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Christopher's Story

Chapter 15


    A few weeks later, Zack introduced me to one of his friends.  Ted was a lot like Evan.  He had dark hair and a nice smile, but his eyes were blue.  He was every bit as attractive as Evan, though, and I found it hard not to tell him.  Meeting him was actually the best thing to happen since I'd moved to Chicago.

    School was terrible.   My mother enrolled me the day after Kendal took me shopping (I had made Mom so angry that she just gave her credit card to Kendal and asked her to take me).  The school was very big, and there were a lot of kids there.  I didn't make a single friend the first week.

    I did notice that a boy that lived in my mother's building was in a few of my classes.  His name was Wesley, but everyone called him Puck.  He didn't talk to me, but I didn't take it too hard.   He didn't talk to hardly anyone.  For the most part, he was ignored just like me.

    Puck was a kind of attractive, but not so much that I wanted in his pants.  He had dark brown hair that was cut short and brown eyes that constantly looked sad.  For a while, I thought maybe he was going through something that was as bad as what I was going through.   But I got to know him later, and knew that what he was going through was something I hadn't been through.

    I got into trouble a lot during the first two weeks at the new school.  I didn't pay attention enough in most classes, and I rarely ever said anything to the teachers.  My mother was called four times the first week.  She was furious about that, because I had always been a model student with very good grades.  She was told that if I didn't start putting forth an effort, I would probably fail most of my classes.

    I didn't really care about school anymore.  I figured that if I could be where I wanted to be, then I wouldn't do anything to please my mother.  We yelled at each other on almost a daily basis.  She would yell at me in the morning, because I all but refused to get out of bed.  I would yell at her in the evening when she came home from work if she asked me to do anything.  It was becoming a cycle that neither of us were happy with.

    Things had practically settled into a rhythm with us, and I wasn't about to change it for the better.  She threatened to make me see a counselor, and I told her that I would just tell him what a bitch she was.  For the first time in my life, my mother slapped me in the face.   It was for calling her that name, but I just smiled at her and asked if she really thought that slapping me would stop me from hating her and calling her every name in the book.

    "Christopher, this attitude is not acceptable," she said.  "You have got to straighten out. I mean it."

    "And if I don't?" I mocked her.  We were standing in the living room, and we had the house to ourselves.  This was one of the rare occasions that my mother had a week day off.   Zack was out with his friends, and Jim was still at work.

    "I swear to God," she sighed.  "Why do you have to be so difficult toward me?"

    "Because, I hate you," I replied.  "Didn't I make that clear the day you abducted me?"

    "Don't you ever say that again!" she cried.  "I didn't steal you from your father. I took custody of you. If you go around spreading that kind of trash, you will be sorry."

    "And how do you plan to make me sorry?" I asked bitterly.  "Are you going to take away my toys? Will you ground me from going anywhere? That wouldn't work, either, because I never leave the apartment unless I'm going to school."

    "You are going to see a counselor," she said.  "I won't put up with this kind of attitude."

    "Just what do you think going to a counselor will accomplish?" I asked.  "No counselor can make me happy in a place I don't want to be in. He certainly can't make me even like you."

    "Just go to your room," she said.

    "You mean Zack's room," I said, walking away from her.  "I'm only a visitor. I don't plan to be here long enough to call it my room."

    "Christopher!" she cried.

    "No," I said, shutting the bedroom door behind me.

    That had been the latest of our little spats.  I wasn't about to budge an inch to make her feel better about having me in her home.  Sooner or later, she would see that I didn't belong with her.  She'd have to send me back to my father.  There was no other way.

    On Friday night, Zack had Ted spend the night.  My mother and Jim went out for dinner and said they would be back late.  Zack was instructed to watch me like a hawk.  I had a ton of homework to do, and Mom said that if it wasn't done by the time she got home, she'd make me sorry.

    "We're going to the bedroom for a while," said Zack about ten minutes after they left.  "I don't care if you do homework or not, just leave us alone. We have a test to study for, and I don't want to fail it."

    "Sure, whatever," I said, sitting down in front of the television.

    After they'd been in the bedroom for a while, I got curious about what they were really doing.  I'd been home before Zack, and I knew that he'd walked in empty handed.  Ted didn't bring any books with him, so I knew that the study thing was a lie.  I wondered why he would even try to make something like that up.  Did he think I was stupid?

