The Champ and His Dad

fiction by S. O'Malley

Chapter 4: Finally, The Moment...

Daniel carried his son up to the bedroom and laid him on the bed. He stood at the side admiring his son's beautiful body as he slipped his t-shirt over his head. Sean looked up at his father's bare upper body. It was sexier than he had remembered and it was finally his. Daniel pushed down his boxer shorts and showed his son his erect cock for the first time. Sean had dreamed of being this close to his father's hardness, but he never imagined anything this erotically charged. Daniel leaned over the bed and pulled his son's shorts down his legs and off onto the floor. Sean's erection lay against his thigh.

Daniel mounted the bed and lay on top of his son, their naked bodies touching for the first time, their hard cocks next to one another throbbing in perfect synch. He put his mouth to his son's and they kissed passionately exploring the other's mouth with their jousting tongues.

Daniel moved down the bed as he kissed his son's neck, then pecs-stopping to service each hard pink nipple. Sean watched his father the whole time, as his fantasy became reality. Daniel slid down some more placing kisses all over his son's muscular upper body. He stopped at his belly button and licked all around it before putting his tongue in it. Sean was ticklish and this made giggle a little. Daniel looked up at his son and saw the most beautiful boy he had seen in his life.

Daniel licked the blond trail leading down to his son's cock. When he got to his pubes he inhaled deeply, smelling the manly athletic scent of his son. He touched the tip of his tongue to Sean's cock and licked down the throbbing shaft. A small drop of pre-cum appeared at the tip and Daniel's tongue went to capture it. Sean threw his head back as his father licked all around the sensitive head of his cock.

Wanting this to last as long as possible, Daniel ran his lips down the sides of the long hard shaft and took his son's balls into his mouth, one at a time, rolling them around with his tongue. Sean's head moved rapidly from side to side as the blissful sensation overwhelmed his whole body. The taste and smell of his son's crotch had Daniel's cock dripping copious amounts of pre-cum onto the bed.

Sean grabbed his father's shoulders and pulled him back on top of him. His mouth flew to his father's as his hands moved through his dark black hair. The men rolled around the bed as they made out, their legs intertwined and their cocks in constant contact. Precum flowed from both running onto the other as their cocks slid between them.

Sean ended up on top of his father and he gave him the same treatment-licking down his torso, sucking his large red nipples, smelling his father's scents, feeling his fur against his face. When he got to his father's cock he stared at its beauty for a minute before wrapping his lips around the swollen head. He loved the sweet-salty taste of his dad's precum. He ran his lips and tongue all over the trembling shaft, tracing each thick vein and feeling the blood pulsating beneath the skin.

He took the head of Daniel's cock back into his mouth started to bob up and down on it, each time taking a little more as he worked the long thick shaft down his throat. Daniel watched in amazement as his son expertly gave him the greatest blowjob of his life, his smooth full lips gracefully sliding up and down as his tongue curled around the shaft. He saw Sean's cock dripping and craved more of his boy's juice. He put his hand on Sean's shoulder and gave him a look. Sean knew what to do without any words being spoken.

Leaving his father's cock, he laid on his side, in the 69 position, as they began to suck each other--their bodies fused together as one. Daniel ran his hand over the back of Sean's thigh, up to his ass and back down, each time his fingers just grazing his son's fuzzy virgin hole. A shock of desire went through Sean's body every time that his father did this.

After many passes over his ass Sean couldn't hold back anymore and he started having the most mind-blowing orgasm of his young life. His cock began to pulse, rapidly expelling every drop in his balls into his father's waiting mouth. Daniel felt the throbbing and started to unload himself as well. Each man giving and swallowing together, the combined energy flowing in a circle. Their mutual orgasm lasted an eternity, neither one seeming to run out of cum for the other who greedily drank it in.

Getting every last drop, both men lay there licking the other clean. Sean turned his body and lay on top Daniel, his head below his fathers, resting on his gently heaving chest. Daniel wrapped his arms tightly around his son, holding him close as if he was afraid of losing him. Sean slid his hands up under his father's shoulders holding just as tight. Their legs entwined with each other.

