The Champ and His Dad

fiction by S. O'Malley

Chapter 2: Long Days Journey into Night

Sean left the showers and toweled off by his locker. His legs were still weak from the explosive orgasm he had just experienced so he sat down on the bench as he dressed. Just pulling on his shirt he heard the door open and in a second Jeff, a teammate, was walking around the corner. At 16, he was a year younger than Sean but being Greek and having hit puberty early, he already had the body of a man. All of his 6 foot 2 inch body was covered with thick black hair and he usually had stubble on his angelic face. The two had been friends since Junior High and Sean thought of him as his little brother-someone he could watch out for. In return Jeff idolized Sean.
Sean: Hey Jeff sorry I missed your match. How did it go?
Jeff: I fucked up Sean. He slaughtered me.
Sean: I'm sure it wasn't that bad.
Jeff looked dejected after his defeat. Sean saw it-even though his eyes were mainly focused on Jeff's bulging crotch under his singlet. He had seen Jeff's cock many times in the shower after practice. It was the only uncut cock that he had seen and it's shape intrigued him, the way it curved to the right and hung low even soft. He had watched Jeff clean under the foreskin and noticed how thick the head was-especially for a 16 year old. Sean had long used these images of Jeff in his masturbatory fantasies-that is when he wasn't thinking about his father. Jeff prattled on and after a few minutes it just sounded like 'white noise' to Sean. If there was one thing Jeff could do, it was talk you to death.

Sean's thoughts shifted to his dad, who he thought was waiting for him in the hall. Even so, he stayed there listening to Jeff talk and watching him slowly undress, storing every moment in his mind for later. He nodded every so often to appear as if he was listening. Once Jeff was naked, and ready for the showers, Sean stood up put his hand on his shoulder.

Sean: Jeff, you're a great athlete. Don't worry so much. You're just a Sophomore, you've got 2 more years.
Jeff looked somewhat relieved by this realization and he smiled at Sean.
Jeff: Thanks dude. You're a good friend. Oh... and congrats on your victory.
Sean: Thanks man. You'll have one of these soon enough.
Sean motioned to his medal that he had pulled out of the top of his gym bag. Jeff smiled again and headed for the showers. Sean watched as he walked away noticing how his furry ass swayed as he walked.

Meanwhile, Daniel was still in the bathroom stall cleaning the cum all over his torso as quietly as possible. He had heard someone else come into the Men's Room just as he was climaxing, and looking through the crack in the stall door he noticed it was another wrestler from his son's school. He finished cleaning up, threw the paper into the toilet and flushed it. His cock was still hard and it took a minute to position it just right so as not to show. He exited the stall and went over to the sinks where the young man was putting his contact lenses in.

Todd: Hi...Hey, you're Sean's dad aren't you?
Daniel: Yes. Yes, I am.
Todd: Tell him I said 'Congratulations'.
Daniel: I sure will...Who are you?
Todd: Oh, sorry. I'm Todd-his teammate. I was over your house once last summer for a pool party. Remember?
Daniel's mind flashed back to that hot day last July. It was the first time he realized he was attracted to Sean-the first time he saw him not as a boy anymore but as a young man. He longed to relish this memory but realized that he hadn't answered Todd's question and snapped back to the present.
Daniel: Oh, that's right, I remember you now. I'll be sure to pass on your congratulations to Sean.
Daniel began to wash his hands while Todd walked over to the urinals behind him. As Daniel looked up he saw Todd's back in the mirror as he pulled his singlet down around his waist and fished his cock out of his jockstrap. Daniel admired the boys round shoulders and perfect v-shaped torso leading down to the top of his ass which was slightly showing. Much to his surprise, Todd turned around and faced him as he was stuffing his cock back into his jockstrap giving Daniel a good look. 'Nice cock' Daniel thought to himself trying not to be too obvious. Todd noticed him looking in the mirror and shot him an evil little smirk as he pulled his singlet back up and walked back to the sinks.
Daniel: It was nice to see you again Todd. I'll be sure to pass on your congratulations to Sean.
Todd: Yeah thanks Mr. Rosa. I'll see you around I'm sure.
Daniel exited the Men's Room, still hard, and stood in the hall leaning against the wall waiting for Sean to come out of the locker room. Todd came out a second later and smiled at Daniel as he walked by on his way back into the gym. He could feel his crotch warming up and looked down to see if it showed in his pants. Fortunately, for him, they were loose enough to not show.

