ran his tongue across the rigid little nipple and sucked it. Tim's whimpers became insane. He was babbling nonsense, so beyond reality was he. Matt began to alternate between nipples and the boy lost all track of time and reality, knowing only that his Daddy was loving him and giving him the most incredible, the most intense feelings imaginable.

Finally, Matt sat up, gasping for breath, even as Tim seemed on the verge of passing out.

"Oh, God, Tim," he whispered. "You are so beautiful. I just can't stand it, you're so beautiful."

Tim couldn't respond. He gasped for breath and moaned as he head rolled from side to side. But, his eyes gave Matt all the reassurance he needed.

After a moment, Matt sighed and looked down at Tim's still rigid little penis. Yes, it was time, he thought to himself. Most definitively. He scooted down Tim's slender legs and then leaned down. Supporting himself with his left arm, his right hand reached up and his index finger traced down the throbbing three inches from the head, past the foreskin, and down the perfect smooth shaft to the pink sac protecting the tight little balls. The little cock pushed upward against his finger. He traced around the ball sac, watching as the little nuggets seemed to respond. He brought his fingers back up to the top and pulled the foreskin back, exposing the head and the pink, almost red, skin behind it. Tim’s hips churned as Matt’s mouth came down. He breathed on Tim’s little cock and the boy whimpered.

Suck me, Daddy,” he whispered. Matt smiled up at Tim and nodded. He opened his lips and slowly enveloped the rigid three inches. Tim cried out again as Matt’s tongue licked around the hard tip of the boyish erection. He slipped the foreskin down and pulled it with his fingers. Tim’s whimpers became even more intense.

Matt couldn’t take it any longer. He rose up as he sucked the entire length of the penis into his mouth. He grasped his own rampant boner and began to furiously jack himself as he made love to his son’s cock. Tim watched in fascination as his father’s hand flew up and down the mature eight inches. Tim was hungry to feel it, to taste it, but his father’s mouth on his own boner was feeling too good. He writhed and bucked and twisted in delight, crying nonsense as he was overwhelmed with the sensations.

Tim had fallen so deeply into the well of passion that he couldn't tell when his orgasm actually began. But, as it began to decline, he collapsed breathless and nearly passed out. Matt continued to suck his son's penis until his own orgasm grew and exploded. Just a second before the first spasm, he rose up and wildy stroked himself over the edge, shooting streamers of his ejaculate all over the half-conscious boy beneath him. It seemed to last forever and was over far too soon. He sat back on Tim's legs and gazed downward at the cum-covered boy, gasping for breath, speechless.

Tim looked at his father through half-closed eyes and mumbled, "Oh, Daddy..."

Slowly, Matt leaned forward and untied the boy's hands and collapsed atop him. Tim arms immediately wrapped around his father and he whispered, "I love you, Daddy."

Matt rolled to his side and pulled the boy tightly to him. He pulled the covers over them and the two clung to each other, wordlessly expressing their love for the other through their embrace.