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Christopher's Story

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Chapter 30

Part 2

The Last Chapter

    After all of my presents were opened, and we'd eaten our fill of cake and ice cream, my dad decided it was time for a talk.  Now, it had always been my experience that "family" talks were never good news.  However, this time Tommy, Puck, Jim, Ted and Sheldon were with us.  Cory and Tom had left right after their first piece of cake to get something finished before they went home for the night.  The rest of us were still sitting around the kitchen table.

    "There are going to be some changes around here, and I thought that now was as good a time as any to tell you all," said my dad.  "I rarely have all three of you home at the same time anymore."

    "Well, we're here now," said Evan, smiling at Dad.

    "Right," he replied.  "First of all, I want to tell you all that Clint will be moving in with us in the morning."

    "Its about time," laughed Kendal, and she and Evan smiled at each other.

    "So I guess that means that none of you are against this," breathed my father.

    "Why would we be?" I asked.  "Clint is here almost every day. I can't speak for Evan and Kendal, but I love him like he was part of the family anyway. He should live with us."

    "Well said," agreed Kendal.  Evan just nodded his head.

    "Thanks guys," said Clint, smiling at us.  "I'm glad you feel that way."

    "There's more," said Evan, staring at my father.  When I looked at him, I could see that patient look on his face, too.

    "I've accepted a promotion," said Dad.

    "You got promoted?" said Kendal excitedly.

    Now, my father was a very successful artist.  He worked out of his room at home, and the company he worked for was an advertising agency in New York.  Having him work at home was great, but if he'd been promoted, that might mean we had to move.  I didn't like that thought at all.

    "Yes, I did," he said, smiling.  "And before any of you start worrying, we're not moving."

    "What kind of promotion?" I asked when everyone looked at me after Dad's last comment.

    "Well, I'll be flying all over the place to check on how things are going with other employees who work out of their homes," he said.  "This means that I'll be traveling quite a bit, but I do plan to be home as much as possible."

    "We'll be alright, Dad," said Evan.  "We'll have Clint here to make sure we don't burn the house down."

    "Right," said Clint, feigning a stern look.  We all laughed at that.

    "Now, I think Jim has some news for everyone," said my dad, looking at Jim.

    "Right," replied Jim, looking a bit uncomfortable.  "I have accepted a job here in Springfield."

    For a minute, I was stunned.  Everyone must have been, because no one said anything.  Dad and Clint just smiled at him, but the rest of us sat and waited for what he was going to say next.  Did this mean he was moving to Springfield? I liked that thought.  Having Jim around all the time would be great.

    "You're moving here?" asked Ted.  From the look on his face, I could clearly see that this displeased him greatly.

    "Yes," replied Jim.  "That's one of the reasons why we aren't staying tonight. I want to get back to Chicago and get some things taken care of before I move."

    "When did you take this job?" asked Ted, and I was starting to wonder exactly why he was so upset about this.

    "Two weeks ago," he said.  "I wanted to wait until tonight to tell everyone, because I wanted to surprise Chris."

    "Why didn't you tell me about it?" asked Ted.

    "Well, as I just said, I wanted to surprise Chris," he replied, looking a little confused.  "I wasn't aware that this would upset you, Ted. We only hang out when we come to Springfield. What's up?"

    "Well, I won't be able to come down here as often if you are living here," said Ted quickly.  "My dad only lets me come, because you drive. There's no way he'll let me drive down here on my own."

    "I've already talked to your dad about that, Ted," said Jim.  "And no, he won't let you drive down here on your own, but he will let you take the train."

    "Will Chris be able to visit me in Chicago?" asked Ted, turning to my dad.

    "I don't see why he wouldn't be able to," said my father, looking at me.  "As long as your parents don't mind him coming."

    "Oh they won't mind," said Jim.  "I talked to them about that, too."

    "So have you found a house here?" I asked.

    "Well, that's an interesting question," he replied.  "They want me here in another week, and I haven't had a chance to even hunt for a house yet."

    "So, he'll be staying with us for a little while," said my father.  "I've told him that there is no rush for him to find a house, there is plenty of room here for him to stay."

    "That'd be awesome," I said.  Having Jim in Springfield would be nice, but having him living right here in our house would be even better.  I'd have access to him all the time.  We could sit and watch movies together, and I could talk to him whenever I wanted.

    Ted and Jim talked about how things would go with Ted riding the train down here to visit for a while, and Evan and Dad talked about making room in the house for Jim to stay.  Kendal sat, like me, and listened to everyone.  I, on the other hand, was thinking a mile a minute.