At just 11AM it had already been a long day for them and they drifted off to sleep, relishing the euphoric feeling coursing through them.

The next day, Sean got up and got ready for school just like any other day. The only difference was that his father kissed him passionately as he said `Have a good day, son'.

That afternoon Sean found himself on a stage in the gym, the bleachers filled with all of the 11th and 12th grade male jocks. Next to him on the stage were Todd and Brett-the other 2 wrestlers who had won at the State Finals-all wearing their medals. On the opposite side he saw the Principal and Coach J. Off the stage and to the side, they had put up a large movie screen.

The Principal stood up at the lectern as he explained that the 3 wrestlers had each won the state title, the crowd cheered as each one was acknowledged. Then Coach J. got up and praised each of the guys. He explained that the matches had been filmed and that he would show them now. Sean didn't remember anyone filming him, but figured the camera must have been out of his view.

First up was Todd. The lights were dimmed as the coach started the projector. Sean watched as Todd masterfully took his opponent down repeatedly. He leaned over and complimented Todd. Coach J. stopped the projector and the lights came up as he talked about Todd's match.

The lights dimmed, darker this time it seemed to Sean, as the coach started the projector again. Sean never liked to watch his matches and he turned away from the screen. Suddenly he heard a murmur start to go through the crowd punctuated with `what the fuck?', `that's sick man', 'fuckin' homo' and other slurs. Sean looked over at the screen and saw a film of himself sucking off his dad being projected to massive size on the screen.

Shock didn't describe what Sean was feeling at that moment. He looked over at Todd who just smirked back at him and started to laugh. He looked at the coach over by the projector-he was standing there grabbing his crotch and winking at Sean. His eyes darted across the audience, more of a mob at this point, laughing and pointing at him. He looked back at Todd.

Sean: What the fuck is this man?
Todd: We all know Sean. You didn't think we'd find out?

Todd stood there laughing at Sean who was speechless and horrified. Suddenly the angry mob began to come down from the stands and started to move toward him.

Daniel felt his son jump out of his arms, the sudden movement waking him.

Daniel: Son, what's the matter? What's wrong?
It took Sean a minute to figure out it was just a dream. Daniel grabbed his son's shoulders and looked into his eyes.
Daniel: I think you had a bad dream. Are you O.K. son?
Sean nodded `yes' and put his arms around his dad resting his head on his solid shoulder. Daniel could feel his son shaking and held him close. He whispered into his ear:
Daniel: Don't worry son, I'll protect you. You are always safe with me. Sean: [whispering back] I love you dad. Daniel: I love you too son.

Meanwhile, back at Todd's house, [Coach] Jose was dressed again and standing near the front door ready to leave. He and Todd, who was naked, were just finishing their goodbye kiss.

Coach: Oh, can I ask you a favor?
Todd: You can ask, no promises though.

Todd knew he would do anything for Jose. Jose knew it too and smirked at the kid.

Coach: You're a smartass aren't you?
Todd: You know I am. What's the favor?
Coach: My brother is coming to visit on Wednesday, but the wife and I have to go see her parents over the weekend. Could you stop by, maybe Friday night, and entertain him while I'm gone?
Todd: Which brother?
Coach: My little brother, Angel. You know, the 20 year-old. He's flying in from San Juan and won't have a car. I don't want him trapped in the house all weekend. I'd really appreciate it and I'd pay you back any way you wanted.
Todd: I can't refuse an offer like that. Sure, it's cool. I'm supposed to go out with some of the guys on Friday anyway.
Coach: Thanks stud. I'll tell him to expect you around 9?
Todd: Perfect.

The two kissed once more before Jose went out the door. Todd closed it and stood there fantasizing about this young version of Jose he was about to meet. He forgot about seducing Sean's dad for a moment as he began to formulate a scheme that would ensure he ended up in the middle of a Lopez brother orgy.

to be continued...

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