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Christopher's Story

(c) copyright 2002 Eric Draven®

Chapter Two


  Over the next few weeks, Tommy and I had become inseparable.  He never found out that Evan had sucked my dick that night.  Evan had asked me not to tell him, and we had woke up before Tommy the next morning, so he didn't see us in bed together.  I respected his wishes and didn't tell Tommy anything about it.  I must admit, though, I wanted to really bad.  Tommy and I were best friends, and we never kept anything from each other.

    It didn't take Tommy long to get over his initial fear of sucking dick.  In just two weeks, he'd gone from the scared one to the bold one.  He now talked about other boys our age and wondered aloud what it would be like to suck their dicks.  He talked about James Dash almost all the time.   He wondered if since Evan and James's brother, Cole, were sucking each other's dicks, did that mean that James would do it, too?

    "I really don't think that just because Cole sucks Evan's dick that James would be into it, too," I said.  We were sitting in my room listening to Tommy's new CD.

    "He hangs out with Alex Porter all the time," said Tommy.

    "They've been friends for years," I said.  "That doesn't mean they are sucking each other."

    "I think it does," he said.

    "We have hung out since we were little, and we weren't sucking each other," I reminded him.

    "We are now," he said, smiling at me.

    "But we weren't until Evan got us started," I said.

    "Well, maybe Evan got James and Alex started, too," he said.

    "You are not right," I said, laughing at him.

    "Nope," he said.  "I'm all the way left thanks to Evan."

    "Whatever," I said.

    "Hey," he said.  "Why doesn't Evan ever suck with us?"

    "I don't know," I said.   "Why don't you ask him?"

    "I will one day," he said.

    Actually, I knew exactly why Evan wasn't participating in our many blow job sessions.  Evan said that with me it was one thing, but Tommy wasn't his brother, and he was too young.  I pointed out that Tommy was the same age as me, and Evan replied that I was his brother, and he loved me.  He said that, though he thought Tommy was cool, he didn't love him.  I decided that I could live with that.  After all, I was still getting to suck Evan's dick almost every night.

    In no time, Tommy had come up with a plan to get James and Alex to suck with us.  I told him he was crazy, but he insisted that it would work.  He said that we should invite James and Alex over to spend the night at either his house or mine.  Then we would watch a porno and do the jack off thing.   I told him that using Evan's story wouldn't work.  Then he reminded me that it wasn't just Evan's story anymore.  I told Evan about it later that same night.

    We were in our room.  Our parents were both asleep, and Kendal was out with Kyle.  We had both had our showers and were supposed to be being quiet.  Well, we were quiet alright.  If my parents ever found out what we were doing, they would have hit the roof.

    We were laying in our own beds when I started to tell him about Tommy's plan.  We had been talking about nothing in particular at first, but then I decided that it was time to tell him about what Tommy wanted to do with James and Alex.

    "Tommy thinks that James and Alex are sucking each other," I said to him.

    "What?" he asked.

    "You heard me," I said.

    "Why does he think that?" he asked.

    "He's got this insane idea that you got them doing it," I said.

    "Whatever," he said.   "James caught me and Cole once. The kid was so grossed out by it. I'm telling you, there is no way that boy is sucking dick."

    "Tommy's on a mission," I said.   "He even brought it up again that you don't ever suck with us."

    "I told you why I won't suck Tommy's dick," he said.

    "I think he just wants to suck yours," I said.

    "Still," said Evan.  "I don't think that will be happening any time soon."

    "I know that," I said.   "I was just telling you about Tommy."

    "Well, why don't you stop telling me about Tommy, and get your little butt over here," he said.

    I didn't need any other invitations.  I got out of bed, stripped off my shorts, and crawled into bed with Evan.  His arms enfolded me as soon as I was under his blanket.  He kissed me and tightened his arms around me.  I loved it.  This was my favorite thing in the world.

    "I've been thinking about you all day long," he said.

    "You have?" I asked.   "Weren't you out with Larissa today?"

    Larissa was Evan's new girlfriend.  I heard him and Cole talking about her the other day.  They were sitting in the kitchen talking about what they were going to do.  Cole had asked about Larissa, and Evan had said that she wanted to have sex.  I left the room after that.  I didn't want to hear about my brother having sex with a girl.

    "Yes, I was out with her today," he said.  "That's why I was thinking about you all day."

    "Huh?" I asked.

    "Larissa wants to have sex," he said.

    "I know," I replied.  "I heard you and Cole talking this morning."

    "What did you hear?" he asked.

    "Just that she wants to have sex," I said.  "I left to go find Tommy shortly after that."

    "Well, I keep putting her off," he said.  "I keep telling her that I don't want to have sex until I'm sure that I'm with the girl I want to marry."

    "So you are being the old fashioned kind, huh?"

    "No," he said.  "I'm being the gay kind."

    "What?" I asked, shocked.  I couldn't believe he'd said that.

    "Don't act so shocked," he said.   "I've been sucking your dick almost every night for the past three weeks."

    "But you have a girlfriend," I said.

    "This is going to sound mean," he said.  "But the only reason that I have a girlfriend is so that nobody knows that I'm gay."

    "What about Cole?" I asked.

    "Cole is different," he said.   "He knows how I feel, and he says that he loves sucking my dick, but he likes girls, too."

    "Hmm," I said.

    "What about you, buddy?" he asked me.

    I was quiet for a while.  I didn't know why, but I didn't want to tell my brother that I was gay.  It was silly, I know.   I'd been sucking his dick just as long as he'd been sucking mine.  He also knew that Tommy and I sucked each other as often as we could.  But I just didn't want to say the words out loud.

    "You can tell me, buddy," he said.   "Believe me, if you could ever tell anyone, it's me."

    "I know," I said.

    "Uncomfortable?" he asked.

    "A little," I said.

    "I understand," he said.

    "I'm gay, too," I said quickly.

    No sooner was that out of my mouth than our door was opened.  I about had a heart attack, thinking that one of my parents or my sister had just caught me and Evan in bed together.  It wasn't any of them.  It was Kyle.  I didn't think my heart would ever stop racing.