    "There's plenty of room for Jim here, Dad," I said quickly.  "You and Evan don't have to do anything."

    "What are you talking about?" asked Evan.

    "Well, I have a studio at the gallery, and I can paint there," I said.  "All we'd have to do is move my stuff over to the gallery. Jim can have the room downstairs."

    Dad quickly agreed, after making sure that I was ok with giving up my studio.  After that, we all talked about the upcoming week, and the start of school in January.  Christmas was only days away, and there was a lot for the adults to talk about.  Jim would be coming back on Christmas Eve to spend the night and be with us for Christmas.

    Dad and Clint talked about how much packing he had left to do.  It seemed that this decision had already been made, and they were just telling us before he actually moved in.  Dad was going to be renting a truck in the morning, and Clint would start moving his things into the house.

    Soon, it was time to say goodbye to Jim and Ted.  They were driving back to Chicago, because Ted had to work in the morning.  Jim would be returning in four days, so saying goodbye to him wasn't that difficult.  I couldn't believe that he'd be living with us.

    Puck and Tommy both stayed.  They were spending the night, and I had recruited them to help me carry my clothes and stuff back upstairs to Evan's and my room.  We got the work done well before it got late, so we sat in my room, talking and drinking sodas.

    "I bet you're glad to have Jim moving in," said Puck when we were finished carrying my stuff into the room.

    "I am," I replied.  "Now I won't have to wait so long to visit him. When I want to see him, he'll be here."

    "Are you going to be happy painting at the gallery instead of at home?" asked Tommy.

    "Well," I said.  "I will still paint at home. I'll just have to fit my easel and paints in this room. Its big enough. This is where they were before they finished the basement studio."

    "True," he agreed.

    "Besides, I'll only paint at the gallery when I need to be completely alone to concentrate," I said.

    "Are you giving everyone paintings for Christmas?" he asked.  I knew that there was a painting that Tommy desperately wanted, and I was planning to give it to him for Christmas, but I also wanted to buy conventional presents for everyone.  I also wanted to keep my intentions a secret.

    "Well, I guess I could," I said slowly.  "But I've already bought presents for almost everyone. I still have some shopping to do, but I should be able to get it all done tomorrow."

    "Well, I have already bought your gift," said Puck, smiling.  "I got it when I got your birthday present."

    Puck had bought me a very nice sweater for my birthday.  He'd chosen my favorite color, too.  When I'd looked at the label, I knew he'd spent a lot more than he could probably afford, but he was so happy with my initial reaction to the gift that I didn't say anything about it.  Now I wondered just how much he'd spent on me for Christmas.

    "Have you got my gift yet?" asked Tommy.

    "Well, I thought I'd tag along with Chris tomorrow when he goes shopping," said Puck.  "There are a few things I want to get for you."

    "What about what we talked about yesterday?" he asked, shooting a quick glance at me.

    "Well," said Puck, looking at me also.  "It isn't Christmas yet, and I haven't had a chance to talk about that yet."

    "So you'll talk about it tomorrow?" he asked.  There was a look of pure excitement on his face, and I was starting to wonder just what they were talking about, and from the way that they both looked at me, I wondered just what it had to do with me.

    "I'll talk about it tomorrow," said Puck.  "Just don't get your hopes up. It may not go the way you're hoping."

    "I know," he said.  "But at least talk about it."

    "I will," he said.

    The two of them were quiet for a while after that, but they continued to look at me strangely now and then.  I was dying to know what was going on, but I didn't want to just stick my nose into their business.  That would have been rude.  I decided that I would just have to wait until either of them decided to tell me what they were talking about.  If they ever did decide to tell me.

    For the rest of the night, we did normal things.  We played video games, surfed the net for a while and watched a movie.  Evan joined us for the movie, and he brought popcorn and more sodas.  I had a great time, and letting Puck and Tommy lie together in my bed, I was lying with Evan in his.  It was really nice to be so close to him again.

    It was decided that Tommy and Puck could share my bed for the night, and I would sleep with Evan.  This was nothing new to us, however, we hadn't slept in the same bed in a while.  We had never slept in the same bed when I had guests over.  We'd always been afraid that we would be caught doing something inappropriate.  This time, Evan didn't seem too worried about it, and by the time the movie was over and we had gotten ready for bed, I was too exhausted to care anymore.  I just slid under the covers and onto my stomach.  Sleep took me very quickly, but not before I felt Evan's arm slide across the small of my back.

