The Champ and His Dad

fiction by S. O'Malley

Chapter I: Just a Fantasy

As Sean stood there, the ref holding his wrist, he looked out into the crowd. He saw them but they moved in silence, this was the moment he had been waiting for all year. The voice came over the P.A. system of the gym:

Announcer: The winner and new state wrestling champion in the 165 pound division is Sean Rosa by a score...

The roar of the crowd drowned out the rest of the announcement as the ref raised Sean's arm into the air. Sean raised his other arm into the air claiming his victory. His opponent came over and they shook hands. Sean scanned the crowd looking for a familiar face with which to share his victory. Finally his eyes came upon his dad, standing tall at 6'2'', cheering louder than the rest. Daniel gave his son the thumbs-up sign and smiled wide. Sean smiled back then ripped off his headgear and threw it over at his teams' bench and went to see his coach.

Coach: Great match Sean. You really earned it this year.

The two shook hands and the coach patted Sean's butt (in a manly sportsmen way) as Sean jogged off to the locker room. He took off his shoes and singlet, grabbed his towel from the locker and headed for the showers. He found he was the only one there. He turned on the water and let it pour down his back. The steam felt good and helped him to decompress after the match. He closed his eyes and replayed his victory in his mind. As always the thought of grappling with another guy started to turn him on.

Turning around he grabbed the soap as the spray began to hit his chest, gently pulsating on his nipples. He lathered up starting with his armpits and working down each arm. Gathering some of the lather in his hands he set the soap down and began to wash his pecs. Again closing his eyes as he began to gently pinch and rub his nipples sending shocks of excitement through his body. He felt his cock rising and expanding. He slid his right hand down his abs and onto his cock which was pointing straight out from his body. He grabbed it in his fist and began to slide his soapy hand up the long shaft stopping just short of the throbbing head and back down.

As he slowly slid his hand up and down he found himself thinking about the final moments of his match and his victory. Then the vision of his father, in the stands cheering, came into the view of his mind's eye. He zoomed in on his dad's face-such a beautiful man-and how proud he looked. Delving into his memory, he found the image of his dad cutting the lawn one hot summer day in a pair of old worn shorts. It must have been 5 years ago but he had never forgotten it. He scanned the image-a brief moment frozen in time-admiring his fathers broad shoulders and sculpted sweat-drenched chest and abs covered with a soft coat of black fur. The way his biceps flexed as he pushed the mower. How his thighs and calves tensed and relaxed with each step. How he longed to be able to run his hands all over his dad's body-to kiss every inch of him. To lay next to him naked in bed resting his head on that soft fur while his father's strong hands held and caressed him. He had wanted this ever since that day but he knew it would never happen so he just played out the fantasy in his mind. He imagined kissing his way down his dad's body-stopping to suck on his nipples then licking the ridges of his abs. Finally making it to that trail under his belly button. Following it with his tongue-tasting his dad-until his mouth hovered right over his dad's cock. Watching it grow in anticipation. Hearing him moan as he took it into his mouth. Tasting his dad's cum for the first time

Sean felt his balls begin to tense just as he got to the vision of sucking his dad's cock. He stroked once more and then let go as his cock began to bounce and throb, acting on its own, shooting long thick streams of cum. He pinched his nipples hard with each pulse of his cock sending shockwaves through his entire body causing every muscle to tense up. He grit his teeth to keep from screaming. After 8 or 9 pulsations he grabbed his throbbing cock and milked out the last few drops as he rested his head against the shower wall enjoying the warm afterglow. He looked down and watched as his cum mixed with the water and ran down the drain.

On the other side of the wall, in the Men's Room, Daniel was sitting in a stall fantasizing about Sean's body in his tight red singlet and having an equally incredible orgasm.

to be continued...

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