    "I see you two are cozy," he said, smiling from ear to ear.

    "Close the door, bonehead," said Evan.

    "Sure," he said, closing the door behind him.  "I just wanted to see what you boys were up to, and now I see."

    "Well you gave us a heart attack," said Evan.  I assumed from the way that he was talking to Kyle, he was fine with the fact that Kyle had just caught us together.

    "I figured you'd have Christopher in your bed before too long," said Kyle, smiling again.

    "What, you're going to have a problem with it?" asked Evan.  "After the shit we've done?"

    "Easy, Evan," said Kyle.   "I got no problems with it. Christopher is a hot little fucker."

    "Yeah, you just leave your hands off of him," he said, and for a second, I thought Kyle was going to blurt out what had already happened between us.

    "Sure," he said.   "Better get back downstairs before your mom thinks I'm fucking Kendal."

    "No harm there," said Evan, laughing.

    "Whatever," said Kyle just before he walked out of the room.

    I hadn't realized that I was holding my breath until I released it.  That was the biggest scare I'd ever had in my entire young life! I didn't think I could take anymore of them.  Kyle would just have to be careful from now on.  He'd have to let us know when he was coming in the room.

    "You alright?" asked Evan after I'd been silent for a while.

    "Yeah," I said.   "What did you mean by all the stuff that you and Kyle have done?"

    "That," he said, smiling.   "I wondered when you'd ask."

    "I'm asking," I said.

    "Well, one night, I was asleep on the couch, and Kyle started playing with my dick," he said.  I was familiar with this approach.  "We've sucked each other."

    "That all?" I asked.

    "That's all I'm going to tell you," he said.  He wrapped his fingers around my dick and squeezed.

    "I see," I said, laughing.

    "You know," he said.   "Kyle is gay, too."

    "Kendal," I said.

    "He likes Kendal, but he hasn't touched her," said Evan.  "Which is fine with Kendal, because she's saving herself for marriage. She told Kyle the other day that when she leaves for college, they're through."

    "That was mean," I said.

    "Not really," said Evan.   "She didn't say it like that."

    "I know," I said.

    "You know, we'd better get some sleep if we are going to be up in time for the family meeting," he said.

    My parents had announced earlier that there would be a family meeting in the living room at eight the next morning.  Mom said that the reason for the early time was so that she could be sure that all three of her children would be in the house.

    I wondered just what the family meeting was about.  I had an idea, but I didn't like it.  Mom and Dad had been fighting ever since they'd come back from California.  I was worried that they had decided to get divorced.  I didn't even want to think about it.

    "Thanks for reminding me," I said.

    "Relax," said Evan.   "It can't be that bad."

    He kept squeezing my dick, and I started to feel it hardening again.  I could also feel his dick harden against my naked ass.  I had thought we were going to have sex, but he assured me that we needed to get our sleep.  After getting up to lock our bedroom door, he slipped back into bed behind me and went to sleep.

    The next morning, my mother must have been up long before us.  When Evan and I came down the stairs at a quarter till eight, there was a donut box on the kitchen table, fresh coffee had been made, and there was chocolate milk in the fridge.  I wondered just what they had to tell us.

    "Is Kendal awake yet?" asked Mom when I walked into the living room.

    "I don't know," I said.   "I think so."

    "Alright," she said.   "We'll wait for her. We've decided to sit in the kitchen to talk about this."

    "Alright," I said.   "Is everything alright, Mom?"

    "Honey, just wait," she said.  "We'll talk it all out."

    I went back into the kitchen and sat at the table across from Evan.  He looked at me and smiled.  I was so grateful for that smile.  I was nervous about this meeting.  Did they know something? I wouldn't be able to handle it if they did.

    "Donuts?" asked Kendal as she walked into the room.

    "Chocolate milk, too," said Evan.

    "Great," she said.   "They probably don't have the money to send me to college."

    "Alright," said my mother as she walked into the room with my father right behind her.  "Let's get this going."

    "Has one of us done something wrong?" asked Evan, verbalizing my very own question.

    "No, Dear," said Mom.

    "We just have something to discuss with you," said my father.  He didn't look real happy.  That wasn't a good sign.

    "As you know, your father and I haven't been getting along very well lately," said Mom.  "First, let me tell you that it has nothing to do with any of you."

    "And we are not getting divorced," said my dad.

    "I have been offered a job in Chicago," said my mother.  "It's a great opportunity for me, and I really want to take the position."

    "What would you be doing?" asked Kendal.  Kendal would be attending college in Chicago in the fall.

    "I would be an advertising executive with a very good firm," said my mother.

    "You're separating?" asked Evan.

    "Well, we are trying not to look at it like that," said my mother.  "I would be working most of the time, but I will return home every other weekend, and your father will come to Chicago on the weekends that I am not here."

    "What about us?" I asked, thinking that I really didn't want to move to Chicago.  I had all my friends here.

    "You will live with your father," said my mother.  "Evan will help look after you."

    "He's almost fourteen, Mom," said Evan.  "He doesn't really need anyone to look after him."

    "You'll help look after your brother," said Mom.

    "When are you leaving?" asked Kendal.

    "If I take the position, I will be leaving in a week," said Mom.

    "Could I go with you when you go?" asked Kendal.  "I'll be starting school there in the fall anyway."

    "Yes, Dear, you can come with me," said my mother.

    The rest of the meeting was just a bunch of questions and answers.  Most of them revolved around when we would get to see our mother, and how we would do the holidays.  She told us that she would visit every other weekend, and almost every holiday.  I wasn't exactly sure that I liked the idea of my mother not being here, but I understood that she really wanted to go.   I wondered just what effect this would have on my dad.  He didn't seem exactly thrilled about it, but he wasn't saying anything, either.

    After the meeting, my mother and Kendal went shopping.  Mom said that Kendal would need a few things if she was going to go to Chicago early.  I just couldn't imagine life without my mom and sister.  Sure, I knew that my sister would have been leaving for Chicago soon, but not this soon.   Now, my mother was going, too! I didn't know what to think about that.

