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Christopher's Story

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All Rights Reserved.

Chapter 23


    We ate breakfast, and he talked about my first day back after the Ken fiasco.  He didn't say another word about finding me jacking off, and for that I was both grateful and disappointed.  I didn't know what I'd have wanted him to say, but I couldn't help being disappointed that it appeared to have had no effect on him.

    I suppose that he took the attitude that guys jack off all the time, so it was no big deal that he found me doing it.  I was sure that there was nothing erotic running through his mind about me, but that wouldn't stop me from fantasizing.

    I was beginning to realize that I was fantasizing about just about everybody.  I had been wanting Khayman's body ever since he moved into the building.  Ted and I hadn't really been as close as before after he rejected me, and now I had the hots for my possibly soon to be step father.  I had it bad.  I guess it was natural for a boy who is right in the middle of puberty to fantasize about more than one person all the time, but still, I thought I was a little too excited about the male sex.

    After breakfast, it was time to meet Khayman and Gary for school.  Puck wouldn't be down there, because his father took him to school every morning.  It would just be the three of us, and I kind of liked that.  It wasn't that I didn't like Puck, but I still felt a little uncomfortable around him and Khayman at the same time.

    When I got downstairs, Khayman met me at the elevator.  He was dressed in a pair of tight fitting jeans, and under his coat, I could see a tight sweater.  He had no idea that he had such an effect on me, but just looking into his eyes could make my dick hard.

    "Morning," he said as I got off the elevator.

    "Hey," I replied.

    "Ready for your first day back?" he asked.

    "I guess," I said, thinking of all the questions I'd probably have to answer about what really happened in the shower.  I was sure that it was all over school by now.  There was no way that anyone could keep it a secret.

    "The day after it happened, the word around school was that you killed Ken," said Khayman.  "Puck set the record straight. Everyone knows what he tried to do to you."

    "Great," I said.  "That was the last thing I wanted everyone to know."

    "Believe it or not, everybody was actually happy to hear that you shoved him on his ass," said Khayman.

    "Well, that's not a completely accurate description of what I did to him," I mumbled.

    "Good enough," he said.  "They don't talk about the rest of it. They all just talked about you getting suspended and arrested."

    "Well at least no charges were formally pressed," I said.

    "Yeah, but they don't know that yet," he said, smiling.

    Then, Ted came out of his apartment and walked up to us.  He was carrying his backpack, and he looked like he was going to wait for the bus with us.  I was shocked, because he usually drove to school every morning.   I couldn't imagine why he would want to ride the bus.

    "Hey, Chris," he said, smiling at me.

    "Morning," I said.  "What are you doing?"

    "My car is broke down, so I have to ride the bus today," he said.  "Dad took it to the shop last night, and its supposed to be done later today. I'll have it when I get home."

    "What happened to the car?" I asked.

    "It just wouldn't start last night," he said.  "Dad tried everything to get it to start, but nothing worked."

    Khayman stood there looking from me to Ted while we talked.  I remembered that Khayman didn't know who Ted was, and I didn't really want to introduce them at first.  I still wanted Khayman all to myself.  I knew, though, that I'd have to introduce them, or they would both think I was rude.

    "Ted, this is Khayman," I said.   "He just moved here a few weeks ago."

    "Nice to meet you," said Ted, shaking Khayman's hand.  "I've seen you around the building, but I never knew who you were."

    "We moved into apartment 12," said Khayman.

    "This is his younger brother, Gary," I said when Gary came running down the hall.  "Gary, this is Ted."

    "Hi, Ted," said Gary.   "Khayman you were supposed to wait for me."

    The two brothers got into a slight argument over their father's instructions, and Ted and I stood and listened to them.  Ted kept glancing at me every now and then, but I didn't really know what to say to him.  I knew that everything should have been fine between us, but for some reason, I couldn't stop being stubborn.

    Luckily, the bus came, and all of that was solved.   Khayman and I sat together in the back of the bus.  Ted sat with Gary directly across from us, but he didn't say much to me for the entire ride to school.  Gary kept him busy, talking about this and that.  I was thankful that Gary was there to keep him occupied.

    "So, are you nervous?" asked Khayman when we were about a block from the school.

    "A little," I said.

    As it turned out, I had nothing to be nervous about.  No one said much of anything about what had happened, but a lot of people seemed to know who I was.  So many people said hello to me when I walked into the school that had never talked to me before.  I was a little overwhelmed by it.

