The Champ and His Dad

fiction by S. O'Malley

CHAPTER 14: So, What Happened to....? [Part 2]


Sean practically ran as he made his way home from Gabriel's place. He could feel his anticipation throbbing in his jeans. As he rounded the last corner to his street, he looked for Daniel's car in the driveway, but didn't see it. A lump arose in his throat. He ran into the house and yelled for Daniel but there was no answer. He hopped up the stairs, two at a time, and went into their bedroom--empty. He noticed the light on the answering machine blinking and hesitantly pressed the button.

Daniel: Hi Champ, it's dad. We ran into some bad weather and had to make an emergency landing in Albany. Don't worry-everyone is fine. It's 4:00 right now and we're supposed to take off for Boston at, I should be back home around 1AM. Hope you're still awake when I get there. Love ya Champ, and can't wait to see you again. Bye.

OK, Sean could deal with this. It was only a couple hours and at least he knew his dad would be home this time for sure. He went back downstairs and went into the kitchen where he made himself something to eat. After he finished, we went up to his workout room (formerly, his bedroom) and did his usual weight routine. He showered afterward and noticed, happily, that it was already 8PM. "5 hours to go" went through his head. He hadn't come even once that day, but he was happy to save it for his dad.

He watched T.V. and did some schoolwork until it was 11:30, at which point he went up to their bedroom, stripped to his boxers and laid down. He put on a CD to keep himself awake but, unfortunately, it didn't work. As he slept he dreamed of his father, feeling his hairy body on top of his own, pressed against him, grinding into him.

Daniel drove fast from Boston and made it home around 12:30. He looked around the empty downstairs and figured Sean must be waiting for him in their bedroom. He walked quietly down the hall, and quietly opened the bedroom door hoping to surprise his son. As the door swung open, he saw the most beautiful boy in the world laying on their bed--his hands clasped behind his blond head as he slept. Daniel dropped his bag and walked over to the side of the bed where he watched his sleepy beauty as he got out of his uniform. It seemed to him that his son got more handsome each day.

Naked, he knelt down by the side of the bed and placed his hand on Sean's chest, watching it slowly rise and fall. He leaned over and placed his lips on Sean's nipple, lightly sucking and licking it before he started to kiss his way up the boy's body. Sean's eyes slowly opened and he saw his father just inches from him. A contented smile came to Sean's face and he swung his arms around Daniel's neck as the big man ascended the bed and laid on top of him. Just like in his dream his father began to grind against him as their kissing became more passionate.

Daniel reached down and pulled off Sean's shorts, throwing them on the floor. He grabbed his son and rolled over so that Sean was on top. It felt so nice to have his son back on top of him. Sean pulled his head back and took some time to just look down at his father's face. They couldn't help but smile at each other.

Sean: I missed you too much dad. Don't ever leave again.
Gabriel: I couldn't bare to leave again Champ. I hated being away from you.
Sean: God, I love you--

Sean leaned down and put his mouth back on his father's and they indulged in another long passionate kiss, savoring the taste and feel of each other. Daniel had a serious 5 o'clock shadow and his rough stubble felt good against Sean's face. They rolled around the bed as they kissed and eventually Daniel ended up back on top. Now it was his turn to bask in the beauty of his son.

As he was admiring Sean he noticed the faded abrasion on his neck.

Daniel: What happened to you Champ?
Sean: We can talk about it later.
Daniel: Are you OK? It looks pretty sore.
Sean: I'm fine now that you're here.

Daniel kissed him once more on the lips and then began to kiss down his son's smooth body. As his stubble brushed against his skin, Sean began to moan. Daniel continued his journey down his son's body, licking the ridge in the middle of Sean's abs that led to the slight trail of blond hair, and eventually his cock. Sean could feel his father's mouth getting close to his throbbing organ and the suspense was about to kill him.

Just then, Daniel went down on him--taking it all in his mouth in one quick motion. He held it like that for a second and then started to slowly pull off--dragging his tongue against the veiny underside. Grabbing the base in his hand, he started to make love to the purple head of Sean's cock--licking around and under it, tonguing the slit, sliding his pursed lips over the flange. He took the tip of his tongue and started to massage Sean's sweet spot--the little V on the underside of the head. As he did, Sean began to squirm--flailing his head back and forth on the pillow.

