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Christopher's Story

©copyright 2002 Eric Draven®

Chapter Four

  We stood there watching Cole drive down the street in silence.  It was only then that I started to wonder exactly why Mom had called us home.  She and Dad had both given their permission for us to stay at Cole's, so I didn't think it was because she was mad at us for staying there.  That meant it had to be something else.  Either we were in trouble, or something had happened.  Either way, I wasn't sure I liked it.

    Evan seemed to know what I was thinking, because he looked over at me and smiled.  We stood there looking at each other for a few more minutes, and I thought of how much I really loved my brother.  I knew that it wasn't normal for two brothers as close in age as we were to get along as well as we always had.  It certainly wasn't normal for two brothers to be sleeping together like we were, but I didn't care about any of that.  I loved Evan, and that was all that mattered.

    "Come on, Buddy," he said.   "We'd better get in there and find out what was so important."

    I followed him into the house, and we walked straight to the kitchen.  That was always where the entire family ended up when they had a serious conversation, and we thought it was only logical that they would be in there already.  We weren't disappointed.  Mom, Dad and Kendal all sat at the table.

    "Come on in and have a seat," said my father.  He didn't smile at us, and that made me nervous.

    "I'm sorry to call you home like I did," said my mother.  "We really need to talk, though."

    "What's up?" asked Evan.

    "I called the firm in Chicago this morning to give them my answer," she said.

    "They want your mother in Chicago by Monday," said my father.

    "This is Saturday," said Evan.   "You're leaving in two days?"

    "Yes," said my mother.   "I'm sorry, Evan, but I can't pass up this opportunity."

    "I know we told you it would be a bit longer," said my father.

    "I thought we had a week," said Kendal.

    "I'm sorry," said my mother.   "You don't have to leave when I do."

    "But how long will it be before you come back to visit?" asked Evan.

    "It would be in two weeks," she replied.

    "I think I want to go now," said Kendal.  "I just need to say goodbye to Kyle."

    "Boys, anything to say?" asked my father.

    "Why do they want you there so quickly?" asked Evan.

    "I don't know exactly," said Mom.   "But I know that I don't intend to pass this up."

    She looked at me, but I couldn't think of anything to say to her.  I felt like she was running away from us and taking Kendal with her.  I didn't really know what to think about that, but I knew I didn't like it at all.  Mom should have at least tried to work things out with Dad.  Instead, she was running off to Chicago to get away from him.  Sure, they said they weren't getting divorced, but they might as well have.

    This certainly changed my opinion of my sister, too.  I couldn't believe that she was so excited about this.  She had to know that in doing this, my mother would be breaking my father's heart.  How could she just act like it was the best thing that ever happened?

    "Christopher?" asked my mom.

    "What do you want me to say?" I asked before I could stop myself.  "You've already decided."

    "Honey," said my mother.

    "Chris, she isn't leaving forever," said my dad, trying to cover for my mother.

    "Right," I said.  "She'll be back every other weekend starting in two weeks."

    "Chris," said my dad.

    "I'm not trying to abandon you," said my mother.

    "It won't be so bad," said Evan, but I could see that it was bothering him just as much as it was bothering me.

    "We'll be alright," I said, making up my mind that this wouldn't bother me.  I'd stay here with Evan and Dad, and everything would be fine without my mother.  We'd show her that we didn't need her at all.  She'd see, and if my dad was as smart as I thought he was, he'd tell her no when she asked to come back home.

    Having said that, I got up from the table and went upstairs to my room.  I didn't want to sit there and watch my mother and sister be excited over leaving us.  I couldn't stand to see the way my dad looked at them, either.  What my mother was doing was cruel, and I wasn't having anything to do with it.

    I decided that I would think about the coming school year.  School would be starting in a few weeks, and I knew that once it did, I would have plenty to take my mind off my mother's leaving.  I'd have classes and homework.  I was also very sure that I could get involved in some of the after school activities that they offered.

