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Christopher's Story

Chapter 16

    Things grew king of quiet around the apartment for a few weeks after that incident. My mother, thankfully, gave me my space, and she didn't say anything about what happened between me and Zack. She just kept herself busy and paid little attention to me. For that, I was happy. I didn't want to talk to her anyway. She hadn't believed me then, and I knew that she wouldn't believe me now.

    Zack and I didn't talk to each other, either. I was glad that he kept his mouth shut when he was around me. I didn't know what I would say to him if he did talk to me. He did throw things at me a few times, but after I threw them back, he just gave up. I wondered if he knew that the reason that Ted stopped talking to him was me.
I had been spending a lot of time with Ted. He and I did a lot of things together, but none of it was sexual. He just sort of took on the role of my big brother. I wished that he would be more like Evan, but there was no replacing my brother. I emailed him from Ted's computer and told him all about what had happened with Zack. I remembered at the last minute to explain just who Zack was. It turned out to be a really long email, and I couldn't wait to hear back from him.

    I waited and waited for Evan to reply to my email, but nothing had come. I wondered if he was upset with me for the way that I acted when I was forced to leave Springfield. I hoped not. I had to talk to him. I missed him and Dad so much, and I wanted to know what was going on at home. The internet was the only way that I could see that I would be able to talk to either of them.

    Ted tried to keep me occupied and keep my mind off Evan and Dad. It didn't really work, but I didn't want to let him know that. He was trying so hard. He showed me around Chicago and took me to all the places that all the kids would think were great. We went to the mall together a lot, and he took me to movies, too.

    My mother didn't seem to mind that I was spending my time with Ted. I guess she was just happy that I wasn't there to say anything to her. We still hadn't spoken since I'd told her to go to hell. I hoped we'd never speak again. I knew that we would soon, though. I just didn't know what I was going to say to her when we did. I couldn't find words to express how much I really hated her after all that had happened. She'd know one day, though. I was certain about that.

    The day finally came when I had to talk to her. It was starting to get cold, and I didn't have my winter coat in Chicago. She stopped me from going to Ted's one evening to tell me that she wanted to take me shopping for a coat. She talked so fast that I didn't have a chance to say anything to her for a while.

    "And I want you straight home after school tomorrow," she was saying. "No Ted until after we go shopping. I'll be home shortly after you get home, so you'd better be here."

    "I have a coat in Springfield," I said quickly when she stopped talking.

    "Christopher, don't start," she warned me.

    "Start what?" I dared her. "All I said is that I have a coat in Springfield. I do have one there. I also live there, if you haven't forgotten. This little visit is over as far as I'm concerned, and I plan to be home before the snow falls, so why bother getting me a coat that you know I won't wear?"

    "You live here," she said.

    "Right," I said. "I forgot that you abducted me. Thank you for reminding me."

    "You know, I've had about all I'm going to take out of you," she said.

    "Oh really?" I said. "And how do you think I feel about you?"

    "If this keeps up, Chris, you are going to regret it."

    "As if I don't now," I said.

    Luckily, she let it drop after that. I went to the bedroom, and she didn't stop me. Zack wasn't there, so I actually stayed in the room for a while. I waited until I heard her go into the bathroom, and then I left the apartment. I went straight to Ted's.

    "What happened?" asked Ted when I walked into his bedroom.  He stood there looking at me with a half smile on his face.   It would have made me mad if I didn't think it made him look so sexy.

    "Well, she wants to buy me a coat," I replied after a minute.

    "And the problem with this is?" he asked.

    "Ted, I have a coat in Springfield," I said.

    "Chris, if you need a coat here, let her buy you one," he said.  "There is a such thing as being stupid. Freezing in the winter, because you don't want your mother to buy you a coat is stupid."

    I had to admit that he was right.   Things couldn't get much worse.  Maybe I did need to lighten up.  I still wanted to at least talk to Dad and Evan.  If she said no to me on that, I didn't know what would happen.  It was stupid to keep me away from them in the first place.   Dad had done nothing wrong.