As Sean exited the locker room he saw his dad. Daniel put out his hand and grabbed his son's pulling him into a hug and patting his back. The talked as they walked out of the school.

Daniel: Son you did a great job, I can't tell you how proud I am.
Sean: Thanks dad. [Sean's smile widened] I dunno, he got me down a few times and I thought I was done.
Daniel: No, he was no match for you, no match for my little champ. You outscored him 10-3.
Sean: No way!?! I couldn't hear the final score. It was 10-3? I guess I did kick his ass. [smile]
Daniel: And he's a year ahead of you. See, all the extra training paid off... Oh, I saw your friend Todd. He said to tell you 'Congratulations'.
Sean: Todd? That's cool. He's a good bud.
Daniel: Yeah, he seems like a good kid.
Both men were now picturing Todd naked.
Daniel: So, are you hungry Champ"
Sean: I'm starving dad.
Daniel: How does steak sound?
Sean: Great! Let's go.

After a long dinner Daniel and "Champ" as he was now called got back in the car for the 2 hour ride home. The ride was quiet, as both men were deeply involved in reconstructing the sexual fantasies they had formulated throughout the day. [Like father, like son.] Sean thought of his dad and the view of a naked Jeff in the locker room-trying to mesh the two into one 3-way fantasy. Daniel was busy trying to interpret Todd's looks in the Men's Room. 'Was he trying to tell me something? Did he hear me jacking off?'. He couldn't figure it out so he let his mind wander back to the sight of his son wrestling in his tight red singlet-enjoying the vision of his son's body straining as he pinned his opponent repeatedly.

As Daniel fantasized about Todd and his son, Sean's brain went on to thoughts of other things. School, the English Lit. test he had on Monday. This reminded him of his mother who used to teach English at the Middle School. She had died 4 years ago shortly after his 13th birthday. He thought how much he missed her. Finally, he spoke.

Sean: Dad?
Daniel: Yeah Champ?
Sean: I wish mom was still here so she could have seen me today.
The mention of his dead wife snapped Daniel out of his fantasy world. He told Sean how proud she would have been of him and happy to see him growing up into such a handsome young man, how much she loved him and how she always said that he would go on to great things. Sean smiled and casually wiped away the tear in his eye. Daniel put his hand on his sons' head and mussed his hair a bit. Sean looked over at his father who gave him a reassuring "it's OK" look.
Sean: You really miss her, don't you.
Daniel: Everyday son. I miss seeing her face as I'm falling asleep and in the morning when I wake up. But, luckily, I have you. I see a lot of her in you Champ.
The conversation ended there as each drifted off in their own minds sifting through their memories.

Daniel had never been attracted to men while he was married, but he hadn't been attracted to women either. His wife was the center of his world-the only relationship he had ever had. They dated all through High School and College and got married shortly after graduation. When she was alive he didn't want to be with anyone else. Since her passing he couldn't be with anyone else.

It was only last summer that he discovered he was attracted his son. This revelation stirred up all kinds of new feelings in him. He found himself noticing men in a new way-getting aroused by them. For the first time since his wife died he felt like he was alive again. Over the past 6 months he had had sex with a few guys-mostly from his gym. Nothing serious but enough to fill his needs and convince him that he liked it-a lot.

The car finally pulled into the driveway a few minutes after 10PM. Daniel and Sean went into the house. Sean went up to his room, put on a CD and got undressed to his boxers. He lay on his bed finishing some reading he had to do for school on Monday.

Daniel went into the living room and took care of some bills, watched the news and then headed upstairs to his bedroom. He heard music coming from Sean's room down the hall and stopped by to say goodnight. Back in his bedroom, Daniel did some reading then undressed and prepared to take nice long shower before bed. He was about to turn the water on when he realized he never saw the medal that Sean won. He grabbed his robe from the closet, threw it on and headed down the hall to Sean's room.

Just as he was about to knock he saw, through the slightly ajar door, Sean in his boxers standing in front of his full-length mirror doing bicep curls in rhythm with the music. Daniel stood there transfixed by his sons beautiful body-each curl revealed a perfect muscle, bigger than the last. He moved back a bit in the dark hallway so that he could see Sean in the mirror, but not be seen. As he watched, his hand instinctively went down to his crotch and grabbed his cock, which was poking through the opening in his robe. He had seen Sean working out before but watching in secret and getting to jack off gave him a huge rush.