    The next morning, Tommy had to leave bright and early, because his family was going to his grandmothers.  Puck and I were a bit lazier.  Evan got up and went to work, leaving us both asleep.  When we finally did get up, Dad and Clint were already gone, so we were the only ones in the house.

    We made ourselves bowls of cereal and sat in the kitchen eating.  Puck was not a morning person, so he was very quiet.  I did notice him looking at me with that same strange look I'd seen last night a few times, but it never lasted long, so I decided to ignore it.  I figured that he would eventually tell me what was on his mind.

    After cleaning the breakfast dishes, we left my father a note and went to the mall to finish Christmas Shopping.  There really were some things that I hadn't gotten around to buying.  I hadn't bought anything for Evan or Kendal, because they were usually the ones who took me shopping.  So going with Puck was my perfect opportunity to get the gifts that I wanted for both of them.

    "So, what are you buying Tommy?" asked Puck while we were on our way to the mall.

    "Oh, I already bought Tommy's presents," I replied.  "I'm shopping for Dad, Kendal and Evan today."

    "I know something that he really wants for Christmas," he said quietly.

    "What?" I asked, wondering if this was it.  Was he going to tell me what they had been talking about last night?

    "Well, it isn't something that you can buy him," he said.  "And it would kind of come from both of us."

    "Well, what is it?" I asked.

    "Promise me you won't get freaked out when I tell you," he said, glancing at me.

    "I promise," I said.  Now I was even more intrigued.

    "Well, what Tommy really wants is a night with you," he said slowly.

    "Well that's no problem," I said, thinking that this was no reason for me to freak out.  Tommy and I had been spending nights together since we were six years old.  "He knows he can spend the night at my house any night he chooses to."

    "That's not exactly what I meant, Chris," he said quickly.

    "What do  you mean?" I asked.

    "Well," he said and stopped.  It was as if he was trying to choose his words carefully.  "Tommy told me about how you guys first started to mess around."

    "You mean the night that he brought the porno over, and we watched it with Evan?" I asked.  This was still no reason for me to freak out.  It was only natural that Tommy would tell Puck about that.

    "Yes," he said.  "Well, he would like to spend one of those nights with you, Chris."

    "Those nights?" I said, still completely confused.

    "Alright," he said with a sigh.  "Tommy and I were discussing our relationship the other day. We both agree that we're doing great, but he said that he misses the times that you and he were together. I know that you and Tommy are best friends, and after talking with him about this for almost three whole days, I decided that if he wanted a night with you that I wouldn't stand in his way."

    Suddenly, realization struck me.  Tommy wanted to spend the night with me and have sex! I couldn't believe it.  I had thought that he was happy with Puck.  Every time I saw them together they seemed to be nothing but happy.  I had thought that Tommy told me everything.  I couldn't believe it.

    "You're quiet," he said when I didn't say anything for a few minutes.  "You promised not to freak out about this."

    "I'm not freaked," I replied.  "Just kind of thrown."

    "I can understand that," said Puck.  "Believe me, at first I was kind of thrown myself."

    "But I thought that things were going really good between you two," I said, turning to look at him.

    "Oh, they are," he said.  "Tommy doesn't want to end our relationship, Chris. He just wants to be with you for one night. At first, I thought the same things, I guess, that you are thinking right now. But he assured me that he loves being with me, and he doesn't want that to stop. He just misses his best friend, and he wants to have sex with you one more time."

    "When does he want this to happen?" I asked, shocking myself.

    "Well, between now and Christmas, I guess," he replied.

    Just then, we pulled into the mall's parking lot.  We didn't say anything more about it while we were walking through the parking lot and into the mall.  I kept running it though my head, and I had to admit that having sex with Tommy again would be great.  I just didn't want to do something that would hurt Puck.

    We shopped together in silence for almost an hour.  The only time we talked was when one or the other of us wanted an opinion on something that we were thinking of buying.  It was very strange.  I didn't like this forced silence between us.  If just waiting for my answer was going to make things like this for us, I could just imagine what actually doing it would do to our friendship.  He would eventually resent me, and I didn't want that.

    Then something happened that took both of our minds off of Tommy for a while.  We were coming out of a store when I ran right into James.  He looked at me for a few minutes, and I could see that he couldn't decide whether to smile or just turn and walk away.  I was having a bit of trouble with that decision myself.

    "Hi," he said after a few minutes.

    "What the Hell?" gasped Puck.  "Don't talk to him. How dare you?"

    "Hello Puck," he said, not taking his eyes off me.

