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Christopher's Story

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Chapter 21

    Waking up with Evan in my arms again was like a dream come true.  For a moment, I thought I was back in Springfield in my old room, but one look around reminded me that I was still locked away in Chicago with my mother.   I laid my head back down and just enjoyed the feel of my naked older brother.   He'd changed a lot since I'd been moved away.

    He looked older and more mature than ever before, and he had definitely been working out with Dad.  I had noticed the night before that his abdominal muscles were standing out now, and his pectorals were very defined.   His arms and legs were more muscular, and the muscles bulged without him flexing.   He was becoming a sexy man now, and I was happy to have him in my bed.

    But I knew it wouldn't last.  Mother would make Evan go home today, and I wouldn't see him for a long time.  Nothing good would ever last while I lived with my mother.  She'd see to it.  I just couldn't figure out why she was doing this to me.  She said that she wanted me to live with he, because she loved me.  Well, she'd done nothing to show that love.  In fact, she'd done much of the opposite.

    I wished that I could just go home with Dad when he got here.  If Mom loved me at all, she'd understand that I didn't belong with her.   She was not a good mother for me.  She had to know that.  She'd done everything wrong since I'd been in Chicago.  Maybe if she'd acted different, believed me instead of accusing me of lying all the time, or even just left me alone I might have been a little happier here.

    Now there was no chance that I'd ever be happy living with her.  She had to know that.  She had to see that making me live here was making me miserable.  If she didn't see it, I'd certainly show her the light soon enough.  I just didn't know how I would do that.  I had a million ideas in my head, but I knew that most of them were stupid and childish.  I couldn't go on trying to make her miserable.  I had to show her that I was miserable.  I just couldn't figure out how to make her see.

    When I heard movement in the apartment, I woke Evan up.  He stirred slowly and stretched and yawned.  He looked so sexy that I almost curled back up with him, but I knew that Mom or someone was up out there.  I just kept rubbing his chest and looking at his beautiful face.

    "Morning, sexy," I said when he finally opened his eyes.

    "Morning, buddy," he said.

    "Mom or somebody is up," I said.

    "Dad will be here by seven," he replied.

    We both got out of bed and got dressed.  By the time I was putting my shoes on, I could hear someone talking in the living room.   I couldn't tell who it was or what they were saying, but I knew that there were two voices out there.  I hoped that one of them was my father's.  Maybe he'd come early.  It was only six now.

    We walked out of the bedroom together, and went straight to the living room.  There was my mother and Jim.  They were both dressed for work, and I was amazed that Mom would go to work after going to court.   It was just another example of how much she really cared for herself.

    "Good morning, boys," said Jim, smiling at us.

    "Morning," said Evan as he sat down on the couch across from them.

    "Its nice to see you, Evan," said Jim.   "I'd hoped that you would have visited sooner."

    "I didn't exactly have an invitation sooner, Jim," said Evan, eyeing Mother.

    "Well, you have an open invitation now," said Jim.

    "Why don't you boys get breakfast," said Mother.  "Your father should be here soon, and Kendal is on her way."

    After that, things started to move quickly.   Evan and I went into the kitchen and made ourselves toast, and Kendal arrived while we were eating.  She talked cordially to Jim, but only answered questions when Mom asked them.  Her answers were short and stiff, and I could tell by the sound of Mother's voice that it was irritating her.

    We were all in the living room when my father knocked on the door.  I instantly felt my stomach knot up.  I didn't know why seeing my father would make me so nervous.  Seeing him was one thing that I wanted more than anything.  Still, I held my breath as my sister opened the door.

    There stood the man I'd been dying to see for so long.  He was dressed in a sports jacket and slacks, and his hair was shorter than I remembered.  There even a few gray hairs that I hadn't seen before.  He smiled at me, and that was all it took.  I was off the couch and in his arms instantaneously.

    "There's my guy," he said, squeezing me tight.  "I've missed you."

    "Not as much as I've missed you," I said when he let me go.

    The rest of the day went far too fast for me.   Evan went downstairs to get Khayman and Puck, and then we were at the lawyer's office.  He talked about what I was to say and what I wasn't.  Mother remained silent, but Dad asked questions now and then.  After he talked to me for a few minutes, the lawyer, affectionately called Terry by my mother, talked to Puck and Khayman.   We were asked to leave the room while he talked to them.

    Next it was time to go to court.  I can't even describe the court house vividly.  The whole thing went so fast, and all I could think about the whole time was getting in the car with my dad and driving back to Springfield.  I wanted it so bad.  I had to find a way to get him alone and talk to him.