    I walked over to the bedroom door and cracked it just enough so that I could see in.  I was fairly sure that they couldn't see me.  There was music playing, so I knew that it would be hard for them to hear me.  I watched them in what I assumed was complete secrecy.

    "Why am I always the one who sucks your dick?" asked Ted, shocking me.  "Why don't you ever suck mine?"

    "Because I'm not a fag," said Zack, pulling his shorts down to reveal his hard dick.

    It was long and fat with veins sticking out all over it.  The sight of his dick actually made me hard, but I doubted that I would ever even want to suck it.  I'd heard enough about how he felt about gay people.  The last thing I needed was for him to treat me like one.

    "Well, maybe I just won't suck your dick anymore," said Ted.

    "Come on," said Zack.  "I want you to suck it. You want to suck it, so why don't you just suck it?"

    Ted didn't waste too much time making up his mind.  He bent over and took the tip of Zack's dick into his mouth.  From my position at the bedroom door, I got a good view.  I could see Ted trying to take all of Zack's dick into his mouth, but he was having trouble with the last two or three inches.  He bobbed his head slowly, and Zack talked to him like he was really stupid and needed directions.

    "That's it," he said.  "Nice and slow. Make my balls ache before you make me cum."

    I watched Zack's dick slowly sink into Ted's mouth and then reemerge again over and over again.  I wanted so much to be in Zack's position.  Ted was very experienced at sucking dick from what I could see, and he was very good looking.  I wondered just what it would be like to have him suck mine.

    "Don't cum in my mouth," said Ted, lifting his face away from Zack's crotch.

    "I'm not even close," said Zack.  "You didn't bitch about it last time."

    "Well, last time I didn't know that your cum tasted like wale piss, either," laughed Ted.

    "Fuck you," said Zack.  "Just suck my dick."

    I left the door at that point.  Watching them was turning me on far too much.  I hadn't had sex in quite some time, and after getting it just about whenever I wanted it, that was Hell.  I knew that I'd have the vision of Ted sucking Zack's dick in my head for the rest of the night.

    The only thing I could think of to take my mind off of sex was my homework.  I didn't really want to do any of it, but I knew that if I was concentrating on math problems or the fall of Rome, I wouldn't think so much about what I'd seen.

    I sat at the kitchen table and started on my math.  I noticed that the class was behind what we had been doing in Springfield, so most of the work was easy.  I started in on it, and the next time I looked up from it, it was nine o'clock.

    I stretched and yawned.   I really wanted to go to sleep, but Zack and Ted hadn't come out of the bedroom yet.  I knew that they couldn't still be doing what they had been when I was watching.  No one had that kind of stamina.  I was tempted to go in there and see what they were doing, but I went back to doing my homework.

    "You're doing homework?" said Zack as he came out of the bedroom.  "I'm shocked."

    "Yeah, well there was nothing else to do," I replied, not looking up from my work.

    "Well, I'm beat," he said.  "I'm going to go to bed."

    "Yeah, I'll be in there later," I said.

    Ted didn't say anything to either of us.  He just walked out the door.  When I looked at Zack, he was looking at the door with a smug smile on his face.  I hated to look, but I noticed the bulge in his shorts.  He had a big dick, and even though it was Zack, at that point, I wanted it.

    "Goodnight," he said, startling me.

    "Yeah," I said, looking up to see that he was looking at me.  It made me wonder just how long he'd been looking at me.

    He went back into the bedroom, and I sat there staring at my homework.  It was nearly done.  I only had a few more equations to do, so I picked up my pencil and went back to work.  I was just finishing up when my mother and Jim walked in.

    "I see you actually decided to do your homework," said my mother as she came into the kitchen.

    "Don't start," I said, not looking up.

    "Maggie, let him alone," said Jim, shocking me.  "He's doing it, now let's just go to bed and let him do it."

    Surprisingly, she gave no protest.  They went to their room and shut the door.  Once inside, I could hear the muffled sounds of them arguing.  I was sure that she was arguing with him for telling her to leave me alone.  Maybe Jim wasn't such a bad guy, after all.

    I gave up on my homework and decided to go to bed.  When I walked into the bedroom, Zack was laying there staring back at me.  I glanced at him long enough to know  that he was naked with the sheet just barely covering his dick.  He smiled at me, and I walked over to the other bed and sat down.

