The Champ and His Dad

fiction by S. O'Malley

Chapter 6: At Home with the Xenakis [zen-AH-kiss] Boys

The Xenakis boys were, in most people's opinion, the best looking boys in Dover Falls. That is if you like the tall, dark and sexy type. Jeff, the younger of the two at 16, was tall [6'2''], dark [black hair and eyes, olive skin] and sexy [well, maybe cute]. Nick, the older at 20, was tall [kind of-5'9''], dark [black hair and eyes, olive skin a shade darker than his brother's] and sexy [One look from Nick would make you melt]. If anyone in the family embodied all three traits, it was their father, Christophe. He 41, tall [6'3''], dark [black hair and eyes, and dark olive skin] and sexy [think: "Greek God"].

Jeff was a sophomore at Dover Falls High and (our main character) Sean's best friend. Nick had joined the Navy after High School and was just home for a week on leave. When we left this family, Nick had threatened to tell his mom and dad all of Jeff's secrets, unless he gave him a blowjob.

Nick: Well, little bro, what's it gonna be?

Nick continued to gently stroke his cock, pulling the foreskin back hoping to tempt his little brother with the shiny head.

Jeff: Fuck you man!! Go ahead and tell mom and dad. See if I care.

Jeff was bluffing. Nick stuffed his cock back into his jeans, zipped them and headed for the door. He was bluffing as well, but was pretty sure that his little bro would break first. Jeff put his hand on the doorknob.

Jeff: Wait!
Nick: Change your mind little bro?
Jeff: Fuck! OK I'll do it.
Nick: That's a good little bro.

Nick walked back to where he had been standing in front of his brother who was sitting on the edge of his bed.

Jeff: Well? Are you gonna take it out?
Nick: No. This time you have to do it little bro
Jeff: Whatever

Jeff had a look on his face that was one of hatred and disgustoboth aimed at his brother. He reached forward and undid his brother's jeans, pulled the zipper down and slid them off Nick's waist, letting them fall to his ankles. He could see his brother's bulge in his white briefs. He grabbed the waistband and pulled those down too. Nick's cock hung there.

Nick: You gotta get it hard first little bro.
Jeff: That wasn't part of your deal.
Nick: OK, OK. I'll let you off this time little bro.
vNick reached down and started to jack his cock. Jeff watched as it started to grow. The head became visible from under the foreskin as it pushed its way outoand kept pushing until it was a good 9 inches from Nick's body. Jeff looked at it in amazement, then horror. He looked up at his big brother's face.
Jeff: Bro I can't suck that. It'll choke me to death.
Nick: Just start slow little bro. Suck on just the head first.

Nick let go of his cock letting it stand on its own. He grabbed his t-shirt and pulled it over his headothrowing it on his little bro's bed. Jeff closed his eyes and leaned forward, taking the bulbous head of Nick's cock into his mouth. He wrapped his lips around the base of the head and started to move his tongue over it. It wasn't as horrible as Jeff had thought it would be. He started to move his mouth back and forth, caressing his bro's cockhead with his tongue. Nick watched it all from above, getting very horny at the sight of his little brother blowing him.

After a minute or so, Jeff opened his eyes realizing this wasn't that bad. He could feel his own cock pushing at his sweats, wanting to get out. He began to rub it through his pants. Slowly, he was able to take more of Nick's cock, gagging a little but not too bad. He discovered that he really liked the sweet taste of Nick, and started to wonder why he ever refused to do this.

Working up speed, Jeff began to take Nick's full length, letting it hit the back of his throat and then pulling off, his lips wrapped tightly around the thick shaft. Nick put one hand above his little bro's head and felt his nappy black hair on each plunge. He could see that this was turning his little bro on, as the wet spot on his sweat pants continued to grow. Nick let him suck him for a few more minutes before he put his hand on Jeff's headostopping him. Jeff looked up at his brother noticing for the first time the black sun tattooed around his navel.

Jeff: What?
Nick: Why don't you take your clothes off little bro.

Jeff ripped off his t-shirt exposing the hairiest body Nick had ever seen. Nick leaned down and touched his little bro's chest.

Nick: Damn bro. Where'd you get all this?
Jeff: I dunno. It's always been there.

Jeff lay back on the bed as he pulled his sweats off showing an equally hairy pair of legs and crotch. His cock stood very erect. Nick noticed it right away.

Nick: Little bro! Can I take it this isn't as bad as you thought?
Jeff: OK, fine I was wrong. Guess I am a fag after all.
Nick: Nah, you're not a fag if you do it with your brother.
Jeff: That some new rule or something?
Nick: It is now

Jeff went to return to Nick's cock, but his big brother grabbed his shoulders.

Nick: Lean back little bro.
Jeff: Why?
Nick: You ask too many questions. Just do it.

Jeff leaned back, his feet still on the floor as Nick dropped to his knees diving onto his little brother's cock. He had sucked a lot of cock in his time, but none tasted as good as Jeff's or had the rigidity of his little bro. He pulled off for a second and let a glob of spit fall from his mouth onto the purple head. It felt like a piece of living rock as Nick began to massage it with his hand. He knew he had to have it in his ass. He continued to work it with his hand making sure Jeff didn't come just yet.