    My dad just kind of moped around the house for a while once my mom and Kendal left to go shopping.  He looked down, but he didn't look as sad as I had thought he would over losing both his wife and his daughter.   Dad just walked back into the den and closed the door.

    "What's happening, Evan?" I asked when Dad was gone.

    "I'm not sure, buddy," he said.   "They have been fighting a lot."

    "Yeah, but why would Mom want to leave?" I asked him.

    "I guess she thinks it would be better that way," said Evan.  "I don't think they don't love each other anymore."

    "I thought they were going to get divorced," I admitted.

    "So did I," he said.   "This isn't much better than that."

    "I know," I said.

    For the rest of the day, we all just kind of moped around the house.  Mom and Kendal were the only ones who seemed happy about this.  My sister was a strange person to me.  She was never mean to me or anything, but she never went out of her way to be nice to me, either.  She never asked me how my day went or had much to do with me at all.

    Now and then, she and Evan would talk, but even then I could tell that she thought she had to talk to him.  Kendal just didn't seem to like us very much.  I wasn't surprised when she asked Mom if she could go to Chicago early.  I wasn't really surprised when Mom said yes, either.

    They came back about two hours later with all kinds of bags and boxes from several different stores.  It looked like they had bought Kendal a completely new wardrobe.  I didn't like the excitement that they shared over moving away from us.  It just didn't seem right.  They shouldn't have been so happy to be leaving us.  I didn't know what to think about all of this.

    Kendal called Kyle about an hour after she and Mom got back from their shopping expedition.  Soon after that, Kendal left with Kyle.  Mom went upstairs to her room, and Dad stayed in the den.  Evan went up to our room, and I stayed in the living room.  I didn't think Evan wanted to be bothered, so I didn't follow him.

    I sat in the living room and watched television.  I wasn't really watching what was on.  I was really thinking about what it would be like around the house when Mom and Kendal were gone.  One week.   That's what Mom had said.  She and Kendal would be leaving in one week.   My world would be changing in one week.

    I wondered what it would be like to live in this house with only Evan and my dad.  Dad rarely had much to do with any of us, so would that change with Mom and Kendal out of the house? Would Dad start doing more with me and Evan? I didn't know what to think about that.  I had always wanted to do things with my dad like Tommy was always doing things with his dad.

    Tommy and his dad went camping a lot.   They went fishing, played golf and basketball together.  They had a very good relationship.  My dad was nothing like Tommy's dad.  I'd always wished that he would be more like Tommy's dad.  Maybe now he would be.  I could hope, anyway.

    My thoughts were interrupted by a knock at the door.  I immediately thought it was Tommy.  It was almost noon, and I hadn't called him.  He hadn't called me, either, so I just thought it was him at the door wanting to see what was going on and why I hadn't called him.  It wasn't Tommy, though.  It was Cole.

    "Hey, Chris," said Cole when I answered the door.

    "Hi Cole," I said.

    Cole was a really good looking guy.  He wasn't quite as tall as Kyle, but he was up there.  He had dark hair, but he'd bleached the top of it, so it was blond.  It looked great on him with his brown eyes.   He had a killer smile, and his body was tanned.  He stood there in a tank top and a pair of basketball shorts.  He was a sight!

    "Evan here?" he asked.

    "Yeah, sorry," I said, realizing that I'd kept him standing there on the porch while I looked him over.  "He's upstairs."

    "Thanks, Chris," he said as he walked past me through the living room to the stairs.

    I was about to follow him up the stairs when the phone rang.  Nobody seemed to be in the mood to answer it, so on the fourth ring, I picked it up.

    "Hello?" I said.

    "There you are," said Tommy.   "I've been waiting for you all day long!"

    "It's only noon," I said.

    "Still," he said.  "You coming over?"

    "I don't think I should right now," I said.

    "What's wrong?" he asked.

    "Family stuff," I said.

    "Could I come over there?" he asked.

    "We wouldn't be able to do anything," I said.

    "I know, Chris," he said.   "I would just like to hang out."

    "I don't see why you couldn't," I said.

    "Be there in five," he said, and then he was off the phone.

    I walked back over to the couch and sat down.   I really wanted to talk to Evan again, but I knew that if I went upstairs, I wouldn't hear the door.  Tommy was on his way, so I sat there waiting for him.   The thought of having Tommy over here actually started to seem like a good one.   He could keep me cheered up, and he'd be happy, because he'd be around Evan.

    It was strange.  Tommy had been the reluctant one the night that Evan had talked us into masturbating together and ultimately sucking each other.  Now, he was insatiable.  He wanted practically every boy he saw.  He was obsessed with Evan.  He asked me all the time to invite him over for a night when Evan was actually home.  He had this idea that Evan would suck with us if he was home.

    But Evan was one step ahead of him.  He always planned a night away from home when he knew that Tommy would be spending the night.   I'd warn him in plenty of time for him to make arrangements to stay with Cole.   I never told Tommy that, though.  He just thought that Evan naturally spent a lot of time with Cole.  That was true at one time.  Cole and Evan were best friends, and Evan used to spend the night at Cole's all the time.  That had changed when Evan and I had started sleeping together, though.

    I didn't know if I wanted to tell Tommy about my mom leaving and taking Kendal with her.  It seemed like something that should be kept a secret.  I didn't think I wanted everyone to know that my mom and dad were having problems.  They said they weren't getting divorced, but my mom had said first that they had not been getting along.  No matter what they said, I knew that she was leaving, because they were having problems.  So, their getting a divorce wasn't exactly something that I couldn't conceive of.

    My mother had said that she would come home every other weekend and every holiday.  So, I was only going to have my mother around every other weekend and on holidays.  That didn't sound right.  Mothers were supposed to be around all the time.  At least they were when their sons were only thirteen and fifteen.  I didn't understand.

    Tommy showed up ten minutes after he called instead of five.  Once he got there, he demanded to know what was wrong.  When I wouldn't tell him, he wanted to know where Evan was.  When I told him that Evan was upstairs with Cole, he ran up the stairs.  I had no choice but to follow him.  I hoped that Evan and Cole weren't doing anything.