Daniel's tongue continued to tease his son's organ as his hands slid up and down and over Sean's smooth muscled body. Sean grabbed his father's biceps, squeezing them and feeling their hardness as Daniel took Sean back into his throat. His mouth slid up and down the entire length of the young cock. Sean's grip tightened as he felt himself about to come. His back lifted off the bed and he shot his seed deep into his father's mouth and throat. Daniel kept working the shaft with his lips and tongue as his son continued to go off.

Having swallowed every drop, Daniel allowed Sean's cock to slide out of his mouth. He expected to see it fall against his son's iron abs, but instead it continued to point straight up. Daniel scurried up Sean's body and rammed his tongue into his son's mouth. Both men were breathing hard, their hearts pounding together in perfect synch as their cocks rubbed between them.

Daniel again rolled Sean on top of him. He pulled his blond head onto his broad shoulder, placing his mouth next to his son's ear.

Daniel: I want you inside me Champ.

Sean looked up, surprised.

Sean: Oh, Daddy! I thought you'd never ask.

Meanwhile, In Qatar

The sun was just beginning to rise over the Persian Gulf when Nick's eyes opened. His vision was muddled, having had only an hour or two of sleep. As his eyes focused and adjusted to the light, he saw a large brown hand on his erection. His head swiftly followed the arm up to the man beside his bed.

Omar, the Royal Guard, stood there completely naked stroking Nick with one hand and himself with the other, just inches from Nick's face. As Nick looked up at Omar's face, he felt the guard's massive cockhead pressing against his lips. His eyes shifted down and he saw the throbbing, dark brown monster with its purple head trying to enter his mouth. He opened his mouth and let it slide in, then wrapped his lips tightly around it as Omar began to move his hips. One hand now free, Omar palmed Nick's head against the pillow and began to probe his mouth with increasing vigor.

Nick's left hand migrated down to his own cock and wrapped around Omar's fist as he continued to stroke. Omar, feeling the hand on top of his, released his grip and began to tickle Nick's hairless balls with his fingertips. Nick's moans were loud but muffled as the guard's shaft slid between his lips. The morning was humid, and both men were sweating. Nick watched as large drops flew off Omar's body and on to his with each thrust.

Nick grabbed Omar's balls and began to massage them, just as Omar was doing to him. He tasted the first few drops of Omar's pre-cum and felt his thrusting speed up as the guard tightened his grip on his balls. Nick felt his favorite mix of pleasure and pain. In one long stroke, Nick pulled the foreskin of his cock back, exposing the swelled head which began to paint thick, pearly streaks across his sweaty body. From above, Nick heard the guard's sultry voice, almost a whisper, encouraging him as he continued to come.

When Nick had finished, Omar pulled himself out of his mouth and jumped up on the bed. He straddled Nick's chest on his knees as he continued to penetrate his juicy mouth. The feel of Omar's thick black bush pressing against his lips and nose was driving him crazy. He inhaled deeply, getting lost in the thick masculine scent.

Omar's body began to shake. He pulled out and grabbed Nick's hand wrapping it around his slick cock. Nick vigorously moved his hand back and forth as Omar began to cum, sending the first shot onto the wall. The following 4 surges went onto Nick's face, in his hair and on his lips. He was mesmerized as he watched the magnificent organ discharging it's nectar.

Nick's movements slowed as Omar's climax entered it's dénouement. He took the head back into his mouth and sucked and licked it clean as Omar watched and moaned above him. Nick got every stray drop and rolled the taste around in his mouth. Once clean, Omar moved back on the bed and leaned down licking his come from Nick's face and ending it with a long kiss.

Omar: Thank you, Neek. I am most appreciative.

Nick nodded a 'no problem'. Omar jumped off the bed and picked up his caftan from the floor sliding the loose garment over his head.

Omar: Now my friend you should get cleaned up. I will be back in 30 minutes and we will go have breakfast with Prince Mohammed. He has much to discuss with you.

With that, Omar walked out. Nick laid there for a moment still tasting Omar in his mouth, then jumped out of bed and headed for the large armoire that had been filled with clothes for him. As he walked across the room, he passed through a shaft of sunlight coming through the window. It felt so good that he paused for a minute and let the bright warm light caress his naked body.

Back in Dover Falls

Daniel: I love it when you call me Daddy, Champ.

Sean: Yeah, so do I.

They shared another long kiss. Sean felt Daniel's hand between them, grabbing at his young hard tool. The more he thought about fucking his dad, the harder he became--this was a fantasy he never thought would be realized. He slid down until his head was between Daniel's legs. He grabbed his father's thighs from underneath and pushed them back until Daniel grabbed them, holding them in the air. Sean's hands groped at his father's round fleshy ass as he slid the two moons apart.

