The Champ and His Dad

fiction by S. O'Malley

Chapter 9: Goodbye Nick

Nick could feel his own heart start to ache as he held his little brother's quivering body tightly against his. He continued to softly stroke Jeff's head and rub his back as he whispered into his ear, ''s OK little bro...It'll be all right....Don't worry'. In time, Jeff's tears stopped and he got up the courage to face his big brother. He pulled away and looked at Nick, seeing a face so full of love and understanding that he instantly knew that everything would, indeed, be all right. Nick put his fingers on Jeff's cheeks and, with his thumbs, wiped the remaining tears from his little bro's big brown eyes. He saw a slight smile come across Jeff's face and he returned the look.

Nick: See, little bro? Everything's gonna be OK.
Jeff: Yeah, I know. I'm...sorry. I just kinda lost it there.
Nick: You don't have to be sorry little bro. It's cool.
Jeff: Thanks.
Nick: No problem. C'mon.

Nick put his arm around his little bro and they walked into the living room leaving their clothes in piles on the floor of the foyer. The TV was on and they sat down on the couch. Nick put his arm back around Jeff’s shoulders as his little bro cuddled up next to him, resting his head on Nick’s chest. They sat there watching TV and chatting as they held each other.

Across the street, Sean was just finishing up his workout. He walked down the hall to his new bedroom and went into the adjoining bathroom. He pulled off his shorts and jockstrap and threw them on the floor as he walked into the large shower room and started the water. As it was heating up, he went back to the mirror and admired his pumped up body as he did his usual "post-workout" flexing routine-starting with his biceps and working his way down. He could feel his penis start to swell as he watched himself pose, and let one hand run over his sweaty torso and grab it. By the time he was down to flexing his abs, his cock had reached its full 7 inches and he started to slowly move the skin back and forth over the ruby head. He could see the steam start to pour out of the shower doors and walked over to get in.

Just then, the phone began to ring. He decided to let the machine get it and see who it was. He heard his father’s voice and ran to pick up the phone.

Sean: Hello?
Daniel: Hey Champ! I thought I missed you.
Sean: No, I was just about to get in the shower. How are you dad? I miss you so much already.

Sean laid down on the bed with the phone in one hand and the other still massaging his cock. He could smell the scent of sex still on the sheets.

Daniel: I miss you too Champ. I wish I was there with you right now. Especially if you're going to take a shower.
Sean: Yeah, it was fun this morning wasn't it.
Daniel: It was fantastic—You were fantastic. I can't wait until we can do it again. Did you just finish working out?
Sean: Yeah. How'd you know that?
Daniel: I just figured you must be taking a shower after your workout. Did you have a good one tonight?
Sean: It was pretty good. Worked on my arms and chest mainly.

Daniel had stripped down to his underwear before he called and was laying in his hotel room rubbing the bulge in his white briefs. The vision of his son working out made the head of his cock push out from under the waistband.

Daniel: Mmmm...I love your chest Champ.
Sean: I like yours better--So hard and hairy.
Daniel: Are you laying in our bed now Champ?

The words ‘our bed’ made Sean’s cock throb and produce a drop of precum that he spread over the tip.

Sean: Yeah I am. Where are you?
Daniel: Just laying here in this lonely hotel room thinking about you.
Sean: What are you wearing?
Daniel: Nothing now. How about you?
Sean: Same here.
Daniel: All sweaty from your workout I bet. I love how your skin glistens when you sweat Champ.
Sean: If you were here I'd let you lick it dad.
Daniel: Mmmmmm.....what else would you let me do?
Sean: After you licked every inch of my body, front and back, I'd let you put that beautiful cock of yours in my mouth.
Daniel: Oh yeah? I'd like that Champ.
Sean: Me too dad. I'd love to be licking and sucking on it right now. Having you sitting on my abs towering over me. I'd reach up and run my hands through your chest hair.
Daniel: That feels so good son.

Both men now had their eyes closed as they stroked themselves and envisioned the scene.

