The Champ and His Dad

fiction by S. O'Malley

this chapter by Todd Prince

Chapter 10: The Problem with Gabriel

Hey guys, it’s Todd. Sean O’Malley [the author of this story] asked me to tell you this part since it’s all about me and I was there when it all happened. I remember that day like it was yesterday even though 10 years have passed. I guess you never forget something like that. By the way, I’m 28 now, married and living in Seattle. I just got out of Law School and passed the bar so I’m officially a lawyer now [don’t hate me] working in the D.A.’s office. No, I didn’t marry Jessica—we broke up shortly after graduation, which was cool because it left me free to hang out with Aaron the whole summer. Ah, Aaron how I miss him still. When he died, we had been together for 4 years—4 beautiful years. But, I’m getting ahead of myself…

Let me see, I think O’Malley left off when I got to the hotel, right? That was when I saw Aaron for the second time. I was sitting in the bar when he walked in. I still remember watching him look around the lobby, and then the smile that appeared on his face when he saw me. I think that was the exact moment when I knew I had to be with him. I know…I had only known him for 2 days [27 hours actually], but when you meet your soulmate you just know. Aaron was mine—it was like we completed each other—I know that sounds corny, but anything I was lacking he had and vise-versa. I’m left wondering, if each have one soulmate in the world what do you do when that person dies…and what does it say about the rest of your life? You can think about it and get back to me later.

Sorry….back to the story. So Aaron came over to my table, looking like a mischievous boy, and we talked for a minute then went upstairs to the suite—1012 if I remember right. [Like I’d ever forget it.] We got off the elevator and heard these people fighting down the hall. Then there was that gunshot. It fuckin’ freaked me out hearing that—I was nervous enough already. Then when I got to the suite who meets me at the door? My ex-“boyfriend” from 2 years before—Gabriel. Don’t let the name fool you, he was no angel. He had cut his hair short but there was no mistaking ruggedly handsome face.

So a little about Gabriel before I go on. Yeah, he was hot and when I was 16 I guess I thought he was my soulmate. How wrong I was. I met him at the start of the summer after my Sophomore year of High School. My mom and dad thought I should get a job to learn responsibility or something. My dad had some friends at City Hall and got me a job as an assistant to the mayor…yes! the actual mayor of Dover falls. Actually, I was more like the assistant to his assistant but, it was an easy job and I didn’t mind it that much.

About 2 weeks into my job, they started building a new Visitor’s Center across the street—the Falls bring in a lot of tourists in the summer. I’d walk by the work site on my way to lunch every day and ogle the beefy construction guys. I tried not to be too obvious, but I’m sure, actually I know that some of them saw my erection. If I had known that then I would have been terrified, thinking that they would kick my ass or something, but now I think it’s kinda cool.

So anyway—Gabriel was one of the guys working on the site. He was 25 at the time and a genuine sex-god. I loved the way he slicked back his long, wavy black hair—it wasn’t like “girlish long”…just enough that when he combed it back little black curls would appear under each you know what I mean? By lunch time, it would be hot enough that he’d have his shirt off, giving the world a perfect view of his naked torso which, by then, would be glistening with tiny beads of sweat that clung to the light hair on his chest. And those abs—they were perfect, forming a deeply grooved 6-pack. [I loved to run my tongue through them.] Actually, his upper body was grooved all over showing off every individual muscle like he had perfected each one. His shoulders looked like they were at least twice as wide as his waist giving him that perfect body shape that everyone wants. Really, what everyone wants, he had. Including the tool in his pants-8.5, thick and uncut with enough foreskin that when he was soft it looked like his cock had retreated inside a warm flesh cocoon. I used to love trying to coax it back out—which wasn’t very difficult. As he’d get hard, these thick meandering veins would pop out all over the shaft. I admit, I’m a pig for uncut cock and his was the best I’ve ever seen.

I guess you have an idea why I fell for him. At 16 I would fall for just about anyone or anything. A few days into the construction, I started getting my lunch “to go” and would eat it in the park next to where the new building was—that gave me an extra hour of drooling time. When my lunch break was over, I’d have to go to the bathroom next to my office and jerk-off just about every single day. God, he made me so horny. [I see that he still does.]

So, I bet you wanna know how we finally got together. It wasn’t very easy. The first few weeks of lunch in the park, he didn’t even see me. [Later he told me that he did see me but that he was busy working. Plus, he thought I looked a little young.] It wasn’t until the last week in June that he started to notice me—June 27th to be exact. I remember I had finished eating but I still had a half hour left on my lunch break. I decided this was the day to make my move, or at least encourage him to make his.

I sat on top of the picnic table closest to the construction and spread my legs wide. I was the only one in the park, so I placed my hand on my crotch (well, the crotch of my pants) and just rubbed a little. I guess I was pretty daring back then. My dick was already hard from watching him while I ate, and I could feel it pulsing against my upper thigh. Of course, the first guy to look over wasn’t Gabriel but this other really large guy who I was not attracted to in any way. I acted like I had just been scratching myself and took my hand off my crotch. From then on, I would just put it there when I thought he was about to look in my direction. It wasn’t until the fifth day of my lunch time exhibition that he finally saw me.

