The Champ and His Dad

fiction by S. O'Malley

this chapter by Todd Prince

Chapter 11: Mr. Todd's Wild Ride and Threnody


Picture it if you will: me standing in the doorway of the hotel suite, Gabriel on the floor holding his bleeding nose and Aaron crouching down to make sure he was OK. The other 3 guys, there for the show, came into the hallway one-by-one, specks of white powder on their noses. I felt great after I smashed Gabriel’s face, like I had paid him back for all the shit he gave me before.

Aaron got up from his crouching stance and walked the 10 feet over to where I was standing. The look on his face was not pleasant and I knew I was in for some trouble. He hooked his finger between 2 buttons on my Oxford shirt and pulled me down the hallway and into the master bedroom. He slammed the door and proceeded to “go off” on me. “What the fuck are you doing? Are you insane? You can’t fuck this up!” Most of it, after the initial tirade, was him asking me why I did it. I have to admit, I was terrified. Veins were popping out all over his neck and forearms as he yelled and gestured wildly. I was scared….and extremely turned on. I tried not to smile, he was so serious, but I couldn’t stop it.

That was definitely the wrong thing to do. He saw my smile and grabbed my shirt collar as he pulled my face to his for some close-up yelling. [Yeah, that really helped my horniness.] Being so close to Aaron, I could smell his Calvin Klein ‘Escape’ on his neck and see how his eyes sparkled like 2 perfect emeralds. God, he was pretty, almost too beautiful to be real. My cock was raging in my pants and I remember thinking that was good if I was about to do a sex show, then I pondered whether or not this was even going to happen now.

My smile faded as my mind got to ‘may not even happen’ and Aaron took that as a sign that he had made his point and let go of my shirt collar, causing me to flop back on the foot of the bed. He cooled off and I told him about my history with Gabriel. I was shocked when he said that he already knew about it. Turns out that Gabriel’s second cousin (or something like that), Doug, was the guy who had originally propositioned Aaron in the bar that night 6 or 7 months ago. I guess, after Aaron described me on the phone, Doug figured it out and asked Gabriel to come with him, knowing how much he loves to get blown and that he had wanted to see me again. I started to understand that this was all set-up for Gabriel’s benefit.

Then Aaron told me the part that I didn’t want to hear—how Gabriel was divorced and had just moved back to Dover Falls. He just wanted to apologize to me and try to get back together. My heart slid down my torso until it reached my stomach, where it started punching me from inside (well, at least that’s what it felt like). This was all made worse by the fact that, I figured, if Aaron knew about this he obviously wasn’t interested in anything serious with me.

I got upset--I didn’t cry or anything—I actually feigned excitement at the idea of getting back together with Gabriel, but inside I knew I’d never take him back—well, maybe if he begged—a lot. Things started to look up when I noticed that my excitement caused the opposite emotion in Aaron. I saw rays of hope in his expressionless face, and my heart returned to its original position. I told Aaron I was sorry for causing the ruckus, and said I needed to go apologize to Gabriel.

He stayed behind as I walked out the door and down the hall to the kitchen where Gabriel and the 3 others, in their briefs, stood huddled. He noticed me standing there and the other 3 guys turned around to look at me with disdain. I let out my most sincere “I’m sorry Gabriel” and it seemed to smooth things over. He asked for a moment alone with me and the guys went back into the second bedroom.

Gabriel talked and talked about how he had changed his life after his wife finally caught him with a guy and divorced his ass. [Worse yet, it was her brother.] He said that he was insensitive and apologized for everything he had done. Part of me still loved him, but not the right part. I listened to him “blah, blah, blah” and acted interested. Frankly, I had tuned him out long ago and was just standing there thinking about the upcoming sex with Aaron. I heard him say “Are we cool?”, and I snapped back to reality and said “Yeah…for now”. He seemed to like that answer and we hugged it out. Aaron was walking out the bedroom just as Gabriel asked if I would take him back or at least give it another try. I said “Sorry, but no” and told him about this new guy in my life, mentioning no names.

[A few years later, Aaron told me that he had stayed in the hall, listening to my conversation with Gabriel, and he was relieved. He knew that he was the guy I was talking about. I asked him how he was sure at the time and he said that even then he knew me. See, I told you we were soulmates.]