    I was sure that I could get Tommy to join something with me.  He was always saying that he was so bored all the time.   He'd go for it.  I was sure of that.  I'd do anything that kept my mind off my mother.  She was deserting us, and I didn't believe that she deserved our thoughts.  It may have been the wrong way to look at it, but I didn't care at the time.  All I could think about was how much my mom was hurting my dad.

    Then I started thinking about the dream I'd had the night before about my dad.  Was I really that hot for my own dad? I thought about it for a while.  I decided that my dad was attractive, sexy, healthy and more than an average man, but I wasn't really sexually attracted to him.  He was my dad after all, and I just couldn't get my mind around that.

    The dream really wasn't all that strange.   I had been sleeping with my brother and sucking his dick for weeks by that time.   I decided that it was only natural that, after seeing my father naked, I would think about what it would be like to suck his dick.  That didn't mean that I actually wanted to do it, though.

    Thankfully, my mother didn't come to my room to try to talk to me.  She and my sister left the house to do a little more shopping shortly after I left the kitchen.  It was Evan who came to our room.  He didn't say anything for a while.  He just sat on his bed and looked at me.  I didn't like the way he looked at me, though.  He had a look on his face that was a cross between accusation and pity.  I didn't want pity, and I certainly didn't want to be accused of any wrong doing.  Our mother was the one who was deserting.  Not me.

    "Buddy, you have to lighten up on Mom," he finally said to me.  "She's not exactly thrilled about leaving us, you know."

    "No," I said.  "I don't know. Evan, she and Kendal looked so happy sitting in the kitchen today. They can't wait to get away from us."

    "It isn't like that, Chris," he said.  "It really is a great job, and Kendal would be leaving for Chicago in a little over two weeks, anyway."

    "But she doesn't have to look so happy about leaving now," I said.

    "Kendal is just excited about school, Chris," he said.

    "What happened between Mom and Dad to make Mom want to leave?" I asked.

    "They've been fighting a lot lately," he said.  "I guess they thought that a separation would help them. You don't want them to get a divorce, do you?"

    "No," I said.  "I don't want them to separate at all."

    "Sometimes, we don't get what we want," he said, sounding like our Dad.

    "I know that, Evan," I said.   "She just doesn't have to look so damned happy about leaving us."

    "You really think she's happy to be getting away from us, don't you," he asked.

    "You were there, Evan," I said.   "You saw the way she acted."

    "You weren't there for the rest of the conversation," he reminded me.  "I saw something that you didn't."

    "Like what?" I asked, refusing to let go of my anger.

    "She cried, Chris," he said.   "She said that she didn't want to leave any of us, and this was breaking her heart."

    "And then she went shopping," I spat.

    "Actually, she didn't go shopping," said Evan.  "Mom and Dad went to have a private talk."

    "I saw her leave with Kendal," I accused.

    "You saw Kendal leave in Mom's car," he said.  "Mom left with Dad."

    I hadn't thought about that.  I hadn't actually seen my mom with Kendal.  I only saw Kendal, but it never dawned on me that Kendal would be driving mom's car.  I felt stupid, and I thought I owed my mother an apology.  I couldn't believe that I'd acted like a two year old.

    "Where did Mom and Dad go?" I asked quietly.

    "I don't know exactly where they went," he said.  "I just know they went to have a private talk."

    "Why couldn't Mom find a job in Springfield?" I asked him.

    "Don't do that," said Evan.   "She found the job in Chicago. That isn't that far away, Chris. We can visit her there, and she'll come home every other weekend."

    "I know that," I said.   "I just wish she would stay here with us."

    He stood up and walked over to my bed, pausing to lock the door.  He stood over me and smiled.  He knew exactly how to comfort me, but I didn't think I was in the mood for sex just then.  I wanted to brood over my mother's departure from the house.