He looked over but didn’t see at first. He was just looking around the park while he was thinking about something very deeply. You know how sometimes when you’re thinking of something complicated you just go into a stare for a while? That was Gabriel. When he finished whatever he was thinking about, he snapped out of his stare. Then, as he was turning his head back to the work site, he caught a glimpse of me, my eyes locked on him, and he did a quick double-take. I rubbed a little then removed my hand letting him get a good look at the throbbing tube in my pants. I was wearing boxer briefs under my tan pants, so it was held tight against my leg and made an impressive form.

You should have seen his face. It was weirdest expression I’ve ever see—kinda like horrified and aroused blended into one face. He looked at my dick, then up to my face, back down, and once more back to my face. Our eyes remained locked on each other for what seemed like forever, but it was probably just 10 seconds. Then he turned around and went back to work. I was like “Fuck it, I give up” and went back to work pissed. The next few days I went to lunch as far away as possible so I wouldn’t have to see him.

I guess it happened about a week later. I was walking out of City Hall after work and I happened to glance across the street at the park, where I saw Gabriel sitting on one of the green wooden benches that formed a semi-circle around the fountain. He had on these tight jeans that he always wore to work and one of those wife-beater t-shirts (you know, the ones that leave your arms and shoulders visible…well, except for the 2 straps on your shoulders). Damn did he look good. I think he’s even sexier in a tight t-shirt than he is bare-chested. I decided now was the time to make some kind of move, I didn’t know what but I was going to do something.

I went into the park and sat down on a bench two away from him, as I wracked my brain trying to come up with a plan. I was so fucked! It comes to this and my mind goes blank. Being so close to him had my cock inching its way down my leg, begging to be let free. I was sitting there, staring down at the gravel walkway in front of me when 2 black boots come into view. I slowly looked up and saw that it was him, Gabriel. He must have seen my erection because all he said was “I know a place we can go”, and I followed him into the shell of the new building.

The basic structure was done, but there were holes where the windows and doors would be. The floor was just basic wooden planks covered with piles of sawdust here and there. Gabriel found a spot in the back where we couldn’t be seen by the cars passing by just outside. I had the feeling that he had done this before [turns out he had—many times].

As we stood there he put his hand on my pants and lightly ran his fingers over the log resting on my thigh. That’s all it took and suddenly a big wet spot appeared on my pants. [Hey, I was 16—it happens.] He kinda laughed and at first I thought he was mocking me. I must have had a sad look on my face, because he became concerned and asked me if I was OK. I said “yeah” and he told me not to be embarrassed or anything, it’s really a compliment. OK, that was the exact moment that I started to fall for Gabriel. Then, as if he needed to seal the deal, he grabbed my shoulders and pushed me down to my knees. I got a couple splinters, but believe me it was worth it.

From my new position I could see the outline of his hard rod inside his jeans. He put both of his hands on the back of my head and forcefully rammed his crotch against my face. It was incredible! The smell and taste of his crotch were a perfect mixture of sweat and sex. He held my head still as he moved his loins in circles giving me a taste of everything he had down there. I can still remember the feeling of the rough, dirty Levis and steel rivets rubbing against my face. I looked up and saw that he was watching me please him. I guess he liked it because the expression on his face was like he hadn’t had anyone down in months.

My dick was instantly hard again and I just whipped it out of the fly in my pants and started to rub it. Seeing me do this, he let go of my head and ordered me to unbutton and unzip his pants. He said it in this forceful way—and not mock forceful, he was actually pissed that I was working on my second orgasm before he had even had his first. I did as I was told and put my hands on the waist of his jeans unbuttoning them. You wouldn’t believe how badly I was shaking—part scared that he was gonna hurt me, and part over stimulated knowing that my hands were about to open the door and release his cock from its denim prison—and then it would be all mine. It was finally happening—my first time with a guy—the first dick in my mouth. I had fantasized about this moment for so long, and I never thought it would be with Gabriel.

I pulled down the zipper with my trembling hands and saw that he wasn’t wearing any underwear. I swear I thought I was about to cum right there, but I forced myself not to—I still a little unsure about him. The zipper open, he put his thumbs inside his jeans on either side and pushed them off his waist where they fell to his ankles. Just as they reached half-way down his thighs, his hard dick escaped and sprung up, grazing my chin on its way to his abs, where it made a loud slap and bounced back. It was beautiful—I thought that then and I still think so today. He might be an asshole, but he does have an incredible piece of meat.

