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Christopher's Story

copyright ©2002 Eric Draven®

Chapter Five

   The next day, my mother wanted all three of us to herself.  She took us to breakfast in the morning, and then we finished the shopping that she wanted to do for us.  She bought stuff for our rooms mostly.  For Kendal, she bought perfume and other girl stuff.  She did buy more software for our new computer, and we went to see a movie just after we ate lunch at the mall.

    We had a lot of fun with her, and I got to see a side of my mother that I hadn't seen in a long time.  She laughed with us and smiled a lot.  Even Kendal seemed to be having a good time.  Kendal never had a good time when she was forced to go anywhere with me and Evan.  She was never mean to us or anything, but she was never overly nice to us, either.

    "When you come to visit me in Chicago, we'll go to all the museums and other attractions," said my mother when we came out of the theater.

    "I won't have time for museums," said Kendal.  "I'll be too busy studying all the time."

    "Nonsense," laughed my mother.   "You will be alright. You can take breaks when your brothers are in town. I expect you to show up for a family dinner every time your dad brings the boys to Chicago."

    "Yes, Ma'am," said Kendal, trying hard not to laugh.

    "I'm serious," said my mother.

    "I know," said Kendal, and we all laughed then.

    The rest of the afternoon was great.  We did all sorts of silly things together.  Mom wanted to make sure that we enjoyed ourselves.  She told us, just before we went home, that she hadn't had that much fun in years.  I thought it was sad that she and my dad didn't do a lot of things like this together.

    That night, all of us were together.  My dad spent as much time around my mom as possible, and I knew that he was already thinking of how much he would miss her.  He was going to go with them when they left for Chicago, and he would be back in two days, but even though he'd be with them for those two days, I knew he was already thinking about how hard it was going to be to leave them in Chicago.

    As the night went on, we got quieter and quieter.  None of us wanted to admit that we were tired, but it had been a very long day.  Mom and Kendal would be leaving in the morning, and Evan and I wanted to spend as much time with them as possible.  When my dad caught us both nodding off, he sent us to our room, though.

    "I love you, Mom," said Evan as he hugged her.  She held him tightly, and she whispered something in his ear.  I heard he say that he would do whatever it was that she told him to do, and then he walked out of the living room.

    "Come here, Christopher," said my mother.  There were tears in her eyes, and I had to fight to keep from crying myself.

    "I love you, Mom," I said as she pulled me into a tight embrace.

    "And I love you," she said.   "I want you to look out for your father while I'm gone, and try to remember that I will be back in two weeks."

    "Yes, ma'am," I replied.

    "I love you so much, little one," she said.  I couldn't stop the tears from falling when she used her old nickname for me.  She hadn't called me that since I was seven years old.

    "I'm going to miss you, Mom," I said, trying hard not to sob.

    "I know," she said.   "I'll miss you, too."

    "Goodnight," I whispered with a shaking voice.

    "Goodnight," she said, holding me tighter.  For a moment, I didn't think she was going to let go.  She did, though, and I stood there looking at her for a few minutes before walking out of the room to the stairs.

    I found Evan waiting for me when I got there.   He took my hand and led me up the stairs to our room.  Once our door was shut, and locked, he turned around and pulled me into his arms.  He held me for a long time, and we both cried.  I hadn't realized just how much this was affecting Evan until then.

    "We'll be alright, Buddy," he said.   "She'll be back in two weeks."

    "I know," I said.

    "No sex tonight," he said.   "We'll just cuddle."

    "Alright," I replied, following him to his bed.

    As upset as I was, I thought it would be hours before I finally fell asleep, but when he wrapped his arms around me and pulled the cover up over us, I was out like a light.  The last thing that I remember was Evan kissing the back of my neck and then scooting closer to me in the bed.  Then, I was lost in a peaceful, dreamless sleep.

    Morning came far too quickly, and I didn't want to get out of bed.  For one thing, I was still very sleepy.  The other reason was that I knew that when I did get up, I would have to say goodbye to my mother and my sister.  Sunday had come far too fast, and I had dreaded it since Friday.

    Evan crawled out of bed and started searching through his dresser for something to wear.  I knew that before he left the room, he would make sure that I got up and got dressed, too.  I decided not to wait for him to drag me out of bed like he usually did on school days.  I got up and walked over to my own dresser and tried to find something that fit me other than shorts.  I'd grown a lot during the summer, and most of my clothes were too tight.  That was part of the reason that my mother had wanted to go on the second shopping trip.  She said that I needed every day clothes.

    I finally selected one of the new pairs of jeans and shirts that she had bought me the day before.  I dressed quickly, and although he started before me, I beat Evan.  He hadn't even pulled his jeans up before I was ready to go.  He laughed at me, and I smiled back.