Nick: You ever fucked little bro?

Jeff lifted his head off the bed looking down his body to Nick's face.

Jeff: Yeah, I've fucked some girls at school.
Nick: Good goin' little bro. You ever get em up the ass?
Jeff: No.
Nick: Wanna try it?
Jeff: With who?
Nick: Right here little bro.

Nick reached back and slapped his own ass as he gauged his little brother's reaction.

Jeff: You'd let me fuck you? Have you gone queer bro?
Nick: I like to think of it as being "open" little bro.
Jeff: I'll fuck you on one condition.
Nick: What's that?
Jeff: You stop calling me "little bro" all the fuckin' time.
Nick: Deal...bro.

Nick stood up and pulled his jeans and briefs from around his ankles, as Jeff sat up, back on the edge of the bed.

Nick: Stand up little...Stand up Jeff.

Jeff got off the bed as Nick jumped on. He got on his hands and knees on the end of the bed, facing the door.

Nick: It's all yours bro.

As Jeff got into position behind his big bro, he noticed that he had a very hot ass, with dark tan lines across both his perfectly round cheeks. It was smooth except for some curly black hair in the crack. Jeff's cock dripped with anticipation as he aimed his cockhead at Nick's hole. He grabbed his big bro's waist and thrust into him, his slimy cock sliding in easily.

The sensation was new to Jeff. This was way better than a cunt. The tightness grabbed his cock and massaged it as he pushed in and out of Nick--who was loving his little bro pounding him.

Nick: aaaaaahhhhhh...yeah bro that's it...fuck that's good.

Jeff felt like he was in charge for the first time in their relationship. He firmly slapped Nick's ass as he fucked it, feeling the friction warm his cock. Nick's head fell as he moaned loudly, hearing his little bro make the same sound. Sweat dripped off Jeff's face, falling into his thick curly chest hair.

Jeff slapped his bro's ass, right as his bedroom door swung open. He froze as he saw his father standing there.

Nick: Fuck, don't stop bro.

As Nick raised his head he also froze at the sight of his dad. Both boys' eyes grew wide out of fear. Jeff could feel the sweat run faster off his head.

Their father came into the room closing the door behind him. He stood there in his suit pants and Oxford shirt looking at his sons as he puffed on his pipe. Even in clothes you could see how perfectly sculpted his body was.

Dad: So are you boys enjoying yourselves?

Neither boy could speak and just kept staring. Their father was so casual in everything he said and did, as if this was a normal occurrence in their home, that it made the experience that much more unsettling to the boys.

Dad: I'll take that as a yes.

Mr. Xenakis walked across the room and sat in the chair by Jeff's desk, the boys eyes following each step.

Dad: You boys don't mind if I watch do you?

Nick and Jeff stammered out something consisting of `no', `no sir', `uh no'oall together it sounded like a mash of words roughly equaling a "no".

Dad: Great. Please, continue.

Jeff turned his head to face the door and NOT his dad, as he started to fuck Nick again. He started slowly, and as he forgot his father was there picked up the pace to where he had left off.

Mr. Xenakis sat watching them from across the room, puffing his pipe. He could feel his cock starting to swell in his black wool pants. Nick was looking at him out of the corner of his eye, as his father, holding his pipe in his teeth, began to unbutton the cuffs of his shirt. Grabbing his pipe in one hand, he began to unbutton his shirt. He pulled it out of his pants and it fell open exposing his hairy, perfectly formed pecs and abs.

Jeff looked over at his dad and saw his shirt was open, turning back to look at the door. Being the one watched for a change strangely turned him on. He started to fuck his bro with long deep thrusts. Nick felt the change and started to moan again each time Jeff hit the pit of his ass. Mr. Xenakis, meanwhile, had removed his pants and pulled his thick uncut cock out of his boxersostroking it as he sat there.

Jeff was really getting into this now, calling his big bro his "fuck-pig" and making him beg for each thrust of his stone cock. Nick was loving being subservient to his skinny little broofeeling his cock filling his hot hole.

Jeff: OK Nick. Tell me you want it!!
Nick: I want it bro...Come on give it to me... Fuck me!

As Jeff's cock hit the end of Nick's canal, it began to erupt. He started to jack himself off in Nick's ass as he fell onto his big bro's back, his hips moving frantically as he rubbed against the walls of Nick's ass feeling his cum ooze around his hard shaft. Nick felt the cum start to cool down his burning ass, just as he felt Jeff's hairy sweaty torso fall onto his back.

Jeff lay on his brother's back as he reached around and grabbed his big brother's cock. It only took a few strokes to ignite Nick's cock sending streams of cum up his stomach and chest, some reaching his chin. Nick lowered himself to the bed, feeling the wet rug on his back. He reached back and grabbed his little bro's head and rubbed it as a satisfied smile came across his face.

Dad: Very good boys!