    "Fuck you, James," said Puck.  I realized that Puck was only trying to be a friend, but I really didn't want to cause a gigantic scene in the middle of the mall.

    "Puck," I said softly.  "Could you give us a minute? I want to talk to James."

    "Are you sure?" he asked, looking uncertain.

    "I'm sure," I replied.  "I'll be right back."

    "I'll meet you in center court," he said as I walked off with James.

    "Thank you for talking to me, Chris," said James as we walked away from Puck.

    "How have you been?" I asked.

    "Oh, I've been alright," he said.  "I miss talking to you."

    "I miss talking to you, too," I admitted.

    "Cole has told me so much about your painting," he said.

    "Cole won't even speak to me," I said.

    "Well, he doesn't think you want to talk to him, so he doesn't say anything to you," he said.  "He's been telling me how much of an ass I was since it happened."

    I couldn't believe it.  Cole Dash was taking my side in something? It was astounding.  I was the silly little kid that he felt uncomfortable with just a few years ago.  I was the thorn in his side when he wanted to spend alone time with Evan.  Now he was taking my side against his own brother?

    "It isn't that I don't want to talk to him," I said finally.

    "Look, I know what I did was wrong," he said.  "I know that you have every right in the world to hate me, Chris."

    "I don't hate you, James," I replied, cutting him off.  "I was angry and hurt for a while, but I got over that."

    "You wouldn't even talk to me, Chris," he said, sounding hurt.

    "James, at that time, I couldn't think of anything nice to say to you," I replied.  "You slept with a very good friend of mine. Or, I should say someone who I thought was a very good friend. I very nearly hated you for it."

    "I'm so sorry, Chris," he said.  "I know that I ruined everything between us."

    We stopped to sit on a bench, and I watched the other shoppers walk by us.  I couldn't think clearly enough about what I wanted to say to him.  I had prepared my little speech in my head dozens of times, but now that I was actually talking to him, I had no idea how to say what I wanted to say.

    "Look," I said finally.  "What went on between us is in the past, James. I wasn't exactly honest with you, either. Neither of us were honest from the very start."

    "What do you mean?" he asked quickly.

    "We weren't really in love, James," I replied.  "I don't even think I really know what that kind of love is yet."

    "Oh, believe me, Chris," he said breathlessly.  "I love you. I did then, and I still do."

    "No, James," I said.  "If you loved me, you wouldn't have slept with Khayman. I realize that I was stubborn, and now I really don't understand why I wouldn't just give you what you wanted. But the point now is that you were never in love with me any more than I was in love with you. We are too young to really love each other, James."

    "So you think our entire relationship was a lie?" he asked.  Disbelief was all over his face.

    "No, I don't think that," I replied.  "We definitely had a relationship, James. I'm just saying that we both fooled ourselves into believing that we were in love."

    "So, you weren't in love with me?" he asked.

    "You can be so exasperating sometimes," I sighed.  "James, if you would just listen. I am trying to tell you that neither of us were in love with each other. If anything, we were in love with the idea of each other more than anything else. You have to see that what I'm saying is true."

    "No, I don't," he said.  "All I see is that I fucked up, and you are telling me that you never loved me to begin with."

    "James, I loved you," I said quickly.  "I loved you very much. But I was never in love with you. I also believe that you loved me. But only the same way that I loved you."

    "What are you talking about?" he asked.

    "James, you and I got very close," I said.  "Almost as close as me and Tommy, and I love Tommy. I'm not in love with Tommy. And I wasn't in love with you, either."

    Before I could even blink, James got up and walked away from me.  I sat there for a few minutes and watched him go.  I couldn't decide whether to call him back, follow him, or just let him walk away.  In the end, I let him walk away.  If he couldn't see and accept the truth, there was nothing I could do about that.

    "What did he want?" asked Puck when I got to center court.  It was nice to know that Puck cared enough to try and protect me, but I needed to make him understand that I didn't need protection from James Dash.

    "He just wanted to apologize," I replied.  "He didn't really like what I had to say to him."

    "Oh really?" he asked.

    "Well, I'd rather not discuss it right now," I said.  "I think we should get home. I have everything I came for."

    "So do I," he replied.

    Later that night, I was sitting in the living room watching a Christmas Special when Evan came in from work.  He ran up the stairs and changed clothes, and then he was sitting beside me on the couch.  He didn't say anything for a while, so I just let him alone.  I could tell that something was on his mind, but I didn't want to pull it out of him.

    "What happened between you and James in the mall today, Chris?" he asked after a while.

    "Nothing happened," I replied.  "We talked for a little while, and he didn't like what I had to say."