    "Well," he said after pulling his shirt over his head.  "Let's get this over with."

    "Right," I sighed.  I really didn't want to do this at all.

    I followed my brother downstairs to the living room.  My mother's bags were lined up in front of the door, and Kendal's bags were sitting close by.  My father's overnight bag was sitting on the couch.   None of them were around, though, and the house was very quiet.  I wondered where they all were, but I didn't say anything to Evan.  He seemed to know where they were.  He walked to the front door and opened it to the sounds of my mother and father talking.

    I walked up behind him and saw that they were talking with Cole.  He must have come while we were getting dressed.  Evan had called him the day before to ask if he could stay with us for the two days that my dad was going to be gone.  I guess Evan had wanted to make sure that there would be something going on to keep his mind off of what was really happening.

    We stood there for a while, undetected by our parents, listening to their conversation.  Mom was telling Cole all about her new job, and Dad was trying to tell him about the work he was about to have done to the house.   At times they talked over each other, and it was easy to see that both were excited about the topic that they were discussing.

    "There they are," said my mother, turning to face us in the doorway.

    "I was wondering if the two of you were going to wake up before we left," said my father, smiling at us.

    "Long day yesterday," said Evan.   "Hi Cole."

    "Hey," said Cole.  He picked up his bag and walked past us into the house.

    "I want you both to be good," said my mother.  She talked as if we were still seven and four instead of fifteen and thirteen.  "No wild parties in the house while your father is gone."

    "We won't," said Evan, smiling at her.

    "Christopher, I want the lawn mewed tomorrow morning," said my father.  "Make sure you do it before the day gets to its full heat."

    "I will," I said.

    That year, we were having a very warm August.   The temperature was staying up in the upper nineties most of the time, and there was a heat index that made it seem like it was over one hundred.  My dad was constantly telling us that if we had to do something strenuous we should do it in the early hours before the sun had a chance to bake the Earth and everything on it.

    We helped carry the bags out to my mother's car, and then my mother gave us another round of hugs and kisses.  She cried as she walked to the car, and we both stood there silently and watched my father drive them down the street.  It was settled now.  My mother and sister were really going.   No last minute change of heart had occurred.  They were really going to Chicago.  I'd hoped that they would suddenly change their minds this morning, but they hadn't.

    "Come on," said Evan as he walked back into the house.

    I followed him in, but I really had no interest in doing anything in particular just then.  I wanted to go back upstairs and lay in my bed.  I was still tired enough that I knew that I could fall asleep again.   If I could sleep for a while, maybe I would feel better about what was happening.

    Evan sat down on the couch with Cole, and I walked straight to the stairs.  Once I was in my room, I stripped out of the clothes I was wearing and plopped back into Evan's bed.  I could still smell him everywhere in the bed.  I could smell the scent of his shampoo on his pillow, his cologne on the sheets, that special scent of his body in the blankets.  I wrapped myself up in his scents and went back to sleep, shutting out the reality of the day and surrendering to peaceful darkness.

    When I woke up, the sun was high in the sky, and my room was lit up brightly from it coming in through the window.  I got out of bed and walked over to the window, and I could see the heat rising off the street.  I was thankful that our house was air conditioned.  It was, no doubt, a scorcher outside.

    I was prepared to stay in my room all day, but my stomach started to growl, and I thought I'd better eat.  I threw on a pair of shorts and ran downstairs.  Evan and Cole were already in the kitchen.  They were talking and laughing when I came in.

    "There you are," said Evan.   "You alright?"

    "Yeah," I said.  "Hungry, though."

    "We're getting ready to take care of that," said Cole.  "Ordering pizza."

    "Cool," I replied, sitting down at the table across from Cole and next to Evan.

    "James is coming over in a little while," said Cole.  "He's with Alex right now."

    Alex! I had forgotten all about Alex.   He was supposed to come over the night before, but he hadn't showed up.  I wondered if Alex was coming with James.  I really wanted to see him.  I didn't know why, but just thinking about him made my dick hard.

    "Cool," I said again.

    We played cards and told jokes until the pizza arrived, and then we watched television for a while when we were done eating.   Dad called to let us know that they were safely in Chicago, and we both talked to him for a little while.  He told us that he would be gone until Thursday instead of Tuesday, because he wanted to help them get settled into an apartment.  He was confident that they would be in one by then.  Since his work was done at home, he had taken his notebook computer with him.  That meant that he could do his work from anywhere.

    He talked to Evan a little while longer than he talked to me.  I'm sure he was giving him explicit instructions on what to do in case of anything that might happen while he was not home.  Evan continually rolled his eyes and smiled at me, so I knew that whatever Dad was saying to him was exactly along the lines of what I thought they were talking about.