    "Hi guys," said Cole when Tommy burst through the door with me on his tail.

    "Hi Cole," Tommy said.

    "Chris, you alright?" asked Evan.   They were sitting on Evan's bed.  Evan was at the head of the bed, and Cole was at the foot of it.

    "I think so," I said.  I walked into the room and sat on my bed.  Tommy sat at the foot of mine directly across from Cole.

    "Things are going to get a little strange around here, huh?" said Cole.

    "What's going on guys?" asked Tommy.  It was clear that he didn't like being kept in the dark about this.  If Cole knew, then I supposed it was alright to tell Tommy.

    "My mom is leaving for Chicago in a week," I said.  "She's taking Kendal with her."

    "When are they coming back?" he asked.

    "They aren't," said Evan.   "Mom is moving there."

    We sat there talking for a while about what it would be like living in the house without Mom.  Cole had a lot to say about it, and since he and James lived alone with their father, we listened to him when he talked.   Cole's mother had died having James, and his father had never remarried.  That meant that Cole really knew what it was like not to live with his mom.

    He pointed out that, unlike him, we would see our mother every other weekend and on the holidays.  He would never see his mother again.  He said that there were certain advantages to living with your father and not your mother.  He said that living with only guys was sometimes a lot of fun.   You didn't have to be politically correct, when you were alone with them, you didn't always have to worry about wearing clothing, and it was easier to talk with a guy about things than it was to talk to a woman.

    Cole also said that it wasn't always easy living without his mother.  He missed her, and wished that she was there to watch him play basketball like in the old days.  He said that she wouldn't be there when he graduated, she would never see him in his prom tux, and she wouldn't be there if and when he ever got married.

    "You guys will be able to go to Chicago and visit your mom," he said.  "You'll get to have all kinds of fun with her in the big city, and you'll have the chance to do a lot of things that you haven't done."

    "I never thought of it like that," said Evan.

    "And at least your mom will still be out there," said Cole.  "My mom is gone, and she can never come back."

    That got us all to be silent for a while.   I felt sorry for Cole.  His mom was dead, and he would never see her again.   Our mom was only moving to another city.  We would be able to see her almost whenever we wanted to.  It would just be a bit tougher to do it than it ever had been before.

    After out talk, Cole took us to a movie.   He paid for it, and he even invited Tommy.  This thrilled Tommy, and I guess he thought that he would finally be part of the group.  I didn't know exactly which group he thought he was going to be a part of.  Cole and Evan were not a group.   They were just friends, and I was the younger brother.

    We went to the mall and watched the latest sci-fi flick together.  After the movie, we at pizza in the food court of the mall and talked about stupid things.  We had a great time, and Cole got our minds off our mother.  We hung out at the mall for a while going from store to store to look at nothing in particular.

    When we got back to our house, Cole suggested that Evan spend the night with him.  Tommy had to go home and do something with his parents, but he insisted that he would be back, and he would spend the night with me.   When he called an hour later to tell me that he wouldn't be able to stay with me, Cole suggested that I stay at his house, too.

    I didn't know about that.  If he and Evan wanted to be alone, then Cole wouldn't really want me there.  He said that I could hang out with his little brother.  That got me thinking about what Tommy said.   He wanted to get James and Alex into our blow job sessions.  I smiled at Evan, and he shook his head.  I laughed, and Cole wanted to know what was so funny.

    "Nothing," said Evan, still smiling.

    "No, really," he said.   "What's so funny?"

    "Alright," said Evan.   "Don't get mad, or anything, promise?"

    "Promise," said Cole.   "Now what is so funny?"

    "A few weeks back, Tommy stayed here with Chris for the night," said Evan.

    "Yeah," said Cole.

    "Well, he brought this porn video that he'd swiped from his old man," said Evan.  "And while we were watching it, we all started to jack off together."

    "Oh man," said Cole.   "You didn't!"

    "No, I didn't," he said.   "I did tell them about you and me, though."

    "Did they freak?" asked Cole.

    "No," said Evan.  "You're not mad?"

    "Why should I be mad?" he asked.   "I figured they already knew after James caught us that night."

    "James doesn't hang out with me and Tommy," I said quickly.  "We had a class with him, but he rarely ever talked to us."

    "Yeah, he likes his quiet little flunky, Alex," said Cole.

    "Right," I said, smiling again.

    "Well, Tommy now thinks that James and Alex are sucking each other's dicks," said Evan.

    "What?" asked Cole.

    "You heard me," he said.

    "Tommy wants to get James and Alex to suck with me and him," I said.

    "That'll never happen with James," said Cole, laughing.

    "I know," said Evan.   "You wanted to know why we were laughing, so we told you."

    "Well, you might be able to get Alex to do it," said Cole.  "If you can ever get him away from James long enough."

    "That Alex is a sexy little shit," said Evan.

    "Yeah, but he's stuck up James's ass all the time," said Cole.  "I think it's sick the way James treats him. He gets Alex to do everything for him."

    "Maybe Chris can fix that," said Evan.

    "So you like dick, too, huh?" asked Cole, smiling at me.

    "Well," I said, looking at the floor.  I could feel my face heating up, and I knew I was blushing.

    "It's cool, man," he said.   "I like sucking Evan's dick, and he likes sucking mine, too."

    "I know that," I said.

    "How old are you?" he asked.

    "He's thirteen," said Evan.   "But he's mature enough for it."

    "I didn't think he wasn't," said Cole.  "I'm surprised that he's only thirteen. He looks older than that."

    "Yeah, a lot of people say that," said Evan.

    "They do?" I asked.

    "Sure do," he said, smiling at me.   "Larissa asked me if we were twins."

    "What?" I asked, shocked.   "We don't look alike."

    "You don't have to be identical to be twins," said Cole.

    "I know," I said.

    "Speaking of Larissa," said Cole, turning to Evan again.  "How did that go?"

    "She broke up with me," said Evan.

    "And you seem broken up about it," laughed Cole.

    "I'm crushed," laughed Evan.