    The judge asked me a few questions, and then the lawyers took their turns.  I told them exactly what had happened at school, and they both asked questions about details.  I tried to give them all the details that I could.  I even told them exactly what Ken had said to me before pushing me to my knees in front of him.

    Then it was Ken's turn to talk.  He told a completely different story, and I wasn't surprised.  Terry tripped him up a few times, but every time he got really close to proving that Ken was lying, the other lawyer would object.  He kept saying that his client wasn't on trial.

    Once, the judge reminded the lawyer that this was merely a hearing and that no one was on trial.  After that, he sustained almost every objection.  After about twenty minutes of asking Ken questions, Terry announced that he had no more to ask.  He sat back down beside me.

    Then they called Khayman and Puck to the stand, and after they told their versions of the story, we had to wait in a little room.   Khayman's dad came to pick him and Puck up, and then it was just the family again.   Mother talked to me about how sorry she was that all of this had to happen, but I didn't pay any attention to her.  Evan and Kendal remained quiet, too.

    I still had the note she'd left when she locked me in the house, and I was just waiting for the chance to give it to my father.  He'd know that she was lying then.  Maybe that would be all he needed to get me back.   I hoped so, but things in my life were never simple, so I didn't count on it too much.

    When Terry came and got us, I was so scared of what the judge would say that I thought my knees would buckle.  My father put his hand on my shoulder, and I felt better, but not perfect.  He kept his hand on my shoulder all the way back to the court room.  I hoped that he would sit behind me, but Evan sat behind me with Dad on his right.

    "Teenagers pick at each other so much every day that it sometimes goes unnoticed by their teachers and families," said the judge.   "In this case, it seems that there were no teachers or authority figures present when this event occurred. I find that unacceptable. However, I can't do anything about that right now.

    "What we have here is a case of abuse," he continued.  "Sexual abuse is becoming so common that its often hard to know who is telling the truth when someone says that they are being sexually abused anymore. However, in this case, the proof speaks for itself. Its clear that Mr. Wallace has told the truth, so I find no reason to pursue any charges against him."

    I sighed in relief.  My father's hand found my shoulder again, and my mother tried to take my hand, but I pulled away from her.   She looked at me for a moment and saw my father's hand on my shoulder.  She looked like she wanted to say something, but she remained silent.  It was hard for me to figure out the look on her face.  I couldn't tell if it was a look of hurt or anger.  I didn't really care.

    After court, my mother shocked me by allowing me to go with my father to get something to eat.  She said that she needed to talk with Jim about a few things, and then she was gone.  She didn't even demand that I be home by a certain time.  I couldn't believe it.  I kept expecting her to turn around and change her mind.

    "Well," said my father.  "What do you boys want to eat?"

    Kendal had to get to a class, so it was just the three of us, and although I wished Kendal was there, I was happy to spend some time alone with Dad and Evan.  I had so many things to tell Dad, and Kendal shouldn't hear all of them.  I would have been too embarrassed to talk with her there.

    "How about Chinese?" asked Evan.   He looked from me to Dad to see if we both approved.  I didn't care where we ate as long as I could talk to Dad.

    "Sounds good," said Dad.

    We drove around to one of the nicer places in town, and I was silent the whole time.  I couldn't think of what I wanted to say or how I wanted to say what I could think of to say.  Dad and Evan kept a steady conversation going, and they would ask me questions now and then.  I would answer their questions, but I was really angry with myself for not taking the chance to talk.

    When we were seated at the restaurant, Dad finally asked me what was on my mind.  I didn't know what to say for a few minutes, but then a million thoughts ran through my head.  I wanted to tell him about Zack and about how Mom had handled that.  I wanted to give him the note that I'd been carrying around all day long.

    "I want to come home, Dad," I said finally.

    "Chris, I'm working with my lawyer to bring you home," he said.  "We're collecting evidence, and what happened today is really going to help."

    "Will this help, too?" I asked, holding the note out to him.

    He took it and read it in silence.  I wanted to ask him again, but I knew that I had to be patient.  He had to read the note first.  It just seemed to me that it took him forever to do it.  I was half convinced that he'd either suddenly become illiterate, or I'd sweat too much and rendered the note unreadable.

    "This will help," he said, putting the note in his jacket pocket.  "I wish that I could have stopped her from taking you, Chris. I'm sorry that I didn't stand up for you then."

    "Just bring me home, Dad," I said.

    We talked about Zack and about the way that Mom treated me.  He asked me if I wanted to talk to the judge when this finally went to court, and I told him that I could think of nothing better.  It would be a little while before it went to court.  Mom and Dad weren't divorced yet, so custody couldn't be awarded.