    Evan had other ideas on his mind, though.   He sat beside me and started to rub my back.  He didn't say anything, and I didn't either.  He just kept rubbing my back, and I loved it.  His touch was light but sure, and he applied just the right amount of pressure.  Soon, I was taking off my shirt to allow him direct contact with my skin.  He liked that, too.  He placed both hands on my back and began to rub them in different directions, making sure that I felt him all over my back.  I didn't know whether to go to sleep or start to purr.

    Contrary to my earlier feelings, I began to feel my dick harden underneath me.  Evan always knew how to turn me on, and by the time he started tugging at my shorts to uncover my ass, my dick was throbbing.  I raised my stomach and pelvis off the bed, and he pulled my shorts down.  They got caught on my hard dick, but he reached under me and released the fabric, lightly touching my dick at the same time.  That sent shivers through my body, and I knew that we'd have much foreplay before either of us actually got off.

    Then I felt his lips on the nape of my neck as his fingers roamed over my naked ass.  He left a trail of kisses down my spine, and then he was lightly rubbing my cheeks.  I tried hard not to squirm, and he must have sensed that I wanted to, because he stopped teasing my cheeks and started to pry my legs apart.  They wouldn't go far, because he'd only pulled my shorts down to my knees.  He solved that by pulling them the rest of the way off after untying and removing my shoes.

    Then he was behind me, and my legs were spread.  I wasn't sure what he was up to, and I was a little afraid.  Then I thought about it.  This was Evan, and I knew I could trust him.  He'd never been anything but loving and gentle with me my entire life.  I trusted him completely.

    He rubbed his fingers up and down the length of my crack.  I shivered as his fingers made contact with my asshole, but he kept right on going.  Then I felt his fingertips on my balls, and I lifted my pelvis off the bed again.  He massaged my balls ever so gently, and then he was jacking my dick from behind me.  It was really hot, and I wanted his mouth on it, but I couldn't speak with everything that I was feeling.

    "Turn over," he whispered to me, and I was only happy to comply.

    As I turned over, I noticed that he was naked, too.  He must have taken off his shorts and shirt while I was facing in the other direction, because I hadn't seen him do it.  His dick was ten inches from my face, and it was just as hard as mine.  His hairy balls were hanging loose in their sack, so I knew that I could suck him for a while without bringing him off quickly.

    I reached over and slowly jacked his dick, and he laid back and moaned.  He was so sexy! I couldn't get enough of looking at my muscular brother.  He closed his eyes and put his hands behind his head.  It was evident that he was enjoying what I was doing to him.  I scooted down so my face was even with his dick.  I stuck my tongue out and licked up the precum that was slowly oozing from his slit.

    Evan moaned as tongue touched his dick.   I opened my mouth and started to suck on the head of his dick.  He spread his legs, and I knew that he wanted to get off instead of just playing around.  I slowly worked my way down the shaft of his dick, and soon I felt it at the back of my throat.   I knew that he liked what I was doing to him when he put his hand on my head.   He didn't push or hold me still, he just laid his hand on my head.

    I started to jack his shaft as I worked on the head of his dick.  This was the way to get Evan off.  He liked it when I gave the head the most attention with my mouth.  I could taste the salty precum that kept flowing out of his dick as I sucked on the head.

    Evan moved around me until he was able to get my dick into his mouth, and then we were both sucking away at each other.  My moans soon began to match his, and we were both very close to getting off.  I could feel his balls beginning to crawl back up to his body, and his sack began to tighten up.   This was a sure sign that he was getting ready to cum.  The other sign was that the amount of precum flowing out of his dick increased.  He moaned, and I felt him begin to jack my dick as he worked over the head in exactly the same way that I was doing to him.  He was trying to bring me up to his level, and he was doing a great job of it.

    I felt the tell tale signs of my impending orgasm just as Evan's balls let go of the load inside of them.  I tasted every blast of his cum as it left the head of his dick.  I loved the taste of his cum.  It was salty, but not really all that unpleasant.  Depending on what he ate, it sometimes tasted very good.

