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One of my favorite stories `Naked Pizza' is sadly no longer on Nifty, I've searched and can't find it.

So sit back and enjoy my Childhood Memories with my dad, his friends and random men in my life.


Story: Childhood Memories

Chapter: 2 - Park fun

Codes: Mb; oral, anal, incest


On the weekends dad and I usually sleep in but on this Saturday, we had planned on going to the park and play around for a few hours. In the spring our towns park is usually pretty quite as little league doesn't start for a few months and living in mid-Michigan we are out in the country anyways. Dad and I planned on going to the park and practice my baseball skills, daddy is the high schools baseball coach and PE teacher, so he had high hopes for me during my t-ball and little league career. Dad and Uncle Cain were stars during high school even in college but a car accident when they were 19 left both of them with shoulder problems that derailed any sports careers. So dad got his teaching degree and Uncle Cain went into physical therapy and started his own gym where he's a personal trainer.

Dad dressed in some athletic shorts and under armor shirt and I was pretty much pressed in the same, each of us not wearing any briefs or jocks. The park has a huge 2 mile long path around the outside, three baseball fields, a basketball court, tennis courts and some picnic tables in a pavilion setting. Just a few cars in the parking lot already as a few guys were playing tennis and a handful running around the track. We went to the open baseball fields where dad pulled out his baseball bat and started hitting balls at me to get my footwork practice. It was fun trying to stop the line-drives, a few times I would dive for them just like I would see the players on dads team do. He would hit them to the right of me then to the left to see how fast I would move.

Every few minutes I would see one of the guys running around the track, run by and look at me as I practiced, a few of the smiling at me. Almost an hour later I was starting to get tired and my legs where hurting from the constant moving. We took a break and went over to the picnic areas to sit down and drink our water as we enjoyed the spring weather.

"Boy's pretty good there." A voice said behind us. We both turned around to see who said it.

The man was older, in his 40's dad later said, and he was one of the men that was running around the track. He had some grayish hair and his shirt was wet with sweat, I had to control my urges of running my tongue all over his sweaty body. Taller than my dad, he looked like he was in pretty good shape for a man his age.

"Thanks. Boy is a natural." Dad said with a slight smirk.

The man took this as his cue to come sit near us, but still keeping his distance, as he talked about how he saw us practicing and how good I looked out there. He introduced himself as Steven and just moved to the area after his wife passed away suddenly. As he sat he kept looking at me, his feet wide apart giving me a clear view up his short. I snuck a few peeks while he was talking to my dad and I could see a huge bulge trapped within a white jockstrap basket. Black hair covered his legs and even near his crotch I could see his body hair. Steven knew I was looking, but would wait for approval from my dad to take it further and he would nod, so he would spread his legs wider or grab his growing bulge. Soon all three of us were hard, dad not wearing any briefs or a jock had a huge tent in his shorts that he didn't try and hide.

The man got up and said he need to use the bathroom, the little slut that I am, said I had to go to. Running past Steven, dad said he would wait out here for a few minutes. Once inside Steven found me in one of the stalls and closed the door behind us. I sat down on the toilet as he rubbed his hand all over his bulge and then pulled down his shorts giving me a great view of the white jock I had just got a glimpse of earlier. Being an expert of jockstraps, I grabbed the waistband and pulled it down giving me complete access to my prize. There it was, in a patch of grey and black hair was a thick, semi hard cock just waiting for my mouth. Thicker than my daddies he had one of the biggest heads I ever seen and the piss slit was dripping sweet precum already. Sticking my tongue out I dug my tongue in there to get my prize. Grabbing the base of his cock I attacked his cockhead like the little 7yo slut that I was. Steven said it was time to feel how good my mouth was and slowly started to push it into my mouth, I had to open up wide just to accommodate his cockhead but once that was in I was good to go.

Use to my uncles and dads cocks, I was able to take his full length, but the huge head blocked my airway and made me gag, which for some reason turned him on. Grabbing my hair he held me in place as he pumped in and out of my mouth, each time he pushed in my nose landed in his pubes. He was getting some great timing in and in doing so his heavy sac was hitting against my chin. The smell of sweat on this man was amazing, as he kept fucking my mouth. A mixture of my spit and his leaking precum filled my mouth giving the man a slick and sloppy mouth, the sounds of that and me gagging filled the small concrete restroom building. It was that the man wanted to feel what my pink hole felt like.

Switching places, he sat on the toilet and picked me up so I faced him and began to lower me down on his cock. The massive head pushed against my smooth dime sized hole and wouldn't budge. He applied some more pressure, as his hands grasped my waist to pull me down, and soon I was starting to open up for him but the pain was too much. It felt like he was pushing a baseball bat up me and I wanted to jump off his lap but he was holding me in place. Just then I felt two hands on my shoulders pressing me down, looking up it was my dad pushing my little 7 year old body down on this mans dick. Dad covered my mouth with his hand as I began to scream, the mans cock now sliding up into me with only my spit coating it.

"Kid loves it. Don't worry about the screams." My dad said with a chuckle at the end.

"No worries, I was going to get in his hole no matter what." Steven said as I sank down the full length.

Steven didn't wait until I got use to the huge knob inside my belly before he raised me up and began to fuck my hole. As he was raising me up, dad kept his hand covering my mouth, his hard dick pressing up against my back. My moans and groans, along with Steven's grunts filled the room, we didn't even hear if any other man walked in - not that we cared. When he finally shot he buried himself deep inside me and announced to the world that he was `gonna seed your belly', then I could feel his dick expand and shoot streams of hot cum.

As we walked out of the restrooms the man thanked us for the best day of his life as he went back to his morning jog. Dad and I went back home where he placed me on the kitchen counter to suck out the hot load.