    He told me about what his lawyer had to say about Mom bringing his sexuality up in court.  It seemed that his lawyer was certain that he could side step the issue completely if we could prove Mom unfit.  I was sure that I could do that simply by talking to the judge myself, but Dad reminded me that her lawyer would have a chance to talk to me, too.

    When we finished eating, we sat there for a little while and talked more about what we were going to do.  Evan had to go back home when Dad left, so that meant that I would be alone again.  I didn't like that, but just knowing that he was trying to get me back helped a lot.  I just hoped that I could wait it out.

    Dad told me about his work and asked if I had been doing any painting.  I told him about the paintings that I'd done, but I let him know that I didn't think any of them were any good.  Evan hadn't seen them, so he couldn't say if they were or not.  I just knew that without the right inspiration, my paintings were never good.

    When we arrived at the apartment, we discovered Mother's suitcases in the living room.  She was going from her room to the bathroom and back again without even speaking to us.  I wondered just what was going on.   Had she and Jim had a fight? I hoped not, because I couldn't stand to think of living with just her and Zack.

    "Your mother's been asked to go to Michigan for the next few days," said Jim when we all stood watching her.   "Something to do with an account she's been trying to settle."

    "Maybe I should call and cancel my appointments tomorrow morning and stay in Chicago tonight," said Dad.

    "That won't be necessary, Jason," said my mother, coming into the living room.  "Jim can take care of Chris, and Evan needs to get back to school."

    "Maggie," said my father.

    "He's staying here, Jason," she said firmly.  "I let you take him to dinner. Don't show me that it was the wrong decision."

    In the end, he relented, and I was let down again.   I kept wanting him to stand up to her, but he didn't.  I didn't see how he was going to be able to in court.  If he couldn't do it now, how would he ever be able to do it then? I thought I would just have to work hard to convince the judge that Chicago was the wrong place for me to live.

    I had to say goodbye to my father and Evan before Mother left for her trip.  She wanted to make sure that they left before she did.   I wasn't sure, but I didn't think that she trusted Jim to make Dad leave.  I didn't think he would have.  I just wished that she would have left before Dad and Evan.

    "We've got an appointment of our own, tomorrow," said Jim after Mother left.

    "What?" I asked, confused.  I didn't know what he was talking about.

    "Your mother called the school and told them that she had to go away for a few days," he said.  "The eleven o'clock appointment for you and her is now for you and me. I'll see that you get back into school."

    "Thanks," I said.  I didn't know what else to say.  I didn't want to get back into school.  I wanted to get back to Springfield.

    "She also called and left a message for Zack that he was to stay at Bill's until she gets home," he said.  "I made her do that. I still don't see why she doesn't just call the police and have him arrested."

    "Thank you," I said.  "But she'll never have him arrested. He means more to her than I do."

    "Chris, your mother does love you," he said.  "She just doesn't show it very well."

    "Jim, don't try to cover for her," I said.  "I like you. Don't change that by being her protector. You know as well as I do that she hasn't been a good mother to me here."

    "I'm sorry for that, Chris," he said.   "Believe it or not, I'd hoped that you're staying here would work out."

    He gave me that strange look that I'd seen a few other times since I'd moved in.  I never could figure out what that look meant.   It baffled me now, too.  It was almost a look of need, wanting and misery all wrapped up into one.  I didn't understand it, and I put it out of my mind just like the other times.

    The rest of the afternoon was quiet.  I stayed in my room mostly.  Jim tried to interest me in a movie, but I wasn't in the mood.  When it was time for the school bus to let Khayman and Puck off, I went downstairs to meet them.  I wanted to talk to them both and thank them for coming to court.

    Both of them were anxious to hear what had happened in court.  They'd had to leave before the judge had talked to us again.   We went to Khayman's to talk about it.  I told them what the judge had to say about it all, and they were both happy that I wasn't in any trouble.

    "Will you be coming back to school then?" asked Puck.

    It was strange.  I hadn't shown Puck even the slightest bit of friendship since we'd met at Lane's, and he still wanted to be my friend.   I decided to count myself lucky to have him as a friend.  God knew I didn't have many at the time.  It had been wrong of me to hold his sexual appetites against him.

    "We have an appointment with the dean at eleven tomorrow morning," I said.

    "They should let you come back," said Khayman.  "You didn't do anything wrong. In fact, you should be given a formal apology for they way they treated you."

    "Let's not hold our breath," I laughed.   "I'll just be happy to get back to school. Besides, hopefully it won't be long before I go home."

    "What do you mean?" asked Puck.

    "My dad says that he has a great case against my mom for custody," I said.  "We just have to wait for the divorce to be over."

    They both told me that they were happy that I was getting what I wanted, but neither of them wanted me to leave.  I promised them that they could both come to visit me in Springfield, but that didn't seem to make them any happier about it.  I didn't want to leave the friends I had here behind, but I didn't want to stay in Chicago, either.