    I had to report to the dean's office before class, and he told me that the subject was forbidden.  I wasn't to discuss it with anyone that day.  I was only to happy to keep my mouth shut about it.  I told him as much, and he apologized for suspending me again.  Then he let me go to class with a pass.

    I was fine at school until Gym.  That was where it had happened after all, and I wasn't itching to go back into the showers.   So, instead of lingering to watch Khayman, I showered quick and got out of there.   I was waiting for Khayman outside the locker room when he got done.

    "You showered so fast," he laughed.   "You can't possibly be clean!"

    "Oh, I'm clean enough," I replied.   "I just didn't want to stay in there."

    "I understand," he said.  "I heard it through the grapevine that Ken's out of the hospital and home."

    "I could have gone all day without knowing that," I said.

    "Sorry, I thought you'd like to know," he said as we walked out of the gym.  We parted for out next classes, and I didn't see him again until it was time to get back on the bus.

    Luckily, Ted wasn't on the bus.  I didn't know what happened with him, but I was glad to see that he wasn't going to be riding home with us.  I just wasn't ready to deal with him, I guess.  I would talk to him in my own time, but that time wasn't now.  I was completely happy to only talk to Khayman.

    That school week went by really quickly.  I never had any problems at school, but my popularity seemed to grow with each day of the week.  No one asked about Ken, so I didn't have to break my promise to the dean.   I pretty much stayed to myself and only talked to everyone when they said hello.

    I talked to Evan on the phone almost every night, and he gave me updates on Dad and the lawyer.  He told me that he wouldn't be able to come back to Chicago for a few weeks, because he couldn't get the time off work.  It sucked that he had to have a job, but I understood.  It was one of the conditions Dad gave him for buying the car.  Evan had to pay for all upkeep and maintenance himself.   To do that, he had to have a job.

    Jim continued to spend a lot of time with me over the course of that week.  We got to know each other a lot better, and I was happy for that.  We went to movies and out to eat almost every night.  He confessed to me that he hated cooking, and I loved to eat out, so it worked out perfectly.

    I also learned that the apartment wasn't my mother's.  Jim had lived here before my mother had moved to Chicago, so the apartment was his.  He told me that the only reason he never spoke up about it was because he didn't want to fight with her about it.  He did say that he was working on her to get rid of Zack.

    Ted and I sent emails back and forth, but every time he suggested that we get together, I made excuses.  I knew it was stupid, but I just wasn't ready to spend any time with him right now.  I hung out mostly with Khayman and Puck.  We would sit at Khayman's house and play video games.  We never went to Puck's, and I thought it was odd, but I never said anything about it.   I just assumed that his parents didn't want a bunch of teenagers running through their apartment.

    My happy existence was halted on Friday, though.   I came home from school to find my mother home.  She and Jim were arguing about something, but they both got quiet when I came in.  I didn't say anything to my mother.  I said hi to Jim and went to my room and started on my home work.

    At dinner, I was given another shock.  Zack was back.  That wasn't the biggest part, though.  Now his father was staying with us, too.  He was sharing Zack's room.  I noticed that wen my mother started to explain this to me, Jim shot her a hateful look.  She didn't see it, though.

    Zack's dad looked like an older version of Zack.   He wasn't as muscular as his son, and he seemed more relaxed and pleasant.   His name was Ben, and he talked to me a lot during dinner.  I only gave him short, simple answers, though.  When Zack talked to me, I ignored him.  I could see questions in Ben's eyes, but neither of us offered any information as to the animosity between us.

    If looks could kill, I would have been dead at least six times during the meal.  My mother was clearly angry with my performance, but I didn't care.  I wasn't exactly thrilled with her for adding Zack's dad to the house hold.  I wanted to ask Jim why he allowed this to happen, but I knew that now was not the time.

    I went back to my room after supper and checked my email.  It wasn't long before my mother marched into my room and sat on my bed.   I didn't turn around to face her, and I'm sure that pissed her off even more.   I didn't care, though.  What I wanted was for her to get out of my room.

    "Jim tells me that school is going good for you," she said.

    "School's fine," I replied, not turning away from the lap top to face her.

    "I talked to the dean, and he says your grades are just fine," she said.

    "School's fine," I repeated.

    "Aren't you going to ask me how my trip was?" she asked.