    After the phone call, Evan and Cole went into the back yard to play catch, and I sat in front of the television for a while.  I watched meaningless programming for an hour, and then I decided to make myself a sandwich.   As I was walking to the kitchen, someone wrung the doorbell.  I was sure it was James, and I hoped that Alex had come with him.  I hurried to the door to see.

    "Hi," said Alex when I opened the door.  He was alone, and I wondered where James was.

    "Come in," I told him.

    He walked into the house and followed me to the kitchen.  I made my sandwich and asked if he wanted one, too.  He declined, but accepted a can of soda.  We sat at the table while I ate my sandwich.  He looked around the room the whole time.  He'd never been in my house before, so I was sure that he was just comparing the difference between ours and his own.

    "Where is James?" I asked.

    "Home," he said.  He looked at me, and he sort of smiled before averting his eyes.

    "Is he coming here?" I asked.

    "No," he said.  "He's in trouble."

    That was all he said.  Alex Porter was not a big talker, after all.  He just kept looking around the kitchen and taking small sips from his soda.  I tried really hard not to stare at him as I ate my sandwich, but he was truly beautiful to look at.  He was wearing a black shirt and a pair of soccer shorts a lot like the ones I was wearing.  The sleeves were cut out of his shirt, and his solid arms and shoulders bulged through the openings.  Alex was truly breath taking.

    Fortunately, my brother and Cole rescued me from being caught gawking at him.  They came into the house through the back door, and they immediately raided the refrigerator.  They were covered in sweat, and both of them were shirtless.  Their bodies were both very well defined and slick with sweat.  They looked great, but they were nothing compared to Alex.

    "Hey, Alex," said Cole as he grabbed a can of soda from Evan.

    "Hi," replied Alex, focusing his eyes on Cole.

    "Where's James?" he asked him.

    "Trouble," replied Alex.



    "He is always in trouble," laughed Cole.  "My dad say you couldn't stay?"

    "No," said Alex.

    "Mad at James?" he asked.

    "No," replied Alex.

    That was the end of their conversation.   Alex didn't seem to want to volunteer anymore information, and Cole apparently knew he wasn't going to get anymore from him.  Cole called his dad to see what James had done wrong, and Evan sat down at the table with a sandwich and a soda.  I sat there looking back and forth at all three of them not knowing exactly what to say.

    "He's grounded," said Cole as he hung up the phone.  "Got smart with Dad again."

    "Sounds like him," said Evan.

    "Yeah, I keep telling him to keep his mouth shut," said Cole, sitting beside Alex and taking the other sandwich that Evan had put on the table.  "He just won't listen."

    "He's a little prick," said Evan between bites of his sandwich.

    "I know," said Cole before taking a big bite of his own.

    "Oh well," said Evan.   "Chris can hang with us all night."

    Cole looked at me and smiled.  I just looked back at him.  I knew that he wasn't thinking anything sexual about me.   He'd made that point abundantly clear to me just the other day.  I wasn't so sure that I even wanted to do anything with Cole after the way he'd acted that day.   In fact, I didn't even really want to sit at the table with him.

    I took Alex up to my room and showed him my computer.  He showed interest, but still said little.  I showed him all of the software that my mom had bought for us, and he sifted through it all.  It turned out that Alex knew a great deal about computers.  For the better part of the afternoon, he installed most of the software, connected me to the internet using his own ISP, and downloaded several programs that he thought I would need and like.

    I told him that we would be getting cable internet, and he set me up with a temporary email address to use.  He showed me how to pull my email through the client that was already on the computer.  He said that I had to be careful about viruses, and he told me that he would bring over his virus protection software tomorrow.  Actually, he talked a lot more while he was explaining the computer software to me than he'd ever talked to me before.

    After we had installed most of the software and played a few games, I noticed that it was dark outside.  I didn't want Alex to leave, though.  I knew that he would be soon, though.  I wanted to ask him to spend the night, but for the first time in my life, I was shy.  He didn't say anything about leaving, but I knew that he would have to soon.  I just hoped that I found the courage to open my mouth before he left.

    "Hey guys," said Evan as he and Cole walked into the bedroom.

    "Hey," I replied.  "Alex got most of the software installed and set up on the computer for us."

    "Cool," said Evan.   "Thanks, Alex."

    Alex just looked at him and smiled.  It seemed that he was done talking now that he wasn't explaining things to me.  Too bad.   I really liked the sound of his voice.  I was hoping that he would ask to spend the night.  I sure wasn't getting around to asking him.

    "What are you guys gonna do?" I asked Evan, trying to buy a little time.

    "We are going to take a shower," said Evan.  "We'll save some heat."

    "Thanks," I replied, smiling at him.

    "Alex, are you staying tonight?" asked Evan, saving me.

    "Sure," replied Alex quietly.

    "Need to call home?"