    "Alright," said Ted, ripping me out of my thoughts.  "I see those wheels turning in that cute head of yours. What are you thinking?"

    "I'm thinking that I'll let her buy me the coat," I said.

    "Good," he said, smiling.   "Now, how long can you be gone?"

    "I didn't exactly ask for permission," I replied.  "And besides, its Friday."

    "Cool," he said.  "I want to take you somewhere."

    "Where?" I asked, hoping that he meant somewhere were we could at least hold each other.  Being around Ted day in and day out and not being able to touch him was kind of nerve wracking.

    "It's kind of a party," he said.   "There will be lots of boys there. Some your age, some mine, and some will be older."

    "Where is this?" I asked.

    "Not far from here," he said.   "You wanna go?"

    "Sure," I said.


   I'd never seen anything like it before.  The apartment was very big.  It was almost as big as my dad's whole house.  There were two couches in the living room, and seated on them were boys of various ages.   There were more boys in chairs and standing in various parts of the room.  I looked at Ted, and he smiled at me.

    "I told you Lane always has boys over," he said.  "Don't worry. You're safe here, Chris."

    He walked off and left me standing there by the door looking like an idiot.  I didn't know what to say to anyone.  How was I supposed to let them know that I was there for sex? I wasn't about to open my mouth and say anything stupid.  I wished that Evan was there with me.

    Thinking about Evan just reminded me that I was in a city I didn't want to be in.  I hated living in Chicago, and I hated the fact that I couldn't see Dad and Evan.  What happened to James and Alex had nothing to do with us.  I didn't understand why my mother couldn't see that.  She said that she brought me to Chicago to protect me from that sort of thing.  Well, Jason and Josh were both in jail, and Cole and James were living with Frieda.  I didn't understand what she thought was protecting me from.  To top it off, there was Zack.  Big protection!

    "And who are you?" said a slightly effeminate voice from behind me, breaking my train of thought.

    I turned around to face a man not much taller than myself.  He was dressed in a flannel shirt that was open in the front and a pair of faded blue jeans.  His dark hair was parted on the side, and it was combed very neatly.  He had big brown eyes, and a great smile.

    "My name is Chris," I said after a few moments of looking at him.

    "Chris," he said.   "And who did you come here with?"  He kept looking at me as if I were a subject to study.  It didn't make me uncomfortable, but I had the feeling that he could if he wanted to.

    "Ted brought me," I replied, searching the living room for any sign of Ted.

    "Did he?" he laughed.   "Well, Teddy sure knows a good looking young man when he sees one. Come with me, Chris."

    With that he was off with me at his heals.  He took me through the apartment showing me this and that.    There were three bedrooms of which only once was not occupied at the moment.    The mystery man laughed each time he tried a handle and found it locked.   He showed me the bathroom and kitchen, and then we were standing on a terrace looking down at the ground that was thirteen stories beneath us.

    He fixed me an alcoholic drink from a bar that was there on the terrace, and I almost choked when I tasted it.  This made him laugh again, and I was about to tell him where to go.   He seemed a little arrogant and sure of himself, but then I supposed that since he was older, I shouldn't say anything about it.  He pulled me off the terrace and back into the apartment, and then we were right back where we started.

    "So tell me," he said as we walked around the living room, "how old are you, Chris?"

    "I'm fourteen," I replied not caring what he thought about how young I was.

    "Fabulous," he said.   "I don't think we have many fourteen year olds at my parties."

    "You're Lane?" I asked shocked.

    "Why yes, Chris," he laughed.  "Who on earth did you think I was?"

    "I didn't . . ."

    "Some mad stalker who likes little boys dragging you around a stranger's apartment and feeding you liquor," he laughed.  "Really."

    "I didn't . . ."

    "You really are breath taking," he said, smiling at me again.  "Do you know that?"