Sean: I'd pinch your hard nipples. Rub my cock against your hairy ass.
Daniel: Yeah, rub it in my crack Champ. Let me feel your hardness.
Sean: Mmmmmm.... Feel it dripping on your hole.
Daniel: Yeah Champ. Feel me exploring your mouth with my cock, pushing it in deep.
Sean: Yeah, fill me up daddy. Feed me that big cock.
Daniel: Feel it sliding over your lips and tongue.
Sean: Got my lips wrapped around your hard rod dad. Love you feeding me.
Daniel: Ah, yeah that's it son. I wanna hear you cum Champ.
Sean: I'm close dad. Stroking fast here.
Daniel: Good boy.....I want to feel you shoot onto my ass when I cum into your throat.
Sean: Feed me dad.....feed me..
Daniel: Here it comes, Champ................

With that, Daniel let out a roar and began to cum over his chest and abs, moaning into the phone as he did. Sean, hearing his dad, let out a similar cry as his cum flew onto his sweaty body. Both men were lost in the fantasy they had created, momentarily forgetting about the phone and enjoying the rush that overtook their bodies as they climaxed.

Daniel's moaning grew softer as he milked out the last few drops, his body quaking with each slow, firm stroke of his long throbbing penis. Sean let his cock fall onto his abs as he slid his finger over the v-shaped `sweet spot' on the underside of the head. Both men were breathing heavily into the phone, listening to the sound of the other mixed with their own. Daniel managed to speak between breaths.

Daniel: God you're good Champ.

Back across the street, Nick had just gotten up and gone upstairs, leaving Jeff on the couch. After about 5 minutes, Jeff heard Nick yell down to him to come upstairs. He got up and ran up the stairs. He went to his room, where he thought Nick was, but it was empty.

Jeff: Where are you?
Nick: In mom and dad’s room.

Jeff walked down the hall and into his parent’s room, again no one was there. He crossed the room and looked in the bathroom where he finally found his big brother in the large round garden tub--the water, topped with mounds of tiny white bubbles, covered him from his chest down. His arms were stretched out along the rim and Jeff noticed the soap foam clinging to his armpit hair.

Nick: Come on in little bro.

Jeff walked over and stepped into the tub, sitting down opposite Nick and resting his arms on the rim as well. He let out a loud sigh as the warm water washed over his body, instantly relaxing him.

Nick: I thought you’d like it. Might help you to relax.
Jeff: I don’t think I can get anymore relaxed.
Nick: Sounds like a challenge to me, little bro.

Nick reached into the warm pool and grabbed Jeff’s foot, pulling it out of the bath and up to his mouth. As Jeff watched, Nick took his big toe into his mouth and started to suck on it. Much to Jeff’s surprise, it felt extraordinary and his cock began to come to life beneath the water. Nick worked his way across his little bro’s foot sucking and kissing each toe as he looked deep into Jeff’s eyes.

After finishing one foot, he grabbed the other and gave it the same treatment. Jeff was gasping and moaning by the time his big bro got to his last toe.

Nick put his little bro’s foot down and, getting on his knees, pressed his body against Jeff’s holding his arms down on the rim as he began to lick his neck. Jeff closed his eyes and let his head rest on the edge of the tub, enjoying the sensation.

Just then, their father strolled in. Nick whispered ‘dad’ into Jeff’s ear and his head shot back up as both boys looked over at their father, waiting for him to speak. He was still in his suit, although he had removed the jacket, and had his pipe in his hand tamping down the glowing embers as he spoke to his sons.

Mr. Xenakis: I’ve been looking all over for you two.
Jeff: Are you gonna join us?

Jeff couldn't believe he had the courage to say that, but apparently he did. His father just smiled a bit.

Mr. Xenakis: Not right now son. Nicholas, I hear that you're leaving us tomorrow?
Nick: Yes dad, we're shipping out early.
Mr. Xenakis: Well then we should have a farewell drink. Why don't you boys dry off and join me downstairs.
Jeff: Sure dad.
Nick: Yeah, OK.