He stood there, frozen, his hand the only thing moving as it slowly massaged his cock. He felt a drop of precum on his finger and brought it to his mouth sucking it off and dreaming that it was a drop from his son's cock. His hand returned to his cock where he rubbed his saliva over the head-allowing his hand to glide over the rim. Just then Sean put down his weights. Afraid that he might be seen, Daniel moved to the other side of the door and peaked with one eye through the thin crevasse between the door and the frame. He felt his heart speeding up.

Cock still in hand, Daniel watched his 'Champ' go out of view and return in front of the mirror with a box. He opened it and took out his medal-a large gold disc attached to a piece of blue ribbon. He looked at it a minute reading the inscription (Daniel thought) and then put it around his neck. The boy admired his body and award in the mirror. Daniel continued to stroke with one hand while the other was massaging his balls. He watched as Sean flexed his left bicep, grabbing it with his right hand. His hand squeezing the mound of heavily veined muscle, feeling its hardness. He reversed his hands and did the same for his right bicep.

Daniel was so aroused by this didn't know how much longer he could last. He could tell his son was getting aroused too by the rising tent in his shorts. As he watched, Sean hooked his thumbs under the waistband of his boxers and pushed them down letting them fall to the floor. His cock stood straight up almost resting on his abs. Daniel loved the sight of his cute round ass-not hairy yet but covered with soft blond fuzz. Sean stepped out of his boxers and continued to flex in the mirror now naked except for the blue and gold medal hanging between his pecs.

Daniel's eyes shifted between his son's fuzzy ass and his hard young cock-thick and veined. He felt an orgasm building up in his gut, looking down he saw his cock was purple and swelled. He watched as Sean bent over to pick up his weights revealing his asshole. Daniel's eyes got wide as he lusted after the fuzzy pink hole. In an instant he felt his cock explode. The initial thrust sent his cum streaming in front of his face and hitting the ceiling. The next, almost as forceful, went onto the wall besides Sean's door. It felt as if he would never stop. Cum was dripping onto his legs and feet. He turned his head into his robe to muffle his moans. The force slowly died down as his cum covered hand lightly and slowly slid over his pulsating cockhead. He watched his 'Champ' continue to work his body as he licked his cum from his hand.

Fully spent and somewhat dazed, Daniel used the corner of his robe to wipe off the wall and part of Sean's door. There was nothing he could about the ceiling right then. He closed his robe again and went back to his room where he showered off and got in bed. As he drifting into sleep, he thought about his little 'Champ' all grown up and the day that they would finally make love.

The next morning, Sunday, Daniel got up around 9 feeling refreshed after a good night's sleep filled with dreams of his 'Champ'. He put on a pair of sweat shorts and a t-shirt and went downstairs to make some coffee.

As it was brewing he went over to the window that looked out over the backyard and the pool which was still covered up for the winter. As he stared out, the bleak winter scene slowly transformed into that hot July day last summer. The sun emerged from behind the clouds and he saw it sparkling on the clear blue water. He saw Sean emerge from the pool as the sun danced off his glistening smooth body. He watched his son standing there, basking in the warmth as he ran his fingers through his blond hair half flexing his arms and exposing his armpits. The water from his suit was running down his muscular legs covered with downy blond hair. He relived the exact moment at which he first realized that his son had matured into this young Adonis with the power to make his loins stir. As he heard Sean's footsteps upstairs, his fantasy gradually faded out and the scene was replaced by the dreary day that it was. Daniel left the window and started to make breakfast.

Sean walked into the kitchen a few minutes later, in his boxers from last night, and sat down at the table yawning and still half asleep.

Sean: Morning dad.
Daniel: Hey-how's my 'Champ' this morning?
Sean: Pretty good, still kinda about you?
Daniel: Great, thanks. I slept like a log last night.
Daniel went to pour himself another cup of coffee.
Sean: I bet...[yawn] did after...[yawn]...cumming so hard last night.

As Daniel processed Sean's words, his life shifted into slow-motion. His mug dropped from his hand and he watched as it slowly made its way to the tile floor silently shattering into a thousand pieces just like his world was about to..

to be continued...

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