    "No," he said.

    "Alrighty," said Evan.   "I just need to grab my shorts and a towel."

    After they left the room, Alex and I were very quiet.  I didn't know what to say to him now.  All I could do was just sit there and stare at him.  I felt like an idiot.  He was sitting in my bedroom, and I couldn't think of anything to say to him.  I wondered if he'd actually hold a conversation.  I figured that he must talk to James.  After all, they hung out together all the time.

    "Chris," he said, startling me.

    "Yeah?" I asked, thinking that maybe he would have a conversation with me after all.

    "You have weights?" he asked.

    Weights.  That's what he wanted to talk about.  I could think of a million things that I wanted to do with him, but working out wasn't on the top of my list.  I was never allowed to work out, so I never thought about the weights in the basement.  Then, the thought of watching Alex work out suddenly appealed to me.

    "There's a bunch in our basement," I replied.  "Dad and Evan work out on them all the time."

    "You don't?" he asked.

    "My dad hasn't said I could," I said, feeling like an infant.

    "Oh," he said.

    "Come to think of it, he hasn't said I couldn't, either," I said, remembering my dad telling me that I could work out when I was old enough and if Evan or someone was there to work out with me.  Alex could work out with me.  Or, more accurately, I could watch Alex work out.

    "Got some clothes we could change into?" he asked.

    I walked over to my side of the room and looked in my dresser.  There were all sorts of different types of shorts and stuff.   Alex's body was a lot different from mine, so not much of my stuff was going to fit him comfortably, but I offered him a choice between a pair of my shorts and a pair of my sweats.  He took the shorts.  I pulled a t-shirt out of the closet and handed it to him.  Then I selected a pair of shorts and shirt for me, too.

     "Good God!" I gasped when he took off his shirt.  "Do you work out all the time?"

    His upper body was so sculpted and tanned.   I could imagine him working out furiously all the time.  His body was more muscular than Kyle's.  Kyle worked out twice a week.  Alex must have been working out every day for at least the last several years.

    "Not all the time," he replied, bending over to push his jeans down his legs.  "I work out once or twice a week."

    "That's all?" I asked in disbelief.

    "That's all," he replied.   "I started in gym class last year."

    "Last year?" I asked.   "You started working out last year in gym, and you look like that?"

    "Yeah," he said, smiling at me.

    We walked out of my room and down the hall to the stairs.  We both heard Cole and Evan laughing in the shower, and we looked at each other and smiled.  We both knew what they were up to, and I, for one, wanted to get into that same thing soon.

    When we got downstairs to the weights, Alex walked around looking at everything there was to offer.  There wasn't just a weight bench.  There was a rowing machine, an exercise bike, a punching bag, and a mat on the floor to use when doing sit ups.  The weight bench was nice.  It wasn't one of the old models.  It was very large, and there were cables and pulleys that connected to the weights that were stacked behind the upright section of the bench.   It had a butterfly attachment as well as a bar for doing bench presses as well as squats and pull ups.  The leg attachment was connected at the end, and it could either be left in place or detached.

    Alex walked around the bench, looking at every angle.  He seemed to be trying to decide if he liked it or not.  I knew that it was better than those at the school, but I thought it would be best to let him make his own decision on that.

    "This is really cool," he said finally.

    "Yeah," I agreed.  Although I didn't know much about weight machines, I had heard Evan and Kyle talking about the fact that ours was almost as good as those at the gym where Kyle and a few of his friends worked out.  How Evan knew about the equipment in that gym, I don't know, but I was proud of what we had.

    Without a word, Alex moved the pin to the amount of weight that he wanted and walked back to the front of the machine.  He laid on the bench and began doing bench presses.  I stood there watching as his muscles bulged and relaxed.  Soon, he was sweating, and I could smell his scent.  It wasn't strong or unpleasant.  It was just the scent of a male.  I loved it.

    The muscles of his arms were bulging as he held on the bar.  He pushed it up and down breathing heavily as he did.  I saw the muscles of his neck straining as he pushed the bar up.  His eyes were closed, and I could look him over freely.  I let my gaze wander over his clothed body.  The t-shirt was already soaked with his sweat, and his rather large endowment was bulging in the shorts.

    I felt my own dick begin to come to life as I watched the way the crotch of the shorts got tighter when he began to push the bar up.   They would relax when the weight was relieved.  It seemed like he was working every muscle in his body.  I just kept my eye on my favorite one.

    After a little while, it was my turn.  I was embarrassed when I had to ask that he lighten the load for me.  I explained to him again that I hadn't been working out like he had for a year.  He smiled at me and went to adjust the pins.