    "Why should I?" I asked, finally turning to face her.  "Did you meet another guy? Are you getting ready to tell me that your leaving Jim, and I have to move with you to wherever this new guy lives?"

    "Christopher!" she spat.   "What in the world has gotten into you?"

    I just turned around and went back to what I was doing on the computer.  She didn't say anything for a few minutes, and I hoped that she would just leave me alone.  Of corse, that would never happen.  She sat there, and after a few minutes, she started talking again.  This time, however, she had my complete attention.

    "Zack's father is going to be staying with us for a while," she said.

    "What?" I asked, turning to face her again.

    "You heard me," she said.   "And I don't want you saying anything to him about what's happened between you and Zack."

    "Typical," I said.  "You don't want me to say anything about your precious nephew."

    "Stop it," she said.  "My sister is not doing well at all. She may die, Chris. I don't want you adding to their suffering."

    "Heaven forbid," I said.  "I'm the only one around here who has to suffer."

    "Oh, merciful God, how you love your precious suffering," she sighed.  She got up and left me alone after that.

    Little did I know, Jim had already beat me to the punch.  He was sitting in the kitchen with Ben when I followed my mother out of my room.  I had intended to just keep the argument going, but when she stopped just short of the kitchen door, I stopped behind her.  I was about to announce my presence behind her when I heard what Jim was saying.

    "I love that boy just like I'd love a son of my very own," he said.

    "I'm sure you do," said Ben.   "I had no idea. Maggie should have at least called me and told me what was going on."

    "Well let me tell you," said Jim.  "If Zack so much as looks at Chris wrong one more time, I'm going to jail for assault. I mean I will beat the living Hell right out of him."

    "I'm sure it won't come to that," said Ben.

    "It certainly won't," cried my mother, charging into the kitchen.  "How dare you go behind my back and tell Ben what happened?"

    "How dare I?" asked Jim.   "Maggie, I told you to call the police. You refused. I told you that I would take care of it, and that's exactly what I've done. If you can't be a mother to your own son, then I will at least play the roll of his stand in father. What Zack did was criminal, and you know it. You should have called the police. You didn't, and now you could be charged with neglect."

    I walked into the room then.  I didn't want Mom to have a chance to reply before she knew that I had heard what Jim said.  I walked straight into the room, passing her by.  I stood beside Jim and glared at her.   I wanted her to see that I would side with the man that she left my father for before I would side with her on anything.

    "Maggie," said Ben.  "Why didn't you at least call me? You let this happen."

    "I didn't let anything happen, Ben," said my mother.  "Your son did this."

    "But you had the power to stop it from happening again, and you did nothing," he said.  It was clear that he was angry.   His face was red and veins were throbbing in his neck and forehead.

    "Ben, I saved your son," said Mother.

    "By sacrificing your own," he spat.

    "That's not what I did," she said.

    "Isn't it?" I asked.  "Do you think that I won't tell anyone who will listen about this, Mother?"

    "Christopher, don't start," she said.

    "Now wait a minute," said Jim before she could say anything more.  "I've stood by and listened to the way that you talk to Chris, but I won't do it anymore. Maggie, this is my apartment, and I won't stand for you mistreating your own son. And before you try to argue that you haven't been, let me remind you that a judge will believe him over you with as many other people there are to testify."

    "What are you saying?" she asked.

    "I'm saying that I will stand up for Chris in court," he said.  "I won't let you get away with what's happened. You won't talk to him the way you have been, Maggie. I mean it."

    "How dare you tell me how to raise my own son?" she hissed.

    "I may not be his real father," he said.   "But I'm more of a father to him than you'll ever be a mother."

    "This is ridiculous," she said.   "My own boyfriend siding with my son to conspire against me."

    "You would see it that way," he said.   "I suggest you get on that phone to your lawyer and drop the custody case, Maggie. If you don't, you will lose."

    I couldn't believe what I was hearing.  Jim was telling her to give me back to my father.  I knew that she wouldn't listen to him, but I couldn't believe that he'd actually said it.  I wanted to start screaming my agreement then and there, but I knew that doing that wouldn't help my case.

    "Christopher, I think you should call one of your friends and find out if you can spend the night," said my mother after a few minutes of staring at Jim.  "Jim and I have a few things to discuss here."

    "You mean, Jim and Ben and I," corrected Ben.  "I have a lot to discuss with you, Maggie."

    "Go, Chris," she said.