    After that, Cole called his dad to make sure that it was alright that Evan and I stay over.  His dad said it was fine.  He told him that Alex was staying with James, and I could just bunk with them.  I wasn't sure if I liked that idea or not.  As I'd told Cole, James was never really one of my friends.  We'd talked a few times in school, but that was only because he was assigned to do a report with me for English.  After the report was done (I did most of it), James didn't seem to want anything to do with me.

    Evan talked to our mom about us spending the night at Cole's.  She said that she had no problem with it, but he should talk to our dad.  I went to my dad.  He was in his den, and although I had never actually been in his den, I wasn't forbidden to enter it.  I walked in the door and almost let out a gasp.

    My dad was on the couch in his den completely nude.  He was asleep with the light coming in from the window, bathing his nude body.   I'd never seen my father naked before.  He wasn't a bad looking man.  He was tall with dark hair and dark eyes.  He was quite muscular, again, not like a body builder, but he was muscular.  His dick was what caught my attention.  It was lying upward against his lower stomach.  Soft, it extended to just under his navel.   My dad must have been huge when he was hard.  I knew now where Evan and I got our impressive lengths.

    My parents are young.  They had Kendal when they were both eighteen, and Kendal was now eighteen.  So, my father's naked body was quite a sight for my eyes.  He looked great, and I instantly felt my own dick start to harden in my pants.  After having sex with Evan, my arousal at the sight of my naked father didn't even phase me.

    However, I didn't want my dad to know that I had seen him naked.  I backed out of the room, pulling the door closed as I went.   Then, I waited a few minutes before knocking on the door.  I wanted to give him a chance to cover himself up before I walked in.

    "Just a minute," he called to me, and I could hear him walking around in the den.  After a few minutes, he opened the door.  He was standing there in his bath robe.

    "Dad, can Evan and I stay at Cole's house tonight?" I asked.

    "Sure, sport," he said, and he reached out and ruffled my hair.  "You alright?"

    "Yeah," I said.  "At first I was a little upset, but Cole talked to us, and we're both ok now."

    "That's good," said Dad.   "You go have fun, kiddo."

    He turned around and closed the door.  I stood there for a few minutes staring at the door and thinking about him laying naked on the couch.  I couldn't believe that I had seen him like that.  Did my father always take off his clothes when he went into the den?

    "Hey, buddy," said Evan from behind me.  "What's wrong? Did Dad say no?"

    "No," I said, turning to face my brother.  "He said it was fine and said to have fun."

    "Well, come on," said Evan, grabbing my hand and pulling me away from the closed door.  "Let's get our stuff."

    I was quiet the entire time we were getting our clothes.  Cole suggested that I bring along some of my video games, so we could play them on his machine.  I just obediently picked up a stack of them and put them in my bag.  Evan kept looking at me strangely, but he didn't say anything.

    I knew that I'd eventually have to tell Evan that I'd walked in on Dad naked.  I just wanted to keep it to myself for a little while.  It isn't every day that you walk in and find your hunky dad laying naked on the couch in broad daylight.  I also wanted to decide exactly how I felt about it.

    After we had got all our stuff ready, we piled into Cole's car.  He drove to the convenient store that was two blocks away from our house.  He bought a case of soda and four bags of chips.  He said that we were going to have fun tonight if it killed him.  He said he didn't like the downcast looks on our faces.

    "Tonight," he said.  "We all have fun."

    "I won't argue with that," said Evan.  "As long as I get your dick all night long."

    "Oh, I'm sure that can be arranged," said Cole, laughing.

    "Then I am definitely going to have fun tonight," said Evan.

    "What about Chris?" asked Cole.

    "Well, I suppose he can have some, too," said Evan.

    "What?" asked Cole.  It was clear that he didn't like the idea of Evan's thirteen year old brother sucking his dick.

    "You don't want to let Chris have any fun?" asked Evan.

    "Evan, he's thirteen years old," said Cole.

    "Yeah, but back at the house you said that he looked mature enough for it," said Evan quickly.

    "I don't know, man," said Cole.

    "Easy, big guy," I said, cutting in on them.  "I don't want to suck your dick, Cole."

    "It's ok, Chris," said Evan.

    "No, Evan," I said.  "I don't even have to come over tonight, Cole. You can turn around and take me home."

    "I'm not taking you home, Chris," said Cole.  "I said you were going to stay with me tonight, and you are."

    "Well, now that you've made him feel uncomfortable," said Evan.

    "I'm not uncomfortable," I lied.

    "I just don't know about having sex with a thirteen year old boy," said Cole.

    "Relax," I said.  "The thirteen year old doesn't want to have sex with you."  There was no way for me to disguise the ice in my voice.  I didn't really want to have sex with Cole, but I didn't like the way he refereed to me as a child who could have sex with someone his age.

    Evan looked back at me, and I knew that he could see that I was mad.  I liked Cole, and I had thought that he was cool.   Now I was rapidly changing my opinion of him.  I wasn't so sure that I liked him much at all now.  Suddenly, staying at his house didn't seem like such a fun idea.

    We were quiet for the rest of the trip.   Evan sat staring out his window, and Cole just kept driving.  I didn't feel like starting any sort of conversation, either.  I just wanted to go home and sit in my room.  This was turning out to be the day from Hell, and I desperately wanted it to go away.

    When we pulled into Cole's driveway, Evan got out of the car before Cole could even turn off the engine.  He walked over to the front door and stood there waiting for us.  Cole turned to look at me, and I looked away from him.

    "I'm sorry, Chris," he said.   "I know you're mad at me."

    "I just don't like being referred to as a stupid kid," I said.

    "I don't think you're stupid at all," he said.

    "Right," I said.

    "Chris, I just don't think it would be right to have sex with you," he said.

    "Cole, I don't want to have sex with you," I said.  "I just didn't like the way you said you didn't want to have sex with me."

    "Will you accept my apology?" he asked.

    "I already did," I said.

    "I didn't hear you," he said.

    "Fine," I said quickly.   "I accept your apology."

    "Well, that's a start," he said.

    We got out of the car and walked up to Evan.   He looked very pissed off.  He didn't say anything as Cole opened the door and we all walked inside the house.  He did reach behind him and rub my stomach as I walked behind him.