    "Why did you talk to him at all?" asked Evan.  "Why didn't you just walk away from him?"

    "Evan, I forgave him for what he did," I replied.  "I was trying to tell him that."

    "And he didn't want to hear it?" he asked.

    "No, he was fine with that part," I replied.  "It was the rest of what I said that he didn't want to hear."

    "You mean the part when you told him that you were never in love with him?" he asked, looking at me.

    "If you already knew what we talked about, then why did you ask?" I snapped.  I didn't like playing games, and Evan knew better.

    "Don't get mad at me, Chris," he said.  "I've had enough of that today."

    "What's that supposed to mean?" I asked, trying to take the sting out of my words.

    "Cole came into the restaurant today," he said.  "He wasn't very happy."

    "What did he say?" I asked.

    "Well, he told me about your conversation with James, and he said that James was very upset," he replied.

    "Evan, all I did was try to explain to him that, after thinking about it, I knew that I was more in love with the idea of being in love than I was with him," I said quickly.  "I mean, come on, I'm only fifteen years old. When James and I got together, I was only fourteen. I didn't even know what love was then, and I'm not so sure that I really know what it is now, either."

    "Chris, I'm not upset with you at all," he said.  "In fact, after hearing what you've just said, I think that you're right, but telling that to James probably wasn't the best thing to do."

    "I was honest, Evan," I replied.

    "Right," he said, nodding.  "But just because you are mature enough to see that about yourself, that doesn't mean James is. He didn't accept it, because that wasn't what he wanted to hear."

    "I never thought of that," I admitted, looking down at my hands in my lap.

    "I just didn't know that you were thinking that way, Chris," he said.  "I'm actually proud of you, but please stay away from James Dash."

    We'd had that conversation before.  Evan had warned me about James.  I hated to admit that he was right.  James wasn't just an asshole, though.  He was a very good person when he wanted to be.  He'd shown me a side of himself that I liked very much.  But there was also the side of him that was selfish and had to have everything his own way.  That was the side he'd shown me by sleeping with Khayman.

    "I guess I grew up a little on you," I said after a minute, trying to lighten the mood.

    "I guess you did," he said, looking at me a bit strangely.  "I never see much of you anymore, though. You're always in the basement or off with Tommy and Puck. You even sleep in the basement now."

    I couldn't help hearing the emphasis on the last statement.  Evan was trying to tell me that he missed me.  I missed him, too, but I hadn't intentionally stayed away from him by sleeping in the basement.  My studio was down there, and after painting late at night, it was just easier to sleep in the bed down there.  Then, as that continued, it just made sense to move some clothes and other items down there.  I hadn't realized that I'd actually moved almost everything I own down there until we started packing it back up to the second floor to clean the studio out for Jim.

    "I moved back upstairs, Evan," I said.

    "Because Jim is moving in downstairs," he said before I could say anything else.

    "Evan, I didn't intend to avoid you or anything," I said.  "It just got easier for me to stay down there and paint. It really had nothing to do with you at all."

    "I thought maybe you were trying to stay away from me, because you don't want to worry about having sex with me anymore," he said.  The look in his eyes was so hard to read.  He looked hurt, confused, scared and angry at the same time.  I couldn't believe that I'd upset him this much.  Why hadn't he said anything sooner?

    "Evan," I said.  "Why would I worry about having sex with you? I love having sex with you. I know that its wrong for us to do it, but I never cared about that before, and I don't care about that now. I love you, Evan. I love you as a brother, and I don't know, maybe I love you a little more than I'm supposed to. I never meant to make you think that I didn't want to be around you or not have sex with you."

    "You love me?" he asked.  The look in his eyes turned from all of the things that I had just seen into something else.  I didn't know what it was, but I thought it might be hope.

    "Of course I love you, Evan," I said.  "You're my big brother. As for sex, you are the one who taught me how to have sex."

    "I didn't teach you how, Chris," he said.  "I know all about you and Kyle."

    That stunned me.  I hadn't thought about that in a very long time.  Kyle had sucked my dick a long time ago, and he'd promised never to tell Evan about it.  I had no trouble believing that he'd broken that promise.  It didn't surprise me in the least.  In fact, I couldn't believe that, in all this time, I hadn't told Evan about it.

    "You taught me more than he did, Evan," I said.  "All he did was play with and suck my dick. You were the one who taught me what else there was."

    "James taught you how to fuck," he said.

    "Evan, fucking has nothing to do with it," I replied.  "Having sex with Kyle and even James was great, but it was always better with you. I don't know why, but it was."

