The Champ and His Dad

fiction by S. O'Malley

Chapter 8: Exhilaration Mixed with Nausea

Aaron and Todd left the clinic and stopped on the walkway just outside. It was a sunny but still cold day and Aaron had left his jacket inside. He pulled a pack of cigarettes out of his pocket and handed it to Todd, who took one and put it between his lips. Aaron lit his and then leaned over putting the flame to the tip of Todd's. Todd inhaled deeply feeling the stress of the hellish day start to lessen.

Todd: So…..what's your plan?
Aaron: OK………here goes.
He took a long drag of his cigarette and began.
Aaron: About 6 months ago I was in a bar near campus on like a Tuesday night or something. There was this guy at the other end of the bar who kept checkin' me out. Kinda like you were doing in there.
That evil little grin came over Todd's face.
Todd: And I thought I was so discreet.
Aaron just smiled back. Todd wasn't afraid to admit it—Aaron took that as a good sign.
Aaron: So anyway, after like a half hour the guy walked down the bar and sat next to me. He said `how would you like to make $200 in one hour?'. I was like `Sounds good to me. What do I have to do?'. He said `You just have to stand there'. I was intrigued.
Todd: Yeah, I am too now. He just wanted you to stand for him?
Aaron: Well, not exactly. As we talked more he explained that I would be naked and that he would be there with 2 of his friends.
Todd: Ahh.
Aaron: Yeah. But he went on to say that there wouldn't be any sex or even touching—they just wanted a guy to pose for them while they got off. At the time I was so broke I thought I'd be kicked out of college so I went for it. I gave him my cell number and he called the next day.
Aaron noticed Todd looking at his nipples which, in the cold, were almost poking holes in his t-shirt.
Aaron: Hey—my eyes are up here.

He said it with such force, as if he were actually pissed, that Todd jumped a bit and looked back at Aaron's face. Aaron saw that he had scared him and put a hand on his arm.

Aaron: Man, I was just kidding. Sorry didn't mean to scare you.
Todd relaxed again.
Todd: Sorry it's been a bad day. So…how was it?
Aaron: The first time was kind of weird. I was a little turned on by watching them get off just looking at me. But it was uncomfortable, you know?
Todd nodded.
Todd: Did you ever do it again?
Aaron: I blew them off for a couple weeks. I couldn't make up my mind—I liked the easy money…but….. Anyway, near the end of last semester I was out of money again and I called the guy from the bar. He told me that they had missed me and that any Thursday I wanted to join them would be cool.
Todd: Just Thursdays?
Aaron: That's when they meet—Thursday nights at the Dover Falls Hotel. They're all married guys who like a little something extra on the side and that's their usual Poker night----the card game not the…………
They both laughed.
Todd: Was it better the next time?
Aaron: Well, it was different. One of them offered me a tab of X.
Todd: Good?
Aaron: It was incredible. I totally got into it that time-showing off for em and flexing. They love that kind of shit--I ended up staying the whole night.
Todd: With them?
Aaron: No, not that time. They all had to go home, but they offered me the room for the rest of the night. Anyway, here's the deal. I've been doing it regularly now for the past few weeks, and they keep asking me if I could bring someone with me to "perform" together. They said that for a 2-guy show they'd pay $1000 each.
Todd: Fuck!
Aaron: I know.
Todd: Have you ever done it?
Aaron: Not yet. I haven't had the nerve to ask anyone I know. I offered to bring my girlfriend, but they want 2 guys.
Todd: Bi?
Aaron: Yeah, you too?
Todd: Yeah.
Aaron: Interested?
Todd: Very. When can we do this thing?
Aaron: Are you positive?
Todd: I'd could do it right now on the sidewalk with you.

Aaron took his cell phone out of his pocket and dialed the number. He turned his back to Todd as he talked. Halfway through the conversation he turned around and looked at Todd as he spoke.

Aaron: Well, he's 18…black hair.
He put his face right up to Todd's for a second.
Aaron: Deep blue eyes...about 5'10'' - 170……Yeah, he's very cute….Yes, nice body too.
Todd felt himself start to blush listening to Aaron's description.
Aaron: I haven't seen it yet I just met him……….Yeah, he's cool….I'm sure you'll like him..
Aaron was quiet for awhile. He took the phone away from his face and looked at Todd.
Aaron: He put me on hold……..Oh, hey that was fast……Yeah, it works for me, let me ask him. He said they have to meet on Tuesday this week, is that cool for you?
Todd: Tomorrow? Yeah, it's good.
Aaron: It works for both of us…….great…..…..OK we'll see you then…….bye. Awesome-tomorrow night at 7 at the hotel.
Todd: Do I need the room number?
Aaron: He doesn't know it yet. He'll call me tomorrow morning and give me the number. If you want, you can meet me in the lobby at 7 and we can go up together.
Todd: Cool.
Aaron: Here's my cell number in case something happens and you can't make it.
Todd: Do I have to wear anything special?
Aaron: Nah, your clothes won't be on for long anyway. At least not once I get my hands on you.

Even though they had just met, there was a connection between them that they both could feel. It was almost like they had known each other all their lives. Todd was beginning to think that whatever happened tomorrow night would more than make up for the hell he had to go through today.