Mr. Xenakis left the room and went down to his office, where he had his bar. It was small but well designed, the curved mahogany top attached to a black base a few feet from the wall which was covered in panes of mirrors. Attached to the wall were 4 glass shelves with different sized crystal tumblers sitting on them. He selected 3 short glasses and placed them on the bar. Opening the back of the bar, he got a bottle of his favorite Scotch, pouring a shot into each glass as he removed his tie and undid the top few buttons of his shirt.

A few seconds later his sons walked in, each in their white robe, their wet, black hair slicked back on their heads. The boys stood by the bar and their father handed them each a glass. He made a toast to Nick, they tapped their glasses together and drank the Scotch. Nick and his father were fine but Jeff, who rarely drank hard liquor, felt it burn his throat on the way down and coughed a bit.

Mr. Xenakis: This'll put hair on your chest son.
Nick: I don't think we have to worry about that.

Nick pulled his little bro’s robe slightly open, exposing his chest, as he ran his hand through the thick fur. Jeff smiled back at him. Mr. Xenakis unbuttoned his shirt and pulled it off as he watched his boys flirt. He grabbed the bottle and poured them each another shot.

Mr. Xenakis: What should we toast to this time?
Nick: How about to the three Xenakis men.

They toasted, tapped their glasses again and drank. The second shot slid down Jeff’s throat without any problem.

Mr. Xenakis walked out from behind the bar and stood between his sons, resting his hands on their backs as he looked at their reflections in the wall of mirrors. He was amazed at how much his sons looked like him when he was their ages. His large hands wandered down their backs and went up under their short robes. Both boys watched each other in the mirrors as their father started to rub his hands over their round fuzzy butts, gasping when his fingers would pass over their soft pink holes.

Their father brought his hands around to the front and undid the tie on each robe letting them fall open and reveal their semi-hard uncut cocks. He reached down and grabbed them both, feeling them start to grow in his hands. The boy’s eyes were locked on each other’s reflection as they quickly became erect. Mr. Xenakis looked down and admired his son’s cocks. Nick’s was the thicker of the two, about 7 inches long and heavily veined with a bulbous maroon head. His balls were quite large and hung low on his leg. Mr. Xenakis cupped them in his hand feeling their weight. Jeff’s about an inch longer than Nick’s, but not as thick and it curved to the right. Pulling back the foreskin he saw that the head was a soft pink color, in contrast with his pitch black pubic hair. Mr. Xenakis ran his fingers through Jeff’s bush feeling his soft curly pubes. Both boys were completely aroused by their father’s touch. His hands, so large and strong, grabbed and stroked them very gently.

He moved back and pulled the robes down both of his son’s backs. He got on his knees behind Nick and started to kiss and lick the smooth orbs of his ass. Nick turned his head and started to kiss his little bro as waves of delight swept through his body. Mr. Xenakis left Nick’s ass and moved over to Jeff’s. He ran his lips over the dense black hair that covered his ass. He spread the cheeks apart and started to lick up and down the full length of his hairy crack wiggling his tongue over the pink bud, sending those same waves of delight through Jeff’s body. Their father kept taking turns on their asses as Nick and Jeff made out—both of their cocks starting to drip onto the floor.

Mr. Xenakis began to eat one ass while probing the other with his finger. The boys winced as they felt him start to stretch their holes in preparation for what was coming next. He slowly worked them open until they could take three fingers, then went back to licking their holes as he pulled his cock out of his pants. He wrapped his hand around the soft tube and squeezed until it had reached its full mass.

Jeff and Nick were lost in their own world as they made out, almost forgetting about their father’s presence. That is until Nick let out a loud moan into his little bro’s mouth. Jeff’s eyes opened and he pulled back from Nick seeing his big brother’s face scrunched up into a painful cringe. His mouth was open and Jeff could see him clenching and grinding his teeth. He looked back and saw his father standing behind Nick, his hands gripping his slim waist. In contrast to Nick’s face, his father had a very calm, satisfied look—his eyes were closed and his mouth open letting out a soft growl. Mr. Xenakis stayed like that for a minute, allowing Nick’s ass to adjust to the intruding probe.

