The Champ and His Dad

fiction by S. O'Malley

Chapter 7: Monday Morning & Back to School

Todd was still staring at the ceiling when he heard his alarm start to beep. He turned his head and saw the bright green numbers 6:00. `Fuck', he thought, `already time to get ready for school'. His hand reached out and hit the off button on his clock as he stood up next to his bed. He pulled down his boxers and stepped out of them as he headed to the shower. He started the water and feeling it get warm, stepped into the shower closing the glass door behind him.

He sat on the floor of the stall, wrapping his arms around his knees as he rested his head between them. The water poured down over him as he sat there balled-up still thinking about what he had do that afternoon. He wished he hadn't lied to his girlfriend, Jessica, about having the money for the operation, but he figured he'd work it out somehow. He stood and lathered up, washed his hair and turned off the water. He stepped out and wrapped a towel around his waist as he walked back into his room. He picked out his clothes, pair of jeans and a black sweater, got dressed and headed downstairs. He grabbed a bottle of orange juice and drank it as he walked out to his car.

As 6:00AM hit the Rosa house, Daniel, who was cuddling his son Sean, gently leaned over and hit the snooze button. Sean began to stir in his arms and Daniel stroked his back softly as the boy's mouth made its way to his. They shared a long passionate kiss.

Daniel: Morning, Champ.

Sean just smiled, relieved that the previous day had not been a dream as he rested his head back on his father's chest. They stayed like that until the alarm went off again.

Daniel: 6:15 Champ. Time to get up, don't want you to be late for school.

Daniel slid out from under his son and went to start the shower. A minute later, Sean appeared behind him and wrapped his arms around Daniel's broad, hairy torso as he gently rubbed his crotch against his father's firm, fuzzy ass. Daniel grabbed his son's hands and held him close as he leaned his head back to kiss his son's waiting mouth.

Daniel turned around to face his son as they continued to make out and grind against each other. They slowly moved into the large shower room continuing to enjoy the feel of the other's body against their own. Daniel reached down and grabbed his son's now fully erect cock and stroked it slowly as his tongue explored the boy's mouth and lips. Sean shuddered and let out a soft sigh as his father's hand wrapped around his shaft. Daniel positioned his cock next to Sean's and jacked them together in his large grip. Within seconds both men were shooting onto the other's body, the warmth of their cum mixing with that of the hot water making them slightly lightheaded as they continued to kiss deeply.

Daniel released their cocks letting them bounce on one another as he pulled his mouth away from Sean's, surveying his son's beautiful smiling face.

Daniel: I love you so much Champ. You'll never know how happy you've made me.
Sean: I feel the same way dad. You've made my every fantasy come true.

With that their mouths met again and they kissed. Daniel squeezed some shower gel onto his chest and rubbed against his son's smooth wet body, using his hairy chest like a massive washcloth. He moved Sean in front of the spray, letting his son rinse off as he stood behind him rubbing his shoulders. He grabbed the shampoo and poured some on his son's head as he sensuously massaged his scalp. Sean reached back and grabbed his father's ass, pulling him close against his back. Daniel slowly slid his body against Sean's, lathering his back and ass as he watched the foam run down over his son's muscular thighs and calves. Sean turned around allowing the gentle spray to rinse the soap from his hair.

Sean moved to the back, scooping some lather from Daniel's chest and stomach, and began to move his hands over his father's broad shoulders, kneading the thick muscle beneath the dark fuzzy skin. His hands ran down over his dad's shoulders and onto his biceps. Daniel playfully flexed them as his son grasped each round hard sphere, his hand barely covering it. Feeling his father's power was making Sean's cock stand back up.

Daniel put his hands on the back of his head giving his son access to his armpits. Sean leaned in and buried his nose in the dark wet hair, taking the mixture of his father's scent and the bath gel deep into his lungs. He ran his hands down from Daniel's pits over his sides watching them trace the perfect V shape of his father's torso. As he reached his waist he brought his soapy hands around back and caressed his father's ass, letting his thumbs slide in the hairy crease, just grazing his pink hole.

Sean dropped to his knees and spread his dad's ass open as he dove into it with his mouth, licking around it at first, then probing into the center of the sweet bud. Daniel leaned forward against the shower wall, spreading his legs and pushing his ass back further to accommodate his son's face. Sean ran his hands over his father's solid thighs and calves as he ravaged the soft pink opening. Daniel's hard cock was bobbing in the air, the tip brushing against the slick tile wall, as he luxuriated in the sensation of Sean's tongue on and in his hole.