    "So you aren't ashamed, and you don't think its dirty?" he asked.

    "Not at all," I replied.  "Evan, you and I may be dirty, but I don't care."

    We both got quiet after that.  Dad and Clint came home.  They'd gone out to eat.  I guess they were celebrating moving in together.  They were both smiling and happy when they came in, though.  I smiled back at them when they looked at me and Evan.  That old familiar twinge of fear ran down my spine as I wondered if they'd heard anything we'd said to each other.  Knowing that they hadn't couldn't stop that old fear from returning every time.

    "Is Kendal still out?" asked my dad.

    "Yeah," said Evan.  "I haven't heard anything out of her since I got home."

    "She called at five to ask me to tell you that she would spending the night at Larissa's house," I said, suddenly remembering the phone call.

    "Well, then I guess its going to be a guy's night then," said my dad, smiling.  "You don't have anything planned, do you Evan?"

    "No, just staying home tonight," he replied.

    "Everything good between you and Cole?" asked my dad.  He always had a way of knowing exactly what was on your mind.  I often wondered just how he did that.

    "Yeah," replied Evan, looking at me for a split second.  "We'll be alright. He's just being Cole."

    "Christopher?" Dad said, looking at me.  "No plans tonight?"

    "Nope," I replied.  "Everyone is doing family stuff."

    "Well," he said.  "Why don't you boys go upstairs and change into something comfortable and meet us back down here in a few. We'll eat dinner and watch a movie or something."

    "Sure," said Evan, getting up off the couch.  I followed him, and we bounded up the stairs.

    We both changed into sweats and headed back downstairs.  I thought maybe Evan would say something more about what we'd been talking about when Dad and Clint came home, but he just changed his clothes and left the room.  He did it so fast that I didn't have a chance to say anything to him at all.

    We had dinner together in the dining room.  It was strange, because we usually never used the dining room.  It was a room that I rarely stepped into.  I was never sure why, but I didn't question it, because I believed that whatever reasons my father had for not wanting to use the room, they were his.

    Tonight, we were all happy, or at least we appeared to be.  I still wasn't sure if everything was alright between Evan and me, but he seemed as if nothing was bothering him.  Dad and Clint were as happy as could be, but I guess they should have been.  After all, they were starting their life together.

    "Christopher, tomorrow you and I are going shopping," said my father, almost startling me.

    "For what?" I asked quickly.

    "You," he said.  "With all the money you are making, you still don't remember to buy yourself clothes. You're growing out of everything you own."

    He was right about that.  I was having trouble finding clothes in my closet that fit me.  I didn't like to buy clothes for some reason, so I never thought about it much.  If he wanted to take me shopping, I wasn't going to argue.  It would be nice to spend some alone time with him.  It had been a while.

    "I guess I could stand to buy some new clothes," I replied.

    "You aren't buying the clothes, Chris," he said.  "I am. Just because you're making money, that doesn't mean that I can't continue to provide for you."

    "Yes, Sir," I replied.

    That was all that was said on the subject of shopping.  For the rest of the dinner, we all talked about what we were doing for Christmas.  Dad said he wanted all of us home until after dinner.  After that, we could visit with friends if we wanted.  Jim was supposed to be back on Christmas Eve, and Dad said that he wanted all of us home that night as well.  He wanted to make Jim feel welcome.

    After dinner, while Evan and I did the dishes, Clint went off to the video store to find a movie for us to watch, and Dad straightened up the living room.  He'd said we were going to show Clint how the Wallace Men spent time together.  He'd also told Clint to stop at the store and pick up some snack foods and more soda.

    When Evan and I were done putting the dishes away, we went upstairs to bring down the bean bag chairs and then helped Dad set up the living room for our movie.  He'd already gotten the big salad bowl from the kitchen, so all we needed was the chips to put in it.

    There were only two bean bag chairs, but they were fairly large.  Evan and I would have to share one, and Dad and Clint would have to share the other one.  That meant that Evan and I would be sitting pretty close to each other.  I liked that idea.  It had been a while since Evan and I had spent any time together, so this would be kind of nice.

    Clint returned with a movie that none of us had seen yet, and Dad got the chips ready while Evan got four glasses of ice from the kitchen.  We all settled into the bean bags, and Clint started the movie.  I scooted back against Evan, and just like I'd hoped, he scooted closer to me.

    The movie wasn't all that great, but I really enjoyed sitting there with Evan like that.  I could feel the heat from his body, and I remembered all the times that I'd slept curled up in his arms.  It was hard to believe that so much had happened since the very first night that Evan had sucked my dick.