    "Get your homework all done?" he asked.

    "Who cares?" I said, pulling off my jeans.  I pulled my socks off and stuffed them in my shoes, which I had left at the edge of the bed.

    "You're going to sleep in your boxers?" asked Zack.  "I sleep nude, dude."

    "Whatever," I said, climbing under the sheet.  I reached over and turned off the lamp on the table plunging the room into darkness.

    "Hey," he said.

    "Leave me alone," I replied.  "I'm going to sleep."

    He was quiet after that, and I was thankful.  It didn't take long, and I was out.


    When I opened my eyes, the sun was up.  I looked over at Zack and saw that he was still asleep.  The sheet had come off his body, and his dick was hard.  I didn't waste my time looking at it.  I got out of bed and pulled my jeans on.  Without another look, I was out of the bedroom.

    Food was the first thing that crossed my mind.  I knew that Mom and Jim both had to work today, so I knew I'd have the kitchen to myself.  I wouldn't have to eat with them and try to ignore every comment they made.  I'd made up my mind that I wasn't even going to talk to my mother anymore.  Jim was different, though.  He would get polite answers from me for a while.  How long depended on how long it took him to turn into a dick.

    After eating a bowl of cereal and depositing the bowl in the sink (my mother hated it when I didn't wash my dish after using it), I decided to take a shower.  I went to the bedroom to get a fresh pair of boxers and a pair of shorts out of my bag.

    Zack was still in bed, and he was still exposed.  However, he'd turned on his side, giving me a perfect view of his muscular ass.  On anyone else, it would have been sexy, but I knew Zack for the hateful asshole that he was, so I didn't even stir at the sight of his ass.

    I grabbed a towel out of the closet and headed out to the bathroom.  Once inside, I set the water temperature in the shower and stripped.  As soon as the water hit me, my eyes finally opened completely.  I was never fully awake until my morning shower.

    I washed my hair and rinsed it before moving on to the rest of my body.  I loved the feel of the hot water running down my back and over my ass.  Grabbing the soap, I started to lather up my stomach and chest.  The more I moved my hands on my body, the harder my dick got.

    I kept seeing Ted sucking Zack's dick in my mind, and it was getting me hotter and hotter.  I decided that it wouldn't hurt to jack off.  After all, it seemed that would be my only sexual release for a long time any way.  Nobody was going to walk in on me.  Zack was still sleeping, and Mom and Jim were gone.

    I worked up a lather in my hands and slowly fisted my dick.  I brought the other hand up to play with my nipples.  I had to admit that it felt great, and I desperately wanted to get off.   It would have been nice to be able to take my shower with Evan, but that wasn't going to happen, so I tried to visualize him.

    In my mind, I saw his wet, naked body before me.  I pictured his chiseled abs and his rock hard pecs.   I could imagine the fine line of hair that grew just below his navel and extended down to his full dark pubic bush.  From there, I could imagine his hard dick jutting toward me with it's slight curve to the left.

    In my mind, I reached out and grabbed his dick with my soap slicked hand.  I worked on his balls with the other hand, listening to him moan from all of the pleasure I was giving him.  I watched as his hands roamed over his chest, and his fingers went to work on both of his nipples.

    He smiled at me, and I could feel myself getting ready to cum.  The feeling started in my knees and worked it's way to my balls.  My orgasm shook me, and my knees threatened to buckle.  A volley of cum shot from my dick, ripping me out of my lust filled fantasy and back to reality.

    When the waves of pleasure finally subsided, I was leaning against the shower wall.  I quickly rinsed my body, being careful of my sensitive dick.  I even turned the hot water off to let the cold water chase my erection away.  I was shivering when I stepped out of the shower.

    As I wrapped the towel around my body, I noticed that the bathroom door was open just a bit.  I was sure that I'd shut it, so I knew that Zack had walked in and found me in the shower.  I hoped that he hadn't seen me masturbating, but it really didn't matter.  After what I'd seen last night, I didn't think he'd care.

    Once I was dried and dressed, I went back to the bedroom.  There stood Zack with a knowing smile on his face.  I walked past him and put my dirty clothes on the end of the bed.  I would put them in the washer after I had put on a clean shirt.