    When I lay down and put my hands on the bar, I worried that I would pull a muscle.  I didn't want to seem like a weakling in front of him, but I didn't want to hurt myself, trying to show off, either.  After I actually started to lift the bar, I found that it wasn't as bad as I'd thought it would be.  I responded to every command to push that came from Alex, and after about ten minutes, he said that I'd done enough.  He told me that I'd lifted an impressive amount for my first time, and he seemed proud of me.

    After that, he showed me how to use the leg attachment.  He commented that I already had good muscle tone in my legs.  He said that it should be too hard for me to work them until I had even more.  The butterfly attachment was next, and I must say that I hate that thing.  We worked out for almost two hours that night, and after a long hot shower, I was so ready to go to bed.   My entire body felt as if I'd been hit by a very large truck.

    When I mentioned it to Alex, he told me that it would get better.  He said that after his first workout, he'd been in so much pain that he'd stayed home from school the next day.  Then he told me that the best thing for me was a massage.  He claimed to be very good at those, and asked if I wanted one.  When I said that I did, he asked if I had any type of oil that he could use.

    I slowly made my way to the bathroom to retrieve the baby oil from the closet.  When I came back to the room, he was sitting at the computer waiting for me.  He flashed me that great smile of his, and then he stood up and took the bottle of oil out of my hands.

    "Take off your clothes and lay on the bed," he said.

    I didn't waste any time.  I pulled my shirt over my head, wincing as my muscles let me know that they didn't like the movement.   Then I was out of my shorts and on the bed in a flash.  I hadn't removed my underwear, because my dick was already so hard.  I was surprised that my dick would get hard when my body was so sore.

    When I felt his greasy hands on my back, I thought I would cum.  Alex could really get me going.  His hands traveled over my sore muscles with just enough pressure to let me know that he knew what he was doing.   He worked very quietly, and I didn't think that conversation was needed.  I could feel my dick throbbing underneath me, and I knew that if he kept going, I'd never get it to go down.

    When he started to work on the backs of my shoulders, my dick did go limp.  His ministrations were quite painful.  I winced several times, but I tried to remain silent.  I trusted that he knew what he was doing, and I didn't want to be a baby about it.  He didn't move from that area until after I felt the tight muscle begin to loosen up, and then it didn't hurt very much at all.  By the time he left that area completely to move on to more painful areas, there was very little pain at all.

    In the center of my back, he found the spot that had been giving me the most pain.  When he started to work on those muscles, I couldn't help gasping from the sharp pains.  He told me to relax, and I tried.   When he told me that it wouldn't hurt for very long, I believed him.  After all, it had hurt when he'd started working on my shoulders, but it had calmed down after a while.  Why should this time be any different.

    Proving his words to be truth, he worked those sore muscles until they loosened up and calmed down again.  Just when it was starting to feel good, he moved further down my back.  I could feel his fingers grazing the waistband of my boxers, but he didn't try to put his fingers inside them.   He was very thorough, and after a while, the pain that his hands were causing in my tight muscles developed into a pleasure that I'd never felt before.

    Instead of trying to work under my boxers, he began to pull them down.  I lifted my hips, so he could get them down, but after the pain had stopped and the pleasant feelings began, my dick got hard again.  The front of my boxers got caught on my dick, so I had to release them by hand.  I was embarrassed.  I don't know why, though.  I had sucked Alex's dick, and we had cuddled together, naked, all night long.  So why was I embarrassed about having a hard on now.

    At any rate, my embarrassment didn't last long.  When he brought his oily hands to my ass cheeks, I forgot all about that.   He kneaded my cheeks thoroughly.  First one, and then the other was worked over.  There wasn't a sexual aspect to the way he worked on me, but it was having a profound effect on me.  I loved the feel of his hands moving over my ass.  I couldn't get enough.

    Then, his fingers traveled the cleft of my ass.  When they grazed my hole, I shuddered.  He didn't spend near enough time there, in my opinion, but he did massage my perineum for a few minutes.  Then he moved down to my legs.  He started with my right leg, massaging the back of my thigh, and again, there was pain.  It didn't last near as long as it had when he'd been working on my back, though.  The muscles in my legs were used to being worked out from climbing stairs all the time.

    He moved down to the backs of my calves, and there was virtually no pain at all.  He worked them over with just as much care and attention as he had every other part of my body that his talented hands had touched.   When he got to my foot, I was afraid that it would tickle.  I'm terribly ticklish when it comes to my feet, but Alex's hands didn't tickle.  They did give me a warm feeling that spread up my leg and past my ass to spread all over my body.

    He moved to the left leg and began at the foot and worked his way up that leg back to my ass cheek.  Then he told me to turn over.  At first I didn't want to, because my dick was excruciatingly hard, but I knew that he'd seen it that way already, so I flipped over on the bed.  He immediately went to work on my chest.  He didn't even glance at my dick.  I was a little disappointed that he didn't even at least glance at it, but I figured that since he was spending the night, there was plenty of time for that later.  Right now, I was just going to enjoy the massage.