    I'd had more happen in my life since that night than most people have happen in a year.  Although I hadn't been exactly sure at some times, I had made it back to where I belonged, and I was perfectly happy to be with Dad and Evan.  I was still going to see Dave, but our appointments were no longer weekly.  Now I only saw him once a month.

    Dad and Clint were both pretty tired when the movie was over, so Evan and I cleaned up the living room, and I washed the soda glasses.  When everything was put back the way it had been, we went upstairs to start putting some of my stuff away.  I still hadn't gotten around to putting it all away.

    Evan and I worked in silence.  It seemed that neither of us knew what to say to each other, so we didn't say anything.  I didn't like this tension between us at all.  I could always talk to Evan.  He was the one who I went to when I had a problem.  Now, we could barely look at each other.

    I took my shower first, and all I could think about was the times that Evan and I had showered together.  Why was everything so strange between us now? I wished things could just go back to the way they were.  I missed him, and he'd said that he missed me, too.  Maybe he really did think that I thought the things we'd done were dirty and disgusting.  Well, I just had to show him that I didn't think that way at all.

    He practically knocked me down when I came back into the bedroom.  He had his towel in his hand, and as I came into the room, he walked out of it.  He mumbled something, and then he was closing the bathroom door behind him.  He seemed so nervous.  I couldn't believe it.

    I had to make him relax.  There had to be a way to make him comfortable.  I just didn't know what it was.  So I decided to work on making him see that I didn't see things the way he thought I did.  I stripped off my underwear and crawled under the covers of his bed.  I could smell him all over the bed, and it was a scent that always made feel warm inside.

    Evan was my brother.  He was without a doubt one of my favorite people in the entire world.  If that was dirty, then it was dirty.  I didn't care.  Who were we hurting? There were so many other things that were so much worse that we could have been doing.  We weren't hurting each other.  I'm sure that some might think that we were psychologically damaging each other, but that's bull.

    My thoughts were stopped short when he walked back into the room.  His hair was still a little wet, and his toned body glowed under the ceiling light.  He stood there for a moment and looked at me.  I looked into his eyes, trying to read what I saw in them.  It was impossible.  His brown eyes looked impenetrable.  I didn't know if he was going to stand there forever or what.

    He put his towel back over his head and continued to dry his hair.  Turning his back to me, he stood in front of the mirror above his dresser.  I could see that he was still looking at me, but he was using the mirror to do it.  I put my head back on the pillow and tried my best to ignore him.

    Finally, he put the towel across the back of the chair next to his dresser.  He walked over to the bed and stretched his arms over his head.  Then, as if he were trying to drive me crazy, he turned around to face the wall and hooked his thumbs into the waistband of his underwear and slowly pushed them down over his hips, showing me more and more of his marvelous ass.  As he bent over to release his feet from the underwear, I saw his balls hanging between his legs.

    Then, just like countless times before, I reached over to the bedside table and turned on the lamp.  He walked over to the light switch by the door and switched it off.  The room was almost completely dark.  The only light in the room now was coming from the pool lights in the backyard, shining through our window.  I could see him, but it was like seeing a ghost.

    "Scoot over," he said softly as he took hold of the blanket, and in what seemed to be one fluid motion, I moved over, and he was in bed beside me.  He wrapped his arms around me, our lips touched very softly.  I felt his tongue lightly moving around on my bottom lip, and I parted them to take his tongue into my mouth.

    "Mm," I moaned into his kiss.  I loved the way he kissed.  He could make my entire body shiver with his kisses.

    "I've missed you," he said after breaking the kiss.

    Then he was trailing kisses down my neck and onto my chest.  He moved over and let his tongue play over my left nipple, causing goose bumps to rise all over my body.  My nipples are one of the most sensitive parts of my body, and he knew it.  He moved back and forth, licking both of my nipples at least six times before moving down my body again, leaving kisses along his way.

    When he got to the base of my stomach, just above my pubic hair, I thought he was going to suck my dick, but then I felt him reaching for something on the table behind him.  He rolled over and then I heard the drawer of the bed side table open.  Soon, he turned back to me, and I could barely make out the letters on the bottle of Astroglide in his hand.

    "What's that for?" I asked softly.

    "For you," He said, smiling at me.

    He opened the bottle and squirted a large amount into the palm of his hand.  Then he was rubbing my aching dick with his slick hand.  For a moment, I was disappointed, thinking that all I was going to get from him was a hand job, but when he reached behind him with more lube in his hand, I knew exactly what he was doing.