Sean wrapped his arms around Daniel's thighs and held them tight as he started to drive his tongue deeper into his father. This was one thing that Sean never thought he would be able to bring himself to do, but in the moment the eroticism was addictive. Continuing to tongue-fuck the sweet hole he reached up and grabbed his dad's full sac, rolling the egg-shaped jewels in his hand.

The stimulation was too much for Daniel. He leaned slightly forward and slid the sensitive underside of his cockhead against the moist tile. He felt Sean's tongue begin to lightly flutter all around his hole like a million butterfly wings. As hard as he tried, Daniel couldn't hold back any longer. His cum started to slowly rise from his balls up to the base of his cock, where it rocketed through his shaft in long thick streams. Sean felt each prolonged pulse in his father's sac as he fondled it in his hand.

Daniel's legs were weak and he dropped to his knees, facing Sean. He grabbed the boy's face and they entered into another long kiss, their tongues savagely wrapping around the other as the hot water fell and splashed against their bodies. Neither one wanted to end this but they knew they had to, so they gradually brought it to a close as their kissing became softer and slower. They kneeled there looking into each other's eyes, not needing to say anything as they knew what the other was thinking.

Both men rinsed off and got out of the shower. They each grabbed a towel and dried off.

Daniel: What does my Champ want for breakfast today?
Sean: Anything you make is good with me dad.

Daniel threw on his robe and went downstairs to start breakfast after stealing one last kiss. Sean walked down the hall to his old room where all of his clothes still were. He pulled on a pair of boxer briefs and socks. He heard the phone ring as he was putting on his khakis and a white shirt. Sean went downstairs into the kitchen where Daniel was flipping a pancake. He stood behind his father wrapping his arms around him as he rested his head on his shoulder.

Sean: Who was calling this early?
Daniel: That was the airline Champ. One of the other pilots is sick and they need me to work a flight to Houston this afternoon.
Sean: How long will you be gone?

Daniel noticed a sadness in Sean's voice. He removed the pan from the stove, flipping the pancake onto the plate, and turned around caressing his son's cheek as they spoke.

Daniel: I know Champ. I wish I didn't have to go today either, but I'll be back Wednesday afternoon.
Sean: Well, I guess I can last 2 days without you….maybe.
Daniel: I'll call you every night that I'm away Champ, and when I get back I'll make it up to you.
Sean: mmmm….sounds good to me dad.
Daniel: You'd better eat Champ. Almost time for you to get going.

Sean looked at the clock seeing that he had just 5 minutes before Todd would be there to pick him up. They sat and Sean wolfed down his breakfast. As he was finishing the last bite he heard Todd's car pull into the driveway. Sean grabbed his backpack and Daniel walked him to the front door where they kissed each other goodbye.

Sean: I miss you already dad.
Daniel: Me too Champ. I'll call you tonight. Have a good day.
Sean: I will dad-you too.
Sean sneaked one last kiss then opened the door and walked out to Todd's car. Daniel waved to Todd who waved back. Todd had so much on his mind that he forget to stare and lust after Daniel standing there in his white robe. Sean got into the car and they drove off toward school.
Sean: You look like hell, man.
Todd: Thanks for noticing.
Sean: Late night last night?
Todd: Yeah something like that.
Sean: Are you OK?
Todd: Yeah, I'm fine I just have a lot on my mind.

For the rest of the ride both boys were silent. Todd went over, in his head, the possible ways that he could get the $400 he needed by that afternoon—nothing worked. He figured he'd call the clinic between classes and see if they could work something out. They parked in the student lot at Dover Falls High and walked into the building where they parted ways. Todd headed for Jessica's locker and found her there getting her books. They made plans to meet after school at Todd's car. Both of them were overwhelmed by the gravity of their situation and proceeded zombie-like to their homerooms.

Later that morning, Sean met Jeff in the cafeteria as they did almost every day for lunch. Jeff had waited all morning to talk to Sean about what had happened the night before with his brother and dad. He was dying to tell someone about his sexual discovery and after spying on Sean and Daniel the previous day he was sure that he would be cool about it. Jeff scanned the room for a private table where they could talk, but there were none. They sat down near some Freshmen and began to eat. Jeff decided, reluctantly, that this was neither the time or place to talk about their weekend activities. He went to `Plan B'.

Jeff: Hey Sean, you wanna skip French class and go hang out at the mall later?

It was a small town and the mall was really the only place kids could hang out during the winter.

Sean: Yeah, good idea. I didn't finish my homework anyway.
Jeff: Have a busy weekend?
Sean: Yeah it was pretty know, with the State Championships and everything.
Jeff: Yeah, I didn't get to my homework either. So, you wanna meet after 6th period then?
Sean: It's a date.