Jeff looked at them both in the wall of mirrors, watching Nick’s face slowly transform from a cringe to the calm, satisfied look his father had. He turned his head and began to kiss and lick his big brother’s neck. Nick felt his brother’s soft, full lips and wet tongue gliding across his neck and let out a soft purr as a smile came to his face.

Mr. Xenakis began to slowly drive himself in and out of his son’s loosening ass. Nick’s purrs turned to gasps and moans as his father started thrusting. He felt his little bro start licking his way down his body. His tongue stopped between his pecs and licked the outline of each one before his mouth landed on Nick’s right nipple, chewing and sucking on the small protrusion of purple flesh.

Nick could feel his father’s hands tightening their grip on his waist as his manhood began to enlarge inside him. He put his hand on his little bro’s head, palming it like a basketball, and pushed him down to his throbbing cock where Jeff gladly took it into his mouth swirling his tongue around the swelled head. Nick took his hands off of the bar and started to run his fingers through his little bro’s wet hair.

Nick bent over further, resting his head and arms on the bar as his ass started to ache. Without warning, his father pulled out and rested the head of his cock on the small of Nick’s back. Holding it there with his thumb, he started to swing his hips, the purple head of his cock sliding in and out of the foreskin, as his large balls swung back and forth slapping Nick’s ass. Jeff listened to the smacking sound as he rolled his big brother’s balls around in his mouth.

Nick found himself lost in another world as the blissful waves of pleasure coursed through his body. He opened his eyes and saw the reflection of his father behind him, his big black eyes staring directly into his own. Nick was transfixed by his intense, expressionless gaze as if his father was looking deep into his soul. With no change to this hypnotic stare, Mr. Xenakis took his cock in his hand and pulled the skin back as a long stream of pearly cum shot out of the tip flying over Nick’s shoulder and landing on the bar. Another quick up and down, like he was cocking a rifle, and a second stream shot out, this one hitting the back of Nick’s neck and shoulder. He pumped himself once more and produced 4 or 5 small spurts onto Nick’s back as he held his son’s gaze in the mirror.

Their father stood there for a moment, his manhood lightly slapping against Nick’s ass, as the rush swept his body. He finally closed his eyes, releasing Nick from his stare, as the sensation made it to the top of his head. Nick looked down at his little brother, that savage kid he had come to love so much, and smiled to himself. His hands were still petting Jeff’s head, his black hair almost dry by now.

Nick’s admiration of Jeff was cut short when he felt his father licking his back. He turned his head around and saw his father cleaning him off. When he had finished, he leaned in to talk to Nick, whispering in his ear.

Mr. Xenakis: Thanks stud, that was great. Sorry you can’t stay longer.

He grabbed Nick’s chin and turned his head, kissing him deeply on the lips once. With that, he started to walk out of his office to get cleaned up. As he reached the door he turned around.

Mr. Xenakis: Hey guys.

Both heads turned toward the low voice. Jeff still had a mouthful of Nick as he looked at his father. Mr. Xenakis chuckled a bit seeing that.

Mr. Xenakis: Your mother will be home in about a hour. You might want to finish that in your room.

Jeff pulled off of Nick as their father left the room. Nick gave Jeff his hand and pulled him up off the floor. Face-to-face again they started to kiss one another, just lightly—their lips bouncing off the other.

Nick: C’mon little bro.

They left the study and headed up to Jeff’s room. Nick walked behind his little bro and got a good view of his ass as they ascended the stairs. It looked so perfect--round and firm covered with his dark fur. He didn’t know if he could go through with what he had promised. Taking his brother’s virginity would only make it harder for him when he had to leave in the morning. He decided to leave it up to Jeff.

They walked into Jeff’s room which was completely dark. Jeff crossed the room and turned on a lamp he had in the corner. In the dim light he saw his brother sitting on the edge of his bed, smiling over at him.

Jeff: So….are we gonna fuck now?
Nick: Do you want to?

Jeff thought about the question for a few seconds. It was a simple yes or no but he was conflicted after seeing the cringe of pain that came to Nick's face downstairs.