    Cole's house was nice.  The rooms were big, and everything looked like it had never been touched.  I wondered how Cole and James lived in this house.  It looked like a museum.  There wasn't even a magazine on their coffee table.

    "Everyone is upstairs," said Cole.   "We don't do much down here anymore."

    We followed him through the living room to the stairs, and we were met at the top of the stairs by James and Alex.  They had come out of a room that I assumed was James's room, and they were about to head down the stairs.

    "Hey Cole," said James.

    "Jimmy," said Cole.   "Evan and Chris are here for the night."

    "Cool," said James, but he didn't really sound happy about it.

    "Chris is going to sleep in your room tonight," said Cole.

    "Yeah, I figured," said James.   "Me and Alex are going to get a video game."

    "Chris brought a bunch," said Cole.   "Why don't you find out if he has the one that you're after."

    With that, we all walked up the stairs and into James's room.  He told me to put my stuff on the floor in front of his bed.   There were two beds in the room, and I thought that was odd, but I didn't ask about it.  Alex's bag was on the other bed, so I assumed that was where he would sleep.

    Cole and Evan went to Cole's room while me and James talked about video games.  Alex was silent, but he looked through the stack of games with us.  I wondered why he didn't say anything, but I didn't know him very well, so I figured he was just shy.

    "Do you know about my brother and your brother?" asked James when Cole and Evan were out of the room.

    I looked at Alex.  I didn't want to talk about what my brother and Cole did in front of him.  I didn't know him, and I was afraid that he would talk.

    "I don't think we should talk about that," I said.

    "If you are worried about Alex, don't be," said James.  "He knows. He was here the night I caught them."

    "Well then let's just leave it at that," I said.

    "What about you?" he asked me.

    "What about me?" I replied.

    "You a cocksucker, too?" he asked.

    "That's enough, James," said Cole from the doorway.  "If you don't like it, then just shut up about it. Don't start your bullshit with Chris."

    "I asked him a straight forward question, shithead," said James.

    "What does it matter?" asked Cole.   "You want him to suck your dick?"

    "Fuck you," said James.

    "Oh stop," said Cole.   "If you think I don't know that you have Alex suck your dick all the time, you are wrong."

    I looked at Alex.  I thought he would at least blush, but he just looked at Cole.  There was no emotional response from him at all.  He didn't seem to care if he was talked about or not.  I found it really weird.  I thought he would at least say something, but he didn't.

    "What are you spying on us now?" demanded James.

    "Just don't get all high and mighty, little brother," said Cole.  He turned around and walked out of the room.

    I wondered where their dad was.  I hadn't seen him since we'd arrived, and James and Cole had been really loud.  I wondered if he was in his own room listening to them.  Things were definitely strange in the Dash house.  I would have to be very careful around here.

    The subject of cocksuckers wasn't brought up again.  We played video games on James's playsation.  James and I played.   Alex just watched.  He still hadn't said anything.  I wondered if he was ever going to talk.  I'd heard from a lot of people in school that Alex was really quiet, but this was weird.

    After we had played video games for what seemed like hours, I heard their dad come in the front door.  That explained why they were being so loud about their sexual adventures.  Their dad hadn't been home.   I wondered where he'd been, but I didn't want to ask.

    I could hear him roaming around downstairs for a while, but he hadn't come upstairs.  I wondered why the upstairs didn't look like the downstairs of their house.  The downstairs, from what I had seen of it, looked like it had never been lived in.  The upstairs looked quite different.

    James's room was big.  As I've already said, there were two beds in the room.  Between the beds was a large table with a lamp and an alarm clock on it.  He had an entertainment center at the other end of the room that took up most of the wall.  His television set was big, and he had not only a VCR, but he also had a DVD player, a playstation and a computer.

    His walls were plastered with posters.   Most were of basketball players, but there were some others that were just really colorful.  They didn't seem to be pictures of anything in particular, but they were cool.  A lot of them looked like they might glow in the dark.

    James was a lot different from Cole.  He was tall and thin for one thing.  His body didn't have an ounce of fat on it, but it wasn't really all that muscular, either.  He had very dark hair, and his eyes were an ever darker shade of brown than Cole's.  Also unlike Cole, who looked like he needed to shave again about five minutes after he was finished saving, James didn't seem to have any stubble on his face at all.  In fact, it looked like he wasn't capable of growing any.  Sure he was only thirteen, but even I shaved already.

    Alex was quite different from all of us.   He was almost pretty to look at.  He wasn't tall or anything like that.   Like me, though, he looked a lot older than thirteen.  I would find out a little later that Alex was fourteen, but he still looked older than that.

    He had brown hair, but it was swirled with natural highlights.  His eyes were blue, but they were the lightest shade of blue I had ever seen.  They always looked like they were a wet painting.  He looked like he could have just stepped out of the pages of some men's clothing magazine.  He was that good looking.

    He was sitting there in just a pair of shorts, so I could see his upper body.  He had nicely defined pecs and a washboard stomach.  It was evident that Alex worked out a lot.  I'd seen him in gym class a few times.  He was always in the weight room working out.  It had definitely paid off.

    When he caught me looking at him, he smiled, and I thought my balls would never stop tingling.  He had a killer smile.  I had to look away from him, because I didn't know if I could stop myself from telling him how good-looking he was.

    "What do you want to do now?" asked James, saving me.

    "I don't know," I said.  We had played all of the games that I had brought and even a few of the ones that James had.   It was really getting boring.

    "We could sneak in and check on our brothers," he said.

    "Ok," I said, stealing a quick glance at Alex.  I wondered why James hadn't asked Alex what he wanted to do.

    James got up, and Alex followed him.   This left me to walk behind Alex, and I could see his perfect ass under his shorts.   He was so good looking that it almost made me self conscious.  I knew that I wanted this boy.  I wanted him bad!

    Then I remembered what Cole had said in James's room about Alex sucking James's dick all the time.  Could that be true? Was Cole just trying to shut James up? I wanted so bad to ask about it, but I didn't know how to ask.  I didn't want James to get mad.  I really wanted to find out, though.