Anyway, Aaron came into the kitchen, grabbed my hand and said “It’s time”. We walked down the hall, leaving Gabriel by himself, and joined the 3 guys in the bedroom. As I walked in, I saw the “refreshment table”. Little piles of white and tan powder, blue and white pills, some aluminum foil and a spoon and huge bag of pot…really, they had everything you would ever want or need. Aaron told them that we would be ready in about 5 minutes and all 3 cheered as they lay on the bed in a drug induced haze. Aaron grabbed one of the little white pill baggies on the table and we went down to the master bedroom.

I was undressing as Aaron came out of the bathroom, in his white briefs, holding a glass of water. He held out his hand on which there were two small white tablets. I took one and asked him if it was going to fuck me up, to which he replied “Don’t worry little man I’ll take care of you”. He leaned over and mussed my hair, then said “It’ll just makes everything burn a little brighter”.

I pondered his two remarks as he sat on the bed and grabbed the small bag that I had brought. He unzipped it and pulled out the contents one-by-one. First a black g-string—he held it up and said “nice”. Second, this pair of mesh briefs that Coach J. gave me to wear once. He looked at them and said “hmm.. I don’t think so”. Lastly he grabbed the red singlet that I had from wrestling. He held it up letting it unfold. “Definitely this one”, he said as he handed it to me. I stripped off my underwear and pulled it on in front of Aaron. It was a good choice and showed off my package very nicely—which was a bonus as, sitting there, his head was at perfect viewing level. He leaned forward and put his nose on the lycra that was molded in the shape of my cock and balls. He inhaled deeply just as I gasped, feeling his lips gently kiss the tip of my cock. He looked up and said “You smell so good”.

Our moment was broken by the chants of the guys in the living room demanding a show. I said that he had better go and he stood up, put his arm around me and walked us into the main room. It was a very large area with 2 couches at a 90 degree angle and a wingback chair. The guys had moved all of the tables out to make more room. Gabriel and his cousin Doug were on one couch sitting in the middle hip to hip. The other 2 guys had the smaller couch, sitting in the same manner. All 4 were sporting hard-ons.

As we walked in, you could see all 4 mouths drop open. Aaron walked us to the open area in front of both pairs and turned to me, putting his mouth on mine. That first kiss……feeling someone’s tongue in your mouth for the first time, getting to taste them. I felt dizzy and I didn’t know if it was his kiss or the X—I didn’t really care. As our tongues wrestled in each other’s mouths, I let my hands run lightly over Aaron’s back feeling his smooth muscle as they made their way to his briefs. Aaron’s hand ran down my chest and stomach, finally resting as he grabbed my crotch, cupping it in his strong hand and gently squeezing.

The initial kiss was still going as my hands went under the waistband and grabbed Aaron’s round bubble butt, feeling his perfection. I had had my eyes open from the start, but Aaron’s were closed. When he felt my hands kneading his ass, his eyes opened and he pulled his lips away for a second to smile at me, and do his one eyebrow raise, then went back to licking the inside of my mouth as we got lost in each other.

I could feel his hand going between my legs, his fingers prodding that sweet area between my balls and my ass. With his free hand, he grabbed the outline of my cock and moved it so that it pointed up, against my abs. I felt pre-cum flow from my balls, up the length of my cock and drip out of the tip as if he had pushed it out. He took his finger and thumb and ran them up and down the impression of my hard rod, trapped beneath the thin layer of material.

When he felt the wet spot appear on my stomach, he dropped to his knees and began to run his open lips and tongue along my cock. Reaching the tip he sucked trying to extract the fluid through my singlet. My hands just rested on the top of his head, feeling his thick blond hair, as he kept mouthing my hardness. Pre-cum flowed easily now and Aaron got all he wanted thanks to his powerful suction. His tongue slid over the wet spot spreading it out and drinking from my stiff fount.

He licked a straight line up my body, savoring the sweaty athletic taste of my unwashed uniform. He put his lips to my ear and said “You taste like heaven”, then swirled his tongue around and in it. As he did this, I caught a glimpse of Gabriel and let him know how much I was enjoying this with my gasps and moan—I still wanted to see him hurt. My eyes closed and my head tilted back as Aaron continued giving my face and neck a tongue bath. He stopped on the base of my neck and sucked as he pulled my singlet over my shoulders and down to my waist.

Gabriel and Doug had their hands on each other’s cocks, jacking them slowly up and down. All four men were wide-eyed as they watched the intense licking and sucking. Aaron left my neck and took my erect left nipple between his lips, working the tip with his tongue and biting. He had an incredible tongue, wide and warm, and he definitely knew how to use it to please a man.