    Just as I put the shirt on, Zack grabbed my arm.  He spun me around, and I saw that he had taken off his shorts.  He was standing there with his dick in his hand.  That silly looking grin was still on his face.  I knew what was coming, and I didn't know what to do.

    "Saw you in the shower," he said, smiling at me.

    "So," I said, trying to be brave.

    "Also saw you watching Ted suck my dick," he said.  "The show turn you on, faggot?"

    "Fuck you," I replied.

    "Suck my dick," he said, still smiling.

    "Not even if I was suffocating and their was oxygen in your balls," I said as steadily as I could.

   I didn't even see his fist come at me.  It collided with my head just beside my mouth with such force that for a moment, I thought I heard my teeth rattle.  Pain exploded through my head, and before I knew what was happening, he had his hand on the back of my neck, pulling me toward his exposed dick.

    "Suck it, fag boy!" he hissed at me as my face crashed into his erection.

    When I opened my mouth to say no once again, he slammed his dick inside so fast, and with such force, that I thought he would rip the back of my throat.  He kept slamming it into my mouth, and I kept trying to hit his legs.   I couldn't breath.  With his dick clogging my throat, and my sinus cavity screaming from the blow I'd received, I thought I would pass out.

    Then I felt my gag reflex take effect.  I gagged twice before I actually could feel the contents of my stomach begin to rise.  I couldn't warn him, and I was afraid that I would choke on my own vomit if he didn't stop slamming away at me.  As I tried to fight both my stomach and Zack, it happened.   Vomit sprung from my mouth around his dick and all over his crotch.

    "You filthy fucker!" he cried as he pushed me away from him.  "I'm going to kick your ass!"

    With that said, he kicked me square in the stomach.   I thought for a moment that I would vomit again, but this time, my stomach stayed still.  I sprung off the floor and bounded past him and out my bedroom door.  I didn't know where I was going to go, but I knew that I wanted away from Zack.  I met my mother at the apartment door.

    "Christopher," she said, startled when I ripped the door open as she was trying to put her key in the lock.

    "Get out of the way," I cried, not wanting to even try to explain to her what was happening.

    "What's the matter?" she cried.   "You're face is swollen, and you have vomit all over your chin and neck. Christopher, what happened?"

    "GET OUT OF MY WAY!" I screamed, pushing past her and out the door.

    I ran down the hall and past the elevator.  Waiting for the elevator was a trap, and I didn't want to be standing there when Zack came running down the hall after me.  I went straight for the stairs.  I flew down the stairs four at a time, stopping only when I was at the ground floor.  As I opened the door, I was faced with Ted.

    "Hey, dude, where you goin?" he said, smiling at me.  His smile faded when he saw the shape I was in.  "Chris, what happened to you?"

    "Just let me leave, Ted," I said afraid that Zack could come out of the elevator at any given moment.

    "Come on," said Ted, taking my hand and leading me down the hall.

    He took me to his apartment, and I was afraid that his parents would want to call my mother or something.  It turned out that I had nothing to worry about.  Ted's parents were both still at work.  He told me that neither of them would be home for at least another hour.

    "Put this on," he said, handing me one of his shirts.

    He'd cleaned me up, and demanded my soiled shirt.  I sat there shivering under the air conditioner as he handed me the shirt.  When I took it, he looked at my face and winced.  I could still feel it throbbing, and I thought I'd have a real nice bruise by the end of the night.

    "Who did this to you?" he demanded.   "You can tell me, Chris."

    "No, I can't," I said, looking away from him.

    "If someone is fucking with you, then you should tell me," he said.  "I'll tell Zack, and the two of us will pound the shit out of them."

    "No," I cried frantic.  "You can't say anything to Zack."

    "Why not?" he asked puzzled.

    "Just promise me you won't say anything to him," I begged.

    "It was Zack, wasn't it?" he said, realization dawning on him.  "That fucker!"

    "No, Ted," I said quickly.  "You can't say anything to anyone about this."

    After promising to tell him everything, Ted went to the kitchen to get me some ice for my rising cheek and a soda to wash the taste of vomit out of my mouth.  When he came back, he looked at my face again, and he winced again.

    "That bad?" I asked.

    "Bad," he said, nodding his head.

    We sat there for a while.  I drank the soda and put the ice on my face.  Between drinks, I told Ted everything that had happened from Zack finding me jacking off in the shower to him trying to force his dick down my throat.  When I finished, Ted didn't say anything for a while.  He looked at me with a strange look on his face.