Jeff stared at Sean as he realized what he had just said.

Sean: I mean……
Jeff: I know what you mean.

Jeff flashed a grin that gave Sean the impression that something was up. His mind went back to his dream of the day before, where he had been `outed' in front of the whole school, and felt a small quake in the pit of his stomach. Jeff noticed the drastic change in Sean's demeanor.

Jeff: You all right, Sean?
Sean: Yeah I'm fine, just not that hungry. I gotta get to class. I'll see you at 2.
Jeff: OK man, see ya then.

With that Sean stood up and threw away his half-eaten lunch. He left the cafeteria and headed down the hall to his next class. He knew that he had seen something in Jeff's face. `How could he know?' went through his head a few hundred times before he decided he was just being paranoid---besides, Jeff was his best friend and he trusted him. He felt his stomach begin to settle as he walked into his Biology II class.

After the last bell, Todd went out to his car and found Jessica already there. He comforted her as well as he could as they drove the 15 miles to the clinic in Hanover. Arriving, they parked across the street and sat in the car in silence for a few minutes.

Todd: We'd better go in or we'll miss the appointment.

They got out of the car and Todd wrapped his arm around Jessica's shoulder as they crossed the street and entered the white building. They approached the desk and Jessica signed in, as Todd quickly looked around the room seeing if there was anyone that would know him. Aside from one other guy, that Todd didn't recognize, they were the only ones there. The nurse gave them a clipboard with papers to fill out and they sat down in the waiting area. Jessica had just begun to fill out the forms when a nurse came out and called her name.

Todd: Go ahead. I'll finish this up.

Jessica walked over to the open door and disappeared behind it as it slowly closed. Once she was out of sight Todd went back to the desk to speak with the nurse.

Nurse: Do you need some help?
Todd: Yeah, I do. I called this afternoon and the woman I spoke with told me that we don't have to pay for this all today. That's true, isn't it?
Nurse: Yes. Just pay what you can today and we'll send you a bill for the balance.
Todd: Great. Thank you.

He felt a weight lift off his shoulders as he realized that he didn't need to worry about money, at least for a few weeks. Todd returned to his seat and the copious forms he still had to complete. He looked up and, across the room, saw the guy looking over at him. Their eyes met for an instant before Todd had a momentary attack of conscience, thinking this really wasn't the time to be flirting, and put his eyes back to the clipboard as he continued to fill in the blanks.

As he worked, he heard a swishing sound and, looking up, saw the guy walking over to him. He had on a pair of black track pants pulled up to his knees [that explained the sound] and a ribbed white tank-top. As he was making his way over, Todd's eyes wandered over the guy's body. His well etched pecs were outlined by the tight shirt and the lack of sleeves left his large biceps, each with a tribal band tattooed around the center of the round muscle, exposed. Most alluring were his thick muscular calves, covered with light blond hair, that flexed as he walked. Todd's conscience was nowhere to be found as he felt himself lusting after this attractive stranger.

Aaron:  Mind if I sit here?
Todd:  No. Go ahead.
Aaron:  Thanks, man. I'm Aaron, by the way.
Todd:  Hi Todd…….My name is Todd.

Todd didn't know if he was nervous because of where he was or because of the gorgeous guy sitting right next to him.

Aaron: Nice to meet you. This really sucks doesn't it.
Todd: It feels like the longest day of my life.
Aaron: Was that your girlfriend?
Todd: Yeah, she is. You here with yours too?
Aaron: No, just a friend. She asked me to come along for moral support.
Todd: That's nice of you.
Aaron: Well, I'm a very nice guy.

Aaron smiled as he said that and Todd noticed his frat-boy good looks for the first time. His eyes were emerald green and his blond curly hair was closely cropped with sideburns that ran halfway down his cheeks ending in a point.

Aaron: So, do you go to Hanover College too?
Todd: No, I'm in High School-Dover Falls.
Aaron: Really? How old are you dude?
Todd: 18.
Aaron: Last year then?
Todd: Yeah, 3 more months.
Aaron: I thought you looked older.
Todd: Thanks……I think.
Aaron: It was a compliment.

Aaron's voice grew quiet and he leaned closer to Todd.

Aaron: I couldn't help but overhear about your money problems.
Todd: Yeah, I`m gonna have to figure something out fast.
Aaron: I think I can help you.
Todd: I can use it man. How?
Aaron: I'm going outside for a smoke, want to join me? We can talk out there.

Todd followed Aaron out the door not knowing what he was going to suggest but his desperation had reached the point where he would do just about anything.

to be continued...

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