    When he started to cum, he stopped jacking and sucking my dick.  Because of this, my own orgasm backed off.  When he returned his attention to my dick, I just stayed perfectly still and let him do the work.   He stopped jacking my dick and took it completely into his mouth.  He pulled on my hips, and it was clear that he wanted me to fuck his mouth.  We'd done this a few times in the past, but usually we liked to take turns when sucking each other.   That way both of us could derive the best pleasure from the other.  Now, I let my hips take over.  I fucked my dick in and out of his mouth, but I was careful while doing this.  I didn't want to choke him or gag him with my dick, and the last thing I wanted was for his teeth to scrape me.

    It didn't take long for me to feel that wonderful sensation building in my balls.  Evan kept his lips locked firmly around my dick, and his tongue was sliding back and forth over my dick as it went in and came out of his mouth.  When the cum finally blast forth from my balls, Evan pressed his lips to the bottom of my dick and held fast until the last drop was out of my dick, and it started to soften.

    Letting my dick fall from his mouth, Evan said, "Feel better now, Buddy?"

    "Yeah," I breathed.

    He sat up and looked at me with a smile on his face.  I didn't know what he was smiling for, but at that moment, I didn't care.   I was too busy trying to recover from my orgasm to worry about much else.

    "Do me a favor, and cut Mom a break," he said, losing his smile and turning serious.  "She wants to spend time with us tonight before she leaves."

    "I'm not mad at her, Evan," I said.   "I just don't want her to go."

    "Well, tell her that," he said.   "Spend time with her before she goes, Chris. You'll regret it if you don't."

    Just then there was a knock on our bedroom door.  We both scrambled to get back into our shorts.  Neither of us bothered with our shirts.  We rarely ever wore our shirts in the summer, anyway.  Our shorts were what we were most worried about.  Once we were both covered, Evan opened the door.

    "I just wanted to let you both know that we're home," said my father.

    "Alright," said Evan.

    "Christopher, your mother and I would like to talk to you downstairs," said my father just before he turned and walked away from the door.

    I looked at Evan, and he smiled at me again.   Before going downstairs, I put my shirt back on and managed to find my socks.   After putting on my shoes, I looked once more at Evan before walking out of the bedroom and down the hall to the stairs.

    "Sit down," said my mother when I got to the kitchen.

    "We want to talk," said my dad.   "Your mother wasn't happy with the way you walked away earlier."

    "I'm sorry," I replied, sincerely.   "I wasn't trying to be rude, and I realize that I acted like a baby."

    "You were upset," said my mother.   "I can understand that."

    "But I wasn't upset for the reason that you think," I said to her.

    "Oh?" she asked.  Clearly she believed that I was angry with her for leaving us.

    "Mom, I'm not mad at you for wanting to take the job," I said.  "I just don't want you to move away from us."

    She was quiet for a while, and I looked into her blue eyes.  I could see sorrow in them, and I knew that leaving us was hurting her as much as it was hurting us.  I felt so bad for the way I'd acted when she'd first told us about the starting date of her job being moved up.  I wished I could take it back.

    "Christopher," she said.   "I'm not leaving you guys behind. I'll be home every other weekend after the first two weeks. You and your brother will come to see me from time to time, and I'll be home on every holiday."

    "I know, Mom," I said, lowering my head.  "I'm just going to miss you."

    "I will miss all of you, too," she said.  "I don't like the idea of going away from my family. Your father has to stay here for his job. You and Evan are both in school here, and Kendal is going to be starting school in Chicago in two weeks. It was only logical that she go with me."

    "I know that, Mom," I said.   "I'm sorry for being so rude."

    She hugged me, and we both cried for a few minutes.  After the flood of tears had subsided, she announced that she wanted to take me and Evan shopping for school clothes.  For the better part of the day, we went from store to store in the mall, buying jeans, shirts, shoes and school supplies.   We ate lunch in the food court, and then my mother decided that she wanted to buy both of us something that we could use.