The sound of their dad's voice scared them as, for a moment, they forgot that he was there. Both of their heads turned toward the voice, seeing him across the room, standing with his boxers pulled under his balls. His cock stood straight up, parallel to his ridged abs.

The boys got up from the bed and walked over to their dad, kneeling before him. Jeff pulled down his dad's boxers as Nick swallowed his beefy cock. Jeff started to run his hands over his father's thighs feeling the taut muscle under the hairy flesh. Mr. Xenakis rested his hands on his hips as he watched his boys work him over. Jeff's hands worked their way to his dad's balls and he massaged them gently.

Nick pulled off and, putting his hand on the back of Jeff's head, guided his little bro's mouth to their dad's impressive manhood. Jeff stuck out his tongue and licked the pulsing shaft from bottom to top. Nick joined in as both their tongues slithered over their dad's cock and balls.

They put their lips on either side of the shaft and moved up and down. When they would reach the tip at the same time, their lips meeting, they would send their tongue into the other's mouth. Both boy's could feel their cocks beginning to stiffen again as they licked and sucked and kissed.

Their father moved between them, his cock in Jeff's face. Nick pulled his father's ass open and began to service his hairy pink hole, as Jeff took his egg shaped balls into his mouth. Mr. Xenakis felt like a king as his two boys serviced him front and back. He placed a hand on each of their heads and held them there.

Nick buried his face in his father's ass licking and probing it with his tongue while Jeff started to bob up and down on his cock. Both boys stroked their cocks as they pleased daddy. Their father stayed like that, throwing his head back and gasping as either boy hit one of his many sensitive spots.

After what seemed like hours of sustained pleasure, Mr. Xenakis turned and stood facing his sons. He looked down at them watching their eyes scan his well-developed body as they tugged on their hard cocks. He pulled their mouths to his cock and they resumed licking and sucking him as he began to rub his hands over his hairy chest, pinching his nipples between his fingers.

As he felt himself about to orgasm, he reached down and grabbed his cock. He stroked himself a bit before cum began to shoot out, landing on his son's faces and bodies. Both boys opened their mouths and savored the taste of the cum that had made them so many years ago. Their dad's body shook as he milked out the last few spurts of cum, after which both boys began to clean their father's cock with their tongues.

Mr. Xenakis sat back in the chair. He told his boys to stand up. They obeyed and stood on either side of their father. Grabbing a cock in each hand he started to jack them both off. The boys leaned in and made out as their father licked the pre-cum off the heads of their cocks.

The boy's kissing became more passionate, as their father jacked them faster looking back and forth to see who would cum first---it would be a tie as both boys shot their first load of thick boy-cum onto their fathers chest. As they continued to shoot more, their dad moved their cocks over his chest and abs covering his entire upper body. The pearl-white strands transformed his torso into a Jackson Pollack canvasoboth random and beautiful.

Jeff and Nick continued to kiss each other as their cocks dripped out the remaining fluid in their balls.

Dad: Looks like dad needs a tongue bath sons.

The boys eagerly bent over and licked their combined cum from their dad's hard body, snaking their tongues through the thick black hair as he rubbed his hands over their supple asses. They fed him their cum as the evening ended with all three of their mouths together.

Dad: Thank you for the great time sons.
Nick: Aren't you gonna fuck us dad?
Dad: Sorry son. That'll have to wait until next time.

With that he nonchalantly stood up, grabbed his clothes and walked to the door. As he opened it he turned around and winked at his boys, both standing there wet and tired. He left, closing the door behind him. Jeff and Nick fell onto the bed on their stomachs laying face to face.

Jeff: What the fuck was that?
Nick: Hell if I know little bro. FUCK! Sorry, it's a hard habit to break.
Jeff: It's cool. You can call me little bro if you want.
Nick: You sure?
Jeff: Yeah. Just don't forget who owns your ass.

Jeff reached over and grabbed his big brother's ass.

Nick: Anytime I'm home it's yours, little bro.
Jeff: When do you go back to the ship?
Nick: Thursday morning.
Jeff: Four days left to fuck. Sounds good to me. Where are they taking you this time?
Nick: Persian Gulf again. At least it'll be warm.
Jeff: That how you got that great tan?
Nick: Sunny there all the time little bro.

Jeff looked over at his clock.

Jeff: Fuck it's 3:00AM. School in 4 hours.
Nick: Better get some sleep little bro.
Jeff: You gonna stay in here tonight?
Nick: If it's cool little bro.
Jeff: It's very cool bro.

Across the street, and one house over, Sean was cuddling up next to his father as they drifted off to sleep after a very good day.

3 blocks away Todd was in his room, still talking to his girlfriend who had called him 2 hours ago.

Todd: Yes, I have the money.....
Does it matter where?.....
Of course I'll go with you......
Don't worry......
I said don't worry. I'll drive you to the clinic......
Yes, and wait until you're done......
Yes, I'm sure we're doing the right thing......
You'll still be able to have kids, I promise. It's very safe......
I love you too......
OK. Get some rest. I'll see you at school in the morning......
Good Night.

Todd hung up the phone and lay on his back staring at the ceiling wondering why he had such a fucked-up life.

to be continued...

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