    James didn't even knock on Cole's door before walking in on them.  They were both sitting on the floor playing a video game when we walked in.  James seemed a little disappointed that they weren't sucking each other.   Evan looked at me and smiled.  I smiled back.

    "What are you guys up to?" asked James.

    "Playing games," said Cole.   "You wanna play cards?"

    "Sure," said James.   "Poker?"

    "Well, duh," said Cole.

    We all sat on the floor and Cole dealt out cards.  Even Alex played.  I wondered if he would say anything during the game.   He did, but only simple sentences, and his voice was never very loud.  Several times, he caught me looking at him, and every time, he just smiled at me.

    While we were playing cards, Cole ordered a pizza.  He said that it should take care of our hunger, and his dad was going to be leaving again soon, so he wouldn't be cooking for them.  Pizza sounded good, but what I really wanted was a look at what was under Alex's shorts.

    "You have any luck with Missy?" asked James while we were playing another hand.

    "She let me finger her," said Cole as he dealt cards.  Missy was Cole's girlfriend.  I'd never met her, and Evan didn't seem to like her much.  I thought that might be because Cole was dating her.

    "She's never going to let you fuck her," said James.

    "How do you know?" asked Cole.

    "You've been dating her for a year, and she hasn't let you yet," said James, laughing.

    "You haven't fucked a girl at all yet, limp dick," said Cole.

    "I don't want to yet," said James.   "I'm completely happy with getting my dick sucked."

    "What if Alex doesn't want to suck your dick for the rest of his life?" asked Cole.

    "There's always other cocksuckers out there," he replied, looking at me.

    "Don't look at me," I said. "I'm not sucking your dick."

    Cole and Evan laughed at that.  Alex just looked at us.  James stared at me for a few minutes, but he didn't say anything.   I felt good about it.  I didn't like the way Cole and James talked around Alex all the time.  I got the feeling that they never talked to him.  But my suspicions about Alex sucking James's dick were almost confirmed.

    The pizza arrived, and I helped Cole pick up all the cards.  We settled in James's room sitting on the two beds to eat pizza.   We were relatively quiet, and I kept looking over at Alex.  He sat with James, and they did sit close together.  I wondered if he really did suck James's dick.

    When the pizza was gone, Cole and Evan went back to Cole's room.  That left me alone with James and Alex.  James announced that he was going to take a shower, and then I was alone with Alex.  He sat on James's bed and looked everywhere but at me.

    "So how long have you and James been friends, Alex?" I asked him.

    "Not long," he said, not looking at me.

    "You guys have a lot in common?" I asked.

    "Not really," he said.

    "Then why do you hang out with him?" I asked.

    "We're friends," he said.

    I didn't really think they were friends.   From what I'd seen, it looked like their friendship was very one sided.  James shit on Alex all the time, and Alex did whatever James told him to do.  I decided that Alex needed a real friend, and I was just the guy to be that friend.

    "You should hang out with me and Tommy some time," I said.

    "Ok," he said.

    "What kinds of things do you like to do?" I asked him.

    "Lots of stuff," he said.  I waited for him to say more, but he didn't.

    "Like?" I asked.

    "Video games," he said.

    "I like video games," I said.   "Why didn't you play with us earlier?"

    "Only two controllers," he said.

    The look on his face was hard to read.   He looked embarrassed and pained.  I wondered if my talking to him was really bothering him that much.  If it was, then I really didn't want to push him too far.   I wanted him to like me.  If my talking to him like this was upsetting him, then I didn't think he would like me much at all.

    "Wanna play a game?" I asked him.

    "Sure," he said.

    We sat down on the floor, and he sat really close.  His knee was right against mine while we played the game.  I almost lost twice.  I couldn't get my mind off of his body.  I was getting out of control about it.  I really wanted Alex.  I didn't know what to do to let him know it, though.  I didn't want to scare him.

    If he was really sucking James's dick, then he might want to be with me.  But I thought about it for a minute.  If he was sucking James, then maybe James was the only one he wanted to be with.  I didn't see why, but the idea made too much sense to dismiss it.

    James came back into the room and sat on his bed watching us play the game.  He didn't say anything, so I didn't say anything to him, either.  I wanted to ask questions, but I was still afraid to.  Tommy would have asked, and he wouldn't have cared who got pissed off about it.  I wished that I could be just a little bit like Tommy.

    "Chris," said Evan from James's doorway.  "We're going to watch a movie, and I thought you might like to watch it with us."

    "Did Cole say it was ok?" I asked.

    "Who cares?" he said.   "You're my brother, and I want you to watch the movie with me."

    I looked at Alex.  He smiled at me again, but he didn't say anything.  I wanted to invite him to watch the movie with us, but I didn't think Evan and Cole would like that.  I put down the controller and followed my brother out of the room.

    "What kind of movie are we watching?" I asked him.

    "You'll like it, I assure you," he said, smiling.

    "So you're gonna watch with us?" asked Cole when we got his room.  He'd taken off his shirt and was stretched out on his bed, lying on his stomach.

    "He sure is," said Evan, smiling at me again.

    "What movie is this?" I asked.

    "We want to watch the movie with you guys, too," said James from behind me.

    "You probably won't like it, James," said Cole.

    "Why wouldn't I like it?" he asked.   "If Chris gets to watch it with you, then we are going to watch it, too."

    Without waiting for Cole to answer that one, James walked over to the closet and pulled out two big bean bags.  He sat on one, and he motioned for me and Alex to sit on the other.  I didn't think we would both fit, so I sat on the floor beside Alex with James on the other side on the other bean bag.

    "Alright," said Cole as Evan shut the bedroom door.  "But don't start running your mouth if you don't like the movie."

    "You alright on the floor, Chris?" asked Evan as he came over and sat on Cole's bed.

    "I'm fine," I said, still wondering just what kind of movie they were going to watch.

    "Alright," said Cole, pushing the play button on his remote control.

    The screen came to life.  On it was two very muscular guys working out in a weight room.  All that could be heard was a techno beat of music in the background.  The two guys were sweating a lot, and I could tell that this wasn't the beginning of the movie.