I reached down and felt the top of his cock sticking out, the head trapped in the waistband of his briefs. I pulled on his briefs and let them fall to the floor where he stepped out of them. His cock pointed straight up, nearly touching his belly. The journey back to his cock was just inches, but the anticipation of finally grasping Aaron’s manhood, made it seem interminable.

Aaron moved over to my other nipple, giving it the same treatment, as my hand wrapped around his exquisite sex piece. The X was coursing through my veins by then, and grasping Aaron’s cock, I could feel his energy flowing into me. His mouth jumped back to mine. He put his hands on my cheeks and caressed them as he licked my lips. I started to move my hand up and down on his shaft, feeling the veiny muscle throb in my grasp. Aaron, still holding my cheeks, tilted his head back and let out the sexiest moan I’ve ever heard--deep and breathy—a sound of total satisfaction.

I held his cock as I started licking and kissing his neck—feeling the moans vibrate in his throat. He took his hands from my cheeks and moved them to the top of my head, applying gentle pressure to go lower. I licked down to his nipples, the whole time looking at my ultimate goal as it pulsated below me. I put my mouth on his right nipple and slid my tongue over the hard, round protrusion. I nibbled on it and each time Aaron would gasp and moan and dig his fingers into my scalp. I kissed his pecs as my head moved to his other hard, purple nipple. The taste and smell of Aaron’s perfectly smooth skin was filling my mouth and nose. I wish I could explain the level of euphoria that I was feeling, but words can’t even begin to explain.

Just as I thought it couldn’t get any better, I saw a glistening drop appear on the tip of Aaron’s cock. This was it…the ultimate goal right there in front of my face. I fell to my knees and without delay ran my tongue up the underside of the shaft, balls to tip, and grabbed the dark red head between my lips. All of my senses were overloaded. It felt as if every pore in my body was alive and pulsing in perfect synch with Aaron.

I sucked on the head for what felt like a blissful eternity as it fed me drops of Aaron’s sweet juice. I slid my mouth slowly over the head, cupping the underside with my tongue, as I took all 5 inches into my mouth. My face rested against Aaron’s blond pubes and I breathed in, smelling, tasting and feeling him. I looked up his body and saw him looking down, smiling as he pet my head.

I started to pull off him, stopping when my lips reached the bottom of the head and then slid back down to the base. I heard Doug moaning and groaning and saw that Gabriel had taken his cousin into his mouth and was bobbing fast on the rigid shaft. I reached into my singlet and pulled it below my balls, letting my cock free, the head covered with my fluid. I started to massage it and smear the pre-cum down the shaft as I increased the rhythm of my sucking.

Aaron was above me moaning through his words “oh, yeah……mmmmm….ahhhhhh…that feels so…mmmmm….great. The two guys on the second couch had their fists around each other’s cock as they jacked the other off. Their hands pumped with such speed that all I could see was 2 blurs as both of them, silently, came onto their stomachs and the other one’s fist. Doug and Gabriel stopped momentarily as they watched the cum fly.

I could feel Aaron’s grip on my head getting tighter as he started to move his hips in counter-motion to my head. I could feel my own cock swelling and ready. I wrapped my hands around Aaron’s waist and grabbed his ass just as my cock started erupting, bobbing wildly up and down and sending long strings of thick cum onto Aaron’s calves and thighs. He felt my cum splash over him and, holding my head motionless, drove his cock to the back of my throat where it began to spasm just as my finger penetrated his ass. I wrapped my tongue around the underside and felt each powerful burst shoot from the base to the tip and down my throat. I savored the sweetness of his juice.

He pulled out of my mouth, his cock wet and dripping, got on his knees and began to kiss me with a passion I had never seen. At first, our hands moved wildly over each other’s body as we feasted on Aaron’s sweetness. We both slowed down gradually as our hands began to move in long soft strokes. I wanted to tell him that I loved him just as Doug said “Hey guys. Can you help us over here?” They were both still hard having not cum yet.

Aaron asked him what he wanted us to do, and with a wry smile he said “Fuck, of course”. Aaron asked if we could have a five minute break and Doug said “Yeah”. Aaron grabbed my hand and led me back to master bedroom at the end of the hall. He shut the door and pushed me onto the bed, pulling my singlet off, just before he fell on top of me. We started to make out again, rolling around the bed, trying to quench our insatiable lust. There were a lot of “I love yous” passed between us and I wasn’t sure if he really meant it or if it was the X. I could hear the sleet tapping against the windows as I lay there in Aaron’s arms—from that day on, it was my favorite place to be.


