The Champ and His Dad

fiction by S. O'Malley

Chapter 3: Resolution and a Plan

The crash of the mug hitting the tile floor snapped Sean out of his half-asleep state. `Did I say that outloud?' he thought over and over. He looked over at his father who was frozen, staring down at the pieces of pottery in the pool of black coffee. Sean got up quickly and ran over to him.
Sean: Dad, are you all right?
There was no response. Daniel was in shock-his life and that of his son were flashing in his head. He feared that this would end their relationship. After losing his wife he couldn't bear losing his son too. `Surely, he'll think I'm sick' played over and over in his head.
Sean: Dad?
Daniel didn't want to, but he turned his head to face his son. As their eyes met he saw a soothing grin come over his son's beautiful face that told him it would be O.K. Sean touched his dad's face, his fingers brushing against the rough unshaven skin.
Sean: I want it too dad. I've wanted you for years.
Daniel turned his body to face his sons. Putting his hands on Sean's soft, smooth cheeks, he leaned in, tilting his head, and touched his lips softly to his sons. He felt the electricity that flowed from Sean's body into his and back. He pulled back a bit to see Sean's face still holding it.
Daniel: Are you sure about this Champ?
Sean: I've never wanted anything more than this.
Daniel's eyes darted around his son's face taking in it's beauty as he leaned in again, moving his hands to the back of Sean's head. Sean grabbed his father's sides and pulled him against himself as their tongues slowly danced in and out of each other's mouth. Daniel could feel his son's hardness against his own as their bodies rubbed. Sean let his hands explore his father's body, just as he had fantasized about so many times, rubbing them over his thick shoulders, down his back and finally resting them on his round ass.

After awhile, Daniel pulled his mouth away, licking his lips. Sean's eyes opened and saw his father smiling. He felt the same way. Neither of them believed that this was really happening.

Daniel: Turn around [he whispered].
As Sean turned, Daniel scooped him up in his strong arms, and carried his Champ upstairs.

3 blocks away, Todd was sitting in his underwear-white briefs-eating a bowl of cereal and reading "Sports Illustrated". Outside, his wrestling coach Mr. Lopez (but everyone on the team called him Jose or Coach or Coach J)---Mr. Lopez was walking up to the front door. He was a handsome Puerto Rican man, in his early 30's, with jet-black hair and dark eyes. His body was huge--everywhere--and very smooth as he shaved it regularly. As a professional bodybuilder he had once held the title of "Mr. Puerto Rico". After he stopped competing he moved to the states and had been coaching the High School wrestling and soccer teams since then. It wasn't a great job but it had its benefits.

Todd heard the doorbell ring and went to the door. He opened it and saw the coach standing there.

Todd: Hey Coach J. Come in.

Jose grinned and entered the house. Todd closed the door and leaned his back against it as Jose pressed into him ramming his tongue into the young stud's mouth. As they were kissing wildly, he took off his coat and dropped it to the floor then thrust his hand into Todd's briefs and grabbed his stiff rod. Todd unbuttoned Jose's shirt and ripped it open revealing his thick dark brown pecs and abs. His started to run his fingers over the hard purple nipples. Jose pulled away from Todd's mouth and looked at him.

Coach: Are you sure your parents are gone for the day?
Todd: Yeah, they won't be back until 10 tonight.
Coach: I'm glad you called me.
Todd: Me too. What did you tell your wife?
Coach: Told her I was going to play some basketball at the gym.
Todd: Good one.

Todd lowered his head and began to lick his coach's pecs while he pulled off his shirt. Jose put his hands on Todd's head and guided his mouth over his chest, moaning when Todd would suck or bite his nipples. He moved Todd's head to his abs where he licked each ridge. He finally got the boy to his knees. Todd put his mouth on Jose's jeans feeling the hard cock under the tight faded denim. He traced it with his mouth breathing hot air onto it. He looked up while he did this and saw the coach leaning back with his hands behind his head, his biceps flexed.

Todd grabbed the fly of the jeans and unbuttoned them letting them fall to the floor. He pulled the coach's underwear down to his calves, letting the thick uncut cock spring free. He pulled back the foreskin and licked the first drops of precum off the bulging head. He heard a loud moan from above him and took the fat cock into his mouth managing to get it all down his throat. Jose's hands grabbed Todd's head and held it still as he started to slide his cock in and out of his mouth-slowly at first then gradually faster.

Coach: Ahhh...yeah....that's it...suck my fat cock.......oh, fuck boy...that's a good boy...

The sound of Jose's sexy low growl made Todd's cock erupt in his briefs surrounding the head with the warm cum. Jose began to pound faster and deeper now as he approached his climax.

Coach: Fuck!...I love that hot mouth sucking my cock....Yeah...I know you like it boy.

Suddenly he stopped, let out a loud roar and began pumping his cum into Todd's throat. Todd felt it filling his mouth and swallowed load after load of the hot nectar. Jose pulled out and milked the last drops onto Todd's lips. Todd licked them savoring the taste.

The Coach grabbed Todd by the shoulders and picked him up to his feet where he pushed him back against the door and pressed his mouth to young stud's wet lips. As they made out Todd felt the coach's hand in his briefs rubbing his wet cock. The coach removed his hand and brought it up to Todd's lips. He dutifully opened his mouth and sucked his cum off of each of the coach's fingers one-by-one. When he had finished, the coach licked the young man's lips getting a taste of the sweet young fluid.

Coach: Fuck that was hot. You're a good little cocksucker.
Todd: You've got a cock that I like to suck.