    He worked my pecs like a pro.  When he let his fingertips travel over my nipples, I felt bolts of electric pleasure shoot through me.  I really liked to have my nipples played with.  Alex wasn't in a playful mood, though.  He continued to work my muscles, and soon, he was working my stomach.   He had to be able to see the hard dick that was almost staring him in the face, but he paid it no attention.  He worked on my stomach as if he were a professional and hard dicks came with the territory.

    When he finished with my stomach, he did grasp my dick.  I felt a huge surge of pleasure as his oily fingers wrapped around my   hard dick.  He looked at my face and broke out into that smile of his.  I noticed that when Alex smiled, his entire face lit up.  I smiled back at him, and he gave my dick a few strokes with his oily hand before moving down to my balls.  He massaged them in his hand very lightly, and then he moved to the front of my legs, and the massage continued.

    I was glad that he had at least acknowledged my dick.  Until then, I'd started to think that he wasn't interested in it at all.   When he got back to massaging me, though, I have to admit that I was disappointed.   I really wanted to cum now, and it seemed that Alex wasn't even the slightest bit concerned with that.  He seemed to be letting me know that he wasn't ignoring it, but that right now, he didn't want to do anything with it.

    When got to my foot again, he looked into my eyes and smiled again.  He seemed to know how much pleasure his massaging my feet was giving me, and he spent quite a while on both of my feet that time.  He stopped just before Cole and Evan walked into the room with their towels around their waists.   Evan smiled at me, and Cole tried hard not to look at us.

    "Shower is free boys," said Evan as he let his towel drop to the floor.

    "I could definitely use one now," I said, looking at Alex.

    "Yeah," was all that he said.

    With that, I got up slowly.  I groaned as I found that his massage hadn't really cured my pain filled muscles.  I followed Alex out of the room and into the bathroom.  As soon as we reached the bathroom, Alex took of the shorts and t-shirt that I'd let him wear, and I saw that his dick was as hard as mine.  I noticed that his foreskin was skinned back from the head of his dick, so I knew that he'd enjoyed giving me the massage just as much as I'd enjoyed receiving it.

    I reached into the shower and turned on the water.  Alex stepped into the shower as soon as I had the temperature set.   Suddenly, I was nervous and shy about being completely naked and in the shower with Alex.  I didn't relay look at his body much after that.  I took a deep breath and then followed him into the shower.

    Once I was inside, I found myself face to face with Alex.  He smiled at me again, but he never took his eyes away from mine.   We both just stood there for a minute, but then he reach out for the soap and looked me in the eye again.  Before I could stop myself, I burst out laughing.   I couldn't stop, and I had to reach out and put my hand against the wall to make sure that I didn't fall.

    "What's so funny?" asked Alex.   He gave me a wounded look, and I felt like an ass.

    "Nothing," I said, quickly stifling my laughter.  "It's just that we both seem so nervous about showering together after seeing each other naked already. I mean, I had your dick in my mouth, we slept naked, cuddled together all night long, and now we act like this is the first time that either of us has ever seen the other naked.

    "Yeah," he said, releasing the tension in his body and smiling at me again.  "It is kind of stupid."

    He handed me the soap and turned around.   I instantly understood that he wanted me to wash his back, and my dick rose again at the thought of touching his body.  I noticed how broad his shoulders were.   The muscles in his hack were large and strong at the top and angled down, narrowing at his waist.  His arms were very muscular, and he looked very strong and powerful.   He was very sexy.

    I lathered his back and ran my soapy hands over his tight body.  His butt was tight and small.  It was almost like Evan's, but this one was a lot cuter.  I soaped it as well, and I heard him sigh as my soapy fingers traveled through the cleft of his ass.  I paid extra attention to this area of his body, and I must admit that it thrilled me to have my fingers in Alex's most private of private places.

    Deciding that I'd spent enough time on his ass, I brought the soap back up over his powerful arms.  I let my hands glide over his arms and found myself holding his hands.  The bar of soap was trapped between our right hands, and I never wanted to let go.

    "I want to do you now," he said, turning and pulling his hands out of mine.  Strangely, the soap stayed in his hand instead of mine.

    The front of my body was already soapy from sliding over the back of his, but I knew that I'd have to really lather it to get all of the oil off my skin.  I would worry about that later.  Presently, I wanted his soapy hands on my back again.  I turned around, and he wasted no time soaping me up.   I felt his chin brush against my shoulder, and then his hands were on my body again, and I was in heaven.  Every now and then, his hard dick slid over my soapy body, and I liked that very much.