    "Thank you," I replied embarrassed.

    "I could take you into my private room and just eat you alive," he said, smiling still.  I wasn't so sure I liked the sound of that one.  "I could show you such things."

    "Chris," said Ted, coming up behind me.  "I see you've met Lane."

    "Yes," said Lane.   "I was just offering to molest the young man. Ted, how are you?"

    "I'm well," said Ted, smiling at me.  "Don't give him too hard of a time, Lane."

    "Nonsense," said Lane.   "I won't hurt the boy."

    "I didn't say that," said Ted.

    We walked over to the empty couch and sat down.  Ted and Lane were babbling to each other about Zack, and I wondered if he was here.  I hoped not.  The last thing I needed was him running to my mother and telling her that I was hanging out with homosexuals.

    "I should say," laughed Lane.  "I simply love young men, and I provide a safe place for those young men who also love other young men. I don't hurt them or abuse them in any form. Everything that goes on in my place is completely consensual."

    "We know that, Lane," called a boy from across the room, and everyone broke out laughing.

    The party was going full swing, and I was nervous about being caught.  Ted and Lane weren't paying any attention to me, so I was thinking about leaving and going back to my mother's apartment.    The only problem with that was that I still didn't know where that was.

    I started to look around the room, and I saw many boys who were in my school.  None of them were in my classes, but they were recognizable.  A few of them seemed to notice me, and I turned my head if I caught them looking at me.  The last thing I needed was a reputation at school.

    "Hey Lane," someone called from another room.  "Puck's getting it on again!"

    The boys around us seemed to think this was wonderful.  They took off in the direction of the voice while I sat there looking at Lane and Ted.  I had no idea what was going on, but Ted was smiling from ear to ear.  Lane just shook his head and giggled.

    "Let's go have a look," said Lane, pulling me by the hand.

    He lead me back to the bedrooms, and we stopped in front of the one with a crowd outside.  Lane shoved through the crowd of boys, and soon we were standing inside the room.  There were four other people in the room.  One of them was on his hands and knees on the bed with another on his knees directly in front of him and another on his knees behind him.   The only boy not on the bed was standing there, naked, with his dick in his hand.

    I couldn't believe what I was seeing.  Puck turned out to be the boy that lived across the hall from my mother, and he was sucking one boy's dick while the other fucked his ass! I'd never seen anything like this.  I was stunned, but I couldn't take my eyes off of the scene.   Soon, the boy fucking Puck was replaced by the boy standing and watching.   Then, other boys were naked and standing there waiting.

    Lane seemed to be enjoying the show, but I wasn't so sure that I liked watching it.  I thought that Puck should have had more sense.  God knew who those boys were, and they were all at least Ted's age.   There was no way I'd ever be in his position.

    "Come on," said Ted, pulling me by the arm.  "Let's get out of here for a while."

    "Thanks," I said as he guided me through the crowd of boys at the door.  All of them were hollering and cheering Puck on.  It was sick.

    "Puck goes through guys all the time here," he said when we were back in the living room.  "He loves it."

    "How could he love it?" I asked.

    "Chris, different people enjoy different things," he said.  "What isn't your idea of a good time is always someone else's."

    "I'll remember that," I said.

    "So what do you think of Lane?" he asked, changing the subject.

    "I don't know yet," I said.

    "He wants to have sex with you," he said.

    "Lane?" I asked.

    "Yes, Lane," he laughed.   "What? Is he too old for you?"

    "No," I said, turning to look in the direction of the bedroom again.

    "Then what?" he asked.

    "I don't know," I said.   I couldn't tell him why I wasn't so excited about having sex with Lane.

    "He won't do anything to you that you don't want to have done to you," said Ted.  "I promise you that."

    "Have you had sex with Lane?" I asked him, turning to face him.

    "I let him suck my dick once," he said.

    "That's all?" I asked.

    "That's all he wanted from me," he replied.

   I wondered if Ted would ever let me suck his dick.