    "How many times has Zack done this to you?" he asked finally.

    "Just today," I said, looking away in shame.   I didn't want to tell him about it at all.  I didn't want him to know that I was gay.  This was certainly not the way I wanted him to find out.

    "You saw us last night, didn't you?" he asked me.

    For a while, I couldn't say anything.  I just stared down at the soda can in my hands and shook.  I didn't want to admit that I had spied on him, but I didn't want to lie and say I hadn't seen anything.  I didn't know what to say for a few minutes, but then I decided that honesty was the best policy.

    "Yes," I said.  "I wanted to find out when I could get in the bedroom, but I saw you guys."

    "It's alright," he said.  "I'm not mad about it, Chris."

    "I didn't mean to spy on you," I said, looking up at him.

    "Don't worry about it," he said.  "So now you know I'm gay."

    "I guess so," I said.

    "Just don't let what Zack did to you make you think that you are," he said.

    "But that's just it," I said.  "I am gay."

    He was quiet for a few minutes.  He just studied me.   I wanted so bad to know what was running though his mind.  He probably didn't believe me, but why would I lie about it? I wished he would just say something.  The silence was killing me.

    "Well, we'll just keep that between us, ok?" he asked.

    "Please," I replied.

    We talked for a little bit longer.  I told him about Alex.  I didn't say anything about Evan or Tommy or James.  I wanted to keep a few things to myself.  Besides, I didn't know how he would react to knowing that I'd been having sex with my brother.

    He told me about the first guy he'd ever slept with, and I listened to every detail.  Ted was very good looking, and I wanted to have sex with him myself, but I figured that, like Cole, he'd think I was too young.  I didn't want to hear him say that, so I didn't even hint that I wanted to have sex with him.

    "There's a place that I want to take you to sometime," he said.  "There are other gay boys there. I think you'll have a good time."

    "What kind of place?" I asked.

    "It's just an apartment," he said.  "A friend of mine lives there, and he lets young gay boys come over and play."

    "Play?" I asked, wondering if he'd meant what I thought.

    "Don't play silly, Chris," he said, smiling.   "You know what I'm talking about."

    "Maybe I'll go with you sometime," I said.

    "Don't worry, Zack doesn't know anything about it," he said.

    That just reminded me that I had to go home.  I didn't want to leave for more than one reason.  I didn't want to look at Zack, much less get pounded by him again.  Then there was my mother and all her questions.   I didn't even want to begin to face her.

    In the end, I decided to just get it over with.  I thanked Ted for his help, and I went back up to the apartment.  On the way, I thought about what I would say to my mother.  Should I tell her that Zack had practically raped me? I could tell her that the very thing she'd tried to save me from happened in her own apartment.  She'd love that.  Maybe if I did tell her, she'd send me back to my dad.

    When I opened the door, she was standing there in the kitchen.  She glared at me, and I wondered just what she thought I had done wrong.   It couldn't just be the dirty cereal bowl and spoon in the sink.  She was a bitch, but she wasn't that high strung.

    "What?" I asked.

    "Are you quite happy?" she demanded.

    "Why don't you just tell me what I supposedly did this time," I replied coldly.

    "Don't act cute," she said.  "Zack told me what happened."

    "Did he?" I asked.  "And what exactly did he tell you?"

    "He told me about you calling him names and throwing things at him," she spat.  "You just wouldn't quit until he hit you, would you?"

    "Oh this is just great!" I screamed at her.   "Zack tried to force his dick in my throat. Did he tell you that?"

    "Don't you dare . . ."

    "I dare," I replied.  "Your perfect nephew tried to make me suck his dick. He shoved it in my mouth, and I threw up all over him. I don't expect you to believe me. I don't expect you to even care. Just know that the one thing you supposedly tried to save me from happened in your apartment. Ironic, isn't it?"

    "You lying little shit!" she cried.  The slap across my face stunned me.  I couldn't believe that she'd slapped me.

    "I hate you so much, MOTHER," I said.   "You don't care about me at all. All you care about is yourself and your precious nephew. SEND ME HOME!"

    "Go to your room," she said.

    "I can't walk that far," I replied.   "Springfield is a long way."

    "I'm not going to put up with this attitude from you much longer," she said.

    "Go to hell, Mom," I said, walking away from her.