    When he announced that he was done washing my back, I was disappointed.  I'd wanted him to continue for hours, but I knew that would have been stupid.  I turned around and we lathered up the fronts of our bodies ourselves.  Both of us kept our eyes on each other as we washed, and I could feel the sexual tension building in the shower.

    We had to do a sort of weird dance to allow both of us to rinse our bodies.  Once that was accomplished, it was time to wash our hair.  I was hoping that we would do that for each other, but when Alex picked up the bottle of shampoo, he immediately started washing his own hair.  After he handed me the bottle, I washed mine, too.

    We did our little dance again.  This time, we had to add a few new strange moves so that our heads were under the spray of water.  We giggled and poked at each other as we moved around, and I was sure that Cole and Evan were having a great time listening to us.  But we finally got our hair rinsed.

    Then we were standing there staring at each other.  I didn't know what to do now, and I felt really stupid.  He evidently didn't know what to say or do, either.  He just stood there and looked at me.  I wanted to reach out and pull him into an embrace.  I wanted to feel our two hard dicks (they had never gone down) sliding against each other, but I didn't know exactly how to initiate that.

    Then he leaned closer, and his eyes closed.   I closed mine as soon as I felt his lips touch mine.  At first, our lips   touched and stayed put, but then I felt his lips moving, and I knew that he was opening his mouth.  I opened mine, too, and I felt his tongue slide into my open mouth.  A lightning bolt hit me as his tongue touched mine.  We held the kiss for a long time.  When our arms wrapped around each other, our tongues were sliding back and forth and all around each other.  He moaned into my mouth as I pressed my crotch against his.

    Then the water started to grow cold.  We broke our kiss, and our embrace, turned off the water and got out of the shower.  We said nothing as we dried ourselves off.  He looked at me, and I looked at him, but nothing was said between us.  We wrapped our towels around our waists and walked back out of the bathroom to my room.

    Evan and Cole were not in the room, so I assumed they were downstairs.  That was fine with me, because I wanted Alex in the worst way.  I shut the door, and we walked over to my bed.  He laid down, and I crawled over his body.  I brought my face to his and started kissing him again.   We kissed for a long time, but I wanted more.  When my lips left his mouth, I started kissing down his neck.  I moved over his chest, and I took each nipple into my mouth one by one.  He must have loved it, because he moaned, and I kept at it.   He brought his hand up to stroke my hair.

    "So good," he whispered, and I knew that I was doing the right things to him.

    I moved down his body, planting kisses everywhere I went.  I paid special attention to his navel, and he moaned again.   Then, his beautiful dick was staring me in the face.  I looked at it for a moment, and then I moved closer and let the tip of my tongue play with the slit at the top.  He panted as I let my tongue circle the crown of his dick, and then I grasped it with my hand and brought the skin of it up over the head.  I licked at it and put my lips over the skin covered head and applied suction as I pushed my face forward and took more and more of his dick into my mouth.

    I continued to jack his dick with my hand as I sucked the head and the first inch or so of it with my mouth.  Alex was moving his hips back and forth and moaning, so I knew that he liked what I was doing to him.   The taste of his dick was so much different from Evan's.  I assumed it was because the foreskin trapped a little of the soap from our shower, but that wasn't it.   The taste was crisp, but not unpleasant.  I'd heard some people say that uncut dicks were unclean, but Alex's dick was clean.  The taste was just different than anything I'd ever encountered before.  I decided that it was just the taste of Alex.   Whatever it was, I liked it.

    As I do with Evan's dick, I went further down on it.  Soon, I could feel the head of his dick against that back of my throat.   I tried the trick that Evan taught me to get it into my throat, but at first it didn't work.  Frustrated, I took a deep breath through my nose and swallowed with my throat at the same time.  Without knowing that it would, this caused my throat to accept Alex's dick, and it massaged it at the same time.  He gasped and let out a long moan.  I kept his dick in my throat like that for as long as I could stand it.   Each time I swallowed around it, I got that long moan from him again.

    Finally, I couldn't stand to have it in my throat like that anymore, and I backed off.  When only the head was in my mouth again, I tasted his precum.  Alex was getting hotter.  I knew that I could drive him over the edge really quickly, but I wanted to take my time with this.  I wanted to enjoy his dick and saver it.  Most importantly, I wanted him to enjoy what I was doing to him.

    When I felt his balls start to rise up in their sack, I took my mouth off of his dick and began to lick the shaft, being very careful to avoid getting my tongue too close to the head.  I felt his body stiffen, and a disappointed grunt escaped him, but I wouldn't relent.  I was going to make this last as long as I possibly could.  He'd thank me for it when it was over.

    Evan had done this to me the third time he'd sucked my dick.  It drove me crazy, but it also made the end result very powerful and satisfying.  He'd brought me to the brink of orgasm at least four times that night, but he didn't let me cum until the fifth.  When I did cum, it was the most powerful orgasm I'd ever experienced, and I loved every precious minute of it.