    We went to a computer store, and my mother bought us a brand new computer.  She bought loads of software, and she asked the salesman what was best for scholastic help.  He took her through the store and showed her lots of different software that both Evan and I could use to write reports, brush up on English and also better understand any Mathematics course either of us were taking.   All in all, she spent a fortune on the two of us that day.

    When we got home, we saw both Mom's car and Kyle's car in the driveway.  Kendal was home, and she'd brought Kyle with her.   That worked out since my father wouldn't allow Evan or me to help unload the car.   Kyle came out of the house just in time to help my dad carry the computer and all of the other bags into the house and up to our room.

    Once everything was in our room, Evan and I set up the computer on the desk that my father gave us out of his den.  He'd bought a new one just weeks before, and he was trying to figure out what to do with the old one.   Now he knew what to do with it.  We set up the computer, and my father ran a phone cord to it, so we could connect to the internet.  He told us that we could only access the net when the family was all home and it was too late to receive phone calls.

    "I'll call the phone company and have them set up your own line soon," said my father.

    Evan and I were happy with that, but Kyle recommended Cable Internet.  He said that there was no phone line needed, and we could run our computer as well as my dad's off one cable connection.  That seemed to suit Dad, and after Kyle explained the connection speed to him, my dad was settled on that idea as well.

    After the computer was set up, the boxes and wrappers were all discarded, and our room was put back in order, we all sat in the living room talking about what we were going to be doing over the course of the next two days.   My mom said that she still had a few things on her list of things to buy for me and Evan, and she also needed a few more things before she left for Chicago.  My dad wanted to talk to a contractor about extending the den, so that he could move my parents' bed down to the den.  He said that with Mom in Chicago, he really had no reason to go upstairs.  He could use the bathroom on the first floor to take his showers, and once the bed was in the Den, he'd be able to sleep on the first floor, too.

    My mom suggested that one of us move into their room once the den was extended, but Evan and I both rejected that idea.  We told them that we'd shared a room for so long that we wouldn't be comfortable in rooms of our own.  They seemed to accept that explanation, and only Kyle seemed to know the real reason that we didn't want to move into our own rooms.  Being the friend that he is, he also pointed out that there was only one computer, and if we split into two different rooms, we would have to decide which room the computer went into.

    Then my mother surprised us by saying that while the contractor was extending the den, he could also knock out the wall between their room and ours.  That, she said, would make our room larger and give us both enough space.  When my father didn't seem to like this idea, she added that when she visited, they would still be sleeping in his den.  When he thought it over, he decided that it was a great idea.  So it was settled.  My dad was moving downstairs, our room was being enlarged, and we would have complete freedom on the second floor.  I was liking this more and more all the time.

    Just before we all decided on what to do for dinner, Tommy called.  I told him about my mother moving in two days instead of a week, and he told me all about what had happened the night before when he couldn't come to stay all night.  I then told him that we'd stayed with Cole and James last night, and he wanted all the details about that.  He was certain that something sexual had happened over there, and I couldn't lie to him about that.  I told him about what had happened between me, James and Alex, and he was beside himself.  I reminded him that James wasn't sucking dick, but Tommy believed that it was only a matter of time.   When Tommy puts his mind to something, there really is no stopping him.

    After my phone conversation with Tommy, I sat in the kitchen with my family and Kyle to eat spaghetti.  Mom and Dad talked and laughed like they hadn't in a long time.  Kendal seemed a little less thrilled to be leaving, and she assured me during the meal that her room was still hers.

    We had a great night that night, and when Evan and I finally went up to our room to go to bed, all we could do was cuddle against each other and go to sleep.  I was feeling better about Mom leaving, and I understood that she wasn't really abandoning us.  Dad seemed to be in a better mood than he had been lately, and that was a good thing.