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Story: Childhood Memories

Chapter: One

Codes: Mb, incest, anal, oral, uncle/nephew


After school I was to walk to my uncles house, which was just a few houses down the road from school. Usually I would be taking the bus home from school but my uncle wanted to see me, so dad said it would be ok. It had been a few weeks since I've seen my uncle and he was really missing me.

So here I was walking down the street after school let out, my book bag stuffed full of my dirty gym clothes and book I needed for homework. My dad says sometimes the bag weighs more than I do. My uncles house was on the main street and we live in a small town so my dad didn't worry about his 7yo son walking alone. Uncle Cain and my dad were twins, they looked exactly alike, right down to their shoe size. My dad was just 8 minutes younger than his brother but still looked exactly the same. Each was 32 years old, but only my uncle remained married. I never knew my mom, but dad would say she is in a warmer place.

Going through the back door, I shouted for my uncle as soon as I opened the door. The tv was on in the living room so placing my backpack on the table I walked in to see my uncle. There he was sitting in his chair watching a homemade video while he stroked his uncut cock. When my dad and uncle were born grandpa thought he would be smart and make my daddy cut and uncle uncut so he could always tell them apart. The homemade video he was watching was one of me and him that daddy filmed last year on the 4th of July. I walked in the living room just as my dad moved closer to my face to unload his hot milk across my face as uncle Cain kept pounding my hole. Uncle finally noticed me as I moved right next to his chair as I watched the scene take place.

"Hey sport." Uncle picked me up and placed me on his lap. "Sorry, got all excited that you were coming over today." He laughed as he hugged me tight, my nose forced into his armpit.

After that family embrace he had me take off my school clothes and soon I was laying down on top of my uncle on the couch sucking his uncut cock as he sucked my own 3 incher. Uncle and dad each dicks that could reach deep inside me, each with 9" of thick daddy meat that I love. I can't deep throat the full length of their dicks, only half, before I start to gag - even though I try not to. Uncle Cain has it easy, he can swallow my entire dick and balls all at once, he doesn't struggle to please like I have to. After a few minutes he gave me a dry cum that my uncle loves to do to me, then he moved to my tiny hole getting it all wet and opened. Spreading my bubble butt cheeks uncle buried his nose in my crack as he dug his tongue into my tight hole. He would take a break every few minutes to tell me how good I was and how lucky he was to have a nephew like me.

Once he thought I was opened up enough he picked me up and laid me over the arm of the couch, so my ass was up in the air ready for what was to come. Ever since I remember it has always been bare, as my dad calls it, so uncle hocked some spit at my hole then some more on his dick as he pressed his uncut cockhead against my tight hole. After years of taking dicks in my hole it never gets easy and soon I felt like my hole was ripping open as he sank deeper into me.

Holding my waist by his adult hands, he kept me in place as he pounded my butt for close to fifteen minutes on the arm of the couch. Uncle loves it when I scream more than normal when he's fucking me so I laid it on good, giving extra when I could feel him bottom out on me. During the ass pounding he was giving me he would toss in a few ass slaps turning my pale butt into a bright shade of red. His heavy sac slapped up against me as he fucked his only nephew. Fifteen minutes later uncle was a sweaty man as he pulled his dick out of me, giving me a chance to look over my shoulder at his personal trainers body. Sweat dripping down his chest, his 6 pack was glistening with sweat, even his hair was sweaty as it stuck to his forehead. Getting off the couch, I stood height-wise just above his cock so I could lick his sweaty abs without a problem.

Getting my tongue all salty and cleaning him up a little, uncle walked me to the kitchen where he picked me up and sat me on the table where he lined up my hole one more time and fucked me till he finished dumping a load inside of me. After he finished he bent down and sucked his load out of me then kissed me, letting me swallow the load that was just in my hole.

As I walked home my dad was in the kitchen, naked as usual, he fixed me a snack and listened to me share the sexual details I just went through his my uncle as he sat there stroking himself, getting ready for our own fun.