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Story: Childhood Memories

Chapter: 3 - Babysitter fun

Codes: M/b, anal, oral, interracial


During my childhood dad had shared me with plenty of men, some good, some bad, but as long as my dad enjoyed it then I loved it. It seemed like each time dad was running late from work or had to travel with the team on tournaments I had a different babysitter. A few times I stayed at their house and other times they stayed at our house, guess it all depended on if I had school the next day or night.

By the time I was 7 years old I knew all about sex, well at least as much as a 7 year boy could understand. I knew all men had dicks, older men all had white tasty man milk in their dicks but not all men wanted to do naked things with me. Dad taught me early that lesson but being a little slut I was I did my best to get them to play.

So when dad would tell me he had to go away for work, I knew more than not that I would have my bubble butt pounded until he walked back into the house. I loved ever minute of it, not that I didn't miss my daddy, but it was fun seeing other men's dicks and their sizes.

Denzel was a friend of my uncles, he worked out at the gym that Uncle Cain owned. Whenever he was around me he was one of the nicest guys ever as he would make me feel older, but out in public he would act like a true nigga. As a boy, dad had introduced me to black men early in my childhood. Being in a small town in mid-Michigan there were not many black people at all but with my uncle's gym there were a few that would drive from the city to workout. It didn't take long for them to see me shaking my white pale bubble butt before they pounded me.

Denzel was one of those men. 6'3", 210 lbs of pure muscle, and 8 pack of abs that I was fascinated with. I would sit on his chest and trace my fingers all over them. Completely shaved with a tight cut haircut. Denzel was a medium black color almost brown which was so hot cause he was different from my white pale skin. His size 14 shoes went along with his 11" cut black dick that seemed to spring to life when I was around.

So it was one day in the spring that dad told me he had to coach the baseball team at pre-conference tournament and would be back on Saturday night, leaving me as soon as he dropped me off at school on Friday. Dad wouldn't tell me who my babysitter would be but I'm sure no matter who it would be, I was certain I would enjoy it. He told me that after school my babysitter would be picking me up outside the side entrance and he would see me on Saturday night. With dad working for the schools he made sure no one would freak out with a 7yo boy being picked up by a stranger.

Once I pushed through the side entrance door after school, I got weak in my knees when I saw Denzel standing next to his super nice Cadillac. Just out of the gym he was wearing a pair of grey sweat pants and a t-shirt, I could see the outline of his bulge.

"What up lil' man?" Denzel asked as he opened the door for me. "Fun day at school?" Once in the car he asked me what all happened today and he was thoughtful enough to listen to my 7yo excited conversation. I told him of all the things I did at school and what my friends and I did during recess and what they had for lunch. By the time I was finished with all my `and then's' we pulling into the driveway of my house where Denzel would be spending the night as my babysitter.

Before dad left he made sure the refrigerator was stock full of food but just incase he left some money for pizza. Denzel tossed his duffel bag on the floor as I dropped my book bag on the kitchen table. It was after that moment that Denzel decided it was time to get the first of several deep ass pounding out of the way. Stripping the clothes off my body I stood naked in the dining room as this giant black man looked down at me. The bulge in his sweatpants grew even more as I reached out for the waistband and pulled them down, unleashing this giant black cock. A huge black cock bounced around as I pulled his sweatpants down, a bead of precum was already forming. The true cock slut I was, my tongue aimed right for the precum and soon I was running my tongue all over his wide cockhead.

As I sucked his cock I was only able to get about 8" of his cock in his mouth before I started to gag, being use to dad and uncle's I was trained pretty well. Denzel though tried to get as much of his cock down my white throat and gag me. His hands grab my hair as he started to fuck my face, his heavy black nuts swinging away. My mouth was filling with his precum and my own spit which started leaking out of my mouth. He kept on fucking my face as my nose got closer and closer to touching his shaved pubic area. At this time my throat muscles had given away to lust and I was willing to do whatever he wanted but still not able to get the remaining inches down my 7yo throat. With enough attention paid to his monster cock, he picked me up and laid me out on the kitchen table.

He laid me on my back and had me hold my legs up as he dove his mouth into my ass getting my hole ready for his invasion. Denzel would moan as my tongue poked and prodded my tiny pink hole. His black hands spreading my pale white cheeks apart giving him plenty of room to get in as much as possible. Denzel was a hungry man as he ate my little butt for as long as possible.

"Ok little white boy time for you to eat my ass now." Denzel spoke. He spun me around on the table so my head was hanging off the edge and turned around so his ass was right there. He had an amazing muscled ass that was two mounds of muscle that begged to be licked. As a boy I was taught to do basically everything a man wanted and I came to enjoy sucking on a mans hole, Denzel's was one of my favorite. As I poked my little tongue in he grabbed his cock and stroked it. When I licked all around his hole he moaned and told me I was his favorite toy.

He pulled away and set me on the ground and pushed me against the wall where he lined up his black stick and pushed in. With one hand holding my waist and the other guiding his dick in me I was trapped against the wall. His mushroom head filled me up and I could feel it slide up my hole. Already lubed up from dad earlier in the day, I relaxed my hole to help him push his monster cock deep up in me. Denzel slowly sank his cock in me as he held me flat against the wall. Once he was all the way in he let out a deep moan as I could feel his heavy black sac pressed up against me. Pulling his cock out of me I squeezed on his cock, like the trained bottom boy I was, getting another moan from him as he started throwing his weight into his thrusts and just like that he started to slam deep and hard into me. The whole wall was shaking as he used his muscled body to take control over mine. After a few minutes he pulled out and carried me into the living room where he got me in a doggy position.

His black body looked even blacker against my white skin as one of his hands grabbed my shoulder as he lined up his dick and entered me once again. My favorite position, Denzel worked every muscle of his as he pounded me on the floor. That long dick of his going in and out with its full length, bottoming out, his balls swinging back and forth, the sound of skin slapping against skin. He was working up a sweat as I could feel his damp skin slam against my butt. We worked in motion together, as he continued his hard ass pounding. Calling me his white slut boy, Denzel slapped my ass a few times, with each one getting a moan from me. Now with a red ass in the shape of his hand, he started slamming into me even harder, as if he were trying to force his cock into my second hole each time.

By the time Denzel was ready to cum, he had grabbed my hair numerous times, slapped my ass till it was a hot red and shoved my face into the carpet. I was glad it was the weekend as I would have carpet burn for certain. He slammed one last time and unleashed a huge amount of cum. Eight powerful jets of hot black cum shot into me, he pulled out and shot more leaving streaks of cum across my back. He didn't need to ask, as I turned around and cleaned up his dick for him.

With dad gone the until Saturday, Denzel made sure he spent as much time getting me to pleasure him as possible. I had been with plenty of men that could only cum a few times but Denzel was no ordinary man - he was one of the few men that I couldn't drain.