    The blond guy asked the dark haired guy to spot him while he did some bench presses.  I was starting to think that the move was going to be boring as Hell.  Then the blond started groping the dark haired guys crotch while he laid under him on the weight bench.  I suddenly knew exactly what we were watching.

    I looked at Alex, and his eyes were glued to the screen.  He didn't seem to be upset about what he was seeing.  I wondered what James thought about what was unfolding on the screen before him.  I thought it was going to be more fun to watch his reaction to it than it would be to actually watch the movie.

    "What is this?" he asked, not disappointing me.

    "Shut up," said Cole.   "You know the drill. You talk, and you're out."

    "I'm out anyway," he said, standing up.  "Come on Alex."

    "No," replied Alex.  He didn't even look up at James.  He just kept his eyes on the screen.

    "Well I'm not watching this," said James.

    "Then go back to your own room," said Cole.  "Shut up and let us watch."

    James stood by the door, but he didn't leave the room.  I turned my attention back to the screen before me.  While I had been distracted, the blond had freed the other guy's dick and was now sucking it eagerly.   I was really going to like this movie.

    "Here," said Alex, moving over to the other bean bag.

    I looked up at James, but he was watching the screen.  Suddenly, he didn't seem so disgusted.  I could see that his dick was getting hard through his shorts.  Maybe Tommy was a little bit right about James.   I couldn't wait to tell him about this.

    "Thanks," I said, moving onto the bean bag.

    On the screen, the two guys were now completely naked, and they were laying on the floor in a sixty nine position.  My dick was rock hard as I watched these two muscular jocks sucking each other's dicks.   I glanced over and saw that Alex's dick was hard, too.  Maybe he would like me after all.

    "This is sick," said James.

    "Shut up," said Cole.

    "Yeah," said Alex, and I almost choked.

    We all looked at Alex.  Cole and James looked more shocked than anyone.  Alex had actually said something to James that wasn't agreeable.  I couldn't believe it.  Apparently, James couldn't believe it, either.  His face was beat red, and he looked pissed off.

    Everyone turned their attention back to the movie.  The two guys were still in the same position, but the guy on top was now pulling the other guy's legs up so that he could get to the guy's balls.  When he started to lick the guy's ass, I almost came in my pants.

    Soon, the guy replaced his tongue with his spit soaked finger at the other guy's asshole.  He was slowly fucking his finger in and out of the guy's ass as the guy moaned and wiggled his hips.  The other guy was still sucking his dick the whole time.

    I looked over at James, and I could clearly see that he was hard now.  His dick was tenting out his shorts.  He saw what I was looking at and he covered it with his hands.  I turned back to the movie, but I had to work really hard to keep myself from laughing.  James was aroused by this gay porno!

    I looked over at Evan and Cole, and they were both excited, too.  Cole was rubbing my brother's hard dick through his shorts.   At the same time, he was whispering something into Evan's ear.  I wondered what he was saying, but soon, I didn't have to wonder anymore.

    Evan reached down and pulled the front of his shorts down over his hard dick.  Cole wasted no time diving onto it with his mouth.   As soon as Cole had it in his mouth, Evan moaned.  I couldn't believe it.   I was watching Cole suck Evan's dick!

    Evan leaned back until he was laying flat on the bed.  Cole turned his body so Evan could get to his crotch.  I watched as my brother pulled the front of Cole's tented shorts away from his dick.  When he put his head in the right spot, I could no longer see Cole's erect dick.  I did hear my brother and Cole moaning at the same time.

    I looked at Alex, and he smiled back at me again.  I wanted so bad to tell him that I wanted his dick, but I just couldn't' do it.  For once in my life, I was shy.  I didn't have to worry about starting anything, though.  Soon, James walked over and pulled his own shorts down.

    His dick was thick, but it wasn't as big as mine.  With no words at all, Alex opened his mouth, and James shoved his dick into it.  I couldn't believe it.  It was true.  Alex was sucking James's dick.   I didn't wait to be invited.  I reached over and started rubbing Alex's dick through his shorts.  He moaned his appreciation, and I pulled his shorts off of his dick.

    It was the biggest dick I'd ever seen.   It was uncut, too.  That was the real shocker.  I'd never seen an uncut dick before.  The foreskin was just retreating from the head of his dick, and I reached my other hand over and wrapped it around his dick, feeling his foreskin slide around under my hand.

    I stroked his dick a few times, and I watched as he sucked James's dick.  James was looking down at me, so I knew that he could see me stroking Alex's dick.  I didn't care.  He had his dick in Alex's mouth, and I thought it was only fair that Alex get something in return.

    I leaned over and touched the head of Alex's dick with the tip of my tongue.  It didn't taste any different than a circumcised dick, so I let my lips close around the head.  That was when I discovered the interesting thing about sucking an uncut dick.  I could apply pressure around the end of his foreskin with my lips and, bobbing my head up and down, move his foreskin over the head of his dick over and over again.

    This got me a series of moans from Alex.   I was glad that I was giving him pleasure, but my own dick was throbbing in my shorts.  I wanted to get off, but I was sitting in the wrong position to take it out and stroke it.  I decided that I would simply wait until Alex got off to take care of myself.

    I was having a good time with his dick, any way.  After doing the foreskin trick a few more times, I let up on the pressure and slid down his dick further.  Before I knew it, the head was pressing against the back of my throat.  I knew that I couldn't deep throat him in this position, so I just kept using my tongue to stimulate him.

    As it turned out, that must have been enough for him.  Before long, I could hear the unmistakable sound of Evan grunting through his orgasm.  Soon, his Cole was matching him grunt for grunt.  James let go inside Alex's mouth with a loud sigh, and Alex groaned just before my mouth was filled with the largest amount of cum I'd ever tried to swallow.

    I did my best to swallow it all, and I am happy to report that not a drop of his cum escaped my mouth.  When he had stopped cumming, he pushed my head away from his dick.  I looked up at him, and he smiled from ear to ear at me.

    "Thanks," he said.

To Be Continued