When we got back to the living room, the two nameless guys were gone leaving just the four of us. Doug had brought the drugs from the second bedroom and put them on the desk. He told us to help ourselves. Aaron said “just sit down, I’ll bring you something and I promise you’re gonna love it”. I sat on the couch opposite Gabriel and made small talk. He leaned over and told me, secretively, that he could see that I was in love with Aaron and that he was happy for me. My hatred of him died down after he said that.

Aaron came over with a straw and some liquid on a piece of foil. He put the straw between my lips and lit a lighter under the foil causing the liquid to evaporate into a thick white steam. He told me to inhale and I did, taking a deep breath into my lungs. Suddenly I was floating weightlessly in this warm bath, my body tingling and feeling an overwhelming sense of peace. Aaron pressed his lips to mine and his touch snapped me out of my hallucination. Seeing his face on mine was better than any vision. We kissed and stroked on the smaller couch while Doug and Gabriel did the same on the other. Kissing Aaron brought back the memory of the first time I kissed another guy. My mind flashed back to the beach when I was about 7, and that cute little blond boy who spent hours with me just kissing. I remembered how at the end of the summer, when we had to go back home we both cried and how the night before we snuck out of our beach houses and slept next to each other on the sand for the first, and last, time. I tried to remember that kids face, but the image kept fading in and out of my mind.

We kissed a bit more and then Aaron brought the straw back to my lips. He did the same thing with the lighter and I took an even bigger breath, getting as much as I possibly could. As I was about to exhale, there was a loud clap of thunder and the power went out in the hotel, making the room pitch dark for a moment before the power came back.

As the lights faded back in I saw that I was the only person in the room. I looked around for Aaron but he, like Doug and Gabriel, had vanished. I heard some rustling in the hallway and walked across the living room to see what it was.

As I stood there looking down the narrow hall, this little kid walked out of the master bedroom. He had on a bathing suit and white t-shirt and held a pail and shovel in his hands. He crouched down and started to dig the plastic shovel into the floor and then pour it in the pail, like he was filling it up with sand to make a sand castle. I crouched down to be at his level and just watched him for a long while. He didn’t seem to notice me or maybe he was just ignoring me.

He moved down the hallway toward me, and stopped about 10 yards from where I was crouching. He started doing the sand thing again, then abruptly stopped and, in this low, adult voice, said “Hi Todd”. I was intrigued and asked him how he knew my name. His little mouth turned into a frown and he said “You don’t remember me?” I said “Do I know you?” and he replied “You’re funny Todd. You were funny then and you’re still funny now”.

I had no idea what was going on, but he seemed harmless, so I asked him when “then” was. He dropped his shovel into the empty pail and walked right up to me so we were face to face. He said “Do I have to figure it all out for you? Just think and it’ll come to you”. I thought and he could see that I was greatly confused. He said “Here’s a clue: what’s that?”, he pointed back to the shovel and pail. I answered. He said “And where would you use those things?”. I said “In the the beach”.

His eyes widened as if he expected that clue to solve everything. Frustrated he said “Beach? Do you get it now, little man?” I was still a bit dazed and asked him what his name was. He said “You used to call me fishboy, because I could swim underwater for so long….remember?” I remembered but I guess I didn’t answer fast enough because he let a loud growl and pressed his lips to mine. My eyes watched his just inches apart as his face slowly morphed into that of Aaron. I felt a hard slap on my face and realized that I was still on the couch, the kid was gone and Aaron’s worried face was hovering right over mine. As my hearing faded back in I heard my name over and over “Todd…..Todd are you OK?…..Todd….talk to me”. One more slap and I faded back to reality.

In my breathy, barely audible voice, I asked, “Fishboy?”. Aaron’s eyes lit up and he smiled as he got on the floor, placed his arms across my legs and rested his chin there. He looked up at me adoringly and said “I was wondering when you would figure it out. I told myself if you still loved me you’d figure it out in less than a week. 2 days—not bad”.