    We spent the evening going over assignments that I missed and just talking about what we were going to do for the rest of the week.  I wondered if Khayman knew that Puck was gay or not.  I didn't want to say anything about it just in case he didn't, but I wondered mostly if he and Puck were having sex.

    Khayman was the sexiest boy I'd ever seen.   I'd wanted him from the day that he'd come to live in the building.  I wasn't about to say anything to him about it, though.  After Ted, I didn't want to put myself in the path of rejection again.  I just kept waiting for Khayman to show me some sort of sign that he was gay or at least wanting to experiment.

    When it was time to go home, I wasn't unhappy to be going there.  My mother was gone, and it was going to be just me and Jim.   He'd told me that Zack wasn't coming home for a few days, so I had nothing to worry about.  I just wished that I could have stayed with my father while my mother was gone.

    Jim was sitting on the couch when I walked into the apartment.  He was watching the news, and he didn't pay any attention as I walked in and went straight to my room.  I guess he was just so used to my being quiet in the apartment that he didn't think I would want to talk to him.  It wasn't that I didn't, I just wanted to check my email to see if Evan had written me.

    After finding out that he hadn't, I went back out to the living room and sat on the couch.  Jim finally looked over at me and smiled.   I had to admit that he was a very attractive guy.  I hadn't really looked at him closely before.  He hadn't shaved for a few days, so his face was getting kind of scruffy looking.  That only added to his good looks.  His dark blonde hair was getting long, and it was hanging down one side of his face.  He kept pushing it away from his left eye, but it just kept falling back.  His blue eyes always looked like they would drip.

    He looked over and caught me staring at him, and I instantly felt my face get hot.  I didn't know what to say, so I just looked at the television and hoped that he would just let it go.  He didn't say anything, so I was relieved.  After a few minutes, I couldn't help looking at him again.

    This time, his left arm was raised as he tried to push the hair out of his face, and I saw the Casper tattoo on his inner bicep.  I thought it was cute, but I didn't want to say anything for fear that he'd think I was strange for staring at him again.  After a few minutes, I looked away again.

    "Well, what do you want to do about dinner?" he asked after a few more minutes.  "I don't know about you, but I am starving."

    "I don't know," I said.   "What's in the kitchen?"

    "Nothing that I would dare to cook," he chuckled.  "You want to live don't you?"

    I laughed at that, and it made me feel a little less nervous.  I didn't know why I was so nervous with him.  We'd gotten along great, and there wasn't really any reason to feel nervous.  He knew that I was gay.   He'd been in the room when my mother decided to discuss the fact.  He hadn't said anything to me about it, so I guessed that he didn't mind.

    "We could order food," I suggested.

    "Yeah," he said, standing.  I couldn't help but notice that the crotch of his pants was full.  I wondered if he was getting hard.  "There's a few menus in the drawer by the fridge. Why don't you find something you want. I'm going to take a shower. You can call in the order. I don't care how much it is."

    "Thanks," I said, standing up.

    "Just make sure that they take VISA," he said over his shoulder as he walked off toward the bath room.

    I ordered the food and made sure that they took VISA.  Then I went to my room to check my email again.  This time there was an email from Evan.  It was long, and all he talked about was how happy he was that we'd been able to see each other again.  He talked about how Dad was so mad after he left, and I wondered just how mad he was.  Was he mad enough to do something about it?

    I went back into the living room just as Jim was coming out of the bathroom.  He was wearing a pair of flannel boxers and nothing else, so I got a good eye full of his body.  His smooth, muscular chest shined in the light, and his hairy legs were just as muscular as his chest.  He had nicely muscled pecs and a rippled stomach that was lightly tanned.  I could see his sexy belly button curving inward in the crease of his abdominal muscles.

    His hair was met and messy.  That made him look sexier than ever.  He'd shaved his face, so it was smooth again, but he still looked like he'd just stepped out of the pages of a magazine.  I couldn't get over how sexy he was, and all of this time, I'd never noticed.  I was starting to feel uncomfortable around him.  I mean, this was the guy that would one day soon be my step-father.

    "Get the food ordered?" he said as he covered his head with a towel.

    "Yeah," I replied.  "They said they take VISA."

    "Good," he said before rubbing the towel over his wet locks.  He walked into the bedroom he shared with my mother to get dressed.

    After we ate, I took my shower.  I paid extra attention to my swelled dick, and I couldn't get the thoughts of Jim's body out of my mind as I ran my soapy hand over my dick again and again.  It was his dazzling blue eyes that flashed in my mind as I painted the shower wall with cum.