I’d never seen an uncut one close-up before and at the time I didn’t even know they could get that long. The head was just poking out of the very top, where his foreskin had parted. I grabbed it and pulled the skin back, exposing the plump plum-colored head, engorged and ready to go. He let out a soft moan when my hand grabbed it. I pulled the skin back slowly, feeling each vein pulsate against my fingers, until my hand rested on a big puff of black pubic hair. This was it! I wrapped my lips around the dark head and started to suck as well as I knew how from watching scrambled porn on cable.

As I sucked on the head, I could taste it letting out some of its fluid, filling my mouth with his sweet, salty juice. It was the taste of Gabriel and I felt like an addict as I sucked harder wanting just one more fix. My tongue danced in and out of the slit and swirled around and under the head. It was more awesome than I ever thought it would be. In this quiet, gruff voice he said something like “you wanted my dick boy, now take it all” as he grabbed my ears and pulled me further down on his rod as he thrust his hips forward. I gagged uncontrollably as his rigid shaft forced its way into my throat. He let me gag for few seconds before he pulled his cock out my mouth, sliding it slowly through the perfect circle that my lips had formed.

In that same sexy voice, he kept saying things like “good boy”, “that’s how daddy likes it”, “you like daddy’s cock in you don’t you boy?”, “yeah suck on daddy”, “make daddy cum so he can fill you with his seed, boy”. My level of arousal reached intoxication as I heard him and tasted him and smelled him and felt him and saw him coming at me with each quick deliberate thrust of his hips, his pubic hairs brushing against my lips and chin. I ejaculated somewhere in there, but honestly, I can’t remember my orgasm—I was way too into Gabriel.

As his thrusts grew faster, I could taste more and more of his juice flooding into my mouth. He withdrew for a second and wiped the tip of his rod over my lips, glossing them with his pre-cum and making them slicker, allowing to glide in and out with lightning speed. I took my hands which had just been hanging there this whole time and grabbed his hairy calves—I loved to feel his muscles flex and relax as he fucked me. I ran my hands up his legs, grabbing his tight thighs then resting them on his round ass feeling his hairy crevasse. He took one of his hands and swatted mine away from his butt saying “that’s not for you boy”.

I slid them back down to his thighs, just as they tensed up, turning rock-hard, and I felt the first shot of Gabriel’s thick, pearly cream, shoot over my tongue, filling my mouth with his taste before sliding down my throat. He remained perfectly still, as his rod erupted into me, letting out a soft “ahhhhh” with each pulse. I sucked it as hard as I could and managed to swallow most of it--some dripped out the corners of my mouth and ran down my chin.

When he had emptied his sac into me, he stood there for a bit moving his cock just slightly in and out of my mouth, letting my lips rub against the base of its head. I didn’t want to let it go, but he eventually pulled out of me and let go of my ears. He packed it back into his jeans, still semi-hard and showing nicely--the tight denim forming to its outline. He started to leave the quasi building, then turned around and said “by the way I’m Gabriel”. With cum still on my face I told him my name and then he walked out.

I knelt there, a huge wet spot on my pants, my face dripping. I dreaded going back out into the world, but I knew I had to. I wiped my face on my shirt sleeve and covered the wet spot with my hands. I walked quickly back to City Hall, ducking into the first bathroom I could find, and cleaned myself up as well as I could. I grabbed the bus trying to ignore the look on the driver’s face as she saw my wet pants. It kinda sucked, but it was over pretty quickly. When I got home my parents were gone so I stripped and jacked off again, slowly this time, as I replayed the Gabriel encounter in the theater of my mind.

OK, so now you know who Gabriel is. You’re probably wondering how I fell in love with him. Well, we did the quickies in the wooden structure for a few weeks until it was finished and they opened the new Visitor Center. After that, I started to take him to my house when I knew my parents would be gone. For some reason (?) we could never go to his place. I guess I was just young and confused sex with love—both were brand new feelings for me, and occurring simultaneously in such magnitude, I put them together. That’s why I fell in love with him.

Now to why I hate him so much, or at least did when I first saw him in the doorway of Suite 1012. Around the last week of August he told me, over lunch in the park, that he had a new job and was moving to California with his wife and kids. I was like “What? Who? Married? Kids?”. He just looked at me seeing my look of extreme shock. Then he was like “Why do you care? We’re just fuck-buddies and you’re not even that good”. If we hadn’t been out in public I would have either smashed my fist into his face or started crying—probably crying because he was a lot bigger and stronger than I was at 16. I think he could see my contempt for him shooting out of my eyes and got up to leave, after ending everything with a quick and loud “fuck you!”. I watched him walk away and didn’t know what I was feeling anymore. The only thing I was sure of was that I would kill him if I ever saw him again.

So back to the original story I was telling when I started this chapter about 2 hours ago. When I saw him standing there, every bad feeling I had stored about him came up all at once and I, like I had wanted to, smashed my fist into his face, knocking him to the hardwood floors. The other guys saw and heard this and they all froze and looked at me.

Fuck! I have to be in Court in an hour for a hearing and I haven’t even showered yet this morning. I’ll have to finish when I get back later tonight—I promise. The good part is just about to come up.

to be continued...

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