    Alex would love it, too.  I just had to let him experience it.  When I'd sucked his dick the first time, I wasn't in the mood to make it last.  I wanted to get him off, and I used every trick I knew to do just that.  The blowjob hadn't lasted long at all.  He'd been very happy with it, but I knew that he'd be even more happy with the orgasm that I would give him tonight.

    Once I was sure that he was safely away from the threshold of orgasm, I engulfed his dick again.  He was producing precum almost continually now, and I loved it.  I let my tongue slide between his foreskin and the head of his dick, and he went wild.  He tried very hard to ram his dick up into my mouth, but I put my hand on his stomach and held him to the bed.  I was going to give him a real oral work over, and he was going to endure every minute of it.

    He returned to the brink of orgasm again very quickly, and I almost didn't realize it until it was too late.  Luckily, I brought my mouth off of him just in time.  I knew that if I had done anything more to the head of his dick, he would have shot cum to the ceiling.  He tried to grab his dick, but I smacked his hand away, and he grunted again.  I looked into those dazzling blue eyes, and I could see the sexual want in them.  I promised him that he would enjoy it when I finally let it happen.  He didn't look like he believed me, but I wasn't about to let up.

    I licked his balls lightly.  I couldn't suck either of them into my mouth.  They were too tight against his body for that.   I knew from this that he had been dangerously close that time.  I persisted with my tongue, bathing both of them and smelling his scent.  Soon, they began to relax, and I could take first one, and then the other into my mouth.  I rolled them around on my tongue and sucked lightly at each one.  He moaned and wiggled all over the place, and I knew that he was enjoying what I was doing.

    When I was sure that he wasn't going to cum as soon as I touched the head of his dick, I went back to licking the head lightly.   He purred like a satisfied cat as soon as my tongue touched the head of his dick.   I lapped up his precum and then plunged down onto his dick.  It slid easily into my throat that time, and I knew that I couldn't back off him again.  He was as far gone as I could get him for now, so I worked very hard to bring him off.  He helped out by rocking his hips, causing his dick to slide in and out of my throat.   Soon, I could feel his dick get harder, and I backed off until only the head was in my mouth.

    Blast after blast of his thick hot cum shot out of the head of his dick and filled my mouth.  I swallowed and swallowed, but some still spilled down the shaft of his dick.  I held his dick in my hand, and I could feel the cum welling up around my hand and fingers as it slipped from between my lips and his dick.  I had really got him worked up, because he was moaning and groaning so much.

    When the tide of cum finally stopped, I released his dick.  I licked all of the spilled cum off my hand and fingers and then lapped up all that had spilled around his balls.  I couldn't get it out of his pubic hair, but I was satisfied with what I'd gotten.  I looked up at him and saw that big grin on his face.

    "That was great," he said.   "I've never cum like that before."

    "Doesn't James even try to make it last for you?" I asked.

    "James?" he asked.  A puzzled look crossed his beautiful face.  "He doesn't suck my dick."

    "He doesn't?" I asked.

    "No," he said.

    We talked for a while about how things had started between him and James.  It seemed that James had talked him into jacking off with him one night, and then he'd actually went into the jacking each other off thing.   But when he asked Alex to suck his dick for him, he'd never returned the favor.   I thought it was mean, but Alex said that he had always liked sucking James's dick.

    With no warning, he pushed me back against the bed and engulfed my dick.  I could feel his tongue sliding around in his mouth, and I loved the way he sucked my dick.  He sucked the head a bit harder than I was used to, and he had no trouble deep throating me, but I didn't care.  His mouth seemed to know exactly how to handle a dick, and he did things to me that I'd never experienced before.

    He licked my balls for a few minutes before taking them both into his mouth at the same time.  Then he lifted my legs slightly and licked my perineum, and I thought I would never stop shivering.  When he made it back to my dick, I knew he was tasting my own steady stream of precum.  He tongued the slit of my dick and slowly stroked the shaft with his hand.  I was loving all of it.

    Not being as experienced as me at knowing when a guy was about to cum, my blowjob didn't last as long as his did, but I didn't care.   With the massage, the shower, and all of the contact I'd had with his dick, I was very ready to cum.  I came harder than I ever had, and he swallowed every drop.   Nothing escaped the vacuum of his mouth.

    When I stopped cumming, he kissed his way up my body to my mouth, and then he kissed me and held me close.  I could taste my own cum on his mouth, and I was sure that he could taste his own, too.  When we broke the kiss, he slid over beside me.  We fought to get under the cover, and then we cuddled up with me on my back and him in my arms with his head on my chest.  The last thing I heard before I drifted off to sleep was him telling me that he could hear my heart beating.