He buried his face in his father's sweet ass just as he had done in the shower days before--his tongue simultaneously teasing and lubing the tight hole. Daniel could just hold on and moan--his anticipation was steadily building and beginning to overwhelming him. Sean's tongue pulled away and Daniel felt his son's finger brushing against the hole, then sliding in. Sean could feel his father loosening and added another finger to his probe. Both of their cocks were throbbing and bouncing in the air, drops of pre-cum running down over the head.

Daniel: Now son--..NOW!

Sean removed his fingers and placed the tip of his erection against his father's portal as Daniel pulled his legs back as far as he could. With one steady move of his hips, Sean slid all the way into Daniel who let out a loud pain-filled yell--eeling his ass burning inside.

Sean: You OK, daddy?

Daniel's yell slowly faded away and he opened his eyes, seeing his son, his CHAMP, over him. That sweet face that he had grown to love with an intensity he didn't know was even possible before. There were no words spoken, but they each knew that the other was feeling the same thing. Sean put his hands on the back of his father's knees to steady himself and he began to slide out--their eyes fixed on each other, mouths agape, as a bevy of new sensations swept though their bodies.

Sean leaned his head over and began to rub his cheek against Daniel's hairy calf as he pushed back in and then slowly withdrew, setting up his rhythm. Daniel had his own erection in hand as he watched his son making love to him, gasping and softly moaning as their flesh rubbed together. Sean's thrusts gradually grew in speed and his father copied his beat as he stroked.

Sean: Oh....daddy.....I you.

Sean's voice was staggered and breathy, like an excited kid . The combination was a potent one for Daniel who, in Sean, saw both the child he had raised and the man that he had fallen in love with. A profound feeling of passionate love swept over Daniel and, as a tear fell from his eye, he began to cum. Sean, his cheek still against Daniel's leg, opened his eyes and watched as his father orgasmed.

He knew he was close too, so Sean began to slide faster and faster. Daniel looked on, watching Sean's torso tighten with each thrust, and relax as he pulled back. Drops of sweat ran down his chest and were channeled into the deep middle groove of his abs leading down to his soaked bush. Sean's teeth started to clench, and veins began to pop out on his neck.

Daniel: Yeah Champ,,..ahhh I love you...Come on Champ....almost there...give it to daddy....

Daniel whispered in a low growl. The sound of his father's voice was all it took and he felt his climax start to rush through his body. He fell on top of Daniel, who wrapped him in a tight embrace and kissed his neck. They melded into one entity as Sean's seed gushed into his father in long, forceful surges--each one causing both men to moan and gasp.

Sean's body shook for a long while even after his orgasm had died down. Daniel held him tight and stroked his back, whispering and kissing his ear.

Daniel: You're the greatest, Champ. I love you so much--more than life.

Sean wanted to respond but he was panting so hard he knew he couldn't speak. He just laid there, still inside Daniel, and indulged in the warmth of his father's embrace. Gradually, he came down from the orgasmic high and raised his head from Daniel's shoulder. He touched the tip of his nose to his fathers, and looked deep into his dark eyes.

Sean: I love you too daddy.

With that, he pressed his lips to Daniel's. They softly kissed for a long while before falling asleep in each other's embrace.

Across the street, Mr. Xenakis was sleeping on the couch in his den. He and his wife had argued most of the night after he received that mysterious letter [the one that said nothing but "CHILD MOLESTER"]. She had wanted to call the police, thinking that someone might be after him, but he said he didn't think that was a good idea, which just made her suspicious. Well, more suspicious actually. Mr. Xenakis had always had a healthy sexual appetite until a few months prior when he suddenly lost all interest in his wife. She would ask what was wrong but he would never give her a reason which led her to suspect that he was probably having an affair. This letter sent her mind on a whole new tangent and she threw him out of their bed.

Mr. Xenakis was awaken by the sound of their front door closing. He looked at his clock and saw that it was 4:30AM. His wife's paranoia about the stalker got the best of him and he jumped off the couch. He looked around for something he could use to defend himself and ended up grabbing a large brass elephant figure someone had brought them back from India. He walked over to the entryway of the den and peaked out.

In the darkness he saw a silhouette standing over by the dining table, the dim glow of the streetlights reflected on his leather jacket. He stood and watched and heard the stranger going through the papers there. "The mail", he thought, "he must be looking for that letter". Slowly, he sidled over to the intruder, weapon in hand.

to be continued...

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