Todd grabbed the coach's hanging cock and started to jack him off.

Coach: You trying to make me cum again?
Todd: No. Just getting it hard so you can fuck me.
Coach: Now I remember why I made you team captain. [the coach grinned]
Todd: You fuck other guys on the team.
Coach: Yeah, but you've got the sweetest ass.

Jose's hands were behind Todd grabbing his ass and spreading it open. He brought a finger up to Todd's mouth and had him suck it, then returned it to his ass and rubbed the warm saliva on the hole. Todd's mouth was open letting out breathy moans as the coach's finger penetrated and massaged his tight opening.

Coach: Let's go to your bedroom.
Todd: Yeah.

Jose stepped out of his jeans and underwear and left them on the floor with the rest of his clothes. He walked behind Todd salivating at the sight of that hard, round jock ass. Todd pulled the blankets off the bed and got on all-fours, the way coach liked it. The coach got on his knees behind Todd and grabbed his waist pulling his ass up and spreading it open. Todd put his arms and head on a pillow as he felt Jose's tongue on his ass. The coach licked his hole with the full length of his tongue. Long slow strokes ending with the tip of his tongue tickling his tight hole. He shoved it in wetting the opening for his cock. Todd was moaning softly as his hole was worked over.

Jose pulled back and grabbed the lube that Todd had set out. He squirt some on the jock's ass and slid a finger in and out, lubing the hole. He put more on his hand and rubbed it onto his hard cock. He pulled his foreskin back and rubbed the engorged head on Todd's eager hole, positioning himself as he grabbed Todd's waist hard.

In one quick motion, he shoved the full length of his cock into Todd, who let out low groan as he dug his fingers into the pillow. Jose stayed like that awhile as he ground his pubes against the smooth round orbs. Todd felt his ass opening to accommodate the thick probe. Jose pulled out painfully slow stimulating every inch of the tight opening making Todd whimper in exquisite ecstasy. Todd felt the swelled head pulling out of his ass stretching his hole even wider. Jose positioned himself again and, this time, entered Todd slowly starting the rhythm of his fucking.

Todd bit into the pillow as the coach's cock started to slide in and out of him. Jose would pull Todd back as he pushed forward, thrusting his cock into the jock's ass. Todd's hole was on fire and he felt the coach's cock in his gut. He clenched his jaw experiencing both incredible pain and unbelievable pleasure.

Jose brought his hands back and pulled the cheeks apart as he continued to fuck him faster and faster-his balls slapping against Todd's ass with each thrust. He loved the feel of Todd's ass as it grabbed his cock, massaging every inch. Wanting to see his face as he screwed him, Jose pulled out, grabbed the boy's waist and flipped him onto his back. Todd grabbed behind his knees and pulled his legs up in the air, spreading them as far as he could.

Jose again positioned his cock on the warm hole as he put his hands on either side of Todd, his young face just below his own. He easily slid back into the opening, watching Todd wince and moan as he resumed fucking him. His thrusting quickly regained its speed as sweat began to run down his chest and abs, dripping down onto Todd below. Todd opened his eyes and saw the large gold crucifix around the coach's neck swinging hypnotically over his head.

Jose felt his balls start to pump and he pulled out. Todd watched as the coach's eyes rolled back, his face frozen in the climactic moment. Jose's entire body tensed and flexed, veins popping out everywhere, as his cock exploded, showering Todd's body with the white-hot fluid. He came for what seemed like an eternity, his thick cock pumping load after load onto Todd as he hovered above him.

Jose's cock, finally completed, started to bend down and he relaxed his body letting out a loud sigh. He lowered himself to Todd's face licking the cum off his cheeks and nose and lips. Pushing himself back onto his knees, he leaned over and licked up the rest of his juice mixed with the sweat on Todd's torso. When he had gotten it all he fell on top of Todd, exhausted. They lay like that for minutes, not saying anything, just feeling each other's body.

Jose rolled off of Todd and lay on his back. He grabbed the young jock and pulled him next to him. Todd laid his arm across the coach's abs, resting his head on the warm moist pillow of his pecs. Jose began to stroke the young man's hair as they spoke.

Coach: How did you know about me and the other guys on the team?
Todd: [laughing] I didn't. I was just guessing.
Coach: Oh. Good guess.
Todd: So, which of the guys have you fucked?
Coach: I can't give you names, that wouldn't be right.
Todd: Well, most of them? All of them?
Coach: I've only fucked two of the other guys. But, most of them have sucked me off.
Todd: What about Sean?
Coach: I've never done anything with him-not that I haven't tried. He's almost as sexy as you, studboy.
Todd: I think his dad is fuckin' hot.
Coach: Really? I've never seen his dad.
Todd: He's totally sexy. I flirt with him but nothing ever happens. At the State Finals yesterday he was checkin' me out in the bathroom.
Coach: What did you do?
Todd: I ran into him in the bathroom. So I acted like I was takin' a piss in the urinal, but I just got myself half-hard. Then I turned around and showed him my cock as I put it back in my jock.
Coach: Did he look?
Todd: You should have seen him. His eyes got huge and I gave him my grin.
Coach: I like that grin--very hot.
Todd: I gotta find a way to seduce him. He needs it bad.
Coach: You help me get Sean and I'll help you with his dad.
Todd: Sounds like a good foursome to me.
Coach: Fuck yeah, it does.
Todd: Do you have a plan to make this work?
Todd: Yes! But we have to wait a few weeks.

to be continued...

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