Jeff: It's up to you.
Nick: I don't have to, but if you want me to......
Jeff: Can we just lay in bed together until you have to go?
Nick: Come over here little bro.

Nick leaned back as his little bro walked over and stood at the end of the bed.

Nick: What's wrong little bro?
Jeff: Nothing I just want to study your body so I can remember it when you leave.
Nick: Why don't you take a picture. Don't you still have that digital camera you got for Christmas?
Jeff: Yeah...I forgot all about it.

Jeff went to his closet and rummaged through his stuff, eventually finding the camera—still in the box. After he figured out how to use it he took about 40 pictures of Nick in various poses and a couple of them both together. He finished with a few close shots of his big brother’s face, straddling his waist as he photographed him from above. He couldn’t believe how much he had grown to love that face. He put the camera down on the table next to his bed and laid down on top of Nick.

Jeff: I love you Nick.
Nick: You too little bro.

By that time it, it was already midnight. They made out and talked until Jeff fell asleep in his big brother’s arms.

Some time later, Jeff felt a hand brushing against his cheek. He opened his eyes and in the bright moon light, saw Nick sitting on the edge of his bed, dressed in his white uniform, his bag on the floor next to him. Nick smiled as his little bro's eyes opened.

Nick: It's almost time for me to go little bro.
Jeff: Already? What time is it?
Nick: 4:30. I don't have to catch the bus until 5:20, so we still have some time. I just wanted to see you one last time before I left.

Jeff smiled up at Nick, who took his hand from Jeff’s cheek and, with his index finger, traced the outline of his little bro’s soft lips. They stayed like that just looking at and touching each other until it was time to leave. Nick leaned down one last time and gave Jeff a long goodbye kiss after which he stood up and tossed his bag over his shoulder.

Nick: Bye little bro. Don’t forget about me, OK?
Jeff: I won’t Nick.
Nick: I love you little bro.
Jeff: You too big bro.

Jeff watched as Nick faded into the darkness of the hallway outside his bedroom.

A few hours later, Jeff was in his American History class at Dover Falls High. His teacher was talking about some guy who did something important a hundred years ago—or something like that. He didn’t even bother to try to listen, Nick was all he could think about.

Across the hall, in Señora Wilson’s Spanish II class, Todd was ignoring his teacher too. His mind was preoccupied with Aaron. In just a few hours he’d be with him again—and having sex. He had a quick debate in his head as to whether he was doing the right thing or not, but that ended when his girlfriend Jessica looked over at him, reminding him of the large medical bill.

He made it through the day and got home around 3PM. He ate and did some work he had to do for school. Around 5:30, he took a shower and got dressed—khakis and a white Oxford shirt. He grabbed some condoms from his dresser and put them in his pocket. At 6:30 he left for the Dover Falls Hotel which was just a couple miles from his house.

When he arrived, he went in and looked around the lobby for Aaron. He didn’t see him and figured that he was just a bit early. He went over to the bar and ordered a Martini--thanks to his fake ID, he got it. A few minutes later Aaron walked in. He saw Todd in the bar and walked over, sitting down at his table. He had worn khakis also but with a black t-shirt. Todd mentioned that they looked like good and evil which made Aaron laugh.

His martini glass empty, Todd followed Aaron to the elevators and went up to the top floor. The group had reserved a large suite for this special event.

Aaron: OK, it’s room 1012. Must be this way.

As Todd followed him down the hall he could hear a man and woman yelling at each other in the suite across to theirs. They got to room 1012, and as Aaron was knocking on the door they heard what sounded like a gunshot, followed by a short scream and then total silence. Todd walked over and stood near the door to see if he could hear anything—just silence. He stood there listening as he saw Aaron walk half-way into suite 1012. He watched as a pair of arms from inside the suite wrapped around Aaron’s back, in a hug, and then pulled him in. Todd figured it was time and he walked over to the open door. In the hallway, just inside, he saw Aaron talking to someone whose back was to the door. Aaron saw Todd and introduced him.

Aaron: Here's Todd.

The man turned around to greet Todd, who saw his face for the first time.

Todd: Aw, fuck! What are you doing here??

to be continued...

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