It was around 5PM when Jeff and Sean stopped to get dinner in the food court. Jeff got his order first and picked a secluded table where they could talk. As he sat there waiting for Sean, all he could think about was his brother Nick. Their relationship had gone from bitter enemies to one of love and compassion, literally over night. For the first time, he saw his big brother as an emotional creature, capable of being so gentle and affectionate. He found himself just wanting to be with Nick, all the time, perhaps forever. His 16-year-old hormones fluctuated wildly from second to second giving him a strange feeling of exhilaration mixed with nausea. The whole sensation was new to him. `Is this what love feels like' he wondered.

Try as he might, Jeff never did get up the courage to talk to Sean as he had wanted. They really didn't talk about much at all, as both their minds were elsewhere. They left the mall after dinner and walked home. As they turned the corner onto their street, Jeff could feel his hands start to sweat in anticipation of seeing Nick again.

He said goodbye to Sean and headed up the walk to his house. As he went to grab the door, it suddenly swung open and standing there in the foyer was his brother Nick in an open white robe (and nothing else). Instantly, all of Jeff's feelings, collected throughout the day, transformed into one single overwhelming sensation of lust. He walked in, dropped his books, slammed the door and thrust his mouth to Nick's. His hands pulled the robe off his big brother's shoulders and pushed him across the room pinning him in the corner. Nick was shocked by the greeting but went along with it. He tore Jeff's clothes off as they made out.

They both stood there hard and naked. Jeff had Nick's cock in his hand, pulling on it mercilessly, desperate to get his big brother's cum out at any cost. Nick was grabbing his little bro's hairy ass as their tongues continued to attack one another. Jeff dropped to his knees on the marble floor of the foyer and sucked his brother's manhood deep into his throat. He gagged but he didn't care—he just needed to feel it inside him.

Nick obliged his little bro and grabbed his head, holding it still as he started to ram his cock into his face—his large, low balls smacking against Jeff's chin with each thrust. He looked down and admired his savage little bro [who the day before had refused to suck him off] slurping at his cock, begging it to go deeper.

Jeff was exerting incredible pressure on Nick's cock as if he was trying to pull it back in with each withdrawal. The strain was making Nick spew streams of precum into his little bro's mouth and throat. That was the taste that Jeff wanted-that he had craved all day.

Jeff grabbed himself and started to jack while he continued to drink from his bro's cock. In seconds, Nick felt his little bro's hot cum splash against his leg. He let go of his head and Jeff leaned back, arching his spine, as he erupted. His face contorted into a silent scream and his entire body turned rigid—his cock sending his juice flying in an incredibly high arc, that seemed to hang in mid-air [in front of Nick's face] before falling somewhere onto his big bro's body. Nick caught some on his tongue and brought it into his mouth, relishing the sweet creamy taste as he watched his little bro's body tense more with each climax. It was an incredible sight to behold.

Having rid himself of, what felt like, every drop of moisture in his body, Jeff leaned forward and rested his cheek on Nick's stomach--wrapping his arms around his big brother's small waist, holding on tight and panting hard. It was as if he had just cum for the first time-he was dizzy and could hear his heart pounding in his ears. Nick put his hands on Jeff's head and held him against his stomach, petting his head as his little bro's breathing gradually slowed back to normal.

Jeff pulled away and started to lick his big bro's legs, lapping up the cum from the dark curly hairs in long deliberate strokes. He had never really enjoyed his own taste, but mixed with the fragrance of his big bro's skin he couldn't get enough of it. Nick looked down at Jeff as he licked him from his feet up to his waist, pausing to kiss his now softened cock before going back down to the floor and starting over.

Having licked every drop, his tongue continued upward getting the few stray drops from Nicks abs and chest. He stood up and leaned into Nick again pinning his body in the corner. Their faces were just inches apart.

Nick: Bad day little bro?
Jeff: Why do you sat that?
Nick: Bro you fuckin' jumped me at the door—not that I minded. I've just never seen you like that.
Jeff: It's because I was thinking about you all day. Couldn't wait to get home and suck you again. I actually missed you.
Jeff reached down and grabbed Nick's balls in his fist.
Jeff: Aren't you gonna cum?
Nick: Not yet. I'm saving it for later.
Jeff: What's going on later?
Nick: I thought I'd give you a goodbye fuck.
Jeff: Bro, we still have 3 days left.
Nick: Sorry little bro. I got a call today--we have to ship out tomorrow.
Jeff: Aw, fuck! No!

Jeff's head dropped onto his brother's shoulder. Nick wasn't sure but it felt like he was crying, so he put his arms around him and gently stroked his back and head. When he looked back up, Nick saw that his eyes were red and there were wet streams down his face. He cradled his little bro's head in his hands and leaned in, kissing him on the forehead, then once on the mouth. Jeff was looking anywhere but at his big brother-he was embarrassed to get so emotional in front of him.

Nick: Hey little bro, don't cry. It'll be OK. I'll be back.
Jeff was silent, still avoiding Nick's eyes desperately trying to stop his tears.
Nick: I'll come back home as soon as I can. I promise.
Jeff: It's…just that….I… know….have never…felt….
As hard as he tried, the words wouldn't come out.
Nick: I know, I love you too little bro.

He pulled Jeff's head back onto his shoulder and held him as they stood there silently in the twilight.

to be continued...

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