    He straddled me, and his hand found my dick again, lining it up with his hole.  I sighed as I felt the head of my dick pop into his ass.  He looked down at me with a mixture of pain and pleasure on his face, and he slowly sank himself down onto my thighs, burying my dick in his ass.

    "Oh," was all I could say, and then he was bending over, and his tongue was in my mouth again.  Our tongues battled for possession of my mouth as he slowly raised himself up and sank back down again.

    I reached for his nipples, because I knew that, like mine, his were very sensitive.  He moaned into my mouth, and his ass gripped my dick, milking it with every rise and fall of his hips.  I loved the silky feeling of his ass on my dick, and I knew that if he didn't slow down, I was going to cum far too soon.

    I pushed against him, and he sat up straight, burying me to the hilt inside him.  When I started to tell him to get off of me, he looked at me with a puzzled expression.  I leaned up and kissed him again to let him know that we were far from finished.  I wanted a little time to calm down, and his dick was bobbing in front of him, enticing me.

    "Its been a while for me," I said as he laid back in the position that I'd just gotten out of.

    Like he'd done to me, I traveled down his body, leaving kisses behind me.  I licked and sucked at both of his nipples, taking very great care as I teased them both with my teeth, causing him to hiss with pleasure.  Then I spent a little extra time running the tip of my tongue around the edge of his navel. 

    When I heard him whimper, I knew that it was time to claim the dick I'd been missing.  I ran my tongue around the crown of his dick, making his legs shake.  Running the tip of my tongue over his piss slit, I softly tugged on his balls.  Already they were drawing up to his body, and I didn't want him to cum until I'd had my fill of his dick.  I tugged them gently away from him and took my mouth of his dick to let him settle back down.

    With my other hand, I rubbed the insides of his legs, so he would open them for me.  Sliding down in the bed a little, I took first one, then the other, of his balls into my mouth and rolled them around on my tongue.  Releasing them, I let my tongue lazily make its way across his perineum, making him gasp as my tongue finally ran across his tightening ass hole.  The lube had no taste, so I kept up with what I had planned to do, shoving as much of my tongue as I could get into his ass while I pushed his legs up over my shoulders.

    He must have thought I was going to fuck him, because he grabbed his dick, and I had to let go of one leg to slap his hand away.  His balls were resting on my nose, so I knew that he was settled down enough for me to suck his dick.  I retraced my route across his perineum and up over his balls before sliding it excruciatingly slowly up the underside of his dick.

    I slowly let my mouth sink down over his dick until I could feel him in my throat.  Using as much suction as I could, I slowly backed off until just the head of his dick was still inside my mouth.  Then, I let go.  I started bobbing my head up and down on his dick, running my tongue back and forth over the underside.  He moaned and ran his fingers through my hair.

    When I felt his balls begin to climb back up to his body again, I took my mouth off of his dick, pulled his legs up, hoping the there was still enough lube on my dick and his ass, and lined my dick up to his hole again.  His eyes bulged as I clumsily fell against him, shoving about three inches of my dick quickly into his ass.  To stop him from crying out, I put my mouth over his, and my tongue devoured him as the rest of my dick slowly made its way home.

    Half way inside of him, I felt my dick bump into his prostate, and his body jerked.  Knowing that I had found my mark, I started a slow but steady in and out rhythm, making sure to hit his love button as often as I could.  He was moaning into my mouth, and I could feel his precum lubricating bout of our stomachs as I fucked in and out of him.

    He clawed at my back, pulling me closer to him as I increased the rhythm of our fuck.  His prostate was being battered to bits, and I felt his hole close around my dick like a vise as his body started to shake with the waves of his orgasm.  His cum shot up between us, and I could feel it hit my chin shot after shot.

    The spasms in his ass brought me right over the brink of my own orgasm, and I filled his ass with all the built up cum that had been stored in my balls.  I slammed into him to the hilt and shoved my tongue into his mouth again as I let go of all of my load, deep inside him.

    When my body finally recovered, I fell against him, gluing myself to him with his cum.  We continued to kiss, and he rubbed my ass until my dick softened and slid back out of his ass.  I was content to stay that way forever, but I knew that we'd have to get cleaned up.  Cum is like glue when it dries, and I didn't want to lose any skin when I tried to pull away from him.

    We showered together, taking the careful time to wash each other thoroughly.  Then we dried each other off and went back to bed.  I fell asleep lying on top of him with my head on his chest, listening to him breathing.


To Be Continued

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