Slowly, I put everything together and it made sense. I said “No wonder I feel like I’ve known you forever.” He said that when he saw me at the clinic the other day he thought that I was the kid from the beach, but he wasn’t sure until he kissed me. Then, he said that he was sure I was that kid. I couldn’t do anything but stare at him and mumble “Fishboy” over and over. My head was pretty fucked up and I couldn’t put a coherent thought together. I slurred out something resembling “Where is everyone?” Aaron told me that I had been out cold for a little over 2 hours just mumbling and dreaming and that everyone had gone home when the rain turned to snow leaving us the room for the night. He rubbed the back of his hand on my red cheek as he told me that he became worried about me when I wouldn't wake up and slapped me, trying to bring me back.

We sat there in silence, watching the large white flakes fall by the window, before he said that I looked tired and we should probably go to bed. He stood up and gave me his hand. I grabbed it and stood up, as he hunched his back and told me to get on. I jumped on his back wrapping my arms around his broad shoulders, as his hands came down and grabbed my legs. He carried me to the bedroom and laid my naked body on the bed, then laid next to me, wrapping his strong arms around me and pulling me onto his chest. He stroked my hair like he always used to do as I enjoyed the warmth and safety of his embrace. We just laid there for about a half hour petting each other and listening to the patter of the rain…….and then we made love until dawn.


It was another damp, cold April day—the kind that is a far too common part of a New England Spring. My last class at Hanover (College) ended around 5PM and I started the short walk back to the apartment that I had shared with Aaron for the last 3 years. The light drizzle, more like sleet, covered me and would have chilled me to my bones had I not been so happy inside—that day marked 4 years since I first met Aaron. They were the four happiest years of my life.

I made it back to our apartment building and shook off in between the two sets of doors at the entrance, then went in and ran up the three flights of stairs. I slipped once but managed to catch myself and took the remaining steps slowly. The apartment was quiet when I entered and I figured Aaron must have gone out. I took the bottle of champagne out of my backpack and put it in the refrigerator to chill it for later. I put my books down on the table and headed for the bedroom.

When I got there, the door was open and I saw Aaron napping on our bed. I stood there for a bit just looking at him. The blankets were off of the bed and he had just a white sheet pulled up to his waist. His upper body was exposed, one hand behind his head and the other along his side. He was so beautiful. I watched him and wondered how I ever got so lucky as to end up with such a wonderful person.

I used to love to nap with him or just laze around in bed all day. When he’d wake up he would look over at me and that wide smile of his would take over his pretty face, and he’d purr a “my little man” or something like that and pull my head onto his chest. He looked tough but inside he was so sweet and loving and gentle.

I kicked off my shoes and socks and stripped down to my boxers. I had to pee bad by that point and went into the bathroom, relieved myself, and went back to the bed. I climbed up and laid next to him. I rolled over and laid my arm across his chest. His body was freezing. I figured he needed the blankets and went to get some from the floor when I noticed he had an erection. Being who I am, I thought what better anniversary present could there be. I pulled the sheet back from his waist and what I saw would forever burn that exact moment into my memory.

There among the completely white backdrop of the sheets and his briefs was a large yellowish wet spot. I looked up at his face, then back down. I put my hand on his abdomen, then moved it up to his ice cold chest. I put my ear over his heart—nothing. I said his name once, then louder. I grabbed his head in my hands and shook, but couldn’t wake him. Out of desperation I yelled “AARON!” as loud as I could, even though somewhere deep inside of me I knew that he wasn’t sleeping.

The tears that had been collecting in my eyes began to fall as I pulled his head onto my chest, gently rocking back and forth. In my state of shock I kept telling myself that this was just a bad dream—surely I’ll wake up soon. I put my lips on the top of Aaron’s head, kissing him and telling him that I’d make everything all better, like a loving parent would do with a worried child. I don’t how long I stayed like that, but it was at least a few hours.

The light in the kitchen suddenly came on, sending a shaft of light into the bedroom and onto the bed. I looked up to see our friend Julia, who had come over to take us out to dinner, standing in the doorway. She figured it out much faster than I had and put a hand up to her mouth as she gasped. The rest of the night and the following weeks are kind of a blur now. I do know that I have never been the same since that night, and often I’ve thought if I could only go back in time a few days before I could have somehow saved him.

The whole experience brought Julia and me much closer—I guess grief has a way of bonding people together. We still go back to Dover Falls every April, the 14th actually, to visit his grave and see Sean and Jeff and their families. I don’t think I could have married anyone but her—I don’t know if anyone else would understand the part that Aaron played in my life. I don’t know if I even want anyone to understand it. Now that he’s gone, all I have left of him are the emotions that he enabled me to feel—and some things I need to keep for myself.

to be continued...

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